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Issue Type      Key        Reporter              Summary                                           Description
Bug             JRA-9775   Brian Williams        Excel export links do not work                    From the issue navigator, select either of the
                                                                                                   options to export the issue list to Excel. After
                                                                                                   opening the resulting spreadsheet, click on one
                                                                                                   of the issue links. This takes you directly to the
                                                                                                   JIRA homepage, not the specific issue. The
                                                                                                   expected behavior is that the resulting browser
                                                                                                   window takes the user directly to the issue that
                                                                                                   was clicked in the spreadsheet. FYI, when
                                                                                                   hovering over the link in Excel, the link itself
                                                                                                   seems to be properly formatted. If I simply type
                                                                                                   the text into a separate browser, it goes directly
                                                                                                   to the appropriate issue. Is it possible that this is
                                                                                                   a configuration problem?
Bug             JRA-10019 Huw Roberts            Excel export with "Issue Links" column loses rows Export to Excel sometimes loses Jira items. I'm
                                                                                                   not sure of the exact circumstances but it
                                                                                                   appears to do it mostly when I have the "Issue
                                                                                                   Links" column in my export, so it might be
                                                                                                   related to the size of the "Issue Links" field.

                                                                                                   To reproduce, go here
                                                                                                   and try searching with Project=JIRA and
                                                                                                   Query="link". For me this returns 969 items at
                                                                                                   the moment. If I export to excel then I only get
                                                                                                   903 issues in the resulting spreadsheet.

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Improvement   JRA-7630   Brian Sutton   Add ability to perform excel export with no html     We need to have the Description field in our
                                        links                                                Excel export. I customized my Issue Navigator
                                                                                             screen to have the following columns (in this
                                                                                             Type, Key, Created date, Summary, Description,
                                                                                             STatus, Priority, Reporter, Affects Version/s, Fix
                                                                                             Version/s, Resolution Notes.

                                                                                             Resolution Notes is a custom filed of type Free
                                                                                             Text Field.

                                                                                             When we export this to Excel using the Current
                                                                                             Fields link and try to print it, Excel hangs
                                                                                             indefinitely and shows as Not Responding in Task
                                                                                             Manager. After waiting more than 5 minutes for
                                                                                             a response we wind up ending the task.

Bug           JRA-8922   Jeff Brooks    Excel All still splits Description across multiple   The Excel All report still splits Description across
                                        rows                                                 multiple rows in 3.4.2. This appeared to be fixed
                                                                                             in 3.3.1 with one of the linked tickets. This makes
                                                                                             things very difficult, since users want to dump
                                                                                             and sort all fields, not customize their navigator
                                                                                             and use Current. As a temporary workaround,
                                                                                             would you post a file which could replace the
                                                                                             proper velocity template with one that ignores
                                                                                             description field until this is fixed?


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Bug   JRA-7597   Neal Applebaum   excel output has added hyperlinks to issue   See attached Excel file, generated from
                                  descriptions                                 Atlassian's support site, which includes this issue
                                                                               (JRA-7597?). Doesn't matter if All fields or
                                                                               Current Fields chosen, get the same result.
                                                                               Notice how for issues JRA-7596 and JRA-7595,
                                                                               the description has all or portions underlined as
                                                                               a hyperlink, because the issue description
                                                                               contains a link to another JIRA issue, and the
                                                                               Excel output has placed a hyperlink around
                                                                               whole sections of text where the hyperlink exists.
                                                                               Similarly, for issue JRA-7485 which simply has
                                                                               text referring to a sample
                                                                               It would certainly be up for discussion whether
                                                                               any attempt to include links like this in Excel
                                                                               should be done at all - in my opinion - NO! It
                                                                               certainly doesn't present itself in previous
                                                                               versions - But even if this will a "feature" I'd have
                                                                               to live with, it should certainly only link the
                                                                               appropriate text. For now, I will assume that it
                                                                               was unintentional to produce Excel output with
                                                                               any sort of link in the issue description column.

Bug   JRA-10420 Kelly Heese       Export to Word exports only one issue        In the issue navigator, I do a search and get 177
                                                                               issues. When I export to HTML and Excel I get all
                                                                               177 issues. When I click the Export to Word link, I
                                                                               only get a Word document with the first issue.

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Bug   JRA-3304   Tim Jones        Export to excel does not retain issue navigator   When a user has "found" a list of issues, and
                                  columns                                           chooses to download to Excel, every custom field
                                                                                    is given a column, regardless of whether the field
                                                                                    is used in the given list of issues or not.

                                                                                    We have over 700 custom fields (really). Excel
                                                                                    can't deal with all those columns. Besides, a user
                                                                                    does not want to or need to see all those

                                                                                    Really, what our users want most often is an
                                                                                    exact copy of what's on screen, only in Excel -
                                                                                    they don't want all the columns they can't see.
                                                                                    Also, if they've changed the navigator layout,
                                                                                    they want that to appear in Excel.

                                                                                    What Jira seems to be offering by this link is a
                                                                                    way to get the entire issue into Excel - more like
                                                                                    "download full content to Excel". I can see that
                                                                                    might be useful - but the other case is more
                                                                                    useful. Perhaps you need two links - just like you
                                                                                    have "Browser" and "Full Content" view - only for

                                                                                    At any rate, it is absolutely necessary that some
                                                                                    screening of the columns is done.
Bug   JRA-7871   Neal Applebaum   Toolkit - support toolbar shouldn't be exported   I realize this is not fully supported, but consider if
                                  to Excel                                          I have added the JIRA Suport Toolbar (the ability
                                                                                    to edit/comment) to filters in the issue navigator.
                                                                                    Now, when exporting current fields to Excel, it
                                                                                    will also include that column, which is pretty
                                                                                    useless since it will always just contain "Edit |
                                                                                    Comment " with no links. Users will have to
                                                                                    constantly delete that column, and I'm trying to
                                                                                    make Excel output be as little work as possible
                                                                                    for the user. Can you think of a way to have Excel
                                                                                    output skip that column? I'd be willing to edit the
                                                                                    .jsp file to accomplish this. Thanks.

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Improvement   JRA-13700 Partha Kamal [Atlassian]    Comments with long lines will causes window to     Customer for case [CSP-
                                                    stretch to exteremly long width                    12210|
                                                                                                       P-12210|] has discovered when adding a
                                                                                                       comment which contains long continuous lines,
                                                                                                       will cause the window to stretch extremely long.

                                                                                                       I will attach a comment as an example.

Bug           JRA-7038    Nick Menere [Atlassian]   Rename "All Fields" excel view to "Default View"   The "all fields" link for the excel view in the issue
                                                                                                       navigator should be renamed to "default view".
                                                                                                       It does not contain all fields and is missing things
                                                                                                       like description.
Bug           JRA-7146    Stéphane Journiac         Incorect Data encoding in export excell            When we are using french setting in preference
                                                                                                       profil and want to export all fields in excell
                                                                                                       format accentued character are not correctly
                                                                                                       It does working well for the current field option
                                                                                                       See the attached file.
Bug           JRA-9095    Frank San Miguel          Export to excel messes up paging                   Steps to Reproduce:
                                                                                                       * Perform a query using Find Issues that returns
                                                                                                       multiple pages of issues
                                                                                                       * Click either of the Excel export links
                                                                                                       * Choose any option when it comes to the actual
                                                                                                       file (Open, Save, Cancel)
                                                                                                       * Attempt to navigate to another page in the list
                                                                                                       of issues

                                                                                                       Observed Behavior: JIRA paging bug. All issues
                                                                                                       end up being shown on one web page and the
                                                                                                       paging feature disappears.

                                                                                                       Expected Behavior: The pages of issues remain
                                                                                                       even after exporting the data to excel.

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Third-party issue   JRA-8531   Rajesh Kartha                The Excel spreadsheet view of returns with a   The Excel spreadsheet view at ASF JIRA for the
                                                            "Cell to large" error                          DERBY project does not work correctly. The
                                                                                                           information obtained is:
                                                                                                           - cell too large in 'all fields view'
                                                                                                           - unresolved variables in the 'Current fields view'

                                                                                                           The link is available at:

                                                                                                           The version being used is - Enterprise Edition,
                                                                                                           Version: 3.3.2-#98

Task                JRA-7741   Anton Mazkovoi [Atlassian]   Publish a how-to on customising Excel output   From Neal Applebaum:

                                                                                                           I think it would be helpful if Atlassian could
                                                                                                           publish some guide to customizing the Excel
                                                                                                           output, along the lines of what you put above.
                                                                                                           For example, for every Excel output I have to:
                                                                                                           1) remove the logo
                                                                                                           2) remove the opening lines (1-6)
                                                                                                           3) remove the closing Generated by summary
                                                                                                           4) Change all cells to vertical alignment - top
                                                                                                           5) Change all cells to autofit row
                                                                                                           6) Change page setup for paper size, margins,
                                                                                                           custom footer

                                                                                                           Not everyone will want the same defaults, I
                                                                                                           understand, but it would help if I could
                                                                                                           customize my own installation the way our site
                                                                                                           wants it. Now, I've figured out how to accomplish
                                                                                                           items 1-3 by simply removing some code from
                                                                                                           navigator-excel-current.jsp (lines 50-69, 105). If I
                                                                                                           could somehow have the other preferences
                                                                                                           automatically be the default in the Excel file, that
                                                                                                           would be great. I think there are many users who
                                                                                                           rely on printed or electronic spreadsheets for
                                                                                                           status meetings.

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Bug   JRA-8609   Dan Moldovan   Issue navigator is not showing custom fields     We have some custom fields which are
                                when searching in multiple projects.             associated to multiple projects for all issue types.
                                                                                 The problem:
                                                                                 A project leader for 3 projects wants a filter
                                                                                 which returns all issues within the 3 projects
                                                                                 having the custom field showed up and sorted
                                                                                 descedning by this custom field values.
                                                                                 Now, although issue navigator was configured to
                                                                                 show the column for that custom field, when
                                                                                 searching two or all three projects this columns is
                                                                                 not showed.
                                                                                 When searching within a single project all
                                                                                 function correctly.

                                                                                 I've tried different combinations of searches but
                                                                                 same result.
                                                                                 (My proposal to have 3 filters -one for each
                                                                                 project- was not accepted)

                                                                                 If you have any suggestions on how to solve this
                                                                                 I'll be happy to know them

Bug   JRA-8381   Kevin Wilson   Can't remove fixed issues from "My Votes" list   You cannot remove an issue from your votes list
                                filter.                                          once it has been resolved and you no longer
                                                                                 need to actively track it. Also, once you do allow
                                                                                 the removal of the fixed voted issues you should
                                                                                 be able to search for all the issues you voted for
                                                                                 so that history is not lost. I am going to assume
                                                                                 the watch list behaves in the same manner and it
                                                                                 should follow the same structure as the votes.

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Support Request   JRA-13631 seekbug fei         JIRA can only export less than 10000 issue as   when I search all the issues in this
                                                Excel format                                    page:"

                                                                                                I search all the project,all the issue type,it
                                                                                                displays 34109 issues.

                                                                                                but when i export all these issues it only writes
                                                                                                10000 issues in the destination excel file.

                                                                                                this is a bug for the large-scale company,can you
                                                                                                fix it?
Bug               JRA-9389   Stephane Lecuyer   Bug in issue navigator with the Link column     In my issue navigator, everything on the right-
                                                                                                side of the <Links> columns appears shifted by
                                                                                                one column for issue PRX-860 and PRX-862 (look
                                                                                                at the screenshot)

                                                                                                When we export to Excel, the same behaviour
                                                                                                happens !!

                                                                                                I would strongly suggest, if you think it can help,
                                                                                                to send you a backup of the database.

                                                                                                All the initial data of the <project> was initally
                                                                                                import from csv and since then, it's seems like
                                                                                                there is corruption on the data and really, really
                                                                                                strange behaviour occurs like this one time to
                                                                                                time !!!!

Improvement       JRA-9977   Antonio Tellez     Preserve the text style when switching from     The wiki renderer is a very nice feature. We have
                                                Default Text Renderer to Wiki Style Renderer    enabled it.
                                                                                                But we have found the problem that some
                                                                                                descriptions and comments in old issues now are
                                                                                                bad formatted, because some symbols like *,|,...
                                                                                                are making them to be used as wiki format. What
                                                                                                is wrong. It's true that the new issues have to
                                                                                                work with the wiki format, but I think that there
                                                                                                should be some way to add some way to
                                                                                                preserve the text style when one swith from the
                                                                                                Default Text Renderer to the Wiki Renderer.
                                                                                                Maybe adding automatically a tag to preserve
                                                                                                the text unformatted.

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Improvement   JRA-13237 Brad Baker [Atlassian]   The WIKI Help mentions file:/// links buit they   The doco on WIKI links (the popup doco) says
                                                 not longer work in major browsers

                                                                                                   Creates a link to file on your computer or on a
                                                                                                   network share that you have mapped to a drive.

                                                                                                   NOTE: By default, this only works on Internet
                                                                                                   Explorer but can also be enabled in Firefox (see

                                                                                                   This is no longer true. IE doesnt follow file: links
                                                                                                   anymore nor does FireFox.

Bug           JRA-13457 Marilyn Daum             Export to Excel formats Key field as Date         When we export an issue list to Excel, the Key
                                                                                                   column gets formatted as type General, unless
                                                                                                   Excel thinks it should be something else. This is
                                                                                                   causing problems with a project here whose key
                                                                                                   is "DEC". Now that we have issue numbers in the
                                                                                                   1900's, these are showing up in Excel as dates in
                                                                                                   December 19xx. For example, issue# DEC-1935
                                                                                                   shows up as the date "Dec-35". We can reformat
                                                                                                   them, but we shouldn't have to do this every
                                                                                                   time. It would be better if JIRA forced the Key
                                                                                                   column to be formatted as text, so Excel doesn't
                                                                                                   try to get too smart and reformat it as something

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Support Request        JRA-9708        eugenelin                            Issue navigator is not showing custom fields        As metioned in JRA-8609 , it is decalred to be
                                                                            when searching in one project.                      fixed.But I do not think so.
                                                                                                                                There are 434 custom fields and 5 issue types in
                                                                                                                                my project(JIRA Ent. Ver3.4.3),each issue type
                                                                                                                                has different numbers of custom fields. when i
                                                                                                                                add my custom fields in the issue navigator bar,
                                                                                                                                only the "common" custom fields for ecah issue
                                                                                                                                type will be shown,
                                                                                                                                the others will not. Even exporting "all the fields"
                                                                                                                                in the excel file, Only the common custom fields
                                                                                                                                for ecah issue type will be exported,the others
                                                                                                                                wo'nt. Therefor, i migrade my JIRA Ent.
                                                                                                                                standalone from v3.4.3 to v3.5.2, the
                                                                                                                                bug(problem) still happens. My users always
                                                                                                                                complain to me that they can not work without
                                                                                                                                exporting all the custom fields to excel file.

Bug                    JRA-8899        Christopher Woodill                  Export to Excel doesn't export all records unless   If the Issue Navigator list contains several pages
                                                                            you are on Page 1                                   of issues, and you happen to be positioned
                                                                                                                                anywhere other than the first page, when you
                                                                                                                                export to Excel it only exports a partial list of the
                                                                                                                                issues - from the page you're on and beyond. So,
                                                                                                                                for example, if there are 4 pages of issues and
                                                                                                                                you're sitting on page 3, the Excel file will only
                                                                                                                                contain the issues that appear on pages 3 and 4
                                                                                                                                within Issue Navigator.

                                                                                                                                Export to Excel should always give you the
                                                                                                                                complete list, even if you're on page 3 of 4.
New Feature            JRA-1604        Mike Pettitt                         Import / Export (backup / restore) individual       Provide functionality to backup and restore
                                                                            projects                                            individual projects rather than the entire

Generated at Fri Jan 04 15:40:40 CST 2008 by Neal Applebaum using JIRA Enterprise Edition, Version: 3.12.1-#299.

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Assignee                  Priority Status Resolution   Component/s       Since last comment     Created
Unassigned                Major Resolved Timed out     Issue Links       81 weeks, 6 days ago      3/29/2006 11:55

Jeff Turner [Atlassian]   Major   Resolved Duplicate   Import / Export   87 weeks, 3 days ago       4/27/2006 8:37

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Unassigned     Major      Resolved Won't Fix   Import / Export   62 weeks, 4 days ago   8/12/2005 10:10
                                               Issue navigator

Brian Nguyen   Critical   Resolved Fixed       Reports           104 weeks ago            1/3/2006 9:14

                                                                                                   12 of 40
Nick Menere [Atlassian]   Critical   Resolved Fixed       Web interface     88 weeks ago             8/9/2005 8:21

Unassigned                Minor      Resolved Duplicate   Issue navigator   74 weeks, 5 days ago   6/13/2006 14:02

                                                                                                              13 of 40
Mark Chaimungkalanont [Atlassian]   Critical   Resolved Fixed                      139 weeks, 1 day ago   3/3/2004 10:08

Unassigned                          Minor      Resolved Answered   Web interface   121 weeks ago          9/6/2005 13:02

                                                                                                                    14 of 40
Unassigned                Minor   Resolved Duplicate   UI / Usability         12 weeks, 4 days ago     10/8/2007 1:03

Dylan Etkin [Atlassian]   Minor   Resolved Fixed       Issue navigator        132 weeks, 3 days ago   6/16/2005 19:21
                                                       Web interface

Dylan Etkin [Atlassian]   Minor   Resolved Fixed       Internationalisation   130 weeks, 3 days ago    6/24/2005 8:05

Unassigned                Major   Resolved Obsolete    Filtering & Indexing   76 weeks ago             1/19/2006 8:56
                                                       Web interface

                                                                                                                 15 of 40
Unassigned              Major   Open     UNRESOLVED   81 weeks, 6 days ago   11/15/2005 14:35

Sam Chang [Atlassian]   Major   Resolved Fixed        122 weeks, 1 day ago    8/23/2005 22:00

                                                                                         16 of 40
Dylan Etkin [Atlassian]   Major     Resolved Fixed       Custom Fields          110 weeks ago            11/22/2005 9:28
                                                         Filtering & Indexing
                                                         Issue navigator

Unassigned                Trivial   Resolved Duplicate   Voting                 113 weeks, 2 days ago   10/31/2005 12:34

                                                                                                                    17 of 40
Unassigned   Major   Resolved Answered   Import / Export   13 weeks, 3 days ago   9/27/2007 22:49

Unassigned   Major   Resolved Obsolete   Issue navigator   73 weeks, 4 days ago   2/17/2006 13:42

Unassigned   Major   Open     UNRESOLVED Renderers         87 weeks, 4 days ago   4/24/2006 10:44

                                                                                             18 of 40
Lily Xia [Atlassian]   Major   Resolved Fixed       Documentation    20 weeks, 1 day ago    8/2/2007 19:09

Unassigned             Major   Open     UNRESOLVED Import / Export   10 weeks, 1 day ago   8/31/2007 13:36

                                                                                                      19 of 40
Unassigned                  Major   Closed   Answered    Custom Fields          66 weeks, 1 day ago    3/20/2006 21:34
                                                         Filtering & Indexing
                                                         Issue navigator

Tim Pettersen [Atlassian]   Major   Resolved Fixed                              39 weeks, 4 days ago   12/28/2005 8:05

Unassigned                  Major   Open     UNRESOLVED Import / Export         6 weeks, 1 day ago      4/24/2003 6:01

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Updated            Environment                                      Fix Version/s Affects Version/s
   7/30/2006 19:35 Tomcat server, JDK 1.4.2_07, Windows Server                    3.3 Enterprise

   7/30/2006 19:35 Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-
                   GB; rv: Gecko/20060308 Firefox/
                   Microsoft Excel 2002 (10.4302.4219) SP-2

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10/23/2006 7:40 JIRA 3.2.2 standalone on Windows 2000              3.2.2 Enterprise
                Professional. Microsoft Office 2003, SP1

7/30/2006 19:34                                            3.4.3   3.4.2 Enterprise

                                                                                      22 of 40
1/4/2008 15:40   3.3.2                      3.3

9/6/2006 21:09                              3.6.2 Enterprise

                                                                     23 of 40
7/30/2006 19:37   3.2 Beta   2.5.3 Professional
                             2.6 Pro
                             2.6.1 Pro

7/30/2006 19:37                                   3.3

                                                        24 of 40
10/8/2007 21:38 Firefox 2                  3.11 Enterprise

7/30/2006 19:34             3.2.2          3.2

7/30/2006 19:35             3.3 Beta1      3.2 Enterprise

7/30/2006 19:37                         3.7 3.3 Enterprise

                                                             25 of 40
 6/10/2006 0:57

10/3/2005 22:05   3.4 Beta 1

                               26 of 40
10/18/2006 17:57 3.3 Enterprise.   3.5 3.3 Enterprise

 7/30/2006 19:34                      3.4 Beta1 Enterprise

                                                             27 of 40
10/1/2007 20:44   3.11 Enterprise

11/2/2006 21:24   3.4.1 Enterprise

  5/1/2006 9:11   3.6 Enterprise

                                     28 of 40
  8/16/2007 1:17   3.10.2   3.10.1

10/24/2007 18:58            3.7.4 Professional

                                                 29 of 40
9/28/2006 2:23 3.5.2 Enterprise.           3.5.2 Enterprise

4/1/2007 20:33 Windows 2003        3.7.3   3.4.2
                                           3.4.2 Pro
                                           3.4.2 Enterprise

1/3/2008 16:40

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Issue Links

JRA-7597, JRA-9942

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JRA-4000, JRA-6523

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JRA-4052, JRA-6757, JRA-3167, JRA-8699, JRA-
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12447, JRA-1588, JRA-1592, JRA-11125, JRA-
11111, JRA-6999, JRA-5799, JRA-12064

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