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									                                                                            e35cf16b-9d9a-4e0e-9629-f5823b7cdf9d.xls                                          8/1/2011
                                                                  TECHNICAL SKILLS MATRIX: EMPLOYEE
PROFICIENCY                                                           Level

                             (1 = Beginners / 5 = Expert)

COURSE / TRAINING ONLY                                                  1
LIMITED PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE                                            2
SOLID PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE                                              3
WELL VERSED, EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE                                       4
EXPERT EXPERIENCE                                                       5
                                                                                  SKILLS ACQUIRED
                       Job Skills                       *Level *Start date      *End date          Programming Languages         *Level       *Start date       *End date
Administration - Database                                    5        1983            1992 Lng 4GL
Administration - Network or Operating System                 5        1885            1992 Lng ABAP
Administration - SAP Basis, SIEBEL                                                         Lng ACTIVE X

Consulting - ERP, working for an ERP consulting house                                       Lng ADO.NET
Consulting - IT / Management, working for an IT /
Management consulting house                                  5          1986           1990 Lng ALGOL
Development:Business Analysis, User interfacing,
producing specs for developers                               5          1982           1990 Lng APL

Development:Documentation, Technical Writing, QA                                            Lng ASP - ACTIVE SERVER PAGES
Development:Graphics Design                                                                 Lng ASP.NET
Development:Systems Analysis, Programming                    5          1980           1990 Lng ASSEMBLER                                 5          1984                   1990
Management - IT / Facilities (hardware / networking
inclined)                                                    5          1989           2000 Lng AUTOLISP
Management - Projects, IS (software development /
support inclined)                                            5          1989           2000 Lng BASIC                                     3          1984                   1990
Marketing / Sales                                                                           Lng C
Operations:Assiting computer facilities, shiftwork
involved                                                                                    Lng   C++
Pre Sales                                                                                   Lng   C++ BORLAND with OWL
Support - Software Products, installing, advising                                           Lng   C++ MS VISUAL with MFC
Technical - Hardware, Networking, Cabling                                                   Lng   C#
Training (User)???                                           4          1985           1990 Lng   CGI

Using - ERP, experience in the user environment                                             Lng   CL
                                                                                            Lng   CLARION                                 3          1989                   1992
                                                                                            Lng   CLIPPER
                                                                                            Lng   COBOL                                   5          1980                   1994
                    Business Skill                      *Level   *Start date    *End date   Lng   COLDFUSION
Agriculture                                                                                 Lng   CONSTRUCT
Agriculture - Farming                                                                       Lng   COOLGEN

Agriculture - Nurseries                                                                     Lng   CSS - CASCADING STYLE SHEETS
Banking                                                                                     Lng   CTREE
Banking - CAMS                                                                              Lng   DATAEASE                                3          1986                   1989
Banking - Credit Card                                                                       Lng   DECISION PRO
Banking - Credit Rating                                                                     Lng   DELPHI
Banking - Foreign Exchange                                                                  Lng   DHTML

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                                                   e35cf16b-9d9a-4e0e-9629-f5823b7cdf9d.xls                8/1/2011
Banking - Home Loans                                               Lng     EASYTRIEVE         3   1980                 1985
Business Administration                                            Lng     ESQL
Business Analysis - JAD Sessioning                                 Lng     FLEXGEN
Business Change Management                                         Lng     FOCUS
Business Development                                               Lng     FORTE
Business Electronic Commerce                                       Lng     FORTRAN
Business Electronic Data Interchange                               Lng     FOXPRO
Business Feasibility Studies                 4   1990         2000 Lng     HOGAN
Business Intelligence                                              Lng     HTML               3   1995                 2000
Business Management
Business Management - Quality                                        Lng   IDEAL
Business Process Re-engineering                                      Lng   INFO PLUS
Business Productivity Improvement                                    Lng   INFOBASIC
Business Risk Management                                             Lng   INFORMIX 4GL
Business Solutions                           4   1990         1995   Lng   INFORMIX SQL
Business Strategic Planning                  5   1989         2001   Lng   INGRES 4GL
Business Time Management                                             Lng   INGRES ABF
Business Transformation                                              Lng   JAVA
Business Workflow                                                    Lng   JAVABEANS
Education                                                            Lng   JAVAMAIL
Education - Examination                                              Lng   JAVASCRIPT
Education - Skills Training                                          Lng   JAVASWING
Financial                                                            Lng   JSP
Financial - Accounting                                               Lng   JCL                5   1980                 1990
Financial - Accounts Payable                                         Lng   JES2               5   1980                 1990
Financial - Accounts Receivable                                      Lng   LAMP
Financial - Billing                                                  Lng   LIBRARIAN
Financial - Budgeting                                                Lng   LINC
Financial - Costing (Cost Accounting)                                Lng   LINGO
Financial - Debtors / Loans                                          Lng   LISP
Financial - General Ledger                                           Lng   LOTUS SCRIPT
Government (Police and Justice) ???          5   1986         1992   Lng   MAGIC
Government - Customs & Excise                                        Lng   MAPPER
Government - General                         3   1984         1986   Lng   MAXIMO
Government - Import & Export                                         Lng   MANTIS
Government - Military                        5   1980         1985   Lng   MICROFOCUS COBOL   3   1986                 1990
Government - Military - Surveillance                                 Lng   MODULA 2
Government - Military - Tactical                                     Lng   MOTIF
Government - Museum                                                  Lng   MS COBOL
Health                                                               Lng   NATURAL
Health - Hospital - Patient Registration                             Lng   ORACLE FORMS       3   1991                 1992
Health - Medical Practice                                            Lng   ORACLE PL / SQL    3   1991                 1992
Health - Pharmacy                                                    Lng   ORACLE REPORTS     3   1991                 1992
Hospitality                                                          Lng   ORCHID
Hospitality - Food & Beverage                                        Lng   PASCAL             3   1980                 1984
Hospitality - Hotel Booking & Reservations                           Lng   PERL
Human Resources                                                      Lng   PHP
Human Resources - Payroll                                            Lng   PICK
Human Resources - Performance Management                             Lng   PL / 1             2   1980                 1981
Human Resources - Psychometrics                                      Lng   POWERBUILDER
Insurance                                                            Lng   POWERHOUSE
Insurance - Long Term                                                Lng   PROGRESS
Insurance - Medical Aid                                              Lng   PROLOG
Insurance - Pensions                                                 Lng   RASCAL
Insurance - Short Term                                               Lng   REXX
Investments                                                          Lng   ROSCOE             5   1980                 1985
Investments - Equity Trading                                         Lng   RPG

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                                                        e35cf16b-9d9a-4e0e-9629-f5823b7cdf9d.xls                                  8/1/2011
Investments - Money Market                                                Lng   RTL / 2
Investments - Retirement Annuities                                        Lng   SAGENT
Investments - Securities                                                  Lng   SAS
Investments - Stockbroking                                                Lng   SEQUENT
Investments - Treasury Management                                         Lng   SESAM
Investments - Unit Trusts                                                 Lng   SGML
IT - Acceptance Testing                           5   1980         1994   Lng   SMALLTALK
IT - Application Programming Interfaces (API's)   5   1984         1992   Lng   SMALLWORLD
IT - Capacity Planning                            5   1990         2001   Lng   SQL                           5          1991                   2001
IT - Configuration Management                     5   1990         2001   Lng   SQL WINDOWS
IT - Data Warehousing                                                     Lng   SQR
IT - Disaster Recovery                            5   1990         2001   Lng   SYNON
IT - Document Management                          5   1985         1992   Lng   TANGO
IT - Document Management - Imaging                                        Lng   UNIFACE
IT - Document Management - Library                4   1985         1990   Lng   UNIFY
IT - Document Management - Transfer                                       Lng   UNIVERSE
IT - Executive Information Systems                5   1990         2001   Lng   UNIX SHELL SCRIPT
IT - Geographical Information Systems             5   1995         2001   Lng   VBSCRIPT
IT - Internet                                                             Lng   VBA
IT - Knowledge Management                                                 Lng   VISUAL BASIC                  3          2001                   2006
IT - LAN (Local Area Networks)                                            Lng   VB.Net
IT - Mobile Computing                                                     Lng   VISUAL FOXPRO
IT - Networking                                                           Lng   VISUAL INTERDEV
IT - Package Selections                                                   Lng   Visual Studio.net
IT - Quality Assurance                                                    Lng   VSAM                          5          1980                   1994
IT - Real Time Systems                                                    Lng   WML
IT - Scientific                                                           Lng   X - WINDOWS
IT - Security                                     3   1984         1986   Lng   XML
IT - Security - Access Control                                            Lng   XSL
IT - Security - Time & Attendance                                         Lng   XSD
IT - Systems Architecture                         5   1986         2001   Lng   XHTML
IT - Systems Integration                          5   1980         1995
IT - Technical
IT - Voice Processing
IT - WAN (Wide Area Networks)                                                            Databases   *Level       *Start date       *End date
IT - WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)                                Db ADABAS
LARA - Local and Regional Authority                                     DB ADABAS-D
Management                                        5   1990         2001 Db ADO
Management - IT Auditing                                                Db ADOX
Management - Legal                                5   1990         2001 Db BTRIEVE
Management - Line                                                       Db DATABUS
Management - Quality Systems - ISO 7000                                 Db DATACOM
Management - Quality Systems - ISO 9000                                 Db DB2                                4          1993                   1997
Management - Quality Systems - ISO 9001                                 Db DBASE
Management - Quality Systems - ISO 9002                                 Db ESSBASE
Manufacturing                                                           Db FOXBASE
Manufacturing - Avionics                                                Db FOXPRO
Manufacturing - Electricity Supply                                      Db GUPTA
Manufacturing - Electronic                                              Db IDMS
Manufacturing - Inventory Management                                    Db IMS                                3          1980                   1994
Manufacturing - JIT                                                     Db INFORMIX
Manufacturing - Logistics                                               Db INGRES
Manufacturing - Material Requirements Planning                          Db INTERBASE
Manufacturing - Materials Management                                    Db SUPRA1
Manufacturing - Operations Research                                     DB SUPRA2
Manufacturing - Plant Maintenance                                       DB TAMINO
Manufacturing - Process Control                                         Db MS ACCESS                          4          2000                   2006

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                                                                 e35cf16b-9d9a-4e0e-9629-f5823b7cdf9d.xls                                                8/1/2011
Manufacturing - Procurement                                                       Db ORACLE                                         3          1991                    1992
Manufacturing - Production Planning                                               Db PARADOX
Manufacturing - Shopfloor Control                                                 DB PostgreSQL
Manufacturing - Stock Control                                                     Db R-BASE
Manufacturing - Supply Chain Management                                           Db RDO
Manufacturing - Warehouse Management                                              Db MS SQL SERVER
Marketing                                                                         Db SYBASE
Marketing - Branding                                                              Db VAX RDB
Marketing - Customer Relationship Management
Marketing - Information Gathering & Analysis
Marketing - Strategising
Mining                                                                                             TP Monitors             *Level       *Start date        *End date
Retail                                                                            Tpm    CICS                                       5           1978                   2000
Retail - FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods)                                        Tpm    COGNOS
                                                                                  Tpm    COMPLETE
                                                                                  Tpm    IPX / SPX
                                                                                  Tpm    ISPF / PDF
                                                                                  Tpm    SMP / E
                                                                                  Tpm    SNMP / RMON
                                                                                  Tpm    TPMS
                                                                                  Tpm    TSO                                        4          1986                    1995
                                                                                  Tpm    VTAM                                       4          1986                    1995

                                                                                                     Case Tools            *Level       *Start date        *End date
                                                                                  Case   Tool   ADW                                 3      1990              1993
                                                                                  Case   Tool   BUSINESS OBJECTS
                                                                                  Case   Tool   COOLBIZ
Sales                                          *Level   *Start date   *End date   Case   Tool   COOLCUBES
Sales - Distribution                                                              Case   Tool   DATA MART
Sales - Order Processing                                                          Case   Tool   EASY ABC
Sales - Point of Sale                                                             Case   Tool   ENDEVOUR
Telecommunications                                                                Case   Tool   ERWIN
Telecommunications - GSM                                                          Case   Tool   IEW                                 3          1993                    1995
Telecommunications - Interactive Television                                       Case   Tool   MS VISUAL MODELER
Transport                                                                         Case   Tool   OBJECT STORE
Transport - Fleet Management                                                      Case   Tool   ORACLE DESIGNER 2000

Transport - Motor Vehicle Administration                                         Case      ORACLE DEVELOPER 2000
                                                                                 Case      PLATINUM
                                                                                 Case      POWER DESIGNER
                 Operating Systems             *Level   *Start date   *End date Case       QUICKBUILD
O/s APACHE WEB SERVER                                                            Case      RATIONAL ROSE
O/s ARCNET                                                                       Case      SELECT
O/s ARCSERVE                                                                     Case      SYSTEM BUILDER
O/s ARCVIEW                                                                      Case      SYSTEMS / W
O/s AS / 400                                                                     Case      TETRA
O/s BS2000                                                                       Case      UI BUILDER
O/s CITRIX                                                                       Case      ULTIMUS
O/s COMMS MANAGER                                                                Case      VISIO
O/s DECNET                                                                       Case      VISION PLUS
O/s MS DOS                                          4          1990         1995 Case      VISUAL OBJECTS
O/s MS EXCHANGE SERVER                                                           Case      CLEAR PROCESS SOFTWARE
MS EXCHANGE 5.5                                                                  Case      ORG PLUS
MS EXCHANGE 2000                                                                                Methodologies              *Level       *Start date        *End date
MS EXCHANGE 2003                                                                  Meth ASL (application version of ITIL)
O/s ICL VME                                                                       Meth Capability Maturity Model (CMMi)
O/s IIS - INTERNET INFORMATION SERVER                                             Meth CDM

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                                                    e35cf16b-9d9a-4e0e-9629-f5823b7cdf9d.xls                                       8/1/2011
O/s LAN SERVER                                                      Meth   COBIT
O/s LANTASTIC                                                       Meth   DSDM
O/s MVS                                5          1978         1995 Meth   E2E TESTING
O/s MVS / ESA                          5          1988         1995 Meth   ITIL
O/s MVS / XA                           5          1988         1995 Meth   MITP
O/s NOVELL                                                          Meth   MSF
O/s NOVELL GROUPWISE                                                Meth   NASSI-SCHNEIDERMANN                5          1978                    1985
O/s WINDOWS NT                                                      Meth   OLE
O/s WINDOWS NT SERVER                                               Meth   OMT
O/s WINDOWS NT WORKSTATION                                          Meth   OO
O/s ORACLE WEBSERVER                                                Meth   PWC Testing
O/s OS / 2                                                          Meth   SDM
O/s OS / 400                                                        Meth   SSADM
O/s POWERLAN                                                        Meth   TMAP (testing Meth)
O/s UNIX - AIX                                                                        Office Tools   *Level       *Start date        *End date
O/s UNIX - LINUX                                                    Office  CORELDRAW
O/s UNIX - OSF1                                                     Office  LOTUS 123
O/s UNIX - SCO                                                      Office  LOTUS DOMINO
O/s UNIX - SOLARIS                                                  Office  LOTUS NOTES
O/s VAX / VMS                                                       Office  LOTUS SMARTSUITE
O/s VM                                                              Office  MS EXCEL                          4          1995                    2006
O/s VME                                                             Office  MS OFFICE                         4          1995                    2006
O/s VSE                                                             Office  MS POWERPOINT                     4          1995                    2006
O/s VSE / ESA                                                       Office  MS WORD                           4          1995                    2006
O/s WINDOWS 98                         4          1995         2000 Office  QUATTRO PRO
O/s WINDOWS 2000                       4          2000         2006 Office  MS OUTLOOK                        4           1995                   2006
O/s WINDOWS CE                                                                       ERP Software    *Level       *Start date        *End date
O/s WINDOWS SDK                                                     Erp   ACCPAC
O/s WINDOWS XP                         4          2003         2006 Erp   BAAN
O/s XENIX                                                           Erp   BPCS
Directories/Metadirectories                                         Erp   BRILLIANT
Symbian UIQ                                                         Erp   COMSHARE
ISA SERVER                                                          Erp   IMPACT
                                                                    Erp   JD EDWARDS
                                                                    Erp   MAPICS
                                                                    Erp   ORACLE FINANCIALS
                                                                    Erp   PASTEL
                                                                    Erp   PEOPLESOFT
                                                                    Erp   PROPHECY
                      Protocols   *Level   *Start date   *End date Erp    QMUZIK
Prot   CCMAIL                                                       Erp   QPAC
Prot   COM                                                          Erp   RUBICO
Prot   CORBA                                                        Erp   SAP R/2
Prot   DCOM                                                         Erp   SAP R/3
Prot   ETHERNET                                                     Erp   SIEBEL
Prot   MQ SERIES                                                    Erp   TRITON
Prot   MS PROXY SERVER                                              Erp   WALKER
Prot   NCP                                                          Erp   Great Plains
Prot   NETBEUI                                                      Erp   SYSTEM 21
Prot   NETBIOS                                                      Erp   Maximiser
Prot   NETVIEW                    *
Prot   ODBC
Prot   OLAP

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                                                      e35cf16b-9d9a-4e0e-9629-f5823b7cdf9d.xls                                                8/1/2011
Prot   POP3                                                                      Graphics Design Tools          *Level       *Start date        *End date
Prot   RACF                        *                                   Graphics Tool MICROGRAFX
Prot   RS/232                                                          Graphics Tool ADOBE IMAGE READY
Prot   SMTP                                                            Graphics Tool ADOBE PAGEMAKER
Prot   SNA                         *                                   Graphics Tool ADOBE PHOTOSHOP
                                                                       Graphics Tool AFTER EFFECTS
Prot   TCP/IP                      *                                   MACROMEDIA
Prot   TOKEN RING                                                      Graphics Tool ARIS TOOLSET
Prot   TUXEDO                                                          Graphics Tool AUTOCAD
Prot   X25                         *                                   Graphics Tool AUTODESK

Prot XCOM                                                              Graphics Tool DIRECTOR MACROMEDIA
                                                                       Graphics Tool DREAMWEAVER
                                                                       Graphics Tool EVESOFT FIRSTPAGE

                                                                       Graphics Tool EXTREME 3D MACROMEDIA

                                                                       Graphics Tool FIREWORKS MACROMEDIA
                                                                       Graphics Tool FLASH MACROMEDIA

                                                                       Graphics   Tool   FREEHAND MACROMEDIA
                                                                       Graphics   Tool   MS FRONTPAGE
                       Hardware    *Level    *Start date   *End date   Graphics   Tool   GIF ANIMATOR
H/w APPLE                                                              Graphics   Tool   HOME SITE ALLAIRE

H/w APPLE MACINTOSH                                                    Graphics Tool MS IMAGE COMPOSER
H/w BULL                                                               Graphics Tool PAINTSHOP PRO

H/w BURROUGHS                                                          Graphics Tool PREMIERE MACROMEDIA

H/w    COMPAQ                                                          Graphics   Tool   SHOCKWAVE MACROMEDIA
H/w    DATA GENERAL                *                                   Graphics   Tool   VISUAL CAD
H/w    DATAPOINT                                                       Graphics   Tool   VISUAL STUDIO
H/w    DEC                                                             Graphics   Tool   WEB COMPONENTS
H/w    DEC / VAX                                                       Graphics   Tool   WEBLOGIC
H/w    DELL                                                            Graphics   Tool   WEBSPHERE
H/w    HP                          *                                   Graphics   Tool   WEB TRENDS
H/w    IBM                         *                                   Graphics   Tool   WEB TRICITY
H/w    ICL
H/w    SILICON GRAPHICS                                                            Project Management           *Level       *Start date        *End date
H/w    SUN                                                             Pmt   MS PROJECT                                  4           1995                   2001
H/w    UNISYS                                                          Pmt   PROJECT SCHEDULER
H/w    WANG                                                            Pmt   SUPERPROJECT
H/w    PRINTERS                    *                                   Pmt   TIME LINE
                     Networking     *Level   *Start date   *End date   Pmt   PM BOK
                                                                       Pmt   OPEN PLAN
N/w    3COM                                                            Pmt   PRINCE2
N/w    BAY
N/w    CISCO
N/w    Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity)                                       Middleware Development                   *Level       *Start date        *End date

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                                                           e35cf16b-9d9a-4e0e-9629-f5823b7cdf9d.xls                                           8/1/2011

                                                                            Testing tools                        *Level       *Start date       *End date
                  Call centre/Helpdesk   *Level   *Start date   *End date   Test Director
ARS REMEDY                                                                  WinRunner

                      Report Writer      *Level   *Start date   *End date   Emerging Technologies                *Level       *Start date       *End date
Actuate                                                                     DYNAMO
Crystal Reports                                                             IBM Rational AnalystStudio
Discoverer Reports                                                          IBM Rational ClearCase
Esperant                                                                    IBM Rational ClearQuest
Microstrategy                                                               IBM Rational Developer
                                                                            IBM Rational Requisite Pro
                                                                            IBM Websphere Portal                          3          1998                   2001
                                                                            IBM Web Content Management
                                                                            HTML Help Workshop
                                                                            Inno Setup Compiler
                                                                            Lotus Team Workplace
                                                                            Lotus Instant Messaging (Sametime)
                                                                            Legato Server backup
                                                                            Rational Unified Process (RUP)
                    Antivirus/Firewall   *Level   *Start date   *End date   Unified Change Management (UCM)
Alta Vista Firewall                                                         Unified Modelling Language (UML)
AVG Grisoft                                                                 Viewlet Builder
BaySecure Firewall 1                                                        Biztalk
BorderWare                                                                                     Other             *Level       *Start date       *End date
Cisco Centri Firewall for Windows                                           PABX Support
CyberGuard Firewall                                                         Call Management Systems
EAGLE                                                                       Voice mail Systems
Fireless                                                                    Autoattendent Systems
Firewall for NT                                                             IVR
Gauntlet                                                                    LCR
GFX Internet Firewall
IBM Firewall for AIX
Linux Firewalls
Net Guardian
Norton Ghost
On Guard Firewall
Personal Firewalls
Secure Access
SecurIT Firewall
Solstice firewall
The Wall
The Wall XJ
Watch Guard
Norton Antivirus

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