; CO2 Dragster Final Report
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CO2 Dragster Final Report


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									                      CO2 Dragster Final Report                            5. Newton’s Three Laws
                                                                              a. Explain how the testing of your car illustrates each of Newton’s
After the cars are tested, you will design a marketing brochure for your         Three Laws of Motion. Identify the Law Number in your
car. The brochure format, requirements, and project rubric are                   explanation.
specified in this document. 12”x 18” paper will be supplied.                  b. Do not just define the law, apply the law to your project.
                            Side 1                                               Remember there are two parts of the 1st law.
                     Newton’s Three Laws                                   6. Project Reflection Paragraph
                          (Note 5)                                            a. Compare your car’s performance to your predictions?
 Specifications               1st
                                              Car Name                        b. What made your car successful or unsuccessful?
       (Note 4)              2nd                 (Note 1)
                                                                              c. What changes could you make in your design to enhance the car’s
                              3rd                                                performance?
                                                                              d. What did you learn?
 ….…                   Project Reflection        (Note 2)                                        Side 2(inside)-Marketing of Your Car
Performance                (Note 6)
 …….                                                                                                    Marketing Slogan
 ….…                                             Photo                         Body Design   8                    (Note 9)
                             Name                                                                                                  Cartridge Mounting8
                              Date               (Note 3)

 Inside Flap            Brochure Back         Brochure Cover

Brochure requirements (see illustrations for placement):
   1. Name of your car. (Be creative)
   2. Logo for your car. (Illustration)
   3. Photo will be taken by the teacher and provided.                                                    Guide Attachments8   Wheels8
   4. Specifications(Metric)
       Car Dimensions
            Length with cartridge installed(cm)                           7. Full size drawing of your car.
            Width(cm)                                                     8. Point out the design features that optimized the safety and
            Height(cm)                                                        performance of your car. Include…
            Ground Clearance from guide screws(cm)                            Body shape                         Wheels
                                                                               Axles                              Eye appeal
            Wheel Diameter(cm)
                                                                               Cartridge mounting                 Guide wire attachments
            Mass(grams)
                                                                               Types of materials used            Car Mass Considerations
       Performance (Show all work: Include formulas, recorded values,
                                                                               Note: The illustration shows only 5 items, your brochure must
       and solve for the unknown)
                                                                               include all 8 items listed above.
            Total Distance traveled                                       9. Marketing Slogan (Sell the car!!!)
            Average time at 10 meters                                     10. Grading rubric is included on the back, use it as a checklist.
            Average speed at 10 meters                                    11. Brochure Due ________________ Late projects will be penalized
            Acceleration during the first 10 meters                           20% per day. If you are absent, the project must be submitted
            Average Momentum at 10 meters                                     prior to 3:00 on the day due or penalties will apply.
Car Dimensions                                    Average Speed @ 10 meters                                Car Brochure Checklist
 Length with cartridge installed (__________cm)    **V =                                      Car name                       2    ________
 Width (_________cm)                                                                          Logo                           2    ________
 Height (__________cm)                                                                        Photo                          2    ________
 Ground Clearance from guide screws                                                                  Dimensions (do not forget units)
       (________cm)                                                                           Length (cm)                    2    ________
 Wheel Diameter (_________cm)                                                                 Width (cm)                     2    ________
 Mass (______________grams)                                                                   Height (cm)                    2    ________
                                                                                              Ground clearance (cm)          2    ________
                                                                                              Wheel diameter (cm)            2    ________
Car performance predictions                                                                   Mass (grams)                   2    ________
 Distance ____________ m                                                                            Performance (do not forget units)
 Speed ______________ m/s                                                                    Total distance (N, U)           2    ________
 Other:                                                                                      Avg. time (F, S, N, U)          4    __________
                                                                                             Avg. speed (F, S, N, U)         4    ________
                                                                                             Acc (F, S, N, U)                4    ________
                                                  Acceleration during the first 10 meters
                                                                                             Mom (F, S, N, U)                4    ________
                                                   **A=                                                     Three laws, Reflection
                                                                                              1st(R/M), 2nd, 3rd            16    ________
                                                                                              Project reflection             4    _______
                                                                                                           Design features (8 items)
Test Run Observations                                                                         Body shape                 3        ________
                                                                                              Axles                      3        ________
Test Run Data                                                                                 Cartridge mounting         3        ________
 **Distance Traveled ___________ meters                                                       Materials used             3        ________
 **Time to travel 10 meters                                                                   Wheels                     3        ________
    Time 1 ______sec Time 2 ______sec                                                         Eye appeal                 3        ________
    Time 3 ______ sec                                                                         Guide wire attachment 3             ________
                                                                                              Mass consideration         3        ________
Describe the test run                                                                       Full size drawing           10        ________
                                                                                                 (full scale, quality)
                                                  Average Momentum @10 meters               Marketing slogan              3       ________
                                                   **Mom=                                   Quality (sp., neatness, gram. 7       ________
                                                                                                      eye appeal, color)
                                                                                            Total car brochure             100 _______
                                                                                            Instruction sheet*              10 _______

                                                                                            Student ___________Parent ___________
                                                                                            *Note: This instruction sheet with rough calculations
Data Computations                                                                           and observations must be attached to your car log and
                                                                                            submitted with the brochure. Rubric checklist must
Average Time @ 10 meters                                                                    be checked off and initialed by your self and parent.
Tavg =                                                                                      Error Codes for performance calculations
                                                                                                 F- formula
                                                                                                 S- substitution of recorded data into the formula
                                                                                                 N- computed number/math error
                                                                                                 U- units

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