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					                                                                                    Extended Label

                                                    wettable                        MINIMUM GUARANTEE
                                                    powder                          ACTIVE: 7.2 x 108 cfu Penicillium bilaii per gram.

                                                                                    INERT: Wettable powder

inoculant for                                                                       AUSTRALIA
wheat, pea, lentil, lupin, chickpea, faba bean, canola, and sorghum

HOW TO APPLY Inoculate seed on-farm by adding             Canola or Sorghum
the contents of one 80 g container to the appropriate     • Apply JumpStart suspension to canola using a batch
amount of water (refer to Table 1).                         treater or cement mixer.

Easy-to-use applicators are available for inoculating     • Fill the applicator tank with the required volume of
seed with JumpStart. Applicators used previously for        cool, clean water (refer to Table 1).
pesticides should be triple rinsed before being used      • Add the contents of one 80 g JumpStart container to
for JumpStart application.                                  the water in the applicator tank.
                                                          • Mix well and agitate continuously to avoid settling.
To divide the contents of a bottle of JumpStart, first
dissolve the entire contents of the bottle in 500 ml      • Put seed in the batch treater or cement mixer.
of water, mix thoroughly and divide the mixture into        Do not overload treater with seed. There must be
smaller quantities as desired. JumpStart in solution        enough space for mixing.
must be applied to the seed within six hours.             • Slowly apply the proper volume of JumpStart
                                                            suspension to the seed as it tumbles (approximately
JumpStart can be used with all nitrogen-fixing              2 minutes).
rhizobial inoculants. JumpStart applied to bare seed      • Re-bag the inoculated seed.
should be planted according to the planting windows
listed on Table 1. JumpStart can be used with most        • Repeat with the remaining bags. Note: re-shake or
seed-applied treatments, but the planting window may        continue agitating the JumpStart suspension in the
be reduced. For up-to-date pesticide compatibility and      applicator until fully suspended before inoculating
bare seed stability information please call Novozymes       the final bags of seed.
Biologicals at 1800 178263.

Wheat, Pea, Lentil, Lupin, Chickpea, or Faba Bean
• Apply the JumpStart suspension to seed using a
  flow regulated applicator when transferring seed
  from the bin to the truck, or from the truck to the
  tank or seed cart.
• Fill the applicator tank with the required volume of
  cool, clean water (refer to Table 1).
• While mixing continuously, slowly add the contents
  of the JumpStart container to the water in the
  applicator tank.
• Mix well and agitate continuously to avoid settling.
• Determine the auger flow rate in kg/min, and set
  the applicator to achieve the required flow rate
  (refer to Table 2). For best mixing run the auger at
  full speed and less than full capacity.


Table 1. Application Rates and Bare Seed Planting Window

                                                                   80 g Container
Crop                               Seed Inoculated by                              Approximate                               Planting Window
                                   One 80 g Container                              Water Volume                              (Bare Seed)

Wheat                                     1630 kg                                     10 litres                                  30 days
Pea                                       2720 kg                                       8 litres                                 15 days
Chickpea                                  2180 kg                                       6 litres                                 15 days
Lentil                                    1630 kg                                       5 litres                                 15 days
Lupin                                     2720 kg                                       8 litres                                 15 days
Faba Bean                                 1630 kg                                       5 litres                                 15 days
Canola                                        90 kg                                     2 litres                                 60 days
Sorghum                                     200 kg                                      4 litres                                 45 days

• Once JumpStart is mixed in water, apply to seed within six hours.
• The planting window is the maximum time allowed between application and seeding.
• Application with other seed treatments is possible but may reduce the planting window. For up to date pesticide
  compatibility information and bare seed planting windows, please contact Novozymes Biologicals at 1800 178263.

Table 2. Applicator Flow Rate Calibrations [based on one 80 g container]

   Auger Flow Rate                                                            Applicator Rate*

                                      Wheat                       Pea, Lupin                Lentil, Faba Bean                     Chickpea

    Kg/hr       Kg/min      minutes/           L/min       minutes/           L/min      minutes/            L/min         minutes/         L/min
                            container**                    container**                   container**                       container**
      6480       110           15.00            0.7           24.70          0.30            15.00            0.3             19.8             0.3
      9720       165           10.00            1.0           16.50          0.50            10.00            0.5             13.2             0.45
    12960        220            7.50            1.3           12.40          0.65             7.50            0.7              9.9             0.6
    16200        275            6.00            1.7           10.00          0.80             6.00            0.8              8.0             0.75
    19440        330            5.00            2.0             8.20         1.00             5.00            1.0              6.6             0.9
    22680        380            4.25            2.4             7.20         1.10             4.25            1.2              5.7             1.05
    25920        430            3.75            2.7             6.25         1.30             3.75            1.3              5.1             1.2
    29160        485            3.25            3.1             5.50         1.50             3.25            1.5              4.5             1.3
    32400        540            3.00            3.3             5.00         1.60             3.00            1.7              4.0             1.5
* Applicator rates are calculated assuming one 80 g container of JumpStart is suspended in: 10 litres of water to inoculate 1630 kg of wheat, 8 litres of
  water to inoculate 2720 kg of pea or lupin, 6 litres of water to inoculate 2180 kg of chickpea, 5 litres of water to inoculate 1630 kg of lentil or faba
  bean, or 2 litres of water to inoculate 90 kg of canola.
** Minutes to apply one 80 g container of JumpStart. (See instructions for dividing container contents in How to Apply.)
JumpStart                                         wettable

inoculant for

wheat, pea, lentil, lupin, chickpea, faba bean, canola, and sorghum

HOW IT WORKS The active ingredient in JumpStart,           WHERE TO USE FOR MAXIMUM BENEFIT
the naturally occurring soil fungus Penicillium bilaii,    For soils low to medium in available phosphate:
grows on plant roots and makes less available residual     Use JumpStart with the lower recommended P fertilizer
soil phosphate immediately available for crop use.         rate from soil test results. If you do not soil test, use
                                                           with your normal P fertilizer rate.
STORAGE AND HANDLING The active ingredient
in JumpStart is a living organism and requires specific    Benefits of using JumpStart may be limited on:
storage conditions to ensure viability and product
performance. To maintain product viability:                • Extremely sandy soils (greater than 85% sand);
• Store JumpStart containers and JumpStart-inoculated      • Extremely high organic matter soils (greater than
  seed in a cool, unheated facility <20°C, away from         14% organic matter);
  sunlight and direct heat sources.                        • Fields that have been heavily fertilised over the
• Minimize temperature fluctuations.                         last several years.
• Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.
• Use the entire contents of the container once opened.    LIMITED WARRANTY The seller warrants that this
                                                           product contains a minimum number of Penicillium
• Use before the expiry date. The expiry date is valid
  only for unopened containers stored under the            bilaii colony-forming units as specified on this label.
  conditions listed above.                                 The seller makes no other warranty, expressed or
                                                           implied, as to product viability or performance since
The active ingredient in JumpStart is Penicillium bilaii
                                                           product storage, use and growing conditions are
spores. If use of this product by individuals allergic
                                                           beyond the seller’s control. Seller’s guarantee is limited
to molds and/or fungi is unavoidable, absorption
by eye or skin contact, inhalation, or ingestion must      to the terms set out on the label and subject thereto.
be prevented to minimize the chance of an allergic         Buyer assumes the risk to persons or property arising
reaction. Wear standard protective clothing and            from the use or handling of this product and accepts
equipment including gloves, safety glasses and a           the product on that condition.
approved respirator. In case of contact with skin or
eyes, immediately flush exposed areas with plenty of
water. Get medical attention if irritation occurs.

Unused JumpStart and unplanted JumpStart-inoculated
seed should be disposed of in accordance with
applicable laws and guidelines.

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