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									                                         SOVEREIGN TEXTILES
                                           113 MITCHAM ROAD,
                                           TOOTING BROADWAY
                                            LONDON SW17 9PE

       Tel: +44 (0) 208 682 1444
       Email: info@sovereigntextiles.co.uk

       TERMS AND CONDITONS OF USE :- ST12A          - [   FOR VOUCHER 5492A ( EXP: 30/08/08 ) ]

            The offer under Gift voucher reference 5492A is solely for the use by any visitor to our showroom
            premises in South London, United Kingdom.

            This voucher entitles the holder of the voucher to the offer described on the voucher. The of fer is
            only applicable to one per customer per purchase from our London SovereignT showroom.

            The offer has a time limited period as specified on the original voucher held in its original format by
            Sovereign Textiles and is solely applicable to the mercha ndise specified on the original voucher in its
            original format.

            The Voucher has no redeemable value apart from the offer stated in conjunction with a purchase as
            specified on the original voucher.

            Any copies of said voucher may be refused and is under the discretion of the management.

            The voucher, prior to the final purchase, should be handed over to the sales assistant so that the
            voucher may be redeemed.


            Although there is no necessity to leave email forwarding address – doing so may enable us to send
            directly to yourselves or your nominated friends special offer and discount vouchers directly by email.

       Customer / Client Nr:

       Email Address:


                                                                                                                   DC 5492a

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