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									                                                                           Advt No. 38 / 2011
                                                                      AYURVED FACULTY (non - aided)

                                                  Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Shikshan Sanstha’s

                                    AYURVED MAHAVIDYALAYA,
                                             Kanchanwadi, Paithan Road, Aurangabad – 431 002.
     Phone : 0240 – 2376753, 2376248; Fax : 0240 – 2376655, 6646222; E-mail :

                                  ( Affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik. )

A) Applications are invited for filling up the following posts in the above said College / Institute.

     Sr.                                                                                                             Vacant Post
                             Dept. / Subject
     No.                                                                         Professor                                Reader                Lecturer

                Samhita Siddhant                                                ----------------                          01(SC)            ----------------

                Sanskrit.                                                       ----------------                      ----------------      ----------------

      2         Rachana Sharir                                                  ----------------                01(Open)#, 01(SC)           01(Open)#

      3         Kriya Sharir                                                      01(Open)                            ----------------          01(SC)

      4         Dravyaguna Vidnyan                                              ----------------                      ----------------      ----------------
                Rasa Shastra & Bhaishajya
      5                                                                           01(Open)                              01(Open)                01(ST)

      6         Rog Nidan                                                         01(Open)                            ----------------      ----------------

      7         Swastha Vritta                                                    01(Open)                            ----------------          01(SC)

      8         Agad Tantra & Vidhi Ayurved                                     ----------------                      ----------------      ----------------

      9         Prasuti Tantra & Striroga                                       ----------------                      ----------------   01(Open)#, 01(SC)

     10         Kaumar Bhritya                                                    01(Open)                      01(Open), 01(SC)#               01(SC)#

     11         Kayachikitsa                                                    ----------------                       01(Open)#                01(ST)#

     12         Shalya Tantra                                                   ----------------                         01(SC)#
     13         Shalakya Tantra                                                   01(Open)                            ----------------          01(ST)

     14         Panchakarma *                                                     01(Open)                              01(Open)            ----------------


1)     The post (s) marked                          *     in      Panchakarma                  is / are advertised subject to the final order of
       Hon’ble High Court ( Nagpur Bench ) in W. P. No. 3357 / 2004 in view of the interim order
       dated 31 / 03 / 2005 in this petition.

2)      The post (s) marked # is / are additional post (s) other than staffing pattern.

C:\Comp_Gad4\Special Cell_Backup\jaym\2011\Advt\Type Advt\Ayurved\(38) Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Kanchan wadi, Aurangabad 2011.doc           -1–
C) Qualifications & Experience of Teachers :

 Designation                                        Essential Qualifications                                                Experience
                          a) A degree in Ayurveda from a University
                               established by law or a statutory Board / Faculty / The total teaching experience of
                               Examining Body of Indian Medicine or its ten years in the subject is
                               equivalent as recognized under Indian Medicine necessary out of which there
                               Central Council Act 1970.                           should be five years teaching
                          b) A postgraduate qualification in the subject / experience as a Reader /
 Professor                     specialty concerned included in the schedule to Assistant Professor or ten years
                               Indian Medicine Central Council Act 1970.           experience as a lecturer in the
                          i ) A post graduate qualification is relaxed to the concern subject wherever the
                               teachers who had been appointed in Ayurveda post of Reader / Asst. Professor
                               Colleges on or before 01/07/1989 and are in the does not exists.
                               continuous service since then.
                          ii ) If the Post-graduate qualification holders in the
                               concerned subjects are not available, the post-
                               graduate qualification obtained in the subject as The total teaching experience of
                               mentioned in IMCC (amendment) regulations, five years in the subject is
                               1989 against that subject, shall be admissible.     necessary out of which there
                          c) Adequate knowledge of Sanskrit.                       should be three years teaching
                          d) For the post of lecturer in Sanskrit, M.A. in experience as a Lecturer in the
                               Sanskrit or Acharya from a recognized subject concerned.
                               institutions or equivalent with due experience.
                               Preference should be given to those possessing
                               Ayurved qualifications also.                        No teaching experience is
                          e) Desirable : Original published paper / Books on required.
                               the subject.
                          The candidate should be registered under the M.M.P. Act 1961 or I.M.C.C. Act 1970
 All Posts
                          before joining the post unless they have already so registered.

     1)      Reservation for Ladies and physically handicapped persons is as per the Govt. rules.
     2)      Candidates applying for reserve category post(s) should submit caste certificate & caste validity
             certificate and also recent non-creamy layer certificate, wherever applicable.
     3)      The benefits of reservation shall be admissible to the backward class / category candidates who
             are domiciled in the state of Maharashtra only.
     4)      Age Limit & Educational Qualifications shall be considered up-to last date of the application &
             experience shall be considered up-to earlier day of the interview.
     5)      The decision taken by MUHS authorities regarding essential qualifications and experience shall
             be applicable, from time to time.
     6)      Qualified teachers between 60 to 65 years of age will be considered for appointment of one year,
             if the qualified candidate(s) below the age of 60 years is / are not available.
     7)      Pay Scale is as per rules.
     8)      Application along-with attested copies of all relevant Certificates must reach to the college on or
             before : 18 / 08 / 2011. ( Exact date is to be specified)
             ( Minimum 21 days from the date of publication of advertisement in newspaper.)

E) OTHER NOTES : (College Level)

    1)       Apply to the Principal, at Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Shikshan Sanstha’s
             AYURVED MAHAVIDYALAYA, Kanchanwadi, Paithan Road, Aurangabad – 431 002. on plain
             paper / prescribed format along with attested copies of certificates and experience certificates.
                                                                                Sd / -
                                                             C.S.M.S.S. Ayurved Mahavidyalaya,
                                                                  Kanchanwadi, Aurangabad.
C:\Comp_Gad4\Special Cell_Backup\jaym\2011\Advt\Type Advt\Ayurved\(38) Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Kanchan wadi, Aurangabad 2011.doc          -2–

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