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					Mobile Dictation: Improving Lead Capture and Management
By Eric Tippetts

As a mobile sales professional, you surely understand the value of an extra hour every day. And how about
the value of a method to easily capture and retain more detailed information about your customers and
prospects? That’s what a mobile dictation service can do for you.

Instead of spending time typing call reports, memos or email correspondence, why not turn your phone into
a powerful tool that converts meeting information into formatted reports, calendar items and integrated data
for your sales force automation (SFA) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system?

Whether you’re an independent financial planner, a real estate or insurance agent, a manufacturer’s rep, or
one of many other types of ‘customer-facing’ sales professionals, consider just a few of the benefits of using
mobile dictation to improve your lead capture and management:

    •    Greater productivity: add extra minutes or even an hour of selling time to each day by turning a
         3-minute call into a custom-formatted report after every sales or phone meeting. Record your
         meals, mileage, parking and other expense reports in Excel, on the run.
    •    High-quality sales detail: no need to wait until you’re back at a desk. Turn immediate meeting
         recall and notes into higher-quality text detail that’s formatted and secure. With a professional
         transcription service, once your document is saved, transcribers are locked out.
    •    Increased win rates and lower process costs: better documentation and faster response times
         can improve sales turnaround. Using custom toll-free numbers and extensions saves on calling
    •    Identified and documented risks and objections: With immediate meeting recall and dictation,
         you can identify and document risks and objections early in the sales process, for further
         investigation and response.
    •    Better client relationships: draft and send a follow-up letter or thank you email immediately
         following a meeting. Use your phone to set up agreed-upon action items in your Outlook calendar,
         or add new contact information, on the run.
    •    Compliance with company or industry regulations: simple note taking can be subject to error,
         interpretation or loss. Thorough and immediate digital documentation is the most stable form of
         record keeping to comply with company, governmental or industry privacy regulations.

Sidebar article: What professional mobile dictation does for you:
             •    Generate same-day, custom-formatted call reports
             •    Create/update account information
             •    Create/update contact information
             •    Note opportunity, action or calendar items
             •    Record and generate expense reports and billable hours
             •    Send hands-free emails to clients and colleagues
             •    Dictate multiple reports during a single call
             •    Synchronize with Outlook
             •    Generate finance reports by date range
             •    Comply with legal and regulatory requirements

Eric Tippetts is the co-founder of multiple companies in the CRM/SFA industry, and an expert in gaining and
keeping customer relationships. He has been quoted in multiple industry publications including: USA
Today, Redbook, Elle, NY Times, and Selling Power, among others.

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