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									Chernobyl Shelter Fund
EBRD factsheet
With the signing of the contract for the construction of the New Safe
Confinement (NSC) the Chernobyl Shelter Implementation Plan (SIP) enters
its final phase. The SIP identified 22 primary tasks, among which the NSC
is by far the biggest project. This, however, should not disguise the fact that
most of the other SIP tasks have been completed since the plan was first
designed in 1997.

The Donor Assembly as highest decision-           ` Refurbishment of a hospital
making body of the Chernobyl Shelter Fund           wing in Slavutych, acquisition of         Donors
to-date has approved 8 grant agreements             new ambulances, introduction
totalling over €700 million.                        of systematic medical care and            The following countries
                                                    screening programmes                      are contributors to the
The EBRD administers the Chernobyl Shelter                                                    Chernobyl Shelter Fund
                                                  ` New fire protection
Fund and monitors compliance with the                                                         and members of the
Bank’s rules and policies and disburses                                                       Donor Assembly:
funds directly to contractors.                Costs & Contributions
                                                                                              Country            Amount
Achievements so far:                          The Shelter Implementation Plan of 1997                            (€ million)
                                              includes the amount of US$ 768 million as       Austria                  7.5
„„Emergency    repairs in 1998 and 1999       a cost indication for the project. As the SIP   Belgium                  4.3
„„Completion of infrastructure works.         is a programme of actions this was never        Canada                  34.9
  Among the completed projects are:           a precise cost estimate. In addition, during    Denmark                  5.0
   ` Changing facility for 1,430 workers      implementation over the past 10 years the       European
                                              scope of work has changed in accordance         Community
   ` Two training centres and introduction                                                    Finland                 4.5
                                              with the requirements on the site.
     of training programmes                                                                   France                 41.8
   ` Medical facilities                       Even more substantial is the fact that no       Germany                60.5
   ` Sewage distribution pump station and     contingencies were included for the largest     Greece                  5.0
     sanitary lock                            SIP project, the New Safe Confinement.          Ireland                 8.0
                                              The SIP also did not include any provisions     Italy                  33.0
   ` Lay-down area for temporary storage
                                              for escalation. All prices were 1997 prices.    Japan                  41.7
   ` Guards’ house and maintenance shop       Some of the main cost elements, notably         Kuwait                  5.4
   ` Access control to IEAE standards         steel, energy, concrete and Ukrainian labour,   Luxembourg              2.5
   ` Data base information and analytical     however, have increased sharply since then.     The Netherlands         5.7
     centre                                                                                   Norway                  7.0
                                              As a result of all these factors the latest     Poland                  2.5
„„Shelter stabilisation: The work has been
                                              cost estimate forecasts an overall cost         Russia                  9.0
  completed with the bulk of the roof load
                                              of US$ 1.39 billion. The cost for the New       Spain                   5.0
  transferred to a new supporting structure
                                              Safe Confinement alone is likely to exceed      Sweden                  6.7
  and other measures inside and outside
                                              US$ 500 million.                                Switzerland             9.3
  the shelter.                                                                                Ukraine*               45.0
„„Installation of nuclear and seismic         As of end-June 2007, the EBRD-managed           United Kingdom         47.6
  monitoring systems                          Chernobyl Shelter Fund has recorded             United States         138.8
„„Improvement of worker and                   total contributions of €739 million. Adding
                                                                                              *Ukraine has in addition agreed
  environmental safety:                       accrued interest brings total income to €810
                                                                                              to take on the dismantling of
                                              million.                                        unstable Shelter parts, a task
   ` Start of biomedical protection and
                                                                                              valued at about US$ 22 million.
     screening programmes in 2004; more       To-date 138 contracts have been concluded,
     than 3,000 people have been checked      of which 86 have been completed. The total      Donations have been
   ` In over 5 million working hours there    value of contracts is €356 million, of which    made by Iceland, Israel,
     have been no notable radiological        €308 million have been disbursed.               Korea, Portugal, the

     incidents or accidents with major                                                        Slovak Republic and
     consequences                                                                             Slovenia.
Shelter Implementation                         New Safe Confinement                          Confinement
Plan                                           Within the framework of the Shelter
                                                                                             fast facts*
                                               Implementation Plan the principal decision
Designed by international and Ukrainian        was taken in April 2001 to bring the          Width           257 m (840 ft)
experts in 1997 the Shelter Implementation     Chernobyl Shelter under a confinement. The
Plan (SIP) addressed the problems of           new structure will contain the radioactive
converting the increasingly unstable Shelter                                                 Height          105 m (345 ft)
                                               inventory of the Shelter, prevent the
over Unit 4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power     intrusion of water and snow and provide
Plant into an environmentally safe and                                                       Length          150 m (490 ft)
                                               equipment for the eventual deconstruction
secure condition. The report comprised a       of the destroyed reactor and the Shelter.                     approx. 20,000
technical strategy and conceptual design       The concept design for the New Safe           Weight
definition with an associated schedule and     Confinement (NSC) was approved by the
planning budget.                                                                             Construction
                                               Ukrainian government in July 2004.                         48 - 52 months
The SIP outlines a course of action to        The NSC will be a freestanding, semicircular
accomplish five objectives:                                                                  Life time       100 years min.
                                              arch 257 metres (840 feet) across,
                                              105 metres (345 feet) high, and 150            *based on concept design
„„Reduce potential for accidental collapse                                                   specifications.
                                              metres (490 feet) in length. The arch
    of the Shelter                            frame is a lattice construction of tubular
„„Reduce consequences from an                 steel members. The construction will be
    accidental collapse of the Shelter        assembled on the site of the Chernobyl         Contacts
„„Improve nuclear safety                      Nuclear Power Plant and eventually be slid
                                              over the Shelter. Inside the NSC will be       Nuclear Safety
„„Improve worker and environmental safety
                                              equipped with cranes for deconstruction.       Department
„„Develop long-term strategy for conversion                                                  European Bank for
    into an environmentally safe site.        Construction of the New Safe Confinement       Reconstruction and
The SIP identified 22 primary tasks which     is expected to take between 48 and 52          One Exchange Square
were further divided into 297 activities. The months. The first step will be detailed        London EC2A 2JN
core and biggest single project under the     design studies, before actual physical work    United Kingdom
                                                                                             Tel: +44 20 7338 7195
plan is the New Safe Confinement.             on the ground can begin. The NSC will be
                                                                                             Fax: +44 20 7338 7175
                                              designed for a minimum of 100 years.           Email:
The SIP was endorsed by Ukraine and EU/
G7 in 1997. The results of a first pledging
conference allowed for the establishment       Chernobyl Shelter Fund                        Press contacts
                                                                                             Anton Usov
of the Chernobyl Shelter Fund under the                                                      Kiev
administration of the EBRD.                   The Chernobyl Shelter Fund (CSF) was           Tel: +380 44 270 6132
                                              established at the EBRD in 1997. The Bank      E-mail:
                                              acts as the fund manager and ensures the
                                                                                             Axel Reiserer
                                              oversight of the effective implementation      London
                                              of the project together with the Government    Tel: +44 20 7338 7553
                                              of Ukraine. The Bank enters into grant         Email:
                                              agreements with the recipient organisation
                                              and disburses funds to project contractors.    Website

                                               The highest decision-making body of the
                                               CSF is the Assembly of Contributors. Since
                                               its establishment it has been chaired by
                                               Hans Blix and has met 25 times to-date.
                                               As of end-June 2007, the CSF has recorded
                                               total contributions of €739 million. The
                                               Assembly has so far approved 8 grant
                                               agreements committing more than €700
Western wall stabilisation                     million to the completion of the project.

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