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            [Jan/Feb 2010]
         3 THE MAKING OF SOMETHING NEW               Helping Hands Ministry
         When you look in the mirror, do you see     Do you have a desire to help others?
         what God sees? Do you believe that he       Join the Helping Hands Ministry as they
         has taken that which has been flawed,       use their gifts to bless others in our
         blemished, and scared and recreating you    community.
         into something very special?
                                                     8-9 SUNDAY NIGHT XTREME KICK OFF
         4-7 ON MISSION                              Join us and find your place in this
           Mission Trip to Nicaragua                 awesome, fun-packed event for the
         A group of 14 from First Lubbock and        entire family. From Bible studies to a mom
         Danbury Community Church travel to          & tot fitness class, you're sure to find
         Matagalpa Nicaragua to work with First      something you'll love!
         Baptist Matagalpa.
          A Life On Mission                          10 FIRST LUBBOCK STUDIES
         Find out how First Lubbock is meeting the   Discover all of the programming we have
         needs of others outside the walls of the    for our church. There is a place and study
         church.                                     for everyone in the family! Here you'll
           Preteens Make A Connection                learn all about leadership
         Our Preteen's have made it an annual
         tradition of chartering the Trolley         11 CHURCH FAMILY UPDATES
         citibus to go Christmas caroling to our     Birth Announcements, Baptisms,
         homebound Senior Adults. What an            Professions of Faith, and more.
         awesome ministry!
           University Students Connecting With       12 MINISTRY & EVENT SPOTLIGHT
           The Unreached                             ,
         See what our University Ministry is doing
         in their part in reaching others who do
         not know God.

the making of
something new
“For behold, I create new heavens and a          As pastor and staff, this is what drives our      Our longest tenured staff minister, Randy
new earth; and the former things will not be     calling, prayers, and efforts every day and       Holman, offers us a presence of steadfast
remembered or come to mind. But be glad          moment of our lives. We are fortunate to          confidence in the arena of pastoral care and
and rejoice forever in what I create.”           have the quality of ministerial staff that the    senior adults. His loving spirit is contagious
                                                 Lord has assembled here at First Baptist.         and models well the love of our Lord. Though
Because we are so filled with regret and         Each one is dedicated to the biblical             Randy has been around long enough to say of
guilt over past events or preoccupied with       admonition of “equipping the saints for the       every “new” idea—“been there, done that”—
the obvious and not so obvious flaws of our      work of the ministry.” The educational staff      he never does, especially if it means having
life, we miss out on the glorious promise        of Scott Carlin, Jerry Ramirez, Bruce Venable,    an opportunity to bring someone to the Lord
of God that we are not bound by our past;        and Randy Holman possesses the rare               or to impact a life in a significant way.
that God is in the process of making all         combination of professional expertise and
things new…even us; that we are a people         devotional passion. As the Minister of Young
of immeasurable worth and boundless              Adults and Family Life, Scott, has brought a      Beyond our age-grouped, education staff
possibilities. I’m convinced that one of the     much needed coordination and oversight to         the ministerial staff is rounded out by Chuck
most significant markers in our faith journey    the various age group ministries represented      Gartman and Keith Tyler. As Associate
is that point when we see ourselves as God       within family life—preschool, children, youth,    Pastor for Leadership Development, Chuck’s
sees us—a people created in his image;           and young adults up to age 50. His strategic      distinctive role is to help you discover the
fearfully and wonderfully made; a people,        savvy has already brought forth a number of       leader that is within you. This position is a
who, in the hands of the master Architect of     much needed and effective changes within          prototype necessitated by the recognizable
all creation are themselves being made into a    these various areas. In the months ahead,         growing need in the life of the local church
masterpiece of his eternal collection.           we will also a number of new weekday              to identify, recruit, and train leaders who can
                                                 ministries unveiled that are designed to          then identify, recruit, and train others. It is
The story is told that Michelangelo’s greatest   reach and minister to young families.             only by this commitment to making disciples
masterpiece, David, was created from a block                                                       and refusing to entertain consumers that the
of flawed marble that had been rejected          Jerry Ramirez, our Minister of Students           decline of the church in western civilization
by the Italian sculptor Donatello. Looking       and Buckner Initiatives, and the newest           might be stymied. Chuck possesses the
beyond the obvious flaw, Michelangelo            member of our ministerial staff, has, through     gift-set to address this increasing need. I
accepted it. He looked beyond the obvious        his energy, love for students, and passion        believe his work in this arena can become a
flaw to something beautiful that recognized      for the community impacted our church             role-model for other churches.
within; just waiting to be revealed. All that    already. Jerry is diligent in keeping before
had to be done was to chisel away that           us what it is to be a missional people and
which did not belong. Thus, in the hands of      the many ways we can make an immediate            As our Minister of Worship, Keith Tyler,
an artist a masterpiece emerged.                 difference in the lives of those around us.       desires for each of us a worship encounter of
                                                 Jerry’s ministry is all the more challenging as   such magnitude that it might be translated
God has done and is doing something similar      the 21st century idea of family, from which       into a life of dedication and service to the
with us. He has taken that which has been        our students come, is becoming all the more       One we worship. His heart respects all
flawed, blemished, and scarred by the            complex.                                          ages in the life of the church and reveals a
ravages of sin and is now recreating us in the                                                     sensitivity to the various genres of music that
image of Jesus. And, yet, I wonder, do the       Our Minister of University Students,              might prompt our heart to worship. Each
majority of us who name the name of Christ       Bruce Venable, has brought a wealth of            week he faces the challenge of creating and
really believe it? When you look in the mirror   denominational experience to the front lines
                                                                                                   planning two and three different worship
do you see it? Are you convinced of it? That     of the local church. David Gelernter, the
                                                                                                   experiences. This he gives himself to fully
God is recreating you into something special     eminent Yale computer science professor
                                                                                                   and joyfully.
in spite of the flaws.                           and Jewish scholar writes of today’s college
                                                 student, “They are empty—spiritually bone
As a believer the most meaningful thing in       dry—because no one has ever bothered to           You will find each of these faithful servants
life is to share with others the wonderful       give them anything spiritual that is worth        not just at church, but you will see them
news that they are daughters and sons of         having. Platitudes about diversity and            in the hospitals and in the homes of their
God; that God loves them and has plan and        tolerance and multiculturalism are thin gruel     church family praying, encouraging, and
purpose for their lives; and that God desires    for intellectually growing young people. Let
                                                                                                   walking with you as you face the challenges,
to use them to impact the lives of others.       the right person speak to them, and they will
                                                                                                   sorrows, joys, victories, and seasons of life.
As a pastor, the most rewarding part of this     turn back to the Bible with an excitement
                                                                                                   We recognize that God is recreating us, and
vocational is to see, bit by bit, as people      and exhilaration that will shake the country.”
                                                                                                   we are grateful to be a part of your journey as
offer the canvas of their lives to the Master,   Because of his love for and his desire to
                                                                                                   He is recreating you. For a new year and the
the emergence of a masterpiece and the           see transformation in the lives of university
                                                                                                   new possibilities that are before we join the
discovery of the possibilities of what might     students, Bruce is the “right person to speak
                                                                                                   prophet in saying, “we are glad and rejoice
be as lives are lived in obedience to God’s      to them.”
                                                                                                   forever in what the Lord is creating.
Word…the chisel that chips away at that
which does not belong.
                                                                                                                                  By Bobby Dagnel
                            group of 14 from First Baptist and Danbury
                            Community Church traveled to Matagalpa
                            Nicaragua. Matagalpa is located in the
                            mountains of Nicaragua. We worked with
                            First Baptist Matagalpa. First Baptist
                            Matagalpa is a church with a rich history
                            started by Southern Baptist Missionaries
                            over 60 years ago. This church located in a
                            city of over 450,000 people has a heart for
                            planting churches and reaching its city
                            with the gospel. First Baptist Matagalpa
                            helped plant a congregation 20 minutes
from the city 9 years ago. That congregation has grown and has about
60 people. They have been meeting in a garage for the last 9 years.
Our group laid the foundation and erected the steel necessary for a
permanent structure for this church. The building will be completed
by First Baptist Matagalpa this spring. This will allow this church
to have a permanent structure with which to reach the surrounding

Our group not only did construction but also had the privilege of going
into two schools and working and playing with the children and we
were allowed to present the gospel to over 300 children. At night at
three different mission points around the city, we showed the Jesus
film. One location was in a community about 20 minutes from the city
where First Baptist Matagalpa has established, a Sunday School that
meets in a home with 60 regular attendees. Each night we showed the
Jesus film we had 100 to 200 adults and children attend. In addition

                                                                          to church planting, evangelism,
                                                                          and children’s ministry our
                                                                          team was able to participate in
                                                                          the feeding ministry to starving
                                                                          children in the city.

                                                                          Through our Global Mission
                                                                          Offering our church provided
                                                                          $5,000 for the new church
                                                                          building and another $5,000
                                                                          from various individual
                                                                          donations was given so that
                                                                          we could complete the facility.
                                                                          We saw over 25 adults accept
                                                                          Christ through personal
                                                                          evangelism and showing the
                                                                          Jesus film.
                                                                                           JAN/FEB 10_ CONNECT/5
                                                                                           NOV/DEC 09_ CONNECT/7
                By Jerry Ramirez

A life on mission is meeting the needs       Students and Adults from FBC Lubbock        at Dupre Elementary. Thank you to Blue
of others outside the walls of the church.   served barbecue sandwiches and gave         Bell Creameries and Market Street who
On Sunday, November 22 following the         thirty stockings out to children who        donated the ice cream sandwiches.
Night of Praise, the First Baptist Church    are in junior high and participate in the
family ministered beyond ourselves.          mentoring program of the The Bridge of
                                                                                         Medical Mission Trip
Over 300 of the church family delivered      Lubbock.
the fixings for a Thanksgiving meal for                                                  Mission Trip to Nairobi Kenya, April
over 125 families. In addition, through      Kid’s Hope USA is not only making an        14-24, 2010 if you are interested in being
the generous donations of FBC we             impact to the 15 children that are being    a part of this trip, please contact Jerry
were able to help with an additional         mentored each week by our faithful          Ramirez at 747.8153 for more details.
75 families through Mission Lubbock.         mentors, but we’re also reaching out        If you are not in the medical field,
Thank you FBC family because you were        to the entire school. On Wednesday,         this trip is open to you; there will be
willing to give over 200 families enjoyed    December 16 members of FBC delivered        opportunities for you to serve as well.
a Thanksgiving meal.                         an ice cream sandwich to each student

                                   The Preteens of First Lubbock have                Our preteens experience the joy of
                                   an annual tradition of chartering                 ministering in a different and unique
                                   the Trolley citibus to go Christmas               way and our Sr. Adults are blessed
                                   caroling to some of our homebound                 by our preteens who sing to them,
                                   Senior Adults who can no longer                   give them a bag of gifts, and most
                                   attend our church services because                especially, share a hug and wish
                                   of health issues. This year was no                them a Merry Christmas! One of our
                                   exception. Our preteens brought gifts             preteens was overheard saying, "This
                                   to share with each person and led by              makes my heart feel warm!" Yes,
                                   Brent and Velvet Hodges, the caroling             it does, when we give of ourselves
                                   was the best ever! Philip Tay, one of             to minister to others. What a great
                                   our preteen parents, did a great job              lesson for our preteens to learn!
                                   of capturing this special event on his
                                   camera and sharing his pictures with                                       by Pam Holman
6/ CONNECT_JAN/FEB 10              us.
                                                                By Bruce Venable

What a semester it has been! We baptized 8 students,     students involved in small groups in apartments and dorms.
averaged more than 300 in Sunday School, averaged more   We renovated a house for a family, and fed the homeless
than 400 in worship on Sunday’s, and had almost 200      weekly!

                                                         One and one I could go… The short and thankful thought
                                                         is this… God is faithful and is allowing us to connect with
                                                         one of the largest concentrated unreached people groups in
                                                         Lubbock… University Students!

                                                         Spring means Missions! Spring Break Mission Trips feature
                                                         Florida, California and Hungary. After finals we will send a
                                                         team to Istanbul, Turkey and then into other destinations of
                                                         central Asia where we will prayer walk and serve as English
                                                         tutors to Muslim university students. Additionally, a team
                                                         will dig a well in El Salvador.

 Listed below are some                    •	 Transportation—to and                 Randy Holman: Minister to
 opportunities to use your gifts             from appointments                     50+ Adults/Pastoral Care
 or interests to be "On Mission"             (medical, grocery                     806-747-1724 (office)
 in a tangible way!                          shopping, etc)                        806-535-8253 (cell)
                                          •	 Assist in moving                      randy@fbclubbock.org
 •	 Fence and/or gate repair or           •	 Painting houses (inside
    building                                 and out)                              or
 •	 Trim shrubs and trees                 •	 Repairing vehicles
 •	 Change light bulbs                    •	 Light Plumbing repairs                Andy Hedlund: Helping
 •	 Mow and/or clean up yards                                                      Hands Coordinator
    and flower beds                       If you would like to be a part of        806-792-0287 (home)
 •	 Transportation—to and                 this important ministry, please          806-438-8581 (cell)
    from church                           contact:                                 vahedlund@yahoo.com
 Extreme Jr. is all about fun             BMX stands for Bible, Missions,     Are you ready for something new
 and being a kid. It’s about              Music and Xtreme Recreation - a     as a preteen? Come experience
 relationships and sharing. And it’s      ministry experience of exciting     our new, fun, exciting, and high
 about discovering the best friend        and fun activities to strengthen    energy City Life Xtreme– created
 any of us can have-Jesus Christ.         our worship to God.                 just for PRETEENS!!! It is like
                                                                              nothing you have ever done
 WHEN and WHERE do we meet?               WHEN and WHERE do we meet?          before! Join the fun!!
 It meets every Sunday evening            BMX will meet Sunday evening
 from 5-7p.m. on the first floor of the   from 5-7p.m. on the second floor    WHEN and WHERE do we meet?
 Activities Building. For children        Activities Bldg. - West Wing. For   Sunday evenings from 5-7p.m.
 ages 0-5 (not in Kinder yet).            Kinder—4th Grade.                   in the Preteen City Game Room
                                                                              – A-218—Activities Bldg. For
 WHO do I contact for more                WHO do I contact for more           Preteens Grade 5th-6th.
 information?                             information?
 Janet Donaway                                                                WHO do I contact for more
                                          Pam Holman
 janet@fbclubbock.org                                                         information?
                                                                              Pam Holman

                                                                               How can you get involved in the
                                                                               Worship Ministry team at First
                                                                               Lubbock? Simple. PARTICIPATE.
                                                                               We like to call it the “Ministry of
                                                                               Participation” where you simply walk
                                                                               through the doors of the Worship
                                                                               Ministry as we accept, love and join
                                                                               with you in participating in the worship
                                                                               process at First Lubbock.
                                                                                   First Base – Be our guest at any
                                                                                   of our worship opportunities
                                                                                   Second Base – You could not
                                                                                   get enough from your first visit
                                                                                   and returned a second time!
                                                                                   Third Base – Become an active
                                                                                   participant in the Worship Ministry
                                                                                   Home Run – Invite one of your
                                                                                   friends to be YOUR guest at First

                                                                               Ways to get involved
                                                                               •Traditions Worship Choir –
                                                                               Wednesday Nights from 6-6:40pm in
                                                                               the Music Suite
                                            Adults—Come as you are to          •Progressions Worship Choir –
                                            Sunday Night Xtreme and            Wednesday Nights from 6:40 – 8pm in
                                            participate in the following       the Music Suite
                                            community groups on Sunday
Elevate is the FBC Student Ministry         nights                             •Orchestra – Wednesday Nights
Worship and Arts Team. This incredible,                                        from 6:30 – 8pm in the Orchestra
life-changing event meets Sundays 5-6
pm in the Rally Room of the Activities      5-7 pm: “Stone to Flesh” Ezekiel   Suite
Building, and is offered for all students
grades 7-12.
                                            86:26. Using us to transform       •Band – Auditions required – contact
                                            others. Led by Scott Carlin and    Worship Ministry Office at 747-7050
In order to give you the maximum            Bruce Venable.
opportunity to display your skills, we                                         •Vocal Team – Auditions required,
offer 12 Core Groups:                                                          contact Worship Ministry Office at
                                            5-6 pm: Xtreme Grandparenting,
      Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar,     led by Randy Holman.               747-7050
      Bass Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Piano
      …students in these 6 core groups                                         • Sunday Night Xtreme Activites
      are usually combined into several     6-7 pm: Traditional Worship        •Prime Time Senior Adult Choir
      rock bands!!
                                            Service and teaching by Bobby
                                                                               – Wednesday mornings from 10:30 –
       Beginning Guitar, Beginning
       Drums, Media, Drama, Motion                                             11:30p in Music Suite
       (dance team), Painting                                                  •Media and Technical Production
    Experience what it means to live        Scott Carlin                       – Contact Chris Crawford at chris@
            a life Elevated!
                                            scott@fbclubbock.org               fbclubbock.org to get plugged in
    For more info contact Grant Keith at
                                                                                                JAN/FEB 10_ CONNECT/9
                                          Same Direction: Discipleship         Leadership Summit
                                          in an Instant Society." Make         January 10
                                          reservations by calling Kristin at
                                                                               4:00-5:15 p.m.
                                          Lunch: $5.00                         All FBC Leadership is invited to
                                          Book: $5.00                          hear Jim Denison speak on the
                                                                               topic: “Faith Formation.” We will
                                                    “Becoming A                meet in Lowrie Hall.
                                          Christian” Communicating             5:15-6:00 p.m.
                                          your faith in a style that fits      Age Group Leadership Training
                                          you! To the followers of Christ
                                          all over the world who will          6:00 p.m.
                                          confidently and compassionately      Worship service with Dr. Denison
                                          reach out to family, friends,        speaking
 Please check out the following         and strangers with the Gospel
 studies to discover ALL of             Message, which is “The Power of
 the programming we have for                                                   Leaders will not want to miss
                                        God For The Salvation of Everyone      this excellent opportunity.
 our church. There is a place           Who Believes…” Wednesdays ,
 and study for everyone in the
 family! You can also visit our         6-7:00pm, Room E300C. This class       New Member Orientation
 website www.fbclubbock.com to          will run from January 13 – February    & Training
 find articles, videos, and other       17th.
 documents about leadership                                                    If you have joined First Lubbock
 development and spiritual              Cost $10.00 per person                 since September 2008, you
 health.                                Facilitated by: Randy Holman.          will want to attend one of our
                                                                               orientations for new members.
                                                “Extreme                       Over 100 adults have joined
          “Connecting                           Grandparenting”                since then and over 50 have
          Leadership, Faith, and        An 8 week fun and interactive          been through this orientation. We
          Life” Sundays, from 5:00-     fellowship on ways to play a role in   want you to understand what it
 6:00 p.m. Classes will be January      writing the history of a generation    means to be a member of First
 17, 24, 31, February 14, 21. This      that will someday be in charge,        Lubbock.
 class will be taught by Jewell         including your own grandchildren.
 Davis.                                 Sundays, January 17th – March          “A Basic Ministry Strategy” along
                                        7th, 5:00-6:00pm, room E300C.          with “Staying Spiritually Healthy,”
        “Teaching for                                                          “Discovering What We Believe”
        Transformation: Moving          Cost: $10.00 per person                and “How You Can Get Plugged
        from Good to Great as a         Facilitated by: Randy Holman           In” are just some of the topics
 Teacher” Sundays from 6:00-7:00                                               we discuss. You will receive a
 p.m. Classes will be January 24, 31,   “Just Walk Across the Room”            letter of invitation in the mail.
 February 14, 21. This class will be          A 4 week interactive             Make reservations and plan to
 taught by Chuck Gartman.                     study on simple steps            join us from 9:30-12:15 p.m.,
                                              pointing people to faith!        including lunch. Call Kristin at
          “Discipleship in an           Wednesdays, February 24th –            747-0735 to make reservations.
          Instant Society”              March 24th (excluding 3/17) 6:00-
 Beginning on Wednesday, January        7:00pm, Room E300c                     Schedule for the Spring will be
 27 from noon to 1pm, we will                                                  January 24, February 21, March
 have a lunch in the Small Dining       Cost: $10.00 per person                28, and April 25.
 room for anyone interested in          Facilitated by: Randy Holman
 exploring Discipleship in an                                                  We meet in the Game Room on
 Instant Society. Our time will be                                             the Third Floor of the Activities
 spent in interacting about a book                                             Building. Preschoolers, children,
 called, "A Long Obedience in the                                              and youth attend their regular
                                                                               programming and join us for
10/ CONNECT_JAN/FEB 10                                                         lunch.
                                       Celeb                                                       FBC
                                                       g                                          Annive Staff
                                     We a                       New                                     rsarie
                                    arriv e excited
                                          al of           to an
                                                                            Life                1 ye           s                                           F isca
                                                                                                                                                          $4,70 l '09-'10
                                   chur         o                                                    ar
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                                                                   mbe e
                                                                       rs to                            elvin                                                    0,367.3
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                                                                                         Lynd rs
                                                                                                                                                       Budg received as
                              Octo shua Go ghter of                                             a Go                                                         e
                                                                                                                                                      $3,34 t require f 12-06-09
                                    b              r            E                        Marg        nz
                             3 pou er 17 at ham, wa lisabeth                                   aret ales                                                    4,492      d YT
                                    nds,        5:51           s bor                                Evan                                             Budg         .16
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                                                                                                         s                                          $2,89 t Receive
                                        ng.            & wa        weig                     ar                                                            6           d YT
                                                              s 15      hed          Julie                                                         Land ,225.35            D
                         Tatu                                      1/2                     W                                                             mark
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                                      e, da                                         Pete atts                                                     $110
                                                                                                                                                       ,562.   2005
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                             32 p.
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                 at 6:        iot, w ughter o                                Jack                                                           Glob
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                                                                                                                                                        onsib            o
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                                                                   cott         nt                                              First
                                                                                                                                        Lubb Missions
                                                                                                                                                                       : $78
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                                                                         ,                                                                             JAN/FEB 10_ CONNECT/11
+ MINISTRY & EVENT spotlight

                                                                                           Lubbock, Texas
                                                                                           Non-Profit Org.

                                                                                           Permit No. 316
                                                                                            U.S. Postage
PRESCHOOL ministry                            PRETEEN ministry
This is a time of fellowship for ALL          Saturday, February 20, 11:00 am – 1:00
ladies. This will be the second Thursday      pm at Main Event, 6010 Brownfield Hwy.
evening each month.
January 14 – Orlando’s at 7:00 p.m.
Please RSVP online to let us know how         STUDENT ministry
many seats to reserve!                        IGNITE STUDENT CONFERENCE
February 11 – Scrapbook Night at the          January 15-16.
Church (Rally Room) 6pm-midnight.             STUDENT/ADULT SKI TRIP
Contact Janet at janet@fbclubbock.org         March 16-19. Winter Park, Colorado. Cost
or 776-0559 for more info.                    is $275 for students age 18 and below,
MOPS                                          $300 for adults 18 and over. Sign up by
First Lubbock is starting a MOPS              Nov. 1. For more info, contact the Student
(Mothers of Preschoolers) group in            Ministry at 747-1027.

                                                                                                     fbclubbock . 2201 Broadway . Lubbock, Texas 79401
January. MOPS is a time of fellowship for
                                              YOUNG ADULT ministry
mothers. These monthly meetings will
                                              "STONE TO FLESH"
take place on the first Thursday of each
month from 9:30 to 11:45am on the third
                                              Sunday nights, beginning January 17
floor of the activities building. Childcare
                                              through February 14 from 5:00-7:00 pm,
is available. Register online at www.
                                              led by Scott Carlin and Bruce Venable.
fbclubbock.org/mops or in the preschool
                                              YOUNG ADULT VALENTINE
hall. For more info, contact Rachel Riddle

                                                                                                                                                         Address Service Required
at Rachel@fbclubbock.org.
                                              February 12, 6:30 pm. Cost $10. Register
                                              for childcare through Parents Night Out.
Third Friday each month…a time for
children to play and moms to connect.
10:00-11:30 a.m. January 22 at the house      WOMEN'S ministry
of Mandy Womble. February 19 - TBA.           WINTER BIBLE STUDIES
Look for more information online!             The two year Precept study of Revelation
“P31”                                         of Jesus Christ to His People will resume
exercise class will be happening on           Tuesday, January 12, 9:30 on the third
Fridays at 6am on the 3rd floor of the        floor west of the education building. This   GLOBAL MISSIONS ministry
activities building. For more information     is a study for men and women. Sherry         MISSION TRIP TO NAIROBI, KENYA
go to: http://www.p31fitness.com.or           Anderson is the leader.                      The trip is planned for April 14-24, 2010. This will
contact Jonna Byars @ Jonna.Byars@            BREAKING FREE                                be a medical trip but is open to those who may
strollerfit.com.                              -a revised study by Beth Moore will          not be in the medical field. Contact Jerry Ramirez
MOM & TOT FITNESS CLASS                       begin on third floor west of the education   at 747-1027 for more info.
will be offered during Sunday Night           building. Based on Isaiah 61:1-4, it uses
Xtreme at 5:00.                               Scripture to help women identify spiritual
                                                                                           WORSHIP ministry
                                              strongholds in their lives, no matter
                                                                                           Important Worship Ministry Dates for Spring
6:30-10:30pm, January 15. Deadline to         how big or small. The Wednesday night
sign your child up is January 10.             study will begin January 13 at 6:00 pm
                                                                                           SUNDAY NIGHT XTREME
February 12. Deadline to sign your child      led by Karen Henderson. January 19th,
                                                                                           (Sign-up January 3 & 10)
up is February 7.                             9:30 am the Tuesday morning study will
MOM'S LUNCH                                                                                January 17, 24, 31
                                              begin, third floor west education in the
January 12 from 11-1pm. Location has          same location, led by Janis Buschman.        February 14, 21, 28
changed to the 3rd floor of the Activities    Tuesday morning childcare is available       March 7, 21, 28
Building.                                     by advanced reservation. Call Brenda for     WORSHIP CHOIR/ORCHESTRA & PRIME
EXPECTING PARENTS' DINNER                     childcare, 747-0281. Call the Women’s        TIME CHOIR
January 19, 6:30pm in the small dining        Ministry office for information, 776-8358.   Begin rehearsals Wednesday, January 6.
room. If you are expecting, we’d like to      MOTHER, DAUGHTER, FRIEND                     EASTER WEEK
know! Please contact Rachel Riddle at         TEA PARTY                                    Friday Night, April 2, Good Friday Service at 6pm.
Rachel@fbclubbock.org.                        February 6, 2:00 pm, in Lowrie Hall.         Sunday Morning, April 4, Easter Morning
                                              Tickets are $4.00 and will be on sale in     Celebration at 8:15am and 11am.
                                              the church foyer or office. Bring your       Sunday Night, April 11, Worship Ministry
                                              mother, daughter, friend, or make a new      presents “I AM” – A night of Celebration of the life
                                              one!                                         of Jesus Christ!

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