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					Personal Particulars

Full Name              Yeo Zhi Xiong
Gender                 Male
Nationality            Singapore Citizen
Race                   Chinese
Marital Status         Single

Contact Information


Main Contact           98007891
Education And Work Experience Summary

Highest Education      Degree
Course Of Study        Bachelor of Computer Science(Digital System Security)
Employment Status      Freelance Programmer/Web Developer


School Name            University of Wollongong- Faculty of Informatics(SIM)
Period                 Sept 2008 to Oct 2009
Course / Major         Bachelor of Computer Science(Digital System Security)
Qualification          Degree
Achievements            Project Leader for FYP Project
                       - HD(High Distinction) in System Administration Module

School Name            Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Clementi Road
Period                 July 2003 to June 2006
Course / Major         InfoComm Technology(Software Engineering)
Qualification          Diploma
Achievements            Graduate with CCA gold award
                        President of Linux Special Interest Group
                        Part of Senior Buddy Team
                        Attained Distinction(AD) for Internship at KPMG
                        Best Performance in Problem Solving & Programming
                         II Module
                        Attained Distinction(AD) in Modules(Problem Solving
                         & Programming I, Problem Solving & Programming II,
                         Operating Systems)
Others                  Testimonial from my mentor (Mr. Tang Koon Teck)
                         from Ngee Ann Polytechnic (School of InfoComm
                       Technology) is available upon request.

School Name           Henderson Secondary School, Henderson Road
Period                Jan 1999 to Jan 2002
Qualification         O Level

School Name           Henderson Primary School, Henderson Road
Period                Jan 1993 to Dec 1998
Qualification         PSLE

Job Experience

Period                Present
Job Title             Freelance programmer
Job Description       Able to provide freelance programming services using
                      PHP, MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite, Bash Scripting, Java,
                      Android, Linux/Windows.
                      Refer to Projects at the end of the document.

Company Name          Cheng and Eng Pte Ltd
Period                Nov 2009 to Oct 2010
Job Title             Web Developer
Job Description   -    Development of web based applications (PHP/MySQL)
                       for clients of the company.
                  -    Usage of technology such as
                       Codeigniter/CakePHP/JQuery in the development.
                  -    Example of projects done:
                             o   Content Management System
                             o   Rental Management System
                             o   Funds Management System

Company Name          Singapore Armed Forces
Period                June 2006 to June 2008
Job Title             Scout Platoon Sergeant(2SG)
Job Description       - Went through BSLC(Basic Section Leader
                       Course) ,RCC(Reconnaissance Commander Course)
                       and Platoon Sergeant Course
                      - Coordinates a platoon of scouts for Recce activities
                       and control discipline of men
Company Name       EIC1881 Consultancy Pte Ltd
Period             May 2006 to June 2006(Ending Due to NS enlistment)
Job Title          Web Developer
Job Description     Development of web based applications (PHP/MySQL)
                     for clients of the company.
                    Setup and maintenance of Linux servers.
                    Write automatic data extraction script to extract data
                     from web pages.

Company Name       SGIX Network Technology LLP
Period             Apr 2005 to May 2006
Job Title          Web Developer
Job Description    Development of web based applications (PHP/MySQL)
                  for clients of the company.

Company Name       KPMG Singapore
Period             Apr 2005 to Aug 2005
Job Title          Intern(Software Developer)
Job Description    Development of java-based(Servlets/JSP) intranet
                  application and design Elixir Reports template.

Company Name       Sentosa Leisure Group
Period             2002 to 2005
Job Title          Attractions Operator(Part Time)
Job Description    Operation of attractions(Running it/Opening/Closing)
                  like Merlion/Images of Singapore/Fort Siliso, Serving
                  Visitors/VIP, Crowd control at musical fountain

Company Name       Quantum Consultancy Services
Period             2002 to 2004
Job Title          IT equipment handler(Part Time)
Job Description    Decommission, commission and moving of IT
                  equipment for office relocation
IT Related Skills

- Able to debug common problem in hardware/network/software.

- Familiar with Windows OS(Windows 98 and above) and Linux(Redhat, Fedora,
Mandrake, Gentoo, Ubuntu ,Knoppix, andLinux)

- Understand how network/computer services infrastructure works.(How various
component of a service work and integrate together)

- Understands what the strength and weaknesses when implementing certain

- Understands what is available on the market when implementing certain

- Able to translate workflows into practical implementations.

- Keen in learning new technology to upgrade myself and be valuable asset in an

-   Good knowledge and experienced in the various tools and technology:
     PHP(Including using framework such as Codeigniter/CakePHP, setup of
       off-the-shelf software and coding custom solutions including features such
       as sending of email/generation of PDF, Excel and Images)

       JavaScript(including JQuery Framework) and CSS

       Java[applications or web-based(Applets, JSP Servlets)]

       MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite

       Bash scripting(Able to write automated scripts to perform task, such as to
        trigger backups/extract data from webpages.)

       Writing codes to communicate with devices via socket or serial
        ports(RS232), to exchange data or to control components(such as
        projectors/GSM modems)

       Linux/Windows(including setup/compile/implementation of services and
        customization various component of a system, such as configuration or
        custom written scripts)

       Imagemagick/GraphicsMagick/GD Library/Apache SVG Batik

       Elixir Reports

       Revision Control Systems(such as CVS, SVN, BZR)

       Netbeans IDE for Java/PHP Development

       Apache Web Server

       Mozilla Firefox/Internet Explorer/Chrome/Safari(Able to fix web page
        display problems between different browsers)

       Develop Android Apps
CCA & Volunteer work

 NPLUG(Ngee Ann Linux User Group) aka eGarage's Linux SIG - President(Part
   of the LUGS Youth Chapter Committee)
       o Organized Linux Day 2006 at Ngee Ann Poly
       o Invited Scott McNeil from FSB(Free Software Base) for a talk
       o Organized and conducted a 1-day Apache/PHP/MySQL course

   eGarage’s Exco Member
       o Help to plan and organize events such as Counter-Strike competition.

   eGarage's Microsoft & Wireless SIG Member

   Senior Buddy - Part of the team

   Volunteered to help Two To Tango Pte Ltd setup their website and office
    network infrastructure.

Secondary School
 Librarian(Group Leader)

   Computer and Science Club(Member)
       o Participated in Amateur Electronic Camp by Ngee Ann Poly’s Amateur
         Electronic Club in Dec 2001
       o Participated in 17th National Software Competition in Sept 2001
       o Participated in International Competition for schools(Computer
         Studies) by The University of New South Wales in 2001
Commercial Project Involved(Freelance)
2K Resolution Electronic Cinema Playback System with traditional film projector
triggering and shutter control.

HTML/Javascript/PHP/MySQL Based:

      Main developer for
          o Registration
                   Includes customized RECAPCHA to suit the color scheme of
                     the site.
                   Includes Email Verification Mail
          o Edit Profile
          o Edit Picture
                   Allow users to upload and crop it using their browsers, done
                     by using jquery’s jcrop plugin.
          o Inbox messaging system
          o Time zone implementation
                   Automatic recognition of timezone from lat/long
                   Display time based on user usage.
          o Front page new design
                   Display latest alerts from region when hovered
                   Scrolling recent comment
                   Show latest blog post using rss
          o Notify system
                   Includes credits topup system for notify
                   System to allow Instant sms notification upon checkin
          o Facebook
                   Auto update to facebook wall upon checkin
          o Find/Invite friends using yahoo/Hotmail/gmail address book
          o Journey Landing page
                   Integrated map for status update/messaging
          o My Journey page
                   Post message, location finder
          o Star and big shot system
                   System for user recognition and discount offerings
          o Red star ads system
                   Includes credits topup system for partners
                   Ads management system to allow vendors to provide
                     discount to our red star users(Ad preview/manage
                     ad/manage add image)
                   Ads deduction based on per impression
      News globe system for Bukit Panjang Government High School
          o Automatically convert normal news rss to GeoRss
          o Plot news item to their location on Google earth
          o Allow students to choose news feed and explore Google earth for
              current news
          o Auto spin globe on idle
      Property Exchange Portal
          o Admin Functions
                   Manage Users
                   Manage Home Improvement Listing
                   Manage Keyword suggestion for property
                   Manage Property
                   Manage Agent company name/logo
          o User Functions
                   Account Related Functions
                          Registration
                                 Includes RECAPCHA
                                 Includes Email Verification Mail
                      Login/Edit Profile/Forget Password
                 Property Management
                      Includes multiple property type with different fields
                      Post Property
                      Edit Property
                      Upload Pictures
                      Buy Highlight/Keyword
                      Renew expired Property Listing
                      Archive/Un-archive property
                 Property Search
                      Keyword Search
                               Includes the ability to sort top buyer of
                                  keywords and priorities them to list first
                      Advanced Search
                 Agent Search/Listing
                      List by alphabet or search via name/company
                      Upon clicking more info, show agent information and
                         list active property listing by respective agent

                 Home Improvement Search/Listing
                     List by alphabet or search via name/home
                        improvement type
       o   Others
               Automatic expiry of property listing after 1 month
   Catalogue System( for Leong Kiang Tractor
    & Machinery Pte Ltd
       o Product Listing/Management
       o Specification Listing/Management
       o Display multiple photos/details per product
       o Generation of PDF for individual product, containing all photos and
       o Product Search
       o Accolades Listing/Management
       o Sales enquiry form
       o Contact us form

   Content Management System( for
    Seawalk Hardware Trading Pte Ltd
       o Admin functions
              Product Management
              Category Management
              Statistics
              Newsletter Management
              Job Opening Listing Management
              Distributor Listing Management
       o User functions
              Product Listing
              Product Search
              Catalogue Generation(Generate a PDF of selected items)
              Sales Enquiry
              Product Selection(Products can be selected for use with
                Catalogue Generation or Sales Enquiry)
              Contact us form
       o Others
              Image watermarking
   Event Management System for Autodesk, Inc.(Singapore)
       o User Management
              Add/Remove/Edit user
              Assign Role(Admin/Normal/Viewer)
              View Post By User
       o Event Input/Edit/Delete
       o Event Ownership Change
       o Event Search
       o Commenting on event by other user
       o Activity overview
       o Activity listing
       o Activity metrics
       o New update listing
       o Own event listing
       o Excel and printer friendly format generation for Activity

   E-Commerce System for McCoy Pte Ltd
       o Modification of off-the-shelf software
       o Securing the system against SQL Injection/XSS attacks
       o Addition of Order History feature
       o Addition of Promo price in addition to Usual Price.
       o WorldPay Payment Gateway Integration
       o Usability changes in admin interface.

   Content management System( for
    Invasion Studio
       o Management of Main Menu/Links/Contact Info/Corporate
       o Management of Gallery(Including Displaying Flash Video and
          Upload/Resize Thumbnail)

   Shopping cart for
       o Capture Name , Product Id, Size, Price and add to shopping cart
       o Calculate Delivery Charges
       o Check Out

   Webmaster( for TwoToTango Pte Ltd
      o Website Design and maintenance
      o Mailing list capture and delivery.
      o Various forms(e.g. Contact Us/Event Sign up)

   Various small scripts(contact us, place orders, Whois script) for
    clients/internal usage of SGIX Network Technology LLP
Java Based

      Job card Management system for Singapore HAECO Pte. Ltd. (SHAECO)
           o Manage work orders and fetch related job card
                  Batch Input of job card details
                  Batch Fetching of job card content from proprietary system
                  Interactive editor to update content
                  Manage material usage/man hour/tally list
                  Generating reports
      Data entry/input system for Master Koh Leng Leng Fortune Teller
           o New/Load/Save Profiles
           o Includes Zodiac/Date/Text Selection Dialog for easy data input
           o Supports both English/Chinese/Bahasa Malaysia Input selection
           o Printing of Profile
      Lead Programmer/Team leader of Stock Management/Report Generation
       Intranet Application for M.R.S. Marketing Alliances Pte Ltd
           o PO Management
           o Report Generation
           o Customer/Vendor/Supplier/Buyer/Color/Style Management
           o Uses PostgreSQL database.
           o Uses Servlets/JSP in tomcat.

Personal Projects Involved/Experiences
    Android apps developed, See
         o PokeYourScreen
                A simple game to see how fast you can poke your screen!
         o SGNumbers
                A list of handy and important numbers for users in
         o SGPools
                App to check Singapore Pools TOTO/4D/Sweep current/past
                   results, and winning location for TOTO!
         o SGMacPoly
                Shows the Singapore Macdonalds 2010 monopoly stamps
                   that are hard to get, the rest are easy.
                   So if you got them. You're a winner! Congrats!

      Team lead in SIM-UOW FYP Project named Secure Dungeon
          o Usage of Java, SQlite, Apache Batik, IText, IzPack Installer in the
          o Able to run in both Windows/Linux platform
          o Designer
                  New/Open/Close Project
                  New/Rename/Copy/Import/Export Templates
                  Able to add and manipulate different elements
                  Define Areas
          o Simulation
                  Coverage Mode
                         Displays templates with its element range
                         Toggle element range visibility
                         Zoom In/Out Canvas
                  Analysis Mode
                         Includes an actor to simulate events, the application
                           will display and log the simulated actions.
          o Reports
                  Budget/Coverage/Security/Accessibility/Log Report
   Creator of AutoSMS (, a set of bash scripts that are
    designed to send free SMS via local (Singapore) Telco web sms features.
       o Can be used on M1, Singtel, Starhub, and Starhub Gee! Web
       o Ability to check which Telco a mobile phone number belongs to.
       o Released in GPL

   Creator of an ORD count down app in J2ME.
       o Count down numbers of days til ORD.
       o Includes Off/Leave/Weekend in Calculation (in Version 2).

   Web Master of (a fighting fish club), design and maintain
    contents in html and a membership system in PHP.

   Usage and customization of WordPress publishing engine and Gallery in
    my own website.

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