The ultimate indulgence Ultimate Estate Teas by Dilmah

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					The ultimate indulgence: Ultimate Estate Teas
by Dilmah
Terroir in tea offers myriad pleasures, and chief amongst those
is the variety of indulgent aromas, tastes and liquors that tea
offers. The finest examples of the influence of rainfall, wind,
sunshine, soils and the art of the teamaker, are however rare
and limited in availability. The Dilmah t-Series VSRTxs Ultimate
Estate is a new range of limited edition teas which will offer 6
handpicked, exceptional Estate Teas each year. They will range
from the deep, mahogany coloured low grown teas to the light,
honey tinged high growns. They will be varied, sharing only the
feature of being exceptional, single estate teas, produced on
Ceylon ’s finest estates. The Ultimate Estate teas provide the tea
connoisseur an ultimate tea experience, distinctive in taste,
aroma, flavour and character.

Dilmah unveiled the Dilmah t-Series VSRTxs Ultimate Estate teas with the objective of providing
tea connoisseurs the ultimate single estate tea experience. These teas are handpicked and packed
fresh from some of the finest estates in Ceylon and offer an experience that is indulgent and
exclusive. Ultimate Estate builds on the popularity of Dilmah’s Seasonal Flush Teas, which are very
rare, and therefore limited to 600-1,000 tin caddies only, depending on the weather conditions.

Craighead Estate Flowery BOPF Special is the first Dilmah Ultimate Estate Tea, and the first of six
estates to be featured this year. This special tea is from a Dilmah Tea estate in one of the most
picturesque parts of Sri Lanka. Located in the Gampola Valley, embraced by the Pidurutalage
Mountain Range, Adam’s Peak and the Dolosbage Hills, Craighead Estate was established in the
1920s at an elevation of approximately 1,100 metres above sea level.

Harvested in the Upper Barangala Division of the Estate, the rich FBOPF Special has even, black
leaf suggesting perfect orthodox manufacture. The liberal silvery tip, enhances its appeal and rarity,
yielding a bright, golden liquor. The infused leaf with classic coppery brown tones, marked by hints
of olive, produces a lavish and slightly fruity aroma, with a delicate bloom in the liquor, reflecting its
brightness. A hint of tartness balances the soft, fruity note, making a perfectly balanced and
sophisticated personality with complex and deep character. A mellow, refined tea reflecting the
essence of its Nawalapitiya heritage. Our recommendation is that this Craighead Estate Flowery
BOPF Special be enjoyed as an Afternoon Tea, for its gentle character, which makes it a delightful
feature in a Real High Tea. Suitable accompaniments include tea cake, sweet pastries and biscuits.

t-Series VSRTxs Craighead Estate Flowery BOPF Special (100g)
 Product Code: 84737
 Master Carton Configuration: 6 nos.

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