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					               Bringing Community News Together.

                                                                The RiveRs

                                                           D E C E M B E R           2 0 0 7     /    J A N U A R Y         2 0 0 8

 Do You Have                                       Get Kids Off the Couch
 News To                                           Looking for new twists on indoor activities now that winter is here? Kids Off the Couch, a
                                                   free weekly newsletter for parents, entices families to add some adventure to movie rentals
 Share?                                            by bringing them to life. The newsletter offers fresh ideas to get kids excited about film,
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                                                   We Need Your Help!
                                                   If you see that a street light is not working, or the gate is not functioning properly,
 service, or did a good deed? If
                                                   or find any other common area in need, please report the details to management at
 so, let us know! And look for a
                                          or (916) 608-3068.
 new column titled “Neighborhood
 News” that features you, your
 family, and your neighbors in future
 newsletters.                                      Pedestrian Gate Code Change
 This is YOUR newsletter – let us                  The code for all the pedestrian gates was changed on October 23rd to help keep nonresidents
 hear about you!                                   out of the private association common area. It is important that you don’t share this new
                                                   code with anyone who is not a resident in the community.

                                                   Many homeowners have expressed concern over residents sharing pedestrian gate codes
                                                   with nonresidents. Please keep this code private and remind your household family
                                                   members that they should not share it with nonresidents.
      R e signation/                               The new code number was sent in the October billing statement in the memo section.
      a p pointme nt
Calinda Grenz and Russell Sherman
  have resigned from the Board.
 Vanessa Kesterson and Jeremy
White were appointed as Directors.

B o aR d of d iR ectoRs
 Barry Finbarr O’Regan – President
Vanessa Kesterson – Vice President
   Joseph Barankin – Secretary
      Jay Burster – Treasurer
 Jeremy White – Member at Large
                                                    Seasons Greetings
                                                                           •   Keep the tree away from floor
                                                                               heaters, fireplaces, or other heat
                                                                           •   Use only UL-approved lights and
                                                                               no more than 3 strands linked
                                                                           •   Use miniature lights—they have
                                                                               cool-burning bulbs.
                                                                           •   Turn off the Christmas lights when
                                                                               you sleep and if you leave your
                                                                           •   Never use candles, even on artificial
                                                                           •   Clean the tree stand to improve the
                                                                               tree’s water intake; use one capful of
                                                                               bleach to a cup of water.

    Take a
                                                                           •   Dispose of the tree properly. Never
                                                                               burn it in the fireplace.

Moment to                      Residents and their guests are encouraged
                               to take a look around the community

  Stop and                     at the wonderful displays of holiday
                               decorations! The Board wants to say
                               thank you to all residents who take the

 Enjoy the
                               time to make the community sparkle for
                               the seasons!
                               As a reminder, the community governing

Community                      documents state exterior holiday
                               decorations displays are to be removed
                               within fourteen (14) days after the

  Spirit All
                               holiday. Please store your decorations in
                               a safe place – we look forward to seeing
                               them again next year!

    Aglow                      Tree Safety Tips
                               •   A fresh tree should not lose green
                                   needles when you tap it on the
                                   ground. Dry trees are a fire hazard.
             “Celebrate the
                               •   Cut 1” off the trunk to help absorb
             happiness that
         friends are always
        giving, make every     •   The stand should hold at least 1
        day a holiday and          gallon of water.
     celebrate just living!”   •   A 6’ tree will use 1 gallon of water
                                   every two days.
       – Amanda Bradley
                               •   Mix a commercial preservative with
                                   the water.
                               •   Check the water level every day.
                               •   Secure the tree with wire to keep it
                                   from tipping.
                                                         Resurrect Those Resolutions
      THE RIVERS                                         By Mark Mikelat
                                                         It seems like an eternity ago, doesn’t it? New Year’s Resolutions–
    MERIT Property Management, Inc.                      remember them? If you didn’t achieve them, or at least make
      101 Parkshore Drive, Suite 100
                                                         progress toward them, you likely were missing the magic
        Folsom, California 95630
         Phone: (916) 608-3068                           ingredient: EXCITEMENT! Right here and now I’ll explain
         Fax:    (916) 608-3067                          that concept, why it is important, and how you can implement
                                                         excitement into your life to resurrect those resolutions.
  Paula Lial CCAM, Community Manager
         Email:                        Think about the times in your life when you accomplished
                                                         something that you were truly proud of. You might look back on
   After-Hours Emergency: (888) 596-4984
Accounts Receivable: (800) 428-5588 ext. 6092            it now and wonder how you actually did it. Remember your first
Website:           house? You couldn’t afford it! Now way, no how! No matter how
                                                         many times you worked the calculator, you just couldn’t afford it.
Check your account on-line at
                                                         But, you did it anyway and here’s why: You were excited about
             Community Patrol:                           buying your first house. That excitement powered you through.
              All Phase Security
            Phone: (916) 375-6640                        Were you prepared for your first child? Nope (who is?) You didn’t
                                                         know what you were doing, you were scared and confused, but it
              Animal Control:                            all worked out because you were excited to have a child.
            Phone: (916) 375-6492
                                                         You may have accomplished some huge project: a wedding, a
                                                         charitable fund-raiser, or a seemingly impossible work project.
                                                         There were frustrating details to follow, not enough time or
                                                         money, but you did it. You were excited about what you were

                                                         doing, so you made it happen.

                                                         I encourage you to adapt that same strategy, of adding an element
                As you know, the Association has         of excitement, to resurrect those resolutions. Professional sports
                adopted uniform real estate signs        teams understand this concept very well. They have the world’s
                for use throughout the community.        best coaches, talented professional players, the best equipment
                These signs must be used for all sale    and expensive and plush stadiums. So why in the world do they
                and rental signage. Information          need cheerleaders, prize promotions and music during the game?
                regarding the specifications for the     They are all there to get the fans and the players excited! You
                signs, as well as the logo that needs    should do the same thing.
                to be on the signs, can be found
                on the community’s website at            There are several ways to do this. If you have kids, make them
         your cheerleaders. For example, every day that you are cigarette-
                The Board of Directors is closely        free or make it to the gym, have them give you a cheer. The love
                monitoring the signs in the              and support that your cheerleaders send out in those cheers will
                community.                               give you the power and energy when you need it. Also, use the
                                                         refrigerator as your scoreboard, posting your progress for all to
                                                         see. You could even create a buddy system and ask friends if they
                Rentals                                  want to accomplish the same resolution with you.

                The       Association’s   governing      Excitement is the magic ingredient. We can best and most easily
                documents allow for rental of            accomplish what we want in life if we add enough of it to our
                your community unit with certain         master recipe. So, look back at those resolutions and review them.
                restrictions.      Please remember       Think about what makes you excited in life. Then, do a merge.
                that you must file a copy of your        Whether it’s a round of golf each time you do a major home
                lease agreement and the names of         improvement project or just reading three chapters from a good
                all tenants with the management          book while you work out, that extra element of excitement could
                company.                                 be all you need to stay the course.
                                                                                                                                   PRSRT FIRST CLASS
                                                                                                                                    US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                                                     SANTA ANA, CA
                                                                                                                                      PERMIT 1333

          The Rivers
    Community Association
MERIT Property Management, Inc.
 101 Parkshore Drive, Suite 100
    Folsom, California 95630

  Goose, Duck, and                                             birds are beautiful, their waste is becoming increasingly
                                                               difficult to manage.

  Waterfowl Patrol                                             Please do not feed the geese or the ducks, even though it
                                                               may seem like a fun or a kind thing to do. If they don’t
                                                               have a food source, they usually will go away on their own.
                                                               The birds are making the parks and lakes unattractive with
                                                               their nesting and waste, and this only serves to increase
                                                               maintenance costs for these amenities.

                                                              “Grab a chance and you won’t be sorry for a might have been.”
                                                                                                      – Arthur Ransome

                   The Board and the Developer have              CLICK into
                   been researching environmentally
                   friendly ways to control the geese and          Creative Services by MERIT

                   other waterfowl in the community.
                   The Board has heard from both sides,
                   including some residents who like                                            Bringing Community News Together

                   the birds and others who find them
                   to be a nuisance. And although the       The views and opinions expressed in the articles and advertisements in
RI_VERS_DJ_07                                               CLICK are not necessarily shared by the Board of Directors, Community
                                                            Technologies, Inc., or MERIT Property Management, Inc.

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