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									SWOT Analysis Examples

       State of Minnesota Department of Employee Relations SWOT Analysis

                     Strengths                                   Weaknesses

         Existence of previous strategic Human
         Resources planning efforts offers several    Failure to communicate formally and
         innovative solutions                         informally, both cross-functionally and
         Tools to improve human resources             within departments
         activities are available (e.g., interview    No continual evaluation and updating of
         guide and training manual)                   human resources practices and policies
         Experienced workforce dedicated to           Lack of accountability of managers and
         mission. Employees feel “part of the         employees to achieve clear and
         team”                                        measurable performance levels

                   Opportunities                                    Threats

                                                      Full-time employees (FTE) and budget
         “Personnel” is allowing for more creative
                                                      constraints imposed by legislature
         and flexible options (e.g., for
         compensation and staffing)                   Government is moving toward
                                                      privatization increasing the competition
         Advanced technologies are available to
                                                      for services
         foster more effective human resources
         activities                                   Other organizations may attract
                                                      employees and business away from us
         Availability of information about best
         practices in human resources

Disclaimer: This case study has been compiled from information freely available from public
sources. It is intended to be used as an example for educational purposes only. 1

 State of Minnesota, Department of Employee Relations. 2004.

Workforce Planning Tool Kit                                                SWOT Analysis Examples

                     Department of Social Services SWOT ANALYSIS

                       Strengths                                  Weaknesses

         Experienced, resourceful, dedicated
                                                        Parking for customers
         Strong community
         partnerships/collaboration                     Diminished Resources – Increased
                                                        Consumer Demand
         Continuous Quality Improvement promotes
         teamwork                                       Uniformity across divisions
         Proactive management team

                    Opportunities                                    Threats

         Leadership training for possible
                                                        Staff turnover
         Collaborate with community partners
         Promote teamwork across divisions
                                                        Fewer people willing to do child welfare
         Identify/tap into staff hidden strengths

Disclaimer: This case study has been compiled from information available from public sources.
This SWOT is based on an analysis completed as part of the strategic planning process for
Washington County (Maryland) social services. 2 It is intended to be used as an example for
educational purposes only.

2, Strategic Plan (Revised September 28, 2005 for
FY’06) For the period: July 2003-June 30, 2007, SWOT ANALYSIS (Updated September 28, 2005).

Workforce Planning Tool Kit                                                    SWOT Analysis Examples

                    Social Work Education in Canada SWOT Analysis

                       Strengths                                    Weaknesses

                                                          Lack of professional identification, or
         A holistic practice orientation                  identity crisis
         The linkage between theory and practice          An inability to promote the profession
         Regulation and certification                     The diffuse knowledge base of the
         A generalist approach to practice
                                                          Conflict between the values of social
         Increased cultural relevance of social work
                                                          action and social control
                                                          A lack of preparation to manage the
         High quality social work programs
                                                          stress of our work
         A continued demand for social worker
                                                          Insufficient aboriginal, visible minority
         The values of the profession                     and multicultural members of the

                    Opportunities                                       Threats

                                                          Design of cost effective programs which
                                                          meet service user needs
         A trend to neoliberalism
                                                          Exercise of responsibility for social
         Increasing identification of social workers
         with the bureaucracy
                                                          Development of managerial
         Increasing managerialization
                                                          competence in social workers
         Increased community responsibility for
                                                          Extension of job opportunities through
         service delivery
                                                          Articulation of social work

Disclaimer: This case study has been compiled from information available from public sources.
This SWOT is based on research carried out for a study of human resource needs of social
workers in Canada. 3 It is intended to be used as an example for educational purposes only.

 Westhues, Anne, Jean Lafrance and Glen Schmidt. Taylor & Francis Group Online Journals. Volume 20,
Number 1. February 1, 2001

Workforce Planning Tool Kit                                                    SWOT Analysis Examples

             Alaska Children Experiencing Homelessness SWOT Analysis

                       Strengths                                     Weaknesses

         Alaska is very wealthy. Large amount of           Less local government – less tax
         natural resources, but we have limited            revenue. This is often by local choice
         access to them. $30 billion in permanent
                                                           Funding allows agencies to stand alone
         fund, $2 billion state reserve. Can access
                                                           and not require collaboration to
         interest from fund, but not the principal
                                                           accomplish their work
         Mental health trust authority, AK housing
                                                           Money is not always tied to outcomes
         Authority is in better shape than other
         places. Native corporations can contribute        Multiple funding streams also can lead
         to their regions (some)                           to lack of coordination
         Some tribal governments apply for grants,         Lack of roads and infrastructure. Costs
         e.g., to refurbish housing in rural areas         more to build

                    Opportunities                                        Threats

         Set up trust funds, because State has             Medicaid match change
                                                           Cost of and lack of access health care
         Lot of planning going on and need to              is a threat
         integrate all the plans
                                                           Weakening federal support to states.
         Involving business or corporate community         Contracting block grant funding
         to address this issue, e.g., housing of their
         own workforce                                     Housing costs rise and out-pace wages
         Can go to each community for resources            Federal funding doesn’t cover operating
         that they can bring to the table                  funds. Funding for specific little projects

Disclaimer: This case study has been compiled from information available from public sources. 4
It is intended to be used as an example for educational purposes only.

4, Improving Access to Mainstream Services for
Families with Children experiencing Homelessness. Intercontinental Hotel, Houston, Texas, April 20-22,

Workforce Planning Tool Kit                                                  SWOT Analysis Examples

                                     Starbucks SWOT Analysis

                     Strengths                                       Weaknesses

      Starbucks Corporation is a very profitable        Starbucks has a reputation for new product
      organization, earning in excess of $600 million   development and creativity. However, they
      in 2004.                                          remain vulnerable to the possibility that their
                                                        innovation may falter over time.
      It is a global coffee brand built upon a
      reputation for fine products and services.        The organization has a strong presence in
                                                        the United States of America. It is often
      Starbucks was one of the Fortune Top 100          argued that they need to look for a portfolio of
      Companies to Work For in 2005. The company        countries, in order to spread business risk.
      is a respected employer that values its
      workforce.                                        The organization is dependant on a main
                                                        competitive advantage, the retail of coffee.
      The organization has strong ethical values and    This could make them slow to diversify into
      an ethical mission statement.                     other sectors should the need arise.

                   Opportunities                                        Threats

      Starbucks are very good at taking advantage of
      In 2004 the company created a CD-burning
      service in their Santa Monica (California USA)    Who knows if the market for coffee will grow
      cafe with Hewlett Packard, where customers        and stay in favour with customers, or whether
      create their own music CD.                        another type of beverage or leisure activity
      New products and services that can be retailed    will replace coffee in the future?
      in their cafes, such as Fair Trade products.      Starbucks are exposed to rises in the cost of
      The company has the opportunity to expand its     coffee and dairy products.
      global operations. New markets for coffee such    Since its conception in Pike Place Market,
      as India and the Pacific Rim nations are          Seattle in 1971, Starbucks' success has lead
      beginning to emerge.                              to the market entry of many competitors and
      Co-branding with other manufacturers of food      copy cat brands that pose potential threats.
      and drink, and brand franchising to
      manufacturers of other goods and services both
      have potential.

Disclaimer: This case study has been compiled from information freely available from public
sources. It is intended to be used as an example for educational purposes only. 5


Workforce Planning Tool Kit                                                     SWOT Analysis Examples

                                          Nike SWOT Analysis

                        Strengths                                        Weaknesses

                                                              The organization does have a diversified
                                                              range of sports products. However, the
        Nike is a very competitive organization.              income of the business is still heavily
        Nike has no factories. It does not tie up cash in     dependent upon its share of the footwear
        buildings and manufacturing workers. This             market. This may leave it vulnerable if for
        makes a very lean organization.                       any reason its market share erodes.
        Nike is strong at research and development.           The retail sector is very price sensitive.
        Nike is a global brand.                               Nike does have its own retailer in Nike
                                                              Town. However, most of its income is
                                                              derived from selling into retailers.

                      Opportunities                                         Threats

        Product development offers Nike many
        opportunities. The brand is fiercely defended by
        its owners whom truly believe that Nike is not a
                                                              Nike is exposed to the international
        fashion brand. However, like it or not,
                                                              nature of trade. It buys and sells in
        consumers that wear Nike product do not
                                                              different currencies and so costs and
        always buy it to participate in sport. This creates
                                                              margins are not stable over long periods
        its own opportunities, since product could
                                                              of time. Such an exposure could mean
        become unfashionable before it wears out i.e.
                                                              that Nike may be manufacturing and/or
        consumers need to replace shoes.
                                                              selling at a loss. This is an issue that
        There is also the opportunity to develop              faces all global brands.
        products such as sport wear, sunglasses and
                                                              The market for sports shoes and
        jewellery. Such high value items do tend to have
                                                              garments is very competitive.
        associated with them, high profits.
                                                              As discussed above in weaknesses, the
        The business could also be developed
                                                              retail sector is becoming price
        internationally, building upon its strong global
                                                              competitive. This ultimately means that
        brand recognition. There are many markets that
                                                              consumers are shopping around for a
        have the disposable income to spend on high
                                                              better deal.
        value sports goods. For example, emerging
        markets such as China and India have a new
        richer generation of consumers.

Disclaimer: This case study has been compiled from information freely available from public
sources. It is intended to be used as an example for educational purposes only. 6



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