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October 2008 Scuttlebutt Newsletter - San Diego Mission Bay Boat


									                                  The Scuttlebutt                            Members Only                             OCTOBER               2008

                                                                                        Issue Highlights:

  Dan Ely                                                                             Mon. Night Football    2
   May 4,                                                                             Commodore Letter       3
   1958—                                                                              Health & Welfare       5
  Sept. 19,
    2008                                                                              Halloween Party        8
                                                                                      Blind Ski Day          9
  His smile
                                                                                      Ski Team              11
   made us                                                                            Coast Guard Class     12
    smile.                                                                            Standing Rules Info   15
  He left too
                                                                                      Election Info         18
                                                                                      Election Bylaws       19
   More on                                                                            Calendar              21
   Page 5
                                                                                      Tide Chart            22
                                                                                      BOD & Committees      23

                                   UPCOMING ELECTIONS
The Club is at a very critical state! Members sup-             First Nominations October 21st
port the club by running for an office. There are
experienced past officer’ that will pitch in and help         Second Nomination-November 4th.
guide you, and you will not be alone. I love this
CLUB as many of you. It is really serious especially
at this time to choose quality leadership. If you
can’ run for an office, volunteer to assist someone
     t                                                           • Elections November 18th •
                                                                  •                           •
that will.                                                                •
                                                                  Vote! • 1 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Volunteer to chair or assist on a Committee. WE                   Offices Open for Candidates:
NEED YOU if the club is to continue. See the Elec-           Commodore:
tion By-Laws for duties of Officers and Board. Do            First Vice Commodore:
we want 68 years of history and hard work of pre-            Second Vice Commodore:
sent and past members go down the drain? Jump                Treasurer:
in and run for an office – WE MUST SURVIVE!                  Financial Secretary:
            Nominations for Officers                         Sergeant at Arms:
                                                             Board of Directors: Three Positions Open
It’ time to starting thinking about the CLUB for             Returning Board:      David Jeffery
                       2009!                                                       Tom Langton
 Plan to be a Candidate or encourage others to                                     Dan Simonz
                   run for Office                         Election Information Continued on Page 18… ..

     You can find our Websites at or or                        Members Only                                   Page 2

                            Monday Night Football – 2008
                             A Variety of Hamburger Choices
                               French Fries— Onion Rings

                               Who is ready for Football?
                            Come Cheer on your favorite Team!

               October 6           Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints

               October 13          New York Giants @ Cleveland Browns

               October 20          Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots

               October 27          Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans

               November 3          Pittsburg Steelers @ Washington Redskins

               November 10         San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals

               November 17         Cleveland Browns @ Buffalo Bills

               November 24         Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints

               December 1          Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans

               December 8          Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers

               December 15         Cleveland Browns @ Philadelphia Eagles

               December 22         Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

               Jan. 5-6            Wild Card Playoffs

               Jan. 12-13          Divisional Playoffs

               Jan. 20             Conference Championships

               February 1, 2009    Super Bowl – XLIII Tampa, Florida

               Feb. 10 -- AFC-NFC Pro Bowl, Honolulu, Hawaii (FOX)

You can find our Websites at or or                           Members Only                                             Page 3

                       A Letter from the Commodore By: Sonya Chandler
October has arrived and that means there a lot of        joy, but we can't always have everything our way. We
energy and exciting things happening at our club.        have to be flexible and considerate of our fellow mem-
Most importantly, it is time for first nominations for   bers. We need to acknowledge that different members
the 2009 Officers and Board at the Flag meeting on       have diverse interests. We need to remember to be
October 21st. Now is the time to think about whom        respectful of such differences. I feel all people have
you want to run for office the next term. That person    good qualities and with the various ages from the
should be YOU!                                           beautiful young children, the vivacious new younger
                                                         members, the midpoint age group and the older set
The First Nominations for the Club Officers is at the    that have gained substantial knowledge with the
October Flag Meeting. It is added fun when you are       years. We all have so much to give to the club.
involved with the Club, commit and run for Office.
The Club objective is for all to work and play to-       Proposed Standing Rules are included in this month’  s
gether to make this a superior Club. Though all my       issue of the newsletter. They will be presented to the
years of volunteering for the Club and other organi-     Board October 14 and to the Flag October 21. Please
zations I have received more in return that what I       compare with the existing rules and prepare for the
gave. Take advantage of the benefits of our mem-         Flag Meeting. A huge thanks to Jesse Espinoza and
bership. Though involvements with the Club mem-          his committee for an exceptional task with this revi-
bers gain confidence, experience to help in all          sion.
phases of the lifetime journey.
                                                         We need volunteers and assistants to Chair some of
I realize this past month was a very challenging one.    the upcoming events. Some of the upcoming activities
The decisions made we considered were in the best        are: Thanksgiving and Christmas at the Club, backing
interest of the Club. There has been a lot of turmoil    with Galley, Monday Night Football, back up Pat Her-
between some of our members. I would like to re-                             s                          s
                                                         nandez with Sylvia’ Angels and the Children’ Christ-
mind all there are many more positive changes than       mas Party. We need volunteers to help with the Adult
negative ones. We need to take this into account         Christmas Party. We have spectacular event planned
and stay focused on our club's future. Let’ focus on     with our VFW. A Big Question – any volunteers to
how to improve our club, count our blessing since        chair a New Years Eve Party or other options? Volun-
we have this perfect location near Mission Bay’     s    teers please notify the Chairperson or me. If you have
fantastic vacationland.                                  any suggestions please let me know. Thanks for all
                                                         your help!
Remember there is something for everyone to en-                         See you at the CLUB.

            2008 Date to Remember - Activities Planned or Organized
 October 21st First Nominations                                  Need Chairperson
 October 31st Halloween Party— Judd Halenza &            December 25th Christmas at the CLUB –
                                Diana Marshall                   Need Chairperson
 November 4th Second Nomination                          December 31st New Years Eve Party –
 November 18th Elections                                         Need Chairperson
 November 27th Thanksgiving Day at the CLUB–             As you will notice lots of members need to lend a
       Need Chairperson                                  hand to keep up the interest for members and guests
 December 5th Christmas Tree & Club Decorating           to come to the Club for us to survive.
 Party                                                   VOLUNTEER and do your part! If any activity is de-
 December 7th Pearl Harbor Day - VFW                     leted please change the Master Calendar. If you add
 December 13th Sylvia’ Angels – Pat Hernandez
                       s                                 an Event please verify if the date is available with the
 December 13 Parade of Lights                            your Commodores and add to the calendar. Your help
 December 20th Children’ Christmas Party–
                         s                               is greatly appreciated.
       Pat Hernandez                                            Thank you, Sonya Chandler, Commodore
 December 20 Adult Christmas Party –
    You can find our Websites at or or                              Members Only                                        Page 4

      GALLEY VOLUNTEERS!                                         FLAG MEETING DINNER
           Galley Volunteers are needed                         Tuesday, October 21st @ 6pm
              for Breakfast & Dinners!
  A Sign up sheet is posted on the Galley door.                       Chicken Pot Pies
  Please mark your name on the list and do your                   or call the Club for Menu
 part. If EVERYONE contributes occasionally it is                   Come early for dinner,
      not too much for the primary volunteers.                   Socialize and attend the Flag
   THANKS - Mike Smith, Galley Chairperson


Served from 10am - 1pm
                                                       WIN $50 !
October 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th
                                               How would like to win $50 for one month
                                                    off of your Dues?

                                                             Sound great ?

                                                  We have a WINNER each month!
                                                      Be part of the meeting!

                                  It’ simple... attend the Flag Meeting and your name (One per Club
                                       membership) will be entered in a drawing for THAT night.
                                                          That’ ONE a month.
Regular Menu & Specials
   Prices starting @ $6                 The winner for the September Flag was Diana Marshall.

       A Fun Time...                The drawing is a lot of fun & your chances are great! See you at
 Come Join the crowd!                         the Flag meeting & drawing! Good Luck!

 Large Parties: Please call
  ahead - (858) 270-0840                         Members & Guests - SIGN IN
           FYI:                  You are WELCOME to bring guests to the Club! These may be future members.
                                 Please be with your guests; when you leave they are required to depart.
  The San Diego Mission
 Bay Boat and Ski Club is        The member is responsible to insure the guests have signed the guest book
 a“  Not for Profit”private      and are provided with a guest badge or alternate identification.
  organization. Activities
 and events referred to in       The guest book will be with the bartender or other selected area. This will as-
                                               sist the bartenders when there is a busy crowd.
  this Newsletter and our
 Websites are specifically       Members are responsible for their guests and their own children, and must be
   for our members and           present with their guests."
        their guests.
                                 MEMBERS, you are ENCOURAGED to bring friends and relatives to join in the
   This newsletter is in-        festivities.
 tended for our Members                            Thanks for your cooperation.

 You can find our Websites at or or                                Members Only                                             Page 5

                  HEALTH and WELFARE — By: Jean Simonz Chairperson
In the Scuttlebutt and at the Flag Meetings we like               BIRTHDAYS                   Please advise if I
to remember members and their families, and ac-                                                    t
                                                                                              don’ have your
knowledge loved ones that are ill or some that have 6                                            Birthday or
                                                                   Diana Marshall               Anniversary.
passed away. On the bright side we like to recog-
nize weddings and the birth of new babies.          9              Jan Troth                      Thanks!
                                                                                               Sonya Chandler
Please leave any items with the Bartenders or call 19             Donald Van Orman III
me @ (858) 456-1406.
                                                            18     Rita Ingram
We will send cards and/or flowers as the occasion
warrants. Thanking you in advance for your help.  20               Jim Dutton

                                                            23     Ron Kirkpatric

                                                            28     Lori Parenti
                         s Celebration of Life”
 Flowers were sent to Dan’ “
                from the Club.                              31     Nancy Lank

                                         DANNY RAY ELY

Dan Ely, 50, passed away September 19, 2008, after his long battle with cancer. He was
born in Hawthorn, Ca. Lived in San Diego for 20 years and worked as an Aerospace Machin-
ist. Dan loved life and will be fondly remember by his many friends for his great sense of hu-
mor, love of music and his abundant generosity.

Danny is survived by his parents, Donald and Sandy of Glendora, CA., his true love of 20
years Tracy Mutz, his daughter Destiney and grandchildren Rees and Nolan, his siblings,
Patty, Robin, Ron, Kathy and Mark, and many aunts, uncles and cousins.

Dan was a long time member of the Club and held many offices and chairmanships. He will
be missed greatly by his friends and family. To be remembered in the hearts of our family
and friends is not to die.

                                         Housekeeping Items
PLEASE SHUT THE GATE DURING NON-BUSINESS HOURS! This has become a major problem, mem-
bers are not shutting the gate when they come in and leave. Cars come in trying to find a short cut to Pa-
cific Beach. Vandals have come in, people and kids are coming in, what are they looking to find? Lets try
to prevent even problems in the future.

Please dispose of Cigarettes butts in ashtrays. They are very difficult to pickup and toxic to our environment.

NOTICE to Fishermen please place your unwanted fish parts in a plastic bag before disposal of them in the
dumpster. The hot weather brings a strong unwanted smell.
                Thanks to all members for your co-operation to keep our Club Clean

  You can find our Websites at or or                            Members Only                                       Page 6

    DO YOU JUST                                WHATYA DOING WEDNESDAYS?
                                                 How About … . Food and Games
 Are you an active member?
     The kind that would be                  Mexican Dinners: OCTOBER 1st & 15th
    Or are you just content.
that your name is on the list?             Viva Italia! Dinners: OCTOBER 18h & 29th
Do you attend the meetings,
  And mingle with the flock?                                 Starts at 6:30pm
  Or do you meet in private
   And criticize and knock?      Followed by A game of Horseshoes or Pool or Ping Pong or Darts
 Do you take an active part,                    or Dice or game of your choice !
    To help the work along?
  Or are you satisfied to be          Bring your family, appetite, skills and only $7. ºº
 The kind who just belongs?
Do you work on committees,
    To this there is no trick;                NO Wednesday dinner on Oct. 22nd.
  Or leave the work to just a
    few, And talk about the
             clique?                                     FRIDAY DINNERS
  Please come to the meet-
   ings often, And help with                           OCTOBER Friday Dinners:
        hand and heart.
    Don’ be just a member,                            October 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th
    But take an active part.
  Think this over, members,                             Dinner served at 6:30p.m.
 You know what’ right from
 Are you an active member,                                 Steak or Alternate
     Or do you just belong?                               Cook your Own Steak

                                                 Come and listen to the Entertainment
                                                 Impromptu Karaoke or the Jukebox
                                                      You too may volunteer!

                                                    Friday— October 31st Halloween Party

                                                        Sonya Chandler, Editor
  NO Game Night                              Boat Club Members - Thanks for the articles this month.
  in Oct., Nov or                                  The Next Scuttlebutt deadline is Wednesday,
                                                   OCTOBER 22, 2008 for the NOVEMBER issue.
       Dec.                         If you change your email please notify me so I may update our database.
                                            If you prefer to receive Scuttlebutt by mail please advise.
 Game Night Will Begin                                                     s
                                  I have limited Anniversary or Birthday’ information; if you are not included
 again on January 28th           please notify me. Need items for Scuttlebutt. Keep up the good work with the
  and then on the last           articles. We really Need PICTURES. Email is great but will take news in any
                                                        form. We need newsworthy items.
   Wednesday each                        E-mailto:; or drop in the Scuttlebutt box.
    month through                         Keep us Updated – this is your Club or Call me (858) 450-6457
                                 You can find our Websites at or or                         Members Only                                     Page 7

                                      BUNCO BABES

                         “Bunco Babes” is cancelled due to
                                 lack of attendance.
                         If you are interested in continuing
                        please let me know. Sonya Chandler

                         LABOR DAY WEEKEND a Success!
“Hot August Nights” Labor Day was a fantastic weekend. Mike Smith cooked the perfect Steam
Boat Roast with all the trimmings. He continued to serve the leftovers throughout the weekend.
“Good eating!” The kids spent the day in the “ Pirate Bouncer.” The attendance was excellent. Pat
Hernandez invited ALL her relatives she has a lot! Chris Smith conducted a very successful oppor-
tunity drawing. Kudos to Chris and her volunteers.

Lyn Benavides was Chairperson for yet another successful “Saucer Party.” Gregg Curtis brought
two young gentlemen to serve the ladies dressed with Tuxedoes, board shorts and slip flops. They
would have been assets on any fashion runway until the jumped into Rose Creek Channel!
“               s
 Jammin”Johnny’ Karaoke followed all this.

                                 OCTOBER Work Party
                              It's time to clean up for the fall.

                            Saturday, October 18, 2008 @ 9am

            We have had some time off so it is time to spruce up the Club again.
          Please plan to attend the Work Party on Saturday, October 18th @ 9 a.m.

We need to:
     **Sweep and strip the parking lot            **Work on the docks
     **Clean the storm drain                      **Paint inside of hall (back/before Holidays)
     **Repair blue chairs                         **Paint front gate
     **Replace or repair the “Slow sign”          **General clean up
            in entrance of Club

We really need all the help we can get. This club depends on volunteers to maintain the
facilities. Please bring your gloves, brooms, rakes, pruning clippers, etc.

Ladies we can use your assistance in the club house for maintenance and clean up.
The trophy case still needs to be straightened up and cleaned.

                                      Hope to see you!

You can find our Websites at or or                        Members Only                                   Page 8

                       Friday October 31st

                   8pm to the creepy hours
                    Party on to terrific DJ music
                           Only $10 each

   Start thinking about your Halloween costume.

Prizes for the best costume, scariest and silliest!

               A Night of Terrifying Fun!

                                            Get Your

  One of the best socials of the year !
   Invite all your friends to the bash
          & dance till you drop!
                         For more info call
                   Diana marshall—858-405-1995
                   Or judd Halenza—858-583-5441
You can find our Websites at or or                            Members Only                                          Page 9

     BLIND SKI NEWS By:              Ron George , Chairperson         CLUB MERCHANDISE
                                                                       Club Merchandise is still available
                                                                       by Internet. You may order ex-
                                                                       actly what you would like, when
                                                                       you want it. No more club mer-
                                                                       chandise that does not sell, incor-
                                                                       rect sizes, etc. It is a great con-
                                                                       venience and saves the club

                                                                       Some Items that are Available

                                                                       The Official Shirt for Club Officers

                                                                       Golf Shirt $18.99,
                                                                       Baseball Cap Sale Price $11.99,
     Sept. 27th was the last one of the 2008 season                    Club T-shirt $9.99,
                                                                       Women's T-shirt $13.99,
September Blind Ski was the last one of the year. Thanks to            Club Women's Pink T-shirt $16.99,
Ben Harwood and Royce Mitchell for providing boats. All the            Yellow Club T-shirt $16.99,
volunteers did a great job to insure the participants had a great      Club Hooded Sweatshirt $29.99,
time. Thanks to Jess Espinoza and crew for preparing and serv-         Club Sweatshirt $22.99,
ing lunch.                                                             Club BBQ Apron S $14.99,
                                                                       Tote Bag $16.99,
The Blind Ski Program gives participants the opportunity to en-        Large Club Mug $15.99,
joy time on the water and learn new skills. The program was            Stainless Steel Travel Mug $15.99,
supported with boats and volunteers from The San Diego Mis-            Club Teddy Bear $13.99
sion Bay Ski Team, The Convair Ski Club and Club members.
                                                                              and many more items.
With out their support the Blind Ski Program would not have
been possible. The kids and adults look forward to these out-     
                    Blind Ski Committee

       The 20th Disabled Water Ski National Championships concluded Aug. 30 in DuQuoin, Ill.

The Disabled Nationals featured the United States' top disabled water ski athletes competing for na-
tional titles in slalom, tricks, jumping and overall. Within each event, skiers who were totally blind (V1).
There were two rounds of competition and event winners were based on a two-round total, while the
overall winners were based on overall points from the best scores of either round.

Scott Leason started water skiing about 6 years ago with the SDMBB&SC blind ski program. Scott
says this has made such a big difference in his life, it keeps him fit, creates a motive in life and he
loves to water ski. Scott is in Division VI at Nationals and skied 2 rounds of slalom and 2 rounds of
tricks. Both rounds of slalom he skied 4 ½ buoys, line 31, @ 18.25 mph. His best trick round was 160
                                          Way to go Scott!
You can find our Websites at or or                       Members Only                                        Page 10

         2009 Boat Club Fundraising Cruise Opportunities              By: Diana Marshall

             NOW is the time to reserve your Cabin for your
                   Boat Club Fundraising Cruise !!
                        ONLY $250 each to BOOK your cabin price.

These deposits are refundable until Nov. 1st if you change your mind, so lock in now for the
                    prices noted below on the cruise that you choose.

So far, the cruise that more of you have selected is the April 5th cruise which sails out of San
Diego. The Alaska Cruise is also a popular one and Lyn Benavides would love some fellow
                           Club member’ to join her on this Cruise.

                          Choose your favorite and lock in NOW !

                   Sails April 5, 2009                   Sails Sept. 9, 2009
                 7-Day Mexican Riviera                7-Day Alaska Glacier Bay
                         Cruise                                Cruise

                          Prices:                              Prices:
              Inside Cabin: $735 per person         InsideCabin: $1032 per person
               Ocean View: $825 per person          Ocean View: $1332 per person
                Balcony: $955 per person              Balcony: $1482 per person
                  Sails from San Diego                Sails from Vancouver BC

  Pick the Cruise that you like the best! All of them qualify for fundraising for the Boat Club.
    ONLY $25 per person to lock in the price; which is REFUNDABLE until Nov. 1st.
         CALL Diana at 858-405-1995 to LOCK in your price BEFORE it increases.

You can find our Websites at or or                                                                              Page 11
                                           Members Only

  San Diego Mission Bay Boat & Ski Team By: Ben Harwood (President 2007-2008)
                                    Ski Tournaments:

                   Saturday, October 4, 7:30am: Class F Tournament

                      October 11-12: Imperial Lakes Pick & Choose

        Saturday, October 25: UCSD Oktoberfest Collegiate Tournament?

          Sunday, October 26: UCSD Oktoberfest Collegiate Tournament

                                2008 Grand Prix Slalom Series

It is getting interesting... Scores are bunched at the top. If you drop the lowest score per skier, the
race is tight. There are five skiers within twenty points of the lead. October, November and especially
December should be exciting. The next competition is Saturday, October 4 with skiing to commence
at 7:30am. November will feature an afternoon affair, kicking off at high noon. And December will
showcase all local dry suits and a fight to the finish. See you there.

Those who slipped on to the island before the 7am bicycle race were treated to some fantastic first
round conditions. Those who missed the opening probably had a very long walk. We goofed with the
announcement regarding the race, but we managed to pull eleven skiers and had a great time doing

The top seven are as follows:

                      SKIER            PRIOR PB          SCORE         +/- BUOYS      POINTS
         1      Eric Dahlgren          3H@36/-32        2@36/-35          3.5           100
          2     Robin Hodges           5H@34/-15        2@34/-22          2.5           95
          3     Mark Gray               1@34/-28        6@34/-22           -1           90
          4     Ben Harwood             5@36/-35        3@36/-35           -2           85
          5     Dave Florence           2@36/-28        6@36/-22           -2           80
          6     Blaine Marsa            2@32/-15        3@30/-15           -5           75
          7     Steve Johnson           4@30/-15        2@28/-15           -8           70

 Weather: Warm, calm and business as usual; second round was a bit more challenging on the wa-
ter, but we all need a good challenge every now and then. Water temperature: 71-72 degrees. Air
temperature: 68 to start and peaking about 75 to finish

  You can find our Websites at or or                                 Members Only                                             Page 12

  BOATING SKILLS & SEAMANSHIP —                                         By: Bob Simons, USCG Auxiliary, 16-1

                              OCTOBER 18th & 19th— 8:30am to 4:30pm

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary's Boating Skills and Seamanship (BS&S) is a comprehensive course designed
for both the experienced and the novice boater. This 13th edition features all new, full-color graphics and up-
dated text.
                                           Topics include:
                         * Dianna Jones--          WHICH BOAT IS FOR YOU? --
                         * Bob Simons--            EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR BOAT --
                         * Bob Simons--            TRAILERING YOUR BOAT --
                         * Dave Galecki--          HANDLING YOUR BOAT --
                         * Chuck Long--            YOUR "HIGHWAY" SIGNS --
                         * Dave Galecki--          THE RULES OF THE NAUTICAL ROAD --
                         * Frank Bird--            BOATING SAFELY --
                         * Bob Simons--            INTRODUCTION TO NAVIGATION --
                         * Ralph Salerno--         POWERING YOUR BOAT --
                         * Dianna Jones--          LINES AND KNOTS FOR YOUR BOAT --
                         * Don Mirkovich--         WEATHER AND BOATING --
                         * Ralph Salerno--         YOUR BOAT'S RADIO --

Many insurance companies will offer discounts on boat insurance to individuals who successfully complete this
course. Individuals who successfully complete the course and exam are awarded certificates and cards.
There is no prerequisite for the class but the book must be purchased and read prior to the class and the home-
work will be collected at the beginning of the each morning.

            The books are available at Seabreeze Books & Charts, 1254 Scott St. in Point Loma.
              The cost of the book is $25.00. The cost for materials will be $15.00 per person.

Classes will be taught at Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club, 2606 Mission Bay Drive. They will start at 8:30 AM
and end at approximately 4:30. This is a two-day class. This will be a very fast moving class and we are going
to be covering a lot of material in a short period of time but there will be plenty of interaction and hands on train-
ing. Additional advanced training is available in many of the subjects.

 You can find our Websites at or or                             Members Only                                             Page 13

                       SUGGESTION BOX — By Corey Mitskevich
  I've moved forward and created a Suggestion Box for the Boat Club; Here’ how it works...
  1) The forms are available at the bar. We may need to relocate it but that’ where they are for peo-
  ple to see.
  2) The Suggestion Box is located under the activity board located at the left end of the bar.
  3) Members or Guests can complete a Suggestion Form and submit it in the box.
  4) The Suggestion Box is locked and I have the key.
  5) On a regular basis, I will check the box for submissions, take the suggestions and transpose
  them to a file.
  6) A Suggestion Box Committee will then review each suggestion and identify if it is applicable.
  7) I will also post a list of all suggestions.

I am selecting club representatives to be on the Suggestion Box Review Committee. The intent is to find two
more people that are not Board Members but representative of our membership. To date, the following people
have agreed to be on this committee:
      1) Corey Mitskevich
      2) David Jeffrey
      3) Tom Langton
      4) Diana Marshall

The intent of the Suggestion Box is to develop a system for people to submit comments and suggestions,
which, in turn, have a formal review. A Suggestion Box Committee will review each suggestion and
decide if it’ applicable and if resources are available to vote on implementation.

                                     DOCKS          By: Tony Williams

I am slowly working on making the docks useable          rejoin the remainder so I can form a tee shape to
and have removed several sections. I would like          be secured against the poles and provide a walk-
to thank, Frank VanSchuylenburch, Tim Paul,              on ramp.
Dave Deyoe, Parker Foster and our newest mem-            Please in the meantime stay off the docks unless
ber Royce Mitchell, for helping remove the old           you are helping me. There are missing boards
boards I have removed in preparation. I will be          and several are very loose and it is not safe at this
moving the floats around in preparation to cut and       time. (858) 967-4706

Chief Mike Smith’ served an assortment of delicious      The maintenance continuously goes on by dedicated
Dinners on September 19tth. The celebration was our      volunteers.
“End of Summer Bash.” Thanks Mike – great party!
Mike Smith is doing a fantastic job in the Galley! The   Ron George has done an incredible job with the Blind
Food is scrumptious! “Down Yonder Along” with Larry      Ski for the season. I am so glad you returned to the
Weddle with his great new sound system provided en-      Club to take care of this program. Thanks so much!
                                                         This year we have made many strides forward to
Tom Langton continues to amaze us keeping the            cleaning, repairing and updating the property. Thanks
grounds in great shape. He continuous to repair, re-     to all the volunteers that work so hard to keep this club
place and complete what needs to be done. Richard        going. We have a lot of new and wonderful members
Decker served an amazing fish dinner and also a Fri-     who show up to help, participate and to also enjoy our
day dinner. Bob Curtis, son Greg and friends as-         club. This is just what we need to keep our club moving
sisted.                                                  forward.

  You can find our Websites at or or                            Members Only                                         Page 14

                                  By : Our Favorite Boat Yard Bullies
Boat Yard Updates:                Dave Deyoe, Joe Balita and Frank Van Schuylenburch

Just to let everyone know, the City requires we do something about the not currently registered boats
and trailers. If you've forgotten to put the sticker on your boat and trailer please come down and do
it. If it isn't currently registered, you need to bring it up to date. Please be sure your boat conforms to
Club rules.

                                           Club Yard Rules:

               Insurance: rules apply to all boats and trailers that are kept at the club Boat Storage
               Requirements: Minimum of $100/300 Thousand Liability insurance.
                        List the Club as "Additional Insured".
               Provide "Proof of Insurance" to the Club.
               Provide copy of "DMV Registration" to Club.
               Vessel and trailer Registration Stickers must be current and on the boat.
               Trailers & boats must be operational i.e.; tires aired up, etc
               Rental Agreement must be current.
               Boat Storage is limited to members only and designated Satellite groups.
               Remove weeds and trash around boats regularly
               No Fueling or repairing boats on premises
               Boat Storage to contain no junk, personal property, liquids (water) of any type or
                        Hazardous materials (oil & etc.).
               No painting of boats on premises
               Tie down tarps, replace worn tarps, and remove water standing in boats and repair flat tires.
                        Remove all debris including boat parts.
               No canopies allowed.
               No new sheds to be moved into the boat yard spaces
               Storage Lockers acceptable and not to exceed 3”H x 6” L 4 x W.
               Areas around boat and fence to be maintained
               Abandoned Boats, Trailer and equipment to be removed

Boat Spaces are available. New members with boats are not to be moved in without approval of the
Boat Yard group, they must have the proper paperwork and be members of the Club.

If you have any questions please contact Boat Yard Chairman Dave Deyoe, Joe Balita or Frank Van-
Schuylenburch. We appreciate your cooperation and we need all of you to help.

                              Wishing you safe and Happy Boating!

  You can find our Websites at or or                              Members Only                                                Page 15

                2008 SDMBB&SC Standing Rules                             By: Chairman, Jess Espinoza

      San Diego Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club                              and guests and for the observance of all Club
 Standing Rules for the Club and Clubhouse                        2.6    All members are required to report any
                                                                         suspicious activities including vandalism, theft
 PLEASE READ THESE RULES CAREFULLY                                       and unlawful acts to an officer or Board member f
                                                                         or proper response.
                      1.0 Definitions                             2.7    SDMBB&S Club is not responsible for any
                                                                         personal items left on the property by members
1.1      The Club (Aka Club Property) is defined as the                  or non-members.
         entire physical area of the San Diego Mission
         Bay Boat & Ski Club here in referred as                                       3.0 Alcohol
         SDMBB&SC and its membership.
1.2      The Clubhouse is defined as the boundaries               3.1    The Clubhouse will be the definition used for the
         created by the walkways (north of the club) and                 purposes of the Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC)
         rear storage fence (south of the club adjacent to               Commission rules. No alcohol may be brought
         the street) and extending out from the club to the              into the Clubhouse area that has not been
         walkway adjacent to the creek (west).                           purchased at the Clubhouse with the exception of
1.3      Children are defined as anyone under the age of 1               City of San Diego approval and ABC regulation
         8 years old.                                                    permit compliance. All permits shall be held at
1.4      Pets are defined as any small domestic animal that              the Clubhouse during such events.
         is allowed by the State of California, County of San     3.2    No glass containers shall be carried out from the
         Diego and City of San Diego.                                    internal bar, plastic cups shall be provided.
1.5      Clubhouse business hours shall be posted at the
         bar.                                                                            4.0 Pets
1.6      Bar is defined as area from the bar (north) to the
         galley (south), to the external east and west double     4.1   Only SDMBB&SC members may bring pets on
         doors.                                                         premise. Dogs, cats and other domestic animals
                                                                        must be on a leash or caged. During special hours
                        2.0 General                                     pets may be allowed to run free provided that the
                                                                        pet owner is present and pets are in good health.
2.1      Disorderly conduct is prohibited on all Club                   No more than 3 pets per owner during the hours of
         property. This includes offensive, obscene,                    3PM to 9PM (Monday through Friday) and the
         abusive, threatening, provocative language or                  hours 9AM to 9PM (Saturday and Sunday).
         behavior.                                                      Owners are responsible for cleanup after any pet
2.2      It is the responsibility of members to be familiar             they bring to the club. Pet owners must abide by
         with the Club’ Standing Rules and to abide by
                        s                                               San Diego County and City of San Diego regula-
         them.                                                          tions for animals. Pets are not allowed in the inte-
2.3      Any instance of disorderly conduct shall be brought            rior Clubhouse with the exception of those ap-
         to the attention of an officer or Board Member for             proved by the State of California and San Diego
         proper response.                                               County for the impaired. Pets are not allowed on
2.4      Members are responsible for and must be present                National holidays, on the patio when food is being
         with their guests and their children. Non-members              prepared and served from the patio or during other
         must be signed in as guests by a member. Guest                 special events as designated by the board of direc-
         of the age 21 and older shall be issued a                      tors. Pet owners will be responsible for any dam-
         wristband. No one can sign for a member who has                age, repairs, maintenance or legal fees that are a
         been read out in bad standing.                                 direct result of actions by the owners’pets.
2.5      Members are responsible for the conduct of their               SDMBB&SC reserves the right for additional
         dependents and their guests while on the Club                  compensation for damages, fines, assessments
         premises. Unbecoming conduct by members and/                   and legal fees. Pet owners shall not hold the
         or their quests shall be cause for disciplinary action         SDMBB&SC responsible for the health of their pets
         by the Board. Members also are responsible for                 or actions by their pet or other pets brought to the
         any damages or loss caused by their dependents                 club.                        Continued on page 16

      You can find our Websites at or or                             Members Only                                                Page 16

            2008 SDMBB&SC Standing Rules — Continued from page 15
                       5.0 Children

5.1      Children of club members may not be at the club          10.0 Rules for Recreational Vehicle Parking
         without adult supervision.
                                                                10.1     No long term RV parking is allowed.
                 6.0 Guest and Visitors                         10.2     Vehicles must not exceed 5 miles per hour on the
                                                                         club grounds. All boats and vehicles must be
6.1      Whenever a boat or other possession is advertised               parked in the assigned areas as applicable.
         for sale, a club member must be present when the       10.3     RV parking is secondary to boat or club member
         prospective buyer arrives. A member must                        parking. Vehicle parking is first come first serve
         accompany workers employed by members at all                    with the exception of pre-designated assigned
         times.                                                          parking. Parking enforcement for unauthorized
                                                                         vehicle is $20 dollars per day up to 7 days. On
                       7.0 Security                                      the 8th consecutive day of unauthorized parking
                                                                         the club may tow vehicle at owners expensive.
7.1      Club members are responsible for opening and                    Short term authorized parking may be obtained
         closing the main gate when entering and leaving                 from the club by completing the appropriate form
         the SDMBB&SC during Clubhouse non-business                      (s). Authorization will be obtained from one of
         hours. The bartender is responsible for opening                 the following: Commodore, First Vice Commo-
         the gate during Clubhouse business hours that are               dore, Second Vice Commodore or Sergeant at
         posted at the bar. The front gate will be closed                Arms. The owner will be provided an authoriza-
         by the bartender as he or she leaves.                           tion tag which will contain owners name, phone
                                                                         number, date of approval, expiration of author-
      8.0 Rose Creek Docks and Ramp to Launch                            ized parking and Club officer approval. Tag must
                                                                         be clearly placed inside vehicle where it will be
8.1      Until Docks are repaired/rebuilt they are off limits            visible from the exterior. SDMBB&SC will not be
         to members, boats and equipment per the request                 held accountable for any damage, stolen items or
         of the City of San Diego.                                       vehicles that become inoperative. The Tag
8.2      As required by the City of San Diego, the Boat                  authorization will not exceed 7 consecutive days.
         Launch Ramp shall remain blocked to prevent                     Stays extending beyond 7 consecutives days will
         boats and jets skis from launching. Outriggers and              require a new application and approval by the
         Kayaks are allowed to use at their own risk.                    board officers.
8.3      The club is not responsible for physical injury,       10.4     Any RV or short term parked vehicle at the club
         health and hazards to members, guests, family,                  must be in running order, licensed and able to
         workers and or pets due to the condition of Rose                move under its own power.
         Creek.                                                 10.5     Parking is free on National Holidays. All other
                                                                         times RV parking rate is $10 per day and apply to
                                                                         every day of the year.
                         9.0 Galley
                                                                10.6     Under no circumstance can effluent or waste
                                                                         water be discharged into the creek or on club
9.1      The rules and regulations for the galley shall be               grounds. Owners will be assessed all fees, fines
         posted.                                                         and penalties imposed by US Government,
9.2      The member hosting or sponsoring a private event                California State Government, San Diego County
         or private party is responsible for all clean-up and            and City of San Diego. SDMBB&SC will not be
         must return the kitchen and facilities to their                 held accountable for actions of this nature. An
         original condition. The hosting or sponsoring                   additional $300 fee and any legal fees incurred
         member shall also be responsible for the repair of              will be imposed; this is in addition to any
         all damage which may occur during a private event               Government fee, penalties and or fines.
         or private party.                                      10.7   A copy of these rules will be made available to any
                                                                       RV, motor home or trailer planning to stay over-

                                                                                                 Continued on page 17

      You can find our Websites at or or                                  Members Only                                                 Page 17

           2008 SDMBB&SC Standing Rules — Continued from page 16
           11.0 House Keeping and Boat Storage                             is prohibited. No liquids of any type may be
11.1    All boat owners with approved storage are                  11.10   New member overnight boat storage is allowed
        responsible to keep his or her property in a clean                 with approval of the Boat Yard Chairman. They
        and safe condition.                                                must have the proper paperwork, pay all fees and
11.2    Remove weeds and trash around boats regularly                      be a member of the Club.
        and areas around boat and fence to be
        maintained. Remove all debris including boat                               12.0 Rules for the Bar
        parts.                                                     12.1    Smoking is prohibited in bar per California State
11.3    Abandoned vehicles, trailers, boats, jet skis, etc.                Law. No Pets are allowed in the interior Bar with
        are not permitted on property. All boats and                       the exception of allowed by the State of
        personal watercrafts must have a current boat                      California, County of San Diego and City of San
        registration numbers (CF#) sticker displayed.                      Diego for the impaired.
        Boats and trailers are to have current registration        12.2    No children without adult supervision. Children
        and license plates, as mandated by the State                       must be out of the bar by 9:00PM. The
        ordinances. No boats, cars, trailer, etc. may be                   exceptions include special permits that have City
        stored on blocks. Proof of current insurance and                   of San Diego approval or authorization.
        DMV registration is also required. Vessel and              12.3    No one under 21 can sit at bar (including bar
        trailer registration stickers must be current on any               games)
        stored trailer or boat. If a vehicle or trailer does not   12.4    No glass allowed outside building including the
        have properly inflated tires, or a current tag, or has             Sandbox.
        other deficiencies that render it inoperable, it is        12.5    Alcohol not purchased at the bar is not allowed in
        considered derelict. The storage of derelict                       the Clubhouse. The exceptions include special
        vehicles and equipment is prohibited. Vehicle                      permits that have City of San Diego approval or
        owner shall bring boat, trailer or equipment back to               authorization.
        working order unless a waiver is granted by the            12.6    Bartender may request I.D. Must be 21 years of
        Board of Directors. After 60 calendar days the                     age to purchase and consume alcohol.
        equipment, trailer, vehicle or boat will be discarded      12.7    Lewd, violent or obscene conduct is not allowed.
        or towed at owner’ expense.                                        Bartender is required to terminate service to
11.4    Commercial vehicles of any kind are prohibited                     individuals who violate this rule. Individuals
        from being stored in club areas.                                   conduct must be reported to the Board of
11.5    All Rental Agreements must be current. Boat                        Directors.
        Storage is limited to members only and designated          12.8    Members may not go behind the bar without
        Satellite groups.                                                  permission.
11.6    No Fueling or repairing boats on premises.                 12.9    Bar hours are to be posted at all times. The Club
11.7    No painting of boats on premises. Worn Tie-down                    may close early at the discretion of bartender.
        and worn tarps are to be replaced.                         12.10   The Bar manager or bartender has the right to
11.8    No canopies or new sheds are to be moved into                      temporally remove a member from the bar if the
        the boat yard spaces. Storage lockers are accept                   individual is considered unruly or belligerent. The
        able and are not to exceed 4’(H) x 6’(L) x 3’(W).                  bar manager or bartender must refer that
        Member name and membership number shall be                         member to an officer or to the Board of Directors
        listed on the storage locker.                                      for proper response or disciplinary action as
11.9    Storage of any flammable or hazardous material                     deemed appropriate.            -END-

The SDMBB&SC 2008 Standing Rules are updated 2008. The Board of Directors will review October 14, 2008 and the
Flag Members will review October 21, 2008. Please analyze and provide input to the Board and Jess Espinoza.
Proposed Standing Rules: These rules have been updated to clearly reflect the clubs' mode of operation, member-
ship responsibilities and to capture key policies requested by the City of San Diego. Over 20 existing Standing Rules
from various recreational clubs throughout the United States were reviewed, debated and tailored for use. The commit-
tee was comprised of new and existing members with backgrounds from engineering, education, public accounting and
business who are committed in the advancement of the clubs' objective. We embodied and held true the clubs charter
of "providing water sports, relaxation, entertainment, and pleasure to its' members, to promote the City of San Diego as
a recreational center and to contribute to the support of such charitable institutions". Our hope is that you will find these
Standing Rules of quality level that meets the clubs' needs and standards.

    You can find our Websites at or or                            Members Only                                     Page 18

                    ELECTION INFORMATION —                           Continued from Page 1

Club Members & Candidates: Please note: There              IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT WE HAVE A QUORUM
are two Flag Meetings in November. Now is the time          AT BOTH FLAG MEETINGS. PLEASE PLAN TO
to seriously consider running for office or support          ATTEND EVEN IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN AT-
other members. We need lots of competition; it’       s     TENDING. WE APPRCIATE THIS AND THANK
more fun! To place campaign promo in November                       YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
Scuttlebutt, email to: Limit:
to ½ page for Commodores or l/4 page for other offi-      Candidates: Positions are open, competition wel-
cers. There is a challenge for the best campaign slo-     come!!! Run for Office and persuade others to run.
gans! Place flyers and posters around the Club in         Please obtain members’ acceptance prior to nomi-
strategic spots. This is a critical year and is impera-   nating them for office.
tive that strong; capable, dependable, leadership
represents our club for continued success.                                         Remember to VOTE!
                                                                            Please Note: according to the By
Also it’ the time of year to recognize hard working                         Laws: Section 6, “a Member who
members that have gone above and beyond the call                            owes any monies more than
of duty; take time to select that someone special. At                       sixty (60) days delinquent shall
elections, vote on the “   Man and Women of the                             not be considered a Member in
Year!” Please consider individuals that have not                            good standing and shall not be
previously been recognized for the position. There                          entitled to a voice or vote in any
are many individuals that should be “      Man and        meeting” (including the Elections).         The dead-
Women” every year but only one man and one                line for paying dues current to vote is Sunday,
woman receives this mark of distinction. Each time        November 16, 2008. The By Laws for voting proce-
the award is received it is wonderful and a great         dures are included in this issue of Scuttlebutt.
honor!                                                          See you at the nominations and polls.

                     Election Committee Chairperson                    By Marilynn Morton

                         As Nominating Chairper-                        Let me know ASAP!!
                         son I will present the
                         slate of Officers for 2009       If interested in an Office and would like to know
                         at the Flag Meeting Tues-        more about the positions or the duties of the Of-
                         day, October 21, 2008.           ficers and Board, please contact any of the
                                                          Board Members or myself.
Some of the current Officers and Board may
plan on continuing please let me know who will            The By-Laws that pertain to the duties of the Of-
continue. If you are a candidate for an Office            ficers and Board are included in this issue of
please advise and we will place your name on              Scuttlebutt. We need new members on the
the Slate of Officers for October.                        Board of Directors. Please volunteer.

    Please Email to                   I have volunteered for the position of Election
             or call (858) 272-8272.                      Committee Chairperson. Members are needed
Do you have any suggestions for other mem-                for the Election Committee to run the polls and
bers to run for office? You also have the option          tellers to count the ballots.
of running from the floor; Members must be pre-
sent and give permission to place your name as            If you have any questions please give me a call.
a candidate.                                              (858) 450-6457

    You can find our Websites at or or                                Members Only                                             Page 19

                                       BYLAWS ON ELECTIONS
           San Diego Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club – By-Laws Regarding Elections and Officers Duties

                                              ARTICLE VII – ELECTIONS
SECTION 4. REGULAR BALLOTING: Elections shall be conducted on the day of the second Flag Meeting in November
at the San Diego Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club. Voting may be done that day at the Clubhouse beginning at 1:00 p.m.,
and continuing until closing at 7.3O p.m. except for a possible "run of f" ballot, which will be decided by the members
present at the normal Club meeting.
SECTION 5. All ballots shall be numbered. This number shall be separated from the ballot and the ballot deposited into
the ballot box by a member of the Election Committee. The number will be returned to the voter and MUST BE RE-
TAINED by the voter. In case of a "run off" ballot, this number must be surrendered to the Election Committee to receive
a "run off" ballot.
Caution: The Election Committee may require any member to show identification. A valid club card, drivers license etc is
adequate, and must be shown upon request.

SECTION 6. ABSENTEE BALLOTS: Any member having a valid reason that requires an absentee ballot must request
sad ballot, in writing and stating the reason, from the Commodore. The Commodore shall issue to each member, whom
he deems eligible, an absentee ballot. The voter must adhere to the following procedures to return the ballot to the Club.

1. Place the marked ballot in a sealed envelope.
2. Print their name and sign the sealed envelope. DO NOT SIGN THE BALLOT.
3. Place the sealed envelope in an outer envelope and return by mail to the Financial Secretary.
4. The Financial Secretary must receive the ballot prior to the close of election at 7.3O pm on
   Election Day for the ballot to be counted.

SECTION 7. OUT OF COUNTY BALLOTS: The out of county member must request, in writing, no later than ten (10)
days before election, their desire and intention to vote in the election. This shall be done through the Financial Secre-
tary. A ballot will be mailed to the requesting and eligible member, and shall be returned in the following manner:

1. Place the marked ballot in a sealed envelope.
Print their name and sign the sealed envelope. DO NOT SIGN THE BALLOT.
Place the sealed envelope in an outer envelope and return by mail to the Financial Secretary.
The Financial Secretary must receive the ballot prior to the close of election at 7.3Opm on Election Day for the ballot to
    be counted.

SECTION 8. It shall be the responsibility of the Commodore to cause the above Sections 4, 5, 6 and 7 to be published in
the October and November issues of the Scuttlebutt.

                                        ARTICLE VIII - BOARD OF DIRECTORS
SECTION 1. The Board of Directors shall be elected by the Flag Membership and consist of the Commodore, the First
Vice Commodore, the Second Vice Commodore, the Treasurer, the Financial Secretary, the Secretary, the Sergeant at
Arms, and six (6) other Flag Members as provided in these Bylaws. The position of Rear Commodore shall be filled by
the immediate past Commodore and shall become a member of the board. The term of office of the elected Directors
shall be for two (2) years, however, three (3) of their number shall be elected each year for a two (2) year term starting
on January First (1st) and ending on December thirty first (31st) of the second year.

SECTION 2. The Board of Directors shall conduct the business of the Club and perform such other responsibilities not
specifically reserved to the membership herein.
SECTION 3. Seven Directors shall constitute a quorum, except as hereinafter provided.
SECTION 4. If a vacancy shall exist on the Board of Directors, those remaining Directors present at a regular meeting,
or at a special meeting called for the purpose, shall have the power to fill such vacancy. If only one (1) Director shall re-
main, he shall have the power to fill all vacancies, except that the Flag Members shall have the power upon written no-
tice to the Commodore by five (5) or more, to hold an election and elect Directors who shall replace the Directors so
elected by the remnant of the Board of Directors.
SECTION 5. If a vacancy shall exist in the elective offices of the Club, to which succession is not herein provided, the
Board of Directors shall elect from the membership a person to complete the unexpired term of the vacated office.
                                                                                                  Continued on Page 20...

    You can find our Websites at or or                                Members Only                                            Page 20

                      BYLAWS ON ELECTIONS—                              Continued from Page 19
SECTION 6. The Commodore shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors. He shall run the meeting according
to Robert’ Rules as defined for a Board of Directors with twelve or more Directors. He shall have one (1) vote in all mat-
ters coming before the Board and an additional vote if such is necessary to break a tie.

SECTION 7. Any Flag member in good standing shall be eligible to be elected as a Director.
SECTION 8. The Board of Directors shall meet on notification by the Commodore, or by any four (4) Directors, as soon
after the installation of Officers as practicable, and thereafter according to a schedule established by the Board of Direc-
tors. Special meetings may be called by the Commodore, or by any four (4) Directors, provided that each Director shall
have been notified in person or by telephone not less than twenty four hours (24), or by first class mail to his last known
address not less than forty eight (48) hours prior to such meeting.

                                              ARTICLE IX – OFFICERS
SECTION 1. The elective Officers of this Club shall be:
1. Commodore.                                   4. Treasurer                       7. Sergeant at Arms.
2. First Vice Commodore.                        5. Financial Secretary.
3. Second Vice Commodore.                       6. Secretary.

SECTION 2. Their terms of office shall be January 1, to December 31.

SECTION 3. COMMODORE. The duties of the Commodore shall be those ordinarily delegated to a President, and shall
include presiding at all meetings and enforcement of all rules and regulations of the Club. He shall cause an audit and
inventory to be made during the months of July and January of each year and shall report the results of same to the
Board of Directors. He shall also assume the office of Rear Commodore for the year following his term as Commodore.

SECTION 4. FIRST VICE COMMODORE. The duties of the First Vice Commodore shall be to assist the Commodore in
the performance of his duties and to preside in his absence. In the event of death, disability or resignation of the Com-
modore, he shall succeed to this office for the remainder of the term of office.

SECTION 5. SECOND VICE COMMODORE. The duties of the Second Vice Commodore shall be to assist the Commo-
dore as directed. If for any reason there shall be a vacancy in the position of First Vice Commodore, he shall succeed to
this office for the remainder of the term of office.

SECTION 6. TREASURER. The duties of the Treasurer shall be to receive all monies from the Financial Secretary and
pay same out upon order of the Commodore, with the approval of the Board of Directors; keep a joint and accurate ac-
count thereof; and to make reports at the meetings of the membership. He or she shall keep the funds of the Club on
deposit in a reputable bank and/or shall invest the same as directed by the Commodore upon approval of the Board of
Directors. Disbursement shall be made by check, signed by any two of the following: The Commodore, the First Vice
Commodore or Second Vice Commodore, or the Treasurer. Checks may not be signed by two (2) members of the same
SECTION 7. DEATH OR DISABILITY. In the event of death, resignation or disability of the Treasurer, the Commodore
shall be custodian of the funds and documents until a successor is named as herein provided. A replacement Treasurer
shall be elected by the Board of Directors within 30 days.
SECTION 8. FINANCIAL SECRETARY. The duties of the Financial Secretary shall be to collect all monies due to the
Club, pay the same over to the Treasurer, and take a receipt there— for, maintain a true and accurate list of members,
and other such duties as the Commodore may prescribe.

SECTION 9. SECRETARY. The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep the minutes of the meetings as required by
these By Laws, and such other secretarial duties as the Commodore may require.

SECTION 10. SERGEANT AT ARMS. The duties of the Sergeant-At-Arms shall be to keep order at meetings, police
and protect the property of the Club, and other such duties as the Commodore may require.
SECTION 11. REAR COMMODORE. The Rear Commodore shall assist the Commodore in a smooth transition and in
other matters as mutually agreed. In the event the Rear Commodore is either disabled or no longer a member the posi-
tion shall remain vacant until such time as the position is filled by the natural succession of current Commodore to Rear

    You can find our Websites at or or                                Members Only                                      Page 21

                                   October 2008
                        San Diego Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club
    Sun                Mon             Tue               Wed              Thu             Fri              Sat
                                                     1                2              3                4
October is
 Month                                               Mexican Dinner VFW Meeting      Friday Dinner        Wedding
                                                                    6pm                                   Reception

5   Convair Ski    6              7                  8                9              10               11
Club 8am-11am
Ski Tournament                                                                                        Sanction Ski
Hidden Anchorage                                                                                      Tournament
7:30am             Monday Night                      Italian Dinner                  Friday Dinner    Imperial Lakes
 BREAKFAST           Football

12 Convair         13             14                 15               16             17               18
Ski Club           Columbus Day                                                                        Work Party
   8am-11am                       Board Meeting                                                           9am
Ski Tournament                    7pm                                                                  Coast Guard
Imperial Lake      Monday Night     Convair Ski      Mexican Dinner                  Friday Dinner      Auxiliary
 BREAKFAST           Football      Team 6:30pm                                                           Classes

19 Convair         20             21                 22               23             24 United        25
Ski Club                              Dinner 6pm                                     Nations Day
  8am-11am         IKOCC Board                  NO Dinner
 BREAKFAST         Meeting        FLAG Meeting
 Coast Guard                         7:30pm                                                           Birthday Party
    Auxiliary      Monday Night   First Nomina- Scuttlebutt                          Friday Dinner    1pm
    Classes          Football          tions    Deadline

26 Convair 27                     28                 29               30             31 HAPPY
Ski Club                                                                              HALLOWEEN
                                                                                     Friday Dinner
 BREAKFAST         Monday Night                      Italian Dinner   VFW Board         Boat Club
                     Football                                         Meeting           Halloween
                                                                      7pm                 Party

                                                                           Note: Chairpersons:
                                                                           Halloween Party: Judd Halenza &
                                                                                            Diana Marshall
                                                                           Dinner’ Chef Mike Smith

    You can find our Websites at or or                        Members Only                                      Page 22

You can find our Websites at or or                           Members Only                                     Page 23

                                          The Scuttlebutt

                                   San Diego Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club
                  2606 North Mission Bay Drive, San Diego, CA 92109; Phone: (858) 270-0840
              Websites: or or
                                    Originated March 4, 1940 - 68 years
                                                Members Only

                                     October 2008— Club Officers
 Commodore:                           Sonya Chandler                 (858) 450-6457
 Rear Commodore:                      Pat Hernandez                  (619) 275-1353
 First Vice Commodore:                Judd Halenza                   (858) 583-5441
 Second Vice Commodore:               Jim Dutton                     (858) 708-3209
 Treasurer:                           Jean Simonz                    (858) 456-1406
 Financial Secretary:                 Roger Bradley                  (619) 508-6822
 Secretary:                           Darren Ryland                  (858) 337-9352
 Sergeant at Arms:                    Corey Mitskevich               (619) 807-2005
 Board of Directors:                  David Jeffery                  (619) 226-3469
                                      Tom Langton                    (858) 565 0778
                                      Dan Simonz                     (858) 692-5129
                                      Carlene Steele                 (858) 547-1616 x308
                                      Don Webb                       (858) 562-7505
                                      Kevin Witherell                (858) 357 3675

                                          Committees for 2008
 Athletic Director                    Gordon Parham                  (858) 453-5141
     Assistant – Ikuna Koa            Mike Lawson                    (760) 753-5943
 Bar Manager                          Dan Simonz                     (858) 692-5129
 Blind Ski                            Ron George                     (858) 279-7384
 Boat Yard Manager                    Dave Deyoe                     (858) 271-4614
     Assistant                        Joe Balita                     (858) 270-0840
     Assistant                        Frank VanSchuylenburch         (858) 560-5363
 By Laws & Standing Rules             Jess Espinoza                  (858) 349-3007
 Club Move                            Tim Paul                       (858) 279-8541
 Coast Guard Auxiliary                Bob Simons                     (619) 294-4137
 Convair Ski Team                     Amy Rasdal                     (858) 863-4755
 Galley                               Mike Smith                     (858) 518-4796
 Game Night                           Diana Marshall                 (858) 405-1995
 Health & Welfare                     Jean Simonz                    (858) 456-1406
 Club Membership                      Judd Halenza                   (858) 583-5441
 Merchandise                          Jim Dutton                     (858) 708-5209
 Patios                               Pat Hernandez                  (619) 275-1353
 Photo Board                          Nancy Johnson                  (858) 272-9285
 Rental                               Pat Hernandez                  (619) 275-1353
 Scuttlebutt Editor                   Sonya Chandler                 (858) 450-6457
 Ski Team President                   Ben Harwood          
 Social Contact                       Sonya Chandler                 (858) 450-6457
 Site Improvements                    Tom Langton                    (858) 565 0778
 Suggestion Committee                 Corey Mitskevich               (619) 807-2005
 Telephone Chairperson                Marilynn Morton                (858) 272-8272
 Wakeboarding Action                  Corey Mitskevich               (619) 807-2005
 Website                              Diana Marshall                 (858) 405-1995

You can find our Websites at or or
San Diego Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club
2606 N. Mission Bay Drive
San Diego, CA 92109

      Halloween Party
        October 31st

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