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									                                     Frequently Asked Questions for

                             Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS®)
                                       UNF School of Nursing

Who is required to take the exam?

        The TEAS is required of all applicants to the Regular and Accelerated Prelicensure BSN tracks at UNF. This
includes Nurse Candidate Program (NCP), ROTC, and active duty military commissioning track (AMEDD, MECP, AECP,
STA-21, etc) candidates. Absolutely no exemptions or substitutions are made for this admission requirement.

When is the exam offered?

        The exam is offered at UNF on select weekdays and a limited number of weekends during the summer and fall
testing windows that are detailed for you at the main TEAS-devoted webpage. Testing at UNF is typically on Tuesday,
Thursday, and Friday. Dates are provided online for you as they are made available each period.

Where is the exam offered?

          Aside from UNF, the exam is readily available at schools across Florida and the country; it is also available at
PearsonVue locations. On the main TEAS-devoted webpage we have provided the most comprehensive list of Florida
institutions providing the exam. Alternative testing locations should be contacted directly to make a testing appointment.

How do I pay for the exam? How much does it cost?

         For those testing at UNF, the fee descriptions are located on the main TEAS-devoted webpage for you. For
anyone testing at an alternative location it is recommended that you contact the testing site directly to ascertain the
proctoring fee and accepted payment methods. The exam fee, as levied by ATI, is $35 regardless of where you test and
is collected electronically when you begin the test.

How do I provide proof that I paid the UNF proctoring service fee?

         You will need to email a scanned image (.pdf or .jpeg only) to Beth Dibble at nursingadmissions@unf.edu OR fax
a copy to her attention in the School of Nursing at 904.620.1832. THIS PROOF IS DUE TO HER NO LATER THAN 1
WEEK PRIOR TO YOUR TEST DATE. You will periodically receive payment reminders until the due date. If payment is
not received by that time then the appointment will be cancelled and you will not be permitted to reschedule it at UNF.
You will receive an email notice if you are cancelled for non-payment.

What version of the TEAS is required?

        UNF will only recognize TEAS version V results.

How many times can I take the TEAS for one admission period?

         Candidates may take the TEAS one (1) time during the testing window for the application period sought. That is,
if one is applying for summer admission then he or she may take the exam one (1) time between 9/1/XX and 1/15/XX for
summer admission. We realize that other schools allow multiple attempts on the TEAS or that individuals will have
previous attempts that they prefer to use. Submit all attempts on the TEAS version V for review; for those in the going
test window, only the 1 attempt will be considered. If a previous attempt is from prior to the testing window then that can
be considered at the applicant’s request; otherwise, the scores from the going testing window are the default scores.

         Results do indicate to us the number of attempts made on any version of the TEAS, as well as the number of
days between the current and last attempt

How can I submit scores? What if I previously took the exam or if I took it at another site?

        Starting with 2012 admissions EVERYONE, regardless of testing site, must submit scores directly to Beth Dibble,
Nursing Admissions Coordinator, either as a .pdf attachment to an email message (nursingadmissions@unf.edu) OR via
fax at 904.620.1832. Scores can be retrieved for free at www.atitesting.com with the username and password employed
during the exam. UNF will no longer access scores proactively from the ATI database due to the very large number of
scores submitted each application period.




How can I verify that my scores were received?

       Those who submit scores to Beth Dibble via email will receive a confirmation email back after the scores have
been downloaded and printed for review.

        Those who submit scores to Beth Dibble via fax will not receive any notice of confirmation from the School of
Nursing that the fax was received unless an email is submitted to check on their receipt.


How is my score calculated?

         The TEAS has four sections—Reading, Math, Science, & English—and candidates may earn up to 100% correct
per section. UNF does not use the composite score found in the top right corner of the score transcript; rather, the School
of Nursing sums the “Adjusted Individual Score” found per section in the vertical column on the transcript of scores. This
is in bold next to the category. Drop the % sign and this is your score out of 400 possible. Drop the % sign and this is
your score out of 400 possible.

Is there a minimum score on the TEAS? What is the average score that is invited to interview?

        There is no minimum score on the TEAS for use at UNF. However, those who score 320 or more points are
generally competitive for an interview. The recent test average for all scores submitted in 2010 was about 310 points and
in 2011 was about 300 points. The 2010 average TEAS invited to interview was about 340 points; for 2011 it was about
335 points.

Is there a minimum score on the TEAS? What is the average that is invited to the interview?

         There is no minimum score on the TEAS to be considered at UNF; however, those who score 315 and above
usually have the best chance at an interview and possible program admission. The 2010 average TEAS scores invited to
interview were 343 for summer and 339 for fall.

        How is my score used in the admissions process at UNF School of Nursing?

The TEAS score is 50% of one’s competitive rank for interview consideration. The other 50% comes from the prerequisite
GPA (current average is about 3.80). Once invited to interview, the formula changes. Final admission is based 50% on
interview, 35% on TEAS, and 14% on prerequisite GPA. The test is very important to the selection process.

        The TEAS score is 50% of one’s competitive rank score for interview consideration. The other 50% comes from
the prerequisite GPA. Once invited to interview the formula changes. At that time the interview is most important at 50%,
then the TEAS is 35% of the weight. The test is very important to the selection process.

What are the testing regulations such as prohibited items, etc?
        Score due date:

                 Score due date:
        Applicants for summer admission, regardless of testing site, must submit TEAS scores by January 15 .
Applicants for fall admission, regardless of testing site, must submit TEAS scores by May 1 . Scores must be submitted
by ALL applicants directly to Beth Dibble in the School of Nursing using the above detailed methods.

        Tester identification:

                 Tester Identification:

         All students testing at UNF must present government-issued photo identification (must include a signature), email
registration confirmation notice (you receive this from the Nursing Admissions Coordinator after your registration is
confirmed by the School of Nursing), and receipt for proctor fee payment. Failure to supply these materials at sign-in will
prevent one from testing.

        Prohibited items:

                 Prohibited Items:

        The following items are prohibited during the exam and should not be brought into the testing room. Prohibited
items will be held by the proctor(s) until the conclusion of the exam:

        1.   Book bags, knapsacks, and large purses
        2.   Food and drink
        3.   Calculators
        4.   Pens (pencils are permitted and will also be available the day of the exam)
        5.   Visual and audio recording devices
        6.   Beeping timepieces
        7.   Cell phones, laptops, PDAs, iPods/MP3 players, CD players, Walkmans, and other electronic devices
        8.   Books, newspapers, magazines, notebooks, and loose-leaf paper (scratch paper will be provided)

        How does UNF assign me to a testing time?

           The Nursing Admissions Coordinator, Beth Dibble, hand-processes each request to test at UNF. Requests are
filled first come, first served for dates. The earliest slots are filled entirely before afternoon slots are filled. You may not
ask to change your time. Rather, you MUST choose a test date on which you can test at either 830AM or 1PM based on
what you are assigned. When dates only have one session (i.e., either just morning or just afternoon) then it will be noted
on the registration tool.

         The UNF School of Nursing Admissions Coordinator hand-processes each request to test at UNF. Requests are
filled on a first come, first served basis as space allows on each date. There are morning and afternoon sessions for
nearly all of the dates, and the morning sessions are filled first in an effort to confirm staffing resources. Some dates do
not allow for afternoon sessions based on other obligations the Office of Academic Testing might have, as they provide
the proctored exam for the School of Nursing in their testing lab.

What if I need to cancel my testing appointment?
       You may not cancel your original testing date and reschedule for a later date unless you can provide proof of an
extenuating circumstance, which will be reviewed by the Nursing Admissions Coordinator. Our goal is to provide ample
opportunity and seats so that all applicants, both local and out-of-area, may test at UNF if they so desire.

        If you no longer wish to test at UNF or to apply for the program and have registered with the School of Nursing to
take the TEAS, you must cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the testing date (excluding holidays and weekends) in
order to receive a refund for the proctoring fee. This must be done in writing via one (1) email to BOTH Beth Dibble,
Nursing Admissions Coordinator, at nursingadmissions@unf.edu AND Heather Stake, Testing Coordinator, at
acatest@unf.edu. This must be done in writing via one (1) email to Beth Dibble, Nursing Admissions Coordinator, at
bdibble@unf.edu and to Heather Stake, Director of Office of Academic Testing, at hstake@unf.edu.

What if I miss my testing appointment?

         Failure to appear for your appointment will result in the forfeiture of your right to take the TEAS at UNF on future
dates and in any proctoring fees already paid to UNF. You would then need to make arrangements to take the test at an
alternative site (list provided on our TEAS webpage).

        Failure to appear for your scheduled testing appointment will result in the forfeiture of your right to take the TEAS
at UNF on future dates; that is, the test then be completed at an offsite location and scores submitted following the below

         Any proctoring fees already paid will also be forfeited and not refunded. In the event that you fail to show due to
an accident or grave illness/injury (yourself or other immediate family), please contact the School of Nursing AS SOON
AS YOU CAN to notify us of the situation at 904.620.2684. Make-ups will be handled on a case-by-case scenario. Other
circumstances are subject to review for approval to reschedule the test and, if not approved, the individual may need to
test offsite.

       Essentially, candidates are expected to make every feasible effort to appear for their testing appointment as

How can I obtain a refund for a testing appointment at UNF?

        Approved proctoring fee refunds will be handled through the Office of Academic Testing. Additional details will
follow before summer 2011 testing begins.

        Contact the Office of Academic Testing at the below contact for a refund if you are within the guidelines of
receiving one.
                                                 Contact Information
  Type of Information                          Contact/Position                                     Method
UNF Testing/Exam Use         Ms. Beth Dibble, Nursing Admissions Coordinator            nursingadmissions@unf.edu
Study Materials              www.atitesting.com                                         800.667.7531
Proctoring Refunds           Office of Academic Testing                                 acatest@unf.edu
Proctoring Refunds           Office of Academic Testing                                 acatest@unf.edu


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