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					 Unit at a Glance                      Grade 10: Unit 5: The Pursuit of Happiness

                                               Unit 5: The Pursuit of Happiness

 Students have examined the idea of the American dream and ideas and ideals that make it an enduring symbol of aspiration
   and success. In this unit, students consider the American dream from the viewpoint of what it means to be happy and to pursue
   happiness. Students explore this idea by analyzing a variety of texts, most significantly, Into the Wild by John Krakauer.
   This and other works present similar and sometimes contrasting ideas of happiness and its pursuit. The texts encountered
   invite students to question, challenge, and/or critique multiple perspectives presented. Students learn to appreciate passion
   and stylistic techniques with which authors assert ideas and advance themes and convey meanings. With this knowledge,
   students construct personal essays and multi-genre research projects.

                                                      Assessment Framework Objectives

 Standard 1: Students read and understand a variety of materials.
 •   1a: Compare and contrast texts with different themes or ideas.
 •   1b: Interpret and critically read a variety of texts (for example, essays, speeches, biographies, literary, informative and technical texts).
 •   1c: Analyze main ideas, supporting details, sequence of events or procedures, and facts and opinions in literary, expository, and technical texts.
 •   1e: Summarize, synthesize, and evaluate literary, expository, and technical texts.

 Standard 4: Students apply thinking skills to their reading, speaking, listening, and viewing.
 •   4a: Identify authors’ viewpoints, purposes, and historical and cultural contexts from textual information.
 •   4b: Use reading and writing to define problems, evaluate options, and propose solutions.
 •   4c: Evaluate reliability, accuracy, and relevance of various texts (for example, literature, nonfiction, film, speeches).
 •   4d: Analyze a variety of texts (for example, editorials, political cartoons, advertisements, essays) to make predictions and draw conclusions.

 Standard 5: Students read to locate, select, and use relevant information from a variety of media, references,
   and technological sources.
 • 5b: Use organizational features of electronic texts (for example, database keyword searches, Internet search engines, email addresses)
   to locate relevant information.
 • 5c: Paraphrase, summarize, organize, and synthesize information from a variety of sources.
 • 5d: Evaluate information for specific needs, validity, credibility, and biases.
 • 5e: Give credit for others' ideas, images, or information in appropriate forms.

 Standard 6: Students read and recognize literature as records of human experiences.
 • 6a: Read and respond to classic and contemporary novels, poems, plays, short stories, nonfiction, essays, and speeches from a variety of
   familiar and unfamiliar cultures and historical periods.
 • 6b: Apply literary terminology and knowledge of literary techniques (including, but not limited to, rising action, style, mood, setting,
   protagonist, antagonist, point of view, foreshadowing, personification, flashback) to understand texts.

 Standard 2: Students write and speak for a variety of purposes and audiences.
 • 2a: Write in a variety of genres, including expository, technical, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive, for specific purposes
   (for example, to synthesize, analyze, evaluate, explain, persuade, inform, entertain).
 • 2b: Plan, draft, revise, and edit for legible final copies.
 • 2c: Use formats, voices, and styles appropriate for audiences and purposes.
 • 2d: Develop main ideas and content fully focused on prompts with relevant, thorough, and effective support.
 • 2e: Organize writing using text structures (for example, cause-and-effect relationships, compare and contrast, problem/solution).
 • 2f: Organize writing with engaging introductions, logical and effective idea development, and satisfying conclusions.
 • 2g: Incorporate material from a variety of appropriate sources when needed.
 • 2h: Vary sentence structures and lengths to enhance flow, rhythm, meaning, and clarity.

Denver Public Schools                                                        1                                                                2009-2010
 Unit at a Glance                       Grade 10: Unit 5: The Pursuit of Happiness

 Standard 3: Students write and speak using conventional grammar, usage, sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization,
   and spelling.
 • 3a: Edit for correct grammatical conventions.
 • 3b: Use standard English usage in writing, including subject/verb agreement, pronoun/antecedent agreement, parallel structure,
   and correct modifiers.
 • 3c: Write in complete sentences.

                                                               Essential Questions

 • What does it mean to pursue happiness?
 • How do writers represent research through multiple texts?

                                                                    Unit Goals

 • To analyze and evaluate structural and stylistic text features
 • To compose personal essays that employ stylistic techniques
 • To synthesize research into multi-genre research papers

                                                            Embedded Assessments

 • EA1: Writing a Personal Essay
 • EA2: Writing a Multi-Genre Research Project

                   Skills and Knowledge for EA1                                                  Skills and Knowledge for EA2

 • Demonstrate organizational structure that includes events,                   • Select topics, generate research questions, and conduct research.
   responses, and reflections.                                                  • Read analytically from a variety of sources.
 • Effectively employ stylistic techniques (e.g., consistent tone,              • Draft and revise working theses to guide research.
   purposeful diction, vivid details, syntactic variation) in writing           • Collect, record, and synthesize information.
   personal essays.
                                                                                • Understand essential features of a variety of genres.
 • Describe personal experiences and convey significance to readers.
                                                                                • Use genres and their conventions appropriately.
 • Revise drafts to produce clear ideas and cohesive writing.
                                                                                • Create cohesive projects that establish connections
 • Present final drafts that demonstrate evidence of the writing process.         among selected genres.
                                                                                • Write and revise in multiple genres for multiple purposes.
                                                                                • Present projects displaying technical command of grammar
                                                                                  and punctuation.

      Grammar and Usage                    Academic Vocabulary                          Literary Terms                   Word Connections

 •   Adverbs                             • Coherence                            •   Characterization                • Root, prefix, suffix: fide, per-,
 •   Verbal phrases                      • Genre conventions                    •   Connotation                       bellum, gno
 •   Parallelism                         • Discourse                            •   Allusion
 •   Subordinating conjunctions                                                 •   Coherence
 •   Complex sentences
 •   Introductory participial phrases

Denver Public Schools                                                       2                                                               2009-2010
 Unit at a Glance                  Grade 10: Unit 5: The Pursuit of Happiness

                                                           Reading Selections

 • Essays:
   Excerpt from Walden, by Henry David Thoreau
   Excerpt from "Self-Reliance," by Ralph Waldo Emerson
   “Turning Straw into Gold: The Metamorphosis of the Everyday,” by Sandra Cisneros
   “The Chase,” by Annie Dillard
   “A View from Mount Ritter,” by Joseph O’Connor
 • Poem: “In the Depths of Solitude,” by Tupac
 • Credo: Excerpt from All I Really Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten, by Robert Fulghum
 • Biography: Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer
 • Biographical Sketch: “Sparky,” by Earl Nightingale
 • Article: “Charles M. Schultz Biography,” by Notable Biographies

Denver Public Schools                                                 3                          2009-2010
 Unit at a Glance                             Grade 10: Unit 5: The Pursuit of Happiness

                             Session 5.1:          Session 5.2:         Session 5.3:          Session 5.4:        Session 5.5:
                               Learning Focus:       Searching            My Credo              Just the Facts      Looking at
                               The Search            for Meaning        Standard:             Standards:            Structure
                               for Self            Essays: Excerpts       READ.1.e              READ.4.a,         Biography:
                             and                     from Walden,       Credo: Excerpt          READ.4.b;            “Author’s Note,”
                               Previewing            by Henry David       from All I Really     WRI.2.a              from
                               the Unit              Thoreau, and         Need to Know,                              Into the Wild,
                                                     “Self-Reliance,”                                                by Jon Krakauer
        Sessions 5.1–5.5

                                                                          I Learned in
                                                     by Ralph Waldo       Kindergarten, by                        Standards:
                                                     Emerson              Robert Fulghum                            READ.4.a,
                                                   Poem: “In the        Standards:                                  READ.4.b
                                                     Depths of            READ.4.d,
                                                     Solitude,”           READ.5.b;
                                                     by Tupac             WRI.2.a

                             Session 5.6:          Session 5.7:         Session 5.8:          Session 5.9:        Session 5.10:
                               Meeting               Literary             Shedding Light        Many Ways           A Personal
        Sessions 5.6–5.10

                               Christopher           Connections        Standards:              of Showing          Perspective
                               McCandless          Standard:              READ.5.d,           Standards:          Standards:
                             Biography:              READ.6.b             READ.6.b              READ.6.b;           READ.1.a,
                                Into the Wild,                                                  WRI.2.a             READ.1.c,
                                by Jon Krakauer                                                                     READ.4.d

                             Session 5.11:         Session 5.12:        Session 5.13:         Session 5.14:       Session 5.15:
                               The Pursuit           At What Cost?        Searching for         Turning Life        A Snowball
                               of Happiness        Standards:             the Author            into Story          of Happiness
        Sessions 5.11–5.15

                             Standards:              READ.6.a,          Standards:            Essay: “Straw       Essay:
                               READ.5.c,             READ.6.b             READ.6.a;             into Gold: The      “The Chase,”
                               READ.5.d,                                  WRI.2.a               Metamorphosis       by Annie Dillard
                               READ.5.e;                                                        of the            Standards:
                               WRI.2.a,                                                         Everyday,” by       READ.4.a,
                               WRI.2.g                                                          Sandra Cisneros     READ.4.d

Denver Public Schools                                                       4                                                      2009-2010
 Unit at a Glance                             Grade 10: Unit 5: The Pursuit of Happiness

                             Session 5.16:         Session 5.17:          Embedded Assessment 1:                    Learning Focus:
                               Reflecting on         Making                 Writing a Personal Essay                  Creative
        Sessions 5.16-5.17

                               Life Experiences      Your Choice          Standards:                                  Research
                             Essay: “A View        Standard:                WRI.2.a, WRI.2.b, WRI.2.c, WRI.2.e,
                               from Mount            WRI.2.a                WRI.2.f, WRI.2.g, WRI.3.a
                               Ritter,” by
                               Joseph O’Connor

                             Session 5.18:         Session 5.19:          Session 5.20:        Session 5.21:        Session 5.22:
                               The Nuts and          Exploring,             Melding Facts,       Meeting              Thematic
                               Bolts of the          Recording,             Interpretation,      in the Middle        Threads to
                               Multi-Genre           and Imagining          and Imagination    Standards:             Create Flow
        Sessions 5.18-5.22

                               Research              Research             Article: “Charles      READ.4.a,          Standards:
                               Project             Biographical             M. Schultz           READ.4.b,            WRI.2.a,
                             Standards:               Sketch:               Biography,”          READ.4.c;            WRI.2.c,
                               READ.1.b,              “Sparky,” by          from Notable         WRI.2.a,             WRI.2.g
                               READ.4.c,              Earl Nightingale      Biographies          WRI.2.c
                               READ.5.c,           Standards:             Standards:
                               READ.5.d,             READ.1.b,              READ.1.b,
                               READ.5.e              READ.4.c,              READ.4.c,
                                                     READ.5.c,              READ.5.c,
                                                     READ.5.d,              READ.5.d,
                                                     READ.5.e               READ.5.e

                             Session 5.23:         Session 5.24:                               Session 5.25:
                               Introducing           Creative Packaging                          Care Enough to Really Search
        Sessions 5.23-5.25

                               and Concluding      Standard:
                               the Multi-Genre       WRI.2.a

                             Embedded Assessment 2: Writing a Multi-Genre Research Project                          Unit Reflection
                               WRI.2.a, WRI.2.b, WRI.2.c, WRI.2.d, WRI.2.e, WRI.2.f, WRI.2.g, WRI.2.h, WRI.3.a,
                               WRI.3.b, WRI.3.c

Denver Public Schools                                                         5                                                       2009-2010

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