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					               Elmhurst College Google Apps Account Information

General Information

Elmhurst College has partnered with Google. Students and Adjunct Faculty are assigned a
Google Apps Account. Google Apps is an Education Suite, powered by Google, which provides
web-based applications that include Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google sites and
other applications. There is a difference between Google Apps Account for Education and
commercial Gmail Accounts. Google Apps Accounts include many applications that are not
normally available with a standard Gmail account.

Elmhurst College Google Apps Accounts are created and maintained by Academic Computing
Services for the educational platform. All services are hosted by Google and are available to
users via any internet-connected computer and many mobile devices.

Some of the Google Apps available:
- Gmail – web based Email Client
- Google Calendar – web based Calendar
- Google Docs – web based Documents, Presentations and Spreadsheets that can be created,
   edited and shared.
- Google Sites – simple web page creator/editor
- Google Chat – instant messaging using Google Chat

Supported Browsers

To take full advantage of the Google Apps features you’ll need to use one of the following fully
supported web browsers:
- Google Chrome 4.0+ (Windows, Mac, Linux)
- Mozilla Firefox 3.0+ (Windows, Mac, Linux)
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+ (Windows)
- Safari 3.0+ (Windows, Mac)

Accessing your College Gmail

Before accessing your Elmhurst College Gmail the first time, you will have to “activate” your
Technology Account. Please refer to separate instructions or contact Academic Computing

College Google Apps or Gmail accounts cannot be accessed at Google’s main web site.

You can access your account via several means
- Access your Google Apps Account at site
- Access your College Gmail directly at site
-    Adjunct Faculty – Access the Faculty and Staff web page (link is located on the College’s
     main web site). Locate the “College Email” link then the link for “Google Email”
-    Students – Access the Student web page (link is located on the College’s main web site).
     Then locate the link for Student Email

E-mail Address – College Google e-mail addresses are of the form

Logging In – enter only your username (e.g., “smithm”), and not your full email address

Changing Google Apps Password

The password that you created when you activated your Gmail account was also automatically
created on the College’s LDAP authorization system. This allows users to gain access to the
Library databases (off campus) College’s Intranet and other College servers. If you change your
password within your Google Account the password will NOT be updated on the college’s

To change your password for Gmail you will need to access the “Password Change” Link
located on the “Google Email” page. See “Accessing your College Gmail” section above.

Create an Email Signature

1.   Access Google Email
2.   In the upper-right corner of the Mail window, click Settings
3.   On the General page, in the Signature section, create your signature
4.   Click Save at the bottom of the page.

- Your signature can be plain text only
- You can not add a logo to your signature
- You can set up only one signature
Forwarding email to another email account automatically

Forwarding you College Gmail to another account can only be set up within the Google Account.
The forwarding link on the College’s Faculty and Staff home page will not work for those that
have Gmail.

Note – It is the user’s responsibility to make changes if the forwarded account becomes disabled
or closed.

1. Log into your Google Apps Email account
2. Click Settings at the top of the page and open the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
3. From the “Add email Address” drop-down menu in the Forwarding section, select “Add new
    email address.”
4. Enter the email address to which you’d like your messages forwarded to
5. For your security, Google will send verification to that email address.
6. Open your forwarding email account and find the confirmation message from the Gmail
7. Click the verification link in that email
8. Back in your Gmail account, select the “Forward a copy of incoming mail to…” option and
    select your forwarding address from the drop-down menu.
9. Select the action you’d like your messages to take from the drop-down menu. You can
    choose to keep Gmail’s copy of the message in your inbox, or you can send it automatically
    to All Mail or Trash
10. Click Changes

Using Alternative Email Software or Smart Phones

If you prefer to use your own personal email client software such as Outlook, Entourage that is
installed on your computer or your mobile device it is recommended that you first enable IMAP.
Google supplies instructions and a list of supported Email Client Software and Mobile Devices
on their web pages under step 5 below.

To set up IMAP
1. Log into your Google Apps email account
2. Click Settings at the top of the page and open the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
3. For further information about IMAP locate the “Learn More” link located in the IMAP
   Access section
4. To enable IMAP click the “Enable IMAP” button located in the IMAP Access section.
5. For further information regarding setting up email software programs or mobile devices click
   on the “Configuration instructions” link to locate instructions

The mail settings for the Elmhurst College Accounts are:
      Incoming Mail Server -
      Outgoing Mail Server -
      Username (your full email address)
      Password        Your email password
Google Docs and Calendar

Google supplies instructions and tutorials for the use of Google Apps such as Google Docs,
Calendars and Sites. Please visit the following web sites for information

Google Docs:
Google Calendar:
Google Sites:


Google provides a large help section for the usage of their applications. Locate the Help link on
any page for immediate and detailed information and instructions

For Students
For issues or problems with activation, passwords, or accessing your account Academic
Computing Services at 630-617-3543 (ext 3543).

For Adjunct Faculty
For issues or problems with activation, passwords, or accessing your account contact Jim
Marcum at 630-617-3561 (ext 3561) or Academic Computing Services at 630-617-3543 (ext

For assistance with the usage of Google Apps – Contact your Library Departmental Liaison or
the Library’s General Reference number at 630-617-3173 (ext3173)

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