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                    SCHWARTZREICH & YATES

Our Clients Say This About Us
“I have chronic lower back problems and often I am
in a lot of pain. Fortunately, my
doctor in Medellin, Colombia gives me a helpful
prescription of oxycodone, more powerful than what
I can get here. I was arrested and locked up for
having this prescription. Mr. Schwartzreich saw that
the case against me was dropped” Brian Avis

“I was dating a woman who I thought was a lot older
than she was. She even had fake identification.
When the relationship soured, she had me arrested. I
had no idea that she was under legal age. Mr.
Schwartzreich convinced the jury to dismiss the
case” Tourrie Howard
                                                                                   The American Heritage Mock Trial State Champions
“I went from having a nice lunch with my two kids to
being charged with eight counts of DUI. I had wine          Congratulations Mock Trial Team and Attorney Eric
with my lunch at a Galleria Mall restaurant. When we        Schwartzreich
left I was stopping at a light when I rear ended            !          Mock trial high school students from American Heritage will compete nationally in The
another car, then that car hit another car and caused       Empire State Invitational in New York City October 17 and 18.
a chain reaction. Because I had my 2 kids in the car,       !           Attorney Eric Schwartzreich spends two hours, two times per week with these high
that incurred 2 more charges. I am a young mother. I        school pre-law students where he coaches and teaches them about criminal law. Some visit his
needed help and turned to Schwartzreich and Yates.          office and join him in the courtrooms so they can observe him and ask questions.
I have my life back because of my attorney.” Lauren         !          Eric is on the pre-law faculty at American Heritage School in Plantation.
Dunn                                                        !          Schwartzreich's team has already won the county level mock trial competition sponsored
                                                            by Florida Law Related Educational Association. They were ranked the number 1 private school
“Even with the fancy surveillance tape they had of          in the state.
me, the jury did not convict me of a felony, just a         !          In mock trial competitions, teams are given a legal case which they must present in open
misdemeanor. Eric was totally committed to my case          court. Some students are assigned roles as attorneys and must be prepared to give opening and
and my well being. He was more than a lawyer, he is         closing statements as well as direct and cross examinations. Other students are assigned roles as
my true friend.” Fitzroy Salesman                           witnesses in this case. All participants are trained in the rules of evidence and courtroom
“The accident was the worst day of my life and I must
                                                                                               The Mock Trial Team:
live the rest of my life knowing that a man died from
                                                            Bryan Appel
it. A 91 year old man and made a wrong turn and I hit                                            Spencer Hennings                                   CJ Witts
                                                            Jordyn Aronowitz
him. I had a prescription drug in the car at the time. I                                          Dany McFadden                              Chase D’Amato
                                                            Jonathan Desjardins-Martel
am a doctor, I was coming from a convention of                                                      Ben Burns                                 Maddy Bortes
doctors in South Beach when this happened. I had                                                    Matt Covert                           Michael Braunstein
also had a few drinks. A toxicologist showed the jury
that my intoxication was not a contribution to the
accident. The jury agreed.
     I was facing a DUI Manslaughter charge and 30                                                                                           After you hire a
years in jail. Instead, I was found guilty of a                                                                                              lawyer, you can
misdemeanor DUI.” Dr. William Jensen                                                                                                         concentrate on
                                                                                                                                             your recovery

What You Must Know About
Personal Injury
!           Personal injury attorneys represent people
with legitimate and serious injuries that result from
accidents or defective products.
!          Robert Yates helps clients with personal
injuries that occur through no fault of their own.
      Yates can help you if you have been involved in a     Yates will step in on your behalf and represent you with the insurance company. He has done this
car, truck, motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, DUI or            for years and has a keen understanding of insurance company tactics.
pedestrian accident. These types of accidents may           TYPES OF PERSONAL INJURY CASES:
have hurt drivers and passengers as well as                 !          Cases include food poisoning malfunctioning or defective products, improper
pedestrians. The involved vehicle may be damaged or         consumer instructions or unsafe toys. In product liability cases, Robert Yates will represent you
even a total loss and in the worst cases, lives may have    in a lawsuit against the manufacturer. First, your sustained injuries are thoroughly investigated,
been lost.                                                  then the responsible party is pursued.
!          If you are in recovery, concentrate on           !          “My job is to get you an awarded sum for past, present and future medical costs as well
getting well rather than dealing with insurance             as back wages and compensation for pain and suffering,” he said.
companies.                                                  HOW WILL I PAY FOR THIS?
                                                            !          Robert Yates works on a contingency fee basis so there are no upfront fees. When you
                                                            win your case, a percentage goes to your attorney and a percentage goes to you.
         Going to jail?                                            What to do if you get arrested
         Read this first....

    Going to jail for the first time is hard, especially if you
never met anyone who has been there. Our goal is to share
information about the process of incarceration so first-
timers know what to expect.
If this is the first time you have been to jail you probably
feel like you have made a bigger mistake than anybody else
in the world, or that you are one of the few unlucky ones
who actually got caught. Don't worry, this isn't true - in
fact, chances are that you have known a person who has
been to jail at some point in their life. Going to jail is not
something that people typically brag about and it is
surprisingly easy to keep a secret. Everybody has made a
big mistake at some point in their lives and just as most
people learn to overcome these mistakes in judgement, you               Do not interfere with, or obstruct the police -- you can be charged.
will one day come out of this experience a better person.
                                                                   *Think carefully about your words, movement, body language, and emotions.
 REMEMBER THAT OTHER INMATES ARE NOT                               *Don't get into an argument with the police.
THAT DIFFERENT FROM YOU                                            *Remember, anything you say or do can be used against you.
Another common misunderstanding that most first-time               *Keep your hands where the police can see them.
inmates have is that they are different from everybody else        *Don't run. Don't touch any police officer.
who is in jail. While it                                           *Don't resist even if you believe you are innocent.
is true that some                                                  *Don't complain on the scene or tell the police they're wrong or that you're going to
offenders (especially        “Your attorney will                   file a complaint.
                                                                   *Do not make any statements regarding the incident. Ask for a lawyer immediately
repeat offenders) may
not have learned              explain what to                      upon your arrest.
                                                                   *Remember officers' badge and patrol car numbers.
lessons from their jail          expect .”                         *Write down everything you remember ASAP.
experiences, most
people who are                                                     *Try to find witnesses and their names and phone numbers.
incarcerated are really trying to become better people just        *If you are injured, take photographs of the injuries as soon as possible, but make sure
like you are. You will definitely meet people similar to           you seek medical attention first.
yourself in jail - try to be the type of friend to them that you   *If you feel your rights have been violated, file a written complaint with police
are looking for. This will make your time go a lot faster.

 FIND SOMETHING TO HELP PASS THE TIME                              Schwartzreich, Yates and the New World Symphony.
Some inmates prefer playing cards or reading books. Some           That's Music to Your Ears
jails have Jail Industries programs that allow inmates to          !          You, in plush reserved seating watching NWS performing live. You, in a
learn new trades, skills and even make money. Some jails           dazzling, brand new state-of-the-art concert hall.
offer college courses to inmates. Take advantage of all of         !          Or, is it you picnicking at the adjacent park and watching the symphony on
the opportunities available to you and you will find that the      the outdoor screen.
time will go much faster. Whether you are doing one                !          Either way, you will enjoy the New World Symphony. Perhaps you already
month or five years you will get through this trial and, if        know that the NWS is a gifted group of graduates from music programs around the
you work toward it, one day your life will be better than you      world. This is their fellowship program.
ever anticipated it would be. Keep your head up and try to         !          Yes, big time culture has made it to South Florida.
be better person for the time you do.                              !          So why are your lawyers at Schwartzreich&Yates working in tandem with
                                                                   the arts?
                                                                   !          To make sure everyone gets the opportunity to hear high quality live music.
                                                                   !          Attorney Lindsay Glassman sits on the executive board of NWS and plays an
                                                                   active role in their community involvement. These are some examples of how she has
                                                                   been instrumental in bringing this caliber of music is to you:
                                                                   !          Did you know that you can watch the NWS rehearse? This is a great way to
                                                                   learn the music making process and see the amount of time and energy required to
                                                                   create a performance. Call 305-673-3330 x232. Tickets are issued at the call
                                                                   window. Seating is limited.
                                                                   !          Did you know that kids who play instruments in grades 3 to 12 can apply
                                                                   for free music lessons from NWS musicians? One year of study on the chosen
                                                                   instrument is required.
                                                                   !          Did you know that the new concert hall will have state-of-the-art Internet 2?
                                                                   That means, a conductor in Vienna, Austria can conduct the symphony here in Miami
                                                                   via the internet.
                                                                   !          For more information on the New World Symphony, check out their
     Children can learn about music at the NWS                     website at
     instrument “petting zoo.”

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