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Wednesday 7 May 2008

Independent Liberal Member for Alfred Cove Dr Janet Woollard said recent community concerns
about kite surfing on Melville Beach Road in Applecross had finally forced the Department of
Planning and Infrastructure to implement an interim measure to protect public safety.

“A series of buoys have now been placed 50m into the river to introduce a buffer zone between
the kite surfing activities and the shoreline following a series of potentially dangerous incidents,”
said Dr Woollard.

“Local residents will be pleased that these changes have been made because they have been
working hard to alert authorities to these safety problems for some time.”

Dr Woollard said she had written to the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, the City of Melville
and the Swan River Trust several times since December calling for them to act on these public
safety issues.

“The Applecross site has been a popular location for kite surfers but there are only a few metres
between the shoreline and the road, and much of the nearby verge is lined with trees making it
quite dangerous to kite surf there,” said Dr Woollard.

“Local residents have reported to me that there have been numerous instances where kite surfer’s
boards have drifted on to the nearby bike pathway and kites have flown across the road, narrowly
missing cars and landing in residential gardens. One even got tangled up on a lamp post.”

Dr Woollard said she was pleased to see that Department had finally responded to community

“DPI has been dragging its feet on this issue for some time and is only now looking at regulating
kite surfing. The Department should have been more proactive in making sure that areas were set
aside for sports like this as well as identifying ‘no go’ areas where there is a risk to members of the
community and establishing special sites where the kites could be rigged,” said Dr Woollard.

“Kite surfing has grown enormously in recent years and the Government must act to provide
alternative locations where participants can enjoy their sport in safety.”

Media enquiries: Dr Janet Woollard on 0419 907 999 or Lyn Mitchell on 9316 3139

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