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Inspiring Innovation

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Bethlehem University News - Volume 18   Issue No. 1   2009-2010
                                                                       in the   holy land

       Inspiring Innovation ...
                                                          Creating the Future
                                 A Message from the                                       Published by the Development and

                                 Vice Chancellor                                          Public Relations Office
                                                                                          Editorial Committee
                                                                                          Ms. Dina Awwad (BU ’05)
    Here at Bethlehem University we talk quite a lot about hope. In many ways hope        Brother Jack Curran, FSC
                                                                                          Ms. Stephanie Rhodes
    is the underlying factor in all that we do. As an oasis of hope and peace, we bring
    a sense of values and the sacred to our daily lives and to our views of education.    Contributors
                                                                                          Sister Ruby Abellana, spc
                                                                                          Ms. Nadira Araj
    Our dedicated faculty and staff work hard to match the education that we              Mr. Demitri Awwad
    are providing to the actual needs of the Palestinian society. For our students,       Ms. Dina Awwad (BU ’05)
    living as they do in the midst of occupation, they must be educated to face the       Ms. Vera Baboun
                                                                                          Brother Peter Bray, FSC
    realities Palestine today – and into the future. With your support, our faculty and   Mr. Philip Daoud
    students together are inspiring innovation and creating the future.                   Mr. Elias Halabi (BU ’07)
                                                                                          Ms. Rania Hazboun (BU ’96)
                                                                                          Mr. Joseph Hodali (BU ’08)
    One of the significant issues that concerns us as a University is to insure that      Ms. May Jaber
    our programs prepare our students to create the future of Palestine, helping          Father Jamal Khader
    them to continue with relevant graduate education and to also find meaningful         Ms. Haifa Lama
    employment. This is why our faculty are continuously involved in self-assessment      Brother Joseph Loewenstein, FSC
                                                                                          Brother Jean Manuel, FSC
    and quality review activities. The graduates of Bethlehem University are building     Dr. Norma Hazboun Masrieh
    their futures here in Palestine.                                                      Ms. Raphaela Fischer Moura
                                                                                          Ms. Nida Qumseih
                                                                                          Mr. Mousa Rabadi
    In coming here to Bethlehem University, I knew that I wanted to focus on              Ms. Mary Sabella
    teaching and learning, and how research and community service are integrated          Brother David Scarpa, FSC
    into the teaching and learning process. These are core realities for us as a          Brother Dominic Smith, FSC
                                                                                          Dr. Inge Tiemann
    University – and mindful of our role as a Catholic university – values, morals,       Mr. Max von Danwitz
    and ethics are infused throughout all we do.                                          Dr. Hala Yamani
    This issue of our University Newsletter highlights some of the ways our students,     Bassel Mansour (BU ’09)
    faculty and staff are involved in comprehensive and innovative education that         Dima Musallam (BU ’10)
    is rooted in the needs of the Palestinian society. In particular, you’ll read about   David Clement
                                                                                          Elias Halabi (BU ’07)
    our ongoing efforts to provide practical career development education for
    our students, helping them transfer their classroom knowledge into work that          Special Thanks
    contributes to their country. This new career development initiative would not        Student Ambassadors
    be possible without the support Cardinal Foley, Grand Master of the Equestrian        Design and Printing:
    Order of the Holy Sepulchre, and other benefactors such as Lieutenant Mary            Nour Design & Print Co.
    O’Brien and the USA Northwestern Lieutenancy who established the John                 Selina Tabash Nour (BU ’98)
    McGuckin Mentorship Program, and the foundational inspiration of Mr. Cor Jan          David Nour (BU ’95)
    van Heesewijk of The Netherlands Lieutenancy who pioneered these internships          Electronic address:
    and career focused efforts. We are most grateful!                           
    Together, and by association, we are all building a future of hope for the people     Temporary mailing address:
    of Palestine. Thank you!                                                              Public Relations Office
                                                                                          PO Box 11407
                                                                                          92248 Jerusalem
                                                                                          Location address:
                                                                                          Rue des Frères
    Brother Peter Bray, FSC, EdD                                                          Bethlehem, Palestine
    Vice Chancellor
                                                                                          USA address:
                                                                                          Ms. Kate Casa
                                                                                          Executive Director
                                                                                          Brother Dominic Smith, FSC
                                                                                          Executive Assistant
                                                                                          Bethlehem University
                                                                                          Hecker Center, Suite 330
                                                                                          3025 Fourth St, NE
                                                                                          Washington, DC 20017-1102
                                                                                          Tel. 202-567-6097
2   University   News
Table of Contents                                Bethlehem University
                                                      in Figures
                                           4                   2009 - 2010
Brother Georges Absi appointed President
                                                Student enrollment:
Feedback + BU Mission Statement
                                           5    Master’s Degree: 87
                                                Higher Diploma: 239
                                                Professional Diploma: 42
Forum theater meets the German street
                                           6    Baccalaureate: 2,589
                                                Diploma: 97
                                                Total Student Enrollment: 3,054
Continuing education for development
                                           7    Faculty and staff: 311
                                                Full- and Part-time Faculty: 164
“My hidden talents”                             Full- and Part-time Staff: 147

Incubating success
                                           8      Student Demographics
Resistance with Love as Its Logic
                                           9         26%                   31%
Technology & the Culture of Democracy                Male                 Christian

                                                              Female                  Muslim

Student Music Group

The People of Malta Enhance Technology
at Bethlehem University                    11
Defining Freedom By Its Limits                    Student Home Areas
Changing Attitudes to Save Lives                      Bethlehem

Bethlehem and Georgetown Fostering                    Hebron

Hope in the Holy Land                                 Other

Mapping Genes that matter

Developing Palestine
                                           14       8%

Social Work Palestine

Transformational Development
                                           15    Sources of Income

                                           16          Donations,
                                                       Gifts &
                                                                                      for Student

                                                       Grants for
Thank You                                              & Programs
                                                                                  Vatican Gift

How Can You Help
                                           23                          Palestinian

3   University   News
Remembrances                                  Remembrances
                                              Brother Mark Boyle, FSC, passed away on 10 August 2009 after having
                                              served students in his native England as well as in Nigeria and at Beth-
                                              lehem University in the Finance Office and as an English teacher from
                                              1999 through 2003. “He was a very much liked teacher,” says Brother
                                              David Scarpa. “He was my guide, a father figure to me,” reflects Kaied
                                              Ghiyatha (BU’02). “Brother Mark was a delight in Community,”
                                              remembers Brother Neil Kieffe. “A man of simple and unassuming
                                              faith and a simplicity of life” is how Brother Anthony Porter describes
                                              Brother Mark.

                                              Sister Mary Bellarmine Aristorenas, spc, passed away on 6 August 2009.
                                              In addition to serving in her native Philippines, at Bethlehem Univer-
                                              sity from 1991 through 1999 she taught Nursing and also worked in
                                              the Archives. “By nature and as a nurse she was a caring and friendly
                                              person,” is how her library colleague Rebecca Calaor describes Sister.
                                              “She was a humble, modest, and joyful person,” recalls Dr. Mellie
                                              Brodeth. Sister Mary was laid to rest in Cebu, Philippines, next to her
                                              sister in Christ, Sister Violetta Ortega, who also served at Bethlehem
                                              University from 1999 through 2004.

    May the souls of Brother Mark, Sister Mary and all the faithful departed rest in peace.

                                           Brother Georges Absi
                                           Appointed New President of
                                           Bethlehem University
       On 17 June 2009 Vice                his support as the Patriarch of      Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Egypt
       Chancellor Brother Peter                       ”
                                           Jerusalem, noted Brother Peter       and the Sudan. He served on the
       Bray announced that Brother         Bray. “Bethlehem University is       Board of Trustees of Bethlehem
       Georges Absi will serve             also well served with Brother        University since 2003 and is
       as President of Bethlehem           Georges Absi’s leadership and        highly respected throughout the
       University, succeeding His          commitment. He has a deep            Middle East in the educational
       Beatitude Archbishop Fuad           appreciation for the mission         field.
       Twal who served from March          of Bethlehem University and
       2006.                               likewise brings significant          The President of the University
                                           competence to this new               serves as a representative of
       “I am grateful for the service of                 ”
                                           responsibility.                      the Vice Chancellor with the
       Archbishop Twal as President of                                          Association of Arab Universities
       Bethlehem University and am         Brother Georges, a native of         and presides over graduation
       delighted that the educational      Egypt, is the Provincial Superior    and other official University
       efforts of Bethlehem University     of the Proche Orient overseeing      ceremonies.
       will continue to be blessed         numerous Lasallian educational
       throughout the Holy Land with       enterprises in Turkey, Lebanon,

4   University   News
    FeedBack                                                                         Bethlehem
                                             “What a pleasant surprise to see
                                             a photograph in your magazine of
                                             my husband and me from when
                                             our Equestrian Order visited the
                                             University. I enjoy reading about
                                             and supporting the University.”         Statement
                                             Mrs. Carole Cannon, Edinburgh,

       “Thanks to Bethlehem University
       for its warm hospitality during our
       pilgrimages with Kevin McGuirk,
       our pilgrim master. The visits were
       warm and informative, helping us
       to understand the needs there and
       the day to day situation for one of
       the works we support.”
       Thomas Mulligan, KC*HS,
       Lincolnwood, Illinois, USA

                                                                                     Bethlehem University is a
                                                                                     Catholic co-educational
                                              “The last issue of Bethlehem           institution in the Lasallian
                                              University News surpassed all          tradition whose mission is
                                              others; they just keep getting         to provide quality higher
                                              better all the time!”                  education to the people of
                                              Florence I. Gregoric, Silver Spring,   Palestine and to serve them
                                              Maryland, USA
                                                                                     in its role as a center for
                                                                                     the advancement, sharing
                                                                                     and use of knowledge. The
    “The Breast Cancer Research       “I read about the semester                     University emphasizes
    Foundation is proud of our        exchange program at the
                                      Universidad LaSalle in Mexico                  excellence in academic
    association with Bethlehem
    University and hope that the      City for Vivian Ghobar (BU ’10).               programs and the
    research being funded will bring  She mentions that many students                development of students as
    us closer to our shared goal of   in Mexico told her that she was                committed people prepared
                                      the first Palestinian they met.                to assume leading positions
    prevention and a cure.”
                                      At the University of Stuttgart in
    Myra J. Biblowit, President, and
                                      Germany where I am working                     in society. The University
    Margaret Mastrianni, Deputy       on a Masters in Information                    aspires to foster shared
    Director, New York, NY, USA       Technology, I met a Mexican                    values, moral principles and
                                      student who told me that I was                 a dedication to serving the
    “Thank you for the work of        the second Palestinian she met!                common good.
    Bethlehem University. We pray for And yes, last year she was in class
    you and the faculty and students with Vivian at the Universidad
    and alumni.”                      LaSalle in Mexico City! What an
    Kathie Armstrong, Columbia,       amazingly small world!”
    Maryland, USA                            Amir Bannoura (BU ’08)

                                    Tell us what you think about our programs, our newsletter, your visit…
     Talk Back                                  tell us about YOU! We want to hear from you!
                                                     E-mail us at

5   University   News
                 Forum Theater Meets
                       The German Street
    Palestinian Theater of the Oppressed in Germany:
    A Unique Exercise in Multiculturalism
    The 50th Anniversary Celebration       Society, “was to express the right      also involves asking the audience
    of the Association for Development     of women to be equal to men.”           to actually get involved in the
    Cooperation of German Catholics        The play depicts a female student’s     production, to put themselves in
    (AGEH) provided a venue for            struggles running for a seat in the     the place of the protagonist, and to
    Dr. Hala Yamani of the Faculty of      male-dominated university Student       imagine change,” says Dr. Hala.
    Education and Dr. Inge Tiemann,        Senate. In one scene, Dr. Hala
    AGEH-sponsored Visiting                explains, “the man is saying politics   It was “incredibly interesting,” says
    Consultant for Participatory           is not for women…it needs a power       Zhim-xum Ho, a member of the
    Learning at Bethlehem University,      base that women don’t possess.”         German group, “While we had
    to bring together Bethlehem                                                    some differences, the similarities
    University students with German        “In the new production, by playing      were greater.” Nathalie Asmari (BU
    street-theater actors in a unique      the role of students coming from        ’11) saw the experience as “a great
    cross-cultural transformative          Germany to study Arabic in              enrichment.”
    learning experience using forum        Bethlehem, the German students
    theater.                               bring an intercultural dimension to     Dr. Hala Yamani trains students
                                           the play’s conflicts,” says Dr. Inge.   preparing to be teachers and others
    During the Fall 2009 semester seven    “This had the added advantage of        in forum theater techniques and
    Bethlehem students traveled to         building a bridge to the German         skills. She began incorporating
    Germany and engaged with three         audience,” who were themselves          forum theater in her teacher
    German actors of the street-theater    unfamiliar with the inner workings      education work at the Faculty of
    group headed by Francisco Mirallas     of Palestinian society.                 Education at Bethlehem University
    Hernández to present a new version                                             upon her return from her doctoral
    of the Bethlehem University Drama      The partnership exposed both            program in the United Kingdom
    Society forum theater production of    groups of student-actors to             a few years ago. Forum theater is a
    Leish la? (Why Not?).                  different teaching and learning         powerful transformative teaching
                                           methodologies. The focus of the         and learning methodology. “It’s the
    “The original concept of Leish la?,”   German street theater group is          best for us to raise the awareness
    explains Dr. Hala Yamani, Assistant    primarily to explore a topic that’s     of the community about issues of
    Professor of Education and Director    already a subject of public interest    injustice and oppression,” says
    of the Bethlehem University Drama      whereas “the Palestinian focus          Dr. Hala.

6   University   News
    Continuing Education for Development “My Hidden Talents”
                                                                                  Career Coach Guides
                                                                                  Students in Career
                                                                                  Development Workshop
                                                                                   “I learned that I have abilities that
                                                                                   can make a difference in the lives of
                                                                                   others,” wrote one participant in the
                                                                                   3 July 2009 Career Development
                                                                                   Workshop organized by Mary
                                                                                   Sabella of the Counseling Office
                                                                                   and Philip Daoud of the Alumni
                                                                                   Relations Office.

    Online Professional Diplomas
     in Project Management and E-business
    There’s a big difference between       their performance is crucial for
    being an industry expert and           economic development. But
    being a successful business owner.     getting working professionals into
    For instance, having superior          the classroom is a major challenge.
    knowledge of IT systems doesn’t        So Bethlehem University
    automatically sell those services to   introduced Palestine’s first-ever
    paying consumers.                      online accredited professional
                                           diplomas in Project Management
                                                                                   With the cooperation of the
    Sometimes Palestinian business         and E-Business as part of a
                                                                                   Expos(t)e Foundation, Ms. Caroline
    owners face exactly that problem.      blended learning format that            Bun, an international career and
    “Through our needs assessment          combines online coursework with         personal development coach from
    research we found a gap in the         occasional face-to-face class time.     The Netherlands, led students
    private sector,” explains Eman         The first cohort graduated on 17        through personal exploration
    Hadweh, Program Officer at             July 2009.                              activities designed to help them
    Bethlehem University’s Institute                                               understand their strengths, values,
    for Community Partnership (ICP),       With initial funding from the           beliefs, and potential. Participants
    “with many small business owners       World Bank and the European             were enthusiastic as they envisioned
    having technical background but        Commission, the diplomas                their future professional lives. Ms.
    not having business marketing          have become self-sustaining.            Bun noted that some participants
    and managerial background.”            The reason is simple, says              “had big insights and others became
                                                                                   aware of some limitations they
                                           Eman, “Participants find the
                                                                                   created for themselves.”
    With small and medium                  program helpful and are willing
    enterprises making up ninety-          to pay because they see it as an        Building upon the initiative
    nine percent of the Palestinian        investment in their future success.”    of Mr. Cor Jan van Heesewijk
    business sector, improving                                                     and Mr. Ben Dicker of The
                                                                                   Netherlands Lieutenancy of the
                                                                                   EOHSJ, more career preparation
                                                                                   activities, including opportunities
                                                                                   for mentoring, internship,
                                                                                   and apprentice placements
                                                                                   are forthcoming through the
                                                                                   cooperation of the Counseling
                                                                                   Office, Alumni Office, and faculty
                                                                                   members with funding support
                                                                                   from H.E. Cardinal John Foley,
                                                                                   Grand Master of the Equestrian
                                                                                   Order, Lieutenant Mary O’Brien
                                                                                   of the USA Northwestern
                                                                                   Lieutenancy, and the Doty Family.
7   University   News
                                 Q: You’re a Computer                  and special needs people. My
                                 Information Systems graduate of       classmates and I focused on
                                 Bethlehem University. So what         helping paralyzed persons control
                                 got you interested in computers       the movement of the cursor on the
                                 in the first place?                   monitor by using their thoughts.
                                                                       Working with our faculty advisor,
                                 Joseph: I guess you can say           Dr. Suheil Odeh, Maha Sleibi
                                 that I followed in my father’s        (BU ’08), Elia’ Salsa’ (BU ’08) and
                                 footsteps. He’s a systems analyst     I used a medical device called an
                                 who studied in London. For 17         electroencephalogram that is used
                                 years we have had our family          in hospitals to detect and analyze
                                 computer business in Bethlehem.       brain waves and we choose the
                                 I’ve been working with him a lot      waves that control what we want.
                                 since childhood. When I finished
                                 high school I thought about           Q: You had to figure out which
                                 studying neurosurgery in Italy,       brainwave corresponds to a
                                 but decided to focus on computer      thought for moving the cursor in

    Joseph Hodali (BU ’08) is developing a new computer information
    systems business model, supported by funding from the World Bank
    through the LaSalle Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    (LCEI) at Bethlehem University. Here, Joseph talks about what inspired
    him to study computers in the first place.
                                 information systems at Bethlehem      a particular direction then code
                                 University instead since there        the programming to actually
                                 is a wide span of applications of     move the computer cursor based
                                 technology these days. You can        on that recognition?
                                 find technology everywhere and it
                                 is developing so fast. For example,   Joseph: Yes, that’s it. And we
                                 I did my Senior Seminar on brain-     got accurate results in how the
                                 computer interfaces where you         algorithm classified the brain
                                 blend neurosurgery, computer          waves for the left hand and for the
                                 engineering, and electrical           right hand. Eighty percent of the
                                 engineering to help paralyzed         time it worked!

                                                    Your Help Is Needed!
                                   The newly established Alumni Relations Office assists the faculty in
                                   seeking professional career mentors as well as business organizations
                                   to offer local and international internship placement opportunities
                                   for current Bethlehem University students and recent graduates like
                                   Joseph Hodali. If you are interested in serving as a career mentor or
                                   if you know of opportunities for career internship opportunities,
                                                                  Please Visit
                                                  Mr. Philip Daoud, Alumni Relations Officer

8   University   News
    Resistance with Love as Its Logic                                           Technology
                                                                                & the Culture
                                                                                of Democracy

    Palestinian Christians Speak of Faith,
    Hope, and Love in the Midst of Occupation
                                                                                 Nadira Araj & Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang
                                                                                 at the IGF09 Opening Session

                                                                                Social Networks,
                                                                                Privacy, & Freedom
                                                                                of Expression
                                                                                Ms. Nadira Araj, Lecturer
                                                                                in Business Administration,
    For more than two years, Father      “This means for us, here and now,      didn’t just attend the 4th
    Jamal Khader, Dean of Arts and       in this land in particular, that God   Internet Governance Forum
    Chairperson of Religious Studies,    created us not so that we might        (IGF09), she tweeted it! One of
    has been working with other          engage in strife and conflict but      20 DiploFoundation Internet
    Christian Palestinian theologians    rather that we might come and
                                                                                Governance Capacity Building
    on a statement “of faith, hope       know and love one another, and
    and love” concerning the Israeli-    together build up the land in          fellows (and the only one from
    Palestinian conflict.                love and mutual respect.” This         Palestine), Ms. Araj reported live
                                         is the message that Bethlehem          on event sessions at the IGF in
    The Palestinian Kairos Initiative    University seeks to impart
    published “A Moment of Truth”                                               Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt from 15-
                                         to our Christian and Muslim            18 November 2009 via tweeting
    on 11 December 2009. Reflecting      students each day through formal
    on a similar Kairos movement                                                and blogging. The IGF gathers
                                         interreligious dialogue as well as
    which occurred in South Africa       through the realities of our daily     stakeholders from government
    in 1985 based on the concept         shared campus life. “A Moment of       and civil society to address
    that discrimination is a sin, the    Truth” urges communities of faith      internet policies, including
    Palestinian Christians call the      to “come and see” this Holy Land
    Israeli occupation of Palestinian                                           privacy, security, cyber-crime,
                                         to know its people and reality.        and net neutrality. As a research
    lands a sin, and wrote about their
    reality of life under occupation     (Copies of the document are            fellow, Ms. Araj explores issues
    and declare a theology of justice    available via:                         of intellectual property rights and
    and human dignity.                       open access.
9   University   News
     Student Music Group
     Combines Music with Memory
     The Bethlehem University             group under the direction of      student and saxophone player
     curriculum includes required         Ms. May Jaber, Assistant to the   Tamer Al Sahouri (BU’10), who
     courses in religious studies,        Dean of Students. Wajd is named   studied for 11 years at the Edward
     human rights, Arabic, and            in honor of Mr. Wajd Za’rour, a   Said National Conservatory of
     English. Students also have a        saxophone player and member       Music (ESNCM), worked hard
     fine arts requirement, providing     of the class of 2011 who died     with other students like Manar
     opportunities to explore             in a car accident on 20 January   Alami (BU ’11), to make Wajd’s
     the historical and modern            2008. His mother, sister and      dream a reality.
     expressions of art, music, film,     grandmother were present for
     and theater.                         the 19 November 2009 opening      The Wajd group also performed
                                          performance.                      at the 23 December “Rock to
     In addition to the University’s                                        Bethlehem Concert” which was
     Student Choir under the              “When he was a student with       co-sponsored by the University
     direction of Sister Patricia         us, Wajd dreamed of starting      Alumni Relations Office with the
     Crockford, this Fall saw the debut   a musical group,” explains Ms.    efforts of Mr. Elias Halabi
     of Wajd, a new student musical       Jaber. After his death, fellow    (BU ’07).

10   University   News
     Defining Freedom By Its Limits                                           The People of
     Expressing Thoughts Through Art                                          Malta Enhance
                                                                              at Bethlehem

     ”Freedom is a vague concept in Palestine,” says Ms. Samar Ghattas
                                                                              “We are grateful for the
     who teaches art at Bethlehem University. “Living under occupation,”
                                                                              government and people of
     she continues “has distorted Palestinians’ understanding of freedom
                                                                              Malta as part of our family of
     because we have limited opportunities to exercise it.” During the Fall   benefactors whose support and
     2009 semester her Art Appreciation students reflected on personal        presence among us are powerful
     and social freedom to prepare for their 4 December 2009 Exhibition.      reminders that indeed we are not
     “Art is the conclusion of a process of asking oneself questions and      forgotten,” said Brother Peter Bray
     searching for answers,” posits Ms. Ghattas. “Our goal is for students    during a signing ceremony with
     to come to appreciate art as the product of human thought.”              Mr. Alan Bugeja, Representative of
                                                                              Malta to the Palestinian Authority.
                                                                              Earlier in the Fall 2009 semester,

         Changing Attitudes                                                   the Deputy Prime Minister and
                                                                              Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr.
                                                                              Tonio Borg, and Mr. Bugeja

                                         to Save Lives                        visited Bethlehem University to
                                                                              affirm the long-standing support
                                                                              of the Maltese people and
                                          “Many Palestinians used to          government for the educational
                                          have very negative ideas about      efforts of Bethlehem University.
                                          donating blood,” says Mai           More than ten Bethlehem
                                          Jaber, Assistant to the Dean        University graduates have
                                          of Students. “Some thought          earned their Masters in Human
                                          it weakened the body, and           Rights and Democratization
                                          others were simply terrified of     from the University of Malta.
                                          blood and needles.” However,        On 16 December 2009 Mr.
                                          thanks to a successful              Bugeja signed a grant on behalf
                                          awareness campaign                  of his government, pledging
                                          conducted by the University’s       to assist Bethlehem University
                                          Nursing students, nearly 150        with funds to purchase new
                                          students and faculty donated        computer equipment as part of
                                          blood in the November 2009          the commitment of the Ministry
                                          Blood Drive.                        of Foreign Affairs

11   University   News
Bethlehem University Graduate completes Masters
Degree at Georgetown University With Honors!
                                  It is good news that Raphaela          refused to abandon what had
                                  Fischer Mourra earned her              become ‘his country’ and ‘his
                                  bachelors from Bethlehem               people.’ He felt he could help his
                                  University, the oldest Catholic        patients even more during such
                                  university in the Holy Land, in        hard times.” Then on November
                                  2007. You might say it is greater      16th, some neighbors cried for
                                  news that she earned her masters       help. Their home was bombed by
                                  from Georgetown University, the        an Israeli fighter jet. Raphaela’s
                                  oldest Catholic university in the      father ran out to help. However,
                                  United States, in 2009. However,       tragically, while he was attending
                                  for Raphael and for the people of      to the medical needs of a person
                                  Palestine, the best news is that she   who was shot in the street, Dr.
                                  is now back home in Bethlehem          Harry himself was also hit by
                                  as a faculty member in the             rocket fire from the Israeli military
                                  English Department at Bethlehem        and killed.
                                                                         “Harry was the last word uttered
                                  Encouraged by her teachers at          by my Mom before going into
                                  Bethlehem University, supported        complete silence,” Raphaela
                                  by her family and a generous           wrote for her graduate course
     Thanks to the significant
                                  anonymous donor, Raphaela is           thesis paper, “…we understood
     financial support of an      one of the Bethlehem graduates         everything. And everything meant
     anonymous donor and with     returning to serve the people of       nothing. Nothing was left of him.
     her own superior academic    Palestine through education.           We became fatherless.” Dr. Harry’s
     achievements as an English                                          funeral was attended by more than
     major at Bethlehem           Raphaela’s present situation is        10,000 people.
     University, Raphaela         remarkable. Her future (and
     Fischer Mourra (BU’07)       that of her students) is looking       Bethlehem University is proud
     completed her Masters in     even brighter. She brings with         to have Ms. Raphaela Fischer
     Journalism at Georgetown     her a personal background of           Mourra, daughter of Dr. Harry
     University in Washington,    strength and determination. The        and Norma Fischer, wife of
     DC in June 2009 – with       memoir that Raphaela wrote             Munir (who is also a graduate
     highest honors!              for her Georgetown masters             of Bethlehem University, Social
                                  program (http://www.welcom.            Work, 2000), and mother of Ariana
                         was powerfully       (3 year old daughter), as a faculty
                                  startling and gives us a glimpse of    member. Welcome home Professor
                                  her character. Her father, Dr. Harry   Raphaela!
                                  Fischer, a German medical doctor,
                                  volunteered to come to Palestine
                                  in 1980 to work at Life Gate with
       Inspiring                  people who are disabled. Here
                                  Harry met Norma, a social worker

       Innovation                 at the Bethlehem Social Welfare
                                  Directorate, with whom he fell in
                                  love and married a year later.
           ...                    In the year 2000, Raphaela was in

        Creating                  her early teens. Her town of Beit
                                  Jala was a place of intense violence
                                  with frequent gun battles between
       the Future!                Israeli soldiers and Palestinians.
                                  “When the political upheaval
                                  started,” recalls Raphaela, “Dad

12   University   News
     MAPPING GENES That Matter
     Research helps Palestinian
     Families Understand Disease Risk
     No Hereditary Research Lab (HRL) existed in       Cancer Research
     Palestine when Professor Dr. Moien Kanaan         Foundation and is
     returned in 1993 from his graduate studies        designed to provide
     in the United States. Now, at Bethlehem           the basis for genetic
     University a well-respected lab exists,           counseling for families at high risk.
     significant findings have resulted, and a         Dr. Moien explains that researchers
     Masters Degree in Biotechnology is in place       believe that a germ line mutation
     to prepare highly qualified personnel for         may be present in high risk
     careers in university teaching and research;      families, which may also
     medical and agriculture labs; pharmaceutical      increase susceptibility
     companies and vaccine production plants;          to environmental
     and food industry and environmental               damage that
     monitoring organizations.                         ultimately triggers
                                                       cancerous cell
     With a historically high rate of close-relation   changes. Research
     marriages, the increased potential for genetic    so far has found two
     diseases also presents significant potential      genetic changes among
     for learning about genetic mutations that can     the 180 participating
     provide critical information for families and     families, leading researchers to use
     doctors concerning genetic diseases and their     different testing methods to find
     prevention, provided there are appropriate        structural changes that DNA analysis
     ethical and moral interventions and scientific    would have missed.
     research activities involved.
                                                       The HRL’s most established research
     For more than fifteen years, Dr. Moien and        project involves the genetics of hearing loss.
     his colleagues at Bethlehem University as well    This has been ongoing for about a decade and
     as Dr. Mary Claire King and her colleagues        is funded through the US National Institutes
     at the University of Washington and others        of Health (NIH). About 2% of Palestinians
     have made tremendous strides in this sort         are born with hearing loss, which is
     of research. With significant grant funding       double the global rate, and intermarriage
     from a variety of sources, they’ve pulled         is most likely a major factor in these
     together equipment and human resources to         dramatically high rates. Investigation
     research conditions like autism, congenital       has so far led scientists to map 5 loci
     heart disease, breast cancer and hearing loss:    of interest from genetic mutations
     diseases with strong genetic components that      responsible for hearing loss. So what is
     take a high toll on the Palestinian population.   the difference between a gene and a locus?
                                                       In real terms, explains Dr. Moien, “coming to
     Their work on breast cancer, for instance,        Bethlehem is the locus; coming to my office
     reflects concern among Palestinian health         is the gene.” Researchers at the HRL have also
     experts over a dramatic increase in the           been able to profile about 25 novel changes
     number of new breast cancer cases, with           that are only reported in the Palestinian
     breast cancer making up 36% of new cancer         population, meaning they’ve documented
     diagnoses in women. There also seems              changes that haven’t shown up in any
     to be a shift towards more breast cancer          previous scientific reports. The
     diagnoses in relatively young women, with         results of the HRL work
     high risk families having with multiple           are made available to
     cases of breast and/or ovarian cancer             individuals and families
     among close family members. The breast            to help them learn and
     cancer research conducted at the HRL at           understand about risk
     Bethlehem University is in its third year         factors for hereditary
     of funding through the US-based Breast            diseases.

13   University   News
                                                     Graduating the Third Cohort of
                                                     Change Leaders for Palestine
     “In Palestine we find that            underpinnings of the successful        societal needs with the realities
     economic, social, and cultural        establishment of the MICAD             of the international development
     development has been supported        program which had 24 graduates         field, offering courses in the social
     and often times directed by           in its third cohort on 6 November      sciences, international relations,
     international organizations.          2009 joining the 51 previous           politics, economics, development
     While their roles are significant     Masters degree graduates.              theory, and project management.
     and appreciated, we need local
     Palestinians more involved            “This program is so valuable,”          “This graduation sustains hope
     in directing the development          remarks Mr. Rami Sabella,              in all of us that our country
     Palestinian society,” says Dr. Fadi   MICAD Academic Coordinator,            is in a good condition with
     Kattan, Dean of the Faculty of        “because it leads us towards           such talented men and women
     Business and Program Director         an income-dependent state.”            committed to improving
     for the Masters in International      MICAD is a two-years                   themselves and our society,”
     Cooperation and Development           Masters degree designed for            remarked Mr. Fuad Kattan, Chair
     (MICAD) at Bethlehem                  working professionals whose            of the Board of Trustees.
     University. This is one of the        responsibilities link Palestinian

     Social Work Palestine
     Del Rio Family Foundation & University of Washington Social Work Faculty
                                           at the University of Washington.       our new-found kindred spirits
                                           Dr. Eddie and her colleague, Dr.       and colleagues, and being able to
                                           Ratnesh Nagda, accompanied             take in some of the experiences
                                           the Del Rio family – Nelson,           of the larger community,” says
                                           Suzanne and Nelson Jr. – for an        Dr. Ratnesh, “have convinced
                                           August 2009 exploratory visit to       me about the important work of
                                           Bethlehem University to get a taste    nation-building that we have to do
                                           of the situation in Palestine and to   together.”
                                           consider ways social work might
                                           change things for the better.          The Del Rio family has generously
                                                                                  agreed to support a University
                                           The visit convinced them that          of Washington – Bethlehem
     “Our time in Bethlehem was            social work has a unique role          University partnership to
     so intense, inspiring, and life-      to play in Palestine through           strengthen the presence of social
     changing,” writes Dr. Eddie Uehara,   Bethlehem University. “Having          work at Bethlehem. Potential
     Dean of the School of Social Work     the wonderful conversations with       outcomes of this initiative include

14   University   News
     Transformational Development
     Exploring Gender, Technology, and Dialogue
                                          (as distinct from mainstream          clinging firmly to traditional
                                          American feminism of the 1960s        genders roles as a way to counter
                                          and 70s), the transformational        change. When 25 Bethlehem
                                          approach “empowers individuals        University students participated
                                          to understand and articulate          with students from Champlain
                                          their own needs, promoting            University in an online global
                                          what will ultimately be more          learning module last spring,
                                          sustainable change generated by       the course revealed conflicting
                                          local communities,” explains Ms.      perceptions about women in the
                                          Baboun.                               West. Some Bethlehem University
                                                                                students found acceptable Western
                                          To Ms. Baboun it’s very clear         behavior inappropriate, while
                                          that gender matters must involve      others admired the perceived
     “I am an agent of change in my
                                          both men and women. “It is            freedom. For some of the
     own life,” says Ms. Vera Baboun,
                                          both of them,” she says, “or it       Palestinian students, it was the
     an English Instructor at Bethlehem
                                          will fail.” Teaching gender from      first time they had tackled issues of
     University who also lectures on
                                          a transformational development        gender in an academic setting.
     gender to students in the Masters
                                          perspective means re-examining
     in International Cooperation and
                                          the role of power in human            The internet-based course
     Development (MICAD) program
                                          relationships. “Each of us own        discussions between the Bethlehem
     and leads gender training on
                                          a specific kind of power,” Ms.        University students and their
     various UNESCO-funded projects.
                                          Baboun posits, “either I use          American counterparts, which
     Her work is part of a                power as a force or as a capacity;    centered on an analysis of Simone
     comprehensive development            offering completion, extension,       de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex,
     philosophy in which                  and elaboration to others, rather     were designed to push students’
     “transformational” development       than trying to keep power as a        boundaries. As individuals and
     needs to complement what is          monopoly.”                            as a group they were encouraged
     often an economic-focused                                                  to critically examine themes of
     “sustainable” development            Gender is a complicated issue in      “women as the other, women as
     perspective of international aid     development. It can be “a way to      the second sex” as well as the roles
     agencies. Rooted in gender theory    face or to oppose progress,” Ms.      culture and religion may play in
     and ethnic American feminism         Baboun explains, with societies       defining gender expectations.

                                                                                graduate education in the US,
                                                                                and developing the first Master of
                                                                                Social Work program in the West

                                                                                “What amazing work you are all
                                                                                doing!” writes Nelson Del Rio
                                                                                Sr. “The time Nelson Jr. spent
                                                                                with you and the Brothers is the
                                                                                first significant amount of time
                                                                                he has spent with men of faith
                                                                                committed to education and it has
                                                                                set a wonderful impression in his
                                                                                mind of what commitment, faith,
                                                                                and love can do. He really does see
     enhancing the undergraduate          components, providing exchange
                                                                                the Brothers as a group of Super
     social work curriculum, supporting   opportunities for UW faculty and
                                                                                Heroes like the Fantastic Four plus
     youth leadership, interfaith         students in Bethlehem, facilitating
                                                                                a few more.”
     dialogue, and nation building        Bethlehem faculty further

15   University   News
     28 July 2009
     YMCA-YWCA Journey for Justice

                                                                                      26 Aug 2009
                                                                                      Former First
                                                                                      Lady Rosalynn
                                                                                      Carter with
                                                                                      Brother Peter

     16 Sept 2009
     Catholic Theological Union, Chicago
     with Fr. Donald Senior

                                                 30 Sept 2009
                                                 Father Stefan Kemmler, Switzerland

     2 Oct 2009
     Birmingham Diocese Pilgrimage

16   Bethlehem
                                           7 Oct 2009: Belgian Technical Cooperation, Dr. Jaak Lenvain
11 Oct 2009: EOHSJ, USA Western with Patrick Powers

                                                          13 Oct 2009
                                                          Dr. Detlef Brümmer and Family,
                                                          Germany, with Scholarship Students

15 Oct 2009
EOHSJ, USA Northern Lieutenancy with Bishop
Michael Sheridan

                                                      16 Oct 2009
                                                      United Palestinian Appeal with
                                                      Ghassan Tarazi

20 Oct 2009
Thomas Davis

                                                            20 Oct 2009
                                                            EOHSJ, USA Northwestern
23 Oct 2009
Bishop Robin Leamy, SM, and Pat McCarthy with
New Zealand Catholic Group

                                                26 Oct 2009
                                                EOHSJ, Magdeburg, Germany

28 Oct 2009
EOHSJ Dortmund, Germany

                                                29 Oct 2009
                                                EOHSJ, USA Northern with Bishop Robert Finn

3 Nov 2009
with Rev. Eric
                                                         THANK YOU

     19 May 2009 – 8 December 2009
     Signum Fidei: $150,000 +               Carolyn Parmer                      Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Mayhew
                                            Wick Family Foundation, Fr. Josef   Middle East Children‘s Alliance
     Bethlehem University Foundation        Wick                                (MECA)
     The Holy Land Christian                                                    Mr. Donald Orscheln, Orscheln
     Ecumenical Foundation, Mr. Rateb       Chairman’s Club: $10,000+           Industries Foundation, Inc.
     Rabie                                                                      Mrs. Mary Simon in memory of
                                            Aid to the Church in Need           Brother Daniel Casey
     Founders Club: $50,000+                Arab Student Aid International      Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres,
                                            (ASAI)                              Mother Myriam Kitcharoen, SPC
     ABU: Association en faveur de la       EOHSJ-Germany, S.E. Dr. rer. pol.   St. Bridgid‘s Parish, Fr. John Pearce,
     Bethlehem University                   Heinrich Dickmann                   CP
     Belgian Technical Cooperation          EOHSJ-North Central Lieutenancy,    The Brigidine Sisters, Masterton
     Deutscher Verein vom Heiligen          USA, H.E. Jack Rapp, KC*HS          Community
     Lande, Herr Heinz Thiel                EOHSJ-Northwestern Lieutenancy,     United Holy Land Fund (UHLF)
     EOHSJ-Grand Magisterium, H.E.          USA, Lt. Lady Mary O‘Brien,         United Palestinian Appeal (UPA)
     Cardinal John Patrick Foley            LGCHS
     European Commission                    Sr. Mary Kay Milne, OSU             Vice Chancellor’s Club: $1,000+
     Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jungers             Mr. Mario Nazzal, Bethlehem 2000
     Mr. Jack A. McCrane                    Palestine Foundation, Chile         Ms. Maysoon Abdelhady
     Ministry of Education and Higher                                           Dr. and Mrs. Samir Abu-Ghazaleh
     Education, H.E. Mrs. Lamis Al-Alami    Chancellor’s Club: $5,000+          Mr. John Albina
     Mr. Jose Joaquin Said Saffie,                                              Mr. Bashir Anastas
     Bethlehem 2000 Palestine               Rev. Fr. Thomas Baima               Anonymous
     Foundation, Chile                      Fr. Desmond Berry, KHS, St.         Sir John and Lady Ann Marie Arnold
     MISSIO, Rev. Dr. Hermann               Patrick’s Catholic Church           Mr. and Mrs. James Barmettler
     Schalück, OFM                          Frau Dr. Maria Elisabeth Velten-    Bethlehem Association Scholarship
     The Breast Cancer Research             Bock                                Fund, Dr. Edward A. Hazboun
     Foundation                             Mr. and Mrs. Elias Botto            Herr Aloys Bolle
                                            EOHSJ-Northern Lieutenancy,         Brother Dennis and Associates
     Trustees Club: $25,000+                USA, Lt. George T. Zirnhelt,        Program, St. Agnes Church, Rev.
                                            KC*HS                               Lee Roos
     Catholic Relief Services               EOHSJ Germany Province South        Brothers of the Christian School-
     De La Salle Provincialate-Australia,   West Germany, Frau Rosemarie        Turon Community, Br. Francis
     Br. Ambrose Payne, FSC                 Hagenbucher-Kehl                    Eells, FSC
     Schmidt Family Foundation              Five Brothers Investment            Mrs. Jane Anne Borst in memory
     The John C. & Carolyn Noonar           Rev. Fr. Adam Forno, KHS            of Larry Borst
     Parmer Private Foundation, Ms.         Frau Rosemarie Hagenbucher-Kehl     Christians Aware Scholarship

19   University   News
                                                                THANK YOU

     Fund, Mr. Bernard Kilroy              Joseph Reynolds                      Rev. Bruce Shipman
     Christian Brothers Community          Mr. Yasuhiko Sata                    Mrs. Zita Smith, St. Theresa’s
     Lewis University, Br. William Walz,   Mr. Dany Shein                       Primary School, Plimmerton
     FSC                                   Mrs. Charlene Shoen                  Mr. Joseph Tan
     Christian Brothers Roncalli           Mr. and Mrs. Sandor Straus           Mr. Mario Toumayan
     Community, Br. Thomas                 Mr. Dimitrios Thanos                 Dr. Eddie Uehara
     McPhillips, FSC                       The Assumptionist Fathers            U.S. Catholic Holy Land
     Mr. and Mrs. Jack Curran              Community, Wellington                Pilgrimages, Rev.Fr. Alex Kratz, OFM
     Dr. and Mrs. Raja’i Dajani            The Parish of Corpus Christi,        Mr. Anthony Watkins
     Mr. George E. Doty                    Headington, Rev. John Baggley        Rev. Mark White, CP
     EOHSJ-Western Lieutenancy, H.E.       Trust International Insurance
     Sir Patrick D. Powers, KGCHS          Company                              Century Club ($100+)
     EOHSJ-Swiss Lieutenancy,              Mr. and Mrs. William Voss
     Gran Priore Mons. Vescovo Pier        Fr. Don Willette, Blessed John       Anonymous in honor of Br. Jerome
     Giacomo Grampa,                       XXIII Catholic University Ministry   Sullivan
     S.E. Giorgio Moroni Stampa                                                 Rev. Patrick Armstrong, Our Lady
     Rev. Paul Esser                       Special Friends ($500+)              and St. Hugh Parish
     Experience Travel and Tours, Ms.                                           Rev. Andrew Ashdown, Friends of
     Linda Ramsden                         Rev. John Baggley                    Sabeel-UK
     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eyerman           Mr. and Mrs. William E. Ball         Mr. and Mrs. Ross Bacica
     Mr. Bob Fahrer                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Becquet          Mr. and Mrs. Frits Bergman
     Mr. and Mrs. James Frane              Br. Martin Borg, FSC, M.Ed., De La   Mr. James J. Biedron
     First Congregational Church of        Salle College                        Br. Peter Bray
     Old Lyme, Rev. David W. Good          Dr. and Mrs. George Carey            Donna & Robert Boies
     Friends of Bethlehem University-      Ms. Margaret Coulter                 Dr. John Borelli
     Ireland, Prof. John Kelly             De La Salle Institute, Br. Richard   Mr. and Mrs. John Butterfield
     Ms. Joan Tonning Hug in memory        Moratto, FSC                         Mr. Guy Butterworth
     of Mildred Tonning                    EOHSJ-Germany, Province              Ms. Carole Cannon
     Mr. Edward Karkar                     Rhineland Westfalia, Herrn Dr.       Dr. Claire and George Carey
     Mr. Nils Kamsvaag                     Hans-Peter Niedrig in memory of      Br. Robert Carnaghi, FSC
     Harry and Ana Katz                    Prof. Dr. Tacke                      Ms. Joan Castellan
     Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Keene            Mr. Mike Giacaman                    Ms. Susan M. Castellan
     Fr. Stefan Kemmler                    Mr. G. K. Glynn                      Catholic Theological Union, Fr.
     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ladah            Bishop Emeritus Ambrose Griffiths    Donald Senior, C. P.
     Ms. Mary Levin                        Ms. Erica Hahn                       Christian Brothers of the Midwest,
     Mr. John McCaffrey, KCSG, KCHS        Mr. Mohammad A. Hamdan               Miguel House Community
     Mr. John O’Hagan in memory of         Mr. and Mrs. Thurmond Jackson in     Christian Brothers, Bishop Walsh
     Baby Mary O’Hagan                     memory of Hadiya Bitar               Community
     Miceal O’Rourke                       Ω Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jezycki        Cenacle Sisters, Wellington
     Herr und Frau Neidhart                ¶ Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mertz          community
     Palestine Securities Exchange         Mr. W. Dennis Owen, AFSC             Rev. Msgr. Joseph Ciampaglio
     Barbara Reynolds in memory of         Monsieur Marcel Paris                Mr. Charles Clifford

20   University   News

      19 May 2009 – 8 December 2009
      Mr. Stephen M. Colecchi, D.Min.    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Helmer          Ms. Alice Moore
      Rev. Robert Crawford, M.M.         Br. Peter Henderson, FSC          Mr. and Mrs. Glen Mueller
      Monsignor John R. Dale             Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Henry          Ms. Geraldine Munoz
      Prof. David Depew                  Mr. and Mrs. Pat Hoggard          Drs. Frank and Mary Neal
      Mr. Joseph M. Derham               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Howen         Ms. Charlotte L. Nesseth
      Jenny and Mel Desembrana           Mr. Kent Hughes                   Mr. and Mrs. Jose Niembro
      Ms. Ann S. Dickson                 Ms. Lourdes Jalando-on            Mr. Joseph T. Nix
      Ms. Elisabeth Dilas                Rev. Michael Karunas              Sir John Nutley, KCG*HS
      Dr. and Mrs. Jared H. Dorn         Ms. Theodosia Ola Kehinde         Mr. and Mrs. Maurice David
      Fr. Garret Edmunds, O.F.M.         Br. James Kelly, FSC              O‘Daniel
      EOHSJ-Germany, Dortmund            Ms. Veronica Kerr                 Mr. Ron W. Ohmes
      section                            Drs. Nabil and Mouna Khoury       Mr. Joe Oram
      EOHSJ-Germany, Magdeburg           Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kimbrough     Mr. and Ms. Paul Perera, Sri
      section                            Mr. and Mrs. Ivan King            Lankan Catholic Association-UK
      Dr. Samira El-Zind                 Mr. & Mrs. John Jay King          Mr. Peter Phelan
      Dr. Richard Ellenbecker            Mr. and Mrs. Mike King            Mr. and Mrs. John Pielemeier
      Rev. Kail Ellis, OSA, PhD          Br. Bernard Knezich, FSC          Fr. Mark Pierce
      Br. Edward Everett, FSC            Dick and Sandy Kolasa             Ms. Jean Pike
      Mr. Barry and Mrs. Angela          Mr. and Mrs. Hans Kruitwagen      Mr. Lawrence Pfundstein
      Fairweather                        Rev. Msgr. Raymond J. Kupke       Mr. & Mrs. James O. Phillips
      Rev. Joseph R. Farrell, KHS,       Msgr. Richard LaRocque            Mr. Matthew Pico
      English Martyrs Catholic Church    Geraldine Lawhon, LCHS            Professor Alain Pique
      Mr. Anthony J. Fasano              Mr. and Mrs. James Leahy          Deacon Sir Richard and Lady
      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Finnegan    Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Leddy        Katherin Pizzato
      Mr. Christopher Foley              Br. Anthony Lenz, FSC             Mr. Chuck and Mrs. Ede Radloff
      H.E. Cardinal John Patrick Foley   Mr. Kevin Mackey                  Br. Joseph Reilly, FSC
      Mr. and Mrs. Athol Forrest         Rev. Fr. Paul Maddison            Mr. and Mrs. Curt Reis
      Mr. and Mrs. Craig Foster          Mrs. Celia McArdle                Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ryan
      Dr. Frederic Gannon, M.D.          Professor Vincent J. McBrierty    Rev. Fr. Patrick Sammon, St.
      Fr. David Garcia                   Mr. James McCavitt                Anthony of Padua Parish
      Mr. John Gardner                   Rev. John McCormack               Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Santalesa
      Mr. Greg A. Gaut                   Mr. Nigel McFarlane               Vincent E. Shaw, KGCHS
      Ms. Maryn Goodson,                 Dr. and Mrs. James McGill         Ms. Della Shenton, 5th Gospel
      Westmoreland Congregational        Mrs. Anne McHugh                  Retreats
      Church                             Ms. Cecily McNeill                Mr. and Mrs. Art Sheridan
      Br. Paul Grass, FSC                Mrs. Rosemary Mellor              Fr. Owen Sinclair, Our Lady of
      Rev. Msgr. Edmund O. Griesedieck   Herrn Burkhard Migge              Fatima Parish of Waikanae
      Mr. Nicholas Griffin               Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis, S.T.D.,   Sisters at Bethany Convent
      Br. John Guasconi, FSC             San Rafael Parish                 Barbara and Louis Smith
      Msgr. James Habiger                Mr. and Mrs. Don Minore           Mrs. Heather Sangster Smith
      Rev. Larry and Mary Hansen         Mrs. Cheryl Minvielle             Ms. Lorraine Sostowski
      Lily and Albert Hazbun             Br. Dale Mooney, FSC              Þ Ms. Ana Spitzmesser

 21   University   News
     19 May 2009 – 13 October 2009
     Ms. Eleanor St. John                  Mr. and Mrs. William D’Souza           of Br. Vincent Malham, FSC
     Rev. Brian Stanley                    Ms. Elizabeth J. Dawson                Mr. and Mrs. Des McMahon
     Mr. and Mrs. John Steger              Mr. Tim Devane                         Ms. Alice Meyer
     Ms. Linda J. Stine                    Ms. Elisabeth Dilas                    Mr. and Mrs. K.E. Moody
     Mr. Reinhard Suchsland                Ms. Ruby Donato                        Mr. Donald Muncy
     Professor Daniel van Steenberghe      Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dorsey            Rev. Dr. Stephen W. Need
     Mr. and Mrs. Sandor Straus            Mr. Albert Doumar                      Ms. Daisy G. Neves
     Ms. Kathleen Taylor                   Mr. Tom Dowd                           Ms. Jean Ann Nolan
     Dr. Paul E. Teschan, M.D., F.A.C.P.   Rev. Joseph Doyle, SSJ                 Mr. and Mrs. Maurice O‘Connell
     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Toso             Mr. Norman Ewers                       Mr. and Mrs. John O‘Leary
     Ms. Gloria Truitt                     Mr. and Mrs. Doug Fake                 Mr. and Mrs. Julian Obmaces
     Mr. and Mrs. W. van Gaalen            Ms. Sheila Ferguson                    Ms. Dolores G. Oller
     Ms. Sonia Vandama                     Mr. Robert Fernandes                   Luke and Elaine O`Reilly
     Br. Joseph Ventura, FSC               Rev. Martin Flatman, St. Peter’s       Br. Benedict Oliver, FSC
     Ms. Kristin Walker                    Church                                 Professor Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ
     Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Waring          Pam & Jeremy Freeman                   Don and Linda Patera
     Mr. and Mr. John Watkins III          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Friel              Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Pryor
     Patrick White and Pauline Smetka      Greg Gaut and Marsha Neff              Ms. Anne Rado
     Mr. and Mrs. Denys Wright             Ms. Therese Giana                      Mrs. Susan Record
     Ms. Lorraine Ybarra                   Mr. and Mrs. Edward Grayson            Mr. and Mrs. David Robinson
     Mr. James H. Yocum                    Mr. Michael Gwilliam                   Desmond and Mary Rogan
     Mario and Mary Vivian Zelaya          Mrs. Jana Hall                         Mrs. Ann Ross
     in honor of Thomas Burk, Kathie       Mr. John Anthony Hilton                Br. Basil Rothweiler, FSC
     Burk and Moriah Grey                  Ms. Vera Masrieh-Homsi                 Dr. Judith Schaefer, O.P.Ph.D.
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Howen              Mr. David Schultze II
     Silver Anniversary ($25+)             Rev. James Kane                        Mr. Robert Schwendau
                                           H.E. William Cardinal Keeler, DD       Dr. Charles C. Scott, Ed.D.
     Ms. Elizabeth Adolph                  Dr. David H. Kelly                     Sr. Marie Skidmore
     Mr. Gregory Appleton                  Mrs. Elizabeth Kilkenny                Mr. and Mrs. Art Sheridan
     Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Arena           Sr. Martha Ann Kirk                    Mr. Kenneth Solak
     Ms. Gloria S. Ash                     Mr. Fritz Kitowski                     Mr. Michael Sommers
     Ms. Ann Bailey                        Mr. and Mrs. Alan Krause               Fr. Kris Sorenson
     Mr. Amir Bannoura                     Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lambert              St. Patrick‘s Parish of Georgetown-
     Mr. John Barry, III                   Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Laubach           Invercargill
     Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel Batarseh         Frank & Julie Litecky                  Mrs. Dolly Sullivan
     Br. Dominic Berardelli, FSC           Ms. Barbara Lubinski                   Mrs. Gill Tebbs
     Mrs. Maria C. Berna                   Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Macaskill           The Institute de Notre Dame des
     Dr. Eleanor Shaheen Braddock, M.D.    Ms. Patricia Mach                      Missions
     Tony and Marie Brear                  Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mahoney            Br. Frank R. Walsh, FSC
     Mr. and Mrs. John Castle              Mr. John P. Martin                     Mr. and Mrs. William Jr. Waring
     Mr. and Mrs. Juan Catapang            Br. William Martin, FSC                Mrs. Barbara Warner
     Mr. Michael Chojnacki                 Ms. Maria Martindale                   Sr. Wanda Wetli
     Dr. John L. Connolly, DDS             Mr. V.G. McCardle                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wirtel
     Mr. and Mrs. James Corcoran           Mrs. Kathleen McCartain                Mr. and Mrs. John Zemblidge
     Mr. Charles Curry                     Br. Joel McGraw, FSC in memory         Ms. Paula Ziadie

     Legend                                                                       Matching gifts
     Þ Patricia Barbernitz Endowed         ® Summerhayes Endowed Scholarship
       Scholarship Fund, St. John the        for Religious Studies                & Bank of America United Way Campaign
       Evangelist Roman Catholic           ¥ Brother Joseph Loewenstein Endowed
       Community of Columbia, MD             Scholarship Fund                     ₣ NSTAR Foundation
     Ψ Siman Family Endowed Scholarship    ß Marguerite Sa’ad Endowed
     ¶ Jan and Gordon Forbes Endowed         Scholarship Fund                     ** PG & E corporation
       Scholarship                         đ Beatrix Stork Endowed Scholarship
     Ω Madeleine and Shehadeh Botto        ♣ Edward Stork Endowed Scholarship
       Endowed Scholarship

22   University   News

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    23   University   News
                                           Gaza Student Initiative

Gaza Student Completes
Her Bachelors Degree
from Bethlehem University
                                           Bethlehem University continues to seek support for other Palestinian
                                           students from Gaza to enroll in and attend courses at the Vatican-
                                           sponsored Bethlehem University – as well as at all other Palestinian
                                           universities in the West Bank or Gaza.

                                           Bethlehem University officials        come to Bethlehem to pursue
                                           traveled to Gaza on Sunday, 10        their education at the Vatican-
                                           January to mark the occasion of       sponsored Bethlehem University.
                                           Ms. Berlanty Azzam completing
11 January 2010: Bethlehem, Palestine
                                           her semester courses, to encourage    As reported in the Washington
•	 Ms. Berlanty Azzam completes
                                           other students from Gaza who          Post, CNN, BBC, America
     course requirements for her
                                           seek to pursue their education at     Magazine, The Chronicle of Higher
     bachelors degree!
                                           Bethlehem University or other         Education, Maan News and other
•	 She did it! You did it! We did it!
                                           Palestinian universities in the       media, Berlanty’s case drew high-
•	 75 days from when she was
                                           West Bank, and to recognize the       level attention: including inquiries
     blindfolded, handcuffed, and taken
                                           more than 430 other graduates of      from the State Department of the
     from Bethlehem to Gaza
                                           Bethlehem University from Gaza.       United States, members of the US
•	 Berlanty graduates in Gaza at the
                                                                                 Congress, members of Parliaments
     Holy Family Church
                                           Brother Peter Bray, Vice              and Ministers of Foreign Affairs
•	 Bethlehem University expressed
                                           Chancellor, the Papal Nuncio          from Ireland, the UK, New
     gratitude to Gisha and to thousands
                                           H.E. Archbishop Antonio Franco,       Zealand, the Netherlands, and
     of local and international friends
                                           Chancellor, Brother Joe, Vice         Australia, as well as Vatican
     who joined in the efforts to seek
                                           Chancellor Emeritus, and Trappist     officials, Cardinals, and Bishops
     justice for Berlanty.
                                           Abbott Thomas traveled to Gaza        Conferences in Canada, the UK,
•	 “I am so happy and grateful to my
                                           for the 10am Mass at the Holy         the United States, and Germany.
     teachers and all of the friends of
                                           Family Church where they met          Pictured above are other
     Bethlehem University who came
                                           Ms. Berlanty Azzam and her            Bethlehem University students
     forward to help me. I really worked
                                           family and friends as well other      from Gaza who still await
     hard and prayed for this moment
                                           Bethlehem University students         permission from the Israeli
     and will do my best to help others
                                           who await permission from the         military to come to Bethlehem for
     who seek to study at my university”
                                           Israeli military authorities to       their university education.
     said the exuberant 22-year-old
     Berlanty Azzam.

   Pray for them and help to support our “Gaza Student Initiative” efforts.


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