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					                    Springfield College Campus Recreation
                  Group Exercise Instructor Employee Manual
 I. General Expectations……………………………………………………………… 3
      a.   Campus Recreation Mission
      b.   Staff Training
      c.   Meetings
      d.   Customer Service
      e.   Evaluations
      f.   Dress Code
      g.   Attendance/Substitution Policy
      h.   Payroll
      i.   Communications
      j.   Employee Work Schedules
      k.   Music
      l.   Lost and Found
      m.   Additional Staff Policies
      n.   Employee Discipline
 II. Group Exercise Employee Responsibilities……………………………………… 6
III. Emergency Response Protocol…………………………………………………… 7
      a.   Accident/Incident Reports Forms
      b.   Contacting Public Safety
      c.   Minor Injury
      d.   Incident Requiring Medical Assistance
      e.   Bomb Threat
      f.   Flood
      g.   Fire/Explosion
      h.   Hostage/Hostile Intruder Situation
      i.   Mental Health Situations
      j.   Severe Weather
IV. Facility Policies and Procedures………………………………………………….. 10
      a.   General Policies
      b.   Eligibility
      c.   Eligibility Policies
      d.   Benefits
      e.   Guest Policies
      f.   Locker Room Policies
      g.   Day Locker Policies
      h.   Facility Reservations
      i.   Gymnasia Policies
      j.   Open Recreation Policies
      k.   Attire
      l.   Indoor Jogging Track
      m.   Conduct
V. Campus Recreation Programs…………………………………………………….. 16
      a.   Fitness Assessments
      b.   Wellness Screenings
      c.   Personal Training
      d.   Group Exercise Instructor Training Program
      e.   Wellness Programs
     f.   Intramurals
     g.   Club Sports
     h.   Aquatics
     i.   Massage Therapy
     j.   Employee Wellness
     k.   Climbing Wall
VI. Employee Contract………………………………………………………………... 18


Campus Recreation Mission

The Office of Campus Recreation’s mission is to provide students, faculty, and staff participation opportunities
which promote health, fitness, and wellness through a variety of structured and informal recreational activities and
adventures emphasizing lifelong wellness. These opportunities will be purposeful in fostering the growth of one’s
spirit, mind, and body.

Staff Training
     All Group Exercise Instructors are required to attend staff orientations and trainings.
     Group Exercise/Fitness Instructor certifications must be valid before his/her first group exercise class and
        kept current. Copies of the certifications must be given to the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation
        (Fitness & Wellness). Or he/she must have successfully completed the Group Exercise Instructor Training
        (GXIT) course.
     CPR/AED and First Aid certifications must be valid before his/her first group exercise class and kept
        current. Copies of these certifications must be given to the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation
        (Fitness & Wellness).
     Prior to teaching a new format, each instructor must complete an audition class.

    One to two Group Exercise staff meetings will be scheduled each semester. These will be mandatory
       meetings for all Group Exercise Instructors to attend. In-service trainings may be provided at these
       meetings. It is the employee’s responsibility to notify the Assistant Director if he/she cannot attend the
       meeting. Missing more than one meeting per semester will result in disciplinary action.
    Employees will be paid for any mandatory staff training and meetings. It is the responsibility of the
       employee to record these times on their timesheet.

Customer Service
    Be courteous at all times. Treat others as you expect to be treated if the roles were reversed.
    Remember to place the patrons first. Personal conversations and/or business come after the needs of the
       patrons and the facility.
    If you are unsure of what to do or the answer to a question, say so, and refer the individual to someone who
       does. Never offer the wrong information.

    The Assistant Director of Campus Recreation (Fitness and Wellness) and/or Graduate Associate will
        evaluate each employee’s performance every semester in at least one of his or her classes. These
        evaluations will be based on: attendance, professionalism, attitude, approachability, enthusiasm,
        choreography, cueing, knowledge of class, technique, safety, and overall performance.
    Participant evaluations will also be distributed each year. These will cover instructor performance, classes
        offered, and overall program.
    All evaluation reports will be distributed to the instructors.

Dress Code
Appropriate attire for all Group Exercise Instructors is as follows:
    Appropriate attire must be worn at all times. This includes form-fitting athletic attire that is neat and clean.
        Shorts must be of an appropriate length, which is determined by the Campus Recreation professional staff.
        Cycling shorts with padding are recommended for indoor cycling classes.
    Athletic shoes must be worn at all times, with the exception of stretching and in the mind/body classes. It
        is recommended to wear aerobic-specific or cross-trainer sneakers.

Attendance/Substitution Policy
     If you cannot teach your class, it is your responsibility to find a substitute. Once you have found a
       replacement, you and your substitute must fill out the shift information in the sub log, (located in the
       Fitness & Wellness Payroll Binder on the Wellness Center Welcome Desk) and both of you must sign the
     If you have agreed to substitute for another instructor, it is now your responsibility to find a replacement if
       you cannot teach the class. Follow the same procedures above.
     If you cannot find a substitute for your class, you must notify the Fitness & Wellness GA as soon as
     In an emergency, you must call the Fitness & Wellness GA or Assistant Director. You are not allowed to
       cancel a class yourself without contacting a professional staff member.
     Disciplinary action will be taken if these procedures are not followed.

    All employees will be paid on a bi-weekly basis after working for two full weeks. Hours will be recorded
        by the employee on timesheets located in the Fitness & Wellness Payroll Binder. These sheets will be
        collected by the Assistant Director or GA by the second Friday of each pay period. The payroll schedule
        will be posted in this binder.
    Never write in time for anyone other than yourself.
    Instructors may be paid for an additional 15 minutes prior to the start of a class and 15 minutes after a class.

    All instructors are expected to check their email at least twice per week. The Assistant Director and/or
     other supervisors may send out important staff information (i.e. schedule changes, contact lists, notices).

Employee Work Schedules
    Schedules are typically set for the entire semester. Changes to the schedule will be posted in Fitness &
       Wellness Payroll Binder and will be emailed to all staff.
    There will be an altered schedule on holidays and college breaks.

    Appropriate music must be used for all Group Exercise classes. No explicit or potentially offensive lyrics
      may be used. Please keep the volume at an appropriate level.
    The Group Exercise staff will have access to a CD collection located in the Assistant Director’s (Fitness &
      Wellness) office. Music can be checked out using the sign-out log and may be used in class or copied by

Lost and Found
     Items left in any Studio or reported lost should be logged in the Lost and Found Binder at the Wellness
        Center Welcome Desk.
     Once items have been logged, they should be brought to the Work Room and stored in the proper location.
     Lost ID’s should be kept in the ID box on the Wellness Center Welcome Desk, but should also be logged.
     When a participant wants to retrieve an item, check the Lost and Found Binder first to see if Campus
        Recreation has an item that meets their description. Make sure to ask questions about the item before
        showing it to them so we know it really belongs to that participant. Record the retrieval information in the
     Items not retrieved within 14 days will be donated to a local charity.

Additional Staff Policies
    Campus Recreation employees are expected to consistently enforce department policies and procedures. If
        necessary, contact the supervisor on duty for assistance with difficult conversations.
    Employees of Campus Recreation are representatives of the department, the Division of Student Affairs,
        and Springfield College and should act professionally and uphold our values at all times. Staff members are
        expected to follow Campus Recreation policies and procedures at all times, including when not “on the

Employee Discipline

Failure to abide by the policies and procedures will be grounds for reprimand and may be grounds for termination.
Disciplinary procedures are as follows:

    Category A:
    Offenses that will result in immediate dismissal of employment from Campus Recreation:
            o Falsification of information on timesheets or having someone else sign the timesheet for you
            o Breaches of confidentiality of the College, student records and job related information and any act
                 of dishonesty
            o Committing an assault/bodily injury
            o Weapon possession
            o Tampering with fire safety equipment
            o Falsifying an emergency
            o Theft/fraud
            o Harassment (sexual/verbal)
            o Absence from training sessions
            o Possession/under the influence
            o Insubordination

    Category B:
    Offenses that will result in dismissal of employment from Campus Recreation if committed more than once:
            o Missing a shift
            o Missing staff meetings
            o Not performing specified job duties
            o Not returning keys
            o Talking on or using cell phone
            o Working out, listening to headphones or doing homework while on duty
            o Doing anything that compromises the safety of a patron
            o Verbal abuse of patron(s)

    Category C:
    Offenses that result in immediate dismissal of employment from Campus Recreation (if committed more than
            o Late for a shift
            o Leaving a shift early without permission
            o Leaving area without permission
            o Misuse of Campus Recreation computers, phones, copiers and other supplies or equipment

All offenses will be documented, signed and filed in the staff member’s employee folder.


1.    Instruct at least one class per semester on the Group Exercise class schedule.

2.    Start and end each class at appropriate times. The instructor should have the class ready to begin at the
      advertised starting time. If there is a class or group scheduled to use the room immediately after a class,
      please end the group exercise class 5 minutes early.

3.    Arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of class to set up the studio, check participants in, and ensure
      equipment is working correctly.

4.    Check in with the Wellness Center Welcome Desk staff. One of the Wellness Assistants will be unlocking
      the studio, closets and stereo 15 minutes prior to the start of a class. They will also lock up the stereo, closets
      and studio after a class is over.

5.    Be available for participants’ questions before and after each class.

6.    Participants must be valid Wellness Center users 18 years old and over. Each participant should sign the
      attendance log. Attendance logs will be kept in the multipurpose rooms and will be collected and recorded by
      the Fitness & Wellness GA. Once you have reached the maximum participant number for a particular class,
      please do not allow any other participants in.

7.    Enforce all Group Exercise policies:
           All participants must be wearing appropriate attire including athletic clothing and sneakers. No
              jeans, cut offs, khakis, open-toed shoes, non-athletic shoes or platform sneakers. Instructors may ask
              a participant to leave if they are not wearing the appropriate attire.
           Participants may not enter a class after it has started or if the class has reached the maximum
           No food, drink, chewing gum, tobacco or anything comparable is allowed in the studio, except water
              in closed containers.
           Personal belongings should be placed in a day locker. The Campus Recreation Department is not
              responsible for any lost or stolen articles.
           Participants are responsible for disinfecting their equipment after each class.

8.    Report any participant not abiding policies or who are creating a disruption to the Assistant Director or
      Fitness & Wellness GA.

9.    Be consistent with policy enforcement. Do not allow personality conflicts to rule your judgment.

10.   All instructors must be aware of the condition of equipment. If a piece of equipment is damaged, please
      report this to the Assistant Director or Fitness & Wellness GA as soon as possible by email or phone.

11.   Report any cleanliness problems to the Assistant Director.

12.   If using equipment in your class, make sure the participants neatly put it away in the proper location.
      Instructors will be responsible for the cleanliness and organization of the studio and storage areas.

13.   If there is not a group utilizing the room immediately after a class, the instructor is responsible for making
      sure the microphone and stereo is turned off.

14.   At the completion of each class, remind Employee Wellness participants to have their Wellness Cards
      stamped at the one of the Welcome Desks on their way out.

                                EMERGENCY RESPONSE PROTOCOL
The following list consists of possible Wellness Center/Field House emergency situations and response procedures.
For any other situations refer to the Springfield College Emergency Procedures Manual located at each work station.
If you have any doubt, call the SC Department of Public Safety!

Accident/Incident Reports

        Please complete an Accident/Incident Report Form for injuries (minor to serious), medical emergencies,
         thefts, issues with participants, or any other incidents and/or unusual situations. Complete these forms
         thoroughly and put the completed form in the Campus Recreation Office Assistant’s folder.
        Anytime it is necessary to complete and Accident or Incident Report Form, leave a phone message with the
         Assistant Director of Campus Recreation (Fitness & Wellness).

Contacting the Department of Public Safety

        Whenever calling Public Safety, please immediately state whether you are calling with an “emergency” or
         “non-emergency”. Stay calm, communicate clearly and follow their instructions.

Minor Injury (i.e. blister, small cut, minor sprain):

    1.   Administer first aid as necessary.
    2.   Do not move the victim unless they feel okay to do so.
    3.   Be sure they are okay before you allow them to leave.
    4.   If you are unsure about the severity of their injury, ask if they would like medical assistance. If yes, contact
         Public Safety (ext. 5555 or 413-748-5555).

Incident Requiring Medical Assistance:

    1.   Call the Department of Public Safety (ext. 5555 or 413-748-5555) as soon as safely possible to do so.
         Public Safety will contact emergency services as needed.
              a. Report your name, location, the nature and location of the incident. Give a description of the
                  injury/illness observed or known.
              b. Stay on the phone until the dispatcher tells you to hang up;
              c. On-campus EMS and Springfield College Police will respond. The dispatcher will call an
                  ambulance if needed.
    2.   Await instructions from Public Safety. (There is an AED located on the wall behind each Welcome Desk.)
    3.   Do not move victim if victim is not mobile or if head/neck/back injury is suspected.
    4.   Move others away from patient and out of the way of incoming help.
    5.   Help others to remain calm.
    6.   Follow Public Safety instructions regarding Universal Precautions.

Bomb Threat:

    1.   Bomb or Unknown Device/Suspicious Package Found:
            a. WARN participants in area. Remove all persons from building.
            b. DO NOT touch light switches, suspicious objects. Send a messenger to notify the SC Department
                of Public Safety.
            c. DO NOT use telephones, cell phones, two-way radios, or close windows or doors.
            d. DO NOT touch any suspicious packages or devices.
            e. Proceed to______________________, take attendance, and report any missing persons to a SC
                Police Officer.

    2.   A Person Who Receives a Bomb Threat Will:
             a. Keep caller on the line as long as possible.

             b.   DO NOT transfer the call or interrupt the caller.
             c.   Ask “Bomb Threat Checklist” questions located next to the desk phones.
             d.   Once the caller hangs up, notify the SC Department of Public Safety.

Flood (Inside the Wellness Center/Field House):

    1.   Call the SC Department of Public Safety (ext. 5555 or 413-748-5555) and report building and location of
    2.   Leave by the safest means possible.
    3.   Gather at the__________________________.
    4.   Wait for further instructions from Public Safety.


    1.  If fire or smoke is present, pull the fire alarm. (Alarm is located…)
    2.  Ask participants to evacuate the facility through the front/main entrance.
    3.  Contact the SC Department of Public Safety (ext. 5555 or 413-748-5555) to report location of fire/alarm.
    4.  WALK, DO NOT RUN. Continue evacuating even if alarm stops.
    6.  Gather participants at the________________________.
    7.  Take attendance to insure all have evacuated the building. Inform closest police officer of any missing
    8. If a patron is in a wheelchair…
    9. If a patron refuses to evacuate the facility…
    10. Be prepared to file a written statement with Public Safety.

Hostage/Hostile Intruder Situation:

            a. Immediately contact the SC Department of Public Safety (ext. 5555 or 413-748-5555).
            b. Move participants to a safe area away from the crisis.
            c. If you cannot leave the building, lock all doors and windows to the Wellness Center/Field House,
               turn off lights, instruct everyone to be silent and still.
            d. Wait for instructions from the Public Safety.
            e. Hold all participants in place unless instructed otherwise.
            f. Ignore all fire alarms unless instructed otherwise.

             a. Get word to the SC Department of Public Safety or get someone else to contact them for you.
             b. If possible, remove patrons from the area.
             c. Do not try to disarm an intruder.
             d. Keep calm and follow intruder’s instructions.
             e. Direct participants to be quiet and sit away from windows/exits.
             f. Be aware that police may be able to hear what is taking place and may enter the room at any time.
             g. Follow ALL Police instructions without questioning them.

Mental Health Situations:

            a. Calm the affected person if possible.
            b. DO NOT leave the person alone.
            c. Contact Public Safety (ext. 5555 or 413-748-5555)

            a. Contact appropriate counseling services on and off campus.
            b. Determine other required action with the advice of the counseling staff.

Severe Weather:

In the event of an earthquake, blizzard, tornado, or severe thunderstorm, please do the following:

    1.   Remain calm.
    2.   Stay indoors, take cover under desks and tables, against inside walls, under doorways or in interior
    3.   Stay away from windows, tall cabinets and/or electrical equipment.
    4.   Take attendance and report any missing or injured persons to the SC Department of Public Safety.
    5.   Be prepared to report damage to areas immediately around you after the incident.

                                FACILITY POLICIES & PROCEDURES
I. General Policies:

    1.   A Springfield College ID is required to enter the facility.

    2.   No gum, food or drinks, other than water in a closed container are allowed in the facility.

    3.   No open toed shoes will be permitted in the multipurpose rooms or fitness areas.

    4.   Cell phone use is not permitted in the building with the exception of the lobby areas.

    5.   All postings must be approved by Campus Recreation and will be posted on an assigned bulletin board.

    6.   There will be no posting of any material on windows or doors in the facility.

    7.   Springfield College is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property.

    8.   Smoking and tobacco products are prohibited in the facility.

    9.   Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs may not be consumed prior to or while using the facility. Individuals
         may not use the facility while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    10. Bicycles, roller skates, rollerblades and skateboards are prohibited inside the facility at all times.
        Skateboards may be carried into the facility but not used.

    11. Pets are prohibited in all facilities, except for guide animals.

    12. No cleats used on fields can be worn in building.

    13. Unauthorized photography and videotaping is prohibited.

    14. Suggestion boxes will be located on-line at the Campus Recreation website

    15. Unauthorized use of Springfield College recreation/athletic facilities are not to be used for personal profit.

II. Eligibility:

A. College Community

    1.   Full time undergraduate and graduate students.

    2.   Full and part-time faculty and staff.

    3.   Aramark and Follett employees.

    4.   Part-time students and all SHS students with payment of applicable recreation fee.

B. Other Patrons*

    1.   Dependents of faculty and staff up to age of 22

    2.   Spouses/partners of faculty and staff.

    3.   Retired faculty and staff.

 *Individuals listed in category B must fill out a Patron Information form.

III. Eligibility Policies:

 A. Family Policies

     1.   Spouses, partners and dependents of faculty and staff must complete a patron application. This form can be
          obtained on-line on the Campus Recreation website ( or at the
          Campus Recreation office. Approval may be required before ID is issued.

     2.   Dependents under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the patron application.

     3.   Dependents 18 years of age or older are permitted in all the areas of the facilities.

     4.   Dependents 17 years of age or younger need to be with their sponsor at all times and are not permitted to
          use the fitness areas and climbing wall.

     5.   Eligibility is automatically terminated if the primary Springfield College affiliate is no longer an employee
          of the college.

     6.   Springfield College recognizes dependents as defined by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

     7.   Campus Recreation reserves the right to require proof of dependency.

     8.   Spouses/partners of faculty and staff will be required to show proof of cohabitant, i.e. driver license,
          household bill with the same address as spouse/partner.

     9.   Dependents 18 years of age or older will have to purchase a Springfield College ID card.

 B. Returning students that are pre-registered for fall semester will be granted access
    during summer sessions.

IV. Benefits:

 A. College Community

     1. Un-restricted access to all facilities and programs.
 B. Other Patron

     1.   Use of the Linkletter Natatorium.

     2.   Walking or jogging on the Field House indoor track.

     3.   Use of cardiovascular and strength fitness equipment.*
          (Must be 18 or older)

     4.   Use of racquetball and squash courts.

     5.   Recreational climbing on the climbing wall.*
          (Must be 18 or older)

     6.   Participation in open recreation activities.

    7.   Use of the locker rooms and day lockers.

    8.   Equipment checkout.

    9.   Participation in group exercise classes and wellness programs.*
         (Must be 18 or older)

    10. Access to personal training services.*
        (Must be 18 or older)

    11. Services in the Wellness Resource Center.*
        (Must be 18 or older)

*Access to programs maybe limited based on college community participants.

V. Guest Policies:

    1.   Full-time faculty, staff and students will be limited to one guest per entry to the facilities. The guest is

    2.   Guest fees will be charged to the sponsors’ Springfield College ID at the welcome desk(s).

    3.   Guests must be 18 years of age or older.

    4.   Guests must present a photo ID at the welcome desk and sign an informed consent form before entering the

    5.   Sponsor assumes full responsibility for all actions and behaviors of his/her guest.

    6.   Campus Recreation reserves the right to refuse admittance to any guest.

    7.   Requests for groups or parties must be made to the Director of Campus Recreation at (413) 748-3284.

    8.   Guests are not permitted to participate in organized Campus Recreation programs.

    9.   Full-time faculty, staff and students are the only eligible participants that can sponsor a guest.

VI. Locker Room Policies:

    1.   No cell phone use in locker rooms.

    2.   Annual locker issuance is available for faculty and staff free of charge on a first come first serve basis at
         the Campus Recreation office.

    3.   After October 1st any remaining lockers may be released to graduate and undergraduate students, in that

    4.   Personal locks are prohibited and will be removed from the locker room lockers.

    5.   The Campus Recreation department will issue locks for assigned lockers.

    6.   All issued lockers MUST be cleaned out at the end of every year for regular maintenance and cleaning.

    7.   Children 5 years of age and older may not enter an opposite gender locker room.

VII. Day Locker Policies:

      1.   Provide your own lock.

      2.   Personal locks may NOT be left on lockers overnight. All locks must be removed 15 minutes prior to
           facility closing.

      3.   If lockers are not cleared by closing time each day, Campus Recreation staff will cut the lock and remove
           all items in the lockers. All items will be kept in lost and
           found for 14 days. After 14 days, all abandoned locker contents will be donated.

      4.   Lost and found items should be turned into the Wellness Center welcome desk.

VIII. Equipment Checkout/Policies and Procedures:

      1.   A Springfield College ID is required to checkout equipment.

      2.   Recreation equipment checkout will be issued at the PE Complex welcome desk. A Springfield College ID
           must be left at the desk and will be issued back once equipment is returned.

      3.   Equipment must be returned at least 15 minutes prior to closing time.

      4.   Individuals will be charged for damaged or lost equipment.

      5.   Sponsors may check out equipment for their guests, but assume full responsibility for equipment issued.

      6.   Special requests for equipment must be made 48 hours in advance to the Intramural department at (413)

 IX. Fitness Area Policies:

      1.   Books, bags and other belongings must be placed in a locker.

      2.   Equipment should only be used for its intended purpose.

      3.   Report all injuries and any equipment concerns to staff member.

      4.   Wipe off controls, seats, pads and railings before and after using equipment.

      5.   If you are performing multiple sets on a piece of equipment please allow others to work in with you.

      6.   The use of weight collars for all barbell exercises is required.

      7.   The use of chalk is not permitted.

      8.   Re-rack all weights in the designated spaces.

      9.   Do not drop weights on the floor.

      10. Exercises that cannot be performed in a safe manner or pose any risk to others prohibited.

      11. Do not remove free weights from the free weight area.

      12. Removal of equipment from fitness area prohibited.

      13. Fullback shirts and protective footwear are required.

      14. Read the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) before participating in any activity.

      15. Warming up and cooling down is recommended.

      16. Participants are encouraged to complete an equipment orientation. If you are not familiar with a piece of
          equipment, please ask one of the staff members for assistance.

      17. It is recommended to use a spotter or ask a staff member for help with free weight exercises.

  X. Multi Purpose Rooms Policies:

      1.   Individual use of audiovisual equipment is prohibited.

      2.   Only authorized personnel are allowed to use equipment in storage areas.

      3.   Unscheduled organized programs/activities are prohibited.

      4.   Campus Recreation will approve footwear for particular programs or classes.

 XI. Facility:

      1.   Reservation requests for recreation/athletic facilities can be made by using the Astra scheduling tool at our
           website (

      2.   Reservation request forms will be completed and submitted online.

      3.   Questions can be directed to Peter Avdoulos in the Campus Recreation department at (413) 748-3445.

      4.   Requests DO NOT guarantee that a room or facility will be reserved.

      5.   All standard policies and procedures apply to all groups.

      6.   Supervision of all groups reserving the facility is required by Springfield College.

      7.   Supervision ratios depend on the event and activity and costs of $12-$15 per hour per staff member will be
           included with the rental cost.

      8.   A 10-15% surcharge for facility/equipment depreciation will also be included with the rental cost
           depending on the facility or equipment used.

XII. Gymnasia Policies:

      1.   No tape is allowed on the Field House floor.

      2.   Kickball is not allowed in ANY indoor facility.

      3.   Grabbing or hanging on the nets or rims is prohibited.

XIII. Open Recreation Policies:

      1.   Basketball: Games are played to 11 points, win by two. Winners stay, losers rotate off. Winning teams may
           stay on the court for no more than TWO consecutive games.

      2.   During open recreation Field House courts #3 and #4 maybe used for sports other than basketball. Request
           for set-up at either welcome desks.

      3.   Campus Recreation staff has the right to adjust open recreation activities in order to accommodate other

XIV. Attire:

      1.   Non-marking athletic shoes are required in all activity areas.

      2.   Protective footwear is required in fitness areas.

      3.   Eye guards are recommended in racquetball/squash areas.

      4.   Shirts are required at all times (except in pool).

 XV. Indoor Jogging Track:

      1.   Walkers are encouraged to use outer three lanes.

      2.   Runners are encouraged to use inner three lanes.

      3.   Faster runners have the right of way.

      4.   Stretching areas are located in various areas around the track-walls.

      5.   The track is available unless otherwise posted.

      6.   No track shoes allowed outside of track area.

XVI. Personal Belongings:

      1.   Personal belongings must be secured in day lockers.

      2.   Unsecured belongings will be considered abandoned property and turned in to lost and found.

      3.   Lost ID’s should be turned into the Wellness Center welcome desk.

XVII. Conduct:

      1.   Springfield College’s Code of Conduct applies at all times.

      2.   Students may be subject to further college disciplinary action as outlined in the Springfield College Code of

                                 CAMPUS RECREATION PROGRAMS
Fitness Assessments

All full time students or Employee Wellness participants are entitled to one free fitness assessment per year with one
of the certified personal trainers. Participants should complete a Personal Training Registration Packet. This form
can be obtained and submitted in the Campus Recreation office during regular weekday business hours. The
participant will be contacted within two business days after they submitted their Packet to schedule their assessment
appointment. Assessments will include an initial exercise testing session followed by a consulting session where an
individualized exercise program will be prescribed.

Wellness Screenings

Participants may stop by the Wellness Resource Room during designated days/times for wellness screenings.
Screenings will include blood pressure, body composition, and resting heart rate measurements.

Personal Training

Valid users, age 18 or older, may sign up for Personal Training Services. There is a fee associated with Personal
Training, however Employee Wellness participants received two free initial sessions. Participants may sign up for
Personal Training in the Campus Recreation Office during regular weekday business hours. If a participant has not
completed a Fitness Assessment, this will take place during the first Personal Training session.

Group Exercise Instructor Training Program

This program will be offered each semester as a non-credit group exercise instruction preparation course. The
program is designed to help participants prepare for a national organization. If participants are not currently
certified, but would like to teach classes for SC Campus Recreation, this program is a prerequisite. Individuals
should contact the Assistant Director (Fitness & Wellness) to register.

Wellness Programs

There will be a variety of wellness programs each semester including workshops, events and seminars on various
health and fitness related topics. These programs are free to all eligible users of the Wellness Center/Field House.
Please refer to current program flyers in the Program Marketing Materials section of the Information Binders for
specific registration information, dates/times, locations, and descriptions. Registration for any program should be
directed to the Campus Recreation Office during regular weekday business hours.


Many individual sports, team sports and programs are available each semester. Full time students, faculty and staff
are eligible to participate in Intramural events. The semester schedule, including entry deadlines, is in the Program
Marketing Materials section of the Information Binders. Entry forms many obtained and submitted to the Campus
Recreation Office during regular weekday business hours.

Club Sports

Springfield currently has a variety of club sports organizations. To join a club or for more information on starting a
club, encourage participants to visit the Campus Recreation website and read through the Sports Clubs Handbook.


Springfield College's Art Linkletter Natatorium is a six-lane, 50-meter pool, with two 1-meter and two 3-meter
diving boards. The water depth ranges from 4 to 12 ½ feet. Users of the Field House/Wellness Center have access to
the Natatorium during designated hours. These hours will be posted with the facility hours and will also be in the
Information Binders.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy appointments are available for valid users ages 18 and older. The designated day(s) and time
period will be posted in the Program Marketing Materials section of the Information Binders. There is a fee
associated with this service. Participants may sign up for appointments and pay the associated fee in the Campus
Recreation Office during regular weekday business hours. Drop-in appointments may be available, but please
advise participants to schedule appointments ahead of time.

Employee Wellness

Campus Recreation has collaborated with other campus departments to offer an Employee Wellness Program that
includes a yearly incentive program to promote the health and wellness of employees at Springfield College.

Climbing Wall

The climbing wall area contains two climbing walls. The main climbing wall is 26 feet high and 22 feet wide with a
maximum capacity of 5 roped climbers. The bouldering wall is 12 feet high with a capacity of 4 unroped climbers.
The climbing are will only be open during designated hours and will be supervised by trained staff. All climbers
must have their personal climbing equipment approved by the Campus Recreation staff. Climbing equipment will be
provided to those without their own personal equipment.

                               EMPLOYEE CONTRACT

      Springfield College Campus Recreation Employee Agreement & Information Form

I ________________________________________ have read and understood the Springfield
College Campus Recreation Group Exercise Instructor Employee Manual. I agree to uphold the
employee policies and expectations described within the manual.

_______________________________________________                ____________________
(Signature)                                                    (Date)

Year in School:__________________ Anticipated Date of Graduation:_____________________



Current Address:________________________________________________________________

Current Phone #:________________________________________________________________

Current Email:__________________________________________________________________

Permanent Address:_____________________________________________________________



Classes taught:_________________________________________________________________

Why did you choose to work here?__________________________________________________

What do you hope to get out of this experience?_______________________________________




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