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					December 1860      SC secedes

2 January          SC votes to secede
3 January          Ft. Pulaski in Savannah taken by GA troops
5 January          Mobile forts taken by Alabama troops
6 January          Florida troops seize arsenal at Appalachicola
9 January          Star of the West fired on in support of Sumter
4 February         provisional confederate gov’t meets in Montgomery, AL
8 February         Confederate Constitution ratified in Montgomery
9 February         Davis elected Provisional Confederate President
4 march            Lincoln’s Inauguration
12 April           Attack on fort Sumter and surrender
14 April           Lincoln calls for 75,000 volunteers
April 15           Repeated call for 75,000 militia by AL
22 April           Cairo IL is garrisoned by Illinois troops
25 April           Alton arsenal cleaned out by Capt. James Stokes of Chicago for Union and
                   used by state troops
3 May              Lincoln calls for 42,000 volunteers Department of Ohio formed
10 May             St. Louis riots
11 May             more SL violence , Federals control SL
3 June             Stephen Douglas Dies
4 July             Lincoln request 4000, men to aid the Union
21 July            Bull Run
31 July            US Grant named as General of volunteers
10 August          Wilson Creek battle in Missouri
3 September        Polk moves into Kentucky
6 September        Grant moves into Paducah, Ky, near mouth of Cumberland River
25 September       minor clashes near Paducah
8 October          Sherman takes command of Dept of the Cumberland
21 October         Lexington, MO is retaken by Union
23 October         skirmishes near West Liberty and at Hodgenville in Kentucky
7 November         3500 troops depart Cairo with Grant for Belmont, MO. opposite Columbus,
                   KY raid . (p.71)two actions occur.
3 December         Lincoln: the union must be preserved, and hence all indispesible means
                   must be employed.”

10 January 1862    At Cairo, Grant prepares for move into Ky via Mississippi
17 January 1862    CF smith attacks area around Ft. Henry on the Tennessee River
21 January 1862    McClernand movement about Columbus, KY ends
1 February 1862    at Cairo, Grant preps movement on Fort Henry
3 February 1862    movement on Ft. Henry begins en route to Paducah
5 February 1862    attack on Ft. Henry opens
6 February 1862    more at Fort Henry
7 February         move to Fort Donelson begins , Grant’s army moves to Donelson and
                   McClernand arrives at Ft. Henry
12 February 1862   envelopment of Ft. Donelson
13 February 1862   Attack at Donelson.
14 February 1862   gunboat fort artillery battle while troops await around Donelson
15 February 1862   confederate escape attempt at Donelson stopped
16 February 1862   Unconditional Surrender demand ends battle at Donelson
1 March 1862       Grant and army ordered to Eastport, MS. Clashes at Pittsburg Landing
3 March 1862       Grant accused of misconduct and CF Smith takes over movement on
                   Tennessee River from Ft. henry
5 March 1862       Federals collect around Savannah , TN where CF Smith has three gunboats
                   and 80 troop transports
15 March 1862      Grant back in command of Tennessee field forces
1 April 1862       northern troops via navy move up Tennessee River
2 April 1862       2nd Il Cav surrounded at Farmington, MS as Johnston confederates move to
                   Shiloh or Pittsburg Landing
3 April 1862       Grant encamped at Shiloh and AS Johnston moving to attack them
6 April 1862       Battle of Shiloh
10 April 1862      WHL Wallace dies of wounds at Shiloh
11 April 1862      Halleck takes command of Union push at Corinth
28 April 1862      Farragut takes New Orleans. Halleck preparing for move on Corinth
3 may 1862         skirmsh at Farmington, MS while Union on move to Corinth
9 May 1862         clashes around Corinth
29 May 1862        Confederates retreat from Corinth
30 May 1862        union takes Corinth
31 May 1862        Lee named Commander of Army of Northern Virginia
1 July 1862        income tax begun by Lincoln
2 July 1862        Morrill Land Grant Act into law by Lincoln
11 July 1862       Halleck into General-in Chief slot
4 August 1862      Lincoln issues orders for draft of 300K plus men. Doesn’t go into effect
11 August 1862     Columbia, TN and Williamsport, TN skirmishes Grant sez it is ok to work
                   fugitive slaves
18 August 1862     Clarksville, TN falls to confederates
31 October 1862    battle of Iuka
2 October 1862     Columbia, MS scene of large action pressing Federals north of Corinth into
                   defensive positon
4 October 1862     Battle of Corinth between Van Dorn and Rosecrans
                   Action at Middleton, TN
5 October 1862
31 October 1862    Union gathers at Grand Junction, TN in prep for move on Vicksburg, MS
                   Troops coming from Corinth,, MS and Bolivar, TN.
4 November 1862    Federals into La Grange, TN. In prep for Vicksburg, movement
13 Nov 1862        union into Holy Springs, MS
19 November 1862   recon to Vicksburg from Grand Junction, TN towards Ripley, MS
3 December 1862    Hovey seizes Grenada, MS
11 December 1862   At Columbia, TN, Forrest attacks to threaten union supply line
13 Dec. 1862       6 day offensive by Union along the Mobile and Ohio RR from Tupelo to
15 December 1862   Forrest dogging union en route to Vicksburg
17 December 1862   General order number 11 re: Jews from Grant
18 Dec 1862        Forrest hits Grant’s cavalry at Lexinton, TN
19 Dec. 1862       Spring Creek, TN and at Jackson, MS skirmishes
20 December 1862   Van Dorn takes Holly Springs and supply depot Confederates attack Grand
                   Junction, TN
26 December 1862   Sherman menaces Vicksburg from Yazoo river
27 December 1862   Sherman pushes Vicksburg and small action there
29 December 1862   Chickasaw Bayou
1 January 1863     Sherman falling back from North of Vicksburg
2 January 1863     Sherman exits from Yazoo River ending Union threat north of Vicksburg
4 January 1863     Fort Hindman expediton begins under McClernan and along Arkansas River
11 January 1863    porter and McClernand take Fort Hindman
22 January 1863    Grant takes command of all troops in Arkansas are for push on Vicksburg
                   Canal project across the river from Vicksburg begins .
  2 February 1863    Queen of the West ram makes its way past Vicksburg
  12 February 1863   Indianola runs Vicksburg batteries
  16 February 1863   Yazoo pass skirmishing
  19 February 1863   Coldwatrer, MS skirmish
  20 February 1863   Yazoo Pass, MS skirmish
  3 Mach 1863        Conscription/enrollment act passes
  5 March 1863       union canal draws cross-river fire
  11 March 1863      In an effective action against the Northern preparation to move against
                     icksburg, MS, confederate troops construct a defensive outpost known as
                     Fort Pemberton. Union forces attempting to move past this position on the
                     Yalobusha River , find that their gunboats are unable to withstand the fire
                     from shore batteries at Fort Pemberton. After six days of exchanging fire,
                     the Union troops under General Grant are obliged to give up this
                     preparatory effort of the Vicksburg campaign
  15 March 1863      Attempt to pass by Haines’ bluff unsuccessful.
  19 March 1863      Farragut passes Natchez
  20 March 1863      Attempt to reach Vicksburg via Steele’s bayou proves unsuccessful as
                     Porter takes 11 vessels along this water route, encountering Confederate fire
                     at Rolling Fork., Sherman has provided land reinforcements to help Porters
                     expedition and these reinforcements prove critical to the defense of Porter’s
  21 March 1863      Union troops headed for Saulsbury on a recon from La Grange encounter
                     hostile fire form the Confederate forces, and there is fighting at Salem, TN.
                     Southern troops attack a Fed RR train bet Bolivar and Grand Junction, TN

  24 March 1863      Northern troops attempt to make progress in their move toward Vicksburg,
                     this time using Black Bayou as a passageway. This attempt is fruitless,
                     however, both the geography and the Confederate troops posted in the are
                     causing interminable delays. Grant decided to withdraw from the area in the
                     final expedition in the Steele’s Bayou area, the last of several endeavors to
                     reach Vicksburg.
  29 March 1863      Grant anxious to establish a successful route to Vicksburg, directs
                     McClernand to open such a route from Milliken’s Bend to an area just south
                     of Vicksburg at New Carthage. McClernand is joined in this effort by
                     Porter, who is to provide naval support – both troop transport and supply

  31 March 1863      Farragut is successful getting past Grand Gulf.

  6 April 1863       As Grant has ordered, McClernand has proceeded to New Carhage, MS.
                     There is fighting along this advance.
  8 April 1863       McClernand’s troops skirmish in the vicinity of New Carthage, near
                     Milliken’s Bend. Troops were carry supplies and preparing a route for
                     upcoming ops vs Vicskburg. Sharp skirmish at James’ plantation.
  17 April 1863      Grierson departs for Baton rouge
  19 April 1863      skirmish at Coldwater, TN
  22 April 1863      Federals run 11 vessels past Vicksburg batteries to supply troops downriver
  25 April 1863      skirmish near Hard Times landing
  29 april 1863      Sherman troops skirmish near Snyder’s Mill
30 April 1863        McClernand’s troops cross Mississiipi near Bruinsburg.
  9 May 1863         Skirmish near Utica, and Big Sandy Creek.
  12 May 1863        a division under Logan at Raymond, MS and is attacked by Gen. Gregg.
                     Fighting causes Rebs to fall abandon Jackson.
  14 May 1863        Despite inclement weather, Grnat moves nearer Jackson, MS. Strikes
                     Gregg’s brigade first and then WHT Walker. By late afternoon CSA can’t
                     hold back the union troops who move into Jackson, MS around 4 pm
15 May 1863        Edward’s station confluence of armies.
16 May 1863        Battle of Champion Hill, or Baker’s Creek, --McClernand attacks CSA left
                   and McPherson the right
17 May 1863        Grant pursuing Pemberton and fight at Big Black River
18 May 1863        Union crosses big Black River on re-constructed bridges.
19 May 1863        Sherman , McClerannd and McPherson all attack along Vicksburg lines. –
                   bloody repulse
22 May 1863        second attack by Union on Vicksburg lines by Sherman and McClernand
25 May 1863        Mine along Vicksburg lines
3 June 1863        skirmishes around Clinton, MS
7 June 1863        clash at Millikens Bend, La (union back door)Attack by CSA Ben
8 June 1863        24 hour barrage on Vicksburg
18 June 1863       McClernand removed
19 June 1863       continued skirmishing around Vicksburg
20 June 1863       barrage on Vicksburg
1 July 1863        skirmish at Edward’s station
3 July 1863        Truce flag from Pemberton
4 July 1863        formal surrender of Vicksburg.
5 July 1863        parole begins of 20,000 CSA troops
6 July 1863        Sherman moving on Jackson , MS
9 July 1863        Sherman nearing Jackson and closing on Joe Johnston
12 July 1863       Fighting near Canton, MS, near Jackson
13 July 1863       NY draft riots
14 July 1863       clashes at Iuka, NS and Elk river, TN
16 July 1863       Johnston pulls out of Jackson, Ms
16 October 1863    Depts of Ohio, Cumberland and Tennessee are combined into Military
                   Division of Mississippi to be commanded by Grant. New commander to
                   go to Chattanooga via Illinois.
27 October 1863    Hazen slips along river to take Browns Ferry
4 Nov. 1863        Sherman’s remaining army en route to Chattanooga
15 November 1863   Sherman arrives at Bridgeport, AL with 17,000 men who haved moved 675
                   miles by rail, foot and boat.
20 Nov 1863        Sheman’s forces arrive at Browns Ferry
21 Nov 1863        Sherman troops moving to left flank
23 Nov 1863        Battle of Chattanooga --first day of
24 November 1863   Battle of Chattanooga --Sherman crosses Tennessee River on boats in pre-
                   dawn hours and by 1 pm are moving to attack north end of Missionary
                   Ridge. (p. 176-good soldier quotes)
25 Nov 1863        Battle of Chattanooga --Sherman repulsed on Union right.
26 Nov 1863        Sherman pursuit of Bragg with lots of clashes

1 January 1864     Winter quarters-sub zero cold
3 February 1864    Sherman begins Meridian Campaign
5 February 1864    Sherman march into Jackson from vicksburg(?) skirmishing along the way
                   and at Clinton
6 February 1864    Sherman dep Jackson to Meridian
7 February 1864    Sherman advancing on meridian skirmishes at Brandon, Morton and
12 February 1864   engagements at Decatur and Chunky Station
14 February 1864   Sherman arrives in meridian, MS (p. 183)
16 February 1864   battle between Sherman and Polk at Lauderdale Springs, near Meridian
18 February 1864   Meridian in process of destruction
20 February 1864   Sherman returns to Vicksburg
22 February 1864   Forrest whipping up on Okolona, MS
24 February 1864   Lt.Genral rank reinstated by Lincoln
26 February 1864   Sherman skirmishes around Canton, MS
1 March 1864       Grant nominated for Lt. General
2 March 1864       Senate confirms Grant as Lt. General and also named General-in-chief of all
                   Union armies
4 march 1864       All of Sherman’s men back at Vicksburg
17 March 1864      Grant and Sherman meet in Nashville
28 March 1864      Charleston, IL draft riots
1 May 1864         Sherman and Johnston troops skirmish at Stone’s Church , GA
4 May 1864         prep for move to Atlanta, skirmish at Varnells’ Station, GA
7 May 1864         Sherman advances with move towards Johnston left flank, at Dalton
8 May 1863         Sherman probing at Rocky Face Ridge, Buzzard Gap and Lafayette-Dalton
                   road at Dug Gap
9 May 1864         Snake Creek Gap move by McPherson
10 May 1864        Polk and McPherson clash at Snake Creek gap --Sherman making move
                   through it.
12 May 1864        johnston backpedals to lines north and west of Resaca
13 May 1864        skirmish near Resaca
14 May 1864        heavy fighting all along line near Resaca
15 may 1864        sharp fighting and Union crossing of Oostanaula River
19 May 1864        Johnston relocated at Cassville and Hood failed opportunity
22 may 1864        Sherman flanks around left at Altoona and moves towards Dallas
24 May 1864        Johnston moving ahead of Sherman towards Dallas. Fighting in nearby
                   towns with Wheeler active
25 may 1864        Johnston awaits Sherman at New Hope Church with Hood’s corps. Hooker
                   repulsed in the “Hell hole”.
27 May 1864        Heavy fighting around New Hope-Dallas line with Sherman losing 1400 in
                   attempt to turn CSA right.
28 May 1864        Hood attempt on Union left cancelled
31 May 1864        New Hope- Dallas fighting continues
4 June 1864        Sherman flanking and Johnston moves out towards Marietta . Engagements
                   at Big Shanty and Acworth, Ga
8 June 1864        Shermans gathers around Western and Atlantic RR before Marietta.
10 June 1864       Sherman moves toward mountain positions northwest of Marietta
14 June 1864       Polk killed
15 June 1864       Sherman skirmishes around Marietta
22 June 1864       Hood attacks at Zion Church
23 June 1864       Two-week rain ends and prep for Kennesaw Mountain assault begins
27 June 1864       Kennesaw Mountain assaults
2 July 1864        Sherman begins flank moves and Johnston drops south of Marietta
4 July 1864        Johsnton falls back to Chattahoochee
8 July 1864        Sherman orders ops vs RR bet Columbus,Ga and Montgomery, AL
16 July 1864
17 July 1864       Johnston removed and Hood takes over
19 July 1864       Sherman closes on Atlanta, McPherson on one wing (left) moving thru
20 July 1864       Battle of Peachtree Creek
21 July 1864       Hood and Wheeler moving on Union left near Decatur
22 July 1864       Battle of Leggetts Hill
27 August 1864     Union flank around the CSA left, going for Macon RR at Jonesboro
30 August 1864     Howard and Thomas cut Montgomery and Atlanta RR
31 August 1864     Battle of Jonesboro
1 September 1864   Hood evacs Atlanta and Union counterattacks at Jonesboro
2 September 1864   20 corps into Atlanta
4 October 1864     action at Acworth, Mom’s station and near Lost mountain. Sherman to K
                   Mtn to strike Hood
5 October 1864     Battle of Allatoona
 7 October 1864    clash bet Sherman and Hood at Dallas, GA
 10 October 1864   skirmish near Rome, GA
 11 Oct            Sherman concentrating at Rome, skirmish along road to Atlanta and Flat
 12 October        Clash at Resaca, LaFayette, and on Coosaville Road near Rome
 13 Oct            Hood gets RR near Resaca, GA leading to Tunnel Hill, and there are
                   engagements along RR
 16 Oct            clashes in Northern GA
 17 Oct            Hood departs to Gadsden, AL hoping to draw Sherman away
 22 Oct            Sherman’s Army in Gaylesville, AL west of Rome
 8 November        Election Day (soldier vote goes 118,754 out of 155,00 to Lincoln
 9 November        Sherman in Kingston issues preliminary orders for March to Sea
 10 November       Sheman destroys base at Kingston and dep for Atlanta. RR around ATL
                   and RR north from Resaca destroyed
 11 November       Union troops destroy Rome GA and move south to Atlanta
 14 November       destruction of military stores and facilities underway in Atlanta
 15 November       militia clashes around Atl while destruction underway
 16 November       Sherman departs Atlanta with 20 days rations per soldier . AT moving on
                   right along the Macon RR toward Lovejoy station
 17 Nov.           AT heading south . action at Towalega Bridge
 20 Nov.           fights with enemy cavalry, home guards and militia at Clinton, Walnut
                   Creek, East Macon and Griswoldsville, GA
 22 November       State militia attacks AT on Union right in vain
 23 Nov.           AT joins right wing in Milledgeville. Scraps with militia and action at
                   Ball’s Ferry and GA. Central RR bridge over Oconee River.
 25 Nov            Wheeler Cavalry meets union at Sanderson, GA
 26 Nov            more fighting at Sanderson
 27 Nov            cavalry strike at Waynesboro, Ga
 28 Nov            fighting at Buckhead Church, Buckhead Creek and cavalry encounter at
                   Davisborough and Waynesborough
 30 Nov            skirmish at Louisville, GA
 23 Dec            CSA resistance at Thomas Station
 4 Dec.1864        Kilpatrick struck at Waynesborough-sharp fight . Other fighting at Lumpkin
                   Station on the Ga Central RR, Statesborough, and on the Little Ogeechee
 8 December        Skirmishes at Ebeneezer Creek, and near Bryan Court house
 10 Dec            union nearing south of Savannah . CSA floods all rice fields leaving five
                   approaches to Savannah, union preps for siege. Horse forage running low.
                   Supplies become a concern.
 11 December 6     Feds rebuild King’s Bridge in preparation for attack on Ft. McAllister
 13 Dec            Fall of Fort McAllister
 1417 Dec          Sherman demands surrender of Savannah
 18 Dec            surrender refused
 20 Dec            Hardee escapes
 21 Dec            Union troops move into Savannah . Sherman gives Savannah to Lincoln as
                   Christmas present

  3 January        Union troops move to Beaufort. Skirmish at Hardeeville, SC
 12 Jan            Stanton in Savannah checking with local negro leaders on Sherman’s
 14 January        troops moving from Beaufort to Pocotaligo in prep for Carolinas Campaign
 19 January        orders issued to begin march into South Carolina. Heavy rains delay it until
                   early February. some movement commences
20 January        preparation continues for northward march
21 January        Sherman HQ moved to Beaufort
26 Jan            troops moving towards Charleston. Skirmishes near Pocotaligo,
28 January        Skirmish near Combahee River
30 Jan            fight at Lawtonville, SC
1 Feburary 1865   two week rains let up and Union army moves out in force through
                  Carolinas. Left wing feinting towards Augusta, rite at Charleston.
2 February        way made tough in Carolina by fallen trees and burned bridges
3 Feb             Battle at Rivers’ Bridge and Dillingham’s Crossroads besides Salkahatchie
4 Feb             fight at Angley’s Post office and Buford’s Bridge
6 February        fight at Fishburn’s plantation on the little Salkehatchie and near Barnwell
7 Feb             fighting swamps and swollen rivers. Fighting at Blackville, SC
8 Feb             fights at Willston on the banks of the Edisto R and along the banks of the
                  South Edisto.
9 February        skirmishes at Binnaker’s Bridge on the So. Edisto and at Holman’s Bridge
11 Feb            Union army reaches Augusta and Charleston RR interceding between
                  Augusta and Charleston, SC. action at Aiken, Johnsons Station and around
                  Orangeburg, SC
12 Feb            CSA attack at Orangeburg bridge on North Edisto
14 Feb            Union army crosses Congaree and both wings turn towards Columbia.
15 Feb            fighting along the Congaree Creek and Savannah Creek and at Bates ferry
                  on the Congaree. also fighting at Red Bank Creek and Two League
16 Feb            Union army at Congaree River banks.
17 Feb            Columbia officials meet with Sherman to surrender. Fire at night and “for
                  southerners in general, the burning of Columbia will long stand as a symbol
                  of the savage cruelty of Sherman’s marauding army.”
19 Feb            Destruction of Columbia completed. Northward march begins toward
                  Goldsboro, NC
22 Feb            fighting at Camden, SC and on the Wateree River
23 Feb            more fighting around Camden , SC
24 Feb            sharp verbal fight between Hampton and sherman re: burning homes. More
                  action at Camden
26 Feb            fights at Lynch Creek, and Stroud’s mill.
27 Feb.           fight at Mout Elon and Cloud’s House
28 Feb            fights at Rocky Mount and Cheraw, SC
2 March           battle at Thompson’s Creek near Chesterfield SC
3 March           Sherman entering Cheraw, SC on Pee Dee River . fight at Thompson’s
                  Creek and big Black Creek.
4 March           Lincoln inaugurated
9 March           Kilpatrick narrowly escaped at Monroe’s Crossroads.
10 March          Monroe’s Crossroads renewed and CSA driven off.
11 March          Union army in Fayetteville
12 March          Fayetteville military stores destroyed.
15 March          union dep Fayetteville. Fights at Smiths mills and on the Balck River.
16 March          Slocum’s corp scraps at Averasboro.
17 March          Slocum corps in action at Bentonville.
19 March          Other corps turn west to join Slocum at Bentonville.
20 March          rest of union army arrives at Bentonville giving Union 100K to 20K edge
21 March          at Bentonville, action along line while flank attack at Mill Creek bridge
                  undertaken by Union
1 April           fighting at Snow Hill, NC
10 April          Union army moving on Raleigh
11 April          battles at Smithfield, Pikeville and Beulah, NC
12 April          resistance met outside Raleigh
12 April      Union army enters Raleigh
14 April      Sherman moving with army from Raleigh to Durham Station receives
              Johnston’s flags of truce.
17 April      Sherman and Johnston meet
18 April      first agreement signed
24 April      Grant arrives in Raleigh with news of agreement’s refusal . War to begin
              again in 48 hours
25 April      Johnston and Sherman meet again.
26 April      CSA Army of Tennessee surrenders
24 May 1865   Sherman’s Army in Grand Review.

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