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					Recycle & Disposal
   Quick Guide
                                    Why Recycle?
                                    In light of ever-increasing demands on our limited natural resources,
                                    Harris County is committed to responsible stewardship of our
                                    environment. Harris County is a leader in the protection of water and air
                                    quality. As a demonstration of this ongoing commitment, 1 am proud to
                                    present the Recycle & Disposal Quick Guide for our residents. This
                                    important product expands Harris County's award-winning recycling
                                    efforts and offers responsible citizens a means of locating recyclers
                                    throughout the County. The Guide is full of helpful hints and references,
                                    and should be an important part of your own recycling efforts.

                                    Harris County is rich in beauty and resources. We can keep it that way
                                    by remembering the Four R's - reduce, reuse, recycle, and rebuy. These
                                    strategies will reduce the amount of trash going into our landfills, beautify
                                    the County, and protect our precious natural resources. Working
          nal I I J w u u l ~ r y
       Judge Robert Ecke,s          together, we will insure the health and protection of our environment for
                                    generations to come.

     Recycling Saves Natural Resources - By recycling materials instead of using virgin materials,
     we conserve land and reduce the need to drill for oil, dig for minerals, and cut down trees.

     Recycling Saves Energy - In most cases, it takes less energy to make recycled products.
     For example, recycled aluminum requires 95 percent less energy than new aluminum made from
     bauxite ore.

     Recycling Saves Clean Air and Water - On average, making products from recycled materials
     produces less air pollution and water pollution than manufacturing products from virgin materials.

     Recycling Saves Landfill Space - The average American household produces 13,000 paper
     items, 500 aluminum cans, 500 glass items, and 1,800 plastic items each year. If not recycled,
     these items will take up dwindling space in landfills.

     Recycling Creates Jobs and Saves Money - The recycling process creates more jobs than
     incinerators or landfills. Also, recycling can be the least expensive waste management method
     for cities facing economic dilemmas.

 Disclaimer: Harris County provides this publication as a courtesy to the public. Harris County does
 not endorse any of the businesses listed in this publication and has not independently verified that
                        these businesses provide the services listed herein.
                                 Table of Contents
Concrete, Freon, Scrap Metals, Tires.~,v.q6-.,,7m..-,..,.

1                                                       d!
Traditional Recvclables
Aluminum, Cardboard, Glass, Paper, Plastics...__,
Electronic Waste                                  a
         Printers. S c r a ~
Com~uters,                 Electronics. Televis~on

                                                  - I -        A-
Automotive Products, Hc                -             alnt Products, Pesticides &                    .............,-.-..... 7
                                           w u .
                                                                                                          .n.w"e.saw**%   ..........


                                                                                   ....................                          1
Useful Information
HHW Voucher Program, Harris County ~d

information.                                                                                              Y'       qq

                           1 - m e              1 Item Accepted I        Address
                                                                                              ..   -.-.
                                                                                          le Number a
                                                                                                          $    I
                                                              Bulky Items and
                                                Bulky items consist of concrete, scrap metal (sM),
                                                    aluminum (A!), cardboardlpaper products (P),

     2 y d Housbn- SdhsWe                         11300 Swtll Port Oak 713-551-7355
     2itv d Houslon- Westmrk   I T i . M.G. P    Is800 WestDark

                               Call 1-800-Clean-Up for local recycling information!
                  ITires   IMMie bcations        1 1-800-349-4358
                           IMultiple locations   1 1-800-925-6278

d\d YouIknob

  public and
locations offer
  free paper
 rop-off boxes!
                                                 Electronic Waste and
                           Electronic Waste (e-waste) consists of computers, printers, televisions,
                                  aerosols, antifreeze, car batteries, cleaners, fertilizers, fuels,

     I                                    Northwest                                         I
     IA&B Batteries               1 Batteries    1308 W. Hamilton        1713-691-0134      1E    went
     Altech Metals, Inc.          1e-Waste       14650 S. Pinemont       1 713-680-9325
     C&D Scrao Metals             1 e-Waste      1815 W. 25th            1 713-862-5588
     Coastal Metal Recycling      1 Batteries    1 14002 Hempstead Hwy   1713-690-6767          held throughout tt-
      HHW Collection Events       1 HHW          IUnincoroorated Areas   1713-290-3000            year to provide
     JD Metals                    1Batteries     1 11502 ~ a n n e r     1832-467-3199             residents with
     Scraocom~uter.corn           1 e-Waste      16829 Fulton            1713-691-9995              FREE HHW
     Sears                        Batteries       Multiple locations      1-800-349-4358              disposal.
     Surplus Buyers               e-Waste         1105 Upland             888-413-3180           To find out more
     WM Recvcle America           e-Waste         7700 Kemowood Drive        713-681-1703        about upcoming
                                                                                                 events call your
                                                                                                 ocal government

                 down the tdkt because the medidmr a n
              disrupt the treatment of the sanitary system a
                even &main in the treated adt8d Outdated
                             medicine s h l d be
                                disguised or hlddan
                           before being p  W in the M.

                                                                                                 m p a n i e s such as
                                                                                                 4,    Dell, Gateway,
                                                                                                    and lBM offer
                                                                                                elecbcwlk recycling

     6                               Call 1-800-Clean-Up for local recycling information!
phones, etc. Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) items consist of
herbicides, paints, pesticides, pool chemicals, used oil, etc.
       d\dYOU knob
           may be
         donated to
       Gcmdwill, Purple
       Hearf, Salvation
       Army, or Texas

I                                                                RWInbkod,           pour

       HHW items must

         properly and


                        Visit for local recycling information!          7
                                                                    Landfills and
            There are two types of landfills that the homeowner can use: Municipal
             can be used by residents who do not live close to landfills. Wood and
                                                         "A" denotes companies that

                                                                                 construction debris.

                          or fili your ampost b h Mfh a Gincfs layer of
                          as needed to make bhe pika mohf like a

        A M water to maintain wrung-mt
     5. Top with a 2-i& layer d b v e s .
     6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 as ERgrtxiknts are avsrvsrlabkr.e : The

                     Many munidpalllh cdbr

        I          ----I
                    Chrtstmas t r n ncyltling!
          For more Infomation csll y w r local p.-mrnent

                           Call 1-800-Clean-UPfor local recvcling information!
WoodIYard Waste                                                                                                   --
(Type I), and ConstructionlLand Clearing (Type IV). Transfer Stations
Yard Waste (~ulching) consists of grass, leaves, and tree trimmings.
offer Christmas tree recycling.

                              I                                 Northeast                                         I
                                                                            15757 Wee Road        1713-671-1575   1

          rganic waste
         ike grass, food

                                              Bon't Bag It...Leave It A Lawn!
                                                    O m u q d l n g means w i n g your
                                            g m and
                                                 ~                  the small clippings eventy w
                                                   the              to the soil. This allows
                                                        the clippings to break d m
                                                   into r i i nutrients for p
                                                  reduclng the amount of w
                                               Be sure to mow wer your leawnr so they can
                                                               bpeak d m , too.                     I


                                Novus Wood Group, L         Mulching,   &     15900 Hayneswortt

                                                      o laam inom about empasting visit

                           Visit www. 180OCleanUp.orgfor local recycling information!
             Less Toxic Alternatives
     Less Toxic Alternatives are environmentally safe and effective substitutes
                     for hazardous household waste products.

                                            I* u
     I     Oven CGeaner 2&cives

                                                  TO^^ B         ~ccha~r

                       Call 1-800-Clean-Up for local recycling information!
 Yard Chemical Applications                                                                      0-
Proper application of pesticides and fertilizers can save your lawn and
   the environment from being contaminated by product overuse.

   ever apply
    before a
                                 arrls Lounry orrer
                          E w i s e classes on       ,"r:~kwd                "p t specific'
                                                                             ~esficide kil
 because thev
                                  care and composting!
                           Io find out more call 713-290-3000.   11           only the pest
can be washe                                                                  the damage!
     into a
  storm drain,
   which can
   harm local

                   1. Rgad the label carefully - it gives advice on
                      hmv, when, and where to use the product
                   2. Wetar          the cCothing as directed on the

                      label; for example: a dust mask, a hat, goggles,
                      Img-sFeevd shirts, long pants, nm-absurbent
                      gloves, and closed shoes.                               fertilizers can
and- -ding            Do not wash clothing corrhminated with
    is t e
        h             gestickdes with other clothing!
 fastest, and
                   3. Do not apply on Mndy days.
safest way to      4. Nww apply to bare or eroded g m n d .
rid your lawn      5. Mewr use more prodm than is m m e n d e d .
  of weeds!        6. Store them in their original container.
                                 of properly t the sprrcSficatiw on the
                   7. D k p ~ ~ s g           o

4                             other small insects!

                 Visit www.I800CleanU~.orgfor local recycling information!                      11
                                     HHW Voucher Program
    Harris County Residents can request a voucher to use at one of the three disposal sites
    listed below. The locations accept paint products, lawn chemicals, automotive products,
    household chemicals, batteries and old electronics. Call 713-290-3000 to request a voucher.

    City of Houston Northside Environmental Service Center                ...............................
       5614 Neches, Houston
       Open the 2nd Thursday of every month 9 AM - 3 PM

    City of Houston Southside Environmental Service Center..............................
       11500 South Post Oak, Houston
       Open Tues and Wed 9 AM - 3 PM and the 2nd Saturday of every month 9 AM - 1 PM

    Montgomery County Household Chemical Waste Facility                   ...............................
      1122 Pruitt Road, The Woodlands
      Open every Wednesday 8 AM - 5 PM and the 3rd Saturday of every month 8 AM - 5 PM
                            Harris County Phone Numbers
    Harris County Precinct 1.    ............................................................................ 3-755-6111
      commissioner El Franco Lee

    Harris Count
                            t2              A
    Harris County

    Harris County ~ r e l
      Commissioner J

    Harris County Permi
      Construction Site
      Septic Tank Issues 1

    Harris County Pollution Con

       Illegal ~ u r n i n g Odors

    Harris County Storm Water Quality Section           .......................
      Household Hazardous Waste Program
      Storm Water Inlet Marking (SWIM) Program
      Water Quality Issues
      YardWise Classes
0                                                                                                                          0
                                           Printed on recycled paper.

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