Grand Celebration _ Black Canyon by jizhen1947


									                                   Grand Celebration & Black Canyon Rafting
                                   Operated By:
                                               Papillon Helicopters
                                   Departure from:
                                               Las Vegas via Boulder City (BVU)
Grand Celebration & Black Canyon

                                               Grand Canyon West Rim & Black Canyon
                                               Approximately 10 Hours (Hotel to Hotel)

                                   Tour Includes:                                           Sample Itinerary (cont):
                                      Flight from Las Vegas/ Boulder Terminal                As the flight nears the canyon, enjoy spec-
                                        to Grand Canyon West and return to Boul-                 tacular views of the volcanic Black Moun-
                                        der Terminal                                             tains, Grapevine Mesa and then across the
                                                                                                 Grand Wash Cliffs, entering the Grand Can-
                                      30 minute landing on Canyon floor                        yon West

                                      State of the art EC-130 (EcoStar) aircraft             Descend approx. 4,000 feet and land on the
                                                                                                 floor of the canyon
                                      1 Continental Breakfast
                                                                                               Continental Breakfast provided. Meal in-
                                      1 Box Lunch                                              cludes:Croissants,Muffins w/Jelly, Ap-
                                                                                                 ple,OrangeJuice,Wycliff Champagne, Coca
                                      11-mile motorized raft trip down the Colo-               Cola Products and Water
                                        rado River through Geologic History
                                                                                               30 minutes on canyon floor
                                      Complimentary hotel pick-up and drop-
                                        off                                                    Board your helicopter for a slightly different
                                                                                                 scenic route on your return flight to Boulder

                                   Sample Itinerary:                                           Meet your Black Canyon Rafting guide for
                                                                                                 transfer via shuttle to the base of the Hoover
                                      Clients are picked up from most major hotels             Dam.
                                        in Las Vegas approximately 1 – 1 ½ hours
                                        prior to departure                                     Board your Motorized Raft for an appx 11
                                                                                                 mile trip down the Colorado River
                                      Clients arrive at Las Vegas/ Boulder termi-
                                        nal for check-in                                       Stop at a Private Beach (SWIMMING IS
                                                                                                 OPTIONAL) for a box lunch which in-
                                      Clients board our EC-130 (EcoStar) Helicop-              cludes:Turkey Croissant Sandwich, Apple,
                                        ter. Flight time to Grand Canyon West is                 Chips, Cookies, Water
                                        approximately 35 minutes (1 hour 10 min
                                        roundtrip)                                             Shuttle Transfers back to Las Vegas Hotel
                                                                                                 provided by Black Canyon River Adventures.

                                   Tour prices, components, and itineraries are subject to change without notice.

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