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					                               85TH MINNESOTA STATE
                            JUNIOR BOYS’ CHAMPIONSHIP
                        Rochester Golf & Country Club, Rochester, MN
                                       July 13-14, 2011
                                                  Entry Fee: $60
                                      Entries Accepted: Monday, April 4, 2011
                                     Entry Deadline: Wednesday, June 29, 2011
                                 GENERAL INFORMATION
Entries are open to male amateur golfers who are: (1) currently Associate Members of the MGA at the
club from which they are playing, or a permanent resident of Minnesota, (2) must NOT have reached
their 19th birthday by 12 midnight on the final day of the Junior Boys Championship, and (3) must NOT
have been a full-time college student prior to the Championship. The field is limited to 120 players.
Entries are accepted on a first-received basis except for places that are reserved until Friday, April 29,
2011, for any junior player who received MGA Player points the previous year and the top 25 finishers
in the Minnesota PGA Junior Players Tour from the previous year. (Refer to the complete listings of
exemptions.) All entries are subject to approval or rejection at any time by the MGA Tournament
Championship Format
All players in the Championship will play 36 holes of stroke play. The Champion will be the player with
the lowest total gross score after 36 holes. A tie for first place will be played off immediately, hole by
hole, until a champion is determined. NOTE: In the event conditions will not permit the total completion
of the second round, the Committee reserves the right to cut the field after the first round to the lowest
36 scoring players plus ties for play in the second round.
Dress Code
For all MGA competitions, players and caddies must be neat in appearance with respect to personal
grooming and clothing. All entrants are required to wear either slacks or Bermuda shorts and a collared
golf shirt. Examples of attire NOT ACCEPTABLE includes the following: short shorts, athletic shorts,
tennis shorts, cut-offs, jeans, jean shorts, tank tops, t-shirts and sweats.
Code of Conduct Policy
The 2011 MGA Player Conduct Policy will be strictly enforced at the Championship.
Entry Deadline
Entry forms will not be accepted before Monday, April 4, 2011, but must arrive by Wednesday, June 29,
2011, at the office of the Minnesota Golf Association, Inc., 6550 York Avenue South, Suite 211, Edina,
MN 55435. Entry fee must accompany entry form. A separate check or money order must
accompany each MGA championship entry. Late or incomplete entries are not acceptable and will
be returned. Entries submitted by telephone, e-mail or fax are not acceptable. Time limit for entries
means time of receipt at MGA (not time of postmark). Entries with insufficient funds will be considered
incomplete and will be withdrawn. The entrant is responsible for any fee incurred by the MGA for NSF
checks and must pay such fees before entry in further MGA events is allowed.
Carts and Caddies
Carrying your bag and the use of a pull cart, including motorized, is permissible but motorized riding
carts and caddies are prohibited during the Championship.
Practice Rounds
Practice rounds may be available for a fee at the discretion of the Host Facility.

              The Minnesota State Junior Boys’ Championship is included in the AJGA
              Performance Based Entry (PBE) system. As a result, the champion will receive entry into
              two (2) AJGA events. Please visit www.ajga.org for more information on the Performance
              Based Entry system.
                         85TH MINNESOTA STATE
                      JUNIOR BOYS’ CHAMPIONSHIP
                   Rochester Golf & Country Club, Rochester, MN
                                  July 13-14, 2011


        MGA Junior Boys’ Points List                   MN PGA Junior Tour List
McCabe Buege       155.0    Andy Krasaway      15.0   Jake Miller          712.5
Kyle Beversdorf    154.0    Taylor Sundbom     15.0   Tyler McMorrow       707.5
Tyler Lowenstein   130.4    Trent Sundbom      15.0   Jonathan Dutoit      635.5
Thomas Strandemo   130.0    Kevin Brooke       12.5   Jack Holmgren        632.5
Charlie Braniff    100.0    Jonathan Dutoit    12.5   Dominic Kieffer      625.5
Chase Hahne         92.5    Mitch Holm         12.5   Derek Brinker        608.0
Beau Hanson         87.5    Dakota Lundstrom   10.0   Max Rosenthal        516.2
Maxton Kelly        85.0    Brian Urness       10.0   Alex Kapraun         500.0
Colton Buege        82.5    Glenn Walls        10.0   Brandon Mader        495.6
Jake Miller         82.5    Micah Megorden      5.0   Karter Smith         485.0
Patrick Johnston    80.0    Logan Ness          5.0   Matthew McClure      480.0
Maxwell Tylke       76.3    Tyler Rustad        5.0   Tyler Lowenstein     470.0
Dylan Baker         75.0    Alex Kline          2.5   Tom Koehler          457.5
Jake Erickson       75.0    Ross Miller         2.5   Myles Pfingsten      452.5
Miles Knutson       62.5    Jade Hasslen        1.6   Sam Matthew          450.0
Dan Bidle           60.0    Zach Hauser         1.6   Matthew Rachey       447.5
Nic Jensen          60.0    Justin Rappl        1.6   Tyler Goss           430.0
Nick Nielsen        57.5    Nick Fritz          1.3   Mitch Holm           422.5
Jesse Roscoe        55.0    Sam Mathew          1.3   CJ Fritcher          402.5
Dylan Schultz       55.0    Taylor Murphy       1.3   Cordie Walker        395.8
Zach Israelson      40.0                              Miles Death          391.8
Luke Magnuson       40.0                              Collin Lervick       385.0
Sam Matthew         40.0                              Beau Hanson          332.5
Ryan Stevens        40.0                              Zachery Lowenstein   316.3
Hudson Carpenter    35.0                              Nicholas Forsberg    315.0
Aaron Forgaard      35.0
Jared Heger         35.0
Andrew Oakes        30.0
Casey Vangsness     30.0
Derek Brinker       27.5
Bryant Buckellew    27.5
John Burnett        25.0
Matt Cichoski       25.0
Brett Draxler       25.0
Karter Smith        25.0
Bill Carlson        22.5
Andrew Peterson     20.0
Sam Eisenhuth       17.5
Brady Hall          17.5
Jacob Tessman       17.5
Sam Christian       15.0
                                     85TH MINNESOTA STATE
                                  JUNIOR BOYS’ CHAMPIONSHIP
                              Rochester Golf & Country Club, Rochester, MN
                                             July 13-14, 2011
                                                         Entry Fee: $60
                                             Entries Accepted: Monday, April 4, 2011
                                            Entry Deadline: Wednesday, June 29, 2011

                                                         Official Entry Form

                                           Player Information
NAME:                                                                             GHIN #:
                                                                                              (If available but not required)

ADDRESS:                                                                          BIRTHDATE:
                                                                                                  (Must be AFTER 7/14/1992)

CITY/ST/ZIP:                                                                      GENDER:           M

PHONE:(H)                                                        (W)



If you are interested in having tee time information sent to your cell phone in the form of a text message,
please circle your carrier and include your cell phone number. (Please circle carrier)

AT&T / QWEST / SPRINT / T-MOBILE / VERIZON                                (       )       -

By signing and submitting this entry to this MGA competition, I confirm that I have read, understand, and agree to
abide by the MGA Conduct Policy, the MGA Tournament Player’s Information Sheet and the MGA Rules of Play and
Information Sheet. I understand that I am a guest at the host facility and that many of the Rules Officials are
volunteers. I also agree that there are certain risks inherent in the game of golf and accept personal liability for all
such risks. PARENTS: By signing this form, you are agreeing to these conditions on behalf of the player listed.

Player’s Signature:                                                                       Date: ____________

Parent’s Signature:                                                                       Date: ____________

Date & Time             Database Date            Check #/Cash                     Verified                   Entry #

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