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					                                       REQUEST FOR QUOTATION
                                            SUBMIT BID TO
                                        PURCHASING DIVISION
                                    SHAWNEE COUNTY COURTHOUSE
                                              Room B-27
                                          Topeka, Kansas 66603

                QUOTATION NO.              004-10            VENDOR_____________________
                DATE MAILED                2-12-10           ADDRESS____________________
                CLOSING 2:00 P.M.          3-10-10           PHONE_______________________

                                           THIS IS NOT AN ORDER

1.   In communications always refer to the above quotation number.
2.   In order to receive consideration, one copy of this request for quotation with your bid properly filled in
     must be signed and returned by the specified closing date.
3.   All prices and conditions must be shown. Additions or conditions not shown on this bid will not be
4.   Contracts or purchase orders resulting from this quotation may not be assigned without written prior
     consent of the Purchasing Division.
5.   The Purchasing Division reserves the right to accept or reject any part of, or all of, any bid or proposal.
6.   All prices quoted are to be less Federal Excise Tax and Kansas Sales Tax.
7.    Failure to respond to RFQ may result in termination of future mailings.
8.    Price quoted shall remain firm for thirty (30) days after bid closing date.

                                      ITEM AND DESCRIPTION
                 Shawnee County is soliciting sealed bids for a comprehensive
                replacement and enhancement of security surveillance system, per the
                following minimum specifications.

                Bid results will not be given over the telephone. Results may be
                obtained by attending the public bid opening or by sending a self
                addressed stamped envelope to the Purchasing Division with your
                request for bid tabulation.

                NOTE: If your company resides in a locale which has a local
                preference law, please state what that preference is _______________.
                If there is no preference in your locale please answer by stating NONE.

                These specifications are guide specifications. Any exceptions to these
                specifications shall be so noted. The County reserves the right to waive
                minor technicalities under this specification. Bids on items which are
                "an approved equal" are encouraged unless otherwise noted. The
                burden of proof regarding "an approved equal" will be upon the bidder.
NONDISCRIMINATION: Shawnee County is committed to the
concept of equal employment opportunity. All bidders and contractors
are expected to comply with the provisions of K.S.A. 44-1030 and
44-1031, copies of which are attached and shall be a part of this
contract and other applicable Federal and Kansas laws governing equal
employment opportunity.

BID FORMS: Bid forms are to be completed, signed and returned to
Shawnee County Purchasing Department, 200 SE 7th St., Room B-27,
Topeka, KS 66603. Bids shall be submitted on or before the date and
time set for closing of bids. Bids must be securely sealed in an envelope
addressed and marked on the outside with the name and address of
bidder, quotation number and closing date in the lower left-hand corner.
Bids by telephone or telegraph, or facsimile will not be accepted.

SIGNATURE OF BIDS: Each bid must show in the space provided the
complete business or mailing address of the bidder and must be signed
by him with his usual signature.

CLOSING DATE: Sealed bids will be received until 2:00 p.m. on the
scheduled closing date at which time they will be opened and publicly
read. Bids received after the scheduled closing time will not be
considered. Bids that do not carry proper identification may be
rejected. The Purchasing Division will accept no responsibility for the
premature opening of a bid not properly identified on the outside of the

MODIFICATION OF BIDS: Bids already submitted may be modified
by letter or telegraph provided modification request is received in the
Purchasing Division prior to the time set for closing of bids.

WITHDRAWAL OF BIDS: Bids already submitted may be withdrawn
upon proper identification of bidder and provided request is received
prior to time of closing. Negligence on the part of the bidder in
preparing the bid confers no right for the withdrawal after the time set
for closing of bids.

NOTICE TO SUCCESSFUL BIDDERS: The successful bidder will be
notified by letter or telephone as soon as possible after bids have been
opened, tabulated, and analyzed.

NOTICE TO UNSUCCESSFUL BIDDERS: Unsuccessful bidders will
not be notified. However, information regarding bids will be available
three working days after the bid opening. At that time, the results will
be available in the Purchasing Division.

NOTE: In the event that goods or services delivered by the vendor are
unsatisfactory and remain unsatisfactory after a notice and an
opportunity to correct the deficiencies, the County reserves the right to
purchase substitute goods or services from the other bidders.
The County is exempt from the payment of Federal and excise taxes
and from Kansas sales tax.

All bids received on or before the specified bid closing time and date
shall be publicly opened, read aloud and properly recorded on the bid
tabulation sheet. Subsequent to the bid opening, all bids shall be
thoroughly evaluated and a determination made as to their compliance
with applicable specifications. The appropriate County department
heads and the architect or engineer as applicable shall make this
determination jointly. Upon completion of the above determination, an
analysis of all bids submitted shall be prepared and formally presented
to the Board of County Commissioners for acceptance and approval of
the lowest and/or best bid. The Board of County Commissioners
reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all bids and to waive
any irregularities or informalities therein.

If additional information is required, please contact Tim Phelps, @

Charlene Mischke, Purchasing Director

SHOW TERMS ______________________________

DELIVERY WILL BE MADE ___________________________

F.O.B. ______________________________________________


TITLE ______________________________________________

PHONE NO.__________________FAX__________________

E MAIL.______________________________________________

Provide and install comprehensive security surveillance system and service and maintenance of the
system for five (5) years.


Shawnee County Department of Corrections
501 SE 8th St.
Topeka, KS 66607


From date of final installation contract, plus five (5) years of maintenance.

                                       SIGNATURE SHEET
Item: Comprehensive Security Surveillance System Replacement and Enhancement, Plus
Service and Maintenance
Agency:     Shawnee County Department of Corrections

We submit a technical proposal and bid (on the Cost Proposal Outline, Appendix D) to furnish
requirements during the contract period in accordance with the specifications and Schedule of
Services. I hereby certify that I (we) do not have any substantial conflict of interest sufficient
to influence the bidding process on this bid. A conflict of substantial interest is one which a
reasonable person would think would compromise the open competitive bid process.

Addenda: The undersigned acknowledges receipt of the following addenda:

#1(    )       #2(   )       #3(    )       #4(___)     None(     )

Legal Name of Person, Firm or Corporation: ____________________________________

Telephone (    )                        Local                     Fax ___________



City & State                                                      Zip Code _______________

S.S. or FEIN Number: _____________________________________________________

Please Indicate Taxes Currently Registered for in Kansas:
Corporate Income Tax (__) Sales Tax (__) Withholding Tax (__) Compensating Use Tax (__)
None (__)

Signature                                                        Date___________________

Typed Name of Signature                                           Title___________________

If awarded a contract and purchase orders are to be directed to an address other than above, indicate
mailing address and telephone number below.


City & State                                                          Zip Code ______________

Telephone (800)                          Local                        Fax __________________


                                        COST QUOTATION
                                           SECTION I

1.1   Quotation Reference Number: A quotation number has been assigned to
      this Request and MUST be shown on all correspondence or other documents
      associated with this Request and MUST be referred to in all verbal
      communications. All inquiries regarding the bidding process, written or
      verbal, shall be directed to the procurement officer only. All inquiries
      regarding technical or content information in this request, written or verbal,
      shall be directed to the Director of Corrections or his designee. There shall be
      no communication with any other County or Department employee regarding
      this Request except:

      Designated County participants in attendance ONLY DURING:

      Scheduled Site Visit
      Scheduled Pre-bid Conference
      Contract Signing
      as otherwise specified in this Request.

      Violations of this provision may result in the rejection of a vendor's bid.

1.2   Negotiated Procurement: This is a negotiated procurement pursuant to
      Chapter IV, Section 9, Shawnee County Regulations, Purchasing Procedure.
      Final evaluation and award is made by the Procurement Negotiation
      Committee or their designees, which consists of the following:

      Director of Department of Corrections;
      Deputy Director, Adult Detention;
      Deputy Director, Juvenile Detention;
      Division Manager – Administration;
      County Counselor or designee;
      Director of Shawnee County Purchasing;

1.3   Appearance Before Committee: Any, all or no vendors may be required to
      appear before the Committee to explain the vendor's understanding and
      approach to the project and/or respond to questions from the Committee
      concerning the bid; or, the Committee may recommend awarding to the low
      bidder without conducting negotiations. The Committee reserves the right to
      request information from vendors as needed. If information is requested, the
      Committee is not required to request the information of all vendors. No
      contract shall be finalized without approval of the Board of Shawnee County

      Vendors selected to participate in negotiations will be given an opportunity to
      submit a best and final offer to the Committee. Prior to a specified cut-off
      time for best and final offers, vendors may submit revisions to their technical
      proposals and bids. Meetings before the Committee are not subject to the
      Open Meetings Act. Vendors are prohibited from electronically recording
      these meetings. Any information received prior to the cut-off time will be
          considered part of the vendor's best and final offer.

          No additional revisions shall be made after the specified cut-off time unless
          requested by the Committee.

  1.4     Site Visit / Pre-bid Conference

          A site visit and pre-bid conference will be held Tuesday, February 23, 2010,
          at 9:00 a.m., at:

               Shawnee County Department of Corrections, Adult Detention Center
                       (Adult Detention Center Training Room A)
                                    501 SE 8th Street
                                 Topeka, Kansas 66607

The site visit and pre-bid conference shall be conducted by Department of Corrections staff
according to the schedule in Appendix A. Attendance is not required at the site visit and
pre-bid conference but is encouraged. All questions requesting clarification of this Request
to be addressed at the pre-bid conference must be submitted in writing to the Director of
Corrections (FAX 785-291-4924) prior to the close of business on Tuesday, February 23,
2010. Impromptu questions will be permitted and spontaneous unofficial answers provided,
however bidders should clearly understand that the only official answer or position of
Shawnee County will be in writing. Failure to notify the Director of Corrections of any
conflicts or ambiguities in the Request may result in items being resolved in the best
interest of Shawnee County. Any modification to this Request as a result of the pre-bid
conference, as well as written answers to written questions, shall be made in writing by
addendum and mailed to all vendors who received the original request from the Shawnee
County Purchasing Division, or are identified during the pre-bid conference or in writing on
or before Tuesday, February 23, 2010. Only written communications are binding. Inquiries
by telephone will not be allowed except for procedural questions regarding submission of
technical proposals and bids.

1.5     Cost of Preparing Bid: The cost of developing and submitting the quotation is
        entirely the responsibility of the vendor. This includes costs to determine the nature
        of the engagement, preparation of the quotation, submitting the bid, negotiating for
        the contract and other costs associated with this Request. All responses will
        become the property of Shawnee County and will be a matter of public record
        subsequent to signing of the contract or rejection of all bids.

1.6     Evaluation of Bids: Award shall be made in the best interest of Shawnee County
        as recommended by the Procurement Negotiating Committee or their designees,
        and approved by the Board of Shawnee County Commissioners. Consideration will
        focus toward but is not limited to:

              1.6.1    response format as required by this Request. [All pages
                       must be numbered, centered at the bottom of each page];
              1.6.2    adequacy and completeness of quotation;
              1.6.3    vendor's demonstrated understanding of the project;
               1.6.4    compliance with the terms and conditions of the Request;
               1.6.5    experience in providing like services;
               1.6.6    qualified staff;
               1.6.7    methodology to accomplish tasks; and
               1.6.8    cost. [Vendors are not to inflate prices in the initial bid as
                        cost is a factor in determining who may receive an award
                        or be invited to formal negotiations.]

1.7     Acceptance or Rejection: The Committee reserves the right to accept or reject
        any or all bids or part of a bid; to waive any informalities or technicalities; clarify any
        ambiguities in bids; modify any criteria in this Request; and unless otherwise
        specified, to accept any item in a bid.

1.8     Contract: The successful vendor will be required to enter into a written contract
        with Shawnee County. The vendor agrees to accept the Contractual Provisions
        Attachment, which is incorporated into all contracts with Shawnee County and is
        attached to this Request as Appendix B.

1.9     Contract Documents: This Request and any amendments and the response and
        any amendments of the successful vendor shall be incorporated along with the
        Shawnee County Purchasing Contract Provisions into the written contract which
        shall compose the complete understanding of the parties.

      In the event of a conflict in terms of language among the documents, the following order of
      precedence shall govern:

            1.9.1      Shawnee County Contractual Provisions Attachment, Appendix B;
            1.9.2      Written modifications to the executed contract;
            1.9.3      Written contract signed by the parties, including;
            1.9.4      this Request with any and all addenda; and
            1.9.5      vendor’s technical proposal and bid submitted in response to this
                       Request as finalized.

1.10    Contract Formation: No contract shall be considered to have been entered into by
        Shawnee County until all statutorily required signatures and certifications have been
        rendered; funds for the contract have been encumbered with the Division of Audit and
        Finance; and a written contract has been signed by the successful vendor.

1.11    Open Records Act: All quotations become the property of Shawnee County. Kansas
        law requires all information contained in quotations to become open for public review
        once a contract is signed or all bids are rejected.

1.12    Federal, State and Local Taxes-Governmental Entity: Unless otherwise specified,
        the bid price shall include all applicable federal, state, and local taxes. The successful
        vendor shall pay all taxes lawfully imposed on it with respect to any product or service
        delivered in accordance with this Request.

1.13 Suspension from Bidding: Any vendor who defaults on delivery as defined in this
     Request may, at the discretion of the Director of Purchasing, be barred from bidding on any
     subsequent Request for a period to be determined by the Director.
1.14   Insurance: Shawnee County shall not be required to purchase any insurance against
       loss or damage to any personal property nor shall Shawnee County establish a
       "self-insurance" fund to protect against any loss or damage. Subject to the provisions of
       the Kansas Tort Claims Act, the vendor shall bear the risk of any loss or damage to any
       personal property.

1.15   Binding Nature of Bids: All bids submitted will be firm and binding on the vendor for a
       period of 180 days or until withdrawn by the vendor following the end of the 180 day

                                    SECTION II

2.1    Preparation of Bid: Prices are to be entered in spaces provided on the Cost Proposal
       Outline (Appendix C). Computations and totals shall be indicated where required. The
       Committee has the right to rely on any price quotes provided by vendors. The vendor
       shall be responsible for any mathematical error in price quotes. The Committee
       reserves the right to reject bids that contain errors. Cost bids shall be submitted in
       separate sealed envelopes or containers from the technical proposal. The outside
       shall be identified clearly as "Cost Bid" with the Request number and closing

       A bid shall not be considered for award if the price in the bid was not arrived at
       independently and without collusion, consultation, communication or agreement as to
       any matter related to price with any other vendor, competitor or public officer/employee.

       Technical proposals shall contain a concise description of vendor's capabilities to satisfy
       the requirements of this Request for Quotation with emphasis on completeness and
       clarity of content. Repetition of terms and conditions of the Request for Quotation
       without additional clarification shall not be considered responsive.

2.2    Submission of Technical Proposals and bids:       five copies of the vendor's
       technical proposal and bid, sealed securely in an envelope or other container,
       shall be received promptly by 2:00 p.m., Central Standard Time on March 10,
       2010, addressed as follows:

                                 Shawnee County Purchasing Division
                                 Attn: Charlene Mischke, Purchasing Director
                                 Quotation # 004-10
                                 Closing: March 10, 2010
                                 200 SE 7th Street
                                 Topeka, KS 66603

       Faxed or telephoned bids are not acceptable unless otherwise specified.

       Bids received prior to the closing date shall be kept secured and sealed until closing.
       Shawnee County shall not be responsible for the premature opening of a bid or for the
       rejection of a bid that was not received prior to the closing date because it was not
      properly identified on the outside of the envelope or container. Late Technical, Design
      and/or Cost bids will be retained unopened in the file and will not receive consideration.

2.3   Signature of Bids: Each bid shall give the complete mailing address of the vendor and
      be signed by an authorized representative by original signature with his or her name
      and legal title typed below the signature line. Each bid shall include the vendor's social
      security number or Federal Employer's Identification Number. See Signature Sheet

2.4   Acknowledgment of Addenda:              All vendors shall acknowledge receipt of any
      addenda to this Request. Failure to acknowledge receipt of any addenda may render
      the bid to be non-responsive. Changes to this Request shall be issued only by the
      Director of Purchasing in writing. See Signature Sheet above.

2.5   Modification of Technical Proposals or Bids: A vendor may modify a technical
      proposal or bid by letter or by FAX transmission at any time prior to the closing date for
      receipt of bids and the Director of Purchasing is satisfied that a written confirmation of
      the modification, signed by the vendor, was mailed prior to the closing date as
      evidenced by the postmark on the envelope or container.

2.6   Withdrawal of Bids: A bid may be withdrawn on written request from the vendor to
      the Director of Purchasing prior to the closing date.

2.7   Bid Disclosures: At the time of closing, only the names of those who submitted bids
      shall be made public information. No price information will be released. Interested
      vendors or their representatives may be present at the announcement at the following

                              Shawnee County Purchasing Division
                              200 SE 7th Street, Room B-27
                              Topeka, KS 66603

      Copies of individual bids may be obtained under the Kansas Open Records Act by
      calling 785-233-8200, ext. 4429 to request an estimate of the cost to reproduce the
      documents and remitting that amount with a written request to the above address or a
      vendor may make an appointment by calling the above number to view the bid file.
      Upon receipt of the funds, the documents will be mailed. Information in bid files shall
      not be released until a contract has been executed or all bids have been rejected.

2.8   Notice of Award: An award is made on execution of the written contract by all parties.
      Only Shawnee County is authorized to issue news releases relating to this Request, its
      evaluation, award and/or performance of the contract.

2.9   Errors in Preparation: The Committee has the right to rely on any price quotes
      provided by vendors. The vendor shall be responsible for any mathematical error in
      price quotes. The Committee reserves the right to reject bids that contain errors.

                                       SECTION III
                                   GENERAL PROVISIONS
3.1   Term of Contract: The term of this contract is for an initial period for installation and start-up
      of all components and systems (not to exceed six months) from the date of award with five
      additional years during which vendor shall provide maintenance and service to the installed

      Prior to any contract extension Shawnee County reserves the right to conduct quality
      assurance review of services provided.

      At any point Shawnee County elects to proceed to contract with a new (and different) vendor
      than the vendor awarded contract under this request for proposal, vendor agrees to continue
      working with Shawnee County Department of Corrections through the transition period with the
      new vendor.

3.2   Performance Guaranty: Vendor shall file with the Shawnee County Director of Audit and
      Finance a performance Bond in the amount equal in value to one quarter (¼) of the contract
      and of each year’s service/maintenance program cost. The guaranty shall be returned to
      Vendor on the completion of this contract subject to total or partial forfeiture for failure to
      perform adequately the terms of this contract. If damages exceed the amount of the guaranty,
      Shawnee County may seek additional damages.

3.3.1 Inspection: Shawnee County reserves the right at all times to inspect or otherwise evaluate all
      phases of performance under this contract. The vendor shall permit Shawnee County
      Department of Corrections or duly authorized representative to inspect and audit all work,
      material and other data and records with regard to any projects assigned3.4

3.3.2 Termination for Cause: The Shawnee County Commission may terminate this contract, or
      any part of this contract, for cause under any one of the following circumstances:

             3.4.1   the Vendor fails to make delivery of goods or services as specified in this
                     contract; or

             3.4.2   the Vendor fails to perform any of the provisions of this contract, or so
                     fails to make progress as to endanger performance of this contract in
                     accordance with its terms.

      The Shawnee County Commission shall provide Vendor with written notice of the conditions
      endangering performance. If the Vendor fails to remedy the conditions within ten (10) days
      from the receipt of the notice (or such longer period as Shawnee County may authorize in
      writing), the Director of Corrections shall issue the Vendor an order to stop work immediately.
      Receipt of the notice shall be presumed to have occurred within three (3) days of the date of
      the notice.

3.5   Termination for Convenience:            The Shawnee County Commission may terminate
      performance of work under this contract in whole or in part whenever, for any reason, the
      Commission determines that the termination is in the best interest of Shawnee County. In the
      event that the Commission elects to terminate this contract pursuant to this provision, it shall
      provide the Vendor written notice at least thirty (30) days prior to the termination date. The
      termination shall be effective as of the date specified in the notice. The Vendor shall continue
      to perform any part of the work that may have not been terminated by the notice.
      In the event of termination, regardless of reason by cause or convenience, the County shall
      have the right to withhold payments in excess of fair compensation for completed services.
      The Vendor shall not be relieved of liability for damages sustained by virtue of any breach of
      this contract by the Vendor, including but not limited to, reimbursement for any state or federal
      financial sanctions.
      under this Request for Quotation.

3.6   Notices:     All notices, demands, requests, approvals, reports, instructions, consents or other
      communications (collectively “notices”) which may be required or desired to be given by either party to
      the other during the bidding, negotiating, contract formation and otherwise regarding the contract shall
      be in writing and shall be made by personal delivery or sent by United States certified mail, postage
      prepaid, return receipt requested or by overnight delivery, prepaid, addressed as follows:

                    Charlene Mischke, Director of Purchasing
                    Shawnee County Purchasing Department
                    200 SE 7th Street
                    Topeka, Kansas 66603

      or to any other persons or addresses as may be designated by notice from one party to
      the other.

3.7    Rights and Remedies: If this contract is terminated, Shawnee County, in addition to any
      other rights provided for in this contract, may require the Vendor to transfer title and deliver
      to Shawnee County in the manner and to the extent directed, any completed materials.
      Shawnee County shall be obligated only for those services and materials rendered and
      accepted prior to the date of termination.

      Subject to proof of market price, the measure of damages for non-delivery or repudiation
      by the Vendor shall be the difference between the market price at the time when Shawnee
      County learned of the breach and contract price together with any incidental and
      consequential damages, less expense saved in consequence of the Vendor's breach.
      Market price shall be determined as of the place for tender or, in cases of rejection after
      arrival or revocation of acceptance, as of the place of arrival.

      If it is determined, after notice of termination for cause, that Vendor's failure was due to
      causes beyond the control of or negligence of the Vendor, the termination shall be a
      termination in the best interest of Shawnee County.
      In the event of termination, the Vendor shall receive payment pro rated for that portion of
      the contract period services were provided to and/or goods were accepted by Shawnee
      County subject to any offset by Shawnee County for actual damages including loss of state
      or federal matching funds.

      The rights and remedies of Shawnee County provided for in this contract shall not be
      exclusive and are in addition to any other rights and remedies provided by law.

3.8      Force Majeure: The Vendor shall not be liable if the failure to perform this contract
      arises out of causes beyond the control of or negligence of the Vendor. Causes may
      include, but are not limited to, acts of nature, fires, quarantine, terrorist attacks, strikes
      other than by the vendor's employees, and freight embargoes.
3.9      Waiver: Waiver of any breach of any provision in this contract shall not be a waiver of
       any prior or subsequent breach. Any waiver shall be in writing and any forbearance or
       indulgence in any other form or manner by Shawnee County shall not constitute a waiver.

3.10   Ownership: All data, forms, procedures, software, manuals, system descriptions and work
       flows developed or accumulated by the Vendor under this contract shall be owned by
       Shawnee County Department of Corrections. The Vendor may not release any materials
       without the written approval of Shawnee County Department of Corrections.

3.11   Independent Vendor: Both parties, in the performance of this contract, shall be acting in
       their individual capacity and not as agents, employees, partners, joint ventures or associates of
       one another. The employees or agents of one party shall not be construed to be the
       employees or agents of the other party for any purpose whatsoever.

       The Vendor accepts full responsibility for payment of unemployment insurance, workers
       compensation and social security as well as all income tax deductions and any other taxes or
       payroll deductions required by law for its employees engaged in work authorized by this

3.12   Staff Qualifications: The Vendor shall warrant that all persons assigned by it to the
       performance of this contract shall be employees of the Vendor (or specified Subcontractor)
       and shall be fully qualified to perform the work required. This shall include documentation that
       all staff is qualified in the use of all equipment necessary for the performance of this contract.
       The Vendor shall include a similar provision in any contract with any Subcontractor selected to
       perform work under this contract.

       Failure of the Vendor to provide qualified staffing at the level required by the proposal
       specifications may result in termination of this contract and/or damages.

       Qualified vendors shall appoint a representative who will be directly responsible for the
       satisfactory completion of any project assigned under this Request for Quotation and shall
       serve as the bidder’s primary contact person to the Shawnee County Department of
       Corrections. Any duties assigned to this person or other positions identified in the established
       staffing pattern shall be specified in the vendor’s bid.

       The Vendor shall be obligated to remedy any concerns expressed by the Director of
       Corrections or designee regarding performance of the Vendor’s employees. Vendor staff
       behavior is expected to conform to the policies and procedures of the Shawnee County
       Department of Corrections. Vendor Administrative Staff will be expected to take immediate and
       effective action when problematic employee behavior is brought to their attention. In the event
       the concern cannot be remedied, Shawnee County Department of Corrections reserves the
       right to request removal of the employee from the project.

3.13   Conflict of Interest: The Vendor shall not knowingly employ, during the period of this contract
       or any extensions to it, any professional personnel who are also in the employ of Shawnee
       County and who are providing services involving this contract or services similar in nature to
       the scope of this contract to Shawnee County, except as specifically provided for in the staffing
       provisions of this Request for Quotation.

3.14   Confidentiality: The Vendor may have access to private, confidential, or sensitive security
       data maintained by Shawnee County to the extent necessary to carry out its responsibilities
       under this contract. Vendor must comply with all the requirements of the Kansas Open
       Records Act in providing services under this contract. Vendor shall accept full responsibility for
       providing adequate supervision and training to its agents and employees to ensure compliance
       with the Act. No private, confidential, or sensitive security data collected, maintained or used
       in the course of performance of this contract shall be disseminated by either party except as
       authorized by statute, either during the period of the contract or thereafter. Vendor must agree
       to return any or all data furnished by Shawnee County promptly at the request of Shawnee
       County in whatever form it is maintained by vendor. On the termination or expiration of this
       contract, vendor will not use any such data or any material derived from the data for any
       purpose and, where so instructed by Shawnee County, will destroy or render it unreadable.

3.15   Nondiscrimination and Workplace Safety: The Vendor agrees to abide by all federal,
       state and local laws, rules and regulations prohibiting discrimination in employment and
       controlling workplace safety. Any violations of applicable laws, rules and regulations may
       result in termination of this contract.

3.16   Environmental Protection: The Vendor shall abide by all federal, state and local laws,
       rules and regulations regarding the protection of the environment. The Vendor shall report
       any violations to the applicable governmental agency. A violation of applicable laws, rule
       or regulations may result in termination of this contract.

3.17   Hold Harmless: The Vendor shall indemnify Shawnee County against any and all claims
       for injury to or death of any persons; for loss or damage to any property; and for
       infringement of any copyright or patent occurring in connection with or in any way
       incidental to or arising out of the occupancy, use, service, operations or performance of
       work under this contract.

       Shawnee County shall not be precluded from receiving the benefits of any insurance the
       Vendor may carry which provides for indemnification for any loss or damage to property in
       the Vendor's custody and control, where such loss or destruction is to Shawnee County
       property. The Vendor shall do nothing to prejudice Shawnee County's right to recover
       against third parties for any loss, destruction or damage to Shawnee County property.

       The Vendor shall be liable for all claims, suits, judgments or damages, including court
       costs and attorney fees arising out of the negligent or intentional acts or omissions of the
       Vendor and its agents, sub-vendors and employees in the course of the operation of this
       contract. Further, the Vendor shall indemnify Shawnee County against all claims, suits,
       judgments or damages, including court costs and attorney fees arising out of the negligent
       or intentional acts or omissions of the Vendor and its agents, subcontractors and
       employees in the course or operation of this contract.

3.18   Care of Government Property: The Vendor shall be responsible for the proper care and
       custody of any government-owned personal tangible property furnished for Vendor's use in
       connection with the performance of this contract, and Vendor will reimburse Shawnee
       County for such property's loss or damage caused by Vendor, normal wear and tear

3.19      Prohibition of Gratuities: Neither the Vendor nor any person, firm or corporation
       employed by the Vendor in the performance of this contract shall offer or give any gift,
       money or anything of value or any promise for future reward or compensation to any
       Shawnee County employee at any time.
3.20     Retention of Records: Unless Shawnee County specifies in writing a shorter period of
       time, the Vendor agrees to preserve and make available all of its books, documents,
       papers, records and other evidence involving transactions related to this contract for a
       period of five (5) years from the date of the expiration or termination of this contract.

       Matters involving litigation shall be kept for one (1) year following the termination of
       litigation, including all appeals, if the litigation exceeds five (5) years.

       The Vendor agrees that authorized federal, state and Shawnee County representatives,
       including but not limited to, personnel of Shawnee County Department of Corrections and
       independent auditors acting on behalf of said agencies shall have access to and the right
       to examine records during the contract period and during the five (5) year post-contract
       period. Delivery of and access to the records shall be at no cost to Shawnee County.

3.21    Federal, State and Local Taxes Vendor: Shawnee County makes no representation as
       to the exemption from liability of any tax imposed by any governmental entity on the

3.22    Antitrust: The Vendor assigns to Shawnee County all of its rights to and interests in any
       causes of action it has or may acquire under the antitrust laws of the United States and the
       State of Kansas relating to the particular product or services purchased or acquired by
       Shawnee County pursuant to this contract.

3.23    Modification: This contract shall be modified only by the written agreement of the parties
       with the approval of the Procurement Negotiating Committee. No alteration or variation of
       the terms and conditions of the contract shall be valid unless made in writing and signed
       by the parties. Every amendment shall specify the date on which its provisions shall be

3.24   Assignment: The Vendor shall not assign, convey, encumber, or otherwise transfer its
       rights or duties under this contract without the prior written consent of Shawnee County
       which consent will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.

       This contract shall immediately terminate in the event of its assignment, conveyance,
       encumbrance or other transfer by the Vendor without the prior written consent of Shawnee

3.25    Third Party Beneficiaries: This contract shall not be construed as providing an
       enforceable right to any third party.

3.26    Captions: The captions or headings in this contract are for reference only and do not
       define, describe, extend, or limit the scope or intent of this contract.

3.27    Severability: If any provision of this contract is determined by a court of competent
       jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable to any extent, the remainder of this contract shall
       not be affected and each provision of this contract shall be enforced to the fullest extent
       permitted by law.

3.28    Governing Law: This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of Kansas and
       shall be deemed executed at Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.
3.29     Jurisdiction: The parties shall bring any and all legal proceedings arising hereunder in
       the State of Kansas, District Court of Shawnee County. The United States District Court
       for the State of Kansas sitting in Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas, shall be the venue for
       any federal action or proceeding arising hereunder in which Shawnee County is a party.

3.30     Mandatory Provisions: The provisions found in Contractual Provisions Attachment
       (Appendix B) are incorporated by reference and made a part of this Request and resulting

3.31 Integration: This contract, in its final composite form, shall represent the entire agreement
      between the parties and shall supersede all prior negotiations, representations or
      agreements, either written or oral, between the parties relating to the subject matter
      hereof. This contract between the parties shall be independent of and have no effect on
      any other contracts of either party.

3.32     Quarterly Reports: The vendor is required to submit quarterly, to the Director of
       Corrections, a report of all acquisitions made by Shawnee County from this contract. This
       report shall include as a minimum the agency name, quantity, description and amount.

3.33     Method of Payment: Shawnee County may make payment by Shawnee County bank
       draft or by electronic direct deposit.

3.34   Criminal Or Civil Offense Of An Individual Or Entity That Controls A Company Or
       Organization Or Will Perform Work Under This Contract: Any conviction for a criminal
       or civil offense that indicates a lack of business integrity or business honesty must be
       disclosed. This includes (1) conviction of a criminal offense as an incident to obtaining or
       attempting to obtain a public or private contract or subcontract or in the performance of
       such contract or subcontract; (2) conviction under state or federal statutes of
       embezzlement, theft, forgery, bribery, falsification or destruction of records, receiving
       stolen property; (3) conviction under state or federal antitrust statutes; and (4) any other
       offense to be so serious and compelling as to affect responsibility as a government vendor.
       For the purpose of this section, an individual or entity shall be presumed to have control of
       a company or organization if the individual or entity directly or indirectly, or acting in
       concert with one or more individuals or entities, owns or controls 25 percent or more of its
       equity, or otherwise controls its management or policies. Failure to disclose an offense
       may result in disqualification of the bid or termination of the contract.

                                          SECTION IV
                                      SPECIAL PROVISIONS

  4.1 Technical Proposal Format: Vendors are instructed to prepare their Technical
      Proposal following the same sequence as this section of the Request for
      Quotation. The following information shall be part of the technical proposal:

         4.1.1 Transmittal letter which includes the following statements:
             (a) that the vendor is the prime vendor and identifying all subcontractors;
             (b) that the vendor is a corporation or other legal entity, with capacity to sue or be
            (c)    that no attempt has been made or will be made to induce any other person or
                   firm to submit or not to submit a bid;
            (d)    that the vendor does not discriminate in employment practices with regard to
                   race, color, religion, age (except as provided by law), sex, marital status,
                   political affiliation, national origin or disability;
            (e)    that no cost or pricing information has been included in the transmittal letter
                   or the Technical Proposal;
            (f)    that the vendor presently has no interest, direct or indirect, which would
                   conflict with the performance of services under this contract and shall not
                   employ, in the performance of this contract, any person having a conflict;
            (g)    that the person signing the bid is authorized to make decisions as to pricing
                   quoted and has not participated, and will not participate, in any action contrary
                   to the above-statements;
            (h)        whether there is a reasonable probability that the vendor is or will be
                   associated with any parent, affiliate or subsidiary organization, either formally
                   or informally, in supplying any service or furnishing any supplies or equipment
                   to the vendor which would relate to the performance of this contract. If the
                   statement is in the affirmative, the vendor is required to submit with the
                   proposal, written certification and authorization from the parent, affiliate or
                   subsidiary organization granting the Shawnee County, state and/or the federal
                   government the right to examine any directly pertinent books, documents,
                   papers and records involving such transactions related to the contract.

                   The vendor shall provide documents that prove the vendor has direct control
                   over those who are performing the contract functions. The vendor’s control
                   must include at least the following functions: employee evaluation, payment,
                   hiring and firing; operational management, staff expansion or redistribution,
                   chain of command, organizational structure and vendor plan of operation. For
                   breach of this provision, the Committee shall have the right to reject the
                   proposal or terminate the contract.

                   Further, if at any time after a proposal is submitted, such an association
                   arises, the vendor will obtain a similar certification and authorization and
                   failure to do so will constitute grounds for termination of the contract at the
                   option of Shawnee County;
            (i)    Vendor agrees that any lost or reduced federal or state matching money resulting
                   from unacceptable performance in a vendor task or responsibility defined in the
                   Request, contract or modification shall be accompanied by reductions in Shawnee
                   County payments to vendor; and
            (j)    Vendor has not been retained, nor has it retained a person to solicit or secure a
                   government contract on an agreement or understanding for a commission,
                   percentage, brokerage or contingent fee, except for retention of bona fide
                   employees or bona fide established commercial selling agencies maintained by
                   the vendor for the purpose of securing business. For breach of this provision, the
                   Committee shall have the right to reject the proposal, terminate the contract
                   and/or deduct from the contract price or otherwise recover the full amount of such
                   commission, percentage, brokerage or contingent fee or other benefit.

4.2   Vendor's Qualifications: Vendor must include a discussion of the vendor's organization and
      each subcontractor if any. The discussion shall include the following:

           (a)    date established;
           (b)   ownership (public, partnership, subsidiary, etc.);
           (c)   number of personnel, full and part-time, assigned to this project by function
                 and job title;
           (d)   data processing resources and the extent they are dedicated to other
           (e)   location of the project within the vendor's organization;
           (f)   relationship of the project and other lines of business;
           (g)   organizational chart;
           (h)   list by name, address, phone and Contract Administrator all correctional facilities
                 where vendor has provided goods and services of the same nature as those called
                 for in the terms of this Request For Quotation;
           (i)   five references to whom vendor has contracted similar service to that which is
                 being proposed to Shawnee County. These references shall include the name of
                 the firm or other government, the name of the contact person, the address, and
                 telephone number of the contact person. Employees and subcontractors of the
                 vendor may not be listed as references or contact persons.
           (j)   Attachment of audited financial statements for the most recent fiscal year, and two
                 (2) prior years, including explanations, footnotes, and/or accountant’s qualifications,
                 supporting the vendor’s financial capability to undertake and complete the
                 performance of the contract.
           (k)   A description of the human resources processes of the vendor, including the
                 recruiting activities vendor engages in to ensure the ability to attract qualified
                 applicants for the various positions identified as essential to this program, and the
                 personnel management program to ensure the staff are developed and maintained.
           (l)   The vendor must have regional capability to supervise and monitor the program,
                 ensuring satisfactory provision of services.
           (m)   Vendor’s corporate office must demonstrate eligibility to be registered with the
                 Secretary of State to do business in the State of Kansas.

4.3   Sole Source/Contract Relationship Attributes: Vendor must perform the functions of the
      contract and shall not act as a broker for other entities. The vendor shall notify the Director of
      Corrections in writing of any changes in the persons authorized to bind the contract.

      No broker or entity without actual control of contract operating functions and performance shall
      serve as contact point.

      If the vendor intends that any part of the goods or services to be supplied under this RFQ be
      subcontracted, the vendor must include with the complete list of potential subcontractors, their
      addresses and the names and phone numbers of contact points within their organization. A
      copy of the contract and a description of the work to be subcontracted should also be provided.

4.4   Vendor Requirements: The vendor must provide a description of the vendor's qualifications
      and experience providing the requested or similar service including resumes of personnel
      assigned to the project stating their education and work experience. The vendor must be an
      established firm recognized for its capacity to perform. Vendor must be capable of mobilizing
      sufficient personnel to meet the deadlines specified in this Request.

4.5   Work Plan: Vendor will provide a comprehensive replacement and enhancement of the
      security surveillance system within the Shawnee County Department of Corrections Adult
      Detention Center (ADC) and Juvenile Detention Center (JDC), including the grounds
      surrounding each center. The system components include cameras, cabling, external storage,
      matrix controls, archival and retrieval systems, monitoring systems, and interfacing to the
      department’s electronic security access/control system for call-up of video feed for live
      monitoring of the facilities.

                                         SECTION V
                                  STATEMENT OF WORK


The Shawnee County Department of Corrections was formed in 1980 by joining the Adult Detention
Center, Youth Center, and Community Corrections into one agency. This action was supported by
the County Commission, the sheriff, and jail staff and was specified in the consent decree that
followed the filing of a class action lawsuit regarding conditions at the old Shawnee County Jail.
Conditions cited in the lawsuit included but were not limited to overcrowding, frequent resident on
resident assaults, and the lack of a classification plan.

The old linear styled jail had been built in 1963 within the County Courthouse to house 80 residents.
The old jail housed numerous prisoners within large cells or tanks. Staff had supervised the residents
by patrolling the exterior of the cells. Unfortunately, the residents developed their own hierarchy with
the toughest, most violent residents running the units. The officers who were supervising the
prisoners were deputies working for the Sheriff in both street law enforcement capacities as well as in
their jail supervision roles. This provided an obvious conflict of interest that was remedied with the
formation of the new department.

Officials of the new department and the County Commission decided to develop plans for a new
detention center based on the concept of direct supervision where officers were assigned within the
correctional living unit to supervise up to 50 residents. The new detention facility was completed in
late 1987 and opened its doors for residents in early 1988. The new facility was built to house 180

The number of residents admitted to the new detention center on a yearly basis remained fairly
constant (4,000 to 5,000) until 1986. From 1987 through 1993, admissions increased from 6,610 to
9,637. The admissions jumped dramatically in 1994 to 11,497 and to 13,129 in 1995. The reasons
for these increases included the assumption of the booking process for city ordinance violations,
increases in the number of law enforcement officers to fight crime, mandated arrests for domestic
violence, tougher DUI enforcement, and an overall public “tough on crime” attitude that increased
arrests and the return to prison of parole and probation violators.

When the detention center’s population exceeded capacity, the center was forced to utilize the
gymnasium for short-term dormitory style housing. A storage area was also remodeled to house
minimum-custody residents. When the population continued to grow, bunks were added to numerous
single cells to manage the increases. With the establishment of the State’s Sentencing Guidelines in
1994 and the action that authorized residents to be sentenced to up to three years in county jails
rather than the previous limit of one year, County officials decided that additional detention space
should be proposed. At the same time that these increases were occurring with the adult population,
the County’s Youth Center was involved in a class action lawsuit that resulted in a consent decree
similar to the decree regarding the adult detention center years before.

In 1995, taxpayers authorized the County Commission to build a new youth center and an addition to
the Adult Detention Center. The new adult addition was designed according to the same model of
direct supervision to hold 288 more residents. The adult addition and the new Juvenile Detention
Center were completed in 1998. The completed juvenile facility is licensed by the Kansas
Department of Health and Environment to hold a maximum of 75 juveniles.

In 1999, the County Commission established the Department of Community Corrections, officially
separating it from the Department of Corrections. The Department of Corrections continued
operations through the first decade of the 21st Century managing the ADC and JDC residents. As
population continued increasing, it became apparent that additional bed space was going to become
necessary. In 2008 the County Commission approved the renovation of an old printing company
facility directly to the east of the ADC, for use in housing minimum custody inmates. In June 2009 the
Corrections Annex was opened, capable of housing an additional 200 minimum custody and work
release inmates. That facility is not a part of this current project.

Current Description:

When the original ADC was constructed, it included a video surveillance system with approximately
130 cameras, all analog and all run to the ADC Control Center. In the Control Center, they were
attached via coaxial cable to a matrix switch CPU that was interfaced through keyboard controls and
called up on one of approximately 30 monitors.

In 1998, when the JDC and the ADC addition were constructed, an additional approximately 170
cameras were added. These were attached via coaxial cable to 4-channel fiber optic transmitters.
These transmitters sent the video signal to the ADC Control Center where the receivers were racked
and fed from that point to the matrix switch CPU that was interfaced as originally designed.

In 2005, the access controls for the facility were upgraded to a touch-screen interface that pulled together intercom call-
up, door controls, other device monitoring/controlling, and camera call up. When an intercom call or alarm enters the
touch-screen interface, the matrix is called upon to provide video from multiple cameras related to the called event.
Also, the touch-screen interface has the capacity to direct specific call-up through a camera control keyboard as well as
touching a camera icon on the touch-screen interface. The camera control matrix switch CPU was not upgraded during
this security system upgrade.


      The Shawnee County Department of Corrections is responsible for the daily
   monitoring of the facility for real time threats to safety and security and directing
   movement throughout the facility (access control). In addition, the department utilizes
   captured video for internal investigative purposes and to provide information to law
   enforcement and prosecutors associated with their investigations and prosecutions.

   The original video surveillance system has served the purpose primarily of monitoring,
   with limited VHS and DVR recording capabilities. All cameras in the current system are
   analog, transmitting signal on coaxial cabling. Exterior cameras have limited fields of
   view and are of insufficient detail to assist in accurately identifying persons and items at a
   distance. This replacement and enhancement of system components is expected to
   provide improved video surveillance for purposes of monitoring live. In addition, the
   enhancements to video data storage are expected to improve the quality and efficiency of
   investigative processes.

   To provide and install a comprehensive replacement and enhancement of the video
   surveillance system, and provide service and maintenance to the system for the initial five (5)
   years of deployment. Owner desires to replace and expand its existing security camera
   system with a new system incorporating currently available productivity enhancing features as
   specified herein. Acceptable systems include non-hosted systems meeting the requirements of
   this Statement of Work whether considered a wired, a wireless, or any combination or hybrid of
   such analog-to-IP converted or IP-based systems and technologies. The overall project is
   composed of the following tasks, which are described in greater detail below:
            5.2.1 Provide IP cameras, analog-to-IP converters, digital recording system, structured
                  cabling, and all associated system hardware;
            5.2.2 Provide for centralized management, record on motion, video export capability,
                  and other specified features;
            5.2.3 Provide storage solution for video archival storage;
            5.2.4 Provide backup power supply for full system functionality for a minimum of 30
                  minutes upon power outage;
            5.2.5 Oversee replacement of existing local video recording to networking back to the
                  ADC Control Center System Room;
            5.2.6 Install, configure, and “fine tune” video surveillance and video storage solution;
            5.2.7 Train system administrators and provide system documentation;
            5.2.8 Provide service and support for a five-year period;
            5.2.9 Remove specified portions of legacy system and any other obsolete items.


   This section describes the minimum requirements for the new video surveillance system to be
   supplied under the project. Department will consider proposals for systems that are more
   robust and feature more than the minimum requirements described here. It is up to
   Department as part of its evaluation process to balance the cost of features against security
   needs and capital funding availability to determine what provides Department with the most
   responsive option (which is not necessarily the system with the lowest price).

5.3.1          Digital Video Recorder/Storage Server      The digital video recorder or storage server shall be a software-based solution using
               a standard, non-proprietary PC computer with embedded web-server, digital storage
               client-server application capable of supporting multi-user, multi-camera, multi-level,
               and multi-site environments. Further requirements and features shall include:      Minimum of 40 terabytes (TB) of local hard disk storage;      Adequate processing power and speed to comfortably support all system
               requirements      Sufficient system memory to provide for optimal system functionality, with
               expandability;      Disk redundancy using RAID;      Windows-based system (preferred);      Provision of two (2) twenty-two inch (24”) wide screen LCD 2.3 Megapixel, 16:10
               Widescreen Aspect Ratio monitors for use with storage servers;      Accommodation for simultaneous usage of a minimum of three hundred, thirty-six
               (336) video cameras either IP or analog-to-IP converted;    Live and archive monitoring ability from DVR/Storage Server console, any Shawnee
             County network PC (via router-connected network link), and over the Internet (video
             network must be distinct from Shawnee County IT network in terms of IP addressing
             and network traffic);   Support for image enhancement such as digital zoom, and contrast, brightness, and
             color adjustment;   Ability to manage individual camera settings for record-on-motion, light conditions,
             frame rates, etc.;   Support for and ability to control pan, tilt, zoom cameras;   Alarm notification via email, SMS, MMS, or cell phone for user-definable events
             (e.g., motion on particular camera during specific time range), camera malfunction,
             or other pertinent system issues;   Ability to immediately retrieve thirty (30) days of recorded high resolution video at 20
             frames per second via DVR/storage server, Shawnee County network, or internet;   User-defined “lossy” video compression for archival of video;   Provision of diagnostic tools for troubleshooting and resolving basic system
             problems;   Support for H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) codec;   Ability to export live, full resolution/frame rate video, and compressed archived video
             to portable media such as CD, DVD, “flash” drive in either an editable or non-
             editable format.
5.3.2        Cameras (existing and replacement).      Owner has preliminarily determined its camera and field of view requirements as
             shown in Appendix D. The majority of current analog cameras shall be attached to
             the new system via a converter from an analog-to-IP. A listing of all current cameras
             in the facility is attached as Appendix E.
             For the additional cameras, vendor shall determine and provide the appropriate
             camera makes, models, lenses, housing types, power sources and any other
             capabilities necessary to meet the provisions of this Statement of Work, the
             coverage requirements dictated in Appendix D, and the following further
             requirements or features:    Be an Internet Protocol (IP) megapixel video camera that can deliver live images
             over IP-based networks;    Use the current H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10 AVC) “baseline profile” compression
             standard (codec);    Automatically switch between color and black & white in changing light conditions
             (i.e., day/night modes);    Have auto iris capability to allow for a wide range of lighting conditions;    Have low light sensitivity (< 0.1 lux) for cameras that operate in unlit, or poorly lit
             areas;    Be equipped with appropriate high resolution lenses for meeting image detail
             requirements;    Include motion detection capability that triggers user-definable frame rate settings;    Consider use of wireless, infrared or PTZ cameras, where deemed appropriate or
             beneficial;    For each type of camera required, provide spares equal to 10% of the number
             required, a minimum of one spare.   The new cameras shall include the following types and quantities:   Twenty-four (24) 360-degree view, with 8mp HD total resolution (four x 2mp x 90
             degree) w/audio, for use in housing units and booking common areas.   Ten (10) 16mp HD w/50mm or wider, f/1.4 auto-Iris lens for use on facility exterior.   Three (3) 2mp HD w/audio for use in pat down and law enforcement waiting areas.   Ten (10) 180-degree view, with 8mp HD total resolution (four x 2mp x45 degree)
             w/audio, for use in vehicle sally port and designated hallway locations.
5.3.3        Other Hardware    Vendor shall provide, install and set up all other hardware, equipment, and supplies
             necessary to implement the fully functioning video surveillance system. This
             includes, but is not limited to:    Building code compliant wiring and connectors (see next section for further cabling
             requirements);    Vandal-proof camera housings and mountings for new internal cameras    Vandal-proof and weather-proof housings and mountings, as well as heater/blower
             for external cameras;    Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches, patch panels and other necessary networking
             equipment;    Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for maintaining full surveillance system
             operation for a minimum of 30 minutes without local utility electrical power at both
             the ADC and JDC;    Use of current server racks for new system equipment installed throughout ADC and
             JDC, as allowed by replacing components currently housed in them, and new server
             racks as necessary for additional hardware beyond what can be accommodated with
             existing racks.    Remote work station in Intelligence and Investigations work area, with ceiling-
             mountable 24” monitors;    KVM 12-channel switch (to accommodate both existing Owner systems and new
             video surveillance system).
5.3.4        New Structured Cabling    Vendor shall provide appropriate structured cabling for the Video Surveillance
             System taking into consideration the following:    To accommodate all new security cameras, provide and install necessary CAT6
             cable between cameras and appropriate system hardware (i.e., PoE switches);    To accommodate necessary long cable runs from the ADC Control Center to remote
             areas of the ADC and JDC grounds);    It is assumed that all wired camera power will be provided through Power over
             Ethernet (PoE). Vendor shall accommodate for power and have clearly indicated in
             their proposal where PoE is not being used (e.g. with wireless cameras or use of
             existing on-site electrical power).    Vendor shall provide appropriate structured cabling for the analog-to-IP converters,
             as placed throughout the facility, to bring the signal back to the ADC main control
             center, taking into consideration the following:    To accommodate all analog-to-IP converters, provide and install necessary CAT6
             cable between converters and appropriate system hardware.
5.3.5        Installation    Vendor shall install, configure, test and implement all project-related equipment,
             systems, and cabling in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, system
             documentation and industry standards. Vendor and Department shall mutually
             discuss and determine the transition to new equipment such that current recording
             interruptions are minimized. Installation shall generally be composed of and include
             the following:    Primary system equipment in the ADC Control Center including, but not necessarily
             limited to, the DVR/Storage Server, PC management console, UPS’s, external
            storage systems and servers controlling components, switches, patch panels, and
            server racks;   Necessary system equipment at ADC and JDC equipment rooms (e.g., switches,
            analog-to-IP converters, server racks)   IP cameras, including necessary mountings, housings, domes, etc. at the locations
            designated in Appendix D or as otherwise directed by Department based upon
            consultation with Vendor;   New structured cabling as specified above;   Connection and configuration of video surveillance system to operate over fiber optic
            or other designated network;   Interface between new camera control system and Department access control
            electronic security system (replacement of current physical matrix with upgraded
            matrix or with “virtual” matrix);   Removal of all cameras, cables, cords, wiring, or other items associated with the
            legacy surveillance system that are rendered obsolete as a result of implementation
            of the new system under this project (Department shall retain possession and
            ownership of all such legacy equipment);   Labeling all equipment (including cameras) and cabling sufficiently to assist in future
            maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. Labels shall be machine-printed in an
            easily read font type and size. The label and lettering should be of a durable nature
            sufficient to last at least five (5) years.
5.3.6       Training   Vendor shall provide an on-site administrator training session by a qualified Vendor
            representative. Such training shall take place shortly before the “go live” date using
            the actual video surveillance system after installation and set up have been largely
            completed. The exact date, time, and location will be mutually determined between
            Vendor and Department. Appropriate system documentation, specified in below
            section, shall be provided at the time of training. Training shall, at a minimum,
            encompass the following topics:   Physical review of system by component including its setup, function, and
            connectivity. Includes all equipment in Server Room, the main console, storage and
            other key system components;   Physical and GUI process for setting up, deploying, moving, changing, and
            modifying cameras; downloading and exporting of images; management of alerts
            and notifications;   Basic diagnostic and troubleshooting methods for all hardware and software
            systems. While the Vendor will provide service under a maintenance contract, to
            minimize downtime, administrators should be provided with a rudimentary
            knowledge base to detect and repair basic system problems;   Appropriate process for, and conditions under, which the system and its individual
            components shall be powered down, restarted, rebooted, reset, or similar mode
            changes implemented.
5.3.7       Documentation   Vendor shall provide all documentation necessary to administer and operate the
            video surveillance and SAN systems. Such documentation shall be provided in both
            paper and electronic format and MTD shall have the right to make unlimited paper
            and electronic copies of such documentation as necessary for internal use to
            administer, operate, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair the systems. Such
            documentation should, at a minimum, include:   Administrator manual for video surveillance system   Administrator manual for SAN         User manual for video surveillance system

The original Request for Quotation contains several attachments:

       Appendix A:       Schedule for Site Visit and Pre-Bid Conference
       Appendix B:       Shawnee County Contractual Provisions Attachment
       Appendix C:       Cost Proposal Outline
       Appendix D:       Maps of Facility, Showing Field of View
       Appendix E:       Listing of Current Facility Cameras

To obtain copies of the attachments, please mail or fax the following form to:

       Shawnee County Department of Corrections
       501 SE 8th Street
       Topeka, Kansas 66607
       FAX: 785-291-4924

Request for Quotation Number: _______________

Closing Date: March 10, 2010

Item: Comprehensive Replacement/Enhancement of Security Surveillance System

Shawnee County Agency: Corrections

Bidding Vendor Name:_______________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________

City / State / Zip Code:                    ________________________________________

Telephone: ____________________

FAX: _________________________

   Camera Listings.pdf Camera Layouts.pdf
                                         SCHEDULE OF PRICES
                                         Quotation # __________
                                          Cost Proposal Outline

Bidding Item                                                             Proposed Cost

Materials (e.g., cameras, servers, DVR’s, software, converters, wiring, etc.)$______________

Installation Labor                                                       $______________

Service/ Maintenance Year 1                                              $______________

Service/Maintenance Year 2                                               $______________

Service/ Maintenance Year 3                                              $______________

Service/ Maintenance Year 4                                              $______________

Service/Maintenance Year 5                                               $______________

TOTAL BID PRICE                                                          $______________


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Mandatory provisions applicable to contracts of the state and other political subdivisions; cancellation, when;
application to subcontract; non-application to certain contract. (a) Except as provided by subsection (c) of this
session, every contract for or on behalf of the state or any county or municipality or other political subdivision of
the state or any agency of or authority created by any of the foregoing, for the construction, alteration or repair of
any public building or public work or for the acquisition of materials, equipment, supplies or services shall contain
provisions by which the contractor agrees that:
1. The contractor shall observe the provisions of the Kansas act against discrimination and shall not discriminate
    against any person in the performance of work under the present contract because of race, religion, color, sex
    physical handicap unrelated to such person’s ability to engage in the particular work, national origin or
2. In all solicitations or advertisements for employees, the contractor shall include the phrase, “equal opportunity
    employer,” or a similar phrase to be approved by the commission.
3. If the contractor fails to comply with the manner in which the contractor reports to the commission in
    accordance with the provisions of K.S.A. 44-1032, the contractor shall be deemed to have breached the present
    contract and it may be cancelled, terminated or suspended, whole or in part, by the contracting agency
4. If the contractor is found guilty of a violation of the Kansas act against discrimination under a decision or order
    of the commission which has become final, the contractor shall be deemed to have breached the present
    contract and it may be cancelled, terminated or suspended, in whole or in part, by the contracting agency.
 5. The contractor shall include the provisions of paragraphs one (1) through four (4) inclusively o this sub-section
     (a) in every subcontract or purchase order so that such provisions will be binding upon such subcontractor or
     vendor. (b) The Kansas commission on civil rights shall not be prevented hereby from requiring reports of
     contractors found to be not in compliance with the Kansas act against discrimination. (c) The provisions of
     this section shall not apply to a contract entered into by a contractor: (1) Who employs fewer than four (4)
     employees during the term of such contract; or (2) Whose contracts with the governmental entity letting such
     contract cumulatively total five thousand dollars ($5,000) or less during the fiscal year of such governmental

    44-1031. Same; personnel to be used in performing contracts; reports; non-application to certain contractors.
             Every person, as defined in subsection (a) of K.S.A. 44-1002, who wishes to enter into a contract
             which is covered by the provisions of K.S.A. 44-1030 shall upon request of the commission, inform
             the commission in writing of the manner in which such person shall recruit and screen personnel to
             be used in performing the contract. The report shall be made on forms to be supplied by the
             commission. The provisions of K.S.A. 44-1030 and of this section shall not apply to any contractor
             who has already complied with the provisions of such sections by reason of holding a contract with
             the federal government or a contract involving federal funds.

History: L.1972, ch.184, & 15; L. 1975, ch. 264, & 8; L. 1977, ch. 183, & 2; July 1.

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