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Matching Gift Resources


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									                                                              Matching Gift Resources
Would you like to double the value of many of your donor gifts?
We’ve partnered with the leading manager
of corporate matching gift data to provide
two great services to increase matching
gifts. GiftPlus Online® lets you quickly check
  Matching gift    if a donor’s employer has a
 programs have
 generated over    matching gift program, and
   $2 billion in
 contributions!    E-Match® offers the ability
to add a link to your website so donors can
check this information for themselves.

 GiftPlus Online                                                   E-Match Donor Link
GiftPlus Online contains more than 8,000 matching                 The E-Match Donor Link is a custom created link that
gift companies, subsidiaries and divisions that match             appears on your website to help your constituents &
employee gifts to nonprofit institutions & organizations.         friends check if their employers will match their gifts to your
This online service provides everything you need to know          organization. Instead of directing donors to their employer’s
about an employer’s matching gift program, without you            personnel office, they can now check their match status
having to make any calls to the companies!                        online in seconds!

How does GiftPlus work?                                           How does E-Match work?
This service provides a full year of access to an online          This service provides a link on your own website for your
matching gift database, which contains all of the                 donors to use to research their own employer’s matching gift
information you need to collect matching funds such as:           policies. From your homepage, your donor simply keys in
  • complete contact information                                  their employer’s name. Instantly, they are told if their gift to
                                                                  your organization can be matched. If they are match-eligible,
  • procedures and deadlines
                                                                  their employer’s match policy information will be listed, just
  • minimum/maximum match amounts                                 as with the GiftPlus Online service.
  • eligibility requirements
  • restrictions and conditions
  • a link to the company’s matching gift request form

 SofterWare, Inc. • 540 Pennsylvania, Suite 200 • Fort Washington, PA 19034 • 800-220-8111 • Fax: 215-542-4370 • www.donorperfect.com
Matching Gift Resources

Commonly Asked Questions                                                             Benefits of Matching Gift Resources
Why do I need this service?                                                           • Increase matching gift revenue by identifying corporations that
Thousands of companies in the U.S. maintain a matching gifts                             have a matching gift program.
program. If you aren’t aware of which companies match their                           • Instant availability of employer information and guidelines for
employees’ donations, you may be missing a significant amount                            matching gifts.
of money that is available to your organization. GiftPlus Online                      • Increase new donor acquisition by using the match incentive to
and E-Match make it easier for you and your donors to ensure                             get a first time gift.
that any eligible contributions you receive are matched by the
                                                                                      • Matching gift information is continuously updated.
donor’s employer.

How long does it take to get going?                                                  Additional E-Match Benefits
Access to the GiftPlus Online database can be provided within
                                                                                      • The E-Match link will be customized to work with your website,
one business day from the time you purchase. The creation of
                                                                                        enabling your donors and prospects to seamlessly search for
the E-Match Donor Link on your website can typically be set up
                                                                                        their employer’s matching gift information!
within 3 business days.
                                                                                      • Increase matching gift awareness and revenue by involving
                                                                                         your donors in the process.

                                                                                     Pricing (Annual Fees)
                                                                                     Number of Records                   GiftPlus               E-Match
                                                                                     Under 25,000                        $495                   $695
                                                                                     25,000–50,000                       $545                   $795
                                                                                     50,000–100,000                      $750                   $895
                                                                                     Over 100,000                        Call for pricing       Call for pricing

                 SofterWare, Inc. • 540 Pennsylvania, Suite 200 • Fort Washington, PA 19034 • 800-220-8111 • Fax: 215-542-4370 • www.donorperfect.com
                                        Data Enhancement Order Form
 Organization Name: ________________________________________________________ User ID: ____________________

 Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

 E-mail Address: ___________________________________________________ Phone Number: ______________________

 Contact Person________________________________Signature: _______________________________Date: ___________

                               Data Enhancement Services (Please Complete)
 Area Code Updating
 q $150 up to 20,000 records processed                                                                     $_____
 q $25 each additional 5,000 records processed                                                             $_____
                                                                                                Subtotal   $_____
 Matching Gift Resources
 # Of Records                 Gift Plus     E-Match
 Under 25,000                 q$495         q$695                                                          $_____
 25,001 – 50,000              q$545         q$795                                                          $_____
 50,001 – 100,000             q$750         q$895                                                          $_____
 Over 100,000                   Call for pricing
                                                                                                Subtotal   $_____
 q $295 up to 50,000 records processed                                                                     $_____
 q $50 each additional 10,000 records processed                                                            $_____
                                                                                                Subtotal   $_____
 Phone Appending
 q $495 up to 20,000 records processed                                                                     $_____
 q $75 each additional 5,000 records processed                                                             $_____
                                                                                                Subtotal   $_____
 Prospect Research
 q $795 up to 20,000 records processed                                                                     $_____
 q $200 each additional 5,000 records processed                                                            $_____
                                                                                                Subtotal   $_____

 Data will be e-mailed at no charge.
 q If disk is requested, shipping & handling fee is $12.                                                   $_____

                                                                                 Total                     $

                                          q Mail Payment     (Make checks payable to: SofterWare, Inc.)
        FAX or Mail This Form
                                          Charge my q VISA q MasterCard q Discover q AMEX
FAX:     (215) 542-4370
                                          Acct #____________________________________ Expiration______________
Mail:    SofterWare                       Cardholder Name _________________________________________________
         540 Pennsylvania Ave.
         Suite 200                        Card Billing Address_______________________________________________
         Fort Washington, PA 19034        Card City, State, ZIP _______________________________________________
                                          Amount $ _____________ Signature _________________________________

                              Questions? Please call your account manager at (800) 220-8111.
                                                     Thank You!
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                            • 540 Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 200 • Fort Washington, PA 19034 • www.donorperfect.com
                          Phone: (800) 220-8111 • Fax: (215) 542-4370 • E-mail: info@donorperfect.com

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