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									                      Article Submitted by Robyn S. Hardy

Robyn Hardy
Real Estate Technology Strategist

Robyn is a Real Estate Technology Strategist. She has a solid education in technology
and marketing combined with over 20 years of real estate success as an agent, manager
and owner in Tucson, AZ. She brings a unique combination of knowledge and experience
to the real estate industry.

 “I thrive on helping Brokers and Agents make more money through the successful use of
                            Technology Solutions, Marketing, Training and Motivation.”

“It is important to me that I convey powerful ideas and solutions that will not only add to
the Broker's and Agent's bottom lines, but to also do it in a way that saves time, is easy to
                implement and gives the Broker the edge in recruiting productive agents.”
                                                                               Robyn Hardy
Does Your Technology Help You Recruit, Retain and Train Agents?
If not…why not?

By Robyn Hardy
Real Estate Technology Strategist

I just returned from the Real Estate Connect conference in San Francisco. It was very
enlightening and intense. If you missed it, you missed some great information. If you are
serious about your business and staying on top of the wave, it is important to be where
the innovators and industry leaders are sharing ideas and solutions. You still have time to
get in the game before the end of year by attending the RIS Media conference in NYC
September 5-6, 2007. These events are vital for IT, Marketing and Recruiting
personnel. Reading the industry updates is ok but being there in person is remarkable.

I understand that the Connects conference was focused on and dedicated to the advancing
technologies of our industry and they did an amazing job however, there was one vitally
important component missing at this event…the topic of recruiting. In my world,
recruiting, retention and training of agents is the key to survival and profitability in
any market. It is especially critical in a downturn market. Without agents you have no
one to blog, no listings to syndicate and no clients to use your fancy map search.

Recruiting has always been one of the most challenging aspects of the Brokers survival
and based on what I have seen in our industry, it is also the most misunderstood and
misguided practice. There is a great deal of responsibility placed on any consultant who
claims they can help a broker recruit. This makes it hard for brokers to find brave souls
who will share their skill set to assist brokers in this process. That is why there is very
little information available compared to the mass quantities of training materials and
seminars for agents.

I find it interesting that brokers successfully train their agents to “recruit” buyers
and sellers and yet still struggle with their own recruiting attempts. I feel this is due,
in part, to a lack of understanding of what agents are really looking for. My friend Jon
Cheplak of The Real Estate Recruiters is an innovator who understands what is most
important to agents. It isn’t money or compensation plans. Jon says:

“The agents have spoken and they are speaking with their dollars. They
are spending their dollars on Coaches. The critical focus for the broker is
to be the best Coach in the market, not the best manager and to be able to
successfully transfer their skill set to all their agents. Agents don’t join or
leave a company, they join or leave the leader.”
Your skill set and the skill set of your staff is what will attract agents to your company.
This includes your technology skill set. Ask yourself two questions about every
technology solution you have invested time and/or money in or are considering investing
“Does This Technology Help Us Recruit, Retain and Train Agents? If So, How?”

“Is Our Collaborative Skill Set Strong Enough For Us To Be Able To Coach Our
Agents To Use This Technology Successfully?”

Here is what I see as a huge obstacle to successfully integrating your technology value
proposition into your recruiting message; 99.9% of technology providers have never
recruited an agent. You can help your vendors help you by having a recruiting strategy
conversation with them. The more they understand what your goals are and how their
role can effect the growth of your company, the better they will be at supporting you and
development of new products.

If you are a Technology Vendor keep this in mind. As I perused the vendor booths at
Connect (and just about every conference I attend) not one vendor shared how their
solution can help brokers recruit, retain and train agents. If you can’t address at least one
of these topics with your technology, in my opinion, it has less value to the broker. It is
imperative that vendors understand their product as it relates to the recruiting and
retention value proposition.

Maybe it is just the way my mind works…having been an owner/operator of a medium
size real estate company and a geek at heart, I was always asking “How can this
technology help me recruit more agents and coach them to strategically implement
this solution so they can make more money?” Herein was my own leadership
recruiting value proposition. This was not something my competition could easily
duplicate at the time. Now, you can do it just by asking the right questions, getting
yourself trained and implementing the right technology.

Work with your technology providers to come up with marketing ideas for your
recruiting efforts. Always ask “What is in it for the Agent?” Develop strategic
technology coaching sessions for your agents. Not just the point and click, this is a
mouse training….real strategies that are shared at conferences.

This doesn’t mean that you have to become a tech engineer. What it does mean is that
you will want to truly understand the “big picture” technology trends and how they apply
to our industry and your agents’ production. Things to research are Blogging, Mapping,
Syndicating, Electronic Farming, SEO, Website Management etc. Pick the solutions that
your company feels it can support and assist the agents with. There are so few leaders
in our industry who have the time to devote to learning these applications and yet it
is the best use of their time. Make a commitment to review and implement one solution
a month based on your IT dept recommendations. In 3 months you will be way ahead of a
majority of your competition.

Use the new technology trends to give your agents an advantage in this changing
market. Be your agent’s Technology Strategy Coach and you will outshine your
Finding good recruiting seminars is very challenging. How many company leaders
will show up at a local recruiting event if their competition is present? Here’s one
for you….Join Jon Cheplak and the movers and shakers in Orlando, Florida
October 1-2 for The Real Estate Recruiters Retreat. This is sure to be a powerful
opportunity for you to better understand recruiting in this market. To learn more
go to If you mention my name they will give
you a discounted rate of $599.

Feel free to call or email me with you questions and ideas.
Robyn Hardy
Real Estate Technology Strategist

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