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									Representing These Quality Electrical Manufacturers:

                                          DRAKA CABLETEQ | USA
                                          Providing unique wire and cable solutions for applications in vertical
                                          markets such as utility, commercial, industrial, marine, oil & gas
                                          [New York and New Jersey]

                                          CUTLER HAMMER
                                          Providing power distribution and protection in the Residential Market
                                          including: load centers, circuit breakers, metering, surge protection,
                                          generators, structured wiring and marina power.
                                          [New Jersey]

                                          COOPER / B-LINE
                                          Leading manufacturer of quality support systems and enclosures for
                                          commercial and industrial applications including: Strut Systems &
                                          Bolted Framing, Pipe Hangers & Support, Seismic Bracing, Spring
                                          Steel Fasteners and Cable Tray.
                                          [New York and New Jersey]

                                          COOPER / CROUSE-HINDS
                                          Products for commercial and industrial applications including: fittings,
                                          enclosures, signals and alarms, industrial lighting and plugs,
                                          receptacles and safe equipment for abusive, hazardous and corrosive
                                          [New York and New Jersey]

                                          COOPER WIRING DEVICES
                                          Cooper Wiring Devices offers an unmatched spectrum of innovative
                                          products: From industrial locking devices to commercial grade
                                          switches to hospital-grade receptacles and residential decorator
                                          [New York and New Jersey]

                                          SATEC INC
                                          Satec is a global leader in the research, development and
                                          manufacturing of energy management solutions. Products span from
                                          basic power meters up to high performance grid meters with
                                          advanced power quality capabilities.
                                          [New York and New Jersey]

                                          NAMCO / NCEEC
                                          Approved supplier of coated rigid conduit and fittings, strut, EMT and
                                          fittings, and epoxy-coated 'NY Conduit' for MTA / NYC Transit
                                          [New York and New Jersey]
Representing These Quality Electrical Manufacturers:

                                          PLUSRITE USA
                                          Plusrite is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of
                                          HID, Halogen, Fluorescent, Germicidal Lamps and other specialty
                                          lighting products.
                                          [New York and New Jersey]

                                          LEDirect LIGHTING
                                          LEDirect is a technological innovator in LED lighting, offering a wide
                                          range of cutting-edge, energy efficient, dimmable LED lamps and
                                          lighting products.
                                          [New York and New Jersey]

                                          CROWN ELECTRIC
                                          Crown Electric is a well established Electrical Power Industry supplier
                                          of Iso-phase, Phase seg, Phase non-seg, Bus Duct, Custom Match
                                          and Line Switchgear, Specialty Enclosures and Power Houses.
                                          [New York and New Jersey]

                                          NATIONAL BREAKER SERVICES
                                          NBS provides "Switchgear Life Extension" services to the
                                          Power Distribution Industry. Services include testing, maintenance,
                                          repair and re-manufacturing of circuit breakers and switchgear, as
                                          well as providing mobile, on-site copper bus fabrication to electric
                                          utilities. [New York and New Jersey]

                                          ADVANCED RUBBER PRODUCTS
                                          Advanced Rubber Products is at the forefront of the Power
                                          Distribution Industry's transition from glass ceramic to molded polymer parts.
                                          ARP manufactures a complete line of distribution and transmission class
                                          insulators from 15KV to 230KV, molded from Electrical Grade, High Quality
                                          Rubber Compounds.
                                          [New York and New Jersey]

                                          ITW / RED HEAD
                                          Red Head is America's largest designer and manufacturer of
                                          fastening products used in concrete and steel construction. Since the
                                          invention of the original "self drilling" anchor in 1910 and the first
                                          "powder actuated tool" in 1947. Red Head has led the industry with
                                          time saving, high performance products.
                                          [New York and New Jersey]

                                          M. GREEN COMPANY
                                          M.Green offers an extensive line of anchors, fasteners, power bits,
                                          bolts, hex nuts, screws, washers, expansion shields and many other
                                          [New York and New Jersey]
Representing These Quality Electrical Manufacturers:

                                          COBRA INDUSTRIES
                                          Cobra specializes in the production of custom-made copper bus bars
                                          for power and telecom solutions. Custom fabrication and the ability to
                                          produce quality products, in all sizes and runs, at competitive prices is
                                          the hallmark of Cobra Industries.
                                          [New York and New Jersey]

Our Strategic Partners:

                                          Integrated Communications for Urban and Main Line Rail.
                                          Next generation technology provides proven reliability, non-stop
                                          services and improved passenger safety. A full range of
                                          communication, information, mobile and video systems.
                                          [New York and New Jersey]

                                          Theometrics is the art and science of precision measurement and
                                          navigation in and on construction sites. Theometrics laser sharp
                                          accuracy navigates users from any point on any CAD drawing or BIM
                                          model to the exact field location. Systems enable automated
                                          measurement and creation of 2D or 3D CAD drawings in the field, in
                                          real time.
                                          [New York and New Jersey]

                                          JMG CONSULTANTS
                                          Provider of independent consulting services in the field of Seismic
                                          Restraint, as well as design and engineering of installation systems
                                          that will restrain the motion of equipment, piping and ductwork during
                                          a seismic event.
                                          [New York and New Jersey]

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