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Outlook Setup and Configuration


									Microsoft Outlook 2010: Setup &
Learning Guide for Class of 2014 Undergraduates

              Exchange Email at Tufts
              Below you will find some nomenclature to help familiarize you with the
              new Exchange system at Tufts.

               Term                     Definition
               UTLN                     Universal Tufts Login Name. You will use
                                        your UTLN and password to access a variety
                                        of resources, including email and the Tufts
               Email Address  
               Microsoft Exchange       The new email system at Tufts available to
                                        first-year, undergraduates.
               Outlook Web Access       A web based interface to access your
               (OWA)                    Exchange account.

              Outlook: An Overview
              Microsoft Outlook is a powerful tool for day-to-day tasks such as
              managing your email, calendars or keeping track of your contacts.

               Using Outlook’s…          You can…
               Mail                      Send and receive email.

               Contacts                  Create lists of addresses, phone
                                         numbers, and email addresses.
               Calendar                  Create appointments, meeting
                                         requests and events
               Tasks                     Create tasks for yourself or
                                         assign them to others

The Outlook application is a convenient way to manage your email
account as it provides organization and storage beyond what is typically
offered by a web-based email client. At Tufts, Outlook is the most
common Windows based client used to maintain an Exchange email
account with an email address like or

Configuring Outlook to Manage an Exchange Account
Using Outlook for the first time
 Launch Microsoft Outlook.
 If no email accounts have been configured, the Outlook 2010 Startup
   window will appear to configure an account.
 Click on the button labeled Next.

   Select Yes when prompted if you want to configure an email account.
   Click on the button labeled Next.
   Follow the instructions for Creating your Exchange account on page
    4 of this document.

Adding a new account to the Outlook application
 Launch Microsoft Outlook.
 From the File ribbon, click the button labeled Account Settings and
  select Account Settings… from the drop-down list.

   The Account Settings window will appear.
   On the E-mail tab, click the button labeled New…
   In the window that appears, choose E-mail Account and click Next.

Creating your Exchange Account
 The Add New Account window appears.
 Enter your Tufts Exchange account information in the boxes provided.

   Click the button labeled Next.

Note: The box labeled, Password:, requires your LAN (computer)
password. If you do not know this password or have forgotten it, please
write an email to requesting a password
reset. Be sure to attach a copy of your Tufts student ID in your email.
You must update your password after requesting a reset. Use this
website to change your password. You CANNOT access your email
until you do this!

   A new window appears displaying Outlook’s attempt to connect to the
    Tufts Exchange server.

   Another window will appear requesting your account credentials.
   Click on the button labeled Use another account.

   Enter your Tufts Exchange account credentials in the appropriate
        o Note: You must precede the box for your account with
            tufts\ followed by your unique UTLN (e.g., msmith01).
            This will change the domain to the Tufts domain which is
            crucial for a successful account configuration.
        o Be sure that the password you are entering is your LAN
            (computer) password.
   If you prefer you can check off the box Remember my credentials to
    avoid being required to enter your password each time Outlook

   The Add New Account window will display three green check marks
    when your account has been successfully created in Outlook 2010.

   Click Finish to begin using Outlook to manage your Tufts Exchange


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