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Facility Maintenance Facility Maintenance


									Facility Maintenance & Safety

    Facility                                           The following standard may be applicable to the

  Maintenance                                          Facility Maintenance category.

         Product Attributes for Consideration:
         • Recycled content
                 - Post-consumer recycled content plus one-half of the pre-consumer content as defined by LEED
                 - Meet the recommended minimum recyclable content levels for post-consumer steel applicable
                   to the EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines
         • Contributes toward earning points in Materials and Resources (MR) Credits 4.1/4.2 and
                 MR Credits 5.1/5.2

Facility Maintenance & Safety

                                                                 DELUXE METAL HOUSEKEEPING CARTS
                                                                 Larger capacity carts with ergonomic design. Features ergonomic handles
                                                                 with a 25° bend for easier pushing and steering. Four rotating bumpers
                                                                 help protect walls and furniture from scuffs. Baked-on powder coated
                                                                 finish improves durability and appearance. Four ball-bearing, non-marking
                                                                 8" locking casters. Optional accessories offer increased customization.
                                                                 A. Deluxe High-Security Cart
                                                                 15.3 cu. ft. capacity in a small footprint. Three shelves for organization,
                                                                 plus locking drawer and hood accessory to hide amenities and deter theft
          A                                                      (two keys incl.). Integrated vacuum holder. Includes one mobile fabric bag
                                                                 and one long fabric bag for increased linen storage capacity. Made with
                                                                 30% post-consumer recycled steel. Additional accessories sold separately.
                                                                 22w x 55d x 56h.
                                                                   RCP 9T64 BLA                                                 Each
                                                                 B. High-Capacity Cart
                                                                 9 cu. ft. capacity in a small footprint. Two shelves for organization.
                                                                 Includes one medium fabric bag for linen storage. Made with 30% post-
                                                                 consumer recycled steel. Additional accessories sold separately. 22w x
                                                                 55d x 44h.
                                                                  RCP 9T62 BLA                                                 Each


                                                                 KOALA KARE® BABY CHANGING STATIONS
                                                                 High-density polyethylene construction with exclusive Microban®
                                                                 antimicrobial protection, inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria.
                                                                 Bed features smooth, concave changing area with nylon safety straps
                                                                 and two hooks for bags or purses. Universal instruction graphics and
                                                                 safety messages in six languages and Braille. Built-in liner dispenser.
                                                                 Includes steel mounting brackets and hinges. Hidden pneumatic gas
                  C                                              spring mechanism provides controlled, one-handed opening and closing of
                                                                 changing bed. Constructed from 47% recycled material. Meets or exceeds
                                                                 ASTM safety requirements. ADA Compliant when properly installed.
                                                                 C. Horizontal Baby Changing Station
                                                                 Bed pulls down from wall and opens to 35.25w x 19.25d x 20h; closes shut
                                                                 against wall to 35.25w x 4d x 20h. Contributes to LEED credits 4.1/4.2 &
                                                                 5.1/5.2. Shpg. wt. 30-lbs.
                                                                  No.                              Color                             Each
                                                     D            KKP KB100-00                     Cream
                                                                  KKP KB100-01                     Gray
                                                                 D. Vertical Baby Changing Station
                                                                 Bed pulls down from wall and opens to 22w x 35d x 35.5h; closes shut
                                                                 against wall to 22w x 5.35d x 35.5h. Contributes to LEED credits 4.1/4.2 &
                      Microban ® antimicrobial additive
                                                                 5.1/5.2. Cream. Shpg. wt. 30-lbs.
                      resists odors and bacterial growth.
                                                                  KKP KB101-00                                              Each
                                                                 E. Sanitary Bed Liners for Baby Changing Stations
                                                                 Three-ply, biodegradable. Manufactured with 50% recycled material.
              E                                                  White. 13 x 18 size. 500 liners per case. Shpg. wt. 11-lbs.
                                                                  KKP KB150-99                                               Case

                        The EPA can help you find places to recycle electronic equipment.
                            Remember—the computers, monitors and cell phones that may
                               be out of date for your state-of-the-art office building can give
                                others opportunities they might not otherwise have. Take the
                                time to look up these resources online at In
                                 fact, the EPA’s website is a great source of green information
                                if you have questions about how to properly dispose of
                               many dangerous materials. You will also find many helpful free
                            programs, publications, pdfs and podcasts.


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