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									                                                                                                                 I N A P P R E C I AT I O N

                                                                                programs and the technology evolution. Besides serving as

         ormed in 1990, the Dean’s Advisory Council is com-
         prised of 47 chief executives and corporate leaders                    council members, these busy executives find time to volunteer
         and is one of the Graduate School of Management’s                      as guest speakers in management courses and readily make
strongest links to the business community.                                      themselves available to interact with students.

These key advisors to the GSM provide valuable input and                        The Dean’s Advisory Council is the most influential advisory
recommendations on pivotal issues such as future growth,                        group for the Dean, and we appreciate the expertise and sup-
curriculum modifications, resource development, student                         port we receive from this body of dedicated business leaders.

Ruth Blank                           Thomas Hobday                                   David Meyers                               Michael Teel
V.P. & General Manager               Assist Dean/Assist Dir.-Hlth Science            Executive VP,                              President and CEO
Comcast Corporation                  UC Davis Health System                            Administration & CFO                     Raley’s Corporation
Richard Blumenfeld                   Van Johnson                                     Del Monte Foods                            Roger Valine
Managing Partner                     President and CEO                               Larry Mitchell                             CEO
Arthur Andersen LLP                  Sutter Health                                   Former General Manager                     Vision Service Plan
Roy Brophy                           Daniel Kennedy                                  Hewlett-Packard Company                    Frank Washington
President                            President and Publisher                         Ray Oldach                                 Chief Executive Officer
Roy T. Brophy Associates             The Sacramento Business Journal                 Vice President, Manufacturing              System Integrators, Inc.
James Castle                         James Ketelsen                                  Campbell Soup Supply Co, LLC               Malcolm Weintraub
Chairman and CEO                     Retired Chairman and CEO                        Walter Payne                               Partner
USCS International                   Tenneco Inc.                                    President and CEO                          Weintraub Genshlea & Sproul
Michael Child                        David Lee                                       Blue Diamond Growers                         Law Corp.
Managing Director                    Chairman                                        Robert Pepper                              Larry Welch
TA Associates, Inc.                  eOn Communications Corporation                  President and CEO                          Global Director,
George Crandell                      David Little                                    Level One Communications, Inc.               Operations Procurement
Managing Partner                     Retired Exec. V.P.-Worldwide Operations         Thomas Richards                            Hewlett-Packard Company
Crandell Capital                     Del Monte Foods                                 KPMG LLP                                   Frank Whittaker
J. Terry Eager                       O. Kit Lokey                                    Andrew Rudd                                Vice President of Operations
Partner                              CEO                                             Chairman and CEO                           The McClatchy Company
PricewaterhouseCoopers               Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin                   BARRA, Inc.                                Maggie Wilderotter
Carlene Ellis                        Robert Lorber                                   Elizabeth Sanders                          President and CEO
Vice President, Education            President                                       Principal                                  Wink Communications
Intel Corporation                    Lorber Kamai Consulting Group                   The Sanders Partnership                    Robert Wolfe
Richard Fowler                       Martha Marsh                                    Bert Sandman                               Chairman and CEO
Sr. Vice President, Western Region   Director, Hospital & Clinics                    President & COO                            GenCorp Aerojet
USAA Property & Casualty Insurance   UC Davis Health System                          A. Teichert & Son, Inc.                    Michael Ziegler
Mick Friend                          James Maynor                                    Charles Smith                              President and CEO
Managing Partner                     President and CEO                               V.P.-Network Operations                    PRIDE Industries
PricewaterhouseCoopers               The Money Store                                 Pacific Bell                               David Zuercher
Robert Gunst                         Robert McClements, Jr.                          Dianne Snedaker                            Executive Vice President
Former President & CEO               Retired Chairman                                Former President                           Wells Fargo
Good Guys Inc.                       Sunoco                                          Ketchum Advertising
Dwight Hanger                        Robert Medearis                                 Russell Solomon*
Partner                              President                                       Chairman of the Board
Ernst & Young LLP                    Chalice Investments, Inc.                       MTS, Incorporated / Tower
                                                                                                                                * Chair, Dean’s Advisory Council

                                                            I N             M E M O R Y …

           eter McCuen was a member of the Dean’s                                                        His presentation to the GSM students was

P          Advisory Council from 1996 until his
           death in 1999. He served the Graduate
School of Management through his membership
                                                                                                         entitled “Reflections on a Checkered Career:
                                                                                                         Lessons Learned in Five Careers over Four
                                                                                                         Decades.” During his talk, he used benchmarks
on the Council, his participation as guest speaker                                                       throughout his career to illustrate (with a mix
in management courses and most recently as a                                                             of humor and wisdom) lessons that he
Dean’s Distinguished Speaker in January 1999.                                                            wished to pass on to the next generation of
                                                                                                         business executives.
Peter had a unique combination of career experi-
ences — professor at Stanford, business executive                                                        His contributions to the Graduate School of
and entrepreneur in the high-tech and aerospace                             Peter McCuen                 Management will be appreciated for years to
world, and most recently, a major real estate devel-                                                     come, and he will be missed.
oper in Sacramento and the surrounding regions.
                                                                    19                                                                   Graduate School of Management

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