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									Master of Science in:
Computer Information Systems
Graduate Certificate in:
Project Management                            GRADUATE PROGRAMS


   NORTH CAROLINA                    VIRGINIA
   MCAS Cherry Point                 Henderson Hall
   MCAS New River/MCB Camp Lejeune
Boston University Graduate Programs
at Military Locations

                                           About Boston University and
                                           Metropolitan College
                                           Founded in 1839, Boston University is an internationally recognized
                                           private research university with more than 30,000 students participating
                                           in undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. BU consists of
                                           17 schools and colleges, along with a number of multidisciplinary
                                           centers and institutes that are central to the school’s research and
                                           teaching mission.

                                           Since 1965, Metropolitan College (MET)—one of the University’s 17
                                           degree-granting bodies—has incorporated BU’s standards for excellence
                                           in teaching and scholarship into academic programs that serve adult
                                           students at various stages of their lives and careers. Available in
                                           convenient and innovative formats, programs at MET are characterized
                                           by quality and rigor, and distinguished by their responsiveness to
                                           current societal and professional needs.

Metropolitan College is proud to deliver rigorous
Boston University programs in formats and locations that
                                                               Students at military locations enjoy the full resources of
                                                               Boston University, including the same high-caliber faculty,
serve the needs of the military community. MET offers          access to library holdings, career advising, and an alumni
a range of graduate degree and certificate programs at         network of more than 285,000 graduates worldwide.
military sites in North Carolina and Virginia. These
programs are designed for maximized flexibility—most
courses meet on base, on an alternating weekend schedule;
however, evening and online study options are also
                                                               Currently, Boston University graduate programs at military
                                                               sites are available to active duty military personnel, their
                                                               dependents, and Department of Defense employees and
                                                               contractors. However, those who do not fall within these

Each curriculum is optimized to allow students to get the
most out of their time and effort. In many cases, credits
                                                               categories are encouraged to inquire with local field
                                                               officers about enrolling. Our North Carolina programs
                                                               are licensed by the Board of Governors of the University
from graduate certificate programs transfer directly toward    of North Carolina, and we are certified by the State
requirements for master’s degrees. And, students who           Council of Higher Education to operate in Virginia.
have completed coursework through the Defense Acquisition
University or earned PMP® certification from the Project
Management Institute may be eligible for course waivers.
                                                               Throughout the pages of this brochure, you will find details
                                                               about the range of Boston University offerings at military
                                                               sites, as well as course schedules and application
                                                               procedures. You may also visit bu.edu/military or contact
                                                               a local field office to learn more.
Table of Contents

Graduate Degree Programs . . . . . . . . . . 4

Graduate Certificate Programs . . . . . . . . 6

Admission/Application Information . . . . . 6

Course Descriptions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

Course Schedules . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

Facilities and Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

Academic Policies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

Financial Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

PMI® Accreditation
The following Metropolitan College program at military locations is accredited
by the Project Management Institute’s Global Accreditation Center (GAC):
     • Master of Science in Computer Information Systems
PMI is the leading membership association for the project management profession.

For more information, visit pmi.org.

Boston University Graduate Programs by Military Location
                                  MCAS Cherry Point               MCAS New River/                   Henderson Hall
                                                                  MCB Camp Lejeune
Master of Science in
Computer Information Systems
Master of Science in
Certificate in
Project Management

Note: Boston University offers online programs in addition to those listed above.
      Please contact your local field office or visit bu.edu/online for a comprehensive list of programs.

                                                                                                                bu.edu/military   3
                                                                   Core Courses
    Master of Science in                                           7 courses (28 credits), as follows:
    Computer Information Systems                                   MET AD 632*         Financial Concepts

    The Master of Science in Computer Information Systems          MET AD 715*         Quantitative and Qualitative
    (MSCIS) is for students who wish to combine a technical                            Decision-Making
    competence in computer science and information systems         MET CS 520          Information Structures
    with a knowledge of managerial and organizational issues.
                                                                   MET CS 625          Data Communications and Computer
    Students receive training in both the modern techniques
                                                                                       Networks (formerly TC 625)
    of management and the technology of computer systems.
                                                                   MET CS 669          Database Systems for Business
    Coursework for the MSCIS can be completed in
    approximately twenty to twenty-four months.                    MET CS 682          Information Systems Analysis and Design
    In some cases, students may fulfill degree requirements        MET CS 782          IT Strategy and Management
    for the MSCIS by enrolling in online courses through
    Metropolitan College.                                          *Note: Students who have successfully completed previous equivalent
                                                                    coursework for MET AD 632 and/or MET AD 715 may substitute
    For example, a concentration in Information Security is
                                                                    electives for these courses upon approval of the program director.
    available to MSCIS students who wish to enroll in three
    online courses for their elective credits. The concentration
    in Information Security at Metropolitan College is certified   Electives
    by the National Security Agency and the                        Students may choose three to five courses (12–20 credits)
    Committee on National Security Systems.                        from available offerings in computer science, business, or
    Please contact the local field office for                      project management.
    more information.

                                                                   Master of Science in
    The MSCIS consists of ten 4-credit courses for a total
    of 40 credit hours.                                            Leadership
    Students may earn the MSCIS as well as the Graduate
    Certificate in Project Management by completing a total of     “Management is doing things right;
    ten or eleven courses. MSCIS students may substitute the
                                                                   leadership is doing the right things.”
    four project management core courses for their elective
    courses.                                                              —Peter F. Drucker (1909–2005)

                                                                   Whether you are in command of a mission or in charge
    Prerequisites                                                  of personnel in a civilian organization, leadership is an
    Students must demonstrate proficiency in the area of
                                                                   essential quality in building loyalty, trust, and teamwork.
    algorithms and C++ or Java languages. This prerequisite
                                                                   Successful leadership involves setting the right objectives,
    must be met before enrolling in MET CS 520 Information
                                                                   communicating strategies and ideas, and executing
    Structures and may be evidenced through previous
                                                                   projects successfully. In short, accomplished leaders do
    coursework or demonstrated in a waiver examination.
                                                                   more than simply deliver results—they exceed goals and
    Students who cannot demonstrate such computer proficiency
                                                                   inspire meaningful change within their organizations.
    must enroll in MET CS 201 Introduction to Computer
                                                                   Boston University’s Metropolitan College is proud to present
    Science I with C++ or MET CS 231 Introduction to
                                                                   a new graduate military program designed for leadership
    Computer Science for Programmers with C++ or
                                                                   excellence in the global twenty-first century.
    MET CS 232 Introduction to Java.
                                                                   The Master of Science in Leadership develops specific
                                                                   skills for effective, organizational leadership in the
                                                                   military as well as in private, public, government, or
                                                                   non-profit sectors. Emphasizing sociological and
                                                                   psychological content, the rigorous and intensive
                                                                   ten-course curriculum builds on students’ interdisciplinary
                                                                   backgrounds, providing a comprehensive understanding
                                                                   of essential leadership skills.

The MSL focuses on core leadership strategies, such as how   Plus any three courses (12 credits) from the
to build a cooperative team and enhance communication        following list**
skills, while providing the knowledge to lead, direct, and   Students who complete these requirements by taking the
leverage assets through a solid grounding in:                four indicated Project Management courses receive the
                                                             Graduate Certificate in Project Management in addition
   •   Decision-making and strategy
                                                             to the master’s in Leadership.
   •   Project management techniques
   •   Organizational dynamics and group behavior
                                                             MET AD 642         Project Management
   •   Historical leadership perspectives and issues
   •   Diplomacy and negotiation                             MET AD 739         Marketing Management
   •   Economics and culture                                 MET CS 782         IT Strategy and Management
   •   Marketing research, analysis, and strategy
   •   Current technology
   •   Financial concepts
                                                             Project Management Certificate Courses:
MSL candidates have the option of choosing courses           MET AD 642         Project Management
that lead to a Graduate Certificate in Project Management.
                                                             MET AD 643         Project Communications Management*
Focusing on the methodologies of effective project
management principles and techniques, communication,         MET AD 644         Project Risk and Cost Management
and cost and risk management, students enhance their         MET AD 646         Program Management
leadership studies by mastering the skills necessary for
cost-effective and timely management of both long- and
short-term projects.                                         * Students pursuing both the master’s in Leadership and the
                                                               Graduate Certificate in Project Management are required to take
Coursework for the MSL can be completed in approximately
                                                               either MET AD 643 Project Communications Management or
twenty months.
                                                               MET LD 740 Group and Organizational Dynamics, but not both.
                                                             **Additional courses may be offered and/or substituted.
A total of ten courses (40 credits) is required for the
Master of Science in Leadership.

Leadership Core Courses
4 courses (16 credits), as follows:
MET AD 711         Leadership and Strategy
MET LD 630         Leadership—Historic and
                   Social Perspectives
MET LD 705         Leadership in a Dynamic Environment
MET LD 740         Group and Organizational Dynamics*

Additional Core Courses
3 courses (12 credits), as follows:
MET AD 615         Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis
MET AD 632         Financial Concepts
MET AD 715         Quantitative and Qualitative

                                                                                                   bu.edu/military               5
    Boston University’s graduate certificate programs are an         The Certificate in Project Management also provides
    excellent option for the student who seeks professional          excellent preparation for the Project Management
    advancement without immediately committing to a degree           Professional (PMP®) certification examination—an internationally
    program, or for those who may already have an advanced           recognized credential that denotes expertise in project
    degree and seek to update their knowledge and skills.            management. Applicants who have already passed the
    These four-course programs deliver intensive and specialized     Project Management Institute’s PMP® certification examination
    training, and credits earned may be transferred toward the       may be eligible to receive a course waiver for
    Master of Science in Leadership or the Master of Science in      MET AD 642. Contact your local field office for more
    Computer Information Systems—students should consult their       information.
    local field office for details.                                  The four-course curriculum for the Certificate in
                                                                     Project Management may be completed in an online
                                                                     or in-class format, and fulfills the core course requirements

    Certificate in                                                   of the online Master of Science in Project Management.

    Project Management                                               Prerequisites
                                                                     An accredited bachelor’s degree, with an undergraduate
    Now, more than ever, businesses around the world—large,          grade point average of 2.75 (3.0 last two years) or
    small, and across virtually every industry—are seeking           successful completion of the GMAT.
    managers who can complete projects on time and on
    budget. Managers of all varieties will find that this graduate   Required Courses
    certificate provides valuable hands-on training that is          4 courses (16 credits), as follows:
    immediately applicable to the workplace.
                                                                     MET AD 642         Project Management
                                                                     MET AD 643         Project Communications Management
                                                                     MET AD 644         Project Risk and Cost Management
                                                                     MET AD 646         Program Management

      ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS                                         Applicants should submit:

      Applicants to graduate certificate and degree                  1    Completed application form
      programs must hold a bachelor’s degree from                    2    Non-refundable application fee
      a regionally accredited college or university. No
                                                                     3    Two letters of recommendation
      particular undergraduate course of study is required
      for admission.                                                 4    A written statement of motivation for graduate study

      The complete application package, along with                   5    Official transcripts of all previous undergraduate
      the application fee, is to be submitted to the local                and graduate work
      Boston University office for processing. Applications          6    Resumé (if available)
      are reviewed by the Metropolitan College Graduate
                                                                     7    Non-native English-speaking applicants may be
      Committee on a continuing basis throughout the year.
                                                                          required to submit results of the Test of English as a
      Application materials and instructions are                          Foreign Language (TOEFL)
      available at bu.edu/met/admission/apply-now
      or at the local field office.

MET AD 632                                        MET AD 644                                   MET AD 715
Financial Concepts                                Project Risk and Cost                        Quantitative and Qualitative
(Formerly FI 657)                                 Management                                   Decision-Making
Introduction to the concepts, methods,            This course introduces the art and           The course exposes the student to
and problems of accounting and                    science of project risk as well as           practical quantitative approaches to
financial analysis. Includes accounting           continuity management and cost               mathematical decision-making as well
principles, measurement and disclosure            management. Managing the risk of             as a wide variety of qualitative
issues, financial statement analysis, time        a project as it relates to a three-part      approaches for both the service and
value of money, cash flow projection              systematic process of identifying,           product industries. Emphasis is placed
and analysis, capital budgeting and               analyzing, and responding is examined        on the definition of the problem,
project evaluation, bond and equity               through actual case studies. Learn the       analysis of the approaches available
valuation, and cost of capital and                process of cost management, early            to solve the problem, and an
capital structure.                                cost estimation, detailed cost estimation,   understanding of the limitations and
                                                  and cost control using earned value          strengths of these approaches, as well
MET AD 642
                                                  method. Study the issues of project          as the resources necessary. The course
Project Management
                                                  procurement management and the               additionally prepares the student with
(Formerly AD 742)
                                                  different types of contracts.                design and presentation skills necessary
The course examines the concepts and
                                                                                               to organize the communications of
applied techniques for cost-effective             MET AD 646
                                                                                               stating the problem and its different
management of projects. Project                   Program Management
                                                                                               solution or outcome possibilities.
management principles and                         This course will provide a detailed
methodology are introduced. Key                   understanding of program management          MET AD 739
topics of focus include developing                and will present concepts that promote       Marketing Management
a project plan and scheduling                     efficient and effective communication        (Formerly MK 743)
resources; work breakdown structures;             and coordination among various               Provides basic marketing knowledge
and project networks.                             groups. Gain an understanding of             and develops analytical and decision-
                                                  PMI® program management processes            making skills. Marketing tools, issues,
MET AD 643
                                                  and use tools that automate and              programs, institutions, and their
Project Communications
                                                  enforce processes for managing scope         relationship to other management
                                                  changes, risk, quality, issues, schedules,   functions. Consumer behavior,
To succeed in project management, you
                                                  resources, releases, and costs. Learn        promotional tools, pricing, distribution
must be a strong leader and an effective
                                                  how to design a program and                  channels, product policy, marketing
communicator. This course examines
                                                  manage program costs, risks, and             organization, control, and information
the current philosophies of leadership
                                                  communications within the context of         systems.
as applied to project management
                                                  project portfolios.
and identifies various styles of
communication and conflict resolution.            MET AD 711
Through case studies and various                  Leadership and Strategy
exercises, you will develop enhanced              This course focuses on the role of
leadership, communication, conflict               the leadership of a corporation in
management, and negotiation skills.               determining and implementing the
                                                  corporation’s strategy. Through the
                                                  analysis and the discussion in class
                                                  of a number of cases, leadership
                                                  styles, approaches, and methods will
                                                  be studied, as well as the implications
                                                  for the strategies of the corporations
                                                  concerned, and the resulting successes
                                                  or failures.

All courses are four credits unless otherwise noted.

                                                                                                              bu.edu/military             7
    MET LD 630                                   MET CS 201                                   MET CS 520
    Leadership: Historic and                     Introduction to                              Information Structures
    Social Perspectives                          Computer Science with C++                    This course covers the concepts of the
    This course will examine the underlying      Introduction to problem-solving methods      object-oriented approach to software
    values of organizations and guide            and algorithm development. Includes          design and development using the Java
    students through the evolutionary            procedural and data abstractions,            programming language. It includes a
    development of successful leadership         program design, debugging, testing,          detailed discussion of programming
    models. Students will be exposed to          and documentation. Covers data types,        concepts starting with the fundamentals
    multiple profiles and strategies of          control structures, functions, parameter     of data types, control-structure methods,
    renowned leaders with a diverse set          passing, library functions, and arrays.      classes, applets, arrays, and strings,
    of challenges reflecting innovative and      Laboratory exercises in C++. Laboratory      and proceeding to advanced topics
    evolving methodologies.                      course.                                      such as inheritance and polymorphism,
                                                                                              interfaces, creating user interfaces,
    MET LD 705                                   MET CS 231
                                                                                              exceptions, and streams. Upon
    Leadership in a                              Introduction to Computer Science
                                                                                              completion of this course the students
    Dynamic Environment                          for Programmers with C++
                                                                                              will be able to apply software
    This course will analyze the values,         Prereq: Programming experience in a
                                                                                              engineering criteria to design and
    behaviors, and processes that lead           high-level language other than C++.
                                                                                              implement Java applications that are
    people and organizations to become           Covers the elements of object-oriented
                                                                                              secure, robust, and scalable.
    effective leaders in their chosen field,     programming and the C++ language.
    and as a consequence, to build               Data types, control structures, functions,
                                                                                              MET CS 625
    sustainable and lasting competitive          library functions, classes, inheritance,
                                                                                              Business Data Communication
    advantages.                                  and multiple inheritance. Use of
                                                                                              and Computer Networks
                                                 constructors, destructors, function and
    MET LD 740                                                                                (Formerly TC 625)
                                                 operator overloading, reference
    Group and                                                                                 Gives an overview of computer
                                                 parameters and default values, friend
    Organizational Dynamics                                                                   networks: hardware, software, reference
                                                 functions, input and output streams,
    The concept of a team is the unit of an                                                   models, example networks, example
                                                 templates, and exceptions. Laboratory
    organization where leaders develop                                                        data communication services,
    influencing skills. The team is defined as                                                standardization, TCP/ IP, and emerging
    a group of individuals that one directly     MET CS 232                                   protocols, such as Bluetooth, WAP,
    works with or within. The practice of        Introduction to Computer Science             802.11, HiperLAN. Data
    leading teams involves the practice of       with Java                                    communications industry, voice
    organizing diverse personalities and         Prereq: Programming experience in a          communications, data communications
    cultures with varying skill sets. Students   high-level language other than Java.         concepts and technology, LAN
    will be exposed to principles of team        This course covers the elements of           architectures, network operating
    characteristics, process, team faces, and    object-oriented programming and the          systems, network development life cycle,
    the actual product of the team. There        Java programming language. Primitive         security, and management. IT
    will be a pragmatic approach of              data types, control structures, methods,     economics: Total Cost Ownership,
    structured lectures, case evaluation,        classes, arrays and strings, inheritance     Return on Investment, and IT Project
    group evaluation, and individual             and polymorphism, interfaces, creating       Portfolio Management.
    evaluation for growth.                       user interfaces, applets, exceptions and
                                                 streams. Laboratory course.

MET CS 669                              MET CS 682
Database Design and                     Information Systems
Implementation for Business             Analysis and Design
Students learn the latest relational    Object-oriented methods of information
and object-relational tools and         systems analysis and design for
techniques for persistent data and      organizations with data-processing
object modeling and management.         resources. System feasibility,
Students gain extensive hands-on        information requirements analysis,
experience using Oracle or              database utilization, including data
Microsoft SQL Server as they learn      dictionaries, software design and
the Structured Query Language           implementation management, project
(SQL) and design and implement          control, and systems-level testing and
databases. Topics covered include:      installation.
the relational and entity-relational
                                        MET CS 782
models, data modeling, normalization,
                                        IT Strategy and Management
object modeling, SQL, advanced
                                        This course provides an overview
SQL, stored procedures, triggers,
                                        of contemporary information systems
database design, database life cycle,
                                        technology (IT) management. It
and transactions. Students are
                                        explains the relevant issues of effective
introduced to advanced topics
                                        management of information services
including performance tuning,
                                        activities and highlights the areas of
distributed databases, replication,
                                        greatest potential application of the
business intelligence, data
                                        technology. No assumptions are made
warehouses, Internet databases,
                                        concerning the reader’s experience
database administration, security,
                                        with IT, but it is assumed that the
backup, and recovery. Students
                                        reader has some coursework or work
design and implement a database
                                        experience in administration or
system as a term project. Laboratory

                                                                                    bu.edu/military   9
                       Boston University Metropolitan College
                       Tentative North Carolina Course Offerings: 2011–2013
     SEMESTER CHERRY POINT                                                              CAMP LEJEUNE/NEW RIVER
                       MSL                              PM                              MSL                              MSCIS/PM

     SPRING 2011       AD 632 Financial Concepts                                        LD 705 Leadership in a Dynamic   AD 642* Project Management
                       AD 642* Project Management                                                                    AD 644* Project Risk and
                                                                                        AD 739* Marketing Management Cost Management
                       AD 739* Marketing Management

     SUMMER 2011       LD 740 Group and Organizational AD 643* Project           CS 782* IT Strategy and                 AD 646* Program Management
                       Dynamics                        Communications Management Management
                                                                                                                         CS 625 Business Data
                       AD 615 Introductory                                              AD 711 Leadership and Strategy   Communications and Computer
                       Macroeconomic Analysis                                                                            Networks

     FALL 2011         AD 715 Quantitative and                                          AD 632 Financial Concepts        CS 782 IT Strategy and
                       Qualitative Decision-Making                                                                       Management
                                                                                        AD 642* Project Management
                       LD 630 Leadership—Historical                                                                      CS 682 Information Systems
                       and Social Perspectives                                                                           Analysis and Design

     SPRING 2012       LD 705 Leadership in a Dynamic   AD 646* Program Management LD 740 Group and Organizational AD 643* Project
                       Environment                                                 Dynamics                        Communications Management
                       AD 739* Marketing Management                                     AD 615 Introductory
                                                                                        Macroeconomic Analysis

     SUMMER 2012       CS 782* IT Strategy and          AD 644* Project Risk and Cost   AD 615 Introductory              CS 520 Information Structures
                       Management                       Management                      Macroeconomic Analysis
                                                                                                                         CS 669 Database Design and
                       AD 711 Leadership and Strategy                                   LD 630 Leadership—Historical     Implementation for Business
                                                                                        and Social Perspectives

     FALL 2012         AD 632 Financial Concepts                                        LD 705 Leadership in a Dynamic   AD 642* Project Management
                       AD 642* Project Management                                                                    AD 644* Project Risk and Cost
                                                                                        AD 739* Marketing Management Management

     SPRING 2013       LD 740 Group and Organizational AD 643* Project           CS 782* IT Strategy and                 AD 646* Program Management
                       Dynamics                        Communications Management Management
                                                                                                                         CS 625 Business Data
                       AD 615 Introductory                                              AD 711 Leadership and Strategy   Communications and Computer
                       Macroeconomic Analysis                                                                            Networks

     SUMMER 2013       AD 715 Quantitative and                                          AD 632 Financial Concepts        CS 782 IT Strategy and
                       Qualitative Decision-Making                                                                       Management
                                                                                        AD 642* Project Management
                       LD 630 Leadership—Historical                                                                      CS 682 Information Systems
                       and Social Perspectives                                                                           Analysis and Design

     FALL 2013         LD 705 Leadership in a Dynamic   AD 646* Program Management LD 740 Group and Organizational AD 643* Project
                       Environment                                                 Dynamics                        Communications Management
                       AD 739* Marketing Management                                     AD 615 Introductory
                                                                                        Macroeconomic Analysis

     *Indicates elective

North Carolina Class Weekends 2011–2012

SPRING 2011                                      SUMMER 2011                            FALL 2011
Registration: December 20–23,                    Registration: April 25–May 6, 2011     Registration: August 29–September 9,
2010, and January 3–7, 2011                                                             2011
1         January             8&9                1         May                7&8       1       September         10 & 11
2         January             22 & 23            2         June               4&5       2       September         24 & 25
3         February            5&6                3         June               18 & 19   3       October           15 & 16
4         February            26 & 27            4         July               9 & 10    4       October           29 & 30
5         March               12 & 13            5         July               23 & 24   5       November          18 & 19
6         March               26 & 27            6         August             6&7       6       December          3&4
7         April               9 & 10             7         August             20 & 21   7       December          7 & 18

SPRING 2012                                      SUMMER 2012
Registration: December 19–23,                    Registration: April 30–May 11, 2012
2011, and January 3–6, 2012
1         January             7&8                1         May                12 & 13
2         January             21 & 22            2         June               2&3
3         February            4&5                3         June               16 & 17
4         February            25 & 26            4         June 30 & July 1
5         March               10 & 11            5         July               14 & 15
6         March               24 & 25            6         July               28 & 29
7         April               14 & 15            7         August             11 & 12

This is the official North Carolina Graduate Program Schedule;
however, the dates and the format are subject to change. All
changes must be approved by the director of the programs.

                                                                                                   bu.edu/military             11
                      Boston University Metropolitan College
                      Tentative Henderson Hall Course Offerings: 2011–2013
     SEMESTER         MSL                                                    PROJECT MANAGEMENT
     SPRING 2011      LD 740 Group and Organizational Dynamics               AD 643* Project Communications Management
                      AD 615 Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis
     SUMMER 2011      AD 715 Quantitative and Qualitative Decision-Making
                      LD 630 Leadership—Historical and Social Perspectives
     FALL 2011        LD 705 Leadership in a Dynamic Environment             AD 644* Project Risk and Cost Management
                      AD 739* Marketing Management
     SPRING 2012      CS 782* IT Strategy and Management                     AD 646* Program Management
                      AD 711 Leadership and Strategy
     SUMMER 2012      AD 632 Financial Concepts                              AD 642* Project Management
                      AD 642* Project Management
     FALL 2012        LD 740 Group and Organizational Dynamics               AD 643* Project Communications Management
                      AD 615 Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis
     SPRING 2013      AD 715 Quantitative and Qualitative Decision-Making
                      LD 630 Leadership—Historical and Social Perspectives
     SUMMER 2013      LD 705 Leadership in a Dynamic Environment             AD 644* Project Risk and Cost Managementt
                      AD 739* Marketing Management
     FALL 2013        CS 782* IT Strategy and Management                     AD 646* Program Management
                      AD 711 Leadership and Strategy
     *Indicates elective

Henderson Hall Class Weekends 2011–2012

SPRING 2011                                      SUMMER 2011                          FALL 2011
Registration: January 10–21, 2011                Registration: May 2–13, 2011         Registration: September 5–16, 2011
1         January             22 & 23            1          May           14 & 15     1       September        17 & 18
2         February            5&6                2          June          11 & 12     2       October          1&2
3         February            12 & 13            3          June          25 & 26     3       October          15 & 16
4         March               5&6                4          July          9 & 10      4       October          29 & 30
5         March               19 & 20            5          July          23 & 24     5       November         5&6
6         April               2&3                6          August        6&7         6       November         19 & 20
7         April               16 & 17            7          August        13 & 14     7       December         10 & 11

SPRING 2012                                      SUMMER 2012
Registration: January 3–13, 2012                 Registration: April 30–May 4, 2012
1         January             14 & 15            1          May           5&6
2         January             28 & 29            2          June          9 & 10
3         February            11 & 12            3          June          23 & 24
4         February            25 & 26            4          July          7&8
5         March               3&4                5          July          21 & 22
6         March               17 & 18            6          August        8&9
7         March 31 & April 1                     7          August        18 & 19

This is the official Henderson Hall Graduate Program Schedule;
however, the dates and the format are subject to change. All changes
must be approved by the director of the programs.

                                                                                                 bu.edu/military           13
     Facilities and

     LIBRARY RESOURCES                                                 bibliographic searches in the Inspec database, reference
                                                                       questions, and interlibrary loan services.
     The Boston University Libraries provide extensive service
     to the entire University community with a collection of           Boston University graduate students at military sites are
     more than 2.1 million volumes in paper and 3.7 million            entitled to use campus libraries and research facilities in
     microform equivalents, 29,000 current journals, and               Boston, and the Marine Corps base libraries in North
     access to hundreds of electronic databases. While central         Carolina at Cherry Point, New River, and Camp Lejeune.
     service is provided by the Mugar Memorial Library,                Students also have access to libraries at East Carolina
     two branch libraries are of particular interest to students       University and the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.
     enrolled in the Leadership and Computer Information               Boston University has arranged with the base
     Systems Programs: the Frederick S. Pardee Management              libraries for special services to support students
     Library and the Science & Engineering Library.                    in the master’s program, including:

     Boston University’s library resources are increased through       Subscriptions to major management journals at each library
     a consortium arrangement with local research libraries that       An annual acquisition program of management books
     include Boston College, Northeastern University,
                                                                       Access by each library to the Boston University Libraries
     Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and others. An
                                                                       online catalog
     interlibrary loan system further expands these assets.
                                                                       Fax access by each library to the Interlibrary Loan Office
     A librarian at the Pardee Management Library is assigned
                                                                       at Mugar Memorial Library
     as the liaison between the students at military sites and the
     main campus libraries. The assigned librarian makes               “Computer Select” and “Business Periodicals Ondisc”
     periodic trips to military sites to meet with Boston University   [ABI/Inform] periodicals database in the Cherry Point
     faculty and students, as well as the librarians in the local      Library
     base libraries. Within the professional relationship, the         Paper supplies for library printers
     liaison helps students with reference questions by telephone
                                                                       Secure areas in each library with computers reserved
     and email and explains how to submit interlibrary loan
                                                                       for the exclusive use of Boston University students
     requests through their base libraries. The staff at the Science
     and Engineering library is prepared to assist with

     THE MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. CENTER                                 CAREER SERVICES
     Dedicated to the values and memory of alumnus Martin              Career Services helps students to obtain information, clarify
     Luther King Jr. (1929–1968), the King Center addresses the        goals, and develop career plans. The office’s Internship
     personal, educational, and career development needs of            Program assists students who are interested in opportunities
     Boston University’s students. The Center is a centralized         for learning and working in the community—opportunities that
     source of comprehensive professional services and                 will enhance their academic training. Placement/On-Campus
     programs for undergraduate and graduate students seeking          Recruiting offers assistance in the job search when a student
     counseling, learning, career planning, or placement               has chosen a career direction and is graduating within the
     assistance. The Center, located at 19 Deerfield Street, is        academic year. The Credentials Service enables a student to
     home to a number of offices that help students to gain the        establish a file for potential employers that contain letters of
     maximum benefit from their academic efforts, including            recommendation and unofficial copies of transcripts. The
     Multicultural Affairs (bu.edu/oma), Disability Services           Career Resource Library maintains current job listings and a
     (bu.edu/disability), and Career Services (bu.edu/career).         collection of literature on a wide variety of careers and
     For more information about these offices, please visit the        employers. For further information, please call 617-353-3590
     websites provided, or read on for further details concerning      or visit bu.edu/careers.
     Career Services.

                                                                       HEALTH CARE SERVICES
                                                                       Boston University does not provide health care services for
                                                                       students enrolled in programs at military sites. Students are
                                                                       responsible for their own health care needs.

                                                                  courses are not included in the cumulative grade point
Academic Policies                                                 average. Correspondence courses are not eligible for
and Procedures                                                    transfer of credit.
                                                                  Applications for credit transfer must be submitted to the
                                                                  director and must include an official copy of the transcript,
ACADEMIC STANDING                                                 catalog description, and course syllabus.

Graduate students must complete each course with a grade          Department of Veterans Affairs regulations require that
of 2.0 (C) or higher. An overall grade point average of 3.0       all previous graduate coursework be evaluated for possible
(B) must be maintained to be in good academic standing            transfer to Boston University. At the time of initial registration,
and to graduate. All requirements for the degree must be          all VA students must apply in writing for evaluation of such
satisfied within six years of the date of initial registration.   coursework. Official transcripts, course descriptions, and
                                                                  course syllabi must accompany each request.

Students in either the Master of Science in Leadership            WAIVER OF COURSES
program or the Master of Science in Computer Information          Boston University degree candidates who within the
Systems program may credit two courses (eight credit hours)       previous five years have had a strong undergraduate
from one of the degree programs toward a second degree,           preparation in certain course subjects may waive
thereby reducing their work on the second degree program          designated courses. An examination may be required.
by two courses. This applies only to Boston University
                                                                  Candidates who fail to request the waiver within the first
master’s degree programs of at least ten courses. A second
                                                                  term, either as special students requesting degree candidacy
application form, along with the application fee, must be
                                                                  or as degree candidates, forfeit their opportunity for further
submitted. Consult with the director of the programs for the
specific course requirements for the second degree.
                                                                  A waiver does not alter the master’s degree requirement
                                                                  for 40 credit hours of coursework for graduation. Students
TRANSFER OF CREDITS                                               must meet this requirement by substituting other courses in
Master’s degree students may request permission to transfer       consultation with the program director.
a maximum of two graduate-level semester courses completed
at other regionally accredited institutions within six years      Waiver for Credits Earned at Defense
of the expected date of degree completion. Transfer courses       Acquisition University (DAU)
must have a grade of B (3.0) or higher, may not have been         Metropolitan College maintains a partnership with the DAU
used toward the completion of another degree, and require         that allows for a course waiver toward the online Graduate
the approval of the Graduate Committee. In transferring           Certificate in Project Management, the online Master of
courses for credit, careful matching of course content            Science in Project Management, or the Master of Science
and number of contact hours is required to ensure that            in Leadership. Matriculated students at Metropolitan College
the subject requirements for the MS degree program                may apply one DAU course of three graduate credits or
are satisfied. Some military schooling at the graduate level,     more (as recommended by the American Council on
evaluated by the American Council on Education, may be            Education) toward requirements for these degrees.
acceptable for transfer of credit. Grades from transferred
                                                                  Waiver for Successful Completion of the
                                                                  Project Management Institute’s PMP®
                                                                  Certification Examination
                                                                  Students who have successfully passed the PMP® Certification
                                                                  Examination offered by the Project Management Institute may
                                                                  be eligible to receive a course waiver for MET AD 642.

                                                                  Boston University employs the standard grading symbols
                                                                  described below, with the following explanations. The grade
                                                                  of C (2.0) represents passing performance and is the lowest

                                                                                                         bu.edu/military                15
     passing grade acceptable for credit toward MS degree             and to ensure that the work necessary to remove the
     requirements. Courses with grades below C must be                Incomplete is sent to and received by the instructor in
     repeated. The original grade for any course repeated             accordance with the above time limits.
     is calculated in the cumulative grade point average.

                                                                      GRADE REPORTS
     GRADING SYSTEM                                                   Records of Progress are kept by this institution on veteran
     Grade         Honor Points           Explanation                 and non-veteran students alike. Grade reports are furnished
     A             4.0                    Excellent                   to students, veterans, and non-veterans at the end of each
                                                                      scheduled school semester.
     A–            3.7
     B+            3.3
     B             3.0                    Good
                                                                      An application for graduation must be submitted at least
     B–            2.7                                                four months before the intended graduation date. Degrees
     C+            2.3                                                are conferred three times each year: May, September, and
                                                                      January. The proper forms may be obtained from and
     C             2.0                    Satisfactory
                                                                      should be returned to the local Boston University offices.
     C–            1.7                                                All graduates may attend May commencement held in
     D             1.0                    Poor                        Boston each year and/or the commencement ceremonies
                                                                      held at selected local military bases in the spring of each year.
     F             0                      Fail, no credit
     P             Not applicable         Pass with credit
     X             Not applicable         Unresolved status
                                                                      Requests for official transcripts must be made in writing,
     I             Not applicable         Incomplete, additional
                                                                      either by letter or by completing a Transcript Request form
                                          work required
                                                                      available online at bu.edu/reg or at the Office of the
     AU            Not applicable         Audit, no credit            University Registrar. Please include the following
     W             Not applicable         Withdrew after fifth        information: full name, including any former names;
                                          class (or 15 hours)         signature; Boston University ID number or Social Security
                                                                      number; schools attended and dates; degrees awarded;
     The grade point average (GPA) is obtained by dividing the        and complete address of transcript destinations.
     total honor points earned by the total semester credits of       The transcript fee is $6 per copy, and payment must
     those subjects completed. The letter grades P, I, and W are      accompany the request. Processing time for transcript
     not computed in the GPA. The correct GPA can be obtained         requests received by mail is three to five business days.
     only after Incompletes have been replaced by a grade for         The Registrar’s office does not accept faxed transcript
     completed work.                                                  requests. Transcripts can be sent by DHL for an additional
                                                                      $15 per destination to locations within the continental
                                                                      United States. For other destinations, please contact the
                                                                      Transcript Department for the cost. Unofficial transcripts
     If, for reasons acceptable to the course instructor, a student   can be obtained in person at the Registrar’s office during
     fails to take the final examination or to complete any other     regular business hours. There is no charge for unofficial
     required work within a course, he or she may receive a           transcripts.
     grade of I (Incomplete). In order to obtain an Incomplete,
                                                                      A valid photo ID is required to obtain unofficial and official
     students must file an Application for Incomplete Grade
                                                                      transcripts if the request is done in person at the Registrar’s
     before the final exam. Once the application is filed, the
                                                                      office. Please note that the Registrar’s office does not mail
     students must complete the course requirements within the
                                                                      unofficial transcripts. For further information, contact the
     time set by the instructor, but not later than the end of the
                                                                      Transcript office at 617-353-3612.
     following semester. If the work is not completed after one
     semester, the grade of I will automatically be changed to the
     default grade assigned by the instructor on the Application      DEGREE REQUIREMENTS
     for Incomplete Grade. This grade includes all work, complete
     and incomplete, for the entire course. If there is no written    Students are expected to satisfy the degree requirements as
     contract posting this default grade, an automatic F will be      stated in the program bulletin published at the time of their
     posted for that course. It is the student’s responsibility to    acceptance into the program.
     submit an Application for Incomplete Grade to the instructor

Directed study consists of a rigorous program of research
or independent study that is used to enhance a student’s
program when formal coursework is not available. If a
faculty member determines that a directed study is in a
student’s academic interest, it is essential that the application
be filed no later than one month before the last day of
registration. Required courses may not be completed
through directed study.
Admitted degree candidates are eligible to apply for
directed study once they have completed no less than six
courses in their degree program and have maintained
a grade point average of 3.3 or higher. To register for
directed study, the applicant must provide a detailed
statement of the proposed outline of study or research, texts
and references, the schedule of consultation with faculty,
and a justification for taking a directed study instead of a        TRANSFER TO THE BOSTON CAMPUS
scheduled course. Each application must receive written             Degree candidates who wish to complete their programs
approval of the faculty member concerned, the program               on the Boston campus must inform the program director
director, and the associate dean for academic affairs before        and confirm their intention in writing. Notification should
the student may register or begin work on the project.              be made at least one full semester before the proposed date
                                                                    of transfer. This will assure time for the transfer of records
                                                                    to the Boston campus.
All requests for independent or directed study and other
academic petitions must be made in writing to the program           SPECIAL STUDENT STATUS
director. Requests are then sent to the appropriate academic        A student who has not been admitted to a Boston University
committee for review.                                               degree program at the time of registration may apply for
                                                                    special student status.
ACADEMIC PROBATION                                                  To apply, students need only submit an official undergraduate
                                                                    transcript indicating completion of a bachelor’s degree or
Graduate degree candidates must maintain a grade point              equivalent.
average of not less than 3.0 (B) in order to be considered in
good academic standing. Any degree candidate falling                Special student status permits registration for no more than
below a GPA of 3.0 will be placed on probation. Students            one semester as a non-degree student. Those students who
who do not bring their GPA up to 3.0 within one semester            are granted special student status are not automatically
will not be permitted to continue in the program.                   accepted to a degree program. However, if accepted,
                                                                    completed courses may be applied to that program. The
                                                                    student is expected to meet the normal academic
REGISTRATION                                                        qualifications.
Registration dates are posted at the education centers where        If, under extenuating circumstances, a student requires
Boston University programs are offered. Registration must be        additional time to complete the application packet, the
completed within the official registration period.                  student may request approval from the director of the
                                                                    program to enroll in a second semester. However, under
                                                                    no circumstances will a student be allowed to take a fifth
AUDITING COURSES                                                    course as a special student.
Students may audit classes to acquire knowledge, but not to
earn credits or grades. Audited courses do not count toward
                                                                    LEAVE OF ABSENCE
completion of degree requirements. Auditors must attend
classes regularly, do assigned reading, and participate in          Students must complete the official Leave of
discussions, but they are excused from examinations.                Absence/Withdrawal Form before taking a leave of
Auditors are admitted to a course on a space-available              absence. Students should be aware that they will be
basis and must have the approval of the professor. Auditors         reevaluated for degree requirements upon their return.
are subject to the tuition and fees of the course for which         Students may be required to fulfill any new changes in the
they register.                                                      requirements that occurred up to the point of their return to
                                                                    degree status.

                                                                                                        bu.edu/military              17
     CHANGE OF NAME OR ADDRESS                                       Standards
     Name changes must be submitted on an ID name change
     form. Names cannot be changed on records without                of Conduct
     notarized proof. Students are responsible for maintaining
     a current address on file and should submit a personal data
     update to Boston University whenever changes occur. For         ACADEMIC CONDUCT
     forms and procedures, contact the local field office or         The University considers plagiarism (the use of other
     contact the Office of the Registrar.                            people’s words or ideas without proper documentation) and
                                                                     other forms of cheating to be serious offenses and endorses
                                                                     serious penalties when they occur.
                                                                     The Metropolitan College Academic Conduct Review Board
                                                                     is charged with conducting inquiries and formal hearings
     Courses are offered in an alternating weekend format that       relating to matters of academic conduct in accordance
     allows working students to complete Boston University           with procedures specified by the Metropolitan College Code
     graduate programs in as few as twenty months. Students          of Academic Conduct. Copies of the Code of Academic
     enrolled in study should expect to be in class every other      Conduct with information on rules, penalties, recourse, and
     weekend for the duration of each semester. Most courses         procedures can be obtained from the Dean of Academic
     occur in seven or eight daylong sessions on Saturdays or        Affairs. Policies and procedures concerning matters of
     Sundays between the hours of 0800 and 1600; at some             academic conduct may vary within the different schools
     locations, evening courses may also be available. Courses       and colleges of Boston University. Students enrolled through
     will be scheduled such that a student may complete two          Metropolitan College for a course in another school or
     courses each semester. Course schedules that provide            college of Boston University are subject to the policies
     information on meeting dates, times, and locations are          and procedures established by that school or college.
     available prior to registration each semester at the local
     Boston University field offices.
                                                                     Students must attend class regularly in order to maintain
                                                                     satisfactory academic progress. Students may not miss
     Faculty are available to students for academic advising         more than two of the scheduled classes, which are
     during times outside class on regularly scheduled weekends.     equivalent to four classes.
     In addition, students may contact faculty from home at
     numbers and times designated by the faculty member, or
     may contact the program director.                               PERSONAL CONDUCT
                                                                     The University does not condone any behavior that is
                                                                     unlawful under federal, state, or local laws or that is
                                                                     injurious to another person or to property on the premises
     Students are expected to make every effort to resolve           of the University. Students whose behavior is found
     academic problems in a course with the instructor. When         unacceptable under the conditions stated will be subject
     agreement cannot be reached, the student may appeal first       to the University’s judicial process. A copy of the rules,
     to the academic coordinator of the program and next to the      regulations, penalties, recourse, and procedures can be
     dean of the School or College on the Boston campus.             obtained in the Office of the Dean.
     If necessary, the student may then appeal the decision to
     the dean of students, and from there to the provost.
     A record of all formal grievances is kept in the Office of
     the Dean of Students, East Tower of the George Sherman
     Union, 775 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215.
     Copies of all written statements, letters, and so on relating
     to a grievance should be sent to that office.

                                                                Number 6, Room 3021, 400 Maryland Ave., S.W.,
Administrative Policies                                         Washington, DC 20202, if they believe Boston University
Relating to Federal Guidelines                                  failed to comply with the requirements of the Act.
                                                                The University’s policies and procedures for implementation
                                                                of this Act are enumerated in the Notification of Student
VETERANS INFORMATION                                            Rights Regarding Educational Records, copies of which
                                                                are available to students at the Office of the University
The Boston University graduate programs at military sites
                                                                Registrar, 881 Commonwealth Avenue, Second Floor,
are approved by the State Approving Agency for the
                                                                Boston, MA 02215.
enrollment of persons eligible for education assistance
benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).    The University does not release personally identifiable
Entitled veterans, participants in the Montgomery GI Bill       information contained in student educational records except
contributory program, active duty military in voluntary         as authorized by law. Boston University has designated
education programs, drilling National Guard, drilling           certain types of personally identifiable information as
Reservists, and eligible spouses and offspring who have         “directory information.” These include the student’s name;
applied, met all admissions criteria, and been fully accepted   local or residence hall address, e-mail address, and
and actively matriculated may be certified to the U.S. DVA      telephone number; College of registration; degree program
Regional Office as enrolled and in pursuit of an approved       and major and minor; dates of attendance; part- or full-time
program of education.                                           status; degrees, honors, and awards received; and
                                                                hometown for press releases. Students may restrict release
A student who is eligible for veterans’ benefits or who
                                                                of this information if they wish, and this data will not be
would like more information about DVA rules and veterans’
                                                                released by the University except as authorized by law.
programs, should contact the local Boston University offices
in North Carolina or Virginia. DVA certification is available   Students are informed of their rights under this law by the
through these offices. For information about monetary           University Registrar. The parents of incoming freshmen and
benefits, contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs       transfer students each year are informed of their rights under
Regional Office in your area. Contact information is            this law, and how to exercise them, by the President.
available at the local field office.

                                                                EQUAL OPPORTUNITY POLICY
FAMILY EDUCATIONAL RIGHTS AND                                   Boston University prohibits discrimination against any
PRIVACY ACT (BUCKLEY AMENDMENT)                                 individual on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age,
                                                                national origin, physical or mental handicap, marital,
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ensures
                                                                parental, or veteran status. This policy extends to all rights,
confidentiality of student educational records and restricts
                                                                privileges, programs, and activities, including admissions,
disclosure to or access by third parties, except as
                                                                financial assistance, employment, housing, athletics, and
authorized by law. Parents of dependent students, as
                                                                educational programs. Boston University recognizes that
defined in Section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code of
                                                                nondiscrimination does not ensure that equal opportunity is
1954, are accorded full access by the University to their
                                                                a reality. Because of this, the University will continue to
dependents’ educational records, with certain exceptions,
                                                                implement affirmative action initiatives that promote equal
and they may receive copies of their dependents’ grade
                                                                opportunity for all students, applicants, and employees.
reports each semester from the Office of the University
                                                                Inquiries regarding the application of this policy should be
Registrar. The University assumes that its undergraduate
                                                                addressed to Equal Opportunity, 25 Buick Street, Boston,
students are financially dependent unless a parent or the
                                                                MA 02215; telephone 617-353-4475.
student informs the University Access Officer in the Office
of the University Registrar that the student is financially
independent. Students may provide this notification to the      GRIEVANCE AND ARBITRATION
Access Officer via the Financially Independent Student form,
a copy of which may be secured from the Office of the
                                                                PROCEDURES UNDER TITLE IX
University Registrar.                                           Students who believe they have been discriminated against
Students have the right to inspect their educational records,   because of their race, color, creed, religion, ethnic origin,
with certain exceptions. If they believe these records are      sex, age, or physical disability may file in writing a formal
inaccurate, they may request an amendment and, if denied,       grievance with the associate dean of Metropolitan College.
have the right to a hearing and to place a letter of            The written statement should be as specific as possible
disagreement in their file if the outcome of that hearing       regarding the action that precipitated the grievance: date,
is negative. Students are eligible under the Act to file a      place, and people involved; efforts made to settle the matter
complaint with the U.S. Department of Education Family          informally; and the remedy sought.
Policy and Regulations Office, Federal Office Building

                                                                                                     bu.edu/military              19
     Within one week of receiving the statement, the associate            GRADUATE DEGREE CANDIDATES
     dean forwards a copy to the appropriate person. If the
     complaint raises an academic question, the statement is              Graduate degree candidates taking 12 or more credits in
     forwarded to the dean of the School or College involved; if a        any given semester—online, on the ground, or combined—
     non-academic unit is concerned, the statement is forwarded to        will be charged the University’s full-time tuition rate. Students
     the administrative head of that unit. Individuals whose actions      taking less than 12 credits are considered part-time and
     or inactions are the subjects of the grievance receive a copy        charged the appropriate part-time tuition rate.
     from the associate dean and have an opportunity to respond
     in writing.
                                                                          TUITION AND FEES 2010–2012
     The associate dean will try to meet with all concerned parties
                                                                          (For graduate programs offered at military locations)
     within two weeks of receiving the statement. He or she may
     receive both oral and written presentations and may make             Tuition and fees must be paid in full at the time of
     independent inquiry.                                                 registration. A deferred payment program is available for
                                                                          part-time students (see section on Deferred Payment). Checks
     Within one week after such a meeting, the associate
                                                                          must be made payable to Boston University. No student may
     dean makes a decision as to the merits of the statement
                                                                          withdraw in good standing unless all current obligations to
     and appropriate resolution of the grievance. Copies of this
                                                                          the University are paid.
     decision are sent to the student, the individuals whose
     actions are the subject of the grievance, the dean of students,      All tuition and fees are set by the Board of Trustees
     and the provost. If dissatisfied with the decision, the student      of Boston University and are subject to change.
     may appeal to the dean of students, and from there to                The University maintains a tuition guaranty bond that is
     the provost.                                                         registered with the clerks of the Superior Court of Norfolk
                                                                          County, Massachusetts, and is accessible at the Department
     A record of all formal grievances is kept in the Office of
                                                                          of Risk Management, Business Affairs, Boston University,
     the Dean of Students, East Tower of the George Sherman
                                                                          985 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215.
     Union, 775 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215.
     Copies of all written statements, letters, and so on relating        Part-time tuition (per course)*
     to a grievance should be sent to that office.                        2010/2011                          $2,180 ($545 per credit hour)
     Virginia (Henderson Hall) Students Only:                             2011/2012                          $2,260 ($565 per credit hour)
     Any student who has a grievance with the school or an
                                                                          Application fee (degrees)                           $70
     instructor should first discuss the problem with the instructor
     or school director. If a resolution is not reached, the student      Application fee (certificate)                       $25
     should make a written complaint and submit it to the school          Application fee
     director asking for a written response. If a satisfactory            (combined degree/certificate)                       $95
     resolution of the problem is not obtained, the student may
                                                                          Semester registration fee                           $40
     contact the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
     (SCHEV), James Monroe Building, 9th Floor, 101 North                 Late registration fee                               $100
     14th Street, Richmond, VA 23219. Phone: 804-225-2600;                Course waiver                                       $50
     fax: 804-225-2604.
                                                                          Deferred payment service charge                     $50
                                                                          Returned check fee                                  $25

     Financial                                                            Late payment fees                         $25–$500
                                                                          (Progressively increases according to schedule of deadlines)
     Information                                                          *Tuition for online graduate courses:

                                                                              •   2010/2011: $2,884 ($721 per credit hour)
     OFFICIAL REGISTRATION                                                    •   2011/2012: $2,960 ($740 per credit hour)

     All students are expected to register during the normal                  A $50-per-credit technology fee also applies.
     registration period each semester. All students must be registered
     before the end of the second class session each semester.
                                                                          FINANCIAL AID
     Students applying for loans or who are recipients of financial
                                                                          Students interested in a Stafford Loan (formerly called a
     assistance will have their applications or awards terminated if
                                                                          Guaranteed Student Loan or a GSL) should contact the local
     they are not registered by the official registration deadline. An
                                                                          Boston University field office for information and forms. At a
     officially registered student is one who has submitted course
                                                                          minimum, a student must be on academic half-time status
     selections on a registration form, paid all charges (current and
                                                                          (defined as at least six credit hours per semester) during the
     past), and been approved by the University comptroller.
                                                                          entire loan period to be eligible for a Stafford Loan.

DEFERRED PAYMENT                                                 If a student has a credit balance on his or her financial
                                                                 record as a result of dropping a course, a tuition refund will
Part-time Metropolitan College students who wish to make         be issued by the Finance office after the drop form has been
monthly payments may do so through a deferred payment            processed by the Registrar’s office. If the withdrawing
program. Information on this program is available at the         student used government tuition assistance, an appropriate
administrative offices. A nonrefundable service charge of        refund will be made to the government using the above
$50 and minimum down payment of one-fourth the total             schedule. For students using Veterans Administration or
tuition and full payment of fees for the semester are required   Tuition Assistance benefits, the effective date of the
at the time of registration.                                     withdrawal and adjusted tuition charge will be reported
Boston University also accepts MasterCard, Discover Card,        to the government.
or VISA for payment of tuition and fees up to the extent of
the unused credit card limit.
                                                                 DROPPING A COURSE
LATE REGISTRATION                                                To drop a course, it is the responsibility of the student to
                                                                 have the professor teaching the course sign an official drop
In special instances, students may petition the dean of          form. The student must also sign the form and submit it to
Metropolitan College to have their registrations accepted        the Boston University office. After this form is filed, a tuition
after the announced registration deadline. Students who          adjustment is made according to the date verified by
wish a waiver of the official registration deadline must         professor’s signature. The effective date of the drop is the
petition the University in addition to their petition to the     day after the last class attended. If the student attended no
dean of Metropolitan College. If the petition for waiver is      classes, the effective date is the day before the first class. A
approved by the University, the student is subject to a          drop form will not be accepted after the final class meeting.
minimum late payment fee of $100 for part-time students
and $200 for full-time students. Petition forms are available
at the Boston University offices.                                WITHDRAWING FROM THE
WITHDRAWALS, CREDITS, AND                                        To withdraw from the University or to request a leave of
REFUNDS                                                          absence, a student must file an official withdrawal form
                                                                 with Boston University.
Withdrawal or leave of absence from the program is not
official until the student presents the appropriate form to
the Boston University office. Absence from class neither         PROGRAM TERMINATION
constitutes withdrawal nor reduces a student’s financial
                                                                 Boston University reserves the right to schedule the
obligation to the University.
                                                                 termination of the program if circumstances require. In the
                                                                 case of program termination, the University will phase out
Refunds and Credits*                                             the scheduling of courses in such a way that students have
The refund and credit balance policy applies to tuition only;    the opportunity to complete degree requirements.
fees are not refundable.
Refunds and credits are made as follows:
Date of Withdrawal                       Tuition Refund or
                                          Credit Balance         Boston University is accredited by the New England
                                                                 Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc., one of six
Before first class                               100%
                                                                 nationally recognized regional accrediting agencies.
Before second class                              75%
Before third class                               50%
Before fourth class                              25%
After fourth class                                0%

                                                                                                       bu.edu/military               21
     Faculty at Virginia and North Carolina Campuses

     Mehdi Abedinejad                             Perry Donham                                   Hassan Y. Mohammed
     MA, PhD, Boston University                   BTEE, State University of New York             MA, PhD, Boston University
     BS, MS, Arya–Mehr University of Technology   MS, Boston University                          MA, PhD, Charles University
     Wayne A. Applewhite                          J. Gerard Keegan                               John Morgan
     BS, Troy State University                    MS, Boston University                          BS, College of William and Mary
     MA, Central Michigan University              MBA, Bentley College                           MS, Georgia Institute of Technology
     DM, Colorado Technical University                                                           PhD, University of Georgia
                                                  Donna Hucul
     John Brian Cheuvront                         BS, MBA, Wayne State University                Jeff R. Siegel
     BA, Southern California College                                                             BS, MS, MBA, Northeastern University
     MA, College of William and Mary              John A. Kieffer Jr.
     PhD, North Carolina State University         BS, United States Naval Academy                Edward Simches
                                                  MS, United States Naval Post Graduate School   BS, MS, Bentley College
     Paul Cleary                                  MSCIS, Boston University
     BS, MS, PhD, Northeastern University                                                        Dan Simovici
                                                  Charles J. Lesko                               MS, Polytechnical Institute of Iasi
     Thomas C. Clutz                              BS, United States Naval Academy                PhD, University of Bucharest
     BS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute         MS, National University
     MS, University of Northern Colorado          MS, Boston University                          Lawrence J. Watson
     PhD, Air Force Institute of Technology       DEd, Walden University                         BS, Merrimack College
                                                                                                 MSA, MSF, Bentley College
                                                  John Maslanka
                                                  BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                                                  MA, PhD, Boston College

     The University Administration

     Robert A. Brown, BS, MS, PhD

     University Provost
     Jean Morrison, BA, MS, PhD

     Provost of the Medical Campus
     Karen H. Antman, BS, MD

     Executive Vice President
     Joseph P. Mercurio, BAS

     Chairman of the Board of Trustees
     Robert A. Knox, BA, MBA

     For a complete list of the Administration and Trustees of Boston University,
     please visit bu.edu/offices/administration and bu.edu/trustees.

Metropolitan College                              BOSTON UNIVERSITY                 MCAS New River
                                                  METROPOLITAN COLLEGE              Education Center
Administration                                                                      Building #AS-212
                                                  755 Commonwealth Avenue           MCAS New River, NC 28540
                                                  Boston, MA 02215
Dean, Metropolitan College &                                                        Mailing address
Extended Education                                617-353-6000
                                                                                    Boston University
Jay A. Halfond, BA, MA, PhD                       met@bu.edu
                                                                                    PO Box 4295
Associate Dean, Academic Programs                                                   Jacksonville, NC 28540-4295
Tanya Zlateva, BS, MS, PhD                                                          910-449-6459
Director, Metropolitan College                    MCB CAMP LEJEUNE/                 DSN 752-4295
Graduate Military Programs
Lawrence J. Watson, BS, MSA, MSF
                                                  MCAS CHERRY POINT/
                                                  MCAS NEW RIVER
Senior Assistant Dean,
                                                                                    HENDERSON HALL
Student Academic Affairs                          Lawrence J. Watson
Carl G. Sessa, BA, EdM, EdDw                      Graduate Military Programs        Multipurpose Building 29
                                                  Director                          Room 206
Assistant Dean, Administration
Sonia M. Parker, BA                               910-451-5574                      1555 South Southgate Road
                                                  lwatson@bu.edu                    Arlington, VA 22214
North Carolina Field Representatives
Nancy Harding, Rita Fifer, and Margaret Pollard                                     Mailing Address
                                                  MCB Camp Lejeune                  Boston University
Virginia Field Representative                                                       PO Box 42018
Karin Pifer                                       Consolidated Education Center
                                                  Building 825, Stone Street        Arlington,VA 22204-2018
                                                  MCB Camp Lejeune, NC 28547        703-614-1096
                                                  Mailing address                   DSN 224-1096
Governance of the                                 Boston University
                                                  PO Box 8626
College                                           MCB Camp Lejeune, NC 28547-8626
                                                  910-451-5574 or 910-355-2999
                                                  Fax: 910-451-3672
Metropolitan College is governed by               nancy@bostonuniversitycl.com
various faculty committees whose                  DSN 751-5574
members are drawn from the
Metropolitan College faculty and the
administrative offices of Metropolitan            MCAS Cherry Point
College. The Metropolitan College                 Training/Education Facility
Faculty Council, the main governing               Building #4335, C Street
body of the College, is assisted in               MCAS Cherry Point, NC 28533
policy-making by the College's                    Mailing address
Executive, Academic Policy, and                   Boston University
Graduate Committees.                              PO Box 2229
                                                  Havelock, NC 28532-2229
                                                  252-447-5036 or 252-466-2491
                                                  Fax: 252-447-0533
                                                  DSN 582-2491

                                                                                    Certified by the State Council of Higher
                                                                                    Education to operate in Virginia.

                                                                                                    bu.edu/military            23
Boston University

755 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02215

 Boston University reserves the right to change the policies, fees, curricula, or any
 other matter in this publication without prior notice and to cancel programs and
 courses. This publication is not part of a contractual agreement or as a guarantee
 of the classes, courses, or programs described herein.
 Boston University’s policies provide for equal opportunity and affirmative action in
 employment and admission to all programs of the University.


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