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          California Society for Clinical Social Work–
                        San Diego District
                                          January/ February 2011
The publication of any article, announcement or advertisement in this newsletter does not constitute endorsement by the CSCSW

                                               Society Business
The January and February programs meet the official BBS Continuing Education regulations, so CSCSW
members can earn 1.5 FREE CE CREDITS (CEU’s for non-members are available at $10 per unit, or
$15.00 for the program – please ask at door for a request for a non-member.

Our presentations are held from 11:45-1:45 p.m. at Mesa Vista Hospital, 7850 Vista Hill Avenue, and are
open to the entire community, so PLEASE INVITE A FRIEND! Reservations for the program can be
made by calling (619) 692-4038, #3. For further information, please call our editor, Ros Goldstein (same
number as above reservation line). You may reserve for both programs at once. PLEASE RESPOND

TO 11:45 A.M. (due to the difficult parking situation)! We still suggest you come early to find

January Program: Behavioral Health in Court

On Friday, January 7, Michelle Romero, LMFT will present on “The Behavioral Health Court Calendar”.
Attendees will learn about interagency linkage as a new solution to an old problem; offering an alternative to
jail for mentally ill offenders They will also learn how to communicate and outreach to the judicial system,
as well as how to work within a multidisciplinary team.

February Program:

On Friday, February 4, Georgi Distefano, LCSW, will provide an overview of “The Paradigm
Developmental Model of Treatment”. This model of chemical dependency treatment, conceptualized by Ms
Distefano, , incorporates evidenced based treatment modalities, i.e. motivational interviewing and cognitive
behavioral therapy into a framework that provides counselors with a guide of what to do and when to do it. A
significant feature of the Model are clinical themes for the therapist extracted from the 12 Steps of AA. This
cognitive interpretation of the Steps provides an alternative for those clients who cannot relate to the spiritual
aspects of the AA program. This model provides a validated 15 questions assessment scale that pinpoints
where a client is in regards to their thinking about their alcohol and drug use and which interventions will be
most useful and appropriate given this information.

March is “Social Work Month”: Time to Honor our Profession

How often have you or a co-worker been thanked for your commitment and dedication to Clinical Social
Work? Now is the time! Think about that special LCSW (i.e., a clinician who has made a difference in the
multi-ethnic community, etc.), that you would like to honor, by nominating them to the CSCSW, San Diego
District, Clinical Social Worker of the Year award. See ballot (on last page) for details.

The recipient of this award will be honored at the Annual NASW/CSCSW Awards Dinner on an evening in
March (exact date, time & location TBA at a later date). Please send in the attached ballot, NO LATER

NASW Meetings.

NASW, District E now meets at the Polinsky Children's Center.. Check their NASW Facebook site for more

                                        ADVERTISING RATES
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 Advertising in San Diego Connections is a great way to reach a large Clinical Social Work audience
 about professional activities: workshops, therapy groups, employment opportunities, office space, and
 Classified Ads (up to 70 words): $25, CSCSW members,
                                    $40, non-members;
 Half-page Ads:                     $50, CSCSW member
                                    $75, non-members;
 Full-page Ads or Inserts:          $90, CSCSW members,
                                    $110, non-members.
 Place 5 consecutive ads and pay for only 4. Job announcements: 1/2 price of classified ad.
 Advertisements, including full payment, must be received by the 5th of each even month for the following
 month’s newsletter. Please send typewritten copy or, by electronic mail, an attached file. All checks
 made payable to Sandy Wright. Please send to: Connections, c/o Ros Goldstein, 4360 Huggins St., San
 Diego, CA 92122, or For information contact Ros at (619) 692-4038, #3.

Solana Beach Office

Psychotherapy office available in Professional Building, Solano Beach. Colleague retiring . . . Office
available full time starting 12/1/10. Opportunity to share 3 office suite with friendly, experienced,
established colleagues. Reasonable rent, share expenses, potential for referrals. Contact either of us for more
information: Kathleen Rapp, LCSW, 858-793-4580,; or Alana Schuller, MFT, 619-733-

Individual and Group Supervision

For: ASW/MFT interns who want to acquire supervision hours toward licensure and therapists who want a
setting where they can safely discuss clinical cases and issues related to their job and role. Supervision can
be offered on-site at your agency or off-site at my office. Supervision sessions are interactive, informative,
reflective, supportive and lively! Readings and resources are provided. An off-site group is currently open to
additional members. Interested individuals or agencies wanting to discuss particulars, fees and terms, please
feel free to contact Ellen Eichler, LCSW,, 619-692-4038, #2
UTC/Golden Triangle Office

Beautifully remodeled office space. Class A building with new fitness facility. Full wall of windows with
scenic view. Includes, call-lights, kitchen, copier/FAX/internet. Furnished or unfurnjshed. Interested in
practitioners who desire collegial setting. Please contact Denise Hawkinson, Ph.D. 858-558-8535

Mission Valley Office Space

Join established mental health professionals in a prime location. Near I-8 and Texas Street in Mission Valley.
We get clients from North, South, East County, and San Diego. Office is comfortable, professional. Windows
open to flowered hillside. Wheelchair accessible. Near bus stop. Air conditioning, comfortable waiting room,
office paging, FAX, copy, refrigerator, friendly colleagues. One day per week at $150/month or full time at
$600/month. David at
                                   Clinical Social Worker of Year, 2011, Ballot

My nominee for Clinical Social Worker of the Year, 2011, is:



PHONE NUMBER (Work):___________________(Home):_______________________________

Date Obtained L.C.S.W.? __________                                  Private Practice?
          (If yes, please write the name of the agency and the nominee’s job title)
Please use the space below to describe the nominee’s contributions to the profession, i.e.
mentoring/supervision, publications, leadership in the professional community. Include their principle
professional activities, community and volunteer involvement that warrant their nomination. Awards
and recognitions may be counted. (Nominees might include supervisors, professors, mentors, teachers
or colleagues). You may attach additional information if desired and use the back for more room.

Name of person completing ballot:_________________________________
Daytime phone number:__________________________________________

Mail to the address below (or by email to: or submit your entry to a CSCSW
Committee Member at the District meetings - no later than February 20, 2011!
Ros Goldstein
4360 Huggins Street
San Diego, CA 92122 619-692-4038, #3
Thank You for Your Nomination!

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