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					                                C - DAC’s

           High Performance Business Computing (Finance)

                 Total Solutions for Financial Applications
                                                                                  Finance, banking,
      In recent years, the world has seen the emergence of new                  capital markets and
                                                                                companies related to
technologies, increased sophistication and complexities in worldwide             them need to adopt
financial markets and fierce competition                            among            Information
companies for survival and success. In the                     wake      of        Technology for
globalization        of     financial        policies,             traders,    improving operational
financial advisors, financial institutions                             etc.      efficiency customer
                                                                                      service and
require to keep abreast of new market                           concepts,            profitability.
corporate      strategies         and        financial
techniqu e s . T h e y n e e d t o a d o p t a d v a n c e d
technologies, which provide a cutting edge over their competitors.

                                   Adoption of computer and communication
                        technologies forms an integral part of the
                        financial sector reform process. This has been
                        i d e n ti f i e d a s o n e o f t h e k e y           Advanced data analysis
                        strategies for bringing about                              and data mining
                                                                                techniques establish a
                        profitability,               operational
                                                                                link between business
efficiency,   improvements       in       customer       service,                   strategies and
productivity etc.                                                              Information Technology

      Today it is imperative to establish a link between business
strategies and information technology. Advance d Data Analysis and Data
                     Mining techniques can create this link. Adopting this
                     state -o f-t h e-art technology will provide decision -
                     makers and policy planners                                  We provide decision
                     with sophisticated tools for                                 makers and policy
                     advanced analysis of the                                       planners with
                     organization -wide data.                                  state-of-the-art tools for
                                                                                advanced analysis of
      We at C -DAC aim at providing total
solutions in the areas of Capital Markets and
Banking to enable our clients to achieve their
                                                                   Strategy Development 2000 (SD2000)

                                                            Supercomputing-based Data Mining for Equities,
                                                                     Foreign Exchange Trading
                                               The battle in today's financial markets is increasingly being waged at computer speed and not human
                                     speed. More and more traders now rely on computerized decision-making approaches to help them develop
                                     winning investment strategies. The use of a supercomputer is of continuing importance especially in financial
                                     modeling because of the
                                     massive amount of data that
                                     needs to be processed for
                                     intra-day equity strategies.
                                     Also anyone failing to
                                     exploit these new tools may
         Strategy Development 2000

                                     find survival difficult.

                                               SD2000    is    a
                                     supercomputing       based

                                     Decision Support System
                                     using        Mathematical,
                                     Statistical and Artificial
                                     Intelligence         based
                                     techniques for optimizing
                                     returns while trading in
                                     financial markets. The
                                     solutions tend to improve
                                     the odds of winning in a
                                     complex, uncertain world.

                                               The primary objective is to do Quantitative Modeling of global financial markets for investment analysis
                                     and risk management. The syste m focuses on data of very short term price movements, including every single
                                     trade, in a broad range of global markets. The density of this information requires the power of a supercomputer to
                                     perform effective analysis. The “tick -by-tick” database that is being built is one of the largest in the world
                                     dedicated to financial markets research.

                                              The overall objective is to forecast not price, but “ideal trader behavior”. The system will emulate trading
                                     actions of a superlative trader in the real world market environment. The system enables traders to monitor foreign
                                     exchange and stock markets by incorporating and
human-expert analysis
with            human-
quantitative analysis
of the markets.

           The traders
can       deploy     this
system for developing
their own proprietary
strategies,        back-
testing them on the
historical data and
analyze             their
performance.         The

                                                                                                          Strategy Development 2000
ultimate goal is to
filter the successful strategies for deployment in the real market.

Salient Features:

•   Centralized Repository of terabytes of Historical Data of Stocks and Foreign Exchange traded in
    global Stock Exchanges
•   Technical and Quantitative Analysis based on time-tested Mathematical and Statistical Models
•   Proprietary Trading Strategies using Artificial Intelligence Techniques such as Neural Networks,
    Genetic Algorithm, Fuzzy Logic ...
•   Strategy Development Library enabling traders to code proprietary strategies
•   Back-testing of the Trading Strategies on Historical Data
•   Trades and Strategy Performance Reports capturing Net Profit/Loss, Net Position, Maximum
    Drawdown, Strategy Parameters ...

Success Stories:

          Currently, SD2000 is operational on C-DAC’ PARAM 10000 supercomputer for the
financial engineering activities of Man Drapeau Research Pte. Ltd., Singapore. This is one of the first
and largest supercomputing facilities in the world deployed for financial modeling and engineering.
                                                                                   ( PRedict Opportunities in Financial Instrument Trading )

                                                                                        A Financial Market Simulator with Technical Analysis
                                                                         Before trading in live financial markets, it is beneficial for traders/investors to undergo training. There are
                                                                    various factors, which have a major impact on the market movements. Comprehensive analyses of these factors help
                                                                    in profitable trading decisions.
              Predict Opportunity in Financial Instrument Trading

                                                                        CyberPROFIT is designed for group simulations consisting of investors trading in the market, issuers coming to
                                                                    market with new bonds, a central bank, and investment managers buying and selling bonds. Multiple market players
                                                                    over a LAN are organized as teams pitted against each other. The game controller not only performs functions of the
                                                                    “Central Bank” through market interve ntion and treasury bond issuance but also acts as the “Bourse Regulator” to
                                                                    monitor and set the pace and direction of the game.
    Salient Features
•   Simulation of Real-Life Financial Markets
•   Ready Access to Important News Items
•   Technical Analysis on substantial Historical Data
•   Choice of various types of Charts like Line, Bar, Candlestick ...
•   Display of Indicators like Relative Strength Index, Stochastics, MACD ...
•   Identification of Patterns and Market Trends
•   Extensive reports including Mark-to-Market
•   Fast Forward of Timing to simulate interesting Market States
•   Electronic Talk between Traders
•   Manipulation of Short Term Market Direction by Game Controller

                                                                                                                  Predict Opportunity in Financial Instrument Trading
    Exploration of Profitable Trading Opportunities for Returns Maximization

    This product has been jointly developed by C-DAC and ADVIT Labs, Singapore.

    Success Stories:
                  CyberPROFIT is currently operational in the regular training course in Bond Trading conducted
    by “Institut Bank Bank Malaysia ” (IBBM), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has been a great addition to the

                                                                                                            RBI Data Mart
                                                                                       Prototype Data Mart for RBI Data Warehouse
                Data Mart for Reserve Bank of India Data Warehouse
RBI Data Mart

                                                                          Adoption of Information Technology is one of the key strategies for bringing about operational
                                                                     efficiency and improvements in customer service, productivity and profitability of any business
                                                                     operation. Data Warehousing is a key technology for advanced Decision Support Systems and
                                                                     Executive Information Systems. Today it is imperative to establish a link between business strategies
                                                                     and information technology. Data Warehousing can create this link.

                                                                       Need for a Data warehouse is driven by factors like:
                                                                     • Pro-active strategies and rapid decision making
                                                                     • Lots of PC-based or small server systems obtaining extracts of data incapable of presenting a
                                                                       holistic view of the entire gamut of information
                                                                     • Same data present on different systems, in different departments and users may be unaware of
                                                                       this fact.
                                                                     • Difficulty in getting meaningful information in a timely manner
                                                                     • Multiple systems giving different answers to the same business questions
                                                                     • Less analysis by decision makers and policy planners due to non-availability of sophisticated
                                                                       tools and easily decipherable, timely and comprehensive information
     A Data Mart may be viewed as a subset of a Data Warehouse dealing with data restricted to some specific
department, business process or section of the enterprise. We have developed a prototype Data Mart for the
Reserve Bank of India (RBI) which the central bank of India. It is used for the purposes of trend analysis and
forecasting of various banking variables & macro-economic indicators which will enable them to formulate
effective and efficient policies / planning.

    Salient Features:

• Houses certain banking statistics data of all the Nationalized, Commercial and Co-operative Banks in India
• Used for Trend analysis and Forecasting of various banking variables & macro-economic indicators
• Enables top management to analyze the data to aid in framing credit and monetary policies and strategic

                                                                                                                 Data Mart for Reserve Bank of India Data Warehouse
• Used by the Internal Departments of RBI such as DBOD, DEAP, CPC etc. for performing various analyses
  which help them in regulating the Indian Economy and for answering Parliamentary queries.
• Used by various External Agencies such as Bureau of Economics and Statistics, State Governments, Central
  Statistical Organization etc.

                                                                                                                                                                      RBI Data Mart
C-DAC is India’ national initiative in Advanced            Apart from expanding the range of products, C-
Computing. C-DAC’ mission is to deliver state-             DAC is always at hand to take on Design and
of-the-art, open architecture, scalable high-              Development Contracts, Turnkey Systems,
performance computers in the desktop to                    Engineering Projects, Education and Training
teraflops range, embodying emergent industry-              Services for clients worldwide.
standard building blocks. In fulfillment of this
goal, C-DAC has advented the OpenFrame                     With it's natural inclination towards spreading
which has been realized in its celebrated                  technology, C-DAC can make a real difference
PARAM series High-Performance Computers.                   when it comes to offering the best solutions, with
The applications development programme covers              price/performance features that are hard to find
scientific and engineering, real-time and business         elsewhere.
applications.      A       National       PARAM
Supercomputing Facility (NPSF) has been                    The realms that we embrace :
created to provide a nation-wide and internet
access      to   C-DAC’   s     PARAM       series         • Financial Modeling (Capital Markets and
supercomputers.                                              Banking)
                                                           • Distributed and Parallel Computing Systems
C-DAC’   s Language Technology Mission                     • Language Technology, Multimedia
complements its high-performance computing                 • Advanced Computing Training School
and communications initiative to create a                    (ACTS )
framework for the co-existence of all the living           • Weather Modeling, FEM, CFD
languages of the world with diverse scripts. C-            • Remote Sensing, GIS
DAC has innovated its trail-blazing Graphics and           • Power, Transport, Telecom, Health-Care
Intelligence based Script Technology (GIST) in
                                                           • Value Added Workstations
this goal. The GIST Technology has been
extended to include multilingual and multimedia            • Inter-Networking
computing.                                                 • Compilers

                    For further information, please contact any of our offices below :

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Pune University Campus,Ganeshkhind Pune – 411 007. India
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