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                                   Collaboration Efforts Continue to Expand

EcoLogic                           coLogic believes in expanding our partnerships
                                   strategically across Latin America, while en-
                                   hancing our existing projects in the region.
Fund                               We’re excited to join with new partners in
Collaboration              Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras who are crafting
for Community              innovative solutions to environmental problems while
Conservation               empowering local communities.

EnvironmEntaL              Mexico
ConsErvation               Veracruz, on the southern gulf coast of Mexico, is one
                           of the nation’s poorest areas. It has two important
We protect and restore     natural resources that risk being lost to pollution
threatened ecosystems      and overdevelopment—the Veracruz wetlands and
                           the Papaloapan River. EcoLogic is partnering with
through community-         ProNatura Veracruz to conduct “community consul-           A Maya Q’eqchi child on the the Sarstoon
led natural resource
                           tations” in these areas to help local communities build    River, an ecologically rich area where EcoLogic
                           strategic plans. When community members deter-             is helping to build collaboration between groups
management.                mine their priorities—whether it’s better schools, a       in Belize and Guatemala. Photo by todd ShaPera
                           community center, or more economic opportunity—
                           it allows them to take ownership of solutions that
                           can meet their needs while preserving the environ-
                                                                                      EcoLogic’s Growing Reach
We provide resources,      ment. Armed with this roadmap, local residents and
                           ProNatura will be able to take action and effect
training, and accom-       positive change.                                                                          Veracruz, Mexico

paniment to help local                                                                                                        Sarstun, Guatemala
                                                                                                                                  (Ak’Tenamit)      Sarstoon Temash
                           Guatemala                                                                                                               National Park, Belize
people and organizations   In Belize, it’s called the Sarstoon River. In Guate-                                                                        Pico Bonito National
accomplish their goals.    mala, it’s the Sarstun. The spelling difference is just                                                                        Park, Honduras
                           the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the massive         Sierra de Guerrero,
                           communication challenges EcoLogic faces in uniting            Mexico (CRESIG)
sustainabLE                the two countries to preserve this critical river, which                  Sierra Cuchumatanes,
                                                                                                   Guatemala (Mancomunidad)
                           flows between two wetland areas that have been for-                           San Miguel de los Altos,
We collaborate with our    mally recognized as protected areas. EcoLogic has long                       Guatemala (Ulew Che’ Ja’)

                           partnered with the Sarstoon-Temash Institute for                                             Atlántida, Honduras
partners to develop        Indigenous Management (SATIIM), an active NGO
sustainable, culturally    in Belize that works to protect the river, including
                           paying to police it from overfishing. Lately, however,
appropriate livelihood     they have been consumed with fighting oil explora-         nous youth. In the next year, 18 of the youth will do
                           tion in their national park.                               a thesis project with EcoLogic related to economic
                              Clearly, SATIIM needed a strong Guatemalan              and environmental issues in the region, especially
                           collaborator, especially since a lack of environmen-       among the Mayan population. EcoLogic is also work-
                           tal regulations and deeper levels of poverty meant         ing with the local fishermen’s association, with
                           that many of the problems needed to be addressed on        whom we are investigating ways to further reduce
                           that side of the river. EcoLogic has begun working         overfishing. This project enables us to do what we do
                           with two key groups on this issue. A group called          best—bring together different parties (in this case,
                           Ak’Tenamit (New Village) focuses on development            across national borders) to address regional environ-
                           and youth issues, and runs a high school for indige-       mental and economic problems.
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William Green, MD, Chair
Nicholas Shufro,
Vice-Chair, Treasurer
                                          Message froM the executive Director
PriceWaterHouse Coopers, LLC
Shaun Paul, President                     EcoLogic Grows and Deepens
EcoLogic Development Fund
Winstead (Ted) Rouse, Secretary
Healthy Planet                            Dear friends and colleagues,

Mark Bookman
Lovett Bookman Harmon Marks, LLP              ’m pleased to report that in just the past few months, EcoLogic has taken several huge steps
Louise Bowditch                               forward. We joined with three new partners—in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras—
SEED Haiti Community
Development Loan Fund                         in strategic spots along the Meso-American Biological Corridor. Our work on innovative
David Bray                                projects such as Pico Bonito Forests, our for-profit affiliate that sells carbon credits, is drawing
Florida International University          attention from key players like USAID and Dole Fruit, a major employer in the area. You’ll also
Janis Bristol Alcorn                      hear from our Mexico Program Officer Ramón Herrera—who explains in real terms why our work
Elsa Chang
                                          matters—and come along for the ride as two EcoLogic supporters visit Honduras to help study
Central America Program                   and save the endangered Emerald Hummingbird. On another note, we’d also like to thank Jocelyn
for Human Rights and Protection           Gardner, our communications officer who departed this fall for a new chapter at Harvard
of the Environment
Center for International Policy, CIP      Divinity School, and Josh Lichtenstein, our Belize program officer, who returned to the United
David Crocker                             States with his family. In turn, we’re welcoming two additions to our staff: Gina Rindfleisch, our
Salomon Smith Barney                      development associate/executive assistant, and Gabriela Artavia, our new communications
Lisa Leff
Trillium Asset Management
Corporation                                   As always, we could not do this work—helping local communities thrive in Latin America,
Gert Rosenthal                            and protecting environmental resources for them and for all of us—without your financial support.
Minister of Foreign Relations,
Republic of Guatemala
                                          We are truly grateful for your help, and I encourage you to take a look at our “Ways to Give”
Marcela de Rovzar                         box on page 3 or visit our website, Your contribution truly makes a difference.
Dan Tunstall                              Yours sincerely,
World Resources Institute
W. Russel G. Byers, Jr.
Chair Emeritus, W.R.G. Byers Ltd.
                                          Shaun Paul
Shaun Paul
executive director
Diane Carazas
managing director
                                             Studying and Saving the Honduran Emerald
Deborah Fraize
director of development
                                            Hummingbird: EcoLogic Supporters Take Action

Melissa Haley                                erforming aerial reconnaissance and conducting GPS tracking
operations manager
                                             might sound like an episode of 24, but for two weeks, it was the rou-
Barbara Vallarino
Program officer                              tine for EcoLogic Development Fund supporters Deb Atwood and
David Kramer                           Robert Hyman, who were part of a team researching the critically endan-
Program officer                        gered Honduran Emerald Hummingbird. The bird’s unique, dry thorn-
Gina Rindfleisch                       forest habitat is threatened by the expansion of agriculture and livestock
development associate/                 grazing.
executive assistant
                                          The group took GPS data from the flights, transferred it to maps, and
Gabriela Artavia
Communications officer                 then drove through the territory in jeeps to verify it. In fact, team mem-
                                       bers drove over 1,000 miles throughout Honduras in search of dry forest
REGIONAL STAFF                         habitat. The payoff of this painstaking research? Finding the bird in an
Sebastián Charchalac                   area it was not known to exist (a valley south of San Francisco de la Paz).
regional director                      This new data will be incorporated into an updated ecosystem map of
Claudia González                       Honduras.                                                                       The endangered Emerald
regional Program director
                                          While the bird’s population numbers may be revised upward thanks to          Hummingbird, which Eco-
Ramón Alfonso Herrera                                                                                                  Logic supporters studied on
Program officer—mexico
                                       the new habitat discovered, the overall environmental degradation of the
                                       area threatens its future. “We hope to go back annually and spend more          a recent trip to Honduras.
Rosman Márquez
                                                                                                                       Photo by robert hyman
Program officer—honduras               time in areas we identified as suitable habitat where the Honduran Emer-
Francisco Tzul                         ald may still exist,” says Hyman. “I also want to thank EcoLogic and all of
Program officer—Guatemala              our team for their tireless efforts.”
Rafael Sambula
General Manager, Pico Bonito-
EcoLogic USA, LLC
                                                        EcoLogic Development Fund n Fall 2007
Mario Tuch
regional administrative assistant
    Board’s Visit to Honduras Includes Briefing
      to Business and Government Leaders                                                            Ways to Give

                                                                                                    EcoLogic relies on your support
    n June, EcoLogic’s board and supporters traveled to Honduras to visit Pico Bonito               to help conserve the biological and
    Forests, the site of a world-renowned program that sells carbon offset credits in a bid to      cultural diversity of Latin America.
    combat global warming. EcoLogic helped start the initiative, whose methodology was              Here’s how you can help:
only the fourth approved under the Kyoto Protocol, and has spun it off into a for-profit            • become an EcoLogic Ambassador
venture.                                                                                              and pledge to raise $1,000 or
    Visitors encountered the amazing sight of 180,000 seedlings of local species such as              more. you can fulfill your pledge
                                                                                                      by making a personal contribution
Rosita, Redondo, and coffee trees. Some of these seedlings will be planted in local com-              and reaching out to your network.
munities and others will expand the buffer zone of Pico Bonito National Park. One of our
goals for Pico Bonito Forests from the outset was to encourage other ventures like it—and           • have your employer match your
it’s clear from our June trip that key players are paying attention. Harry Brinholz—the
director for USAID in Honduras, which also contributed funds to a component of Pico                 • honor a birthday, wedding, or anni-
Bonito Forests—spent an entire day on a field visit learning about the project and how it             versary with a donation to ecologic.
can be replicated. We were also accompanied by Raul Martinez, the general manager                   • make a gift of stock or other
of Dole Fruit’s Honduran operations. Dole, which owns many plantations close to Pico                  securities.
Bonito Forests, is a major employer in the area.                                                    • Share your talents by donating
    On their trip to Honduras, EcoLogic board members and supporters also visited other               professional services.
agroforestry and microwatershed projects EcoLogic undertakes with our partners. They                • Participate in workplace giving.
heard from Sumilda Duarte, who did not have access to fresh, clean water. She decided to              federal or massachusetts state
take action, and with her neighbors and the help of EcoLogic created a “water board”—                 employees can give to ecologic
a community agency that obtains legal jurisdiction over the water supply and, for a small             through earth Share’s yearly Com-
monthly fee from users, ensures it’s available and safe. Clean water would simply not                 bined federal Campaign (CfC)
                                                                                                      by designating our code number
be available without the water boards. EcoLogic supporters and representatives from                   (11432) on the payroll pledge
USAID and Dole left with a clear sense of how EcoLogic’s work is benefiting families and              form.
the environment in Honduras.
                                                                                                    • donate via our website. We welcome
                                                                                                      online credit card contributions.
                                                                                                      Simply go to and
                                                                                                      click on Donate Now to give through
                                                                                                      our secure online donation form.
                                                                                                      you can also sign up for recurring
                                                                            USAID                     monthly donations on this page.
                                                                            Director in
                                                                            Harry Brinholz          To find out more about these
                                                                            (center) learns         options, please call Deborah
                                                                            about Eco-              Fraize, director of development,
                                                                            Logic’s work            at (617) 441-6300 ext. 105.
                                                                            at Pico Bonito
                                                                                                    Thank you!

Collaboration Efforts Continue to Expand
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Finally, our partner in Honduras stands out because is not an            north and south of the region in Honduras, so this project
NGO—rather, it is the government. MAMUCA (the Municipali-                allows us to connect the “corridor” and protect the steady strides
ties of the Central Atlantic Department) is made up of five cities       we’re making regionally. Secondly, we couldn’t resist the opportu-
and towns, and was established in 2001 by their mayors. Their            nity to work with local governments who are actively embracing
goal, like EcoLogic’s, is to reduce poverty and improve the lives of     the values we share—and are committed to establishing the
the underserved in their communities. We were drawn to this              legal basis for the protection of biodiversity, a step that would pay
project for two key reasons. First, we already have partners both        huge dividends for their region and across Honduras.

                                                  3 EcoLogic Development Fund n Fall 2007
                                     Voices from the field
Why Our Work Matters: Mexican Program Officer Ramón Herrera

       amón Herrera started his journey                                                      ducting feasibility studies related to ex-
       toward EcoLogic—and his “mis-                                                         tracting resins from certain tree species,
       sion in life”—in 1993. He was                                                         producing livestock in a sustainable
working for the government and was                                                           fashion, and creating a network of com-
sent to collect defaulted loans from five                                                    munity-managed protected areas. The
indigenous community organizations                                                           plan’s initiatives also include estab-
in one of Mexico’s poorest regions. “I                                                       lishing “ecosystem service payments” in
went to visit the groups,” Ramón says,                                                       which Acapulco’s tourist industry
“and discovered that not only did they                                                       would pay for the clean water they can
not know how to read or write, but the                                                       access thanks to the conservation ef-
money that they supposedly had bor-                                                          forts of poorer, upland residents. Eco-
rowed from the government had never                                                          Logic will continue to work with the
even been delivered. They had been                                                           Regional Council, providing technical
viciously tricked and cheated. This real-                                                    assistance (on things like fundraising
ization caused a radical change in my                                                        and project management) to help them
thinking.”                                                                                   execute these plans.
    He was able to help get the “debts”     Ramón Herrera,                                       Says Ramón, “Whenever I work
canceled and decided to devote him-         EcoLogic Mexico Program Officer                  with a local organization, my overall
self to helping similar communities.                                                         goal is local self-sufficiency—for the
“This experience opened my eyes to the      quality of life, and protecting forests. Ramón   beneficiaries to take ownership of their
situation of extreme poverty in my          and EcoLogic helped the Regional Council         conservation efforts and, through their
country,” he says, “and opened my heart     develop strategic plans for both economic        participation, to generate income and
to offer what service I can to these        development and environmental conser-            develop their own capacities.” With
marginalized rural communities.”            vation. Highlights of the plan include con-      more than 90 communities and 1,300
    One of Ramón’s major projects is                                                         local residents involved in the strategic
assisting the Regional Council of the           “Whenever I work with a local                planning process EcoLogic helped con-
Sierra de Guerrero, a local nonprofit                                                        duct, we’re already well on our way.
                                               organization, my overall goal is
organization focusing on supporting
communal landholders, improving their                local self-sufficiency.”

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