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									       B E N E F I T            F O R       B E R K E L E Y               H I G H          AT H L E T I C S
         Welcome to the Berkeley Athletic Fund’s Inaugural

Hall of Fame                                          Walk -Around-Tasti ng
                                                         & Silent Auction
                                                     Saturday, June 2 , 20 07
                                                       B H S D on a h u e G ym
                                                             M a ste r of C e r e m oni e s
                                                                   J oh n S a s a k i
                                                              Fox K T V U C ha n n e l 2 N ew s , B HS Alum
                                                                  Fou n d e r, M e n ' s L a cros s e Te a m

T h i s m om e n tou s eve n t i s b e i n g h e ld to com m e m or a te a n d h on or B H S Ath le te s
       w h o a r e b e i n g i n d u cte d i n to th e ' B e r k e ley H i gh Ath le ti c H a ll of Fa m e '.

           T h e Ath le ti c H a ll of Fa m e i s b e i n g s ta r te d to r e cog n i ze for m e r
        B e r k e ley H i gh a th le te s a n d oth e r s a s s oci a te d w i th B e r k e ley H i g h
 w h o h a ve d i s ti n gu i s h e d th e m s e lve s i n th e f i e ld of a th le ti cs, e i th e r by vi r tu e
                 of th e i r a th le ti c p e r f or m a n ce or by m e r i tor i ou s e f for t
                                          on b e h a lf of a th le ti cs.

          P r oce e d s f rom th i s eve n t w i ll s u p p o r t a ll B H S Ath le ti c p rogr a m s.
           W i th m or e th a n 1 ,0 0 0 you n g m e n a n d wom e n p a r ti ci p a ti n g on
              6 0 te a m s i n 2 8 d i f f e r e n t s p o r ts, th e a th l e ti c p r o g r a m r e l i e s
                        h e a vi ly on th e B e r k e ley Ath le ti c F u n d ( B AF ) .

      T h e BA F i s a n a ll p a re n t, a ll volu n te e r or ga n i za ti on f ou n d e d i n 1 9 8 5 .
                 A ll f u n d r a i s i n g go e s d i r e ctly b a ck to B H S Ath le ti cs.

                  w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
       Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

                                                                P R O G R AM
4 :0 0            W e l co m e                                                                John Sasaki, Master of Ceremonies

4 :10             O ve r vi ew of Ath le ti c H a ll of Fa m e :                              Kristin Glenchur, Athletic Director

4 :20             I n d u ct e e s f r o m 1 9 3 0 ’ s a n d 1 9 4 0 ’ s                      Speakers: John and Rupert Ricksen
                  Jack La Lanne*, John Allen, Rupert Ricksen, John Ricksen, Wing York Jue*, Don Barksdale*,
                  Billy Martin*, Carl Van Heuit

                  I n d u ct e e s f r o m 1 9 5 0 ’ s                                        Speaker: Henry Dorsey
                  Bob Albo*, Earl Robinson*, Peter Domoto*, Henry Dorsey, Cebron Russ, Carletus Gordon

4 :3 0            I n d u cti on of C li f f Won g

4 :4 0            I n d u ct e e s f r o m t h e 1 9 6 0 ’ s                                  Speaker: Doug Kagawa
                  Sylvia Ruuska, Art Evans*, Phillip Chenier*, Doug Kagawa

4 :5 0            I n d u cti on of Sp i k e H e n s ley

5 :0 0            I n d u ct e e s f r o m t h e 1 9 7 0 ’ s                                  Speaker: John Lambert
                  Glenn Burke, Steve Odom*, John Lambert, Lissa Muscatine*, Ruppert Jones, Gene Ransom,
                  Kim White*, Greg Brown

5 :10             I n d u cti on of Pa u l D a n i e ls

5 :20             I n d u ct e e s f r o m t h e 1 9 8 0 ’ s                                  Speaker: Peter Wright/Chidi Ahanotu
                  Sharon Ware, Lynn Wittstock, Angel Hardy, Peter Wright, Alma Batchie, Ruth Whitehead,
                  Chidi Ahanotu*, John Cooper, Bill Cooper

5 :3 0            I n d u cti on of W i lli e W h i te

5 :4 0            I n d u ct e e s f r o m t h e 1 9 9 0 ’ s                                  Speaker: Hannibal Navies
                  Jualeah Woods, Tamara Holmes, Hannibal Navies, Lee Franklin

5 :4 5            I n d u cti on of T h e le tte B e n n e tt

5 :5 0            I n d u cti on of G e n e N a k a m u ra                                    Closing Remarks by Gene Nakamura

6 :0 0            SI L E N T AU C T I O N E N D S
*denotes those athletes who have already been inducted into the Berkeley High School Hall of Fame.

                           w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
            Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

             20 07 AT H L E TI C H AL L OF FAM E I N D U C T E E S
 T he Ath le ti c Ha l l of Fa m e i s b e i n g s ta r te d to r e cogn i z e f or m e r BH S a th le te s a nd oth e rs a s soci a te d
  w i th B H S w ho ha ve d i sti ngu i sh e d the m s e lve s i n the f i e ld of a th le ti cs, e i the r by vi r tu re of th e i r
                   a th le ti c pe r f or m a nce or by m e r i tor i ou s e f f or t on b e h a lf of a th le ti cs.

Ahanotu, Chidi      1988        Football                                Ransom, Gene          1975       Football, Basketball, Baseball
Albo, Bob           1950        Baseball, Basketball                    Ricksen, Rupert       1949       Basketball, Tennis
Allen, John         1936        Football, Baseball                      Ricksen, John         1949       Basketball, Tennis
Barksdale, Don      1940 (d) Basketball                                 Robinson, Earl        1953       Football, Basketball, Baseball
Batchie, Alma       1983        Basketball, Track and Field             Ruuska, Sylvia        1960       Swimming
Brown, Greg         1974 (d) Basketball                                 Russ, Cebron          1957       Football, Track and Field
Burke, Glenn        1970        Football, Baseball, Basketball          Ware, Sharon          1980       Track and Field, Cross-country
Chenier, Phillip    1968        Basketball                              White, Kim            1979       Track and Field
Cooper, John        1989        Crew, Soccer, Cross country             Whitehead, Ruth       1983       Basketball, Track and Field
Cooper, Bill        1989        Crew, Soccer                            Whittle, Leroi        1958       Football
Domoto, Peter       1956 (d) Football, Basketball, Baseball             Wittstock, Lynn       1980       Water Polo, Swimming
Dorsey, Henry       1956        Track and Field, Basketball, CC         Woods, Jualeah        1990       Basketball
Evans, Art          1961        Football                                Wright, Peter         1982       Tennis
Franklin, Lee       2001 (d) Baseball, Football, Basketball
Gordon, Carletus    1953 (d) Football, Basketball, Baseball,            S P E C I AL I N D U C T E E S
                             Track and Field
                                                                        Bennett, Thelette Alumni-Tennis, Student Activities
Hardy, Angel        1981        Basketball, Water Polo                                    Director, Vice-Principal
Holmes, Tamara      1994        Volleyball, Basketball                  Daniels, Paul         Alumni-Basketball, Athletic Director,
Jones, Ruppert      1953        Football, Basketball, Baseball                                Vice-Principal, NCS Honor Basketball Coach

Jue, Wing York      1930        Tennis                                  Hacker, Rich          Teacher, Cross-Country and State
                                                                                              Championship Track Coach
Kagawa, Doug        1968        Basketball
                                                                        Hensley, Spike        Teacher, Basketball and Baseball Coach
LaLanne, Jack       1934        Football, Basketball, Baseball,
                                Swimming, Track                         Nakamura, Eugene Alumni-Baseball, Teacher, NCS Honor and
                                                                                         State Championship Basketball Coach
Lambert, John       1971        Basketball
                                                                        White, Willie         State Championship Track Coach
Martin, Billy       1946 (d) Baseball
                                                                        Wong, Cliff           Principal, Superintendent
Muscatine, Lissa    1972        Tennis
Navies, Hannibal    1995        Football, Track and Field
Odom, Steve         1970        Football

                           w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
         Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

                          F r o m B H S At h l e t i c D i r e ct o r
On behalf of the 2007 Athletic Hall of Fame Committee I want to congratulate all of this year’s inductees on their
selection in this, the inaugural year of the long awaited Berkeley High Athletic Hall of Fame. The list of nominees
for induction was vast and it continues to grow. Years of anecdotal information, newspaper reports, yearbooks,
induction into collegiate and our own high school hall of fame, brought to us this year’s forty-six inductees.

With over 3000 students, 28 varsity sports, and 60 different teams, Berkeley High Athletics has remained one of the
largest programs in California. The breadth and size of our athletic programs, particularly in such a diverse
community, make us extremely unique.

Berkeley High has a long and storied athletic history. Research on this year’s inductees is a stroll down memory lane
– from State Championship track athletes from the 1950’s and 1980’s, to the participants and champions of the
Basketball Tournament of Champions in 1970’s and 1980’s, to the phenomena of Berkeley High Girls Basketball under
coaches Spike Hensley and Gene Nakamura – our teams have been literally the best in the state. Many of this years
inductees have gone on to fantastic professional careers – Billy Martin, Glenn Burke, Steve Odom, Chidi Ahanotu,
Hannibal Navies, Earl Robinson, Phil Chenier, Don Barksdale, John Lambert, and Rupert Jones. Most of our inductees
have already been inducted into their college hall of fame.

Since Title IX, the women of Berkeley High have exploded on the scene. In many ways, Lissa Muscatine marks the
transition for Berkeley High between what was and what could be. Among the first women Rhodes Scholars, she has
advocated for Title IX her entire life. Track athletes Sharon Ware, Kim White and Ruth Whitehead are part of a long
tradition of phenomenal women runners at Berkeley High. The same is true of girls basketball – many Norcal and
State champions are on our list – Jualeah Woods, Tamara Holmes, Ruth Whitehead, and Alma Batchie. Olympic silver
medalist swimmer Sylvia Ruuska and US Waterpolo Hall of Famer Lynn Wittstock round out the field of our
phenomenal women athletes.

Our list of Special Inductees is truly “special.” Three of our inductees coached basketball for Berkeley High and led
us to TOC and State basketball championships – Paul Daniels, Spike Hensley, and Gene Nakamura. Two inductees have
provided passionate administrative support to athletics; it truly was more than a job to Thelette A. Bennett and
Clifford Wong. And Willie White is a legend in Berkeley High Track and Field.

Many of our inductees have come back to Berkeley High and taught or coached our youth. The commitment to
education is a common theme among our inductees. They are all role models in one way or another.

With the continued help and support from the Berkeley High Athletic Fund and our community and the commitment
and excellence from our coaches, staff, and student/athletes, we will continue to provide athletic opportunities for
countless Berkeley student athletes and create many more memories together. We encourage more nominations and
look forward to the induction of many more phenomenal Berkeley High athletes.

On behalf of this year’s committee members, Thelette A. Bennett, Paul Daniels, Gene Nakamura and myself,
thanks for being part of Berkeley High Athletics.

Go Jackets!
Kristin Glenchur
Athletic Director Berkeley High

                      w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
              Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

I       N          D           U           C          T           E          E          B         I       O        G   R   A   P   H   I     E      S
C h i d i A h a n otu ( 1 9 8 8 )              F o o t b a ll
                                               Chidi Obioma Ahanotu attended Jefferson and Franklin Elementary schools, Martin Luther King, Jr.
                                               Middle School and Berkeley High, where he graduated in 1988 and played varsity football. After high
                                               school, Ahanatu attended Cal, where he had a very distinguished football career, and as a senior
                                               earned All-Pac 10 honors and was selected to play in the Japan Bowl. Ahanatu came from a family of
                                               academics and had medical school in his sights once his college football career ended. However, it
                                               didn’t end, and he was drafted into professional football by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he
                                               played eight seasons. Subsequently he played for the St. Louis Rams, the Buffalo Bills and the San
                                               Francisco 49ers. He had a great reputation in the NFL for 13 years total as a defensive end. He has
                                               been described as a solid, consistent player.
                                               Ahanatu currently lives in Tampa, Florida, where he owns Magellan Entertainment, Inc., an
                                               entertainment business that specializes in the promotion of clubs and various music events. In
                                               addition, he has done extensive community outreach for United Way, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Save
                                               a Child, the Ahanatu Foundation, and the All Sports Community Service Charity. Ahanatu has created
                                               and owned several businesses during the past 14 years both in Tampa and in Oakland.

R o b e r t ( B o b ) Al b o ( 1 9 5 0 )       B a s k e t b a ll , b a s e b a l l
                                               Bob Albo played two years of varsity basketball and three years of varsity baseball at Berkeley High.
                                               He was an All League basketball and baseball player. In his junior year he was a member of the 1949
                                               Tournament of Champions basketball team. He was the president of his senior class and the first one
                                               to speak in the newly built Berkeley Community Theatre. Albo went on to play basketball and baseball
                                               at Cal Berkeley and was a captain for both teams. He was selected for the Gimbel Award for scholarship
                                               and athletic excellence and was the valedictorian for the class of 1954. He was offered a professional
                                               contract to play baseball, but chose to attend medical school and coach the Cal freshman basketball
                                               and baseball teams. At that time freshman athletes could not play on the varsity team. He was
                                               freshman coach under the great Pete Newell and George Wolfman. Both his freshman basketball and
                                               baseball teams were undefeated. Many of his athletes went on to be members of NCAA winning teams.
                                               Albo graduated from the UC School of Medicine in 1959 and has been in the profession for 48 years.
                                               Dr. Bob Albo is the chief physician for the Oakland Raiders and the Golden State Warriors. He worked
                                               his way through college and medical school performing magic and has written eleven volumes on the
                                               subject – 3000 pages, the largest contribution to magic in existence. His magic collection is the single
                                               largest private collection in the world.

J o h n A l le n ( 1 9 3 6 )                   Footb all , b as ke tb al l, b a seb a ll , tr a ck an d f i el d
                                               John Allen was one of the most extraordinary athletes to ever attend Berkeley High School, where he
                                               lettered in four sports. He attended San Jose State College, breaking the “color barrier” in baseball,
                                               football and basketball. In 1947 he joined the Oakland Larks, a Negro Baseball League team, but after
                                               two years, it folded for lack of funds. Allen then began his long career with the U.S. Postal Service.
                                               Allen would have been the perfect choice to break the color barrier in major league baseball because
                                               of his demeanor, great skills and competitiveness. He passed away in 1996.

                                    w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
              Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

I       N          D           U      C          T             E   E                B   I   O   G    R      A       P      H       I     E      S
D o n B a r k s d a le ( 1 9 4 0 )        B a s k e t b a ll
                                          Don Barksdale played track and football at Berkeley High, but didn’t make the basketball team because
                                          the team “already had one black player.” He ended up at UCLA, where he was named the first black All-
                                          American in basketball. In 1948, he was the only black player on the U.S. Olympic basketball team, which
                                          won the gold medal. Only the third black player in the NBA, Barksdale played professionally for the
                                          Baltimore Bullets and the Boston Celtics. After retiring from professional sports, Barksdale worked as a
                                          disc jockey for KDIA radio. He passed away in 1993, leaving a legacy of courage, strength and dedication.

A lm a B a tch i e ( 1 9 8 3 )            B a sk etba ll , tr a ck a n d f i el d
                                          Alma Batchie was a three-time First-Team All North Coast selection in girls basketball. She averaged 19.2
                                          points, 12 rebounds and 6.9 blocked shots for the Yellow Jackets. She played center for Merritt Junior
                                          College and earned All American and MVP honors and averaged in triple double figures. The Berkeley
                                          native secured a full scholarship to play for the Division 1 Pac 10 UCLA Bruins. Though recruited for
                                          center, she played forward. Batchie has over 20 years’ experience in girls basketball. She specializes in
                                          instructing girls basketball practices and counsels on the value of court sense and blocking out. She
                                          promotes women’s basketball as a way of attaining a college education and achieving personal goals.
                                          Batchie coached the Piedmont High School girls JV basketball team in 2003 and was the Berkeley High
                                          School girls freshmen coach and assistant coach to varsity from 1990 to 1992.

G r e g B r ow n ( 1 9 7 4 )              B a s k e t b a ll
                                          Greg Brown attended Longellow Elementary, Willard Jr. High, West Campus and Berkeley High. He was a
                                          sensitive, caring, hard-working young man who had a great future in basketball before his life was cut
                                          short in his senior year. During the summer between 9th and 10th grade he grew six inches. Though his
                                          growth affected his coordination, Greg worked hard to make the varsity team. By his senior year, he was
                                          a starting guard on one of the best high school teams in the Bay Area. Considered a top guard prospect,
                                          Brown was recruited by many NCAA schools. On Valentine’s Day 1974, Brown collapsed and went into
                                          cardiac arrest while playing in a high school basketball game. He later died. Many people believe that he
                                          was bound to be one of the top athletes in Berkeley High’s history. The Harmon Street Neighborhood
                                          Park was renamed Greg Brown Park in his honor in 1997.

G le n n B u r k e ( 1 9 7 0 )            Footb all , b as eb al l, b a sk etb a ll
                                          Glenn Burke was one of the finest athletes to come out of Berkeley High School. He was named Northern
                                          California’s High School Basketball Player of the Year in 1970, and could run the 100 yard dash in 9.7
                                          seconds. He was able to dunk a basketball using both hands — a remarkable accomplishment for
                                          someone who was just under six feet tall.
                                          Young Burke was considered capable of being a professional basketball player, but his first offer came
                                          from major league baseball. When he started his baseball career, many of the scouts described him as the
                                          next Willie Mays. Burke played baseball at the University of Denver before being drafted by the LA
                                          Dodgers in 1972. He played professional baseball for both the Dodgers and the A’s and is credited with
                                          inventing the "high five" in 1977 when he ran out onto the field to congratulate his Los Angeles Dodgers
                                          teammate Dusty Baker for hitting a home run in the last game of the regular season. His salute has since
                                          been imitated by athletes and fans in virtually every sport around the world. The second recorded "high
                                          five" came moments later when Baker returned the favor in celebration of Burke's first major league
                                          home run. In his 225 games in the majors, Burke batted .237, with two home runs, 38 RBI and 35 stolen

                                     w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
               Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

I        N           D          U         C          T             E   E             B   I   O    G      R      A       P      H       I     E      S
                                              Burke was also the first major league baseball player to openly discuss his homosexuality. He was traded
                                              from the Dodgers to the A’s amid public statements from the A’s management about not wanting
                                              homosexuals in the clubhouse, which frustrated Burke. He stated in his autobiography, "prejudice just
                                              won out," and he quit baseball. Burke's homosexuality became public knowledge in a 1982 article
                                              published by "Inside Sports" magazine. In interviews given while he was fighting AIDS, he expressed
                                              little in the way of grudges, and only one big regret — that he never had the opportunity to pursue a
                                              career in professional basketball.
                                              After retiring from baseball, Burke competed in the 1986 Gay Games in basketball, and won medals in
                                              the 100- and 220-meter sprints in the first Gay Games in 1982. His high school jersey was retired in 2003
                                              and hangs forever in the Donahue Gym. His autobiography, Out at Home, memorializes his struggle with
                                              being a gay professional athlete and his battle with AIDS. Burke died from complications associated with
                                              AIDS on May 30, 1995.

P h i ll i p C h e n i e r ( 1 9 6 8 )        B a s k e t b a ll
                                              Phil Chenier was born and raised in Berkeley and attended LeConte, Willard and Berkeley High. He
                                              played baseball in high school, but he was a basketball sensation, playing three years on Berkeley
                                              High’s varsity team. He played in the Tournament of Champions (TOC) all three years, earning All
                                              Tourney awards in 1967 and ’68. He held the TOC records for most points in a single game (42), most
                                              in a single tourney (82) and all-time tournament points (164). He was selected a high school All-
                                              American in 1968. Heavily recruited out of high school, Chenier decided to attend UC Berkeley. He
                                              played varsity basketball for Cal for two years and was selected for the All Conference First Team as a
                                              junior. Then, in the first year NBA players were allowed to do so, he left before graduating to join the
                                              NBA. He was selected for the NBA All-Rookie Team in 1972 and, in his second year, scored an NBA high
                                              53 points. He remains one of the youngest players (at age 22) ever to score 50 points in an NBA game.
                                              He played for the Baltimore Bullets for nine years and had short stints with the Indiana Pacers and
                                              the Golden State Warriors. During his long and illustrious basketball career, he was a member of the
                                              NBA World Champion Washington Bullets and played on three NBA All-Star Teams. Following
                                              basketball, he worked as director of student activities for Howard Community College, retiring in 1999.
                                              He currently works for Comcast Sportsnet as the “Color Analyst” on television for the Bullets and
                                              Washington Bullets/Wizards basketball games. He has also helped run the Chenier/Dupree Youth
                                              Basketball Day Camp in Columbia, Maryland, for over 16 years.

Joh n C oop e r ( 1 9 8 9 )                   C r ew, socce r, cr os s- cou n tr y
                                              John Cooper, along with twin brother Bill, was a four-year letterman in Crew at BHS. John also
                                              lettered in Soccer and Cross Country. The boys were surrounded by incredible coaches, members of the
                                              National Team, when Berkeley High shared the Cal Boathouse. He credits this for much of his exposure
                                              to excellent rowing. He rowed for a team that won the Junior National World Championship in ’88 and
                                              a bronze medal in the same event in ’89. He and his brother John went to Harvard and won an NCAA
                                              National Championship in 1992. The 1992 Varsity Heavyweight Crew was the last Harvard crew to win
                                              the National Intercollegiate Championships held in Cincinnati, Ohio. After Harvard, John began
                                              working in New York City in investment banking, then in Washington, D.C. for the Department of
                                              Defense. He returned to the Bay Area where he attended the Haas School of Business in 1999 and he
                                              got involved in the dot-com world from 1999-2002. He went on to work for Clorox where he has been
                                              since 2003. Both John and his brother Bill Cooper were inducted into the Harvard Varsity Club Hall of
                                              Fame in 2007 along with their Harvard crew mates.

                                         w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
              Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

I       N          D            U    C         T        E        E                B         I       O   G   R   A   P    H       I     E      S
B i l l C oop e r ( 1 9 8 9 )            C r ew, socce r
                                         Bill Cooper was a four-year letterman in crew and also lettered in soccer. He was surrounded by
                                         incredible coaches, members of the National Team, when Berkeley High shared the Cal Boathouse. He
                                         rowed for a team that won the Junior National World Championship in 1988 and a bronze medal in the
                                         same event in ’89. He and his brother John both went to Harvard, where they won an NCAA National
                                         Championship in 1992. The 1992 Varsity Heavyweight Crew was the last Harvard crew to win the
                                         National Intercollegiate Championships, held in Cincinnati, Ohio. They won the Championship with a
                                         truly exceptional effort by beating the previously undefeated and very powerful crew from Dartmouth,
                                         a crew that included two future Olympic medalists. The Harvard crew set an extremely aggressive pace
                                         early in the race, rowing a full 39 strokes per minute, and continued at that pace for the full duration
                                         of the race and beat Dartmouth by the smallest margin ever recorded in the regatta. Cooper rowed for
                                         the National Team and won a silver medal in the 1991 Pan Am Games and a silver medal in the ’94
                                         World Championships. He worked as an investment banker in New York City for several years and moved
                                         back to the Bay Area in 1997. Cooper was inducted into the Harvard Varsity Club Hall of Fame in 2007
                                         along with his brother and his Harvard crew mates.

Pe ter D om oto ( 1 9 5 6 )              Footb all , b as ke tb al l, b a seb a ll
                                         While at Berkeley High, Pete Domoto was active in student government and athletics, particularly
                                         football and baseball. While a student at UC Berkeley, he was voted the football team’s most valuable
                                         lineman in 1958 and was a starter in the 1959 Rose Bowl Team. He attended the UC School of Dentistry
                                         in San Francisco, where he was recognized as the outstanding graduating dental student. He has been
                                         a full-time faculty member and chairman of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at the University of
                                         Washington since 1973. Dr. Domoto is an internationally known teacher and scholar in pediatric

H e n r y Do r se y ( 1 9 5 6 )          T r ack an d f i e ld , cr o ss -co un tr y, b a sk etb a ll
                                         From 1953 to 1956, Hank Dorsey was a two year letter winner in basketball, and a three year letter
                                         winner in cross-country and track and field. He and teammates Henry Allums, Rudy Johnson, and
                                         Fred Dewitt hold the Berkeley High record for the 880 yard relay. Nationally, he is ranked 4th in the
                                         440 and his relay team is ranked 2nd. He attended Sacramento City College (1957-1958) and in his
                                         first year won the Iron man Award for earning the most points for his team. That year he ran the 220,
                                         the quarter mile, the half mile, and a mile relay. He was injured shortly thereafter, but channeled his
                                         energy into training Don Ramos, a young man who would go on to win the 1958 State Championship
                                         in the 440. Dorsey attended Oakland City College, U.C. Berkeley, Santa Clara University, and Cal State
                                         Hayward. He ran briefly for the Golden Bear Track Club. He worked as an Oakland Police Officer and
                                         a probation counselor before entering the field of education. He worked for fifteen years in the
                                         Berkeley Unified School District as Principal, Teacher, and then a District Administrator and, among
                                         other positions, the Director of the Yoga Reading Program. He joined the administration of the
                                         Pittsburg Unified School District and retired in 2000 after holding the position of School Services
                                         Director and Superintendent. He is an avid golfer with a best tournament score of ‘74” scratch.
                                         Currently he carries an 8 to 12 handicap. Hank is the current Vice-President of the Golden Gate Par
                                         Chasers Golf Club at Lake Chabot Golf Course in Oakland, California.

                                    w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
              Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

I       N           D         U        C          T           E           E         B         I       O        G   R   A   P   H   I    E      S
A r t E van s ( 1 9 61 )                   F o o t b a ll
                                           Art Evans played varsity football for Berkeley High for two years. He has been in the entertainment
                                           business for over 40 years. An accomplished actor, he has written and directed plays, and composed
                                           and performed music. After graduation from Berkeley High, Art attended Prairie View A & M College
                                           in Texas. He then turned to his first love, acting, and prepared by studying movement, music and
                                           languages. His most notable films have been “Die Hard II” and “A Soldier’s Story.” He has played roles
                                           in over 25 films and many, many television shows. Recently, he has directed productions for the Inner
                                           City Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

L e e F r a n k li n ( 2 0 0 1 )           F o o t b a ll , b a s e b a l l
                                           Anthony Lee Franklin (known as Lee Franklin) was an extraordinary young man who graduated
                                           Berkeley High in 2002 and played three sports (baseball, football and basketball) during his four years
                                           at BHS. He excelled in baseball and was the BHS team captain his senior year, in 2002. At the young
                                           age of 13, Lee was diagnosed with leukemia and was treated at Children’s Hospital in Oakland. By 2001,
                                           his doctors determined that his illness was in remission and were hopeful that he had been cured.
                                           While a patient at Children’s, Franklin’s story made headlines, and S.F. Giants superstar Barry Bonds
                                           was touched by his story. He visited Franklin in the hospital, and the two worked together on a
                                           national campaign to get more African Americans to register as bone marrow donors. Franklin was
                                           interviewed on ESPN, and Bonds took Franklin and his grandfather (Willie Purvis) to the Major League
                                           All-Star game that year in Cleveland. After graduating from BHS, Franklin went on to study at the
                                           University of Arizona, where he played second base for the Wildcats. He then transferred to SF State
                                           University, where he was majoring in communications and was a member of the baseball team. He went
                                           on to do an internship with KGO-TV in the Sports Department. Sadly, Franklin collapsed on the ball
                                           field in 2006.
                                           During Franklin’s short life, he was able to accomplish more than many young men his age. He was a
                                           Dean’s List student at the University of Arizona, received an AAU Recognition Award in 2002 (Student
                                           Athlete Overcoming Adversity), was a member of the All East Bay Team (Second Team) in 2002, was
                                           All-League Wide Receiver in 2001 and 2002, was Scholar Athlete of the Year (Baseball) in 2001 with a
                                           4.0 GPA, and was an Honor Roll student at Berkeley High all four years, from 1998 to 2002.

C a r l e tu s G or d on ( 1 9 5 3 )       Footb all , b as ke tb al l, b a seb a ll , tr a ck an d f i el d
                                           Carletus Gordon was an all-around great athlete who lettered in four sports – football, basketball,
                                           baseball, and track and field. He was an All American Football player all three years and was part of
                                           the 1953 team that competed in the State Track Meet. His 100-yard dash time stood as a Berkeley High
                                           record for many years. He played football at Bakersfield Junior College, minor league baseball in
                                           Sacramento with the Chicago Cubs organization, and was drafted to play football with the Raiders. He
                                           played semi-pro baseball on a team sponsored by Hustead’s Towing until he was 41. He was a quiet,
                                           unassuming man who, as remembered by his friends, was just as competitive playing for nothing as
                                           he was playing professionally. Carl Gordon passed away in 2004.

                                   w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
             Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

I       N         D          U       C        T       E         E                 B    I   O   G   R      A       P      H       I     E      S
An g el H ar d y ( 1 9 81 )           B a sk etb a ll , water pol o, s w i m m i n g
                                      Angel Hardy was a four-year varsity basketball player who also lettered in water polo and swimming. In
                                      her junior year, she was a member of the undefeated 32-0 Girls basketball team that won the
                                      Tournament of Champions in 1980. She was awarded a scholarship to play basketball at UCLA and played
                                      in the NCAA Tournament. She ranks sixth in UCLA’s all time assist leaders, making 181 of those assists
                                      in her senior year. Hardy has taught and coached grades 7-11 at Oakwood School in North Hollywood
                                      for the past 18 years. She is the varsity boys basketball coach at Oakwood, one of only a few women in
                                      the nation to coach varsity boys basketball.

Tam ar a H olm es ( 1 9 9 2 )         Voll eyba ll , b as ke tb al l
                                      Tamara Holmes lettered in volleyball and basketball in 1991 and 1992. She played on the 1991 Girls
                                      Basketball State Championship team 1991. An all-around great athlete, Holmes played briefly for the
                                      Albany High School Baseball team. She tried out for the Berkeley High baseball team but was cut in her
                                      senior year. Years later, her coach would apologize for cutting her. She accepted a scholarship to play
                                      volleyball at Cal and was a four-time All-American in both volleyball and basketball. She went on to play
                                      for the Colorado Silver Bullets, the all-women professional baseball team that traveled the nation playing
                                      against men’s teams. She hit the first homerun — a grand slam — for the Silver Bullets. She went on to
                                      hit a team high three homeruns for them that year. She played minor league ball in a men’s independent
                                      league for the Massachusetts Mad Dogs in 1999. In 2006, she helped the USA Women’s Baseball team win
                                      a gold medal in Taiwan during World Women’s Cup games. She is currently a city of Oakland firefighter

R u p p e r t Jon e s ( 1 9 7 3 )     Footb a ll , b as ketb al l, b as eb a ll
                                      Ruppert Jones was the first Berkeley High School basketball player selected to the All TOC (Tournament
                                      of Champions) Team three consecutive years (1971, ’72 and ’73). During his senior year at Berkeley High
                                      School (1973), Ruppert received All ACAL (Alameda Contra Costa Athletic League) First Team honors in
                                      football, basketball and baseball. In 1973, Ruppert was a third round draft choice of the Kansas City
                                      Royals, making his Major League Baseball debut with the Royals in 1976 at age 21. During his 12-year
                                      pro career, Ruppert played in the major leagues for the Royals, Mariners, Yankees, Padres, Tigers and
                                      Angels. He retired from baseball in 1987.

W i n g Yor k Jue ( 1 9 30 )          Te n n i s
                                      Wing York Jue (1914-2001) was born and lived his entire life in Berkeley. He attended Washington
                                      Elementary School, Edison Junior High and Berkeley High School and graduated from the University of
                                      California, Berkeley, in 1934 with a degree in accounting. He started playing tennis at age 12 with the
                                      encouragement of his older brother and continued playing for over 64 years; for 45 of those years he was
                                      one of the top senior players in the state. His tennis travels took him all over the United States and even
                                      to London, where he represented the United States in a world event. He won a state championship at age
                                      75 and was ranked No. 4 in the nation in the 85s for the year. In 1997, Jue played all the Grand Slams
                                      and made two semi-finals and one final. That year he was presented the Frank Apgar Inspirational award.
                                      Jue was a WWII veteran stationed for 28 months in New Caledonia in the South Pacific, transporting
                                      ammunition and supplies. He married his wife, Dorothy, in 1950, and they had two sons, Jeff and Jerry,
                                      who both attended Berkeley High School and were both league singles champions in tennis. Jue was
                                      inducted into the BHS Hall of Fame in 1999, and passed award in 2001.

                                    w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
             Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

I       N         D         U       C        T         E      E                B        I       O         G   R   A   P   H     I     E      S
D ou g K a ga w a ( 1 9 6 8 )        B a sk etb a ll
                                     Doug Kagawa earned his varsity letters in basketball in 1967 and ’68. In both years he helped Berkeley
                                     High win the ACAL (Alameda Contra Costa Athletic League) and the Tournament of Champions. He
                                     taught and coached at Berkeley High and Berkeley West Campus. He was an assistant varsity football
                                     coach from 1973 to 1976, the JV basketball coach from ’74 to ’76, a varsity basketball assistant coach
                                     from ’73 to ’ 76, the West Campus swim team and water polo team coach in ’75 and’76, and the West
                                     Campus freshman football coach in ’75 and ’76. He served as the Albany High School varsity basketball
                                     coach from 1977 to 2007 (30 years) and just retired from coaching this year. Currently he works as the
                                     Albany High School head counselor.

J a ck L a L a n n e ( 1 9 3 4 )     Footb a ll , b as ketb al l, b as eb a ll, sw i m m i n g, tr a ck
                                     Jack La Lanne grew up in Berkeley and attended Berkeley schools. Although he was quite small, La
                                     Lanne played football at Berkeley High. At an early age, he formulated a basic approach to physical
                                     fitness and nutrition. By the early 1950s, he took his fitness message to television, where he was an
                                     instant hit. La Lanne performed some incredible feats of physical strength: swimming the length of the
                                     Golden Gate Bridge under water while towing a 2,000 pound boat; setting a world record of 1,033 push-
                                     ups in 23 minutes; swimming from Alcatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf handcuffed, shackled and towing a
                                     boat. Jack is retired and lives in Morro Bay.

Joh n L am b e r t ( 1 9 71 )        B a sk etb a ll
                                        John Lambert was born in Berkeley, and graduated from Berkeley High School with honors in 1971.
                                        While attending BHS, Lambert was a member of the undefeated 1970 men’s basketball team and played
                                        on teams that won the Tournament of Champions back to back in 1970 and ’71. He was also named
                                        the MVP of that tournament. Lambert was recruited by over 100 colleges and universities for both
                                        athletics and academics and attended the University of Southern California on a scholarship. While at
                                        USC, Lambert was the recipient of the Gimble Award for academic excellence. His freshman team posted
                                        an 18:1 season record and John held the title for the most points scored in a single game at 35. In his
                                        three varsity seasons at USC, his teams went 18:10, 24:5 and 18:18. After graduating from USC,
                                        Lambert was the first-round draft pick of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers in 1975. He played for the Cavs,
                                        the Kings (in Kansas City) and the San Antonio Spurs before finishing his professional sports career in
                                        Venice, Italy. While in Cleveland Lambert was named the “CBS Player of the Game” on two occasions
                                        and also held the single game rebounding record at 26 rebounds. Lambert’s teams made the NBA
                                        playoffs every year that he played. Since retiring from professional basketball, he has maintained his
                                        association with sports by providing color analysis for various events on television. Lambert has worked
                                        for ESPN, ABC, USA Network, Prime Ticket, Raycom, KICU and KRON as well as several other television
                                        and radio networks. He has launched several profitable business ventures and is currently a principal
                                        with KCM Investment Advisors. He has a passion for young people and devotes much of his time to
                                        youth groups. He is an accomplished speaker and is often asked to speak at business gatherings,
                                        community functions and fund-raising events. He is on the board of the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame
                                        as well as other not-for-profit organizations. He is passionate about his family and is also an avid
                                        golfer and tennis player.

                                   w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
              Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

I       N          D          U          C         T       E        E             B   I   O      G      R      A       P      H       I     E      S
Alf r e d “ Bi lly” M ar ti n ( 1 9 4 6 ) B a se b all
                                             “Billy” Martin grew up in West Berkeley and attended local schools. After successfully playing both
                                             basketball and baseball at Berkeley High, he joined the local professional team, the Oakland Oaks. He
                                             then played second base for several professional teams including the New York Yankees. His true
                                             baseball brilliance was realized as a manager where he served both the New York Yankees and the
                                             Oakland Athletics. He has a long and colorful career as a manager. Bay Area residents will remember
                                             with fondness the era of “Billy Ball” at the Oakland A’s. Billy died tragically in an automobile accident
                                             in 1989.

L i ss a M u scati n e ( 1 9 7 2 )           Te n n i s
                                             Lissa Muscatine distinguished herself as a scholar and varsity tennis player while at Berkeley High
                                             School, where she was coached by BHS Hall of Fame inductee Thelette Bennett. Muscatine attended
                                             Harvard University, where she played tennis (four years) and basketball (three years) for the Crimson.
                                             In the first year, they were awarded to women, Muscatine was among the nation’s first female letter-
                                             winners to receive a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford University. After college, Muscatine worked
                                             as an award-winning reporter for the Washington Post for 12 years, where she covered sports and metro
                                             news and served as Maryland editor. Muscatine worked in the White House from 1993 to 1998 as deputy
                                             assistant to the president and director of communications to the first lady. She also worked with
                                             Senator Hillary Clinton on her best-selling autobiography, “Living History.” Muscatine’s advocacy for
                                             women’s sports continued after college — she wrote often about sports for the Washington Post,
                                             coached girls’ basketball, and became a trustee of the Women’s Sports Foundation, a national
                                             organization founded by Billy Jean King that has worked for more than 30 years on public policy to
                                             increase participation opportunities and advance equal treatment of women and girls in sports.
                                             Muscatine is married to Bradley Graham, a military affairs reporter for The Washington Post.

H a n n i b a l N a vi e s ( 1 9 9 5 )       Footb all , tr a ck a n d f i el d
                                             Hannibal Navies was born in Berkeley, and attended Berkeley public schools. He was a three-year
                                             varsity letterman in football and four-year track letterman at Berkeley High. He is the son of the
                                             founder of Berkeley High’s African American Studies Department, Richard Navies. Hannibal Navies
                                             excelled at track, making it to the state meet in the 4x1 relay and other events. But he has become
                                             most known for his football ability. He attended University of Colorado at Boulder on an athletic
                                             scholarship. There he won the Dave Jones Award as the Buffs’ top defensive player in 1997. He was a
                                             fourth-round draft pick in 1999 to play for the Carolina Panthers. Since joining the NFL, Hannibal has
                                             played with the Green Bay Packers and the Cincinnati Bengals, and he is currently with the San
                                             Francisco 49ers. In 2003 and 2004, he helped the Packers clinch the NFC North Championships. Navies
                                             has given back to the Bay Area community with his Hannibal Navies Camp by the Bay, a free football
                                             camp for Bay Area high school athletes held each May on the Berkeley High football field. He has been
                                             recognized by the California Senate and Legislature and the city of Berkeley, who proclaimed Navies

                                     w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
             Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

I       N         D         U      C          T         E       E              B   I   O   G      R      A      P      H       I     E      S
S teve O d om ( 1 9 70 )               F o o t b a ll
                                       Steve Odom graduated from Berkeley High School in 1970, where he lettered in football, baseball and
                                       track. He received a football scholarship to the University of Utah and was a wide receiver and kick-
                                       return specialist for the “Utes” from 1971to 1973. He set five NCAA records and five Utah records
                                       during his career. Odom led the nation in kick-off returns in 1972. As a senior, he led the team in
                                       touchdowns scored, receiving, punt returns and kick-off returns. He did not miss a play because of
                                       injury during his career and scored a touchdown every 8.8 times he touched the football. Odom was
                                       one of the fastest Ute players ever, running the 100-yard dash in 9.3 seconds. After his senior season,
                                       he was named All-WAC (Western Athletic Conference) and a First-Team All-American by the Football
                                       Writers of America. He was also named an Academic All-American and was chosen as the 1973 Utah
                                       Sportsman of the Year. In 1991, he was inducted into the University of Utah Hall of Fame. Odom was
                                       the No. 2 selection by the Green Bay Packers in the 1974 NFL draft and played for them for six years.
                                       Odom was named Packer Rookie of the Year and in 1975, he became only the second Packer in history
                                       to gain over 1,000 yards on kick-off returns. Odom played in the 1976 Pro Bowl and, in 1978, he led
                                       the NFL in kick-off returns by averaging 27.1 yards per return. Odom currently resides in Berkeley,
                                       where he has worked as a police officer since 1985 (22 years). He will be retiring from law enforcement
                                       on June 28, 2007.

G e n e R a n s om ( 1 9 7 5 )         Footb all , b as ke tb al l, b a seb a ll
                                       Horace “Gene” Ransom lettered in three sports – football, basketball and baseball. He played varsity
                                       basketball and baseball for all three years and football for two and played in the Tournament of
                                       Champions, the equivalent to today’s State Championship, in 1974 and 1975. He credits Calvin
                                       Anderson, a counselor at BHS, for taking him under his wing and making sure he was eligible for
                                       college. Ransom attended Cal on a dual scholarship in basketball and baseball. He still holds the record
                                       for most minutes played in a NCAA basketball game, and is one of the top three individual performers
                                       and one of the 1,000 point scorers. He was inducted into Cal’s Hall of Fame in 2001. He finished his
                                       collegiate playing career at University of Reno, and was drafted by the Golden State Warriors and also
                                       signed with the Oakland A’s, playing in their minor-league system from 1980 to 1983. He came back
                                       to Berkeley High as an assistant basketball coach in 1999 and returned as an assistant in 2006.

J oh n R i ck s e n ( 1 9 4 9 )        B a sk etba ll , te n n i s
                                       John Ricksen was a two year varsity basketball and tennis player at Berkeley High. He earned All
                                       League and was the league’s scoring leader. A member of the Tournament of Champions winning team,
                                       he and his brother won co- MVP awards and he was named to the all Norcal First Team in 1949. John
                                       played both tennis and basketball for Cal from 1951-1953. He was an All American in Tennis three
                                       years. In tennis, he was an NCAA quarter-finalists in NCAA singles in 1953. Together, the brothers were
                                       NCAA semifinalists in 1951 and were quarterfinalists in ’52 and ’53. Both he and his brother started
                                       three years on the Cal basketball team and were co-captains on the Bears’ 1953 team that won the PCC
                                       (Pacific Coast Conference) title.. He and his brother were co-recipients of the Jake Gimbel Award
                                       (excellence in athletics and academics) in ’53. They stayed on at Cal as freshman basketball coaches
                                       in 1954. He is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and Hastings College of Law,
                                       University of California. He was admitted to the California Bar in 1960. Both brothers were inducted
                                       in the California Athletics Hall of Fame in 1999.

                                  w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
              Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

I       N          D          U         C         T        E         E              B   I   O   G      R      A      P      H       I     E      S
R u p e r t R i ck s e n ( 1 9 4 9 )        B a sk etba ll , te n n i s
                                            Rupert Rickson was a two year varsity basketball and tennis athlete. He earned All League both years
                                            in basketball and was named co-MVP with his twin John in the Tournament of Champions 1949. Rupert
                                            played both tennis and basketball for Cal from 1951-1953. He was an All American in Tennis three
                                            years. In tennis, he was an NCAA quarter-finalists in NCAA singles, Rupert in 1951 and made it to the
                                            NCAA round of 16 in 1952 and 1953. Together, the brothers were NCAA semifinalists in 1951 and were
                                            quarterfinalists in ’52 and ’53. Both he and his brother started three years on the Cal basketball team
                                            and were co-captains on the Bears’ 1953 team that won the PCC (Pacific Coast Conference) title. He
                                            and his brother were co-recipients of the Jake Gimbel Award (excellence in athletics and academics)
                                            in ’53. They stayed on at Cal as freshman coaches in 1954. Rupert was assistant coach under Pete
                                            Newell from 1957 to 59, including Cal’s NCAA title team in ’59. He is a graduate of the University of
                                            California at Berkeley and Hastings College of Law, University of California. He was admitted to the
                                            California Bar in 1960. Both brothers were inducted in the California Athletics Hall of Fame in 1999.

E a r l R ob i n s o n ( 1 9 5 3 )          Footb all , b as ke tb al l, b a seb a ll
                                            Earl Robinson was active in sports (baseball, basketball and football), student government, and music
                                            at Berkeley High. He was a two-year varsity football and two-year varsity basketball player, and three-
                                            year varsity baseball player at Berkeley High, earning All-League honors in all sports. He attended UC
                                            Berkeley on an alumni scholarship, where he played on the 1957 NCAA Championship baseball team
                                            as well as the basketball team. Robinson was a three-year basketball starter and team captain at Cal,
                                            playing in two NCAA regionals. He was an All-American shortstop on Cal's 1957 NCAA championship
                                            team.He was even a Cal football cheerleader to support then roommate and Cal football player Joe
                                            Kapp. In 1958 he signed with the Dodgers and began a seven-year career in professional baseball, with
                                            stints with the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago Cubs. He was an assistant basketball and baseball
                                            coach at Cal, and became the first African American head basketball coach in the Peralta Community
                                            College District, coaching at Merritt and then Laney Junior Colleges. He earned his doctoral degree in
                                            education from UC Berkeley. Earl has been a college professor for over 40 years and is also involved as
                                            a television producer/director.

C e b r on R u s s ( 1 9 5 7 )              Footb all , tr a ck a n d f i el d
                                            Cebron Russ played three years of varsity track and field and two years of varsity football. He held two
                                            Berkeley High records, the 120 yard high hurdles (14.2 seconds), broken in 1975 by Gerald Bennett
                                            and the long jump (23ft, 10 1/4 inches), broken by Mark Cleghorn in 1973. He was a member of the
                                            1957 State championship track team and holds the distinction of having earned the most points for
                                            the team in that meet; out of a total score of 23 points, Russ earned 12 of them. He placed second
                                            in the high hurdles, third in the long-jump, and 4th in the low hurdles. Russ went on to run for Cal
                                            Berkeley, jumping 25 feet in his freshman year before getting hurt. He has worked with IBM selling
                                            computers to schools and sold Life Insurance. He is a member of the California Association of Mortgage
                                            Brokers. He and his wife Leatrice McWhorter-Russ are retired and raisinig their three grandsons in

                                       w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
              Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

I       N          D          U       C          T         E         E             B    I   O   G   R      A      P      H       I     E      S
S y lv i a R u u s k a ( 1 9 6 0 )        Sw i m m i ng
                                          A 1959 Time Magazine article revealed that Sylvia Ruuska began to swim competitively at age seven at
                                          the Berkeley Y.M.C.A. Her coach was her Finnish-born father, Weikko Ruuska, and sometimes her
                                          mother when her father had to work overtime. Her training included three-hour sessions after school
                                          and six hours daily on weekends and four meals a day. The 14-year old Ruuska swam for the United
                                          States in the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, where she captured a silver medal with the women’s 4x100
                                          freestyle relay and bronze in the individual 400m freestyle. While a student at Stanford University,
                                          Ruuska also represented the United States in the 1960 Olympics in Rome. In 1958, Ruuska was named
                                          State Girl Athlete of the Year. On June 27, 1958, she became the first woman to set an official world
                                          record in the 400 meter individual medley, clocking 5:46.6 at a swimming meet in Los Angeles. She
                                          ranks 28th on the list of all-time national title leaders.

C a r l Va n H e u i t ( 1 9 4 5 )        F o o t b a ll
                                          Carl Van Heuit was extremely active at Berkeley High School, participating in sports, theater, crew and
                                          student government and serving as editor of the school paper, the Jacket. He served in the Marine
                                          Corps from 1945 to 1947. During his years at UC Berkeley, Carl played defensive safety and punt
                                          returned on the football team. He was on the Rose Bowl teams of 1950 and 1951, and selected as All-
                                          American in 1950. Following graduation, Carl coached at Cal under “Pappy” Waldorf, and for the next
                                          20 years worked with Cal freshman and JVs. Carl worked in the insurance business and was very active
                                          in the community. He passed away in 2002.

S h a r on W a r e ( 1 9 81 )             T r a c k a n d f i e ld
                                          Sharon Ware is part of a great tradition of successful Berkeley High School track athletes. She and her
                                          relay teammates still hold several Berkeley High records in the 100-meter (11.34), the 400-meter relay
                                          (45.13) and the 800-meter relay (1.36). She holds the fastest North Coast Section time in the 100 at
                                          11.34 seconds, the 4th fastest time in the 200 at 23.62 and the 4th fastest time in the 400 at 53.9.
                                          She was a member of the State Championship Girls Team in 1981, taking first in the 100 meter and
                                          third in the 200 meter. She remains one of the six fastest in the state in the 100. Along with
                                          teammates Tanaya King, Robyne Johnson and Nedrea Rodgers, she was ranked first in the Nation in
                                          the sprint medley relay. She attended Arizona State University, where she earned All American Honors
                                          in 1983 in the 100.

K i m b er ly W h i te ( 1 9 7 9 )        C r oss -C ou n tr y, tr ack a n d f i el d
                                          While at Berkeley High, Kimberly White was an outstanding student and athlete. She was captain of
                                          the track team and earned a varsity letter in cross-country and track and field all three years. She
                                          qualified for the State Track Meet in 1979, placing second in the 400. She became a member of the
                                          Junior National Track Team. White attended UC Berkeley on an athletic scholarship and competed in
                                          two NCAA National Championships. She majored in microbiology and after receiving her bachelor’s
                                          degree, she entered the School of Pharmacy at the University of California, San Francisco, and earned
                                          her doctor of pharmacy degree.

                                     w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
              Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

I       N          D         U        C          T             E   E                B   I   O   G    R      A       P      H       I     E      S
R uth W h i te h ea d ( 1 9 8 3 )         B a sk etba ll , tr a ck a n d f i el d
                                          Ruth (Whitehead) Douglas played three years of varsity basketball and three years of varsity track and
                                          field at Berkeley High School, where she earned her varsity block in the 10th grade. She played on the
                                          basketball team that won RBAL (Richmond Berkeley Athletic League) and made it to the North Coast
                                          Section championship all three years and made the All League Team. She participated in the State
                                          Track and Field Championships all three years on the 4x100 and 4x400 relay teams. In 1981 and 1982,
                                          she helped Berkeley High win the State Championship in Track and Field. In those years she placed
                                          7th and 3rd in the State in the 100 hurdles and was in the top 10 in the 300-meter hurdles, and she
                                          received numerous track and field awards throughout her career at Berkeley High. Whitehead still
                                          holds the Berkeley High School record for the 300 low hurdles. She went on to San Francisco State,
                                          where she played basketball and ran track. She earned All American honors in track and field and
                                          placed 7th in the nation in Division II in the 100-meter hurdles in 1986. She was inducted into the
                                          San Francisco State Athletic Hall of Fame for Track and Field and still holds their hurdle records in the
                                          100-meter and 400 meters. Whitehead graduated from San Francisco State in 1988 with a B.A. in social
                                          science and currently works for Alameda County Social Services as an employment counselor. She is
                                          married to Brent Douglas, who ran track for St. Mary’s High School, and they are proud parents of three
                                          beautiful girls: Aaliyah, Azariah and Akaylah. Ruth still plays basketball and runs in her spare time.

L yn n W i ttstock ( 1 9 8 0 )            W a ter po lo, s w i m m i n g
                                          Lynn Wittstock graduated from Berkeley High in 1980. She swam and played varsity water polo all four
                                          years. After high school she went on to become one of UC Berkeley’s greatest water polo players. While
                                          she earned All-America honors twice in swimming (1982 and 1984) at Cal, Wittstock’s greatest
                                          successes came in water polo, where she was generally regarded as one of the finest players in America
                                          for the better part of two decades. She played on Cal’s club water polo team from 1981 to 1984 and
                                          participated on the U.S. National Team from 1984 to 1998. A Berkeley native who competed in four
                                          World Championships and seven FINA (the international swimming federation) World Cups, Wittstock
                                          served as the USA National Team captain from 1987 to 1990 and 1992 to 1998. She was an All-American
                                          (1986-2000), nominated for the James E. Sullivan Award in 1996, was named USWP Athlete of the Year
                                          in 1993, 1995 and 1996, and was voted MVP of the USWP Senior National Team in 1991 and 1993.
                                          Wittstock also served as the athlete representative to USA Water Polo (1984-2000). She was the
                                          Berkeley High School Women’s Water Polo coach in 1986 and the coach of Carondelet Water Polo in
                                          1996. In 2006, she was a member of the Oakland Masters Water Polo club team, which won the FINA
                                          Masters World Championships. She capped her international career when she was elected as flag bearer
                                          for the USA delegation at the Opening Ceremonies of the 1998 World Aquatic Championships. In 2002,
                                          Wittstock was inducted into the University of California/Berkeley Hall of Fame. She now works as a
                                          cartographer/environmental specialist for Blymeyer Engineers in Alameda, California.

J u a le a h W o o d s ( 1 9 8 0 )        B a s k e t b a ll
                                          As a senior at Berkeley High in 1990, Jualeah Woods earned Northern California Player of the Year and
                                          honorable mention All-America honors. She led Berkeley High to the state championship game in
                                          1990. Woods signed with Coach Marianne Stanley at USC, giving the Trojans one of the top recruiting
                                          classes in the nation. At USC, Woods was a four-year starter at small forward and two-time team
                                          captain (1990-94) and ranks sixth on the school’s career “three-point field goals made” chart. During
                                          Woods’ four years at USC, she helped lead the Women of Troy to four consecutive NCAA Tournament
                                          appearances, including three trips to the Sweet 16, and earning a combined 89-31 record during her
                                          career. Woods graduated from USC in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in public administration.

                                     w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
               Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

I        N             D   U     C         T        E        E                B        I       O         G        R          A   P    H         I      E       S
                                     Woods is an assistant basketball coach at San Diego State University. Previously, she served as an
                                     assistant coach in the Pac-10 Conference at Cal and Oregon State University. She started her coaching
                                     career at Santa Monica High School as both an assistant and later as the head girls’ basketball coach
                                     from 1994 to 1997. She played for one year with the Long Beach StingRays of the American Basketball
                                     League in 1997-98.

Pe ter W r i gh t ( 1 9 8 2 )        Te n n i s
                                     Peter Wright was a four-year varsity letterman in tennis at Berkeley High School. His family has made
                                     great contributions to the Berkeley High community (his father, Stanley Wright, was a counselor for
                                     Berkeley High for many years). He went on to play at Cal and was their #No. 1 singles player from 1982
                                     to 1985. He has played at Wimbledon and the Australian Open, and was the Davis Cup Team Captain
                                     for Ireland for eight years. He was a top 400 singles player and a top 200 doubles player in the world
                                     rankings. He coached the Olympic Team for Ireland and has been the Cal Men’s Head Tennis Coach since
                                     1991. This year he served as the chairman of the NCAA Tennis Tournament. Wright lives in Berkeley
                                     and has three children.

                                          SP E C I AL                             I N D U C T E E S

T h e le tte A . B en n e tt         A lu m n i – ten n i s, s tud en t a cti vi ti es di r e cto r, vi ce - pr i n ci pal
                                     Aside from the years before kindergarten and the years she attended college, Thelette A. Bennett has
                                     spent her school life and career in Berkeley schools. She came from a very athletic family and played
                                     tennis for Berkeley High. After college, she returned to Berkeley High, where she worked as a teacher,
                                     tennis coach, student activities director and dean of students, and was vice principal at Willard and
                                     Longfellow middle schools as well as Berkeley High. She was known to be one of the most spirited and
                                     passionate Berkeley High supporters and has probably attended more Berkeley High proms,
                                     graduations and athletic events than any other school administrator. As student activities director and
                                     vice principal in charge of athletics at BHS, Bennett was the administrator in charge of many athletic
                                     events, often getting directly involved in quieting crowds and making sure Berkeley was a safe place
                                     to play. She served on the North Coast Section Realignment Committee in 2005-2006. Bennett has
                                     devoted her life to the children of Berkeley. She retired from the district in 2006 and currently works
                                     as an advisor for the Berkeley YMCA. In 2007, the Berkeley Public Education Foundation recognized
                                     her as a Distinguished Educator.

Pa u l D a n i e l s                 A lu m n i – b a sk etb a ll , ath le ti c d i r ector, vi ce -p r i n ci pa l, N C S h on or a n d TO C C h am p i on s h i p
                                     b a sk etb a ll coach
                                     Paul Daniels was a three-year letterman in baseball at Berkeley High, earning All League Honors as a
                                     shortstop in 1956. He graduated from Berkeley High in 1956 and from the University of California at
                                     Berkeley in 1961. He returned to Berkeley High to teach physical education and coach basketball,
                                     baseball and track. Also at Berkeley High, he served as department chairperson for physical education,
                                     athletic director and vice principal. During his coaching career he was known throughout the state for
                                     his championship teams. He produced nine straight basketball championships during his nine years as
                                     Berkeley High’s varsity basketball coach. He won one NCS (North Coast Section) 3A championship and
                                     two runner-up finishes in the Tournament of Champions. He posted a 220-64 career record and an

                                w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
              Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

                                    SP E C I AL                           I N D U C T E E S
                                amazing 109-10 record in league competition. The Yellow Jackets averaged 24 wins a season under
                                Coach Daniels. He coached some of the greatest athletes Berkeley High has ever known: Ruppert Jones,
                                Brian Guinn, Jeff and Gene Ransom, Claudell Washington, Glenn Burke, John Lambert ,and Phil Chenier
                                in Babe Ruth baseball. He played a major role in landing a $3.4 million grant for Berkeley High, which
                                was used to build the Donahue Gym that he helped design. In 1983 Daniels was the first NCS Honor
                                Basketball Coach. He became the El Cerrito High School Principal in 1992 and retired in 1998.

S p i k e H e n s l ey          Te ach er, b as ke tb al l an d ba se b all coa ch
                                Spike Hensley taught and coached at Berkeley High for 21 years, from 1959 to 1980. He worked as an
                                assistant football and baseball coach in his first years there. He coached basketball and one year of
                                varsity baseball before becoming the varsity boys basketball coach from 1964 to 1974. During those 10
                                years, he had the opportunity to coach some of Berkeley High’s finest athletes, winning the
                                Tournament of Champions. In 1979 and 1980 he became the varsity girls basketball coach, compiling
                                an amazing 58-2 record (with one 32-0 season in 1980), and winning two Tournament of Champions
                                contests. He recalls one bus ride when he turned to his girls and told them they were the start of a
                                great era in Berkeley girls basketball.
                                Hensley played basketball and baseball for a small high school in the Midwest. It was during the end
                                of the WW II era and he recalls very few men being available to coach. He played baseball for four years
                                at Buena Vista College in Iowa. He came out west to bring his wife to warmer weather. He and his wife
                                are retired and living in Grants Pass, Oregon.

E u ge n e N a k a m u r a      A lu m n i – b ase b al l, te ach er, N C S h on o r an d Sta te C h a m pi o n sh i p b as ke tb al l coach
                                Gene Nakamura attended Jefferson Elementary School, Garfield Jr. High School and Berkeley High
                                School. At BHS, he was elected president of the 10th grade, was on the Rally Committee, and the Block
                                B Society. He played “B” basketball and was a three-year varsity letterman starter in baseball, playing
                                shortstop and pitcher. As a senior he earned “Most Inspirational Player” and “Most Valuable Player”
                                honors. Nakamura graduated from Cal State University, Hayward, with a B.A. in social science and
                                earned an elementary teaching credential. In 1969, he joined the teaching staff of the Berkeley
                                Unified School District. He was a vice-principal at Willard and at Longfellow Middle School, but the
                                position he will always be known for is that of girls basketball coach at Berkeley High. “Nak” is one
                                of the most successful high school coaches in California. From 1982 to 2007, Nak’s teams logged over
                                550 wins, two State Division I titles, eight Northern California Division I titles and 15 North Coast
                                Section titles. He has coached hundreds of girls and seen many of his athletes awarded scholarships
                                to Division I basketball programs at Cal, USC, UCLA, Oregon State and University of Nevada, among
                                many others. In 1997 he was awarded the NCS (North Coast Section) Honor Girls Basketball Coach. In
                                2006, the year he retired for the school district, he was awarded the Berkeley Public Education
                                Foundation’s Teacher of the Year. In 2007, he was named the Contra Costa Times Coach of the Year. He
                                is a most beloved coach, mentor, and father figure to hundreds of girls and thousands of students. He
                                has always considered himself a teacher, whether it be in the classroom, as an administrator, or on the
                                field or court as a coach. He is a devoted family man and a proud husband, father and grandfather.

                             w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
              Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

                                       SP E C I AL                                I N D U C T E E S
W i l li e W h i te                Te ach er, s tate ch a m p i on sh i p tr ack coa ch
                                   Willie White taught physical education and was the track coach at Berkeley High School from 1966
                                   to1984. As a high school athlete, he was a state track champion in 1956, and won a 1957 Junior
                                   College State championship. He ran track at UC Berkeley from 1968 to 1971, running the 100, 200 and
                                   200 low hurdles. At Berkeley High he had large track teams, worked his athletes hard and encouraged
                                   all kids to participate. He won two boys state champion track teams in 1980 and ’81 and four girls state
                                   champion track teams in 1979, ’80, ’81, ’82. He left Berkeley High in 1984 and become the assistant
                                   track coach at Cal State Hayward.

C l i f f or d Wo n g              P r i n ci p al , as soci ate a n d i n te r i m s up er i n te n de n t
                                   Clifford Wong was principal of Berkeley High from 1969 to 1974. He was an active member of the
                                   Tournament of Champions Basketball Committee from 1969 to 1974. As the principal, he supported,
                                   attended and enjoyed many BHS sporting events. He continued to support BHS athletics throughout
                                   his service as personnel director, associate superintendent of instruction and acting superintendent
                                   and even after his retirement in 1994.

                        BHS Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Criteria
     ATH L E TI C C ATE G ORY                                                            20 0 8 N O M IN ATI ON S
     1)    Graduate of Berkeley High School who has been out of high                     • Anyone other than a family member may submit nominations
           school for a minimum of five years.                                             to the Hall of Fame Chairperson.
     2)    Outstanding athletic accomplishment in one or more sports.                    • Nominations need only be made one time. Those not selected
           A student who, while in high school, received athletic                          will be retained for future consideration.
           honors such as All League, Most Valuable Player, All State                    • Nomination forms are available at:
           or All American.                                                                ww w.B e r k e leyAth le ti cF u nd .or g
     3)    A minimum two year varsity athlete who completed both                           and in the Berkeley High Athletic Office.
           seasons in good standing. An athlete in “good standing” is                    • Nomination forms and specified supporting materials should
           one who completed the season by remaining eligible and                          be submitted in writing to the Hall of Fame Chairperson.
           neither quit or was removed from the team.
                                                                                         • Send them to Berkeley High Athletics
     4)    A person of outstanding character and leadership both                                        Attn: Hall of Fame Chairperson
           during high school and after graduation.                                                     1980 Allston Way
     5)    Successful participation in college or professional athletics                                Berkeley California 94704
           or a very high level of competition offered in his or her                     • Hall of Fame Committee meets and reviews nominations for
           sport or significant contributor to his or her community.                       Selection Committee review. All new and past nominations
                                                                                           are screened. A nominee must receive 75% of committee
     SP E C IAL CAT E G O RY                                                               members votes to be selected.
     1)    Retired person who has served Berkeley High for 10 or more                    • Hall of Fame Chairperson to be selected by the Committee
           years.                                                                          from among the following: Current BHS Administration–the
     2)    Exemplary coaching accomplishments and record.                                  Athletic Director and/or the Principal or Vice-Principal,
     3)    Extraordinary citizen and leader.                                               Former athletic or high school administrators, Present or
                                                                                           former coaches who have worked at Berkeley High 10 or more
     4)    Strong contribution to the overall athletic program.                            years, Select Alumni representatives

                                w w w. B e r k e l e y A t h l e t i c F u n d . o r g
         Berkeley High School Inaugural - Athletic Hall of Fame

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                                    Gene Nakamura              Susan Helmrich
                                    Thelette A. Bennett        Mira Santos
                                    Paul Daniels               Elaine Brown
                                    Liz Scherer                Linda Lewis
                                    Tom Horton                 Jahlee Arakaki
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