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                                                                              Iyar/Sivan/Tammuz 5771 • June/July 2011

The David S. Stone Hebrew Academy of Toledo:
                                                     Beginning to End
By Marjorie E. Siegel,                                   Joseph Judis, of blessed memory. Unfortunate-         Ruthie Baram and Marcia (Eiser) Grossman.
Principal                                                ly, because it didn’t gel immediately, it did           Ruthie Kalisher was the school secretary,
                                                         not actually function until 1966, when                     and Mendel Eiser did the bookkeeping.
    Author's note: With the closing of the Hebrew        a preschool and kindergarten were                                Parents and professionals were
Academy, the following article was written to trace      opened with 25                                                                       motivated by
back to its roots, taking the school full circle. How-   students in the                                                                       a shared vision
ever, without time for thorough research, names of       two classes.                                                                         that included
people whose contributions were significant may               The school was                                                               learning from the
have been omitted and some of the dates may be           housed at Meadow-                                                               teaching and cel-
inaccurate. Ultimately, I am hopeful that the            brook Court Syna-                                                             ebration of Jewish
totality of the article will give the reader a broader   gogue. Among the found-                                                    holidays and Hebrew
sense of the history of the David S. Stone Hebrew        ers were Morris and                                                           language, all with a      Page 13
Academy of Toledo.                                       JoJo Fruchtman, Phil                                                            heartfelt focus on      Hebrew Academy's Kitah Alef
    In the beginning, it wasn’t a new idea. It had       and Inge Horwitz,                                                                  Israel. The high-    (First Grade) receives prayer books
been tried twice before but unsuccessfully. So           Ted and Sonja                                                                        est standards of
when Rabbi Ephraim Zimand said he wanted                 Pinsky and Dick                                                                      kashrut were
to start a Jewish Day School, the idea was met           and Debbie Schectman. The Blade                               observed, boys’ heads were covered
with some understandable skepticism. Fortu-              gave credit for this success to Rabbis                      and there was a commitment to making
nately, at the time there was a core of people           Nehemiah Katz, of blessed memory, and                     certain that the standards would allow
who were excited about the idea of day school            Ephraim Zimand as well as to Dr. Judis                 every Jewish student to be comfortable in
education for their children and who wanted              and the Academy’s board of trustees. Rabbi           the school. The school, from its inception,
to make it work.                                         Zimand, the orthodox rabbi of Meadowbrook          was projected to be a community school,
    The Hebrew Academy was incorporated in               Synagogue, was the director. The first principal   traditional in nature, but focused on what was
the fall of 1963 and was presided over by Dr.            was Mrs. Pat Slavin and the first teachers were
                                                                                                                      ACADEMY cont. on page 12
                                                                                                                                                                 Page 14
                                                                                                                                                                 Israeli Birthright Soldiers tell

Meet the Camp IsREAL Israelis!                                                                                                                                   stories of honor and strength

 LeighMalka                                                                                                             MorMizner
      "My name is Leigh Malka. I'm 16 years old and I live on Kibbutz               "Hey, my name is Mor Mizner. l have lived in kibbutz Lohamei
  Bet Haemek. I have one older brother, Tai, and two younger brothers,            Hageta'ot for five years. l play piano and flute in my free time and
  Shon and Yam.                                                                                                         meet with my friend in our place
      When I'm not having fun with my friends, I work in a restaurant                                                   in the kibbutz.
  twice a week, and once a week I milk cows on the kibbutz. Once a                                                          l am the first born daughter,
  week I am a group leader in charge of a group of 13-year-olds. One of                                                 and l have one little brother.
  my dreams has always been to do a parachute jump, which I did for                                                     We have a dog named Blue; we
  my 16th birthday; my next ambition is a bungee jump, but I haven't                                                    gave him that name because of
                                                                                                                                                                  Page 19
  managed to convince my                                                                                                his beautiful blue eyes. l would          Holocaust survivors share stories
  parents yet.                                                                                                          love to meet you in the summer            in new documentary
      Visiting America has                                                                                              and tell you about our wonderful
  always been another dream                                                                                             Jewish country."
  of mine, which I now hope
  is about to come true."
 UriWeintraub                                                                                                            (chaperone)
                                                                                                                             "Hello, my name is Lior
      "Hi, my name is Uri Henri Wein-                                                                                    Yardeni. I’m 25 years old, from
  traub. I'm 17 years old and I live in                                                                                  Clil (western Galilee, Israel). In
                                                                                                                                                                                <------LABEL GOES HERE------>

  kibbutz Cabri in Israel. I have two                                                                                    the picture you can see me with
  younger brothers and a sister, a mom                                                                                   my brand new niece, Doron.
  and a dad, four dogs and I refuse to                                                                                       I have studied shiatsu and
  mention the cats because they eat my                                                                                   plan to study psychology so that
  food when I'm not watching.                                                                                            I can help treat children who
      In my free time I like to do karate                                                                                have development issues with
  (I have a black belt. By law I count as a                                                                              the combination of the two.
  lethal weapon). I also enjoy being with my friends and doing nothing,                                                      My family has been living
  bowling and paintball fighting. To pay for my bowling and paintballs                                                   in Israel for the last four gen-
  I have two jobs: one where I sit in an art gallery and another where            erations. My grandfather served in the PALMACH before Israel was
  I make and serve espressos.                                                     established, and I grew up on his legacy.
      Anyways, looking forward to this delegation."                                   I love Israel, I know every corner of this country and I served
                                                                                  in the IDF in a combat unit (though not as a fighter, I handled the
                                                                                  human resources).
                                                                                      I am looking forward to meeting your community, to learn and
                                                                                  live your culture and perspective, to show you the Israel I know and
                                                                                  to tighten the bonds between my country and Toledo.
                                                                                      See you soon."
Page  2 • June/July  2011 • Toledo Jewish News


                                                                                                        Babies, Bibs
                                                                                                        & More…
                                                                              ALMA Dance Experience is an ensemble of professional musicians and dancers bonded
                                                                              in the study, performance and sharing of traditional West African Drum & Dance, Modern
                                                                              Dance, and other World Drum & Dance styles. Proud to have internationally acclaimed
                                                                              musician and artist, Yaya Kabo, originally from Casamance, Senegal, serving as Artistic
                                                                              Director since 2007, ALMA is the only professional West African Drum & Dance ensemble
                                                                              in the Toledo area.

                                                                              We will be entertained and educated using traditional West African drumming and
               •••• Grades 2 through 6 ••••                                   dancing. We will play listening games, play movement games, learn a song and have lots

                                                                              of fun! Dress for being on the floor, and bring a blanket for baby! This program is geared
                                                                              for those ages 2 and under.

                                                                              Wednesday, July 13, 2011    10:15 – 11:30 am 
  Thanks to the generosity of our donors                                      UJC Campus – Leonard Lounge, 6465 Sylvania Ave.

  TOTAL COST, TWO WEEKS: $700                                  $350           Registration is required by Monday, July 11, 2011.

                                                                              Registration is required by Monday, July 11, 2011 to Kenny Hager at
  TOTAL COST, FOUR WEEKS: $1,250                               $625           419-724-0354 or For questions, please contact Sherry Majewski

         Register today!
   Discounts reduced accordingly                                              at 419-724-0386 or
                                                                                     This event is part of the Welcome to 
                                                                                    Jewish Toledo initiative of the United 
                                                                                      Jewish Council of Greater Toledo.

                     Time is running out

                                                                                              WE WANT YOU!
                                                                                                          UJC is looking for campaign
Please contact Colette Lundberg at 419-724-0361 or
                                                                                                          volunteers for Super Thursday (June
                                                                                                          23). Please join us in making phone
   Swimming      Day Trips                                                                                calls to support our community.
                                                                                                          Contact Allie Berns at 419-724-0362
   Games Horseback Riding                                                                                 or

  FUN                                 Learning
            Arts & Crafts                                                          Save the Date …
     Israeli Dance                               boating                           Don’t be Left Out!
                                                                              SUMMER FUN CARNIVAL 2011
                                                                                     is on its way!
                                                                                     All new activities, crafts and so much more
                                                                                               NOW FOR MORE AGES!
                                                                                            SUNDAY, AUGUST 28, 2011
                                                                                                     1-2:30 p.m.
                                                                                     UJC Campus – Grassy area behind the JCC
                                                                                       The ice cream man is coming ... are you?
                                                                                            Formal postcard to follow
                                                                                                                                       Toledo Jewish News • June/July 2011 • Page  3

                                                             Meet five Toledo-area Jews who have made a commitment to changing their lives. They have a
                                                            lot to gain by losing weight. Over the next 24 weeks, they will work toward their goal of living
       Volume 59 No. 9 • 28 pages
                                                                                            a healthier, more active lifestyle.
                                                                                                                                                           Sponsored by:

                                                                                 To Life ... To Health ... Toledo
(ISSN 0040-9081)
Toledo Jewish News is published 11 times per year,
by United Jewish Council of Greater Toledo, 6465
                                                                                       We need your help!
Sylvania Avenue, Sylvania, Ohio 43560. Toledo               United  Jewish  Council  is working with Mercy Weight  Management  Center, a member of Mercy, to lead the
Jewish News invites correspondence on subjects of
interest to the Jewish community, but disclaims         L'chaim Five in a program developed by Health Management Resources®, a leader and innovator in the field of weight
responsibility for any endorsement of the views         management. Since 1983, HMR programs have helped over one million people lose weight and learn the skills necessary
expressed by the writers. All submissions become
the property of Toledo Jewish News. Submissions         to keep it off.
will be edited for accuracy, brevity and clarity and
                                                            Unlike most other diet programs, L'chaim will offer much more than diet foods. Our supportive weight-loss classes,
are subject to verification. Toledo Jewish News
reserves the right to refuse any submissions. Toledo    specialized maintenance classes and detailed support materials will teach the new skills needed for these five individuals
Jewish News does not guarantee the kashruth of
any of its advertisers.
                                                        to keep their weight off long after leaving the program.
                                                            Through your charitable contributions (to be utilized by a local and international wellness program chosen by our
                                                        L'chaim Five) and your involvement with our upcoming community-wide L'chaim programs, you can be a crucial part of
            Phone: 419-724-0363
              Fax: 419-724-0423                         a initiative that drastically improves the lives of our community members.
         e-mail:                      Please see the article, "A spark of life," on page 5 for more information. For questions, or to make a commitment to
               CO-EDITORS                               donate, please contact Allie Berns at 419-724-0362 or
      Kirk Wisemayer and Paul Causman
                                                                     Note: Support of the L'chaim Five is supplemental and doesn't count as part of your campaign pledge.
              Abby Hoicowitz

               ART DIRECTOR
                Paul Causman
                                                              Allie                                                                                                 Kelly
             10th of each month
                                                              Berns                                                                                                Berson
                                                         Allie’s goal is to become                                                                              Kelly’s goal is to have
          Editorial copy by email to
                                                           heart-healthy while                                                                                  a healthy lifestyle so or on disc to
 6465 Sylvania Avenue, Sylvania, Ohio 43560             incorporating fitness into                                                                             that she can reach 100
                                                          her daily life. She also                                                                               years of age. Kelly
       ADVERTISING DEADLINE:                            wants to fit into a “yellow,                                                                           would also like to run
             15th of each month                             polka-dot bikini”!                                                                                           a 5k.
 Advertising inquiries should be addressed to:                                           Campaign Director                      Server/Nanny
 6465 Sylvania Avenue, Sylvania, Ohio 43560

      Please send address corrections to:
 6465 Sylvania Avenue, Sylvania, Ohio 43560
                                                              Stuart                                                                                             Mark
                                                              Brody                                                                                            Greenblatt
   Entered as Periodicals at the post office at
                 Toledo, Ohio,
         under act of March 3, 1987.
         Periodicals U.S. Postage Paid
               at Sylvania, Ohio.
                                                                                                                                                                 Mark’s goal is to get
 SUBSCRIPTION RATE: $36 PER YEAR                           Stuart's goal is to beat                                                                             in shape while setting
                                                             his teenage son on                                                                                  a good example for
                                                              the tennis court.                                                                                      his children.

                                                                                        Mortgage Loan Officer             Financial Representative
Toledo Jewish News accepts ads,
artwork and all editorial copy by disc or
e-mail only, at
Photographs and discs may also be dropped
off at the Toledo Jewish News office. Thank
you for your cooperation.
                                                          Denise’s goal is to be
                                                         healthy and active. She
                                                       wants to be able to run with                                    To Life ... To Health ... Toledo
                                                       her sons now, and she looks
                                                       forward to playing with her
                                                        grandchildren many years
                                                                from now!                     Caseworker

    Make your contribution
    to United Jewish Fund                                                                                               Fun Walk and Field Day @ UJC Campus
      Campaign online at
                                                           Join us Sunday, June 26 for
                                                                                                                          9:30 a.m. registration, 10 a.m. start                                    the L'chaim kick-off event                                                *more information to follow*
Page  4 • June/July  2011 • Toledo Jewish News

Toledo Jewish Community Foundation
                                                                                                                   Charitable Gift
                                                                                                                   Annuities Funds
                                                                                                                   The American Council on Gift Annuities has recommended an
                                                                                                                   increase in the schedule of charitable gift annuity payout rates
                                                                                                                   effective July 1. A Charitable Gift Annuity is a popular gift
                                                                                                                   vehicle while provides you with income for life and significant tax
                                                                                                                   benefits while leaving a permanent legacy that support local and
                                                                                                                   overseas programs that reach out to present and future genera-
                                                                                           tions of our Jewish family. In exchange for your gift of cash or marketable securities, we
                                                                                           will pay you a fixed sum each year for life.

                                                                                           What is a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA)?
                                                                                           A Charitable Gift Annuity is an agreement between you and the Jewish community that
                                                                                           provides a guaranteed annual income.

                                                                                           How does a Charitable Gift Annuity Work?
                                                                                           The donor can make a gift of cash, securities, or closely-held stock to the Fund. The Fund
                                                                                           assets are managed by the Foundation. In exchange for your gift to the Jewish commu-

 Rates to increase                                                                         nity, you will receive a fixed income for life—beginning at age 65. If you are younger
                                                                                           than 65, you may purchase these annuities periodically in order to build a tax-advantaged
                                                                                           retirement plan which begins making payments at age 65. The gift annuity may make
 A charitable gift annuity offers significant tax                                          payments during your lifetime, or may make payments during the lives of both you and
 benefits for you and your estate. As a charitable                     CGA                 your spouse. If you decide to use appreciated securities to fund a gift annuity, no capital
                                                                                           gains taxes are due when the securities are contributed. Instead, a portion of your income
 contribution, it can be a permanent legacy that
 allows you to help support our future generations.
                                                                       rates               from the annuity will be subject to capital gains tax, which will be paid over your antici-
 Remember the directive “Kol Yisroel Arevim Zeh                        Date of Rate        pated lifetime.
 v’Zeh” – Every Jew is responsible one for another.                    July 1, 2011
                                                                                           Are there any tax advantages?
                                                                                           A portion of the gift qualifies for a current income tax charitable deduction, thereby
 To find out how you can help, and to receive a                        90+       9.8%      reducing your taxes now, while the full value of the gift is removed from your estate. In
 complimentary illustration showing you how a gift                     85        8.4%      addition, part of the annuity payment may be tax free.
 annuity may provide you with both financial and
 emotional returns, please contact Arleen R. Levine                    80        7.5%
                                                                                           Is there a minimum gift requirement?
 at 419-724-0355 or                           75        6.5%      A CGA can be established with as little as $5,000.
                                                                       70        5.8%
 All inquiries are confidential and there is of course,                65        5.3%      How is the Charitable Gift Annuity managed?
 no obligation.                                                                            The Foundation is committed to providing donors with personalized and responsive
                                                                                           service concerning all areas of philanthropy. The Foundation staff is happy to meet with
                                                                                           families and help identify goals and charitable interests. The investments of assets in CGA
                                                                                           are overseen by the Foundation’s Investment Committee.

                                                                                           How is a Charitable Gift Annuity going to help me?
                                        IN BUSINESS                                        A Charitable Gift Annuity serves as an attractive alternative to many low yield invest-
                                        OVER 26 YRS.                                       ments and offers several financial and philanthropic benefits.

                                                                                           Should I have my professional advisor speak to the Toledo Jewish Community Foun-
                                                                                           dation about this?
                                                                                           The Foundation’s Charitable Gift Annuities are easy to establish and operate. We would
                                                                                           be pleased to work with your accountant, attorney, financial advisor or other professional
     FULL LEBANESE MENU                              FINE LEBANESE DINING
     ITALIAN SPECIALISTS                             DAILY LUNCH SPECIALS
                                                                                           For further information, please contact Arleen R. Levine, Director, Toledo Jewish Com-
                                                                                           munity Foundation at 419-724-0355/
         • Creative Appetizers & Salads • Exotic Desserts • Vegetarian & Health Dishes •
                       • Lamb Specialties • Homemade Pizza & Sauces •

      Mon. - Thurs. • 4 - 10:30                             Mon. - Fri. • 11:30 - 11                              Save the Date
       Fri. - Sat. • 4 - 11:30                                Sat. • 5 - 11:30
           FULL BAR & LARGE SELECTION OF DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED BEER                                             SEPTEMBER 8, 2011
         419-473-0885                                       419-382-1600                                       Congregation Etz Chayim
           4082 MONROE                                  1050 S. REYNODS

                                                                                                                  Rabbi Samuel Levine,
              Just East of Douglas                            North of Airport Highway

                                     UNDER SAME OWNERSHIP

                                                                                              Professor of Law and Director, Jewish Law Institute
                                                                   “sma ring the
                                                                                                              David S. Stone Law Lecture
                                                                         ll pla
                                                                       o       tes”                         Followed by Dessert Reception
                                                                  Med f the
                                                                      iter r

            Large selection of Italian, Spanish,
            Middle East and Greek specialties
 Full Bar, Sangria, Imported and Domestic Beer and Wines

                    4 1 9 - 931 - 0 2 8 1
                      Levis Commons, Perrysburg
                                                                                                                                                 Toledo Jewish News • June/July 2011 • Page  5

United Jewish Council
A spark of life
By Allie Berns, Campaign Director              me of the “pintele yid”. During the past six        ticipants will be launching a project, L’chaim:      to add fitness and exercise in your daily life.
                                                          months of the program, our group         To Life … To Health … Toledo. The L’chaim                New and existing donors to our annual
    A good friend of mine once                            of emerging leaders have found and       project is a new and unique campaign initiative,     campaign will also have the opportunity to
taught me about the concept of                            strengthened their “spark”. There        which will provide a life-changing opportunity       pledge money (a flat rate or per pound lost
“pintele yid,” which in Yiddish                           are some of whom came into the           for members of our community to achieve signifi-     by our participants) to support the goal of the
means “Jewish spark”. There is a                          program with a spark and some            cant weight loss and develop a healthier lifestyle   participants in the program. You can pledge a
belief that every Jewish person has                       who have only recently found theirs.     through diet, exercise and personal coaching.        dime per pound, a dollar per pound or any
a little spark of Judaism that lies                       Together, this group of creative and         Although a select group of five people will      other amount you wish. We anticipate as much
deep within; no matter how far one                        innovative leaders is a vibrant source   be participating in the L’chaim project, the         as 50 pounds lost per L'chaim participant. If
is distanced, the spark will ignite                       of new life in our community, work-      community will also have the opportunity to          you have a friend or family member participat-
when ready.                                               ing hard to improve and strengthen       participate. There will be community programs        ing, you can even pledge more to support that
    Our 2011 Leadership Develop-                          Jewish Toledo.                           for all to learn about health and wellness, and      particular person.
ment Program (LDP) participants often remind     At the end of this month, the LDP par-            we will share healthy recipes and ideas for ways         See the ad on page 3 for more information.

Help support our L’chaim Project participants and our emerging leaders
   The L’chaim project will launch on          and kids’ field day event. Please come out          your support for our community. I hope               annual campaign pledge, please contact
Sunday, June 26 at 9:30 a.m. on the UJC        with your family and friends to help kick           to see you there.                                    Allie Berns, Campaign Director at (419)
campus with a community-wide fun walk          off this great endeavor. Have fun and show              For more information, or to make your            724-0362 or

                                                                                                                                                        2011 Annual
Still feeling like the new kid on the block                                                                                                             Leadership Awards
By Kirk Wisemayer                              chest or tool we use to make this all               to know as many of you as possible.                  High School Leadership Award:
Chief Executive Officer                        happen. The real test of community                     Feeling like the new kid on the block             Toby Friedman
                                               is the life we create for ourselves, not            is a wonderful thing, especially after               Amy Horwitz
    On Sunday, June 30,                                      as individuals, but as a col-         eight months. Everything is novel and                Eli Kaufman
United Jewish Council of                                     lective. A life that is rich in       there is much to accomplish. Being a                 Alec Stern
Greater Toledo will hold                                     Jewish meaning and experi-            part of the community, will be an even               Torrey Tarschis
its 105th Annual Meeting.                                    ence. The essence – and the           better feeling. I will know you better,
                                                                                                                                                        Jewish Communal Service Award of
Quite an accomplishment –                                    strength of the Jewish people         understand you more, and serve you
105 years – for the Jewish                                   has always been our unique            well. With your help anything and                    Marjorie Siegel
community of Toledo, and,                                    sense of unity. Yes, we are a         everything is possible – and will be for
after a mere eight months                                    people of divergent views             many years to come.                                  National Young Leadership/Harry Levison
as your Chief Executive                                      and opinions, who often                                                                    Young Leadership Award:
Officer, a little daunting for the new         disagree, but when push comes to shove                                                                   Scott Liber
kid on the block.                              we “talk tachlis,” we come together and
    In many instances, eight months is         achieve the impossible, for the com-                                                                     Dr. Louis Ravin Memorial Emerging
more than enough time to settle in and         mon good, for Am Israel. Whether it                                                                      Leader Award:
adapt. Certainly so in the case of a new       is the March4Friendship this past Lag                                                                    Kyle Ingle
home, new places to dine or shop, but,         b’Omer, our response to disaster or
                                                                                                                                                        Silver Circle Leadership Award:
in the case of a Jewish community with         tragedy wherever it occurs, assembling                                                                   Phyllis Diamond
a heritage and a legacy as strong as To-       to celebrate something special, some-                                                                    Lynn Jacobs
ledo’s – and a history of dedicated and        thing Jewish, or simply to schmooze,                                                                     Kathryn Linver
effective leadership that is even stronger     it is always more meaningful, more                                                                       Janet Rogolsky
still, eight months is incredibly brief.
    There is so much more to learn and
                                               enjoyable when we do it together, as a
                                               community.                                           Save the Date                                       The Honorable Charles Wittenberg
                                                                                                                                                        Phyllis Wittenberg
understand, and so many more of you                We plan on lightening things up a
yet to meet and come to know, feeling          little at this year’s Annual Meeting. No                                                                 Spirit of Jewish Family Service Award:
daunted would be easily forgiven. I
choose not to feel daunted, but to look
                                               long, drawn-out speeches; no boring, ir-
                                               relevant reports. In fact, the sole purpose
                                                                                                    June 30, 2011                                       Rochelle Barchick

                                                                                                                                                        Toledo Board of Jewish Education Ben
forward to the many opportunities
ahead. I look forward to meeting more
                                               of this year’s meeting is to make it as
                                               different to a meeting as possible. Think                7 p.m.                                          Solomon Outstanding Trustee Award:
                                                                                                                                                        Stephen Rothschild
of you, to learning from all of you, and       of it as a cocktail party with homework.
growing closer to each other. I will,
however, need your help. Many of you
                                               We will publish the Annual Report,
                                               and you get to take it home with you!
                                                                                                   Annual Meeting                                       Toledo Jewish Community Foundation
                                                                                                                                                        Legacy Award:
have been incredibly kind, receptive
and hospitable, but, alas, eight months
                                               While you are at the meeting, however,
                                               we will schmooze and get to know each               of United Jewish                                     Lore Barroso

                                                                                                                                                        Toledo Jewish Community Foundation,
is really much shorter than it seems.
    Jewish community, ultimately, is
                                               other a little better – and for those of
                                               you who know each other, but have not                  Council of                                        National Endowment Achievement Award:
                                                                                                                                                        Linda & Barry Liber
all about the milestones we share, the         seen each other in a while, you will have
challenges we overcome, the achieve-
ments we realize and celebrate, and
                                               the opportunity to catch up with each
                                               other. I hope you will all come out in
                                                                                                    Greater Toledo                                      United Jewish Council Employee Service
the future we envision – together. The         droves. I am the new kid on the block,                                                                   Paul Causman [10 Years]
annual campaign is the community               after all, and I want to meet and come                                                                   Cynthia Feldstein [20 Years]

                                                                                                                                                        Bob Wick Community Service Award:
          United Jewish Council                                                                                                                         Ottawa Hills Travel, Stephanie Gersten

            wants your help!                                                                                     Education Task Force
     We are attempting to determine whether there is a need in the community                                                  Have a great idea?
  for transportation (semi- or fully-funded) to Jewish day schools in the Detroit                             Is there something you think kids should know?
  metropolitan area.                                                                                        Is there a learning opportunity you want us to offer?
     If you, or someone you know would make use of such a service, please contact
  Kirk Wisemayer at (419) 724-0372 or                                           If so, please forward your ideas to Kirk Wisemayer at
Page  6 • June/July  2011 • Toledo Jewish News

Jewish Family Service
Difficult Discussions, Difficult Decisions: Approaches to effective
communication between you and your aging parents
By Nancy Newbury, LISW-S, Director,             you would want to be addressed if you were           Some of the common barriers include hear-        guardianship. The nature and quality of your
Jewish Family Service                           in their shoes.                                      ing, vision and memory loss and the nature of    relationship with your parents may impact
                                                     Be thoughtful in your approach, keeping         the parent-child relationship. For individuals   the process and outcome of these difficult
    Last month’s article outlined                           in mind the following elements:          who have hearing loss, you will want to face     discussions. Keep in mind that you and your
topics that can be difficult for                                • Timing: Time the conversa-         the person and speak clearly. Speak in a quiet   parents are at very different developmental
adult children to discuss with                              tion appropriately. Pick the best        room, as background noise is distracting and     stages, and obtaining a good outcome means
their aging parents. When the                               time for everyone so no one feels        makes it even more difficult to hear. It may     you have to look at issues through their eyes
need does arise to talk about these                         rushed and can be attentive to the       be time to suggest that the person investigate   and at their stage of life. You are looking
delicate subjects, keep in mind the                         discussion. A holiday gathering is       assistive hearing devices.                       for independence and mastery and tend to
following suggestions:                                      not a good time.                             Individuals who have low vision may          move quickly as you look for the next chal-
    • Reassure your parents that                                • Experience: The relevance of       not recognize you immediately; don’t take it     lenge. Your parents are in a phase of letting
you want a solution that maxi-                              such discussions is increased when       personally. Problem solving may take longer;     go of some responsibility while maintaining
mizes their independence and maintains          it is tied to a recent experience that you can       you may have to read information and options     control, evaluating their lives and looking at
their safety.                                   reference.                                           to your parents as part of the conversation,     what their legacy will be. They require our
    • Indicate that your parents’ strengths          • Motivation: Be clear about what is mo-        because they may not be able to do it by         time, patience, support and respect.
and desires will be considered when making      tivating the conversation, that your parents’        themselves ahead of time. Memory loss may            As caregivers, we need to learn how to ef-
decisions.                                      safety, well-being and quality of life are of        make it difficult for a parent to process the    fectively communicate with our older family
    • Remind them that everything doesn’t       utmost concern.                                      discussion as (s)he may not remember details     members to reduce our stress and anxiety.
have to be solved at once, that it’s an ongo-        • Place: Have the discussion in a quiet, safe   about the current situation or information       Find support from other family members
ing process of identifying issues, exploring    place where your parents feel comfortable.           about options that was previously discussed.     and friends. Seek out a support group or talk
options and evaluating and re-evaluating             • Outcome: Keep in mind what you                Patience really is a virtue, and this scenario   individually with a professional. For help with
the situation.                                  want to achieve, and lay the groundwork to           requires a great deal of it.                     older adult and caregiver issues, please contact
    • Speak to your parents as adults who       understand your parents’ needs and wishes.               Perhaps it’s time to talk with a physi-      Ruth Franzen, LPCC, CRC, LSW, QTP at
deserve your respect, thinking about how             Not every conversation will go smoothly.        cian or attorney about power of attorney or      Jewish Family Service, 419-724-0406.

JFS donations received May 2010 through April 2011
In Memory of Israel Steinberg                   In Memory of Eileen Burg                             In Honor of Annette Burke’s Birthday                Daniel Jacoby
    John Gottschalk                                 Dr. Kenneth & Nancy Newbury                          Alice Davis                                     Joseph & Elayne Jacoby
                                                    Patty Paczkowski                                     Joseph Shugarman                                Greg & Andrea Jones
In Memory of Gary Sloan                                                                                                                                  Cary & Michelle Kart (CSA Project)
    Matt & Jill Kripke                          Roy Treuhaft Children’s Fund Helping Hands to        In Honor of Shelly Kahn’s B’nai Mitzvah             Ian & Rebecca Katz
                                                the Elderly                                              Steve & Pat Nathanson                           Jennifer Lane
In Memory of Abby Suckow’s mother, Berna            Toledo Community Foundation                                                                          Steve Lauer & Marilyn Klar (CSA Project)
Horwitz                                                                                              Mitzvah Basket Rental                               Anita Levin (CSA Project)
    Steve & Pat Nathanson                       For the Speedy Recovery of Pat Thornton                 David Goldman                                    Michael & Sheryl Morris (CSA Project)
                                                    Tom Kasle                                           Rich & Rene Rusgo                                Janet Rogolsky (CSA Project)
In Memory of Stuart Schoenburg                                                                                                                           Joanne Rubin (CSA Project)
    Tom & Jan Kasle                             For the Speedy Recovery of Doug and Sally Towslee    Financial Donations to the Food Bank                Ilise Shafransky (CSA Project)
                                                    Tom & Jan Kasle                                      Joe & Rochelle Barchick                         Joseph Shugarman
In Memory of Francis Olexa                                                                               Martha Kreimer Birnbaum (CSA Project)           Michael & Jenny Siegel (CSA Project)
    Tom & Jan Kasle                             For the Speedy Recovery of Josh Millman                  Daniel Boyk (CSA Project)                       Roggie Siegel
                                                    The Tom Kasle Family                                 Ernest & Audrey Brookfield                      Doris Stark
In Memory of Robert L. Wachsman                                                                          Dr. Sarah Eldridge (CSA Project)                Beverly Steinman
    Matt & Jill Kripke                          For the Speedy Recovery of Linda Strahm                  Gan Yeladim Preschool                           Temple Congregation Shomer Emunim
                                                    Tom Kasle                                            Shirley Gerber                                  Barbara Treuhaft
In Memory of Linda Dorn                                                                                  Beverly Gottlieb                                Dr. William & Joanne Treuhaft (CSA Project)
    Gloria Litten                               In Honor of the birth of David & Hallie Freed’s          John Gottschalk                                 Steve & Mary Weiss
                                                daughter, Ellery Shayna                                  Esther Greenfield                               Sue Wilson
In Memory of Allan Segall                           Matt & Jill Kripke                                   Phyllis Horwitz
    Matt & Jill Kripke
                                                To the Jim Schoenburg Family in Honor of the
In Memory of William Aronoff                    birth of Mera Belle                                  Friendly Visitor, Shirley Gerber, honored
    Matt & Jill Kripke                              The Tom Kasle Family
                                                                                                     By Barbara Levison, Friendly Visitor             Mutual’s mission of improving the com-
In Memory of Ronald Lipson                      To Andrew Knollman in Honor of Receiving his         Coordinator, Jewish Family Service               munities we serve.
    Matt & Jill Kripke                          UT Engineering Degree
                                                                                                                                                         Gerber has been a very dedicated and
                                                    Tom Kasle
In Memory of Dr. Louis Ravin                                                                             Jewish Family Service extends con-                                committed volun-
    Matt & Jill Kripke                          In Honor of Cary & Michelle Kart’s new home          gratulations to Friendly Visitor, Shirley                             teer for the Friendly
                                                    Charles & Helene Helburn                                            Gerber, who received                               Visitor Program since
In Memory of Alvin Levinson                                                                                             the 2011 Medical Mu-                               January 2007. Since
    Tom & Jan Kasle                             In Honor of his wife, Laura Brecher
                                                    Arthur Brecher
                                                                                                                        tual Toledo Outstand-                              that time, she has de-
In Memory of Neil Light                                                                                                 ing Senior Volunteer                               voted countless num-
    Tom & Jan Kasle                             In Honor of Sharon Kimmel                                               Honorable Mention                                  ber of hours visiting
    Matt & Jill Kripke                              Arthur Brecher                                                      Award for exemplary                                several elderly Jewish
                                                                                                     community volunteer service.                      Shirley Gerber      men and women who
In Memory of Andrea Jones                       In Honor of Ruth Franzen’s services
    Matt & Jill Kripke                              Judith Kirshbaum                                     Honorees were recognized at the 12th                              reside at Kingston
                                                                                                     Annual Outstanding Senior Volunteer              Residence of Sylvania and at Kingston
In Memory of James Kahn                         In Honor of the Sisterhood Woman of the Year         Awards banquet for the Northwest Region          Care Center of Sylvania. It is her unselfish
    Dr. Kenneth & Nancy Newbury                 Award to Diane Treuhaft                              at the Crowne Plaza Toledo Hotel on May          devotion in bringing warmth and com-
    Joseph & Susan Wittenberg                       John Gottschalk
                                                                                                     10. Platinum, gold, silver and bronze            panionship to our clients that makes her
In Memory of Seymour Ziatz                      In Honor of Bill & Joanne Treuhaft’s B’nai Mitzvah   winners were recognized along with the           such a wonderful volunteer. She is kind,
    Dr. Gary & Donna Benjamin                       Steve & Pat Nathanson                            honorees receiving honorable mention.            caring, understanding and a good listener.
                                                                                                         Medical Mutual continues its tradition          When asked on her application form to
In Memory of Irwin Fruchtman                    In Honor of the special occasions of Dr. David &
                                                                                                     of recognizing senior citizens of at least       explain her expectations from the Friendly
    Dr. Kenneth & Nancy Newbury                 Marilyn Levine
                                                    Charles & Helene Helburn                         65 years of age who volunteer their time         Visitor Program, Gerber responded, “I do
In Memory of Pauline Feit                                                                            to help others. The awards salute those          not expect to gain anything for myself. I
    Dr. Kenneth & Nancy Newbury                 In Honor of the Nate Segall’s 50th Birthday          volunteers who act in a selfless, caring         would rather give to others and in return
    Patty Paczkowski                                Matt & Jill Kripke                               manner and are committed to enhancing            feel that I have done some good.”
                                                                                                     the quality of the lives of those around            Congratulations, Shirley, on this well
                                                                                                     them. These seniors exemplify Medical            deserved honor!
                                                                                                                                                 Toledo Jewish News • June/July 2011 • Page  7

Seniors Scene
Senior in the spotlight: Tatyana Belfer
By Mary Lou Whittaker, Director,                   everything they had was stolen. She and
Jewish Family Service-Senior Adult                 her mother were frightened and very poor
Center                                             – father was serving in the army – and
                                                   she could not go to teach with no money,
    Note: The following story was first pub-       clothing, or food. She stayed with her
lished in 2007 to remind us all of the suffering   mother. Their village was soon invaded by
and hardships suffered by those lived through      the Germans, and she and her mother were
the horrors of World War II in Europe and          placed in a concentration camp, where she
Russia. Tatyana lives at Pelham Manor and          was beaten and forced to do heavy work.
celebrates V-E Day every year. Her photo is        But they survived.
featured this month.                                   When Victor returned to his village on
    Tatyana Frankel was born January 7,            a leave, after Tatyana had been liberated,
1923, the only child of an engineer father         he walked 25 kilometers in the snow to
and a physician mother. She attended school        her home and said to her mother that he
in her little village in Ukraine and then at-      wanted to marry her. Her mother said “No,
tended university in the big city of Odessa.       you can’t marry him. He’s very poor. You
    Her husband to be, Victor Belfer, grew         don’t know each other.”
up in the same little town, and attended               So Victor returned to the army and
high military school in Moscow. During             continued to pursue her. He sent pictures
World War ll, Victor served in the Russian         to her, and she in turn sent him pictures of          Tatyana Belfer adds her voice to the group of singers at the JFS Senior Adult
army with distinction.                             herself. She didn’t love him, and she said                                   Center’s V-E Day celebration
    Tatyana left Odessa after college and          so. She was a beautiful young woman with
was scheduled to teach in a village near           many suitors and one especially handsome            father saying “My son very much likes           taught in military college for five years.
her home, but on the way back from                 boyfriend who had been killed in the war            your daughter. Don’t be angry. You know         Then they built a little home in Vinitza
university, traveling with her mother, they        and for whom she was still in mourning.             families – I propose you will soon be our       after he retired, and in 1993 they came to
were accosted by bandits in the forest and             Then Victor’s father sent a letter to her       relatives.” Tatyana’s father went with her      the United States. Their daughter Lidia
                                                                                                       to visit Victor’s family. It was a big one,     came with them and stayed close to her

Senior Center activities                                                                               with brothers and sisters who were very
                                                                                                       nice. Tatyana’s father said to her, “Say yes!
                                                                                                                                                       parents. Two grandchildren live in Chicago,
                                                                                                                                                       and they are her pride and joy. Victor and
    The Jewish Friendship Club meets every         Sight Center, the Alzheimer’s Association           Your loss is in the past.” Victor’s mother      Tatyana had 56 years together, and of
Tuesday at 1 p.m. in the Weinman Com-              and ISOH Impact.                                    said “Go and get married! You are already       course, she came to love him very much.
munity Hall at Pelham Manor. Members                   For information about membership, call          like a daughter-in-law to me!”                      Tatyana now enjoys dining out with
pay dues of $10 for the year, and this en-         the JFS Senior Adult Center, the sponsor-               It was not a big wedding; they were         Pelham Manor friends, and she always
titles them to attend all meetings, attend a       ing agency for the club, at 419-531-2119.           poor. There were some potatoes cooked           orders bread with her meal. In the ghetto,
“paid-up member” luncheon at no charge                 ---------------------------------------------   with a little meat. Tatyana’s mother’s gift     when she and her mother were starving, she
and vote on issues as well as elect a slate of         The staff of Camp L’chaim has big plans         was a book, and a small crock of butter.        would beg strangers for crumbs of bread
officers for two year terms. Accumulated           for a spectacular week this summer. Spaces              In 1947, Victor’s orders took them          and take them to her mother. Now she
dues as well as money raised by various            are limited and filling up, so send in your         from city to city, and in Moscow, Tatyana       loves bread, and now she can have enough.
fund-raisers are contributed to charitable         checks and your reservation forms. For more
groups, which enhance the lives of senior          information, call Mary Lou at 419-531-
citizens. This year, donations have been           2119 or e-mail
made to United Jewish Council, Jewish                  Make checks payable to Jewish Family
Family Service, the Jewish Cemetery As-            Service. Credit cards and cash are accept-
sociation, Hospice of Northwest Ohio, the          able. The cost for the entire week is just $50.

  USY/Kadima youths, including leader Adrienne Goldberg, visited Pelham
Manor with pots to decorate and flowers to plant on a lovely Sunday afternoon.
Pictured, from left, are residents Mary Carlson, Elaine Stram and Betty Smith
 and (background) Helen Mallamad enjoyed spending time with the visitors

    World War II veterans who were celebrated and honored at the JFS Senior
    Center’s V-E Day party were from left Leonard Newman, Don Stalker and
                 Michael Sorin, and standing, Harry Schulman
Page  8 • June/July  2011 • Toledo Jewish News

            Temple Shomer Emunim                                                      Congregation B'nai Israel
   June worship schedule
          Saturday, June 4, 2011
                                          Congratulations: Confirmation
                                          Class of 2011/5771
                                                                          S.O.A.P.                                      B'nai Israel
        10:30 a.m. Shabbat services                                       Synagogue Organized Afternoon
                                                  Samantha Blosser        Program
                                                                                                                      Annual Meeting
        Bat Mitzvah of Sydney Siegel
                                                   Matthew Davis
           Friday, June 10, 2011
          Shabbat service at 6 p.m.               Rachel Federman
         Rabbi Weinstein will speak
                                                 Katherine Kieninger                                                    June 12, 2011
                                                    Sydney Lahre
          Saturday, June 11, 2011
        Shabbat service at 10:30 a.m.
                                                   Elayna Levison               Every Wednesday, 1-2 p.m.                  7 p.m.
                                                    Colleen Levy            Followed by coffee, snacks, mah jongg
       Bar Mitzvah of Matt Wainstein
                                                                                      and lots of fun!
                                                    Samuel Light
          Friday, June 17, 2011
          services begin at 6 p.m.                  Jacob Loeser          June Topics:
                                                                                                                    Toledo Jewish youth go
         Cantor Siroty will officiate               Justin Lupica         6/1: The History of Mah Jongg             to Cedar Point
          Friday, June 24, 2011                  Morgan Rondinelli        (rescheduled from May)
                                                                                                                        Tuesday, June 21, from 8:30 a.m. to ap-
          services begin at 6 p.m.                  Cody Shulak           6/8: NO S.O.A.P.                          proximately 8:30 pm Club 678, Kadima,
         Cantor Siroty will officiate
                                                                          (Shavuot)                                 BBYO and USY are taking a trip to Cedar
                                                                          6/15: NO S.O.A.P.                         Point. The $40 per person cost will include
                                                                          (Senior Enrichment Day)                   transportation, admission ticket to Cedar
                                                                                                                    Point, an unlimited drink band and bus
                                                                          6/22: Vienna Choir Boys:
                                                                          A Jewish Celebration in Song
                                                                                                                        We are unable to accept walk-in regis-
                                                                          6/29: Current Events & Farewell           trations. Registration and payment are re-
                                                                                                                    quired by Friday, June 10 to Kenny Hager at
                                                                             OPEN TO ALL – NO CHARGE                419-724-0354or

                                                                          On Sunday, May 1, the young and young at heart showed off their green thumbs.
                                                                           USY, Kadima members and Pelham Manor residents painted beautiful ceramic
                                                                                     pots. The artists then planted herb seeds into their pots.

            Chabad House
                                                                                                                                                   Toledo Jewish News • June/July 2011 • Page  9

              Congregation Etz Chayim
Shavuot Holiday Schedule                          Sisterhood News                                  President: Barbara Rubin                              is truly an “Aishet Chayil”- A Woman of Valor.
                                                                                                   V.P. of Fundraising: Diane Treuhaft                        Over the summer, Sisterhood will begin
       Tuesday, June 7, 2011                          Sisterhood’s Closing Luncheon will be                                                              planning many exciting programs and events
                                                                                                   V.P. Donors: Linda Franklin and Barbara
Erev Shavuot                                      held Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 12:30 p.m.                                                                for the upcoming year. We thank everyone who
Shacharit: 6:45 a.m.                              in the Louis and Dora Cohen Auditorium.                                                                continues to support our Sisterhood and all its
                                                                                                   V.P. of Membership: Kathryn Gallon
Mincha: 8:45 p.m.                                 The cost will be $10 per person. As always,      Secretary/Treasurer: Phyllis Wittenberg               many programs and projects. If you are not a
Ma’ariv: 9:15 p.m.                                men are cordially invited to attend.                                                                   member and would like to join our Sisterhood
Candlelighting: 8:49 p.m.                             At that time, the following officers             Congregation Etz Chayim Sisterhood is             and take an active role in all we do, please contact
                                                  will be installed for the year 2011-2012:        pleased to announce that we will be honoring          Kathryn Gallon at 419-885-9063.
      Wednesday, June 8, 2011                                                                      Ruth Steingroot as our “Woman of the Years” at             Sisterhood is always in need of volunteers
                                                                                                   our Closing Luncheon. Ruth has been a won-            to help with our luncheons and our fundrais-
Shavuot First Day                                Etz Chayim family picnic                          derful inspiration to all our members, as well as     ing efforts. If you are interested in being called
Shacharit: 8:30 a.m.                                                                                                                                     upon to help as events take place, please contact
                                                                                                   members of the community. She has taught us all
Torah Reading: 9:45 a.m.                            SAVE THE DATE! The annual Etz
                                                                                                   so much and, in turn, we will honor her for her       Barbara Rubin at 419-471-9451. We need ev-
Mincha: 8:45 p.m.                                Chayim family picnic will be held on Sun-
                                                                                                   years of service and dedication not only to Sister-   eryone’s support to continue to remain a strong
Ma’ariv: 9:15 p.m.                               day, August 14, 2011. There are many new                                                                and vibrant arm of our synagogue.
                                                                                                   hood, but the synagogue and community. She
Candlelighting: 9:49 p.m.                        and exciting additions to the picnic this year.
                                                 More information will be forthcoming!
       Thursday, June 9, 2011
Shavuot Second Day                               Book Club                                                              Pre-Need Funeral Plans when you want peace of mind
Shacharit: 8:30 a.m.                                                                                                        At-Need Arrangements when you need a friend
                                                    The next book club meeting will be held
Yizkor: 11 a.m.                                  on Monday, July 18, 2011 at 1 p.m. in the
Mincha: 6 p.m.                                   synagogue library. The book chosen to be
Havdalah: 9:50 p.m.                              discussed is The Tenth Song, by Naomi
                                                 Ragen. Rabbi Garsek will be the reviewer.
Interfaith Blood Drive                           Everyone is invited to attend.
   The 24th annual Interfaith Blood Drive
will be held on Sunday, June 26, 2011,           Graduation Kiddush planned
from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Grace Lutheran
Church, 4441 Monroe Street. Please call             Congregation Etz Chayim is planning
Elsa in the synagogue office, 419-473-2401,      to honor its graduating high school
                                                                                                                    2426 N. Reynolds Road, Toledo, OH 43615
to volunteer or donate blood.                    seniors at a special Shabbat Service and                 Thomas I. Wisniewski, Funeral Director • David J. Czerniak, Funeral Director
   Following the blood drive on Sunday,          Kiddush on Saturday, June 4, 2011.
there will be a Celebration of Life service at   Special honors and recognition will be                                                  419-535-5840
the Hindu Temple in Sylvania, 4336 King          given to these special students as they                                              A Tradition of Caring Since 1939
Road. The service begins at 7 p.m.               go on to pursue their higher education.

Rabbi Roth discusses 'The
Sanctity of the Land of Israel'
By Abby Hoicowitz,                               and Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Staff Editor/Reporter                               Rabbi Roth provided attendees a
                                                 small flavor of his dynamic teaching,
    In mid-May, Congregation B’nai               which specializes in guidance of hevruta
Israel brought Fuchsberg Scholar in              (partnered) study. At the conservative
Residence, Rabbi Dr. Joel Roth, to               yeshiva, students sit in small groups
Toledo for a discussion of The Sanctity          of two or three led by questions and
of the Land of Israel – Kedushat HaAretz.        materials the teacher has provided in
Sponsored by the Fuchsberg Center in             advance. Students then prepare and
Jerusalem and the Conservative Center,           study in advance.
he spoke at B’nai Israel as part of a trip          During his speech, Roth discussed
that also brought him to Pittsburgh,             both legal and non-legal Talmud
Pennsylvania; Cleveland and Colum-               passages and their significance. For
bus, Ohio; and Grand Rapids, Flint                               ROTH cont. on page 24

                                                                                                      To advertise in Toledo Jewish News,
                                                                                                       contact or
Page  10 • June/July  2011 • Toledo Jewish News

Department of Jewish Programs
J-Serve 2011 – Serving graciously, lovingly and empathetically
By Sherry Majewski,                            rainy April morning making friends with
Programs Associate, DJP                        Adults with Developmental Disabilities
                                               at Josina Lott’s Adult Center at River
   In late April, 18 Jewish teens spent a      Crossing as well as independent seniors

                                                                                                   J-Serve Volunteers at Josina Lott: Adrienne, Ruthie, Sydney, Emily, Rachel,
                                                                                                                           Katherine, Rene and Maddie
                                                                                               living at Pelham Manor.                     groups, setting up games, Wii bowling,
                                                                                                   J-Serve is a national day of youth quilt making and crafts. As residents
                                                                                               service throughout the country. Projects arrived, the teens assisted them with
                                                                                               include volunteering at food pantries, activities and began socializing. Rela-
                                                                                               assisting seniors and a range of other tionships were developed very quickly.
                                                                                               activities. Toledo teens from BBYO,             At Josina, we were movin’ to the
                                                                                               USY, Kadima and Club 678 (along oldies and exercising to Richard Sim-
                                                                                               with additional sixth through eighth mons and having a good old time. We
                                                                                               graders) were invited and encouraged to also played color BINGO. After mak-
                                                                                               participate. The teens were responsible ing sure everyone got prizes and played
                                                                                               for choosing games and prizes, commu- every game at least once, the teens had
                                                                                               nicating with each other and gathering a hard time saying goodbye to their new
                                                                                               friends to volunteer.                       friends. What a wonderful morning it
                           Hank and Bill, in their J-Serve Shirts                                  The teens divided themselves into two was for everyone!

                                           Our Newest B’nai Tzedek Student
                                                                       Mollie Groth
    We are thrilled to wel-                                     asked why she established      quickly grows to $500 through a generous      to a Jewish community need of their choice.
come Mollie Groth to our                                        a B’nai Tzedek Fund, Mol-      match from the Suzanne and Allan Cohn B’nai       Contact René Rusgo at (419) 724-0365 or
family of B’nai Tzedek                                          lie replied, “to help Jewish   Tzedek Fund and the Toledo Jewish Com-, for more information.
Philanthropic Fund Hold-                                        charities that I have an       munity Foundation. On an annual basis, fund       Please visit our web site at www.jewish-
ers. Mollie attends Mc-                                         interest in. I know that       holders will be able to designate a minimum – Toledo Jewish Community
Cord Junior High School                                         my choice will make a dif-     charitable contribution of 5% of their fund   Foundation link.
where she participates in                                       ference in someone’s life.”
track. She also enjoys danc-                                         We hope that the ex-      Ben Barmash                   Jason Judis                    Eliana Saks
ing, singing, Facebooking                                       amples set by our B’nai        Deborah Becker                Justin Judis                   Ian Segall
                                                                                               Mayaan Beckerman              Eli Kaufman                    Morgan Segall
and texting.                                                    Tzedek fund holders will       Josh Beren                    Max Kaufman                    Benjamin Shafransky
    Mollie and her family                                       inspire and encourage          Rebecca Berland               Alexx Klein                    Anna Shapiro
are members of Temple                                           many other young adults to     Ethan Bielefeld               Maddie Klein                   Sara Sherman
Shomer Emunim. Mollie                                           come forward and establish     Evan Brochin                  Allison Klumb                  Cody Shulak
                                                                                               Sam Brochin                   Erin Klumb                     Kyle Shulak
helps at Hebrew School                                          their own personal fund.       Josh Brody                    Sari Kripke                    Alex Silverman
and Sunday School. When                                         A student’s gift of $125       Laura Buckey                  Stefan Kuehn                   Evan Speyer
                                                                                               Ruthie Chaban                 Benjamin Kweller               Michael Speyer
                                                                                               Emily Cohen                   Matthew Kweller                Andy Stein
                                                                                               Gabi Cohen                    Sarah Lamb                     Cory Stein

Mazel Tov to our B’nai Tzedek Teens                                                            Aaron Delman
                                                                                               Benji Delman
                                                                                               Bailey Feldstein
                                                                                                                             Stephen Lamb
                                                                                                                             Griffin Lahre
                                                                                                                             Sydney Lahre
                                                                                                                                                            Sean Stein
                                                                                                                                                            Benjamin Steinberg
                                                                                                                                                            Sam Steinberg
By René Rusgo, Director,                          Eli Kaufman – Goucher College                Wesley Flaum                  Nathan Lempert                 Stacy Steinberg
Department of Jewish Programs                     Griffin Lahre – The Ohio State               Hanna Fotsch                  Samantha Leslie                Alec Stern
                                                        University                             Zev Fotsch                    Jason Levine                   Douglas Stockton
                                                                                               Jake Frankel                  Aaron Liebenthal               Melissa Stockton
    The Suzanne and Allan Cohn B’naiTzedek        Sarah Sherman – Otterbein University         Joely Friedman                Joshua Liebes-McClellan        Devon Tarschis
Teen Philanthropy Program of the Toledo           Kyle Shulak – Eastern Michigan               Toby Friedman                 Chelsea Mollenkamp             Torrey Tarschis
Jewish Community Foundation would like                  University                             Samantha Geiser               Zachary Morse                  Nick Thanasiu
to congratulate and send best wishes to our       Alexandra Zyndorf – Kent State               Samuel E. Gold                Gili Zev Ornan                 Hank Wachsman
                                                                                               Cydney Goldberg               Ben Pargament                  Alexandra Wainstein
high school graduates and their families on             University
                                                                                               Joseph Goldberger             Brett Perlman                  Chad Weiner
the momentous occasion of graduation.                                                          Lila Goldman                  Hilary Perlman                 Andrea Wexler
    Ben Barmash – The Ohio State                  We wish you a continued journey of           Jacob Groth                   Emma Podolsky                  Ben Yaffe
         University                            tzedekah and good deeds and may you always      Mollie Groth                  Maddie Regenstrief             Zoe Yaffe
    Toby Friedman – The Ohio State             go from strength to strength.                   Alex Grubb                    Amy Reiner                     Samuel Zack
                                                                                               Amy Horwitz                   Bradley Reiner                 Shayna Zack
         University                               To learn more about the B’nai Tzedek         Jessica Horwitz               Derek Reiner                   Jenny Zaurov
    Joseph Goldberger – College info not       Teen Philanthropy program of the Toledo         Aaron Intrater                Adam Robbins                   Deena Zucker
         available                             Jewish Community Foundation, please             Daniel Intrater               Olivia Romanoff                Sophie Zucker
    Amy Horwitz – Indiana University           contact René Rusgo at 419-724-0365 or           Jonathan Intrater             Jack Romanoff IV               Alexandra Zyndorf
                                                                                               Rachel Intrater               Andrew Rothschild              Sari Zyndorf
    Aaron Intrater – Ohio University 
                                                                                               Morgan Isenberg               Zachary Rothschild
                                                                                                                                             Toledo Jewish News • June/July 2011 • Page  11

Department of Jewish Programs
                                                                                               Senior events calendar
                                                                                                   Senior adult programs of United Jewish Council of Greater Toledo are supported
                                                                                               in part through your campaign dollars and through a generous grant from the Jewish
                                                                                               Senior Services Supporting Organization. Please note registration deadlines for all
                                                                                               Thursday, June 2                               throughout North America. Through song
                                                                                               Anniversary luncheon with                      and dance, conversations and activities,
                                                                                               entertainment by Commanders of                 they warm your hearts and bring a piece of
                                                                                               Harmony – Men’s A Cappella Harmony             Israel to you.
                                                                                               Chorus                                         Registration is requested by Monday,
                                                                                               Congregation B’nai Israel                      July 11.
                                                                                               Noon – FREE
                                                                                               Join us as we celebrate six years of senior    Thursday, July 28
                                                                                               programming in the Department of Jewish The Music Man – The Encore Musical
                                                                                               Programs. Lunch will be served before we       Theatre Company (Dexter, MI)
                                                                                               are entertained by barbershop harmony!         Depart UJC Campus, 6465 Sylvania
                                                                                               Reservations are required by Monday,           Avenue at 1 p.m.
                                                                  (top) Students at the
                                                                                               May 23.                                        $30 per person includes show,
                                                                 David S. Stone Hebrew
                                                                                                                                              transportation and dinner after the
                                                                 Academy enjoying the
                                                                                               Monday, June 27                                show
                                                                  Toledo Opera during          Toledo Mud Hens vs. Louisville Bats                An affectionate paean to Smalltown, USA
                                                                  our intergenerational        Depart UJC campus,                             of a bygone era, Meredith Willson’s “The
                                                                    program; (bottom)          6465 Sylvania Avenue at 11:15 a.m.             Music Man” follows fast-talking traveling
                                                                 Madge Levison chatting        Game starts at noon                            salesman Harold Hill as he cons the people
                                                                with cast member Monica
                                                                   Sciaky of the Toledo        ticket and lunch         UT
                                                                                               $5 per person includes transportation,
                                                                                                                                              of River City, Iowa into buying instruments
                                                                                                                                              and uniforms for a boys’ band he vows to
                                                                Opera, Opera on Wheels             Join us for an afternoon at the ball park organize.
                                                                        program.               as we cheer on our Toledo Mud Hens from Registration is requested by Thursday,
                                                                                               high above in reserved suite just for us!      July 14.
                                                                                               Registration is requested by Friday,
                                                                                               June 17 – limited seats!                       Monday, August 1 – Friday August 5
                                                                                                                                              Camp L’Chaim
                                                  Exercise volunteers Robin Foraker (L)        Sunday, July 10 – Friday, July 15              $50 per person – generously supported
                                                  and Betty Myers (R) with JFS Senior          Trip to New York City                          by Jewish Senior Services Supporting
                                                   Adult Center kinesiotherapist and           $775 based on double occupancy                 Organization
                                                         presenter, Eileen Seegert                 Six nights, five days of amazing               The ninth annual day camp for seniors,
                                                                                               adventures! Depart Toledo and spend the Camp L’Chaim, begins Monday, August 1
                                                                                               night in Pennsylvania at the Mount Airy at 9:30 a.m. in the Romanoff Patio at the
                                                                                               Casino en route to NYC. On our way back Jewish Community Center.
                                                                                               to Toledo, enjoy a night at The Mountaineer        Seniors who are enrolled enjoy a week of
                                                                                               Casino Resort in Chester, West Virginia.       entertainment, dancing, movies, games, arts
                                                                                               Contact Kenny Hager at 419-724-                and crafts and various outings.
                                                                                               0357or for an               For more information, call Mary Lou
                                                                                               itinerary.                                     Whittaker, 419-531-2119, or e-mail
                                                                                               $300 deposit per person due at time of
                                                                                               registration. Trip balance is due June 1. Registration is requested by Monday,
                                                                                               Itinerary is subject to change.                July 18.
                                                                                               Cancellation Policy: 100% refunded before
                                                                                               June 1. After June 1: 50% refunded. After      Special Notice:
                                                                                               June 10: No refund! Travel insurance on            Please note that our trips are open to
                                                                                               your own, check with your insurance agent. all seniors, and reservations and payment
                                                                                                   Must have a current emergency form on file are due at the time of the request to hold
                                                                                               and this trip has moderate walking/standing, your space. We will accept reservations on
     Susan Hirsch                                                                              could include a few flights of stairs and/or a first come basis, because space is limited.
 demonstrates her ability                                                                      uneven terrain.                                A wait list will be formed as needed. No
    and enthusiasm                                                                                                                            confirmations will be mailed; your credit
                                                                                               Monday, July 18                                card charge or canceled check will serve as
                                                                                               The Tzofim Friendship Caravan for              your confirmation.
                                                                                               Campers & Senior Center performance!               Please fill out an Emergency Contact

Jewish Heritage video collection                                                               Congregation B’nai Israel
                                                                                               6525 Sylvania Avenue
                                                                                                                                              Form if you have not yet done so and will
                                                                                                                                              be traveling with us.
                                                                                               1:30 p.m.
available to borrow                                                                                For over thirty years, the Tzofim              To make a reservation for a DJP Senior
                                                                                               Friendship Caravan has been spreading their Program, please call Kenny Hager at 419-
    Shalom Sesame (11 programs on 5               Hebrew. Shalom Sesame's eleven episodes      message of peace, brotherhood and friendship 724-0357or
discs) – Imagine traveling with America's         feature stars such as Itzhak Perlman, Bon-
best-loved children's television program to       nie Franklin, Jeremy Miller, Sarah Jessica
Israel! Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie, Grover,   Parker and Alan King. Follow them on a
Cookie Monster and Elmo are your furry            tour of some of Israel's unique joys – the                      One gift. Countless benefits.
guides to a magical series of adventures in       lush orchards of Kibbutz life, the town of
the Holy Land.                                    Modin where the Maccabees lived, the                    
    Children will be delighted as their favor-    beautiful beaches of Tel Aviv and the awe-
ite characters talk (and teach) in English and    some splendor of Jerusalem.

Save the Date - BBYO 60s and 70s Alumni
                                                                                                                                           Barry Himmel
                                                                                                                                               Sales Manager
  Attention all BBYO Toledo Alumni who graduated high school in the                                               6109 W. Central Ave.              1-800-4-LEXUS-4
                              60s and 70s:                                                                        (419) 841-3500          
                                                                                                                  Toledo, Ohio 43615                FAX (419) 843-4995
        A reunion is being held the weekend of August 6th, 2011.
  For further information, contact Phyllis Wittenberg at 419-841-2579.                                               White Family
                                                                                                                     Dealerships    A family tradition of quality, value and service
Page  12 • June/July  2011 • Toledo Jewish News

Toledo Board of Jewish Education
ACADEMY cont. from page 1
                                                                                                                                                            schools in Michigan, some will be home-
shared by all Jews.
    The first few years were difficult. There             Celebration / Reunion of the                                                                      schooled and others will enter private or public
                                                                                                                                                            schools in the Toledo area.

                                                              STONE HEBREW
were times when teachers did not get paid.                                                                                                                      The single most important factor in enabling
The school did not initially receive community                                                                                                              the Hebrew Academy to grow, to flourish over
funds, and if it weren’t for Morris Fruchtman’s                                                                                                             these 45 years was the support of the organized
personal generosity and his outreach to others,
the school probably would not have survived.
                                                                  ACADEMY                                                                                   Jewish community. All three synagogues were
                                                                                                                                                            represented and in the 90s, the breakdown of
The founding parents were so committed to                                                                                                                   students was close to one-third of the student
the concept of day school education for their                              Date: Sunday, June 5, 2011                                                       body from each of them. The Academy’s pro-
children that they formed an informal commit-                                                                                                               ponents were persistent in their efforts to keep
tee that met and problem solved, over coffee,                            Place: Congregation B’nai Israel                                                   day school education a choice for those parents
at each other’s homes. When they decided they                                   Time: 6:30-8 p.m.                                                           who wanted it. Over the years, hundreds and
needed library books, they made calls to people                                                                                                             hundreds of students have learned to read
and asked for book donations. Some people had                                   Dessert reception                                                           Hebrew, have learned to pray and have learned
books to give, some had money to donate. The                                                                                                                about and celebrated our holidays. They were
parents were passionate, a library was created             This informal evening is an                   B’nai Israel.                                      immersed in an environment that was warm
and a tone was set to make this school work.            opportunity for friends of the                      All members of the Hebrew                       and nurturing, one that became a family.
And work it did, for 45 years. What a gift, to                                                                                                                  The parents, through the Hebrew Acad-
                                                        Academy from over four decades                   Academy family and all members
so many students! What a gift!                                                                                                                              emy Parent Association (HAPA), developed
    After the beginning period, when Rabbi              to become reacquainted, share                    of Toledo’s Jewish community are                   leaders and participants who, over the many
Zimand’s congregation needed him at shul more           in a toast to life (L’Chaim!) and                invited to attend.                                 years, included countless devoted parents who
than at the school, Rabbi Perlmutter, of blessed        wish continued success to all of                    If you have a favorite picture                  would do anything and everything to enhance
memory, with Chazzan Robert Shapiro, both               the members of our community.                    (or three) from Academy days,                      their children’s educational experiences. That
from Congregation B’nai Israel, ran the school                                                                                                              included fundraising to purchase new play-
for one year. Their leadership was followed by
                                                        We will wish that each may go                    please forward them to Abby                        ground equipment. It included building a
that of Sol Agrari, Baruch Rand, Arnold Car-            m’chayal, el’chayal, from strength               Hoicowitz at United Jewish                         new playground, wiring the middle school so
mel, Harvey Raben, Rabbi Garson Hertzfeld,              to strength, building on the                     Council, 6465 Sylvania Avenue,                     it could be “connected.” It included hundreds
Ed Frim and Aviva Panusch, all directors of             foundation received through their                Sylvania, OH 43560 or abby@                        of hot lunches, hamentaschen baking, picture
the Toledo Board of Jewish Education (TBJE).                                                                                                                taking, help with recruitment, driving on field
                                                        years at the Hebrew Academy.           
Principals included Susan Dunn, Joan Wein-                                                                                                                  trips and, this final year, even providing funds
berg,Toni Gerber, myself, Ken Newbury, Karen               The celebration will take place                  Call Jill Lane at the Academy                   to maintain the highest level of specialists for
Knoppow, Rene Levy and LeeAnne Boehleke.                Sunday, June 5 at Congregation                   office, 419-724-0385, to RSVP.                     our students. To the best of my knowledge,
The support staff for TBJE and the Academy                                                                                                                  HAPA has never said “no.” Their devotion
included Mona Richey, Ruth Sitzmann, Elsa                                                                                                                   and their energy have been extraordinary and
Leveton, Debbi Pyzik and Jill Lane.                                                                                                                         without limit.
    The teachers were so many that it isn’t pos-     establishment of the Toledo Board of Jewish         began to slide, and by 1989-90, there were             When Rabbi Katz, of blessed memory,
sible to list them without omissions. But one        Education was Sol Boyk, who was followed as         67 students. In the 90s, however, the school       worked to build a day school so many years
must note that the very, very low attrition rate     president by Norm Rubinoff and then a succes-       began to grow again, reaching over 100 during      ago, it didn’t happen. He tried again. It still
speaks well for the school’s work environment,       sion of men and women whose commitment to           that decade. The initial increase in that decade   did not happen. The time was not right and
for the professionalism of the faculty and for       Jewish Education, and support of the Hebrew         reflected the resettlement of Soviet Jews in our   the pieces did not all fit together. But when
the mission of the school.                           Academy, was unshakable. (Note: In later years,     community but maintained itself when that era’s    Rabbi Zimand shared that vision and tried
    Among this dedicated staff are three teachers    Toledo's Jewish Community Foundation's Sol          resettlement was complete and those students       again, that third try was a winner. Leadership
who have been a part of the Academy for three        and Eleanor Boyk Fund became one of the re-         had cycled through the school.                     and circumstances enabled the community to
decades. The teacher who has been here the           sources used to help fund the Academy's middle          In 1998-99, the Hebrew Academy received        build and support a day school that has served
longest is Mrs. Cindy Feldstein. Cindy started       school students on their culminating trips to       a grant from the Partnership for Excellence in     more than two generations of our children.
as a half-day Academy preschool teacher in           Israel.) TBJE developed many fundraisers over       Jewish Education to expand to include grades       Think of it, two generations – more than four
1976, soon became the kindergarten teacher           the years, the most notable of which was the        seven and eight to incorporate a middle school.    decades! What a gift this has been from parents,
where she remained for many years and then,          Bricks for Jewish Education Campaign.               There were many parents and leaders who had        from professionals, from a community to so,
after a brief move to Pittsburgh, took on the            The Academy’s opening tuition was $500 for      long wanted this expansion, and finally the        so many of our youngsters.
reins of third grade, where she remains until this   preschool and $550 for elementary grades. To-       pieces, like in the beginning of the school, fit       All of the adults who were involved, whether
very day. During this period Mrs. Feldstein also     day, tuition is on an income-based sliding scale,   together.                                          as professionals or as lay leaders, were dedicated
taught a portion of second grade for many years.     with full tuition at $8,000. Tuition was always         In an effort led and supported by the un-      to the Academy’s mission of providing an in-
    Also here for more than 30 years was Rabbi       a part of the budget but never sufficient. Early    wavering commitment of two lay leaders, Ricki      tense Jewish education and the highest quality
Edward Garsek, who retired in 2006. Rabbi            on, the Jewish Welfare Federation of Greater        Rubin and Barbara Strauss, the middle school       secular education in an environment replete
Garsek taught sixth grade, seventh grade, eighth     Toledo and then United Jewish Council pri-          became a reality. The grant that was received,     with opportunity and challenge, risk-taking
grade – wherever he was needed. One unique           oritized Jewish education for our community’s       in the amount of $275,000, was matched by          and support, guidance, nurture and encourage-
contribution of his was the teaching of Ancient      children. They became partners with TBJE in         generous individuals in our community who          ment. The warmth of the Academy has long
History in the middle school as well as Judaic       providing funds so that no Jewish child was ever    believed deeply in the value of an intense Jew-    been its hallmark, as it has boasted enormous
studies, making correlations for the students        denied Academy enrollment because of financial      ish educational experience for our children.       success based on an outstanding dual program,
that would otherwise be untaught. He also            hardship. That philosophy has remained stead-       This extraordinary fundraising effort was led      skilled and dedicated classroom teachers and
officiated at many kindergarten marriages of         fast over the decades. (Note: Scholarship aide      by Linda Beren.                                    specialists, a small pupil-teacher ratio, dif-
Q & U – chupah and all.                              for dozens and dozens of students over many             During that same time period, a most           ferentiated programming to meet individual
    Mrs. Sara Garsek, who began at the Acad-         years was available due to the generosity of        generous gift was given by the David S. Stone      needs and differences, open communication,
emy as a regular classroom teacher in 1983,          Ben Solomon, a strong proponent of Jewish           Foundation, and the school was renamed the         a full-day kindergarten program and devoted
remains here today, serving for almost 30 years.     education, through the Ben J. Solomon Fund.)        David S. Stone Hebrew Academy. The launch-         volunteers. All focused on helping every child
Mrs. Garsek has taught second grade, fourth              Hundreds of students have matriculated          ing of the middle school was met with great        to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally,
grade and middle school grades for many years.       through the Hebrew Academy since its incep-         excitement, especially for those who valued the    and spiritually.
She developed Judaic curriculum for the Middle       tion. Although there are not complete rosters       opportunity to further Jewish education, an op-        In some people’s eyes, the number was
School and for the Academy and currently is          from the 60s and 70s, it is reported that by 1969   portunity that existed nowhere else in Toledo.     always too small. In other people’s eyes, it was
not only the intermediate grades Judaic Studies      there were 110 children enrolled in preschool       Additionally, many other families remained         quality, not quantity, which defined the success
teacher, but also the Director of Judaic Studies.    through fifth grade. Two years later, the school    involved and even new families jumped on           of this school. Half full, half-empty, perception
    After beginning at Meadowbrook, the              dropped to include grades only from preschool       board because of the excellence and unique-        is everyone’s reality.
school moved to B’nai Israel Synagogue on            through third grade, with a total of 60 children.   ness of the secular program. Once again, the           Today, the community has decided that it
Kenwood Boulevard where it was housed for            Then plans were made to add fourth again in         Academy grew, this time to an enrollment of        no longer wants a day school. The doors close,
approximately 20 years, until it moved into          1972 and eventually fifth and sixth grades. By      114. The middle school operated for six years,     but we all are well aware that as one door closes,
its present location at the Jewish Community         1972, the school had gained state accreditation.    graduating approximately three dozen students.     another opens. The love of intense Jewish educa-
Center on Sylvania Avenue in the fall of 1986.       What appears to be the largest enrollment was       Shortly after it closed, the Academy became a      tion, when prevalent among a group of young,
    TBJE was established in 1970, and it directly    in 1981-82, when students enrolled in preschool     K-5 school.                                        energetic people will always prevail, and when
supervised the Hebrew Academy. The person            through sixth grade numbered 125.                       Today, as our doors close, 22 students will    the pieces all fit together, when the grassroots
who served as the catalyst and engine for the            Through the 80s, the enrollment again           leave our program. Some will enroll in Jewish      reach for it, once again the cycle will begin.
                                                                                                                                      Toledo Jewish News • June/July 2011 • Page  13

Toledo Board of Jewish Education
Hebrew Academy's Kitah Alef (First Grade) receives prayer books

                                                                                                                          Ian (David) Wise, Bella (Bracha) Schwenk and Joshua
                                                                                                                           (Yehoshua) Abernathy lead their schoolmates in the
                                                                                                                                      Siyum HaSefer presentation

  Bella Schwenk is congratulated by her family as she
              receives her prayer book

                                                                       Ian Wise is congratulated by his parents as he
                                                                                  receives his prayer book

 Ian (David) Wise, Bella (Bracha) Schwenk and Joshua (Yehoshua)                                                              Joshua Abernathy is congratulated by his parents as he
Abernathy lead their schoolmates in the Siyum HaSefer presentation                                                                         receives his prayer book

    A treasure trove of discoveries at Gan Yeladim Preschool
                                 Penina discovers                                                                                     Emma
                                 that she can cut                                                                                 discovers that
                                so many different                                                                                she needs wind
                                 shapes with her                                                                                  to fly her kite

                                                                                                                      Louie is
                                                                                                                   delighted with
                                                                                                                   his discovery.
                                                                                                                    "A little seed
                                                                                                                    awakens and
                                                                                                                  begins to grow"

                                                     Aidan discovers
                                                    that he can make
                                                     his frog puppet
                                                     jump and croak

                                     Carly and Detective Toney
                                      discover how unique her
                                           fingerprints are                                                        Cayden discovers what               Owen discovers the process
                                                                                                                   makes challa dough rise              of making orange juice

                                                                     Exciting news!
                   We would like to announce the opening of a full day preschool option beginning in September 2011.
       I hope that all working moms with young children will now be able to take advantage of our highly rated preschool program.
                                                Registration now open for Fall 2011
                                             3 and 4 year old group              2 year old group
                                             Monday – Friday                     Tuesday and Thursday
                                             8:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.               8:30 a.m. -11:30 a.m.
                                             or full time 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
                        For more information please call Morah Raizel at 419-344-9142 or email
Page  14 • June/July  2011 • Toledo Jewish News

Israeli Birthright soldiers share stories of honor and strength
By Abby Hoicowitz,                          and informed how they see themselves
Staff Editor/Reporter                       and their relationship to the larger Jew-
                                            ish world.
    In mid-May, JFNA and the Birthright           First Sergeant Tomer Bucher
Israel Foundation sponsored a tour of two       Bucher, a 22-year-old from Haifa,
outstanding active duty IDF soldiers who    started his army service as a trainee pilot
joined and led previous Birthright Israel   and then joined the Explosive Ordinance
trips. The two soldiers – First Sergeant    Disposal unit, called Yahalom, an elite
Tomer Bucher and Lieutenant Lipaz           unit of the Combat Engineering Corps.
Ela – stopped in Toledo as part of a            Yahalom is the unit responsible for
tour that took them across the United       locating and destroying weapons smug-
States (including destinations such as      gling tunnels – including those on the
Miami, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts       border between Gaza and Egypt – that
and Orange County, California). They        supply Hamas with the weaponry it uses
discussed their army experience and the     against Israel. Other duties include defus-
ways in which their interaction with        ing bombs, clearing complex minefields,
young, Jewish, North American adults on     locating and destroying hidden weapon
the Birthright Israel trip has influenced   sites, sabotaging enemy infrastructure

                                                                                          First Sergeant Tomer Bucher and Lieutenant Lipaz Ela discuss their backgrounds
                                                                                                           and service to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)
                                                                                          and handling explosives.                   drug lord in a home in the West Bank.
                                                                                              Before joining the army, Bucher was    After making the capture, he and his
                                                                                          a semi-professional cyclist and a member   unit discovered a mother and her eight
                                                                                          of the Israeli national cycling team; he   children hiding in a secret room of the
                                                                                          remains a keen athlete and expects to      house. According to Bucher, the sight
                                                                                          finish his army service in March.          struck a nerve with him and, in particu-
                                                                                              Bucher shared an emotional story       lar, reminded him of the struggles his
                                                                                          in which he and his unit took down a
                                                                                                                                            SOLDIERS cont. on page 17

               United Jewish Council staff meets Tomer and Lipaz

                                                                                            The soldiers (along with UJC CEO Kirk Wisemayer and Fagie Benstein) meet
                                                                                                                 with Toledo Talmud Torah students

                                                                                          Fun-filled day at March4Friendship
                                                                                                                                               Max and Cayden Greenblatt
                                                                                                                                                play with a balloon at the
                                                                                                                                              inaugural March4Friendship.
                                                                                                                                               The event included a march,
                                                                                                                                              BBQ and Friendship Festival
                                                                                                                                                created by the Friendship
                                                                                                                                               Circle of Toledo to support
                                                                                                                                               children with special needs
                                                                                                                                                    and their families

                                                                                              Rafi and Dan Berns
                                                                                              came to support the
                                                                                                              Toledo Jewish News • June/July 2011 • Page  15

YAD comes together for spring events
By Abby Hoicowitz,                           Lane and I participated in a fun and creative
                                                                                                Travel with the
Staff Editor/Reporter                        clay workshop at Space 237 in downtown
                                             Toledo. With assistance from the gallery's
   In late April, YAD members Lauren         wonderful teacher, Jules, we each chose a plate
Sachs, Kate Carew, Raina Siroty, Elizabeth   design and created an original masterpiece.

                                                                                                                 You supported
                                                                                                                 their fundraiser,
                                                                                                                 NOW travel with
                                                                                                                 them to Israel ...
                                                                                                                  August 7- 18, 2011
    Lauren Sachs, Jules (pottery teacher), Kate Carew and Raina Siroty begin                                      •	 $3,999 per person land/air 
                          constructing their clay plates                                                          double occupancy
                                                                                                                     (registered before May 5)
                                                                                                                  •		$4,199 per person after May 5
                                                                                                                  •	 $2, 599 land only
                                                                                                                  Please contact Kirk Wisemayer at
                                                                                                                  419-724-0372 or
                                                                                                                  for more information or to register

                                                                                                 Jerusalem                  Tel Aviv
                                                                                               Bethlehem   Haifa Nazareth
         Kate Carew rolls out her clay and prepares to shape her creation                        Masada       & Naama’s hometown Hoshaya
  In mid-May, Elizabeth Lane invited         Neal Fridman, Kelly Berson, Raina Siroty
YAD members to her home for a Malaveh        and I attended the event, which marks the
Malkeh evening. Nick Gwin, Tobi Kipling,     end of Shabbat and the start of a new week.

 Neal Fridman and Tobi Kipling challenge each other in a competitive game of
                               Connect Four

Cantor Raina Siroty, Elizabeth Lane, Tobi Kipling, Neal Fridman and Nick Gwin
                       light a candle for Malaveh Malkeh
Page  16 • June/July  2011 • Toledo Jewish News

 The scouts are coming, are you?
  Two wonderful opportunities to share the joy,
  sing out loud and show your support for Israel
 By René Rusgo, Director,                 conversations and activities, they
 Department of Jewish Programs            warm your hearts and bring a piece
                                          of Israel right to you. Most of all,
   The Tzofim Friendship Caravan          they have a love for their country and
              Marom                       their people and a desire to share that
       Monday, July 18, 2011              love with their brothers and sisters in
         16 Tammuz 5771                   America.
                                             There is no better time to celebrate
           1:30 p.m.                      in our shared heritage and to support
    Community Camp Groups and             the State of Israel!
         Senior Centers                      To learn more about the Israel

            7:30 p.m.
                                          Scout Caravan check out www.
                                                                                    2011 Israel Scout home request
    Community members – all ages             Reservations requested for either         The Tzofim Friendship Caravan           0365 or Hosting
                                          performance by Monday, July 11            will be in Toledo on Monday, July 18,      entails a place to sleep, a warm shower,
    For over 30 years, the Tzofim         to Kenny Hager 419-724-0354               and we are in need of home hospitality     breakfast and a nosh for the road. The
 Friendship Caravan has been spreading    or For            for that evening (July 18).                scouts are placed in groups of no less
 their message of peace, brotherhood      questions about the event, please            If you would like to do a mitzvah and   than two. Please let us know if you keep
 and friendship throughout North          contact René Rusgo 419-724-0365           host a guest from Israel for an evening,   a kosher home, if you have pets and how
 America. Through song and dance,         or                  please contact René Rusgo 419-724-         many you can host.

  To advertise in Toledo Jewish News, contact
                           or 419-724-0363
                                                                                                                                          Toledo Jewish News • June/July 2011 • Page  17

Israel Info
Travel journalists group to hold council meeting in Israel
Submitted by the Israel Ministry of             broadcasters, photographers and filmmakers      in 1983 and 1998. But, the 2012 meeting will      South America, "and we'll be ensuring that the
Tourism                                         are expected to spend a week and more touring   be the first ever attended purely by the travel   participants have the opportunity to see the
                                                Israel from north to south. The meeting opens   journalists who have the power to persuade and    beauty, inspiration, excitement and sophistica-
    The Freelance Council of the Society of     in Tel Aviv on January 19 and will comprise     change consumers' minds about where to travel.    tion Israel offers."
American Travel Writers (SATW) will meet        council meetings as well as in-depth touring        "We are thrilled to welcome the SATW              According to Israel Ministry of Tourism
in Israel in January 2012. As many as 100       opportunities throughout the country.           Freelance Council to Israel," said Haim Gu-       North America, tourism to Israel peaked in
leading U.S. and Canadian travel journalists,       SATW has held two conventions in Israel –   tin, Israel Tourism Commissioner, North and       2010 despite the global economic slowdown.

House cast members tour Israel
Submitted by the Israel Ministry of             interviews.                                                                                          Launched in 2004, House is distrib-
Tourism                                             The four actors celebrated Indepen-                                                           uted to 66 countries around the world,
                                                dence Day in Tel Aviv then visit the                                                              including Israel.
   Four stars of the FOX TV drama               Galilee, the Dead Sea and Masada and                                                                 "Our goal is to bring a stream of high-
House arrived in Israel last month on           completed their tour in Jerusalem. The                                                            profile celebrities and opinion makers to
a tour designed to show off the best of         visit was sponsored by America's Voices                                                           Israel in the coming months and years,"
Israel. The four actors – Lisa Edelstein,       for Israel, a joint project of the Confer-                                                        said Haim Gutin, Israel Tourism Com-
Amber Tamblyn, Omar Epps and Jesse              ence of Presidents of Major American                                                              missioner North & South America, "so
Spencer – tweeted and blogged about             Jewish Organizations, the Israel Ministry         House cast members Jesse Spencer,               that they will return home and spread the
the trip as they traveled and are expected      of Tourism, the Israel Ministry of Foreign        Amber Tamblyn, Omar Epps and                    word not only about what Israel represents
to share their experiences in U.S. media        Affairs and EL AL Israel Airlines.                 executive producer, David Shore                but also about its appeal for travelers."

SOLDIERS cont. from page 14                                                                     her, daily, from becoming a victim of             much from the North American tourists
                                                                                                bombings or missile attacks. “For us, it’s        as they have learned from her. In addition
parents (both Holocaust survivors) had                                                          normal. You have ten seconds to react,            to the close bonds she obtained through
previously endured.                                                                             and then you just pray that the missile           the experience, she witnessed a critical
   Discussing a more joyful experience,                                                         doesn’t land on you.”                             change in the young visitors who learned
Bucher talked about the lifelong friends                                                           According to Ela, her work with                more about Israel and Jewish heritage than
he has gained due to his role with Birth-                                                       Birthright Israel has been a gift. What was       they could have ever imagined. For Ela,
right Israel. While on his tour of the                                                          originally supposed to be a “10-day vaca-         the Birthright Israel experience was a life
United States, Bucher planned to visit                                                          tion” from the army became much more;             changing experience as well, bringing her
many of those friends in the Boston area.                                                       she emphasized that she has learned as            closer to her country and to her faith.
          Lieutenant Lipaz Ela
   Ela, a 21-year-old from Jerusalem, is

                                                                                                    Was your family's property 
a human resources officer in the Israel
Air Force unit that operates the Arrow
anti-missile missile. The Arrow Weapons
System, engineered in cooperation with
the United States government, protects
                                                                                                   taken during the Holocaust?
Israel against medium and long-range
ballistic missiles. The unit, which was           First Sergeant Tomer Bucher listens
founded in 2000, played a critical role           to Lieutenant Lipaz Ela address the
in the Second Lebanon War in 2006                                crowd
by helping detect hundreds of rockets
launched daily from Lebanon into Israel.        sive record of community service during
   As the human resources officer for the       high school. She worked with senior
unit, Ela sees to the needs of the soldiers     citizens and young adults with drug ad-
in the unit, from making sure they get          diction and attended an Arab-Israel peace
their paychecks to assisting them with          mission in New Mexico.
personal or internal army issues.                   She discussed life in Israel and the
   Ela came to the army with an impres-         mixture of instinct and luck that saves
                                                                                                            Did you or your family own movable, immovable or
                                                                                                             intangible property that was confiscated, looted or
  Public Service Announcement                                                                              forcibly sold in countries governed or occupied by the
      The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of           Crohn's and Colitis, both diseases of the               Nazi forces or Axis powers during the Holocaust era?
  America (CCFA) support group meets the        colon, are prevalent among Ashkenaze Jews.
                                                                                                                  Have you or your relatives failed to receive
  first Tuesday of every month from 7 to 9          Meetings are free and include topical
  p.m. at St. Luke's Hospital Classroom #1      presentations, speakers etc.                                restitution for that property after the Holocaust era?
  (5901 Monclova Road, Maumee, Ohio                 For more information, contact Stephanie
                                                                                                     If you answered "yes" to both questions, you may be eligible to partipcate in the
  43537).                                       at 888-737-3232.
                                                                                                  Holocaust Era Asset Restitution Taskforce (Project HEART). Project HEART is a
                                                                                                  non-profit initiative of the Jewish Agency for Israel, funded by and in cooperation
                                                                                                  with the Government of Israel.

                                                                                                        For more information or to download/obtain a questionnaire, visit
                                                                                                                                        or call toll free
                                                                                                        1-800-584-1559 or direct line 1-414-967-2581
                                                                                                       between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Sunday through
                                                                                                                       Thursday (except Jewish holidays).
                                                                                                  Photographs: Gift of Ruth Mermelstein, Yaffa Eliach Collection donated by the Center for
                                                                                                  Holocaust Studies, Museum of Jewish Heritage, New York, U.S.A. Gift of Eric S. Morley, Museum
                                                                                                  of Jewish Heritage New York, U.S.A. Gift of Ronnie Hamburger Burrows, Museum of Jewish
                                                                                                  Heritage, New York, U.S.A.
Page  18 • June/July  2011 • Toledo Jewish News

Jewish Community Relations Council
Annual diversity program educates students about the Holocaust
By Wendy Goldstein,                               seats. The crowd was there to attend                                                              students, brought them to a place he
Director, JCRC                                    an annual diversity program that pres-                                                            seldom visits.
                                                  ents different aspects of the Holocaust                                                              For Mr. Markowicz, even though he
   On May 5, a sun-                               through survivors of the camps, hidden                                                            experienced one of the darkest periods
ny morning at To-                                 children, Holocaust museum represen-                                                              of history, his zeal for life is instantly
ledo’s Main Library                               tatives, plays and more.                                                                          apparent.
McMaster Center,                                     Philip Markowicz, a Holocaust                                                                     He urged the audience to be strong
277 people – com-                                 survivor shared his journey through                                                               and, “stand up when you see others being
prised of junior high                             the horrors of the Holocaust; it was a                                                            persecuted; don’t look the other way.”
and high school                                   story like those we usually only see in                                                            Wendy Goldstein and Mayor Michael
students, teachers                                the movies. Mr. Markowicz, not with-                                                                 Bell attend the annual diversity
and administrators – sat silent in their          holding a single detail to protect the                                                                  program at Main Library

Guest Sermon: Congregation Shomer Emunim
By Rob Vincent,                                       However, I would submit to you that,         would only bring out into the open the           enemy, and our democratic ally Israel,
Israel Advocacy Coordinator, JCRC                 in the long run, events of this nature will      orientation of these societies, for all to       on the other?
                                                  ultimately contribute to a more peaceful         see. The blind hypocrisy of Western                 Moreover, these events are demonstrat-
    Of all the “guest sermons” I have             and stable regional environment for Israel.      leaders giving these governments a pass          ing that the problems of the Middle East
delivered thus far, this has been the                 First, one might ask just how genuinely      in the name of propping up so-called             and larger Muslim world have nothing
most difficult to write. Prior                               “pro-Western” or “moderate”           “moderate allies,” even as these same            to do with Israel or the Israeli-Palestinian
to settling down before my                                   many of these established re-         “allies” support the very forces that kill       conflict, despite the disingenuous claims
computer keyboard, I found                                   gimes really are. For example,        our troops and terrorize our populations,        of so many who have used this issue as
myself procrastinating as long as                            the WikiLeaks documents have          would have to end. Perhaps if we began           a platform for demonizing Israel. They
I could. Events are now moving                               shown, among other things,            treating our enemies like enemies (what          have everything to do with the corrupt,
with such rapidity in the Middle                             what observers like me have           a radical concept!) we might start mak-          backward social/political systems that
East; I was concerned, no sooner                             known for years; “Moderate”           ing genuine headway in the war against           dominate the region.
would I write a final draft, that                            Saudi Arabia is the primary           radical Islamist terrorism.                         The truth is that the supposedly “pro-
events would render it obsolete                              financial sponsor of Sunni                Indeed, if openly Islamist regimes           Western” kings and dictators of these na-
within a short time.                                         Muslim-affiliated terror groups,      proliferate in the region, as detrimental        tions have only remained in power at the
    Six months ago, who would have                like Al Queda, in the world today. The           to peace and stability this may be in the        point of a gun and by co-opting the only
imagined that sitting regimes in Tunis and        same dynamic holds for many of these             near term, it will deprive the “dump Is-         constituency that mattered, this being the
Cairo would be out of power and many              other countries. Their media is full of          rael” crowd of their standard argument           clerics, who are the de facto ruling class
others throughout the area under serious          vicious anti-Western propaganda, and             for distancing the U.S. from Israel, this        in these societies. This arrangement has
and immediate threat of being toppled?            the “foreign fighters” we often hear             being that we ought not get “too close” to       kept the bulk of their populations chained
Many observers and friends of Israel fear         about facing off against our troops in           Israel for fear of alienating our so-called      to a medieval existence, falling farther
that this new regional instability threatens      places like Afghanistan hail from many           “moderate” Arab allies. When there are           and farther behind the rest of the world.
to usher in an era of mortal danger for           of our allegedly “moderate” allies, such         no more “moderates” left among them,                Such a state of affairs may have allowed
the Jewish state, that these developments         as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other         there is no logical choice left but to back      the political elites in these countries to
portend increased tension, strife and war.        Gulf states.                                     Israel without reservation. The bankrupt         put off the day when they’d have to gov-
    In the short-term, this is true. Instabil-        What do we really have to lose, in           “honest broker,” “evenhanded” paradigm           ern responsibly and seriously address the
ity carries risk. In contrast to what many        objective terms, by the demise of these          that has informed successive U.S. admin-         needs of their societies, but that day could
considered to be “pro-Western” or “mod-           governments?                                     istrations to a greater or lesser extent will    not be put off forever. It seems that day
erate” leaders, there are actors among                If they are replaced by genuinely            be dealt the death blow that it deserves.        may be arriving now.
those calling for revolution in the Muslim        democratic, secular regimes, that would          What serious American leader can en-                While the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
world of northeast Africa and southwest           be a positive development by any standard        tertain the idea of feeling obligated to         may have no real bearing on the internal
Asia who are quite open and strident in           for all concerned. But if, as may be more        maintain the status of an “honest broker”        problems of countries such as Egypt,
their hostility toward Israel in particular       likely and as many fear, they are replaced       between radical Islamist regimes on the          Israel is still extremely important from a
and the U.S. and West generally.                  by openly radical Islamist regimes, this         one hand, who view us as their mortal
                                                                                                                                                               SERMON cont. on page 26

“Constructive” criticism of Israel: At what point does it become something else?
By Scott Rothstein, Chair, JCRC                       However, there are in fact some limita-      before concluding whether or not their           no right to exist. Israelis do not belong in
                                                  tions. Typically, the balancing act pits the     position is legitimate? For example, does it     the Middle East.
    It is perfectly legitimate to question both   individual’s rights against a conflicting        matter that a church group in the United             Double Standards: Israel is condemned
Israel's policies and how those                               compelling interest in protecting    States may call for the same tactics (i.e.       harshly for self-defense measures and social
policies are implemented. With-                               the public. The classic example      boycotts, divestments and sanctions against      problems that are seen as acceptable or
in Israel’s pluralistic democracy,                            of unprotected speech would          Israel) that are also promulgated by Israel's    inevitable in other nations.
no one does criticism better than                             include laws prohibiting the         avowed enemies?                                      Demonization: Through distortions and
Israelis themselves. However,                                 yelling of the word “fire” in a          Should we be critical of individuals and/    lies, Israel is depicted as the world’s most
when examining "constructive”                                 crowded room. Additionally,          or groups that only tell "half-truths" about     evil and dangerous country, and the claim is
criticism of Israel, the question                             libel and slander laws allow for a   Israel or otherwise fail to address "context"    made that if the Jewish State ceased to exist,
must be asked: At what point                                  legal mechanism to seek redress,     when criticizing Israel?                         the main problems of the Middle East – and
does it become something else?                                primarily monitory damages,              At what point do we conclude that            the world – problems would be solved.
    My goal in writing this short piece is to     if an individual “wrongfully” abuses (i.e.       slanderous attacks against Israel are not just       University of California Irvine professor
briefly illuminate some of the key issues and     by lying) this free speech right. Generally      inappropriate but are illegitimate because       Roberta Seid has suggested a "fourth D,"
guidelines that may help you clarify in your      speaking, these limited protections do not       they constitute anti-Semitic attacks against     decontextualization, be added as well.
own mind where this elusive line is drawn.        extend to countries.                             the Jewish people?                                   In future articles, we will systematically
    First, let us all understand the issue is         Therefore, if we only address the issues         A framework for identifying illegitimate     examine criticism of Israel within the frame-
not really a legal one. People can, to a point,   in purely legalistic terms there is not much     criticism has been succinctly articulated by     work "four D's" with the express purpose of
say whatever they want about Israel without       to talk about. However, if we are examining      Natan Sharansky (former Soviet refusenik         revisiting the key question: At what point
legal ramifications. Everyone’s legal right to    this issue from a broader perspective, the       and prisoner, Israeli politician, human rights   do we conclude that slanderous attacks
“free speech” is broad and guaranteed by our      issue becomes more complicated.                  activist and author) in what has been sum-       against Israel are not just inappropriate but
constitution. There must be very compelling           Is it appropriate to consider the inten-     marized as the "three D’s ":                     are illegitimate because they constitute anti-
reasons to justify limitation of those rights.    tions of a person or group criticizing Israel        Delegitimization: The Jewish State has       Semitic attacks against the Jewish People?
                                                                                                                                   Toledo Jewish News • June/July 2011 • Page  19

Jewish Community Relations Council
Holocaust survivors share stories in new documentary
By Abby Hoicowitz,                               interesting part for me, as the filmmaker,
Staff Editor/Reporter                            was creating the questions and having in-
                                                 timate questions with the survivors … The
    Toledo’s annual Yom HaShoah program          way the survivors addressed the group was
and memorial service was held May 1 at Tem-      very different from the way they may address
ple Shomer Emunim. The event provided the        someone in a one-to-one interview or address
world premiere first edit of Bearing Witness:    a group of adults … We were able to capture
The Voices of Our Survivors, a documentary       the passion and sincerity of the people in the
film and exhibition of photographic portraits.   film by having them speak directly to the
    Heather Elliott-Famularo, director/          students, which made it really meaningful.
producer; Hindea Markowicz, assistant            I think we have a lot of potential when we
producer and director of the Ruth Fajerman       go forward from here.”
Markowicz Holocaust Resource Center of               Eber discussed the project and its impact
the United Jewish Council of Greater Toledo      on those who collaborated for its creation.
(UJC); Dena Elizabeth Eber, photographer/        She said, “The biggest challenge was my close-
assistant producer; and Wendy Goldstein,         ness to the whole Holocaust experience and,
consultant and Jewish Community Relations        as such, encountering it with my camera as
Council (JCRC) director created the video        an outsider rather than being part of it as a
and photographs.                                 community member. I grew up inundated
    Elliott-Famularo said, “The most                   SURVIVORS cont. on page 27

  Survivors participate in a candle lighting ceremony during the Yom HaShoah
                                       event                                                                  Tom Helberg assists Clara Rona in lighting a candle

Honor and celebration
By Abby Hoicowitz,                               Andy Golding and Scott Kalniz (Note:
Staff Editor/Reporter                            UJC President, Elliot Feit, and Cantor
                                                 Evan Rubin were unable to attend and
   On May 9, United Jewish Council               sent their regards).
of Greater Toledo (UJC) and the com-
munity took part in a Yom HaZikaron
and Yom Ha'atzmaut program to honor
the fallen soldiers of our Partnership
region - Western Galilee as well as cel-
ebrate our 63 years of statehood.
   Israel initiatives director, Yuval
Shefi, led a wonderful program, which
included lighting of Neshama candles
and meaningful contributions from
Rabbis Samuel Weinstein, Yossi Shem-
tov, Moshe Saks and Edward Garsek;
Cantors James Gloth and Raina Siroty;
young community members Naomi                      Yuval Ayalon and Ruth Light light              Naomi Federman, Sara Federman and Alec Stern read first hand-stories of loss
Federman, Sara Federman and Alec                  Neshama candles at the beginning of              and heroism of members of the Israel Defense Forces from our Partnership
Stern; UJC CEO, Kirk Weismayer;                      the Yom HaZikaron program                                            Region - Western Galilee

 Students attend Diversity Day

    Local high school students listen to Holocaust survivor, Philip Markowicz at the               Yuval Shefi (left) and other attendees of the Yom Ha'atzmaut event dance to
   annual Diversity Day, held at Toledo-Lucas County Public Library's Main Library                                                 songs of Israel
Page  20 • June/July  2011 • Toledo Jewish News

Next Generation
                                                                                                          HELP! What program should I go to?
                                                                                                          By Sherry Majewski,                           fers fun activities and the opportunity to
                                                                                                          Programs Associate                            connect with other Jewish youth.
                                                                                                                                                            Club 678: for Jewish Youth in sixth
                                                                                                             Do you ever find yourself wondering        through eighth grades. This program of-
                                                                                                          what program group your child should          fers fun events and programs as well as the
                                                                                                          be in?                                        opportunity for Jewish youth to connect.
                                                                                                             Check out the list below, and remember         Your ideas are always encouraged and
 FREE books and CDs – Are you getting YOURS? The PJ Library® is completely FREE for
 participating families in the United Jewish Council of Greater Toledo region.                            that our program year runs July 1, 2011       welcomed. Please feel free to share any
     The PJ Library seeks to engage Jewish families with young children. Each participating child in      through June 30, 2012.                        you may have as we are working on our
 our community will receive a high quality Jewish children’s book or CD every month, from age six            Sunday's-A-Funday: for Jewish sec-         next year’s programming now.
 months through age eight.                                                                                ond and third graders. This program offers        If you have any questions, please
     Each book and CD comes with resources to help families use the selection in their home. The book
 and music list has been selected by the foremost children’s book experts and includes a wide array of
                                                                                                          arts and crafts, education and connecting     contact Sherry Majewski, Programs As-
 themes related to Jewish holidays, folktales and Jewish family life.                                     with other Jewish kids.                       sociate, at 419 724-0386 or sherry@
                                                                                                             Kids Klub: for Jewish youth in the
 And the PJ ABC FOOD BOOKS for June are:                                                                  fourth and fifth grades. This program of-          Looking forward to seeing you!
 Apples & Honey (ages 6 months to 2 years) – Goodnight Sh'ma by Jacqueline Jules
 Bagels & Lox (ages 2 to 3) – The Littlest Pair by Sylvia Rouss or Naamah and the Ark at Night by Susan
 Bartoletti                                                                                                                                For Jewish 2nd and 3rd graders, this program offers arts &
 Challah Toast (ages 3 to 4) – I Love Jewish Camp by Todd Parr                                                                             crafts, education and connecting with other Jewish kids!
 Dates & Almonds (ages 4 to 5) - Say Hello, Lily by Deborah Lakritz
 Egg Matza (ages 5 to 6) – Noah's Swim-a-thon by Ann Koffsky                                                                               An Emergency Form and Code of Conduct must be on file to
 Falafel (ages 6 to 7) – Picnic at Camp Shalom by Jacqueline Jules                                                                         participate in all programs. All programs require advanced
 Gefilte Fish (ages 7 to 8) – Sami's Sleepaway Summer by Jenny Meyerhoff                                                                   registration to ensure safety and supplies.
 Hamantaschen (ages 8 and above) – The Hungry Clothes by Peninnah Schram

 And the PJ ABC FOOD BOOKS for July are:
 Apples & Honey (ages 6 months to 2 years) – Sunrise, Sunset by Sheldon Harnick or Old MacNoah had                           Ready, set … get wet!
 an Ark by Sally Lloyd-Jones
 Bagels & Lox (ages 2 to 3) – Alef Bet by Michelle Edwards or A Grandma/Grandpa Like Yours by Andria                     Sunday’s-A-Fun Day Pool Party
 Rosenbaum                                                                                                                         Wednesday, August 3, 2011
 Challah Toast (ages 3 to 4) – Beautiful Yetta: The Yiddish Chicken by Daniel Pinkwater                                                     7-8:30 p.m.
 Dates & Almonds (ages 4 to 5) - King Solomon and the Bee by Dahlia Renberg or Fox Walked Alone by                       Romanoff Patio, UJC Campus, 6465 Sylvania Avenue
 Barbara Reid
 Egg Matza (ages 5 to 6) – First Rain by Charlotte Herman
 Falafel (ages 6 to 7) – The Rabbi and the Twenty-Nine Watches by Marilyn Hirsh
                                                                                                                                   Please bring a new school supply to donate
 Gefilte Fish (ages 7 to 8) – The Way Meat Loves Salt by Nina Jaffe                                           Don’t walk, but jet off to your phone to request your reservation with Kenny Hager
 Hamantaschen (ages 8 and above) – TBD                                                                                                          at 419-724-0354.

 To learn more about the PJ Library and to ensure your child receives this wonderful gift, please         You need to reserve your spot by July 27, 2011 as NO WALK-INS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
 contact René Rusgo, 419-724-0365 or The PJ Library® is supported by the
 Gary and Andrea Delman Family Foundation.
                                                                                                          BBYO holds installs/de-installs
   Where are MY PJ Library® Books?                                                                        By Katherine Kieninger,                       Gross, Joely Friedman, Ruthie Chaban
                                                                                                          Spring/Summer N’siah                          and Wesley Flaum.
Did you stop getting your PJ Library® books, CDs or DVDs in the mail and you
don’t know why? Has it been longer than a month and your child is still eligible                             I'd like to thank every girl in B'not
(under the age of 8) to be getting the PJ Library®?                                                       Shalom BBG for this past term. We had
                                                                                                          a wonderful board, and I loved working
                                                                                                          with every single one of the girls.
     The answer is right here! We need YOU to renew.                                                         Toby Friedman, Rachel Federman,
                                                                                                          Ruthie Chaban, Marlee Friedman,
Please follow these three easy steps and you will be back on your way to enjoying the
                                                                                                          Emily Gross, Joely Friedman, Wesley
amazing offerings of the PJ Library®
                                                                                                          Flaum, and Elayna Levison were all a
                                                                                                          part of the hardworking board this term.
                                                                                                             I am also very excited to be work-
 STEPS TO RENEWING YOUR FREE PJ Library ®subscription from the Gary
                                                                                                          ing with this coming term's board:
               and Andrea Delman Family Foundation                                                                                                        AZA president, Alec Stern, and BBG
                                                                                                          Rachel Federman, Maddie Isenberg,
                                                                                                          liana Dolin, Marlee Friedman, Emily               president, Katherine Kieninger
    1. Open the letter from the PJ Library® alerting you to when your subscription
        will run out. You will receive a total of two letters asking you to renew – if
        you do not renew, then you will STOP getting the FREE books! You MUST
        renew ALL subscriptions!

    2. To continue receiving the FREE books, go to
        a. Click on the “Sign-Up” tab at the top of the web page
        b. Click on the “Renewals” link
        c. You will need to fill out all blanks and then click “Submit”

    3. We are NOT able to renew for your child; we are able to help you.

All transactions occur through –including gift subscriptions!

*If this is a child’s first year receiving The PJ Library ® they will be automatically

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns, René Rusgo,
419-724-0365 or

                                                   The PJ Library® is supported by the Gary
                                                   and Andrea Delman Family Foundation.                    (top) Members of B’nat Shalom BBG: Rachel, Wesley, Katherine, Emily, Joely,
                                                                                                          Toby, Marlee, Maddie, Ilana and Ruthie; (bottom) Toledo BBYO advisors: Chad
                                                                                                                         Kripke, Kyle Schwartz and Adrienne Goldberg
                                                                                                                                       Toledo Jewish News • June/July 2011 • Page  21

Next Generation
University of Toledo Hillel news                                                                  BGSU Hillel news
                                                                                                  By W. Kyle Ingle,                                • Stephen Meyer, President (Chagrin
UT Hillel grows by more than 500% in one year                                                     Faculty Advisor, BGSU Hillel                 Falls, Ohio)
By Elizabeth Lane, Hillel and                    and were then given the opportunity to serve                                                      • Morgan Levin, Vice President, Social
Young Adult Director                             in leadership roles.                                                     Elections were       & Service (Akron, Ohio)
                                                     Together, we strengthened our partner-                            held on April 26            • Aby Frankel, Vice President, Religion
    The national Hil-                            ship with the university through the creation                         for BGSU Hillel’s       (Averill Park, New York)
lel mission is “to en-                           of an annual Jewish Heritage Month on                                 2011-2012 student           • Sophie Goldenberg, Treasurer (Ak-
rich the lives of Jew-                           campus as well as a community-wide “Lights                            board. Congratula-      ron, Ohio)
ish students so that                             on the Mall” Chanukah program. Both of                                tions to our new            • Jeremy Reder, Secretary (Chicago,
they may enrich the                              these initiatives have helped forward our                             student board for       Illinois)
Jewish people and                                goal of having a close relationship with UT                           2011-2012:                  • Sydney Brinsky, Public Relations
the world.” Over this                            in addition to bringing a more vibrant and                                                    (Chicago, Illinois)
past school year, the                            educational Jewish presence on campus. Our
University of Toledo                             older students worked diligently through the
(UT) Hillel has been working hard to meet        spring semester to establish a Hillel graduate
the Hillel mission by engaging, connecting       program, which will kick off in the fall. This
and empowering Jewish college students to        exciting, new program will connect older
create a strong Jewish community at the          Jewish students on and off campus through
university. We provided our students with        social, religious and community activities.
experiences that enabled them to be active           The University of Toledo Hillel has
and responsible members of the larger com-       grown by leaps and bounds, and it is an
munity and prepared them to be dynamic           exciting time for our community. If you
members of the Jewish community long             know of anyone attending the University
after graduation.                                of Toledo next year, please let them know
    We started the academic year with four       about us. We look forward to saying hello!
                                                                                                                                                        (clockwise from top left) BGSU
active students in the fall and have ended the       For more information, please contact
                                                                                                                                                        Hillel students enjoy a Passover
2010-2011 school year with more than 20          Elizabeth Lane, Hillel and Young Adult
                                                                                                                                                           meal in the Faculty Senate
new members. At more than 30 successful          Director at (419) 724-0364 or elizabeth@
                                                                                                                                                          Gallery in the McFall Center
programs during the school year, including
                                                                                                                                                           on campus; Rachel Letwin
monthly Shabbat dinners, new members                 Visit us on Facebook at “UT Hillel”
                                                                                                                                                           (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
were able to learn all about our organization    as well!
                                                                                                                                                          found the Afikomen; Ashley
                                                                                                                                                            Berman, President (2010-
                                                                                                                                                           2011), enjoying a Passover

                                                                                                  BSN AZA enjoys Sederpalooza
                                                                                                  By Alec Stern, AZA president                 covered matzos and more. For the main
                                                                                                                                               course, we got to make our own individual
                                                                                                     On April 19, Brown Smullin Neufeld        matzo pizzas.
                                                                                                  AZA #70 held a Passover Seder at AZA            We also took part in a haroset cook-off.
                                                                                                  advisor, Chad Kripke’s house. Seven mem-     Members brought their own version of the
                                                                                                  bers and one prospect attended and enjoyed   dish to be tasted by all. They were all delicious,
                                                                                                  matzo ball soup, gefilte fish, chocolate     so we decided that everybody was a winner.
AZA names spring/summer board
By Alec Stern, AZA president                     commitment to BSN. The spring/summer
                                                 board is ready to give 100% this term and
  I would like to thank the fall/winter          make the chapter bigger and better than
board for all their hard work and                ever before!
2010 – 2011 Fall/Winter Board                    2011-2012 Spring/Summer Board

Godol: Alec Stern                                Godol: Alec Stern
S’gan: Griffin Lahre                             S’gan: Torrey Tarschis                           (clockwise from left) Aaron Liebenthal, Alec Stern, Sam Federman, Drew Gross,
Moreh: Andrew Gross                              Moreh: Andrew Gross                                    Devon Tarschis, Griffin Lahre, Jared Grunberg and Torrey Tarschis
Shaliach: Aaron Liebenthal                       Shaliach: Adam Liber
Mazkirs: Andy Shall & Jacob Groth                Gizbor: Jake Frankel
Gizobor: Torrey Tarschis                         Sopher: Aaron Liebenthal
Sopher: Samuel Federman                          Shotare Godol: Devon Tarschis

                                                                                                    Members of Brown Smullin Neufeld AZA: Devon, Jacob, Allan, Alec, Aaron,
                                                                                                               Drew, Jake, Torrey, Aaron, Adam, Andy and Griffin
Page  22 • June/July  2011 • Toledo Jewish News

HADASSAH                                                                                     ORT
Centennial Campaign                                                                          Microsoft and World ORT collaborate
Hadassah, for now. For life                                                                  for 21st century education
Submitted by Hindea Markowicz,                up to life members. No deductions will
President, Hadassah Toledo Chapter            be taken for previous payments. Previ-
                                              ous dues payments will not be credited
    We are celebrating 100 Years of Ha-       towards the centennial Price. Current
dassah with a $100 lifetime enrollment.       annuals have a year to take advantage of
    The celebration offer is only valid       this offer (payment plans are excluded).
from January 1, 2011 through December            To enroll, or for more information,
31, 2011.                                     contact Hindea Markowicz at 419-536-
    This is not a sale; it is a once in a     2675 or Marcia Grossman at 419-536-
lifetime celebration. The campaign puts       0890.
an affordable price tag on a lifetime of              Hadassah Contributions
support for Hadassah during these dif-           Hadassah is always grateful for the
ficult economic times. Everyone is equal      many contributions it receives through-
– it is $100 for prospects, women, men        out the year from members and friends.
and children.                                 Beautiful cards and certificates are sent to
    For the first quarter of the centennial   acknowledge the donor’s gift and the do-
celebration, Hadassah has welcomed over       nation is listed in the Hadassah bulletin.
13,000 new Life Members and Associ-           To make a donation or send a tribute card
ates. This celebration provides a perfect     contact Selma Master at 419-841-4936
opportunity for annual members to step        and or Yvette Levin at 419-536-1703.
                                                                                                         President of Microsoft in Central and Eastern Europe, Don
                                                                                                         Grantham, with ORT de Gunzburg High School Principal,
NA’AMAT                                                                                                                         Boris Notkin

                                                                                             Information provided by World                  ration as a Pathfinder School. This is
Profile: NA'AMAT USA                                                                         ORT                                            a small international group of schools
                                                                                                                                            whose record of innovation and success-
Submitted By Thelma Wexler                        NA'AMAT USA supports the                       Collaboration between Microsoft            ful change implementation has put them
                                              following NA'AMAT Israel programs              Corporation and World ORT is set to            at the forefront of Microsoft's $500
    NA'AMAT USA is a direct link              for women: public awareness campaigns          intensify now that they have signed            million Partners in Learning program.
between Americans and Israelis. With          on the rights and status of women;             a Memorandum of Understanding                      And last year, the ORT Kiev Tech-
16 other member countries, it forms           treatment and shelter for victims of           (MoU) on the application of informa-           nology Lyceum became Ukraine's sole
the largest Jewish women's organization       domestic violence; legal defense and           tion technologies and on innovation            representative in the program, which
worldwide.                                    legislative advocacy; higher education         in education.                                  helps schools and staff use technology
    NA' AMAT USA's sister organization,       scholarships for study in non-traditional          The MoU was signed in Moscow               to advance teaching and learning more
NA'AMAT Israel, is the country's most         fields; advanced education promoting           by the President of Microsoft Russia,          effectively.
prominent voice for women's rights and        women in business and management;              Dr. Nikolay Pryanishnikov, and the                 The MoU raises the possibility of
its foremost provider of social services.     and leadership training for women in           Director of ORT Russia, Dr. Sergey             the best schools in ORT's network in
    NA'AMAT Israel works for and              business and the public arena.                 Gorinskiy, during the 8th European Fo-         the Former Soviet Union to join de
with Jewish, Arab, Druze and all other            NA' AMAT USA takes the following           rum of Microsoft's Partners in Learning        Gunzburg and the Kiev Lyceum in the
citizens of Israel.                           action in the United States: initiated         program, which brought together more           global Partners in Learning Innovative
    NA'AMAT USA and NA'AMAT                   national summit on domestic violence;          than 300 educators from 40 countries.          Schools program.
Israel support religious pluralism.           promotes legislative advocacy for                  "ORT is one of the largest educational         "We are pleased to have among our
    NA'AMAT supports Israel’s premier         women's rights, child welfare, etc.;           networks in the world; its activities over-    partners a company like Microsoft,
caregiver for children, working through:      supports Jewish education and youth            lap Microsoft's mission of promoting           whose long-standing technological and
1,000 day-care facilities for more than       programs; and provides leadership in           the modernization of education, which          methodological support in the field of
25,000 children; intervention and             major national coalitions.                     indicates the great potential there is for     education has promoted development
education for at-risk teens; advanced                                                        the two organizations to interact both         in many countries," said World ORT's
teacher training in early childhood           NA’AMAT USA                                    in Russia and around the world," said          Chief Program Officer, Vladimir Drib-
education, the model for Head                 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4700                   Igor Balandin, Director of Education           inskiy. "By combining our efforts we can
Start; integration programs for new           New York, NY 10118-4700                        at Microsoft Russia. "I am confident           create synergies, which will drive the
immigrants to Israel and their children;                                                     that there are a lot of interesting and        development of an educational system
MEHAD support system for single-              Local chapter:                                 successful projects ahead of us, which         in tune with 21st Century realities."
parent families; and aid to adoptive          Thelma Wexler                                  will contribute to the development of              Microsoft has been cooperating
parents.                                      419-841-1742                                   the educational system."                       with the Russian education system for
                                                                                                 The MoU is an integral part of the         20 years, providing schools and other
                                                                                             Microsoft Educational Alliance, which          institutions with modern information
                                                                                             involves the implementation of joint           technology and preferential terms for

                           Kathryn Linver
                                                                                             social projects including the promo-           buying software which promotes teach-
                                                                                             tion of ICT use in education, raising          ers' competence in ICT.
                                                                                             the level of teachers' computer literacy           ORT de Gunzburg's Deputy Direc-
                                                                                             and spreading best teaching practices.         tor, Gregory Vodopyan, said Microsoft
                                              Memorialist                                        Within days of the MoU being               had focused on providing his school high
                                    serving the Jewish Community                             signed a high-powered delegation from          quality help, including the provision
                                           for over 20 years                                 the technology giant headed by Don             of SharePoint software, which allows
                                                                                             Grentham, President of Microsoft in            the consolidation of intranet, extranet
                                                                                             Central and Eastern Europe, took the           and Internet sites on a single platform.
                                                                                             first step in realizing its goals by touring       Teachers are taken to top schools in
            • Distinctive & Personally Designed Memorials                                    the ORT de Gunzburg High School to             other countries to see how they were
                                                                                             see how it was implementing a system           using technology to organize and en-
                     • Finest Materials & Craftmanship                                       of individualized academic instruction.        hance the learning process; and access
                               • Competitive Prices                                              The ORT de Gunzburg High School            to leading educators in fields related
                                                                                             has benefited from Microsoft's support         to innovation and school transforma-
                                 Call 419-882-0607                                           since 2009 when it became the only one         tion is enabled via Microsoft's Virtual
                                 days or evenings                                            in Russia to be selected by the corpo-         University training sessions.
                                                                                                                                          Toledo Jewish News • June/July 2011 • Page  23

Special Interest
Holocaust Memorial Museum
                                                                                                     Did you know?
launches World Memory Project
Submitted by Lisa Yavnai, J.D.,                  history, and many of these records are              Judge Zemmelman presents at
Ph.D., Director, Holocaust Survi-                preserved in the Museum's collections.
vors and Victims Resource Center,                The Museum’s Holocaust Survivors and                national conference
United States Holocaust Memorial                 Victims Resource Center has been help-
Museum                                           ing thousands of families from around         Submitted by Lucas County              dressed approximately 100 judges
                                                 the world discover information about          Juvenile Court                         from across the nation on the topic of
   On May 3, the United States Holo-             loved ones from these documents. This                                                human trafficking of juveniles.
caust Memorial Museum launched the               work has been labor intensive and slow            In mid-March, Lucas County            ASTAR is a non-profit entity led by
World Memory Project in partnership              because the documents have not been           Juvenile Court Judge Connie Zem- a judicial partnership with the scien-
with According to Lisa             searchable by name. As the survivor           melman presented at a symposium tific community and national centers
Yavnai – director, Holocaust Survivors           generation is aging, the need for families    titled, “Developmental Forensics of of technological excellence. ASTAR’s
and Victims Resource Center, United              to know the truth is now more urgent          Children Adjudicated by Courts” at National Resource Judge Program is
States Holocaust Memorial Museum                 than ever.                                    the Advanced Science and Techni- a training curriculum and technical
– Ancestry’s technology and global net-             With technical assistance donated          cal Adjudication Resource Center assistance service designed to enhance
work will help the Museum dramatically           by, the World Memory             (ASTAR) conference in Chapel Hill, the capacities of the nation’s courts
improve access to its collections and bet-       Project has been created to engage the        North Carolina. Zemmelman ad- funded by the Department of Justice.
ter serve Holocaust victims, their loved         public in helping to make Museum
ones and their families for generations          collections more easily searchable. It is
to come.                                         intended for families to discover what         The World Memory Project allows information from historical records, one
   Millions of documents survived the            happened to loved ones victimized by anyone, anywhere an opportunity to con- fact at a time, into searchable databases
Nazis' attempts to obliterate human              the Nazis during the Holocaust.            tribute to this effort by simply entering that will become available for free online.

Holocaust-era records newly released
Submitted by the American Jewish Joint           (JDC) that allows people to search inside its    the over 500,000 Jews listed in materials now   be used to browse over 1,500 photos from
Distribution Committee                           large, newly digitized collection of World War   posted by JDC from its work rescuing Jews       the DP camps and other places where The
                                                 II era documents and photographs.                during and after the War. Documents can be      Joint worked during and after the Shoah.
   A new resource is available from the Ameri-       Holocaust survivors and their families can   viewed and downloaded.                          Site visitors may then be able to help JDC
can Jewish Joint Distribution Committee          determine if a person's name appears among          The site,, can      identify the people in the photos.

Reflections of Judaism in Budapest
Submitted by Steven Schwager, CEO,               general society.                                 Jewish community.
American Jewish Joint Distribution                   Of course there are some things that             And there are others as
Committee (JDC)                                  have not changed for the better. The             well: Jews who were passed
                                                 welfare situation of the elderly is severe,      over by the opening up
    JDC’s Associate Executive Vice Presi-        there are a growing number of Jewish             of Jewish life; Jews who,
dent, Gideon Taylor, recently returned           children in need and unemployment has            two decades after the fall
from a visit to Budapest – one of the larg-      hit Jews and non-Jews alike. As a result,        of Communism, are just
est Jewish communities in Europe. JDC            JDC welfare programs are increasingly            now learning that they are
has a wide range of programs in Hungary,         critical in helping communities address          Jewish or who are starting
serving the entire spectrum of the Jewish        these needs.                                     to think that perhaps the
community. Below are some of Gideon’s                But there are also many new and              Jewish part of their heritage
reflections after his visit.                     exciting things happening.                       is something missing from
    At a smoky coffee shop in a run-                 My first of many visits to Budapest          their lives.
down building in the old Jewish quarter          was in 1989. Everything was fresh and                Discussion about Jewish
in Budapest, young Jews who are not              exciting. Communism was collapsing,              identity is as pervasive and
connected to any Jewish organizations            freedom was in the air, anything was             important to many people              Children singing at a JDC-supported summer camp
gather to discuss current events, Jewish         possible. Young Jews were learning from          today as it was in 1989. What                          Hungary, c. 1946
issues, or just share a late-night coffee        their parents for the first time that they       does it mean to be Jewish?                           Photo: JDC Archives
over their laptops.                              were Jewish – a shock for teenagers who          How do I talk about being
    Just as Facebook is shaping the way          suddenly discovered a past about which           Jewish in school and with                        an emerging reality.
young people interact and communicate            they knew nothing.                               my friends? What do my parents think                Whether it is Jewish holidays, Israeli
all over the world, so it is starting to             More than 20 years later, young Jews         about my Jewish activity?                        dance or klezmer music that draws you
redefine the way Jews connect and relate         are very different.                                  Yet the framework for these discus- to Jewish life, if you are a young Jew,
to each other in Europe.                             A group of Jews living in Budapest           sions is not the same as it was then. Twenty chances are there is an event going on
    The latest YouTube hit satirical Jewish      today have grown up with what was                years ago, there were clear distinctions: somewhere in Europe for you.
video went viral in Budapest at exactly the      unimaginable in 1989: Jewish schools,            British Jews, French Jews, Hungarian                Fees from participants, local fundrais-
same moment it did in New York. And              youth activities and the JDC-run sum-            Jews – Jews who grew up, studied, mar- ing and small start-up JDC grants help
whether it is posting dates for an outdoor       mer camp at Szarvas that has inspired a          ried and worked in the countries of their get programs started. Long bus rides
Jewish Festival, the next Jewish camp or         generation of youngsters from Hungary            origin. Today it all looks very different. and volunteer organizers help keep costs
a Jewish theatre performance, Facebook           and other countries in Eastern Europe.           One of the young JDC staffers playing a down. Energy (and a lot of caffeine) makes
has become the preeminent form of                Many of these young Jewish adults are            role in nurturing region-wide programs them happen.
communication for drawing young Jews             dynamic and engaged activists in Jewish          in Europe was born in Macedonia,                    As I leave the cafe, I pass by a few
in Budapest to Jewish activities – every         life today.                                      studied in Israel and lives in Hungary. Jewish activists sitting at one of the tables
bit as much as it does for their peers in            But there is another group of Jews           Another was born in Serbia and studied planning an event. Open on the screens of
the U.S.                                         who experienced that renaissance, then           in Hungary. National identity is simply their laptops is the ubiquitous Facebook.
    But new social media is much more            disappeared from the community as they           less and less important to young Jews in            The Jewish Facebook generation may
than simply a tool to communicate. It            went to university and started families.         Europe today.                                    not be causing governments to fall.
is evidence of a transformation from lo-         Now, as their children reach kindergar-              What was an aspiration a quarter                But, with a little bit of help, they are
cal to global that affects Jews in Eastern       ten age, they are reemerging once again,         of a century ago – young Jews seeing starting to shape a new, exciting and
Europe as much, if not more, than the            anxious to bring their families into the         themselves as European Jews – is today vibrant destiny for Jews in Europe.
Page  24 • June/July  2011 • Toledo Jewish News

B'nai Mitzvah
    W             e Honor Our B'nai Mitzvah

    Sydney Beatrice Siegel will be called to the                                           Matthew David Wainstein will be called to
Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday, June 4,                                             the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, June 11,
2011 at Temple Shomer Emunim. Sydney is                                                 2011 at Temple Shomer Emunim. Matt is the
the daughter of Sara Feldstein, sister of Shayni                                        son of Mark and Anita Wainstein and brother of
and granddaughter of Sandy Sloan and the late                                           Alex and Danny Wainstein. Proud grandparents
Gary Sloan.                                                                             include Meyer and Dee Wainstein of Toledo and
    Sydney is a seventh grader at Timberstone                                           Steve and Heather Zweig of Palm Harbor, Florida.
Junior High School, where she participates in                                              Matt, a seventh grader at Arbor Hills Junior
the band and in theater. In her spare time, she                                         High School, is an honor student and runs on
dances for the Daryl Jervis dance team, plays                                           the cross country team. He is also an avid soccer
tennis and enjoys singing and hanging out with                                          player and has played for Pacesetter Soccer Club
friends, especially her mom and sister. Sydney is                                       for the past six years. He also loves to snow ski, run
counting down the days to celebrate her special                                         and swim. Matt is looking forward to celebrating
day with family and friends.                                                            his special day with his family and friends.

    Zane Anton Kruszynski will be called to          ROTH continued from page 9                    Language. The yeshiva, founded and
                                                                                                   maintained by United Synagogue for
the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, July                                                       Conservative Judaism, is under the
                                                     example, he shared a non-legal passage
30, 2011 at the Temple Shomer Emunim. Zane           that discusses Isaac’s sons, Esau and         academic auspices of JTS.
is the son of Joe and Laurie Kruszynski and the      Jacob, and the division between the               Roth said, “I divide my year. I spend
brother of Trevor. He is the grandson of Anton       two of Isaac’s possessions as well as the     most of the academic year at the Jewish
and Lois Zellman of Atlanta, Gerri Kruszynski        Land of Israel.                               Theological Seminary in New York;
of Toledo, and the late Linda Zellman and the            Roth also talked about the conflict-      summers and a couple of break periods
late John Kruszynski.                                ing narratives between the Jews and the       I spend at the Conservative Yeshiva in
    Zane will be an eighth grader this year at       Muslims’ attachment to Israel. “We have       Jerusalem.”
Timberstone Middle School. Zane spends most          one narrative and they have another,”             An expert in halakhah, Roth was
of his free time swimming and is a member            Roth said. “One doesn’t have greater          appointed to the Rabbinical Assembly's
                                                     truth value … There is a difference           Committee on Jewish Law and Stan-
of the Sylvania Tsunami Swim Club. He is a
                                                     between conflicting narratives and            dards in 1978 and served on it until
Junior Olympics qualifier for USA Swimming                                                                             December 2006. In
                                                     between complete
and has competed at the state level in 9 different   falsehood and truth                                               addition to articles
events, as well as on relay teams.                   … But, not all nar-                                               and responsa for the
    Zane is looking forward to celebrating his       ratives are equal. The                                            committee, Rabbi
Bar Mitzvah with his family and friends.             Jews must know the                                                Roth has written The
                                                     difference.”                                                      Halakhic Process: A
                                                         He provided dis-                                              Systemic Analysis and
                                                     cussion of a second                                               Sefer ha-Mordecai:
                                                     non-legal passage,                                                Tractate Kiddushin.
                                                     which states that                                                    He e x p l a i n e d ,
                                                     “Jews outside of Is-                                              “ When I entered
                                                     rael are idolators in                                             the rabbinical school
                                                     purity.” Roth ex-                                                 … the rabbinical
                                                     plained that, in the                                              school itself picked
                                                     United States, we                                                 people who came
                                                     live in a milieu in                                               in with significant
                                                     which Jewishness is competing with the        background who they thought had a
                                                     majority culture of Christianity. In our      potential future as Talmud scholars,
                                                     culture, we are inherently familiar and       and they put them in a special studies
                                                     impacted by the religious and cultural        program. And that’s what they did with
                                                     ways of the majority.                         me … I just fell in love with it and why
                                                         By contrast, in Israel, Judaism is        I stayed in it.”
                                                     the majority culture, which can’t help            Roth received a bachelor's degree
                                                     but impact upon one’s perception of           from Wayne State University in his
                                                     the world.                                    hometown of Detroit and his master's
                                                         “We make all sorts of compromise          degree and doctorate at JTS, where
                                                     in order to fit in,” Roth said.               he was ordained in 1968, and was ap-
                                                         Next, Roth shared legal passages,         pointed to the faculty of JTS, where he
                                                     which discussed the substance and legal       continues to teach to this day.
                                                     significance of being in Israel because           According to Roth, it is important
                                                     the language is Hebrew, because it’s sa-      to talk with Jews about what it is that
                                                     cred to live in Israel, because it’s impos-   the Jewish tradition has to say about
                                                     sible not to continuously connect with        the sanctity of the land of Israel.
                                                     Israel at all times and because everyday          “To be honest, I didn’t come here
                                                     speech reflects the Torah.                    to talk about the political situation in
                                                         Roth is Louis Finkelstein Profes-         Israel,” he noted. “I’m not positive that
                                                     sor of Talmud and Jewish Law at The           I will be able to avoid it entirely. But
                                                     Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS).            my goal is to share rabbinic passages
                                                     In addition, he serves as Rosh Yeshiva        and passages from the Talmud about
                                                     of the Conservative Yeshiva (www.             Israel and comment on those. That’s
                                            in Jerusalem         my main goal. I wanted to do this for
                                                     and chair of the Department of Hebrew         an internal Jewish purpose.”
                                                                                                                                    Toledo Jewish News • June/July 2011 • Page 25

Special Interest
An interview with E! star, Brad Wollack
By Abby Hoicowitz,                                                                                                                              BW: You know, it’s interesting, on
Staff Editor/Reporter                                                                                                                       “Chelsea Lately,” other than Josh Wolf
                                                                                                                                            and Steve Marmelstein, if you know
    Toledo Jewish News recently inter-                                                                                                      him, we’re the only Jews. But, everyone
viewed Brad Wollack, writer and regular                                                                                                     thinks that Hollywood is full of Jews
roundtable guest for E! Entertainment                                                                                                       and certainly there are a lot of Jews,
Television’s late night talk show, “Chelsea                                                                                                 but not even all my agents are Jewish,
Lately”. He is also co-executive producer,                                                                                                  which I guess is an issue. I should really
co-creator and a co-star of the E! comedy                                                                                                   look into that.
series “After Lately”, a semi-scripted show                                                                                                     I work with a fair amount of Jews,
about the lives of “Chelsea Lately” staffers.                                                                                               but probably not as many as the world
    Wollack is scheduled to open for Han-                                                                                                   would assume.
dler on the Detroit date of her “Lies that                                                                                                      TJN: Do you find that being Jewish
Chelsea Handler Told Me Tour,” June 3,                                                                                                      has affected your career in any major way?
2011 at the Fox Theatre. He shared the                                                                                                          BW: I don’t let it define me. When
following thoughts.                                                                                                                         I first started stand-up, my first five
    Toledo Jewish News: Thanks for                                                                                                          minutes of material was all about being
taking the time to speak with us today.                                                                                                     Jewish, and, certainly, some of it still
    Brad Wollack: I’d do anything for                                                                                                       creeps into my act. But, I don’t want
Jews. I have to help my people out              terms of the interpersonal dynamic that        that I can share, but I think I’ll let the   it to be all who I am. I’m very proud
somehow.                                        happens in any office in terms of per-         ones in the book stand alone. Because        to be Jewish, and maybe everything is
    TJN: Are you currently on tour? When        sonalities. But, our stories are obviously     the last thing I want is for someone to      filtered through me being Jewish and
on tour, what is your typical schedule like?    a little more ridiculous than the average      email me and go, “Hey, why did you           seeing the world that way, but I don’t
    BW: No, I’m currently at my house.          office. We thought it would be funny if        tell the story on stage that was in the      ever want to be defined just by being
We’re on hiatus this week from “Chelsea         there were a reality show, but we didn’t       book?” So, buy the book and I’ll do          Jewish.
Lately”. We were in Australia last week         want real cameras really following our         something different on stage.                    TJN: Looking forward to the coming
doing shows, and now we have a week             daily lives, because, truthfully, I don’t          TJN: Do you consider yourself to be a    years, what are some of your goals, either
off to catch up on other stuff.                 think it would be that interesting.            religious man? Does your family practice     career-wise or in terms of your personal
    TJN: How did you get started working            But, what we said is there has never       Judaism?                                     life?
on Chelsea Lately?                              been a scripted show about the people              BW: I consider myself a cultural Jew,        BW: Retirement would be a really
    BW: I applied on               who work on a real talk show. You know,        which means that I eat a lot of corned       good one. I don’t think it’s going to
No, I’m just kidding. I started with            there have been shows about behind             beef and I complain a lot and I have         happen though.
Chelsea on her first show, “The Chelsea         the scenes of comedy shows like “30            eczema; I have all these weird Jewish            It’s funny, I stopped planning so
Handler Show” on E!, which was more             Rock” and “The Larry Sanders Show,”            conditions…                                  much. I used to have a lot more goals,
of a sketch show. We did, I think, 10           but there has never been a show about              I was Bar Mitzvahed, I was confirmed     but once I got involved with Chelsea
episodes of that, and E! decided to give        a real show. So, we thought that would         and I spent six weeks in Israel … The        and everything, it’s kind of like the
her a nightly show, “Chelsea Lately”; I         be kind of fun and innovative, and we          main thing I really do now is go home        machine is just going, and we’re just
was hired and started day one in May            think we were right. Are you enjoying it?      for Passover.                                trucking along and who knows what
2007, and we were on the air July 2007.             TJN: I am, I’ve seen the first few epi-        TJN: Where is home?                      the next opportunity is going to be. So,
Everything else is history.                     sodes and I like it a lot. How much of it is       BW: Home is San Francisco.               I’m just kind of riding the wave and I
    TJN: So, you have known Chelsea             either based on reality or completely real?        TJN: Does your family practice Juda-     would like to one day maybe host my
for awhile?                                         BW: I would say 75 to 80% of it            ism?                                         own show. But, we’ll see if that hap-
    BW: Yeah, probably a little over            is based on real events or inspired by             BW: Yeah, my mom does. She’s kind        pens. If not, it’s ok. I think I’ve outdone
five years.                                     something that happened, which we              of the one who guides the family in that     myself in standup. I’m doing things in
    TJN: I always look forward to when          expanded upon and made a full story.           respect. My parents are Reform, so they      standup that I never assumed I would
you’re on Chelsea’s roundtable. How is          Most of it is based in some sort of reality.   go to Temple on the high holidays.           do, and that most comedians never get
that selected?                                      TJN: Can you discuss your chapter              My wife is not Jewish, so I think        to do. So, if everything ended tomorrow,
    BW: Thank you! We have a booker             and involvement with “Lies That Chelsea        our future children may escape some          which I obviously don’t want it to, I’d
who books all the different comedians.          Handler Told Me,” which came out last          of the genetic defects that Jews have.       go, “Hey, you know what? I did okay.
It’s kind of on a fairly regular rotation.      month?                                         I mean, you don’t realize that there’s       I made it further than most people do
The writers get [booked] pretty much                BW: Yeah, I have a chapter. My             a whole separate test for Jews. I call it    in this business.”
every other week with the others kind           chapter is extra long, because Chelsea         the “Jew genetic test.” When your wife           I’m just kind of trying to live in the
of sprinkled in. But, it’s fairly regular.      has lied to me a lot. I have three indi-       is pregnant, you have to take like the       moment. The power of now, Abby.
It depends on people’s schedules and            vidual stories of lies that she told me        Ashkenazi Jew test. Like, how faulty are     Which is something I don’t do very
traveling. It’s done pretty fairly.             that comprises one chapter. It’s pretty        we? We were “chosen” to have eczema          well, but I’m really trying.
    TJN: How did “After Lately” come            absurd the lengths Chelsea will go to in       and Tay-Sachs; it’s really bizarre.              TJN: Any final thoughts?
about?                                          order to mess with people for her own              TJN: Do you find that you work with          BW: Keep supporting us, because
    BW: “After Lately” came about be-           amusement. And that’s really what this         a lot of fellow Jews?                        I will eventually need to feed a child.
cause we started realizing how ridiculous       book is about.
our lives were in the office and what               TJN: So, is each chapter written by
an unorthodox office we have. At the            someone who Chelsea has lied to?
same time, there is a lot of crossover in           BW: Yes, by friends, family and co-
                                                workers. It’s a compilation of all the
                                                different lies that Chelsea has told us.
                                                It’s pretty amazing when you realize
                                                that she is just a compulsive liar; she’s
                                                a habitual liar, and it’s ridiculous. But,
                                                she gets a real thrill out of it, and a lot
                                                of it makes her happy.
                                                    TJN: As you tour with her in the
                                                coming months, will you be using some
                                                of the information from your chapter in
                                                your act?
                                                    BW: You know, I was debating that.
                                                I don’t know, I think I’ll let the book
                                                speak for itself. I may talk about some
                                                other things that she has done, because
                                                she is constantly evolving in her lying.
                                                I think there will be some other stories
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Community Calendar/Classifieds
              Community Calendar
                          ~ June/July 2011 ~                                              Classifieds                    Housing
  Wednesday, June 1                       Thursday, June 23                         SEEKING HOUSE TO RENT. UT Medical resident and wife seek potential three
  Yom Yerushalayim                        WRJ Rummage Sale                         year lease starting this summer. Contact Leora at or 734-769-0310.
  Congregation B’nai Israel S.O.A.P.        June 23-June 24 (Temple
     1-2:30 p.m. (CBI)                      Shomer) Exact times TBD                                              Teaching Services
  Lion of Judah Event
     4:30 p.m.                            Sunday, June 26                           Recently retired special education teacher available for tutoring your child with or
                                          WRJ Rummage Sale All Day (Temple              without special needs, kindergarten through eighth grade. 419-882-1065
  Thursday, June 2                           Shomer) Exact Times TBD                   English as a Second Language or Special Needs instructor available for private or
  YAD - Dinner With YAD                   Leadership Development Program                             group. Certified instructor with 8 years experience.
    6:30-9 p.m. (Zia’s Resturant)            10 a.m.-12 p.m.                                            Reasonable and affordable rate. 419-407-7607.
                                          Kids Klub and Club 678 Pool Bash
  Saturday, June 4                           7-10 p.m.
  Sydney Siegel’s Bat Mitzvah
                                                                                      It is easy to run a classified ad in the Toledo Jewish News!
     10:30-11:30 a.m. (Temple Shomer)     Monday, June 27                                          First 12 words - $8, $0.10 per additional word.
                                          Seniors - Toledo Mud Hens vs.                          Phone numbers and abbreviations count as separate words.
  Sunday, June 5                          Louisville Bats                            Ads must be received by the 15th of the month. Simply email your ad and billing
  Etz Chayim Sisterhood Closing              11 a.m.-3 p.m. (Fifth Third Field)      information to or call 419-724-0363 for more information.
     12:30-2:30 p.m. (Etz Chayim)         Tuesday, June 28
  Celebration of the Hebrew Academy       UJC Board Meeting                        SERMON continued from page 18                       When pondering the behavior of
                                                                                                                                   these leaders, I am reminded of an old
     6:30-8 p.m. (CBI)                      7-8:30 p.m. (JCC Board Room)
                                                                                   political, psychological and, for the West,     cartoon. A man is standing in his living
  Tuesday, June 7                         Thursday, June 30
                                                                                   strategic point of view. As I’ve said before,   room, having discovered that his living
  Erev Shavout                            UJC Annual Meeting 2011                  Israel is “West Berlin” for us in the face      room window is broken. On the floor
     Temple Shomer Emunim                   6 p.m.                                 of the radical Islamist movement. With          in front of him, there is a rock with a
  Confirmation                                                                     this in mind, it is of vital importance that    note attached. The note reads, “Rocks
     7-8 p.m. (Temple Shomer Emunim)      Monday, July 4                           at this critical point in history, we back      thrown through your window? Call Al’s
  Chabad House’s All-Night Torah-a-       Independence Day                         Israel unequivocally.                           Glass Repair!”
  Thon                                    UJC Offices CLOSED                           But, if Israel has no objective relevance       And that is the game our so-called
     11:30 p.m.-11:30 a.m. (Off                                                    to the internal problems of the Muslim          “moderate” allies in the Arab and Muslim
     Campus)                              Thursday, July 7                         world, why does she assume such a central       world have been playing with us. They
                                          Northwest Ohio Gerontological            role in the politics of the states of the       govern their countries in as corrupt and
  Wednesday, June 8                       Association                              region? Even if a comprehensive peace           repressive manner as can be imagined.
  Shavuot                                    2-5 p.m. (Sekach Building             treaty were signed tomorrow between             Their economies flounder; there is no
  Chabad House Shavuot Dairy Lunch &         Darlington Hall)                      the Israeli government and the PA, this         upward mobility or any sort of better
  Reading of the Ten Commandments                                                  would have no effect whatever on the real       life to look forward to for the great
     12-2 p.m. (Off Campus)               Sunday, July 10                          problems facing these countries. Such           bulk of their populations, even among
                                          Seniors - New York Trip                  a peace, or even Israel’s disappearance,        those whose nations are blessed with oil
  Thursday, June 9                           July 10-July 15, 2011 (NYC)           would not lower the price of bread in           wealth. The people are naturally angry
  Isru Hag (Shavuot)                                                               Cairo, create one new job in Damascus           and frustrated, but they cannot hold
                                          Monday, July 11                          or put one new hospital bed in Amman.           their governments accountable on fear
  Saturday, June 11                       Toledo Jewish Cemetery Association           The importance of Israel to the Muslim      of imprisonment or worse. So, in order
  Matt Wainstein’s Bar Mitzvah            Board of Directors                       governments of the region is this: For          to provide a “safety valve” for discontent,
     10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (Temple           7:30-10:30 p.m. (Sekach Building      decades, they have used the issue of the        the governments tacitly or openly sup-
     Shomer)                                 Boardroom)                            “unresolved” Israeli-Palestinian conflict       port radical Islamist clerics and associated
                                                                                   as an excuse for their own lack of progress     organizations, or these same entities pres-
  Sunday, June 12                         Wednesday, July 13                       socially, politically and economically.         ent themselves to the people as the only
  Temple Shomer Emunim Sisterhood         DJP - Babies, Bibs and More              One cannot make this point too strongly.        “solution” to their problems. Indeed, the
  closing meeting                           10-11:30 a.m. (Leonard Lounge)             The Saudi King did that outright when       export of radical fighters from the shores
     12-2 p.m. (Off Campus)                                                        President Obama visited the kingdom             of our alleged “friends” in the region,
  B’not Shalom BBG Senior Lives           Monday, July 18                          in June of 2009, linking his demand to          to confront our troops, provides a very
     1-2 p.m. (Off Campus)                The Tzofim Friendship Caravan - Israel   Obama for an “imposed settlement” of            convenient mechanism for redirecting
  YAD - Chalk The Block                   Scouts                                   the conflict to his desire to promote “prog-    internal Islamist-inspired anti-regime
     2-4 p.m. (parking lot by old teen       1:30-2:30 p.m. (CBI)
                                                                                   ress” for his own country. Apparently,          sentiment against us, with deadly results.
     house)                               The Tzofim Friendship Caravan - Israel
                                                                                   Israeli “oppression” of the Palestinians            Egypt under Mubarak typified the
                                                                                   was the only thing standing in the way          dynamic between sitting so-called
  Tuesday, June 14                           7:30-8:30 p.m. (TBD)
                                                                                   of Saudi Arabia joining the modern age.         “moderate” leaders and radical Islamist
  Flag Day
                                                                                       Where Israel is concerned, there is a       elements; the radicals were repressed
  Toledo Jewish Community Foundation      Tuesday, July 19
  Donor Event                             Shiva Asar B’Tammuz                      “silver lining” I see in all of this unrest     to a degree, but the government could
     6:30-8:30 p.m. (CBI)                                                          and instability sweeping the region; that       only go so far against them, as evidenced
                                          Sunday, July 24                          “excuse” is wearing pretty thin. This past      by Sadat’s assassination at their hands
  Sunday, June 19                         Leadership Development Program           fall, former president Clinton asserted         in 1981. As was the case in Mubarak’s
  Father’s Day                               10 a.m.-12 p.m. (JCC Board            that if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were   Egypt, the state-run media of our alleged
                                             Room)                                 solved, that would take away 50% (his           “friends” in the region deliberately fans
  Monday, June 20                                                                  exact reckoning) of the motivation for          anti-Western and anti-Israel hysteria.
  Chabad House’s Camp Gan Israel          Thursday, July 28                        radical Islamist hatred against the West.       Having encouraged such sentiments,
    9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. (JCC & B’nai         Seniors - The Music Man                  We’ve heard this theme repeatedly from          these same governments then turn to us
    Israel) every weekday until 7/1/11       1-7 p.m. (Off Campus)                 various pundits throughout the media            and say, “We are all that stands between
                                                                                   (both nationally and locally), academia         you and the radicals taking over … so
  Tuesday, June 21                        Saturday, July 30                        and even from current and former high           you better support us or else!”
  BBYO, USY, Club 678 & Kadima            Zane Kruszynski Bar Mitzvah              government officials.                               Rocks thrown through your window??
  Cedar Point Trip                           10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (Temple             That is what all of these inept and             Thus, I for one am not optimistic that
    8:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m. (Off Campus)         Shomer)                               corrupt kings and dictators have been           these revolutions will bring about liberal
                                                                                   assuring U.S. policy makers and their           secular democracies. I say this even as
                                                                                   advisors for decades.                                      SERMON cont. on page 27
                                                                                                                                              Toledo Jewish News • June/July 2011 • Page  27

SURVIVORS from page 19                          important to me, when I took this project
                                                on, that I honored the survivors. The way I
with Holocaust stories and experiences pre-     cut the film and put it together, I tried to be
sented to me in endless ways. It is deeply      really aware and to tell their stories in a way
emotional for me and hearing the stories of     that remembered and also honored them
the survivors brings up a lifetime of coming    … For me, the most rewarding aspect was
to terms with this past and what it means       to get the feedback, hugs and tears when the
for all people today … Many times I had         survivors and their families were first able to
to simply put the camera down, because          see the project on Yom HaShoah…
what I saw through the lens was too much            “Another rewarding aspect was bringing
to record. This happened during interviews      together the generations – the generation of
and even during the Yom Hashoah event,          the survivors, of the artists and the survivors’
when I found it difficult to run up on stage    children and the current generation, which
                                                                                                       Cantors Evan Rubin, Jamie Gloth and Raina Siroty lead the crowd of more than
to photograph the survivors lighting candles.   is the future. To bring all of those genera-          300 guests in singing Ani Mamin and Hatikvah. Rabbis Ed Garsek, Sam Weinstein
Was I the filter or the mourner?”               tions, and all future generations, together is         and Moshe Saks were also in attendance to lead the memorial Kaddish, El Malei
    Elliott-Famularo added, “It was really      significant for me. I think that’s what really                        Rahmim (Hebrew) and El Malei Rahmim (English).

                                                                                                   makes this special and unique in comparison            Yet, despite the hateful treatment, he
                                                                                                   with other projects of similar nature…             still remained somewhat sheltered from
                                                                                                       “Hindea and I have talked about using          the extent of the war. “Not knowing helped
                                                                                                   this as an education resource, which I think       me to survive.”
                                                                                                   is really important.”                                  Hess recalled the time he spent at a chil-
                                                                                                       Hindea Markowicz introduced the                dren’s home in France and how starvation
                                                                                                   collaborative project and discussed the            led him to eat a guard’s discarded apple peels.
                                                                                                   significance of hearing stories of loss and            From a dark attic, where he was forced to
                                                                                                   survival straight from the source.                 hide for up to 23 hours a day, Leons wrote
                                                                                                       “We all have our questions; but, for           letters to his mother, who had been sent to
                                                                                                   young people, far removed from these               a concentration camp in the Netherlands.
                                                                                                   events in time, and even further removed           When he was finally reunited with his
                                                                                                   in context, living in another country dur-         mother, Leons recalled, “She was a skeleton.
                                                                                                   ing what is arguably the best time ever for        I could feel her bones.”
                                                                                                   Jews, their questions are better asked by              The survivors also told stories of when
                                                                                                   themselves. These students may be the last         they were shipped off to camps and how
                                                                                                   to experience a direct link to the Holocaust,      many Jews died before arriving. For Mar-
                                                                                                   through survivors,” she said.                      kowicz, his survival was due in large part
                                                                                                       “How the survivors have lived since [the       to the kindness of a stranger, who gave
     Hindea Markowicz assists Chris Koelsch with documentary production                            Holocaust] is a testament to the resiliency        his lunch to the outstretched hand of the
                                                                                                   of the human soul.”                                starving young boy.
                                                                                                       The Bearing Witness project depicts the            “My physical and spiritual being was
SERMON continued from page 26                   have little in the way of an independent           stories of six local survivors of the Holocaust,   uplifted by this stranger,” Markowicz said.
                                                industrial technical infrastructure. If they       as told to Sunday school students of Toledo        “One more day is worth everything. I at-
I know for a fact that there are some           confront us directly, their demonstrated           area synagogues. Sixty-five students in            tribute my survival to luck and very good
members of these societies who would            ineptitude at modern warfare will hasten           grades 7-12 helped interview survivors Rolf        people who risked death by taking me in.”
very much like to see that happen; I am         the decline and fall of what can only be           Hess, William Leons, Philip Markowicz,                 The film concludes with the survivors’
personally in communication with a              seen as a dying civilization.                      Al Negrin, Clara Rona and Aron Wajskol.            message to future generations. They ex-
Jordanian Palestinian democracy activist            And, finally, the example of Iran lends            The survivors grew up in a range of            plained the significance of always looking
whom I would be delighted to see in a           a ray of hope to the ultimate outcome of           locations – including Poland, Hungary,             forward, being proud and open regarding
leading role in his native land. However, I     this dynamic. There, an openly radical Is-         Germany, France, Greece and Holland – but          one’s Judaism, studying world history to
don’t know that there are enough of such        lamic regime took power thirty years ago.          shared achingly similar stories of mistreat-       learn why the Holocaust happened and
individuals to go around. The Islamist          They have proven that they cannot run the          ment, starting even before the war began.          how to avoid its recurrence, speaking up
radical elements are well-organized and         country effectively, what with rampant             Jews were banished from public transpor-           and telling others when they’re wrong and,
numerous, with a ready following of the         unemployment, inflation and corruption.            tation, many stores and schools; they were         overall, never forgetting.
desperate, the frustrated and the poorly        They are no better than the dictator they          also forced to wear yellow Star of David               “Nobody stood up and said, ‘it’s not
educated.                                       replaced – if not even worse – and now,            badges on their clothing.                          right,’” Rona said.
    If they come to power throughout the        the people there know this only too well.              Mr. Markowicz, born in Poland, il-                 The Bearing Witness: The Voices of Our
region, if we see a virtual union of Taliban-   The anti-regime movement there, by all             lustrated a childhood wrought with anti-           Survivors Project is sponsored by JCRC
like regimes, we will find ourselves in         accounts, really is “post Islamist” and, if        Semitism. To the rest of the country, “every       of the United Jewish Council of Greater
a new “Cold War” of sorts. The battle           successful, may indeed lead to a modern            Jewish person looked different,” he ex-            Toledo. Bowling Green State University
lines will be clearly drawn. We may face        secular democratic government that can             plained. Children would shout obscenities          (BGSU) provided the production and dis-
economic dislocations as oil supplies may       interact constructively with the rest of           and abuse any child they believed was a Jew.       play equipment for this year’s event.
be disrupted and prices are manipulated         the world.
to our detriment, though this could have            As this dynamic plays out in Iran, so
the positive effect of motivating our na-       too will it ultimately play out in places
tion to finally take energy independence        like Egypt or Saudi Arabia, even if radical
seriously. We may also face increased ter-      Islamists rise to power in these countries
rorist threats, as governments that had at      in the near term.
least cooperated with us in a limited way           Back in March 2008, I stood before
to keep these threats in check could be         all of you for the very first time, deliver-
replaced by leaders who will not cooperate      ing my first guest sermon. At that time,
with us at all. In a worst-case scenario,       I had described in broad terms the root
increasingly deadly and frequent terrorist      cause of the hostility of the Arab/Muslim
attacks could lead to a large-scale military    regimes of southwest Asia and northeast
campaign in response, with a level of           Africa towards Israel. I had pointed out
mobilization and sacrifice on our part not      then that the only chance for peace lay
experienced since World War II.                 with the reform and modernization of the
    But this “radical Islamist Bloc,” once      regimes of the region so that they could
out in the open as our adversary, will          address their own internal difficulties
be easily defeated. Their economies are         effectively and accept the Jewish nation
largely based on the sale of one commod-        of Israel, no longer requiring her to play
ity, and those that don’t even have this        the role of a “scapegoat” for all of their
have little else. They have large popula-       problems.
tions, but they are unskilled, and they             I think this process has now begun.              William Leons recalls painful memories for the Bearing Witness documentary
Page  28 • June/July  2011 • Toledo Jewish News
                                                                                         Senior events calendar
                                                                                 Senior Adult Programs of United Jewish Council of Greater Toledo are supported in
                                                                              part through your campaign dollars and through a generous grant from the Jewish Senior
                                                                              Services Supporting Organization. Please note registration deadlines for all programs!
                                                                              Thursday, June 2                                       For over thirty years, the Tzofim Friendship
                                                                              Anniversary Luncheon with                          Caravan has been spreading their message
                                                                              entertainment by Commanders of                     of peace, brotherhood and friendship
                                                                              Harmony –Men’s A Cappella Harmony                  throughout North America. Through song
                                                                              Chorus                                             and dance, conversations and activities,
                                                                              Congregation B’nai Israel                          they warm your hearts and bring a piece of
                                                                              Noon – FREE                                        Israel to you.
                                                                              Join us as we celebrate six years of senior        Registration is requested by Monday,
                                                                                                                                 July 11.
                                                                              programming in the Department of
                                                                              Jewish Programs. A lovely lunch will be
                                                                                                                                 Thursday, July 28
                                                                              served and then we will be entertained
                                                                                                                                 The Music Man – The Encore Musical
                                                                              with the sweet sound of barbershop                 Theatre Company (Dexter, MI)
                                                                              harmony!                                           Depart UJC Campus, 6465 Sylvania
                                                                              Reservations are required by Monday,
              •••• Grades 2 through 6 ••••                                    May 23
                                                                                                                                 Avenue at 1 p.m.
                                                                                                                                 $30 per person includes show,

                                                                                                                                 transportation and dinner after the show
                                                                              Monday, June 27                                        An affectionate paean to Smalltown, USA.
                                                                              Toledo Mud Hens vs. Louisville Bats                of a bygone era, Meredith Willson’s “The
                                                                              Depart UJC campus, 6465 Sylvania                   Music Man” follows fast-talking traveling
 Thanks to the generosity of our donors
                                                                              Avenue at 11:15 a.m.                               salesman Harold Hill as he cons the people

 TOTAL COST, TWO WEEKS: $700                                   $350           Game starts at noon

                                                                                                                                 of River City, Iowa into buying instruments

                                                                              $5 per person includes transportation,
                                                                                                                                 and uniforms for a boys’ band he vows to
 TOTAL COST, FOUR WEEKS: $1,250                                               ticket and lunch

        Register today!
  Discounts reduced accordingly                                                                                                  organize.
                                                                                  Join us for an afternoon at the ball park      Registration is requested by Thursday,
                                                                              as we cheer on our Toledo Mud Hens from            July 14.
                                                                              high above in reserved suite just for us!
                                                                              Registration is requested by Friday, June          Monday, August 1 – Friday August 5
                    Time is running out                                       17 – limited seats!                                Camp L’Chaim
                                                                                                                                 $50 per person – generously supported
                                                                              Sunday, July 10 – Friday, July 15                  by Jewish Senior Services Supporting
                                                                              Trip to New York City                              Organization
                                                                              $775 based on double occupancy                        The ninth annual day camp for seniors,
                                                                                  Six nights, five days of amazing adventures!   Camp L’Chaim, begins Monday, August 1 at
                                                                              Depart Toledo and spend the night in               9:30 a.m. in the Romanoff Patio at the Jewish
                                                                              Pennsylvania at the Mount Airy Casino en           Community Center.
                                                                              route to NYC. On our way back to Toledo,              Seniors who are enrolled enjoy a week of
                                                                              enjoy a night at The Mountaineer Casino            entertainment, dancing, movies, games, arts
                                                                              Resort in Chester, West Virginia.                  and crafts and various outings.
Please contact Colette Lundberg at 419-724-0361 or   Contact Barb Hager at 419-724-0357or                  For more information, call Mary Lou
                                                                     for a copy of the            Whittaker, 419-531-2119, or e-mail
                                                                              $300 deposit per person due at time of             Registration is requested by Monday,
                                                                              registration. Trip balance is due June 1.          July 18.
                                                                              Itinerary is subject to change.
                                                                              Cancellation Policy: 100% refunded before          Special notice:
                                                                              June 1. After June 1: 50% refunded. After              Please note that our trips are open to all
                                                                              June 10: No refund! Travel insurance on your       seniors, and reservations and payment are due
                                                                              own, check with your insurance agent.              at the time of the request to hold your space.
                                                                                  Must have a current emergency form on file     We will accept reservations on a first come
                                                                              and this trip has moderate walking/standing,       basis, because space is limited. A wait list will
                                                                              could include a few flights of stairs and/or       be formed as needed. No confirmations will
                                                                              uneven terrain.                                    be mailed; your credit card charge or canceled
                                                                                                                                 check will serve as your confirmation.
                                                                                                                                     Please fill out an Emergency Contact
                                                                              Monday, July 18                                    Form if you will be traveling with us and
                                                                              The Tzofim Friendship Caravan for                  have not done so.
                                                                              Campers & Senior Centers performance!
                                                                              Congregation B’nai Israel                             To make a reservation for a DJP Senior
                                                                              6525 Sylvania Avenue                               Program, please call Kenny Hager at 419-
                                                                              1:30 p.m.                                          724-0354or

                                                                                      Save the Date … Don’t be Left Out!
                                                                                     SUMMER FUN CARNIVAL 2011
                                                                                           is on its way!
                                                                                                All new activities, crafts and so much more
                                                                                                          NOW FOR MORE AGES!
                                                                                          SUNDAY, AUGUST 28, 2011
                                                                                                  1-2:30 p.m.
                                                                                UJC Campus – Grassy area behind the JCC Playground
                                                                                                The ice cream man is coming ... are you?
                                                                                                               Formal postcard to follow
                                                                              Senior Event: Anniversary        Celebration/Reunion of the Stone
                                                   Yom Yerushalayim
                                                                              Luncheon with entertainment by   Hebrew Academy
                                                                              Commanders of Harmony            6:30-8 p.m. @ B’nai Israel
                                                   Lion of Judah event        noon @ B’nai Israel
                                                   4:30-6 p.m. (off campus)   YAD: Dinner
                                                                              6:30-9 p.m.@ Zia’s Restaurant

                           Erev Shavuot            Shavuot                    Isru Chag (Shavuot)              YAD: Chalk the Block
                                                   (UJC Closed)               (UJC Closed)                     2-4 p.m. @ Parking lot by
                                                                                                               former teen house (behind
                                                                                                               B’nai Israel)

                                                                                                               Father’s Day

Chabad House: Camp         Club 678, Kadima,                                                                   YLD: Meeting
Gan Israel begins (runs    USY and BBYO: Trip to                                                               10 a.m.-noon @ JCC board room
through 7/1)               Cedar Point                                                                         Club 678 and Kids
9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. @ JCC     8:30 a.m. Depart UJC                                                                Club: Pool Bash
and B’nai Israel           Campus; Arrive back                                                                 7:30-10 p.m. @ UJC
                           approx. 8:30 p.m.                                                                   Romanoff Patio

Senior Event: Toledo Mud                                                      UJC Annual Meeting
Hens vs. Louisville Bats                                                      6 p.m.
11:15 Depart UJC Campus;
Game at noon

 Independence Day                                                                                              Senior Event: Leave for trip to
 (UJC Closed)                                                                                                  New York City

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