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					 Welcome 2010-2011
  Homeroom Parent
Grade Level Coordinator

    Thank you and Welcome
    Mary Johnston, Principal
   Tina Homan, Vice Principal

Elizabeth Hook and Laura Wassef
        VPs of Volunteers

Claire Doddridge and Kelly Owens
 Homeroom Parent Coordinators

          We appreciate you!
• Maintain strict confidence about students. This
  includes student academic behavior and performance,
  student records, and school problems.
• Refrain from sharing any personal opinions regarding
  all people and situations observed while volunteering.
• Avoid discussions within or outside OUES regarding
  classroom practices, individual students,
  and personnel.
• Direct any concerns or opinions regarding OUES to
  the appropriate person.

           We appreciate you!
• Communicate with classroom teacher concerning
  work location, supplies, and instruction.
• Help preserve the learning environment by limiting
  classroom interruptions.
• We ask that when you are in the school, that you
  follow the same dress code that the teachers and
  students follow.
• Put cell phones on “silent” mode and use in
  emergency only.

           We appreciate you!
• Sign in and wear a designated volunteer badge
  when working in the building.
• Please leave younger siblings at home while
  volunteering, as they may be a disruption to the
  learning environment or to the defined
• Classrooms are to be peanut free due to allergic

                       OUES ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM
                           Mary Johnston, Principal
                        Tina Homan, Assistant Principal

                                   OUES PTO
                           Tobin Osterberg, President
                        April Netzhammer, Vice President
                              Tina Howell, Secretary
                             Ellen Oberle, Treasurer

VOLUNTEERS                                                           FUNDRAISING
               DISBURSEMENTS    PROGRAMS            OPERATIONS
Elizabeth Hook                                                      D’Lissa Cunningham
                  Tonya Meyer   Christine Neal     April Netzhammer
 Laura Wassef                                                           Sonya Torti

                              Elizabeth Hook
                               Laura Wassef

           TEACHER                      CAFÉ                          PARENT
SPECIAL                  TEACHER                    HOSPITALITY
          LUNCHEON                    VOLUNTEER                   COORDINATORS
EVENTS                    SNACKS                     Lauren Green
          Amy Bruster                COORDINATOR                   Claire Doddridge
                        Rhonda Riney                  Lisa Modur
                                      Dawn Griffith                  Kelly Owens

                                   HOMEROOM PARENT
                                      Claire Doddridge
                                        Kelly Owens

    K GLC                                                   3rd GLC        4th GLC
                      !st GLC             2nd GLC
 Deirdre Baker                                            Amy Bischler     MJ Adams
                   Tiffany Bowen     Tracey Chamberlain
Genevieve Shafer                                           Amy Terry     Tamara Furgal

             Tonya Meyer


                                        Christine Neal

                   MATH                                                       GIVING
  BUDDIES                         PARENT         STUDENT
                  MASTERS                                       YEARBOOK       BACK
 Tara Eliason                   PROGRAMS        PROGRAMS
                 Julie Lawson                                    Jill Webb   Laurie Alm
Stacey Nesmith                  Georgia Logan   Georgia Logan
                                                                             Jan Slattery

                            April Netzhammer

                    MARQUEE              WEB SITE
ADVERTISING/                                                AUDIT
                   Melissa Schembri     Kirsty Gelberd
  DATABASE                                               Kirsty Gelberd
April Netzhammer

                                       D’Lissa Cunningham
                                           Sonya Torti

   ON-LINE                                                                          MJ Adams
   AUCTION                        SPIRIT SHOP      COMMUNITY                        Laurie Alm
  Joe Schupler   GIFT WRAP          Laurie Alm      PARTNERS        TEACHER       Amanda dePingre
Amanda de Pingre Jessica Begley    Courtney Bell    Deirdre Baker    PARTIES       Kelly Matwick
  Pam Francis                     Tiffany Bowen     Jill Ferguson   Kathy Peebles  Kathy Peebles
 Christy White                      Amy Trader      Kim Littleton                    Jill Webb

•   Submitting Monies
•   All cash and checks should be turned over to the Treasurer within 7 days of collection.
•   All cash and checks should be handed directly to the Treasurer or left in the safe at the school office.
•   Complete the yellow Cash/Check Receipt Form and submit each time you turn over monies to the Treasurer.
•   Requesting Checks
•   Please submit the green Check Request Form for each vendor invoice or for personal reimbursement for PTO purchases.
•   Attach all receipts and invoices to form and place in green Treasurer’s folder in PTO file in the Volunteer Work Room or
    mail directly to Treasurer (Ellen Oberle, 616 Aberdeen Way, Southlake, TX 76092).
•   If the expense is not a budgeted item then it is a disbursement request, which should be submitted to the VP of
    Disbursements who will then forward it for the proper approval. If the disbursement request is under $500, then the PTO
    Executive Board may approve. If it is over $500, it must have additional approval from the General PTO Membership at
    the monthly meeting.
•   Sales Tax
•   Purchases made for the benefit of the OUES PTO are exempt from sales tax.
•   Please provide vendors with a copy of our Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit or with our Permit number (1-75-2949157-
    7) to ensure that sales tax is not charged. Some vendors may already have our tax-exempt permit number on file and you
    will just need to give them the school’s name (Staples for example uses 3905706903 Staples number).
•   Please note: Because of the PTO’s tax-exempt status, the PTO cannot reimburse members for sales tax paid on
    items purchased on behalf of the PTO.
•   General
•   Copies of all forms may be found in the green Treasurer’s folder in the file in the Volunteer Work Room and are
    available on-line at the Old Union website.
•   Expense item from receipts (excluding sales tax). The Treasurer will make payment once a Check Request Form and
    attached invoices are received.
•   Please be thrifty whenever possible to ensure that we use PTO money wisely for our children.
•   THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your help in maintaining these financial controls. If you have any questions or
    comments, please feel free to contact Ellen Oberle, PTO Treasurer at, or 817-310-3395.

                         CHECK REQUEST FORM --- OUES PTO


Check Payable to:__________________________________________Amount:______________


Project or Budget Category:_______________________________________________________

*PLEASE attach all original receipts or invoices to this form, and submit within7 days to: Ellen
Oberle, PTO Treasurer, 616 Aberdeen Way, Southlake 76092 (Via mail); OR place in Treasurer
folder in the PTO rolling cart in the Volunteer workroom. Thanks!
*PLEASE note: Because of our exempt status, OUES PTO cannot reimburse members for sales tax
paid on items purchased. Be sure to provide vendors with a copy of our “Texas Sales and Use Tax
Permit” (Permit # 1-75-2949157) so sales tax is not charged.

*Mark one option:
____ Place check in folder in the PTO cart in the volunteer workroom. I will pick up there. (preferred
this will save the PTO $$)
____ Mail check to payee at address on invoice.
____ Mail check to me at this address: (Must Include a self –addressed stamped envelope)

For Treasurer: Category____________________________ Check #____________ Date_______________Delivered_______________________
                        CASH/CHECK RECEIPT FORM
                               OUES – PTO



Project or Budget Category:_______________________________________________________

      CASH Collected:

            CASH          QTY           TOTAL

            $20.00        ____        $____________

            $10.00        ____        $____________

            $ 5.00        ____        $____________

            $ 1.00        ____        $____________

            $ 0.25        ____        $____________

            $ 0.10        ____        $____________

            $ 0.05        ____        $____________

            $ 0.01        ____        $____________

            TOTAL CASH                $____________

      CHECKS Collected:

            How many checks? ________

            TOTAL CHECKS              $____________

            GRAND TOTAL               $____________


PTO Treasurer’s Signature:_____________________________________________________

*PLEASE submit this form with all cash/checks collected to: Ellen Oberle, PTO
Treasurer, 616 Aberdeen Way, Southlake, TX 76092. Thank You!
                 Parent Grade Level
•   Parent Grade Level Coordinators coordinate activities, parties, and/or special events the for the
    entire grade level.
•   Steps to Success:
•    Meet with the lead teacher and exchange contact information.
•    Meet with or at least introduce yourself via email to the HR Parents at your grade level.
    Consider setting up a group e-mail account for all HR Parents to assist with easy communication
    throughout the year.
•   Keep your HR Parents in the loop on communication that is policy-related or controversial. They
    are responsible for ensuring that the right processes and procedures are in place for all HR
    Parents. Give them input on what is working/not working.
•   Contact Lead Teacher 4-5 weeks before each party. The 3 main parties are Holiday (Dec.17),
    Valentines (Feb. 14) and end of year (June 2).
•   Discuss and agree upon specifics—food, craft, times, budget, etc.
•   Shop for items agreed upon and distribute items to each classroom.
•   Fill out a Request for Reimbursement Form (located in the front office). Turn in receipts to PTO
    Treasurer for reimbursement no later than 30 days after expenditure. OUES is a non-taxable
    entity so sales tax is not reimbursable.
•   Ask about other special events that will need coordination on a grade level basis (i.e. Book
    Character Day, etc).
•   Share all pertinent information with the HR Parents.
Homeroom Parents
        • Each class will have
          two HR parents
        • The duties can be
          divided as the two HR
          parents decide
        • Duties include: parties,
          gifts for teacher,
          volunteer calendar,
          and email

                       Gifts & Parties

•   Help the Parent Grade Level Coordinator organize the parent volunteers from
    the Party Sign Up Sheet. The parties are Holiday (Dec. 17), Valentines (Feb.
    14) and End of the Year (June 2).
•   Plan teacher recognition/gifts (3 times/year) for teacher’s Birthday, Holiday,
    and End of the Year. Some Homeroom Parents coordinate class gifts, while
    others leave this up to individual parents. The administration has set guidelines
    as follows:
•          A. Individual gifts— acceptable at any time
•          B. Group gifts—Many HR Parents put together a group “basket”
    comprised of individual gifts from classmates. This is acceptable as long as
    the gift is presented from all students in the class, even if you don’t get 100%
•          C. Monetary class gift requests are not acceptable through school. These
    need to be handled outside of the school. If you choose to use this option,
    make sure you communicate back to the parents as to how much was
    collected, what you will purchase and when it will be given to the teacher.
   Calendar & Communications
1. Meet the teacher to discuss plans for the year/ general classroom volunteer
       needs (how many times a week), etc.
2. Create classroom roster. Sheets were available at Meet the Teacher- pls pick up from
       your classroom teacher.
       If a parent chooses not to be included in the roster, simply exclude the child’s name
       make a note at the bottom of the roster: *some students are excluded from this list for
       privacy purposes
3. Meet with parents to create volunteer schedule.
       Create monthly volunteer calendar of volunteers and send weekly reminders via
4. Welcome new families who move in during the school year to the classroom by having
       them fill out the “Welcome To Old Union” form. (will be emailed to you) Make sure
       new family receives a class directory and provide an updated one to each family.
5. Pass on emails to classroom from PTO and administration

Claire and Kelly will send you a volunteer calendar template via email for you to fill in
        with General Volunteer and Math Master dates. Pls email to the parents in your
        classroom.    Go Green Dragons

      6     Tina Homan          AUGUST
            Keri LeJeune            2      Deanna White
      13    Carolyn Gibbons         4      Connie McCammon
      15    Shelley Alonzo          8      Luis Esparza
FEBRUARY                           14      Debbie Bukowski
       3    Nicole Mertens         17      Susan Drescher
       4    May Wright
       6    JoLynn Baxter       SEPTEMBER
      10    Cameron Luft             6    Gayle Bunch
      16    Penny Foster             7    Mary Bullard
MARCH                                8    Angela Glancy
       9    Janet Lane              14    Shanna Penn
      20    Janet Weatherford       17    Jill Duff
      23    Beth Hewett             25    Suzanne Johnson
APRIL                               29    Jennifer Marks

        7   Kelly Noetzel
        9   Julie Graviett      OCTOBER
       10   Ann Hall                3      Melissa Higgins
       22   Patty Gibson            5      Alison Specht
MAY                                 7      Susan deGraffenreid
        7   Nicole Stolle          11      Christine Price
       19   Michelle Sark          28      Joanne Lugeanbeal
       23   Cassie Gilmore         30      Sheri Dudley
       25   Lesa Fukuchi
       27   Mary Dominguez
       31   Mary Grice
        3   Janna Fisk          NOVEMBER
       12   Kathryn Stewart         1      Lorrie Arst
       19   Sheresa Lee             3      Grainne Mendoza
       27   Heather Loomis         14      Christie Henderson
JULY                               29      Amy Nowlin
       11   Melody Cooley
       13   Sherrie Embry
       15   Laura Hudgeons      DECEMBER
       21   DaNeil Hill            10      Tercel Herreman
            Mary Johnston          14      Angelia McArthur
       23   Ellen Vaughan          17      Diane Thomas
       27   Anne Davis             31      Megan Clark

Thank You!


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