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1      Contents
2      Kahill Gibran's Children
3      Local Education Authority Information etc., School Governing Body, Staff
4      School Details             Aims of the School
5                                 Organisation/ Admissions Policy/ Secondary Education
6      Curriculum                 English/ Maths/ Science
7                                 Information Technology Art and Design/ Religious Education/
                                  Health and Sex Education/ Physical Education
8                                 Humanities/ Music/ Modern Foreign Languages/ Foundation
9                                 Educational Visits/ Homework/ Extra Curricular Activities:
                                  Clubs/ School Bookshop/ Cycling Proficiency & Road Safety
10     Getting Ready for School
11     School Rules        The School Day/ School Uniform
12                         Jewellery in School/ Absences From School/Leave of Absence
13     Discipline Policy
14     Discipline Policy (continued)
15     School Meals
16     School Holidays
17     Health and Safety
18     Charging and Remissions Policy
19     School Fund/ Complaints Procedure/ Curriculum Complaints Procedure
20     Parental Involvement               Consultations/ Parking/ Dogs/ Smoking/ Access
21     Friends of the School (PTA)/ Pre-school provision
22     Our Children's Charter
23     School Key Stage 1 Results
24     School Key Stage 2 Results

                   Your children are not your children

      They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.

                They come through you but not from you

       And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.

           You may give them your love but not your thoughts,

                   For they have their own thoughts.

             You may house their bodies but not their souls,

For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow which you cannot visit, not

                          even in your dreams.

   You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.

         For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

                              Kahil Gibran

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OFFHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL                                                   Tel: 01732 842355
Church Road                                                               Fax: 01732 875133
Offham, West Malling                                            email:
Kent, ME19 5NX                                                  Web page:

17, King’s Hill Avenue
Tel. (01732) 525000

Chair Mr. M. Begbey (LEA)                   Community                         Mrs. M. Betts
      Lark Rise                                                               Mr. M. Earl
      North Meadow                                                            Mr. I. Robertson
      Offham                                Parent Governors                  Mr. C. Parker
      ME19 5NU                                                                Mrs J. Jordan
      Tel: 01732 841347                                                       Mr. G. Nerdrum
                                            Headteacher                       Mr. G. Webster
Vice Chair Mr. M. Worrall (Parent)          Elected Teacher Governor          Mrs. H. Cook
                                            Elected Staff Governor            Mrs. F. Gorham
LEA Governor Mrs. E. Rowe                   Clerk to Governors                Mrs. C. Rogerson

TEACHING STAFF for September 2009

Headteacher            Mr. G. Webster            Teaching Assts        Mrs. A. Thomas
                                                                       Mrs. K. Baker
Class Teachers         Mrs. J. Kennedy                                 Mrs. H. Blake
                       Miss Z. Penighetti                              Mrs. F. Gorham
                       Mrs. H. Cook                                    Mrs. C. Bartlett
                       Mrs. L. Brookman                                Mrs. C. Price
                       Mrs. A. Avenell                                 Mrs. J. Smith
                       Mrs. L. Fitch                                   Mrs. M. Chapman
                       Mrs. C. Hale                                    Mrs. B. Berman
                                                                       Miss L. Shillingford
                       Mrs F. Cappuccini (on maternity leave)          Mrs. W. Heeley

SENCO                  Mrs. B. Metcalfe          Music (KMS)           Mr. A. Burridge

                                                 Music for Schools
                                                 Foundation        Mr. B. Shotton
Secretary/Finance Officer/Clerk to Governors           Mrs. C. Rogerson
Clerical Assistant       Mrs. M. Chapman

School Meals Assts.          Ms. E. Pirson, Mrs. L. Henson

Mid-Day Supervisors          Mrs. A. Nerdrum, Mrs. J. Smith, Mrs. L. Renyard,
                             Mrs. D. Greenhalgh, Mrs. C. Innes, Mrs. S. Hancock

Caretaker                     Mr. B. Hill

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                                  OFFHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL

The school was formed in 1875 and over the years additions and improvements have been made to meet
changing needs. Recent improvements include a new classroom wing and library. Currently the school has
seven permanent classrooms, hall, library, ICT suite and Additional Educational Needs Suite. During 2005
the school house was refurbished to provide improved offices and staff meeting rooms.

The attractive school grounds are used for sporting activities and for environmental school work. Some
areas have been developed to encourage plants and insects. To facilitate observational studies a pond
and sensory garden has been developed in the central quadrangle. Recently outdoor play equipment and a
sports pavilion has been erected adjacent to the field

Over the years the school has established strong links with the community. The children's Maypole dancing
is a feature of the Village's May Day celebrations.

The school provides a sound education in a Christian-orientated atmosphere in which all the children feel
secure, wanted and appreciated. This atmosphere begins with the staff's united concern for the children.
Within this ethos every child is encouraged to develop to the full his or her specific potential, both
academically, aesthetically and socially. To enable this to happen the school provides a wide range of
curricular subjects. The school believes that the education of the child is a shared responsibility, with
parents, teachers and governors working together to provide the very best of state education for all of our

The school prides itself on its warm and caring atmosphere within which the children develop their
personalities, take pride in their achievements, value hard work and the satisfaction it brings, and develop a
sense of responsibility towards others.

O : Open partnership with parents and pupils
    At Offham we acknowledge the huge impact that home life has on children’s attitudes and development.
    We work hard to maintain open and reliable channels of communication so that the educational
    experiences we offer can be personalised to meet the needs of each child. Children are encouraged to
     contribute their views and reflect on their own learning.
F: Friendship and respect
   We believe in modelling friendly, open relationships between all adults and children in the school
   environment. We acknowledge and respect variety in religious, cultural and national backgrounds and
   encourage children to express an interest in and accept people’s differences. Children are also taught to
   care for property and to respect the environment
F: Future well-being
   We work hard to develop well-rounded children who attain their potential and have the skills and
    attributes necessary to equip them for secondary school, future employment and the opportunities that
    life offers.
H: Health and Safety
   Children are taught how to keep healthy and safe. The curriculum includes teaching on healthy eating,
   the benefits and affects of exercise, correct use of medicines, personal hygiene and self- respect.
   Children are shown how to handle tools and equipment safely. They are encouraged to assess situations
   and not to take unnecessary risks.
A: Achievement and enjoyment
   Children are encouraged to set personal goals and ambitious targets with their teachers. A broad,
    balanced curriculum is taught in line with the National Curriculum and activities are chosen for their
     impact and enjoyment. A happy child is an active learner.
M: Making a Positive Contribution
  Children have many opportunities to contribute to the broader life of the school and community through
  clubs, teams, school council, fund-raising and charity events. Active participation, taking responsibility
  and showing care and concern for others are seen as extremely important social attributes.

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                                        OFFHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                         SCHOOL DETAILS (Cont.)


The school is organised into 7 classes, one for each year group. All classes are of mixed ability.

All class teachers are responsible to the headteacher for the pastoral care and organisation of the children
in their class. Children with special needs are catered for in small groups or as individuals usually through
tailoring activities to suit particular needs within the classroom.


The Local Education Authority has an open enrolment policy so any parent may place their child's name on
the waiting list. Places will be offered to children on this list in accordance with Kent's criteria for
admissions. Children are normally admitted to the school at the beginning of the school year in which they
are five years of age. Confirmation of admission will be made during the Summer Term in the year prior to
the child's fifth birthday. Unsuccessful applicants will remain on the waiting list and will be offered a place if
a vacancy exists.

There will be one intake of pupils in September. All children attend for half days for the first 2 weeks.
This policy is dependent upon staffing, formula funding and accommodation. Children remain at the school
until they reach the age of eleven years, when they transfer to Secondary Education.

In the term prior to induction, visits to nursery schools are arranged by the Reception class teacher.
Children are also given the opportunity to spend an afternoon with their future teacher.


Upon reaching the age of eleven years, children transfer to Secondary Education within the West Kent Area.
Full details of these schools are given to parents in the Autumn Term prior to transfer. Guidance on choice
of appropriate school will be given by the Y6 teacher and the headteacher in the Autumn Term prior to
leaving Offham.

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                                       OFFHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL


Basic skills in the core subjects of Maths, English, Science, ICT, RE and the foundation subjects Craft
Design Technology, Expressive Arts, (Art, Drama, Music, Dance, P.E.), Humanities (History and Geography)
and Modern Foreign Languages are taught through a broad curriculum and are mostly interlinked with topic
work in the younger classes and more subject based in the older classes.
Just as important as the National Curriculum is the hidden curriculum, whereby the children are influenced
by the ethos, tone, quality, standards and discipline of the school, its success as a community, its values,
attitudes and expectations and its standing in the local area. In this respect, the importance of parental
involvement in supporting and working closely with the school cannot be over emphasised.


The overall aim of the school is to provide a language-rich environment in which children, presented with a
variety of language experience, can learn to communicate efficiently, effectively, purposefully and with
enjoyment through the spoken, written and printed word.
To develop an enthusiasm for reading within the children, the school attempts to create an atmosphere of
"enjoyable literature" whereby children are surrounded by a wide variety of carefully and thoughtfully
selected books. From this positive beginning the specific reading skills are taught in context, and children
are encouraged to read for pleasure.
Children are encouraged to become competent writers through experiencing writing in many forms and for
many purposes to many audiences as is appropriate to their age and experience.
They are made aware of the conventions of written language, grammar, syntax, spelling and the desirability
of clear handwriting. All children are encouraged to take home a reading book of their own choice. A
home/school reading record is used as a diary.
English lessons are taught daily in line with the National Literacy Strategy.


The school aims to provide every child with an essential core of mathematical knowledge based upon the
objectives set out in the National Numeracy Strategy and taught using practical activities, ICT and
investigations. By Year 6 the average child should be able to:
     Add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers up to 4 figures
     Solve problems set in a meaningful context involving measures, shape and space, money, time and
        word problems
     Have a good knowledge of number bonds and multiplication tables up to 10x10
     Understand and use fractions, decimals and percentages
     Interpret and represent data in graphs, tables and charts
The school has developed a mathematics trail around the buildings and grounds. There are regular
opportunities to take part in mathematical puzzles and competitions.


This is very much a practical subject, and is presented in a way that emphasises hands-on, investigative and
problem solving activities. The aim is to stimulate children's interest and curiosity in natural and physical
science. Children are encouraged to observe closely the plant and insect life of the school's grounds, the
local environment, and to extend this type of work by educational visits to places of particular interest. There
is a popular annual science week when the whole school focuses on activities and projects that highlight a
particular theme. Science and environment clubs are run at certain times of the year for KS2 children.

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                                       OFFHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                            CURRICULUM (Cont)


There is a designated ICT suite complete with 30 recently purchased computers. Also each class has
access to a class-based computer. ICT skills are taught in accordance with The National Curriculum and
teachers use ICT to enrich pupil’s learning. Classes have digital projectors and blue tooth interactive writing


Art and design stimulates creativity and imagination. The children are encouraged to reflect their own
personality, feelings and the environment through exploring colour, shape, pattern and texture in two and
three dimensions. They use problem solving to design for a purpose and develop construction skills.
Children look at the work of artists and craftsmen and learn many different techniques.


Through assemblies, class lessons and class projects children are encouraged to think about religion. By
enriching their understanding through examining religious beliefs and practices in the world around us the
school aims to develop their sensitivity and responsibility within their environment. One area which
contributes greatly to school life will be to explore relationships with others and to reflect on areas of
experience which give rise to, and arise from religious issues. The school takes its guidance from the Kent
Agreed Syllabus.

Pupils may be withdrawn from the assembly and/or religious lessons for reasons of conscience. Parents are
asked to put such requests in writing to the headteacher, and to provide an alternative course of study.


This is seen as part of the preparation of the individual child for personal, social and family responsibilities.
The school attempts to give pupils a basic knowledge and understanding of health matters as they affect
themselves and others. Sex education is not taught as a formal subject, but obviously when new babies
arrive in families, and in springtime with baby animals arriving, the topic may arise in conversation and the
children's questions are answered honestly, but not in any great technical depth. Provision is made for all
Year 6 pupils to receive an explanation of their impending change of life at puberty. The school is aware of
the sensitive nature of this subject and is always ready to co-operate with parents in this aspect of
education. Similarly the school is conscious of the role it has in developing a pupil's personal, social, moral
and spiritual well being.


All children are expected to take part in this important part of the curriculum, enabling them to develop their
physical ability in as wide a variety of recreational, athletic and gymnastic activities as possible. They will
then be able to appreciate the joy of physical fitness and well being, and also acquire a desire for
participation in healthy physical activities. Children are expected to take part in all their P.E. lessons, games
periods, and swimming lessons. Appropriate P.E. clothing must be worn for all lessons. (Please see
uniform list.)

Children throughout the school enjoy swimming lessons for part of the year at Larkfield Leisure Centre.
Parents are asked to make a contribution towards the lesson. During the summer term Year 6 children have
an opportunity to develop sailing skills with a qualified instructor. Full details are sent to parents at the
appropriate time. The school has football and netball teams that play matches regularly against other local
schools throughout the season. The school has strong links with secondary schools and other primary
schools that have enabled our children to participate in a wide range of activities.

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                                       OFFHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                           CURRICULUM (Cont)


Children begin by learning how they have changed and by ordering significant events in their own lives.
They move on to learning how the past is different from the present. They find out about people’s lives and
lifestyles by looking at artefacts such as photographs, paintings and old items as well as by interviewing
people about their past experiences.
As children progress they learn about significant people, events and places from both the recent and distant
past. This is taught through the study of local, British, European and world history. Trips are regularly
organised to enable children to see sites and objects at first hand.


In the early years children investigate their local surroundings and contrasting areas of the UK and wider
world. Barnaby Bear features in some of the topics covered which helps engage the children in geographical
enquiry in a fun and exciting way.
During KS2 children investigate a variety of people, places and environments at different scales in the UK
and abroad. They find out how people affect the environment and how they, in turn, are affected by it.


Our approach is to extend and deepen children's responses to music through the activities of listening,
appraising, performing and composing. Opportunities to perform occur regularly throughout the year. The
school invites a variety of performers in to play and work with the children. The school has an orchestra and
choir which meet during lunchtimes or after school and regularly perform in concerts. Instrumental tuition is
also available for 6 year old pupils and is taught by qualified teachers. Application forms and details of fees
are available from the school.


At Offham it is our intention that pupils are made aware of cultures beyond those found in their own
community. The aim is to sensitise young children to the existence of languages other than English, and in
so doing make them aware that these are just a natural and normal means of communicating with other
people. Both in lessons and informal use of foreign languages the emphasis is on having fun. The school
has run a highly successful MFL week for the last two years focussing on a number of cultures and
languages. There are also popular French clubs.


The Foundation Stage aims to provide a range of stimulating learning experiences for the youngest
members of the school. During their first year of school children deepen their understanding by playing,
talking, observing, planning, questioning, experimenting, testing, repeating, reflecting and responding to
adults and to each other. Activities are taught through planned learning experiences of the highest
quality, considering both the children’s needs and achievements and the range of learning experiences
that will help them to progress. Well planned play is a key way in which children learn with enjoyment
and challenge during the Foundation Stage. Careful monitoring of each child’s progress ensures that
their achievements against the Early Learning Goals can be celebrated.

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                                      OFFHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                          CURRICULUM (Cont)


Visits to various places of educational interest are arranged as part of the normal curriculum. Parents are
always informed of these in good time and are asked to make a voluntary contribution to the cost of them.

Every year a week's residential visit is organised for Y6 pupils. Sometimes, when appropriate, Y4 are also
given the opportunity. Y5 pupils also have a five day residential trip to Paris, France.


Pupils in all classes will be set some homework. All children are expected to take home their reading book
and read each evening and to discuss it with their parents. About ten minutes is suggested for this activity.
As children move up through the school additional homework will be set which will include learning spellings
and multiplication tables. Naturally, everything that parents can do to encourage writing and number work
will be of benefit. A " little and often" done with relevance and fun is a good guide.

                                   EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES


After school clubs, usually from 3.30-4.30, are organised to appeal to different groups of children with a
variety of activities. During the year these might include art and craft, sports, languages, chess, music,
cookery, science, environment and sewing depending on the time and talents of the staff, parents and other
members of the local community. These are publicised in the weekly newsletter which children take home
on Wednesdays.


This operates in the school hall on several days through the term and notice is given in the weekly news
letter. The children enjoy the opportunity to choose books and the school benefits from the commission in
the form of additional books for classrooms and the library.


The Road Safety Officer and the local Police Officer visit the school regularly to talk and work with the

Cycling Proficiency Training is organised for ten and eleven year old children during the Spring or the
Summer Term of each year. This takes place in the school and on adjoining public roads, and is supervised
by the Road Safety Officer. Full details are sent to parents at the appropriate time.

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                                         OFFHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                    GETTING READY FOR SCHOOL

It would be helpful if your child could do these things before starting school:-

       1. Recognise their name, especially on clothing.

       2. Know and be able to say clearly their name, address and telephone number.

       3. Do up buttons and zips.

       4. Change shoes, plimsolls and Wellingtons.

       5. Put on and take off apron/overall.

       6. Hang up coat.

       7. Undress and dress for P.E.

       8. Be able to use a knife and fork.

       9. Go to the toilet alone.

       10. Wash and dry hands.

       11. Can take a message correctly.

       12. Understand and carry out an instruction.

       13. Be able to turn to the next page in a book.

       14. Can say please and thank you.

       15. Can sit quietly for a time.

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                                       OFFHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                             SCHOOL RULES


The school day starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3.30pm Monday to Thursday. School finishes at 2.00pm on

The lunch break is from 12.30 to 1.40pm (12.00 to 1.00 on Friday). There is a mid-morning break from
10.30am to 10.45am. Children may wish to bring some fruits, carrots, etc. Children in Key Stage 1 are
supplied with fruit or vegetables daily under the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme.

We especially ask that children do not arrive at school before 8.35am as the school cannot be responsible
for them. When the bell sounds please say your goodbyes and leave children in the playground with the
teacher. In the event of poor weather children may go straight into class at 8.35am.

Please make every effort to be punctual as this ensures a smooth start to the day for both pupil and teacher.
If late report to the school office.


PLEASE LABEL ALL YOUR CHILD’S CLOTHING. This is very helpful, especially when they get changed
for PE etc.

Grey skirt or pinafore (in cold weather grey trousers are allowed), white blouse, red cardigan, jumper or
Offham School sweatshirts/sweatshirt cardigans, red fleece (available from the school), Offham School
waterproof coat, red, white or grey socks or tights, Summer dress - small check in red, PE - red shorts, white
“T” shirt or White Polo shirts (available from school), plimsolls

Grey trousers or shorts, white shirt, red pullover or Offham School sweatshirts, red fleece, (available from
the school), Offham School waterproof coat, grey socks, PE - red shorts, white “T” shirts or polo shirts
(available from school), plimsolls

Offham book bags, PE bags, Winter wool hats and Baseball and Legionnaire summer caps are also

Each child should have a PE bag, clearly named which should be kept on the child’s peg at school. For art
work, we suggest you adapt an old shirt, worn back to front with velcro at the neck and elastic at the wrists.
YR, Y1 & Y2 children are provided with an apron.

We ask all parents to support our policy on uniform. This helps foster a pride in personal appearance and a
pride in being a member of this school. Please note that girls’ skirts should be of a suitable length, i.e. the
hem should touch the floor when in a kneeling position. Sensible footwear should be worn at all times. Girls
must wear flat shoes - fashion shoes with heels or novelty shoes are not permitted. Fashion hair styles, for
example, brightly coloured hair/shaving of heads is not allowed.

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                                      OFFHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                        SCHOOL RULES (Cont.)


Please help us by not allowing children to wear jewellery. The wearing of earrings (for both boys and girls)
is prohibited. Any child found to be wearing earrings will automatically be suspended from school until the
earrings are removed.


Please telephone the school on the first day of absence by 10.00 am, as it helps a teacher to know why a
child is away. This should be followed up by a note sent to the class teacher on your child’s return.
All absences are recorded. An absence without notification is recorded as an unauthorised absence.
Children are encouraged to earn individual certificates for 100% attendance and help their class win the
weekly attendance shield. Attendance is reported at the end of each year. The school considers good
attendance to be very important in raising attainment and developing a positive work ethic.


The law no longer permits children two week's absence during the school year to accompany parents on
annual holidays. Whenever possible, we hope parents will keep to school holidays, as children can be
unfortunate enough to miss a lot of schooling through ill health during the school year. There is never a
good time to take a holiday during school time. Any request for absence should be by means of a letter to
the Head teacher who can only authorise absence in extreme circumstances and if school attendance has
been at least 96%. This includes absence for illness.

Holidays during the Standard Assessment periods for Y2 and Y6 pupils could result in incomplete
assessments and therefore can never be authorised. Holidays leading up to the testing period could result
in a lower performance.

A list of school holidays are on pages 16 and 17.

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                                     OFFHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                        SCHOOL RULES (Cont.)

The beliefs of the school are based upon a warm and caring atmosphere where we recognise the
importance of raising self-esteem and endeavour to provide a positive and supportive learning environment.

"When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments: tenderness for what he is, and respect for what
he may become."
                                                                                            Louis Pasteur.

We believe that the children with whom we work need guidance in dealing with the issues of living and
growing up in today's society. At Offham we provide a positive atmosphere in which children can improve
self-awareness so that major discipline problems do not arise.

To achieve this aim we would expect;
      i) high expectations of achievement;
      ii) acceptance of only the best of and from pupils:
      iii) belief in a warm, supportive climate
      iv) positive attitudes shown towards children
      v) an orderly and structured atmosphere
      vi) use of a wide range of instructional strategies

Unacceptable behaviour is;
      i)    hurting others, physically or mentally
      ii) victimisation
      iii) offensive behaviour or language towards children or adults
      iv) inappropriate or disrespectful remarks
      v) deliberate damage to the school's property or other people's property
      vi) anti-social behaviour such as stealing
      vii) behaviour which is off task, instead of relating to the work in hand
      viii) disruptiveness
      ix) no running inside or between buildings
      x) no leaving class without permission
      xi) no shouting in class situations

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                                      OFFHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                         SCHOOL RULES (Cont.)
As a staff we see praise as being central to all children.

At school we hope to raise each child's self-esteem and self-image through praise, by having a friendly
approach, making children feel valued, by making favourable comments on appearance, valuing good work
and good behaviour.

The school wishes to promote motivation, self-esteem, co-operation, and social competence so that children
have a positive attitude towards school and to reinforce that behaviour through praise and reward. In
special cases, or at their discretion, teachers in each class may award special badges, stickers, send home
notes to parents praising consistent good work and good behaviour. In each class children will be given the
opportunity to suggest and discuss necessary rules and to then make posters promoting these rules and
encouraging positive attitudes and behaviour, so that all children come to know and accept them.

With regard to unacceptable behaviour there will be a range from the mild to the extreme and it is important
to know what sanctions will be used.

For mild forms of inappropriate behaviour a letter will be sent home for parents to sign. The action required
at this stage is to support the school and discuss the incident with the pupils and show disapproval of the
incident, sign and return the acknowledgement to school. The pupil may also be required to send an
apology, written at home which is checked for accuracy and presentation by the parents. It is hoped that the
first letter together with parental support will be sufficient to prevent mild forms of misbehaviour from
recurring. However the school would also observe and record inappropriate behaviour and then may decide
to change that behaviour by prioritising the aspect that perhaps would be the easiest to change.
Physical aggression will result in the loss of playtime, an incident letter sent home, plus the need for an

Moderate to extreme forms of behaviour will be treated fairly and will take account of age and frequency of
incidents. The seriousness of the offence will determine the outcome.
In the first instance a very serious reminder of what is acceptable and what is unsuitable will be discussed
with parents, pupil and the school. If parents and school fail to bring about a change in behaviour and the
same or another serious breach of school rules result, then the school will exercise its right to exclude for
the benefit of the whole school.
If this should happen then parents have a right to appeal to the governors after the school has advised the
parents of the decision. A single incident of extreme behaviour could result in expulsion.

A Positive Partnership
The main aim of the school is to promote and build upon its positive atmosphere in which excellent
behaviour is already the norm for most children. In this parents have a vital role in developing positive
behaviour and positive attitudes and the school greatly acknowledges this support. This positiveness is
promoted and encouraged at Offham. From the very beginning it is important that everyone knows the high
expectations of the school, and for the benefit of the whole school it is also important that everyone knows
the range of appropriate options that the school will use to help support individuals to hopefully succeed in
meeting these expectations.

Education is a partnership with parents, governors and school, working closely together, supporting each
other. It is this support which helps Offham to build upon its excellent reputation.

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                                  OFFHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                            SCHOOL MEALS

School meals are provided by Initial and are transported from Ditton Junior School. The meal consists of
two courses, a substantial main course followed by dessert or fruit and the present price is £2.00 per day.
Payment for meals should be in advance, either weekly on a Monday morning or termly/half termly. Please
send dinner money (cash only) in a sealed envelope with your child's name and amount on the outside.
Dinner money should always be sent separate from other money sent to the school.
Alternatively pay online via or by phone to 01634 290389 Monday – Friday
9.45 am – 3.45 pm (debit cards only).

Some children are entitled to a free school meal if parents' are in receipt of income support. Full details of
these arrangements may be obtained from the Area Education Officer or from the school.

Children are encouraged to try foods new to them and eat their meal in the school hall in a homely

At lunchtimes older children look after younger children and wherever possible seating is arranged in family

Sandwich lunches may be brought to school. Lunch boxes should be provided and clearly named. It is not
school policy for children to bring either chocolate or sweets to school as part of a packed lunch, please
observe this. Also please avoid sending novelty food such as tubes of yoghurt or stringy cheese and foods
that need an adult to open them. In the same way as children taking school lunches develop good table
manners we expect the same from those children taking packed lunches. It is expected that children taking
a sandwich lunch will be self sufficient and be able to open, peel, pour drinks, etc without the need for help
or supervision.

Children may change from school meals to sandwich meals or vice versa and the school asks for ONE
week's notice in writing if the change is from school dinners to packed lunches.

Parents are expected to inform the school, by means of a letter, of any food allergies or any foods that
should be avoided for religious reasons.

At mid morning break children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack, such as fruit and carrots etc.

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Thursday 3rd September – Friday 23rd October 2009
Autumn Holiday – Monday 26th October – Friday 30th October 2009
INSET: Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September

Monday 2nd November – Friday 18th December 2009
Christmas/New Year Holiday – Mon 21st December 2008 – Fri 1st January 2010
INSET: Friday 18th December

Monday 4th January – Friday 12th February 2010
February Holiday – Monday 15th February – Friday 19th February 2010
INSET: None this term

Monday 22nd February – Thursday 1st April 2010
April Holiday – Friday 2nd April – Fri 16th April 2010
(Easter Weekend – Friday 2nd April – Monday 5th April 2010)
INSET: Monday 22nd February

Monday 19th April – Friday 28th May 2010
Early May Bank Holiday – Monday 3rd May 2010
Late Spring Holiday – Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June 2010
INSETS: None this term

Monday 7th June – Friday 23rd July 2010
Summer Holiday – Monday 26th July – September 2010 – Actual date to be confirmed
INSETS: Friday 28 May

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                                   OFFHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                          HEALTH AND SAFETY

Children are never allowed to leave school unaccompanied during school hours, and must be collected from
the office by the parent for dental, hospital or doctor's appointments.

Please report to the school office in the first instance if you are collecting your child or bringing your child
back to school after an early appointment.


Please note that it is not normal school policy to administer medicines to children. Some children have
inhalers or epi-pens which may be kept in school and used under agreed conditions. The school is happy to
discuss any medical issues particular to your child so that they are not unnecessarily excluded from

When a child is taken ill at school, we always attempt to contact a parent, so please make sure that we
ALWAYS have your current home and business telephone numbers and also an emergency number. If
your child is unwell with a heavy cold or upset stomach, please keep them at home to reduce the risk of
infection. In the event of an emergency an ambulance will be called immediately prior to contacting parents.

All children receive routine medical examinations carried out by the school doctor. The school nursing sister
also carries out vision and hearing tests. Parents are notified of all these and are invited to attend the
medical examination. Please let us know if your child has any medical problems and do see the school
doctor to discuss these.


If you discover your child has head lice please inform the school immediately. Your child will need to be kept
at home until treated. One recommended treatment is a lotion, obtainable from your local chemist. The
whole family will need to be treated to prevent re-infection. If the school suspects a case of head lice you will
be contacted and asked to take your child home for treatment as experience shows us that they can spread
very quickly. Regular combing and brushing is a good preventative measure but please help us by routinely


If your child is sick at home, please leave 24 hours before sending your child back to school. This
ensures the bug is not transferred to other children within school.

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                               CHARGING AND REMISSIONS POLICY

The Governing Body recognises the valuable contribution made towards pupils' personal and social life by
the wide range of additional activities such as clubs, educational and residential visits. The Governing Body
aims to promote and provide such activities both as part of a broad and balanced curriculum for the pupils of
the school and as additional optional activities.

An audited statement of school accounts is available for inspection within the school.

The Governing Body reserves the right to make a charge for activities organised by the school in the
following circumstances:-

The board and lodging element of the following residential activities deemed to take place within school
Any residential school journey.
The full cost to each pupil of the following activities deemed to be optional extras taking place outside school
Any visits or clubs outside school hours.
The cost to the pupil for providing the following individual instrumental tuition:-
Through Kent Music School.
The cost of materials, ingredients, equipment (or the provision of them by parents) for any part of the
National Curriculum. The Governing Body may charge for ingredients and materials, or require them to be
provided, if the parents have indicated in advance that they wish to own the finished product.
The Governing Body may, from time to time, amend the categories of activity for which a charge may be
Nothing in this policy statement precludes the Governing Body from inviting parents to make a voluntary
contribution towards the cost of providing education for pupils.

Where the parents of a pupil are in receipt of Income Support or Family Credit, the Governing Body will
assist with the cost of board and lodging for any residential activity that it organises for the pupil, if the
activity takes place within school hours. In other circumstances, there may be cases of family hardship
which make it difficult for pupils to take part in particular activities for which a charge is made. When
arranging a chargeable activity, providing finances allow, the Governing Body ask parents to apply in
confidence for the remission of charges in part or in full. Authorisation of remission will be made by the
Headteacher in consultation with the Chairman of Governors.

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                                 OFFHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                            SCHOOL FUND

This fund exists to supply the school with extra equipment not supplied by the LEA. The income is derived
from voluntary contributions, donations from the PTA and our own in-school fund raising activities.

                                     COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE

The Governors have revised the informal complaints procedure. A full copy is available in the school office.
Should you have a general concern then please contact the school. If it is about a learning anxiety, then
please contact the class teacher.

                           CURRICULUM COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE

The Education Reform Act makes provision for parents to express any concerns they may have about the
curriculum or religious education.

If you have such a concern you should first discuss it informally with the headteacher. If you are still
concerned you should write to the Chair of Governors asking that your complaint be considered by the
Governing Body. If you are still dissatisfied you may make a formal complaint to the Area Education Officer
at the LEA.

It is the wish of the Governors and the LEA that any complaint is dealt with as quickly as possible. The
headteacher will always advise you about the procedure or you may obtain a leaflet from school or the Area
Education Office.

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                                  OFFHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                      PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT

We see education as being a shared responsibility between school and home and parents are encouraged
to help within the school in a variety of ways. Please return the parental help form at the end of this booklet
if you are able to help.


In Term 1 the school holds the first of three consultation evenings. In Term 6 appointments are made if
required, to discuss the end of year written report. If there is an educational or pastoral matter to be
discussed please make an appointment to see the class teacher. Please let the class teacher know if your
child is experiencing any difficulty within school immediately. Similarly should a class teacher feel there is a
problem they will contact you. It is much easier to deal with an anxiety at an early stage, rather than let it
develop into a more difficult problem.


Please use extreme care when bringing or collecting children by car. It is extremely dangerous to drop off
or pick up children directly in front of the school gates or within the yellow zig-zag markings. Please make
every effort to park "neatly" in the car park. Enter by the gates nearest the school and exit at the far end.
Avoid stopping at the top of the steps. Endeavour to reverse into a space and escort children to and from
the playground.


While most of us are dog lovers, it is not school policy to allow dogs on the premises and we would
appreciate your support by keeping dogs away from the school site.


For health and safety reasons, parents and other visitors are asked not to smoke while on the school


In order to maintain a secure environment for our pupils we request that parents only enter the building after
calling at the school office and signing in. They will then be escorted around the building as necessary.
Please do not enter the building through other doorways. Parents wishing to speak to teachers can make an
appointment via the school office or catch staff in the playground at the end of the day. We request that
conversations with staff at the beginning of the day be kept very brief as our main focus is on lesson
preparation and the children at this time. Children need to look after their own belongings and it is helpful if
parents can support us by encouraging children to manage to bring their own things in and out.

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                                 OFFHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL

                                FRIENDS OF THE SCHOOL (P.T.A.)

This school association exists to form a link between school and home and to assist the school by providing
facilities not available from K.C.C. funds. Many fund raising and social activities are organised throughout
the year. As well as raising money, these activities help pull the whole school community together and many
lasting friendships are formed.

If you are interested in helping our school through this association, please contact the school, who will
provide you with further details.

                                     PRE-SCHOOL PROVISION

There are a number of local playgroups, including one at Offham and at Addington. Further details of these
and other playgroups in the locality may be obtained from the school.
A long-term ambition of the school is to have our own feeder pre-school on site.

Finally, the headteacher, staff and governors of OFFHAM PRIMARY School welcome you to our school. It
has always been a very happy community where hard work and enjoyment go hand in hand. We hope that
you and your children will very much enjoy your association with the school - but we do need your support.

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       Our Children’s
   A child that lives with ridicule learns to be timid.

  A child that lives with criticism learns to condemn

  A child that lives with distrust learns to be deceitful.

 A child that lives with antagonism learns to be hostile.

     A child that lives with affection learns to love

A child that lives with encouragement learns confidence.

       A child that lives with trust learns justice.

   A child that lives with praise learns to appreciate.

A child that lives with sharing learns to be considerate.

   A child that lives with knowledge learns wisdom.

 A child that lives with patience learns to be tolerant.

  A child that lives with happiness will find love and

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