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					                                                                       Central Newsletter · November 2009   1

          The United Lutheran Parish
     Inside this Edition:
     1       2009 Worship Schedule                     2009 WORSHIP SCHEDULE
     1       Christmas Cantata Practice         Elias—Gresham ------------------------------- 8:00am
     1       Pastoral Care News                 St John’s—Leopolis -------------------------- 9:15am
     2       Youth News/Confirmation            Bethlehem—Pella ---------------------------- 10:30am
     2       Baptisms-Funerals                  Zion—Tigerton -------------------------------- 8:00am
     2       Thanks you’s—Letters
                                                Peace—Tilleda --------------------------------- 9:15am
     3       Calendar Highlights
                                                St Matthew’s—Bowler ---------------------- 10:30am
     3       Advertisers of the month
     4       Team Reflections
     4       Christmas Toy Drive                CHRISTMAS CANTATA PRACTICE
     5       Missionary News
                                               Practice began on Monday, Oct 19th. Call
     5       Project Heart Search
                                             Tracy Conradt at 754-5623 for current practice
     5       Contribution Page Notice
                                               schedule. Everyone who loves to sing in a
     6       Advisory Council Minutes
                                                choir is invited. They will be performing
     6       Crossways Camping News
                                                          ―The Promise of Light‖
     7       Food Pantry Update
     7       Thank you’s
     7       Notes from Pastor Jen             UPCOMING SURGERY? ILLNESS? WANT TO BE
     8-11    Peace/Elias News                  INCLUDED IN PRAYERS (PUBLIC OR PRIVATE?)
     11      St. Matthew’s News              The Pastors need to be informed of upcom-
     12-13 Zion News                         ing hospitalizations, illnesses, prayer needs,
     14-15 Bethlehem News                    etc.. When you go to the hospital, because
     15      St Johns News                   of recent legislation they do not automati-
     16      Monthly Calendar                cally call the church office. We must rely
     17      Family Page                     on you or someone from your parish or
     17-18 Advertisers                       family to let us know who needs Pastoral
     19      Contribution Sheet              care. The Pastors are available for you in these times, but
                                             they must know about it. Some congregations have been
                                             blessed with a ―Congregational Care Coordinator‖ who will
    THE UNITED                               try to keep the Pastors informed of special needs—but they
    LUTHERAN PARISH                          need to know about it too. You can contact them or the
    PO Box 123                               TULP office directly. All calls are confidential—you can be
    N6135 County Road D                      put on the private prayer list or on the public prayer list—
    Tilleda WI 54978                         your choice—just let us know.
                                             Don’t face surgery or illness or other critical times without
    Ph: 787-3367 Fax: 787-3726
                                             the benefit of prayers—they really do help! Pastors have
    Toll Free: 888-636-4276
                                             also been trained in counseling for various situations—let
                                             them be there for you. If they can’t help, they’ll try to find
                                             you someone who can.
    A member congregation of the Evangeli-
    cal Lutheran Church in America                        NOVEMBER 2009
     2   The United Lutheran Parish · Tilleda, WI      www.tulpchurch.comCentral Newsletter · November 2009       2

              The United Lutheran Parish YOUTH NEWS
    Confirmation classes continue on                                Adult Supervision For November:
    Wednesdays at 4:30pm at Zion and
                                                                                     Zion           Bethlehem
    6:30pm at Bethlehem and also on
    Sunday at 4:30pm at Bethlehem.                           11/1                                      Urban
                                                             11/4                   Stewart           Homan
    Parents, don’t forget your obligation to provide         11/8                                     Krueger
    adult supervision for each class. If a second
    adult it not present, class will be cancelled and        11/11                  Bailey            Homan
    you will have to come pick up your children. A           11/15                                     Laude
    schedule was given to everyone at the beginning          11/18                   Berg              Kust
    of the classes. Please call the office if you lost       11/22                                 Morgan Otto
    yours and we’ll give you a new one.
                                                             11/25 & 11/29         No Class          No Class

    in grades 9-12—November 13-15, 2009 at Holi-        The following were confirmed on Sunday, October 25th.
    day Inn in Manitowoc. Speaker is Jonathan           Please welcome them as confirmed members of your con-
    McKee and music is by Lost and Found. Cost          gregations, and continue to guide them in their faith! Their
    is $120 per person. If you are interested in go-    education continues—you are their teachers.
    ing, registration forms and consent forms are       Bethlehem: Kyle Ewald, Travis Friedrich,
    available at the TULP office or at the                Luke Lohrentz
    web site. Registrations for our congregations       Zion:      Tasha Arndt, Josh Berg, Ashley Stewart
    should all be sent in together—chaperones
    needed. Housing is 5 youth and 1 adult per
    room.                                          Hello everyone,
                                                    Just received word from the Candidacy Commit-
    THANKS FOR THE PRAYERS! A special tee this past week that I have been accepted into
    thanks to Don & Pat Arnold for taking me to the TEEM program at Wartburg. I have been work-
    the Emergency Room after my fall down the ing on all the requirements over the past 7 months.
    steps on Oct 1st and to Jan Tober for step-    Am heading off to Wartburg next weekend for an
    ping up to the plate in the office while I was intensive, then will concentrate on on-line classes
    away. I had surgery on Oct 9th to put a pin for the next several months. I thank you for all
    in the bone in the foot that I broke. I am so your prayers on my behalf in the awesome journey.
    thankful that’s all that I needed. By the time My prayers continue for your health and happi-
    you get this I should be back at work, and I ness. You are a blessing!
    believe the Food Pantry will be moved
    downstairs to prevents future falls. Thanks Betty Wyatt
    for the calls, prayers, flowers, and cards I
    received.         Diane Kryll

     Jordan Tyler Madsen            Elias   10/25

                                                               Central Newsletter · November 2009   3

                    November Calendar Highlights
             NOTE: Not all events (eg: Individual Church Bible Studies) are listed here—
                please check your churches news page(s) for additional information.

    Oct 28      Confirmation Class—4:30pm @ Zion 6:30pm @ Bethlehem
    Nov 1       Peace WELCA Thankoffering during worship
    Nov 1       Food Pantry Distribution 1pm
    Nov 1       Confirmation Class—4:30pm @ Bethlehem
    Nov 3       Bible Study 7:30am @ Schultz’s—Tigerton
    Nov 3       Peace Brotherhood 6pm
    Nov 4       Confirmation Class—4:30pm @ Zion 6:30pm @ Bethlehem
    Nov 5       Peace WELCA 6:30pm
    Nov 5       Project Heart Search 7pm
    Nov 8       Bethlehem Council 11:15am
    Nov 8       Confirmation Class—4:30pm @ Bethlehem
    Nov 9       Zion Council 5:30pm
    Nov 10      Shawano Conference @ St Johns-Gillett
    Nov 11      Confirmation Class—4:30pm @ Zion 6:30pm @ Bethlehem
    Nov 12      Elias WELCA 1pm @ Dorothy Schwartz’s
    Nov 12      Advisory Council 8pm @ Tilleda
    Nov 15      Confirmation Class—4:30pm @ Bethlehem
    Nov 17      Bible Study 7:30am @ Schultz’s—Tigerton
    Nov 17      Worship Planning 6pm @ Bethlehem
    Nov 18      Confirmation Class—4:30pm @ Zion 6:30pm @ Bethlehem
    Nov 19      Peace Council 6:30pm
    Nov 19      Advisory council 8pm
    Nov 22      Confirmation Class—4:30pm @ Bethlehem
    Nov 25      Thanksgiving Eve Worship Services
                6:30pm @ Peace 7pm @ St Anthony’s 8pm @ Bethlehem
    Dec 1       Bible Study 7:30am @ Schultz’s—Tigerton
    Dec 2       Mid-Week Advent Worship
    Dec 2       Confirmation Class—4:30pm @ Zion 6:30pm @ Bethlehem
    Dec 3       Project Heart Search 7pm
    Dec 6       Confirmation Class—4:30pm @ Bethlehem
    Dec 6       Pastor Jen’s last day

    Mid-week advent worship schedule—
    Zion @ 6pm    Elias @ 6:30pm      Bethlehem @ 8:00pm

                                    Advertisers of the month

                                Please thank these advertisers for
                                     helping to support the
                                   printing of our newsletter.
                                 Angie’s Main Cafe—Shawano
                                Twig’s Beverage Inc.—Shawano

    4   The United Lutheran Parish · Tilleda, WI Central Newsletter · November 2009   4

                                             TEAM REFLECTIONS

    Dear friends in Christ-                               believers, gathered together to accomplish
                                                          God’s mission in this parish. When we iden-
    As advisory council begins its study of Neal          tify and use the gifts that God has given us,
    Boese’s book: Spiritual Gifts, we are re-             when we pray fervently and seek God’s guid-
    minded that the ministry never belongs to one         ance, we are able to carry out God’s purposes
    elected or called leader, but to all the baptized     in our place.
    members of the body of Christ. Pastor Boese
    reminds us of God’s gifts given to each of us         May God continue to bless this parish with
    through our baptism, gifts that are to be used        uniquely gifted leaders and members who are
    for the building up of the body of Christ.            inspired to use God’s good gifts for the build-
                                                          ing up of the body of Christ!!!!
    Next month, at our advisory council meeting,
    the council will be taking a short survey to be- Grace and peace be with you from Jesus
    gin to identify each of our advisory members’ Christ, our Lord!
    spiritual gifts. We pray that this process will
    only be the beginning and that each congrega- Pr Jen
    tion will find times to gather together to find
    each members’ giftedness.

    Our confirmation students are already engaged
    in this process. Each student is doing a project
    for each year of their confirmation studies.
    They pick their projects based on their own
    giftedness and their desire to explore using a
    particular gift for God’s service. As our con-
    firmation students work diligently on their pro-
    jects, we pray that they are blessed with the
    support and encouragement of all parish mem-
    bers and that their projects inspire each of us to
    find our place in the ministry.

    God’s church has a mission. We are each
    called to be members of the priesthood of all

                                     CHRISTMAS TOY DRIVE
    A military unit deployed to Iraq is organizing a                    Christie Smentana
    Christmas Toy Drive to benefit the local children in its            407 AEG/EMEDS
    area of that country. The unit’s plan is to collect new             APO AE 09331
    toys and distribute them in December. If you’re inter-
    ested in helping out, please send a toy (coloring books, You can contact Christie at:
    dolls, balls, etc) to:                         

                                                                                 Central Newsletter · November 2009       5

                                     MISSIONARY NEWS
    Dear Supporting and Praying Partners                         time in England helping facilitate a Missiological/
                                                                 Theological Conference on how best to approach
    Thank you, each one, for your diligent prayer and            the remaining languages in the world.
    financial support of our ongoing work in reaching
    the remaining 2393 language communities who
    have yet to receive God’s word in their heart lan-
    guage. Next year will mark our 35th Anniversary
    of full time service as missionaries. We are cur-
    rently involved in nearly 1,900 Bible Translation
    project throughout the world!

    In church we frequently study Scripture and learn
    about Christ as the Shepherd. Well, we have a
    team who are currently translating the Bible into
    the language of a people group in Asia whose live-
    lihood is sheepherding. A few people among these             Please do uphold in prayer, like this young African
    shepherds have become believers in Jesus, the                man, our ministry, plus the ongoing Bible Transla-
    Good Shepherd. Pray for grace, protection, and               tion and Literacy work representing nearly 90+
    insight for the translators and wisdom for the man           countries worldwide. Prayer is indeed our strong-
    who checks the drafts for Biblical accuracy. Pray,           est asset as we join hand-in-hand with people from
    too, that the team will soon be able to complete the         other nations and cultures to seek God’s provision
    book of Acts so the new believers will grow in               and intervention.
    faith, courage and a deepening knowledge of God.
                                                        Blessings to you and with much appreciation for
    Marshall has been traveling almost non-stop to help your involvement in our work.
    and assist Wycliffe Organizations in Developing
    Countries build their capacity to handle the bible  Marshall and Vanice Schultz
    Translation mo0vement. In September, he spent

                     The last project heart search meeting                Any Question, Please Contact:
                     was Thursday, October 1st. Those pre-        Elias            Linda Hohn             715-787-3844
                     sent put together the ― Christ, the Light    Peace            Sharon Stein           715-787-3475
                     of the World‖ project. Anyone is in-         Bethlehem        Lynn Steinke           715-524-3979
    vited to come and help assemble the current project and       St Johns         Carol Peterson         715-787-4402
    also to join in prayer for any special needs that are         Zion             Bill Kriegel           715-535-2168
    brought up to the group. We need your help and your           TULP             Diane Kryll            715-787-3367
    input!! Next meeting is November 5th—7pm.                     TULP             Pastor Jennifer        715-853-2549

    A New Contribution Page has been added to the back           can—extra envelopes are available at church.
    cover of the newsletter. We are asking you to consider       The sheet has you name and address on the back of it—
    using this sheet to make your church contributions on a      just put it in an envelope and mail it in or drop it in the
    monthly basis. It should make it easier for the you and      collection plate at church.
    the financial people at your church. It’s so easy to for-    Your church has monthly bills and responsibilities, no
    get your church’s support when you are out of town or        matter how many people attend worship. This method
    unable to attend worship. This form enables you to pay       helps to encourage regular support each month. Please
    for the entire month with one check. Of course, if you       consider this option and let us know what you think of
    want to contribute more during the month, you certainly      it.       Thanks.       TULP Advisory Council
    6    The United Lutheran Parish · Tilleda, WI Central Newsletter · November 2009         6

                       TULP ADVISORY COUNCIL MINUTES - October 22, 2009
    Location: Zion Lutheran Church in Tigerton, WI at            cils, each TULP congregation must then vote on it.
    6:00 p.m.                                                 Pastor Jen and Pastor John have met the children
    Pastor Jen Czarnota opened with a prayer.                    they plan to adopt. At this time, the four siblings
    Members present: Pastor Jen Czarnota, Pastor Doug            will be permanently placed with them on Dec. 7th.
    Helling, Marti Riemer, James Poppe, Gordon Graetz,           Her final Sunday with us will be Dec. 6th.
    Donald Schwartz, Roger Kucksdorf, Mike Spolar, Bill       New Business:
    Hermann, Diane Kryll, Peter Kucksdorf, Sally Cerveny,     Bishop Justman’s meeting update: Our meeting with
    Carol Peterson, Cindy Miller, Terry Innerebner, Wanda        Bishop Justman was discussed. From the options
    Minniecheske, Jan Thompson, Alan Riemer.                     available to us, we decided to seek a supply pastor
    Special Meeting: Bishop Jim Justman was present to           for when Pastor Jen leaves. Motion by Peter Kucks-
    discuss planning for our future staffing needs. Pastor       dorf, second by Cindy Miller to pursue a full time
    Jen’s last Sunday is scheduled for December 6, 2009.         supply pastor to fill Pastor Jen’s position. We will
    Bishop Justman presented options that we                               offer an interview for her position.
    have for filling her full-time position.                               Food Pantry Relocation: The TULP food
    Advisory Council Meeting: President                                    pantry has been moved from the upstairs to
    Donald Schwartz called our regular meet-                               the main floor of the TULP office in
    ing to order.                                                          Tilleda. Thank you to those who moved the
    Secretary’s Report: M/S/C Roger Kucksdorf, Mike                        shelves and food supplies to the new area
    Spolar to accept.                                            and set everything up!
    Treasurer’s Report: M/S/C Mike Spolar/Terry In-           Our TULP secretary, Diane Kryll, is recovering from
    nerebner to approve.                                         her fall at the office. She thanks everyone for your
                                                                 care and concern.
    Old Business:
    Project Heart Search has projects planned for Novem-      Next Advisory Council Meeting – Thursday, Novem-
       ber and December. There is a need for a layperson      ber 12th, 8:00 p.m., Tilleda
       to take charge of this program.                        Motion to adjourn: Mike Spolar, Donald Schwartz
    2010 TULP Budget Review: M/S/C Roger Kucksdorf/
       Wanda Minniecheske to approve the 2010 budget as       We closed with the Lord’s Prayer.
       presented. The budget will now be presented to each    Jan Thompson, Advisory Council Secretary
       individual church council. If approved by the coun-

    ―Coins for Camp‖ - Your ―Coins for Camp‖ offerings support the ministry of Crossways Camping Ministries.
    The opportunity to attend Bible camp as a youth camper, an adult, or an entire family, is one of the best gifts par-
    ents and congregations can give. Life-long friendships, growth in self confidence, closer family relationships,
    increased faith, and understanding of God’s call for each of us to love our neighbor through service are just a few
    of the benefits of camp.
    Encourage your congregation members to bring in their empty film containers or pill bottles filled with dimes or
    quarters, dollars, fives, twenties or checks. Once your collection is complete, total up all your donations and mail
    in a check to our office in Appleton for the amount raised from your collection. Please have your donations in by
    December 15th. If you have questions or need information on how to promote Coins for Camp in your congrega-
    tion, please check our website at or contact our office at
    or call 920-882-0023.

                       Please pick up a Retreats brochure for information on upcoming retreats.
        Elementary grades—Jr. High—Sr. High—SKI Retreat—LutherFest, Building Youth Groups, Scrapbooking,
         Quilting, Crafting, Art n’ Faith, Men’s Retreat, Family Christmas Weekend, Young Adult, Youth Worker,
                                            Mother Daughter, Gardening and more.
                                                                     Central Newsletter · November 2009   7

                                    FOOD PANTRY UPDATE
    Current food pantry needs:                        A special
      Canned Fruit                                    thanks to Pete
      Canned Meats                                    Kucksdorf,
      Any other Canned/boxed goods                    Don & Pat
      Cash Donations (we’ll shop for you!) Put        Arnold, and Jan Tober for relocating the Food
      your cash donation in an envelope with a        Pantry from the upstairs to the main floor at the
      note that it is for the TULP food pantry—all    office in Tilleda. No more hauling food up and
      donations must go through your church’s         then hauling it back down—no more falls down
      treasurer.                                      the steps!! They were at the office at 8am on
                                                      Oct 20th and worked until it was complete—all
    Thanks to those faithful ones out there that con- at no cost to the parish. They moved the current
    sistently remember the TULP food pantry each shelves and donated their time and talents. This
    month. This year we are almost double the         will make it so much easier and safer for those
    number of families served already, and that’s     that help get food put away and also pulled for
    only through September. We are fortunate to       our clients. Again, thanks so much from the
    have received extra stimulus funds, but that is   bottom of my foot  .
    not guaranteed for the future.

    Thank you to everyone for their gifts, cards       It is with deep sadness about leaving the parish,
    and prayers for our upcoming family. A spe-        but with great excitement about her new venture
    cial thanks goes to the person who donated Bi-     that Pastor Jen has announced her last Sunday
    bles to the Gideons in honor of our new chil-      preaching in the parish will be December
    dren (the card didn't give me a name, so I         6th. She will be preaching her final sermon at
    couldn't send a thank you note directly). We       Zion, Peace and St. Matthews on November
    are very excited, though a little nervous, about   22nd and her last sermon at Elias, St. Johns and
    this new undertaking. For the next month, the      Bethlehem on December 6th.
    children will be visiting our house most week-
    ends (though they will not be here for Sun-
    days...I can't imagine trying to get four chil-    With the placement of 4 children with Pastors
    dren ready for church by 7am, while trying to      Jen and John in December, there come many
    be prepared to preach myself). The children        needs, as the children come with very little per-
    are: Tiarra-12, Anthony-9, William-8 and           sonal belongings. We don’t have current sizes,
    Tianna-7. Thank you again and God bless!           but the ages are 7 and 12 year old girls and 8 and
    Pastors Jen and John                               9 year old boys. We’ll pass on the sizes when we
                                                       get them. The oldest is 5’4‖ and growing, and
                                                       wears a size 8 shoe. If you have gently used
                                                       clothing that your children have outgrown, con-
                                                       sider passing them on to these children. Other
                                                       items of need are toys/games appropriate for
                                                       these ages. Any items you wish to pass on will
                                                       be greatly appreciated.

    8    The United Lutheran Parish · Tilleda, WI Central Newsletter · November 2009             8

                                      The Guidepost
    September, 2009                                             ing around and working on that steep roof as if it were
       Fall is here! As I drive along Highway 29 towards        nothing. People who own their own businesses, and
    Tilleda, I realize the trees are trying to change colors,   have work crews of their own, were working also.
    but they don’t look too successful at this time. It seems      Are we appreciative of these people who worked so
    to me that I remember trees are not such pretty colors      diligently to complete this task? Do we appreciate all
    when we had a dry summer. Time will tell.                   people who put in so much time, talent, and work on
       Since I have had the privilege to TRAVEL by van          different projects for our Church and Community? Do
    in recent years, I find myself enjoying scenery, and        we bother to let these people know that we, who are
    have become a lot more observant of things around me        unable to help as we used to, do truly appreciate every-
    as I travel. It makes me realize just how much beauty       thing they do, no matter how big or small the job? I
    God has put on this earth, and I wonder how many            would like to convey my thanks and appreciation to all
    people are aware of what a beautiful country He has         who are doing things for our Church and Community.
    provided for us to enjoy.                                   In my case, the spirit is still willing, but the flesh is so
       I drove to Peace Church with food, to help feed the      weak.
    people who were roofing the parsonage. Ladies served           Then too, we see some of these people, and a lot of
    food to all these hard workers. As I sat there in the       other community people, working at the Pancake Din-
    parking lot, I observed lots of people working up on        ner. I am grateful that I can at least do a sit-down job,
    that roof and down on the ground also. I saw women          and the Lord still gives me the strength to make pies!!
    up on that roof, also recognized one of my Bowler                   Tilleda is a wonderful community, and a great
    High School classmates up there. Now I am 79 years          place to be.
    old, and can barely put one foot in front of the other              A ―Thank You‖ from Shirley Kraeger
    without hanging on to something on flat ground. My
    classmate, who has to be around my age, was walk-                   2009 Elias Fall Raffle Winners
            Peace WELCA Quilt Raffle Prize                      Prize                                 Winner
                                                                Handmade Queen-size Quilt             Mark Jahnke
                   Winners for 2009                             Hand-made Afghan                      Steve Cerveny
        Prize                  Winner                           $50.00 cash                           Karen Wurth
    Queen-size quilt           Austin Kraeger, Wausau           $25.00 cash                           Frank Krueger
    (Hand-made by Emgard Zimdars)                               $25.00 Aldi’s Gift Certificate        Nicky O’Connell
    2 night stay, casino pkg.  Jeff Mitchell, Tilleda           Jordac Travel Bag                     Pat Arnold
    Lighted ceramic pumpkin Peggy Brandenberg, Marion           Bathtime Gift Basket                  Carol Kristof
    3-foot Reindeer            Joyce Kroening, Marion           Food Gift Basket                      Bruce Jung
    Christmas card holder      Brenda Guyette, New London       Food Gift Basket                      Mary Hiltgen
    Harvest decoration         Carla Clark, Rothschild          Pair of Blue Throw Pillows            Tyler Meyer
    Maple syrup                Ann Lang, Bowler                 Fiber Optic Angel                     Lorna Dumke
    Studio Lounge Certificate: Lolly Murray, Shawano            Autumn Gift Basket                    Gresham Auto Center
    Romance gift set           Dennis Buntrock, Shawano         $10.00 cash                           Roger Jolitz
    Birthday cards & stamps    Duane Horne, Tilleda             $10.00 Country Store Certificate      Stacy Schwartz
    $20.00 cash                Joyce Reminger, Leopolis         $10.00 Bad Habit Gift Certificate     Bruce Brossow
    Peace coffee cup/stamps    Ethan Kraeger, Green Bay         Soap & Lotion Gift Basket             Nancy Laude
    Halloween girl             Ann Lang, Bowler                 Jar of Honey                          Harvey Kucksdorf
    K-Mart Gift certificate    Betty Zirbel, Shawano            12 Pack Sprite                        Lyle Lohff
    Peace coffee cup/knife     Theresa Voelz, Tilleda           12 Pack Sun Drop                      Bruce Jung
    Watkins hand cream         Joyce Reminger, Leopolis         12 Pack Orange Soda                   Crystal Staffe
    Home Interior candle       Eldean Grosskopf, Shawano        12 Pack Sun Drop                      Lee Hiltgen
    Peace coffee cup/knife     Trudy Schultz, Marion
    Studio Lounge Certificate: Peggy Zimdars, Leopolis      For a complete list of who donated and who
    Peace coffee cup/knife     Joyce Kroening, Marion
    Peace coffee cup/knife     Roberta Lamb, Leopolis       won—see the church bulletin or the list posted in
    Birthday cards & stamps    Austin Kraeger, Wausau       the church entrance.
                                                                                     Central Newsletter · November 2009      9

                                           The Guidepost
                Serving the members and friends of the Peace - Elias Lutheran Church and The United Lutheran Parish
                                  Peace - Elias Lutheran Church - PO Box 96 · Tilleda, WI 54978
                                                     Baptismal Anniversaries
     2     Sharon Breitenfeldt
     3     Sylvia Zimdars
                                             We are baptized children of God, born anew in the
     4     Donald Arnold                     Spirit of God. To celebrate this, we are recognizing all
     6     David Stefl                       who have a baptismal anniversary according to our records. If your baptis-
     7     Dean Bratz                        mal anniversary is not listed for any particular month, please notify the
     9     Bruce D Otto                      church office and give us the date so we can update our files. Thank You.
     12    Angela Graper
     13    Bonnie Maas                       11 / 1 - Bonnie Maas                        11 / 13 – Maureen Voelz
     14    Clara Post                        11 / 1 – John Maas                          11 / 14 – Todd Grunewald
     16    Audrey Amelia Wohler              11 / 2 – Dale Bratz                         11 / 19 – Noah Bestul
     16    Bruce Watters                     11 / 2 – Kim Dillenberg                     11 / 19 – Geoff Madsen
     16    Camila Spolar                     11 / 3 – Kaleb Demaskie                     11 / 22 – Brianna Darga
     17    Robert Felts                      11 / 5 – Ben Voelz                          11 / 22 – Geoff Otto
     18    Shannon Otto                      11 / 7 – Rachelle Malueg                    11 / 24 – Shane Daney
     18    Terry Lee Watters                 11 / 7 – Kevin Otto                         11 / 27 – Clara Post
     19    Lois Graper                       11 / 11 – Melissa Stefl                     11 / 27 – Linda Wohler
     19    Charles Malueg Sr                 11 / 13 – Mabel Otto                        11 / 28 – David Stefl
     20    Jacob Stuart Wohler
     21    Stanley Otto
                                            Please keep in Prayer – Diane Kryll, Connie Rickert, Ewald Wohler, Linda Hohn,
     21    June K Przyylski
                                            Bill Kriegel, Bob Felts, all others who are ill or alone and those who have lost a
     22    Mike Trinko
                                            loved one - that they might find comfort and peace. We also pray for all those in
     23    Otto Giese
                                            nursing homes & care centers and all our shut-ins - especially Adeline Schultz,
     25    Shane Howard
                                            Lilly Malueg, Eva Kraft, Claude Maahs, Vivian Bratz, Sylvester Schmidt, and
     26    Germaine Hohn
                                            Rueben Schwartz - that they would feel God’s love and care for them.
     29    Ewald Wohler
             Anniversaries                  *****Our heartfelt prayers, thanks and blessings to all veterans who have served
     6     Dale & Becky Voelz               our country faithfully with courage, honor, and devotion to duty. You will never
     14    Mike & Lisa Kunschke             be forgotten. *****

    Thank You to everyone who worked and helped out in any          brush, clean horse shoes, braid horse mains, lead riders or
    way at the Peace Church Pancake Dinner on October 4th.          ride horses, saddle, bridle and rein the horses and take
    Thank you to all those able-bodied volunteers who came to       pictures. Thanks for shoveling up the messes, Mr. Tom
    help with the set-up and the clean-up. Your work was very       Madsen. Fun was had by all. The picnic was great. A special
    much appreciated. Thank you to everyone for all the             thanks to Tenisha Boyde for cookies, Shannon Otto for
    wonderful pie donations. We served 610 people and the           brownies, Linda Arndt for coring and cutting apples, Beth
    dinner was a huge success. We could not have done it            Foster for cutting and serving desserts and writing name
    without all your help. Thank You !!                             tags, Matt for carrying the heavy coolers, and everyone else
                                                                    for coming. Thanks for the leaders: Chris Baldwin, Mary
    Thank You to all the workers that helped in any way with        and Tom Madsen, Linda Arndt, Ben and Beth Foster,
    the roof project for the parsonage. Thanks especially to Gene   Tenisha Boyde, Nichole Drews, Shannon Otto, Laura
    Kroening and his crew, to Robbie Maas for supplying the         Habeck and Linda Hohn. Thanks to everyone for working
    equipment, and anyone else who helped with the clean-up         together to make this a successful event to start the year
    and installation, their donations, and lunch for the workers.   off. Thanks to Chris Baldwin from Red River Riders for
    All your help and generosity was very much appreciated.         hosting us. The Sunday School sponsored "Harry" the
    Many thanks also to Pastor Jen and Pastor Doug !!               horse. Red River is looking for more volunteers or people to
    Thank You to everyone who helped in any way with the            adopt a horse. Please call Chris at 715-526-6400 or go
    lunch after the Don Shire concert at Peace on September         online at . Thanks to
    13th. Your generosity and hard work was greatly appreciated.    everyone from the Sunday School Teachers - Laura Habeck
    Sunday School Round-Up - The Red River Riders event             and Linda Hohn
    was wonderful. The children and parents were allowed to
    10   The United Lutheran Parish · Tilleda, WI                          Central Newsletter · November 2009

                           The Guidepost (cont.)
                      Elias Lectors                                               Peace Lectors
            Nov. 1– Hazel Kucksdorf                                 Nov. 1 – Lois Graper
                8 – Jerry Bents                                         8 – Gertrude Dalke
               15 – David Miller                                       15 – Laura Habeck
               22 – Germaine Hohn                                      22 – Lynn Kersten
               29 – Mary Madsen                                        29 – Vicky Jolitz
                      Elias Ushers                                           Peace Ushers/Greeter
               Roger Kucksdorf & Tim Otto                              Roger & Vicky Jolitz       Vicky Jolitz
             Elias Communion Assistant                                   Peace Communion Assistant
                 Pat Arnold (8th & 15th)                                 Barb & Melissa Stefl (8th & 22nd)
                   Elias Altar Guild                                            Peace Altar Guild
             Hazel Kucksdorf & Mary Madsen                                   Mabel Giese & Vicky Jolitz

                                           UPCOMING MEETINGS
      Peace Brotherhood—Nov 3rd—6pm                 Elias WELCA—Nov 12th @ 1pm @ Dorothy Schwartz’s
      Peace WELCA—Nov 5th—6:30pm                    Peace Council—Nov 19th @ 6:30pm

    Christmas Party – The Peace WELCA Christmas                  Elias WELCA will be sponsoring a Family Night
    party will be held on December 6th after church, the         Christmas party on Saturday, December 12th at Elias
    same day as the Brotherhood Appreciation dinner.             Church. A potluck supper will be served at 6:00 pm
    Serving will begin at 11:30 am. The ladies are asked to      with games to follow. Please bring 4 adult bingo prizes,
    bring any kind of salad, either vegetable or fruit, with     1 child prize, and a $5.00 exchange gift if you wish. All
    the Brotherhood furnishing the meat and dessert. All         are welcome and bring a guest!
    ladies are asked to bring 5 prizes for games, an article
    of canned goods, and their Prayer Pal gift.                  Elias will have communion on Nov 15th instead of
                                                                 the 22nd.
    Thank You to everyone who helped out or worked at the Elias Church Rummage Sale & Raffle that was held
    on October 3rd. Thank you also to all those who donated items for the sale and everyone who donated to or
    served the hot lunch. All you hard work was very much appreciated.

                            PEACE COUNCIL MEETING—September 24, 2009
    Present: S. Stein, L. Hiltgen, L. Splinter, G. Kroening,     -The CD was discussed and B. Hermann will check out
    M. Spolar, B. Hermann, B. Giese, C. Graper                   interest in other areas and get back to Joan.
    Staff: Pastor Jen, L. Kersten                                -A bill was received for testing of the water. G. Kro-
    Guest: L. Graper                                             ening will contact the tester notifying him that he needs
    Meeting called to order by President, M. Spolar. Pastor      to receive authorization from a Council member before
    Jen led the meeting with a short devotion.                   proceeding with the test.
    Minutes of the August 20 2009 were reviewed. Correc-         Pastor’s Report: Pastor Jen briefly reviewed the fact
    tion – it was noted that L. Kersten was not present at the   that each congregation has the choice of how they
    last meeting. M/S/C G. Kroening, L. Splinter to accept       would like decisions made on the human sexuality is-
    the minutes as printed.                                      sue.
    Treasurer’s Report was reviewed, M/S/C G. Giese, B.          Old Business:
    Hermann accepted and filed for audit.                        -Parsonage roof has been completed. Thanks to every-
    -Roof fund discussed, Lee stated that the Brotherhood        one who helped in anyway to complete this project.
    will contribute any balance needed.                                                                   (Continued on page 11)
                                                                              Central Newsletter · November 2009        11

                            The Guidepost (cont.)
        PEACE COUNCIL MEETING—cont.                        -Nominations Committee– Council will be looking for
    (Continued from page 10)
                                                           individuals willing to serve on the Council. Sharon will
                                                           look into past rotation procedure. A written procedure
    The eve troughs will not be put back on at this time.  will be developed.
    Congregational Care Coordinator – no one has stepped -Performance Review of Lynn will be held on Sunday
    forward to assist with this.                           after services by M. Spolar, L. Hiltgen, and
    New Businesses                                         S. Stein.
    -TULP rental discussed. At the inception of TULP an -Offering Plates have been completed with engraving
    agreement was not developed. It was agreed by all that and will be dedicated on Sunday October 11th.
    an agreement should be set up with TULP. Sharon and -TULP Budget reviewed.
    Lois will look for a generic rental agreement. Council -Church chimney needs to be tuck pointed. Gene and
    can then develop one to cover our needs.               Robbie will take a look at this as time permits and get
    -Pancake Dinner – stove has been purchased for the     back to Council.
    hall. Cost covered by Brotherhood and The Advance- Next meeting scheduled for October 22, 2009.
    ment Association. 100# propane tanks are needed. B. Motion made to adjourn. Closed with the Lord’s
    Hermann will check out some resources.                 Prayer
    -Recognition Sunday for Sunday School Teachers set     Respectfully submitted,
    for Sunday October 18 with a special fellowship to     Sharon Stein Council Secretary

                         St. Matthew’s News Page
      Birthdays & Anniversaries                                                 Prayer List
       13- Rod Rosenow                                                           Art Hermann
       15- Devon Rosenow
       21- Marie Fuhrman                                            Please Pray for our Shut-ins
                                                                       Art Hermann     Roger Beilke
       24- Gerald Treptow
                                                                             Marie Fuhrman
       24- Elsie Utke
       28 – Ryan Rosenow                                                           Ushers
       30- Gerald & Alice Alfheim                          1    Jerry & Alice Alfheim, Terry Innerebner
                                                           8    Roger & Sue Rosenow, Alice Rosenow
                                                           15   Jim & April Allikas, Otto Kolpack
                                                           22   Debbie & Cindy Miller, DonnaMae Rosenow
        1      Jerry Alfheim                               29   Jerry & Alice Alfheim, Terry Innerebner
        8      Sue Rosenow
        15     Otto Kolpack                                Communion on the second & fourth Sunday of each month.
        22     Debbie Miller                                                Altar Guild
        29     Jerry Alfheim                                         Alice Alfheim & Alice Rosenow
    Thanks to everyone that donated for the baby layettes.      Our harvest Dinner was on Oct. 25th. I will report on
    We had a total of 28 layettes, 4 blankets & 6 quilts        that in the December newsletter. I need to have our
    ( Marie Fuhrman made1 & Lucille Treptow made 5 ).           news letter info in on the 15th of each month. So the
    Great Job. They are on there way. Thanks Jerry for          event hasn’t taken place yet as I’m writing this.
    dropping it off.
                                                                For Sale. 10 HP 30‖ Murray riding lawn mower, rear
    Thank You, Aaron Wisnefske for cleaning up the re-          engine. Make offer!
    mains of the tree that was hovering over our church.        Snow blower- 5HP 24‖ self propelled 2-stage $200.00
                                                                BOTH ARE IN WORKING ORDER!!!!!
    12   The United Lutheran Parish · Tilleda, WI                        Central Newsletter · November 2009

                                       NARTHEX NEWS
                                                    ZION SERVANTS
                      ALTAR GUILD                                                  LECTORS
                 Dorothy & Bob Breitrick                                    1—Wanda Minniecheske
              ACOLYTE/TV MINISTRY                                           8, 15, 22—Doris Allaire
         1—Payton Bailey                                                        29—Paige Menge
         8—Kelsey Berg                                                               USHERS
         15—Aaron Dobizl                                                  Gary Lang—Orin Blomgren
         22—Tanner Dobizl                                                           Tom Knaup
         29—Paige Menge

    ZION BIRTH-   UPCOMING EVENTS                                         Convention has not changed Zion's be-
                                                                          liefs, teachings, or practices concerning
       DAYS     Sunday School —9am every Sunday
                                                                          human sexuality. The ELCA doesn't de-
                           Zion Council— Nov 9 @ 5:30pm                   mand or require any congregation to
    1- Martin Hille
                                                                          change its beliefs or teachings regarding
    1- Neil Hoffman
    1- Mary Menge                                                         this matter. Zion will continue on the
                           Communion will be celebrated on the
    4- Richard Fisher                                                     same as it has been.
                           1st and 2nd Sunday of the month. This
    4- Paige Menge         allows for those who work every other
    5- Raymond                                                            Fellowship hour will take place follow-
                           Sunday to receive Commun-
    Kirchner                                                                      ing the church service on the
                           ion at least once a month.
    8- Doris Allaire                                                              first Sunday of each month.
    9- Madigan Carlson         OTHER NEWS                                         There is a sign-up on the bulle-
    12- Ron Breitrick      The results of the recent                              tin board for anyone who wishes
    15- Fara Sellner       votes on issues at the ELCA National           to bring items or help serve.
    16- Dale Lehman
    18- Kade Rosenow
                          Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service                 In order to involve our youth more in our
    20- Orin Blomgren
                          Wednesday, November 25th at St. An-             worship services, we will have a youth-led
    21- Claire Schultz
                          thony’s—7pm. Lois Graper will be repre-         service whenever there is a fifth Sunday in a
    21- Jodi Mallak
                          senting The United Lutheran Parish at this      month. We appreciate the youth who are
    24- Linda Breitrick
                          service. Readers and choir members will be      willing to do this and especially Paige
    26- Daniel Dent
                          needed. Let’s represent The United Lu-          Menge who is working on this as her Con-
    27- Mike Dent
                          theran Parish and Zion Congregation well as     firmation project with Phyllis Arndt as her
    28- Patrick Bailey
                          we join with our brothers and sisters to give   mentor. The fifth Sunday of November, No-
    28- Marie Raasch
                          thanks for what we have.                        vember 29, will be a youth-led service.

                          Winners at Zion’s Spaghetti Supper              Christmas towel, basket & pin & Clock –
                           A sincere thanks to all who donated so gen-    Doris Allaire; Jack-o-lanterns of goodies -
                          erously for our prizes and bake sale again      Elena Shest & Maycee Carlson; Books &
                          this year, We don’t always know who you         tooth fairy pillow & pop-up book – Marion
                          are but we appreciate your donations.           Murphy; Ceramic bear & towel – Sharon
                          The winners are as follows: Kitchen set,        Dedolph; Earrings and Santa Bear – Beth-
                          tea & teapot – Henry Hoeksema;                                              (Continued on page 13)

                                                                           Central Newsletter · November 2009     13

                               NARTHEX NEWS (cont.)
                        Zion Council Meeting                 congregation for their help serving.
                                                                  g. Worship: The youth of the congregation
                          October 12 2009                    (confirmation students and high school) will conduct
        Members Present: Wanda Minniecheske, Linda           the worship for the fifth Sunday in November, Nov. 29.
    Krueger, Jan Thompson, Kathy Low, Missi Rosenow,              h. Youth: Wanda Minniecheske has proposed that
    Loah Horton                                              the youth meet the second Sunday of the month after
        Absent: Pat Bailey, Heather Stewart, Richard         worship.
    Fischer, Marlene Blumreich, Bill Kriegel, Pastor Jen.         i. WELCA: Thanks to the ladies for the quilts and
        Call to Order:5:35                                   school and health kits that were sent to Lutheran World
        Devotions :Wanda Minniecheske opened the meet-       Relief. A suggestion was made to collect all the notes
    ing with prayer                                          that are posted in the side room for the Alter Guild and
        Additions and Approval of Agenda: No additions       put them together in one list. Linda Krueger will do
    to the agenda, Jan Thompson moved to accept, second      this.
    by Loah Horton. Approved.                                Old Business:
        Secretary's Report: Kathy Low moved to accept,            Janitor – Sarah Minniecheske is the new janitor.
    second by Missi Rosenow. Approved                             Secretary – seems to be going fine.
        Treasurer's Report: Loah Horton moved to ac-              Confirmation – The stoles are done. Flowers will
    cept, second by Kathy Low. Approved                      be paid for by the WELCA
        Pastor's Report: No report                                Confirmation requirements – If there are require-
        Committee Reports:                                   ments for confirmation the there must be consequences
        a. United Lutheran Parish Advisory: Pastor Jen       if the requirements are not met. Wanda Minniecheske
    will be resigning when the children arrive, probably     submitted a proposal for make-up procedures if the stu-
    before Christmas. Bishop Justman will meet with the      dents do not fulfill taping and acolyte duties. Jan
    advisory council to start the call process.              Thompson moved to accept and Kathy Low seconded.
        b. Zion Food Program: Distribution on October 9      Approved.
    to 30 families. Tigerton Food donated fabric softener         Congregational care coordinator – This item will
    and soap A grant has been received from Feed Amer-       be included with the evangelism reports for the council
    ica                                                      each month. Sylvia Low's name and contact informa-
        c. Property/Grounds: The lawnmower needs tune-       tion should be included in the back of the worship bul-
    up. Ron Hoffman has volunteered to take care of this.    letin each month.
        d. Education: There will be a Nativity display the        Response to ELCA vote – Wand Minniecheske has
    first Sunday in December. The Christmas program will     a folder of information about response to the ELCA
    be December 20. Loah Horton made a motion that the       vote.
    candy bags be given to the program participants and      New Business:
    any other young children in the congregation. Jan             Thanksgiving joint service will be at St Anthony,
    Thompson second, approved.                               November 25. Details to follow
        e. Stewardship: No report                            Next Meeting Date:9 Nov, 5:30pm
        f. Evangelism: The coffee hour after worship has     Adjourn with the Lord's Prayer: 6:50
    been very successful. Thank you to the youth of the

    (Continued from page 12)                                 Sambs; Lace doilies – Jeanne
    any Kreklow; Tiny tulip box – Avery Kessen; Cross        Hendricks; Christmas bear – Cameron
    necklace – Hazel Kucksdorf; Santa candy dish – Joyce     Carlson; Children’s shirt & paints –
    Shest; Deer pillows – Roger Kucksdorf & Loah Horton;     Audrey Kessen; Children’s shirt &
    Dog in a sweater & bunny in slippers – Teresa Murphy;    pants – Cindy Jensen; Christmas towel
    Night-time bear – Joyce Hoeksema; Body lotion assort-    – Lori Rowe; GB Packers canholders
    ment & bunny in slippers – Joe Gwidt; Christmas bear –   & GC to Wittenberg True Value – Syl-
    Virginia Kauffman; 5 Christmas towels – Pat Davidson;    via Low.
    Christmas towel & quilted runner – Loah Horton; Lady-     Zion WELCA
    bug beany toy – Jerilyn Murphy; Stuffed bunny – Ken
    14    The United Lutheran Parish · Tilleda, WI                        Central Newsletter · November 2009

                                             Bethlehem Star
                  Birthdays                                        Liturgical Roles
     7     Steven Steinke                             Readers                       find someone to take
     7     Ruth Wissmann                       01 Mary Zimmerman                    your place.
     7     Stephan Grimm                       08 Gary Thomack                      Note: there is a sign-up sheet in
     8     Lorrie Tober                        15 Dawn Riemer                       the back of the church on the
     9     Darien Beyersdorf                   22 Christy Spiegel/                  bulletin board. We are asking
     9     Dawn Riemer                            Amber Homan                       you to sign your name on the
     9     Patricia Zimmerman                  29 Tracy Laude                       Sunday that you want to read.
     10    Henry Grunewald                     ** If you unable to read, please     Everyone is welcome to read!!
     11    Nicole Zimmerman
     13    Cathy Lynn Michonski                          Acolyte                     Communion Deacon
     15    William Jeske                              Courtney Homan                           Jim Poppe
     16    James Poppe
     17    Linda Westphal                    PRAYER CHANGES THINGS: PRAY FOR:
     17    Amber Homan                       Pastor Jen and her ―new family‖, Nathan Anker, Jim Poppe, Bill
     17    Courtney Homan                    Kriegel, Lloyd Fischer, Janice Willman, Mary Ann Zimmerman, Diane
     19    Justin Berger                     Kryll, all those who are ill, our shut-ins, those who need special care,
     21    Richard Habeck                    those who mourn, our TULP churches and all churches worldwide,
     23    John Lohrentz                     missionaries, our Nation and our President and all our Military Leaders
     25    Blake Jason Jung                  and government leaders, those who serve our country that they may
     30    Crystal Jung                      return home safely!
                                               Lord, when we cannot see what you want us to do, help us trust that
                Anniversaries                           you are still preparing us to share your love. Amen.
     28 John & Julie Berger

    A SUCCESSFUL 150TH ANNIVERSARY                                        Altar Guild
               CELEBRATION!!!                         Coordinator: Spiegel, Christine                    754-2508
    THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO MADE IT                    Gary & Melynda
                                                      Cowden, Linda, James, Joseph                       754-2411
    SO!!! Thanks to the committee that planned the    Romberg, Janet                                     754-5030
    dinner, to the committee that planned the worship Shumaker, Bill & Loni                              754-5573
    service, to all who donated food for the dinner,  Secrest, Joe & Dr. Kay                             754-5145
    and items for the tent sale, all those who helped Jarred, Aaron, Robert
    in any way, and to those who gave so much of      Shumaker, Sean                                     754-2867
                                                      Salzman, Merry                                     754-5664
    their time in preparing food and doing all those
                                                      Mike & Matthew
    extra things that have to be done to make an      Silvius, Timothy, Theodore, Ellie                  754-4943
    event so enjoyable and such a success!
                                                             sang “How Great Thou Art” in German! It was
                                                             wonderful!! Pastor Thomas E. Reiff gave an
    Christy Spiegel played her flute for the Prel-
                                                             inspiring sermon. It was great to have Pastor
    ude, and during the Postlude, hymns that
                                                             Mueller and wife Regina, and Pastor Reiff and
    were picked were all very familiar, and en-
                                                             wife Lisa back with us. And thank you Jen
    joyed by all, Pastor Mueller had a wonderful
                                                             Wissmann for singing “Beautiful Savior” during
    greeting to our congregation and visitors,
                                                             the offering, and Beth Rades for entertaining
    which was followed by special music by our
                                                             our dinner guests at the piano while they
    “German Quartet” (who practiced only 2
    times), and as a surprise to all, Pastor Philip
                                                                         Congratulations & Many
    Kearns Mueller joined the quartet, and they
                                                                         Blessings to Bethlehem!
                                                                       Central Newsletter · November 2009   15

                                Bethlehem Star (cont.)
    Something extra special this year in honor of Beth-    ornaments on the Christmas Trees. We are expect-
    lehem’s 150th birthday - the Sunday School is col-     ing that everyone will be participating with the
    lecting a Christmas Tree Ornament from EVERY-          Bethlehem Christmas Ornaments.
    ONE who is/was/in memory of any member of our
              Bethlehem Church Family. There is a          Bethlehem/St. John’s Sunday School is having a
              collection tote for your individual and/or   Food Drive for the TULP Food Pantry during No-
              family ornament. This ornament is to be      vember and December. There is a box at the back
              unique from you individually or your fam-    of the church.
              ily. Please mark it so we can display the

            BETHLEHEM COUNCIL                              Bishop and Synod telling them we are dissatisfied
                                                           with their decisions, and that we will continue
              OCTOBER 18, 2009
                                                           teaching as before. Motion carried.
    The Bethlehem Council met after worship services.
                                                           NEW BUSINESS: Each family is to bring an or-
    The meeting was called to order by President Al
                                                           nament. Everyone who/is/was/ or in memory of a
    Riemer. The minutes of the September meeting
                                                           member of Bethlehem. These will be placed on the
    were read. One correction: Pastors must ask per-
                                                           trees. Please label ornaments. Confirmation is next
    mission from the congregation to bless persons of
                                                           Sunday. Three students to be confirmed. Jen
    the same gender relationships. A motion to ap-
                                                           Wissmann to present check for the swing set to the
    prove the corrected minutes was made by Randy
                                                           Bishop family. A motion by Arlyn Tober and sec-
    Lohrentz, second by Dean Laude. Motion carried.
                                                           ond by Randy Lohrentz, to present this at the Con-
    Jennifer Wissmann gave the Treasurer’s Report. A
                                                           firmation Service. Motion carried. A motion by
    motion to accept was made by Arlyn Tober, second
                                                           Arlyn Tober and second by Randy Lohrentz to send
    by Dean Laude. Motion carried.
                                                           Pastor Reiff and Pastor Mueller $150. $100 for the
    Trustee: Randy Lohrentz reported that they plan to
                                                           service and $50 for travel. Motion carried.
    paint the outside doors of the church. One bid has
                                                           With no further business the meeting was ad-
    been received from Montour for the humidifiers for
                                                           journed. We closed with the Lord’s Prayer.
    the church.
    Deacon: No report. Building Fund: No report.
                                                           Council Secretary --- Jan Baerenwald
    Cemetery Report: $218 in checking account. There
    have been several persons asking to purchase lots.
                                                           Members Present: Lynn Steinke, Arlyn Tober, Al
                                                           Riemer, Randy Lohrentz, Dean Laude, Bob West-
    OLD BUSINESS: Pastor Jen talked about the
                                                           phal, Pastor Jen, Dan Lohrentz, Jen Wissmann, Jan
    Synods decisions. A motion by Arlyn Tober and
    second by Dan Lohrentz to send a letter to the

                                      St. John’s News
         There was no bible study this month because
    Shirley Ashenbrenner was in the hospital and has gone
    to a Nursing Home. They made 60 school kits for LWR              NOVEMBER BIRTHDAYS
    and 25 health kids.                                              9    Roger Peterson
                                                                     24   Sarah Shumaker
         Prayer List—Shirley Ashenbrenner
                                                                   JOINT MONTHLY CALENDAR NOVEMBER 2009
16               Central Newsletter · November 2009

                                                                                J=Pastor Jen D=Pastor Doug       BH=Pastor Bill Hager   EG-Pastor Eugene Gauerke   RC-Pastor Dennis Creswell
                                                      SUN                           SUN EVENTS               MON              TUES                   WED                      THUR                    FRI    SAT
                                                      1-ALL SAINT’S DAY                                      2                3                      4                        5                       6      7
                                                      Elias 8:00am (D)              Peace WELCA                               Bible Study 7:30am @ Confirmation Class         Peace WELCA 6:30pm
                                                      St Johns 9:15am (D) C         Thankoffering                             Schultz’s-Tigerton   4:30 @ Zion                Project Heart Search
                                                      Bethlehem 10:30am (D) C       Confirmation Class                        Team Mtg 1:30pm      6:30 @ Bethlehem           7pm
                                                      Zion 8:00am (J) C             4:30pm @ Bethlehem                        Peace Brotherhood
                                                      Peace 9:15am (J)                                                        6pm
                                                      St Matthew 10:30am (J)                                                  Shawano Cluster
                                                      8-23RD SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST                          9                10                     11                       12                      13     14
                                                      Elias 8:00am (D) C            Bethlehem Council        Zion Council     Shawano Conference     Confirmation Class       Elias WELCA 1pm

                                                      St Johns 9:15am (D)           11:15am                  5:30pm           @ St John-Gillett      4:30 @ Zion              Peace Council 6:30pm?
                                                      Bethlehem 10:30am (D)         Confirmation Class                                               6:30 @ Bethlehem         Advisory Council 8pm
                                                      Zion 8:00am (J) C             4:30pm @ Bethlehem
                                                      Peace 9:15am (J) C                                                                                    Pastor Doug—Vacation
                                                      St Matthew 10:00am (J) C                Pastor Jen—Cont Ed
                                                      15-24TH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST                         16               17                     18                       19                      20     21
                                                      Elias 8:00am (J) C          Food Pantry Dist 1pm                        Bible Study 7:30am @ Confirmation Class
                                                      St Johns 9:15am (J) C       Confirmation Class                          Schultz’s-Tigerton   4:30 @ Zion
                                                      Bethlehem 10:30am (J) C     4:30pm @ Bethlehem                          Worship Planning     6:30 @ Bethlehem
                                                      Zion 8:00am (LG)                                                        6pm @ Bethlehem
The United Lutheran Parish · Tilleda, WI

                                                      Peace 9:15am (LG)
                                                      St Matthew 10:30am (LG) Pastor Doug—Vacation
                                                      22-CHRIST THE KING                                     23               24                     25                       26                      27     28
                                                      Elias 8:00am (LG)          Confirmation Class                                                  Thanksgiving Eve Wor-    THANKSGIVING
                                                      St Johns 9:15am (LG)       4:30pm @ Bethlehem                                                  ship
                                                      Bethlehem 10:30am (LG)                                                                         Peace 6:30pm (D)
                                                      Zion 8:00am (J)                                                                                Zion 7pm @ St An-
                                                      Peace 9:15am (J) C                                                                             thony’s (LG)
                                                      St Matthew 10:30am (J) C Pastor Doug—Vacation                                                  Bethlehem 8pm (D)
                                                      29-FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT                              30               12/1                   12/2                     12/3                    12/4   12/5
                                                      Elias 8:00am (D)              Youth worship at Zion                     Bible Study 7:30am @   Advent Worship           Project Heart Search
                                                      St Johns 9:15am (D)           today                                     Schultz’s-Tigerton     Zion 6pm Elias 6:30pm    7pm
                                                      Bethlehem 10:30am (D)                                                   Team Meeting 1:30pm    Bethlehem 8pm
                                                      Zion 8:00am (Youth)                                                     Peace Brotherhood?     Confirmation Class
                                                      Peace 9:15am (LG)                                                       Shawano Cluster        4:30 @ Zion
16                                                    St Matthew 10:30am (LG)                                                                        6:30 @ Bethlehem

                                                         Central Newsletter · November 2009   17

                               FAMILY PAGE
    Invite your child to help you make pies (or another treat)
    for Thanksgiving dinner. As you do your baking, suggest
    to your child that this time you are going to leave all of
    the sugar (or sweetener) out of your treats. (If you have
    the time and energy, you might even make a batch with-
    out any sweetener, to compare later). Talk with your
    child about how the treat might taste with no sugar. Are
    there other ingredients that you can substitute which will
    make your treat just as good? Compare a pie without
    sugar to a life without knowing God. We are flavorless
    when we try to live life without God. Read together Mat-
    thew 5:13, then sample some of the treats with sugar and
    some without.

                                                                       Central Newsletter · September 2009 19
                                                                      Central Newsletter · November 2009 18

    You can write one check for the whole month. If you are on vacation or out of town, you can be
    assured that you did not miss your weekly contribution if you plan for it each month as outlined
    below. Because your name, church code, and church number are printed on the label on the reverse
    side, it will be very easy for money counters to post to the correct account. If you have any
    comments or special donations, please make a note about it and include it all on the same check if
    you wish. When there are special fund raisers or special collections, they can also be noted on this
    form if we know about it ahead of time. If you made your monthly contribution and would like to
    contribute more during the month, blank copies of this form are available in your church—just make
    sure you put your name on the sheet as it will not have a label. You can put this in an envelope and
    drop in the collection basket, or mail it to the address listed below for your church. Blank envelopes
    will also be available at each church—ask an usher. If you wish, you can still use your church
    envelope if you prefer. Any suggestions or comments are always welcome. Please give this a try to
    see if it will work in the future. Thanks.

    Date—2009               Regular         Mission          Special          Other             Total

    Thanksgiving Eve

    If you wish to mail this form with your check, these are the remit addresses:
     (you can also drop this form with payment into the collection plate)
    Bethlehem—Pella—c/o Dan Lohrentz—W12689 County Road M—Caroline WI 54928
    Elias—Town of Hermann—c/o Pat Arnold—W12531 Mill Creek Ct—Gresham WI 54128                 Write check
    Peace—Tilleda—c/o Joan Wohler—W7803 Sycamore Rd—Shawano WI 54166                             for this
    St Johns—Leopolis—c/o Pattie Peterson—P O Box 492—Shawano WI 54166                          amount—
    St Matthews—Bowler—c/o Kristi Parker—P O Box 116—Bowler WI 54416                            payable to
    Zion—Tigerton—c/o Jan Thompson—P O Box 238—Wittenberg WI 54499
                                                                                               your church
                                                Central Newsletter · November 2009    19

                                                                        NON PROFIT
    The United Lutheran Parish                                         ORGANIZATION
    715-787-3367 888-636-4276                                         US POSTAGE PAID
    N6135 County Road D                                                  PERMIT #2
    PO Box 123                                                          TILLEDA, WI
    Tilleda, WI 54978-0123

                                  NOVEMBER 2009
                                       The United Lutheran Parish
                                              Mission Statement
                                   A multi-point cooperative ministry is intent on
                                 assisting each individual congregation in carrying
             WORSHIP             out its own defined ministry and mission. Together,
                                 under the direction and empowerment of the Holy
           WED—NOV 25             Spirit, and with the encouragement from one an-
          PEACE @ 6:30PM         other, we commit ourselves to share our faith, hope
       ECUMENICAL @ ST AN-        and love in the strong name of Jesus, in our rural
         THONYS @ 7:00PM                               settings.
       BETHLEHEM @ 8:00PM

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