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									                               STATE OF NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION
                                           Division of Finance - Office of Student Transportation
This agreement made between the                                                                                             Board of Education

(hereinafter the local board), in the County of                                                                                           and

                                                                                               hereinafter referred to as the purchaser and

                                                                                               hereinafter referred to as the seller.

Whereas, the seller has entered into or intends to enter into an agreement to sell or assign to the purchaser all of the seller's
rights and liabilities with respect to all of the transportation contracts:

             held by the seller; or
             held by the seller and serviced by a specific terminal that will no longer be operated by the seller.

The following multi-contracts/route(s) are affected by this transfer:

And whereas, the said local board is willing to permit this assignment provided the purchaser executes a contract and becomes obligated
under identical terms and specifications as those in effect. Such assignment requires the approval of the local board and the County
Superintendent of Schools

Now, therefore, the local board and purchaser agree as follows:

The local board promises and agrees to pay the same contract rate for transporting students over said route(s)/contract according to the
specifications hereinafter mentioned as would have been paid to the seller had he/she continued to transport students under his/her contractual

The purchaser promises and agrees to transport students according to the same terms and specifications as those in effect for said
route(s)/contract existing between the local board and the seller.

The seller agrees that the purchaser be substituted in the seller's place and stead in this aforesaid transportation contract with the local board,
that the seller's rights and duties thereunder be assigned to the purchaser and that all payments for said route(s)/contract be made to the
purchaser in the purchaser's name.

It is further agreed that this assignment between the local board and the purchaser shall not become effective unless and until the purchaser
secures, furnishes, and provides insurance, surety bond, stockholders' disclosure statement, affirmative action compliance, and all other
requirements and specifications as set forth in the original contract with the seller and said assignment has been approved as to form by the
County Superintendent of Schools. The seller shall not be relieved from his/her duties until such approval is received.

    In witness whereof, the parties hereto have duly signed this agreement this             day of                                   20
 The Board of Education of                                                                       in the county of

                      Business Administrator / Board Secretary                                       President of the Local Board

         Subscribed and sworn Before me this

 day of                                                            20

                                       Notary Public

         Subscribed and sworn Before me this

 day of                                                            20

                                       Notary Public

     Approved as to form
                                                   Date                                        County Superintendent of Schools

                                  Distribution: School District, County Superintendent, Seller, Purchaser
 Version 2/2010

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