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					    Graphic Design
    TID1103 Computer Application in
Life is a challenge, meet it. Mother Theresa
           Chapter Contents
• Introduction to graphic
• The important of graphic in management
• Graphic categories: Vector image, Bitmap and
• Standard graphic: BMP, TIFF, TGA and others
• Designing a graphic
• Graphic evaluation
       Introduction to graphic
• Normal term of graphic: Any picture or drawing
  object including engraving object.
• Also about the use of visual to explain concept
  (sometime difficult to explain with text)
• Efficient Information delivery resource and
  accepted by people
• Computer Graphic: Any image that produced by
  graphic computer application
• From simple image to complex (fractal)
Example of computer graphic

   Basic form        Fractal

  Computer Graphic Application
• Computer based graphic industry growth in
  positive trend : Ability to help in work
• Uses in Project Management, Publication,
  Business, aerospace, automotive
• E.g: Car model development, Electronic circuit
  and engineering drawing.
       The Important of Graphic
      Application in Management
• Information delivery more accurate, clear,
  consistent and efficient compare with text
• Uses to emphasize certain info.
• Example usage: advertisement, presentation and
  company report
• Increase performance of management
“ A picture is worth than a thousand words.”
           Graphic Category
• Categorized into two main groups: bitmap and
• Vector: Object based image represented by
  geometric form
• Bitmap: The image represented by matrix pixels
                Vector Image
• Draw type image or object oriented image
• Represented in geometric form (mathematical
  instruction) to create straight line, oval, curve
  and sphere.
• E.g instruction:
- Line startcoord=“x.0 y.0”
- Endcoord=“x.20 y.20”
The Advantages of Vector Images
• Ability to change the size of graphic without
  effect image quality
• The storage is small because just store
  computer drawing instruction. E.g line (x1,y1,
• Easy to make amendment toward image
  Disadvantages of vector image
• Produced by computer so less/not realistic
• The complex object make the image instruction
  processing slower.
• Need high skill to draw high quality vector
     The usage of vector image
• Store computer file in clip art form for
  marketing purposes
• Use in technical fields such as CAD/CAM/
  architecture, scientific modeling
• Graphic art and multimedia using vector graphic
  application such as Macromedia Freehand,
  Adobe Illustrator and Autocad.
              Bitmap Image
• Also known as raster image
• Representing image in dot form known as pixel
  or bit
• Arrange in simple matrix
• For monochrome monitor, needs a matrix
• The depth needed to view color image such as 4,
  8, 16, 24 bit.
Method to produce bitmap image
•3 main method to produce bitmap image:
a.Use computer based drawing application such as
Microsoft Paint
b.Screen capture
c.Use scanner, digital camera and video card
Graphic software uses to amend bitmap image :
Adobe Photoshop, Painter, PrintShop Atrist.
    Resolution and color in bitmap
• Resolution determined by image dimension
  vertically and horizontally. E.g 640x480
• The highest pixel make an image more clear
• Color depth determined by total memory for
  each pixel (VRAM)
• 4 bit = 2 equal to 16 color, 24 bit = 16 million
  of color. Near to real life.
   Advantages of Bitmap image
• Modification level is higher depend on the depth
  of an image
• Can view the actual image
• File size is bigger
• The process of resize make the image fuzzy and
• High computer memory
• Anti-aliasing to prevent image jagged.
      Image graphic exchange
• Vector image can be change to bitmap image by
  using graphic software such as Adobe
• Bitmap image to vector image using software
  such Streamline.
      Standard/format graphic.
• To determine quality, size and purpose of uses.
• BMP (bitmap) – An old image format. Image
  decompress, big in size and accepted
• TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)- Uses for image
  generated by scanner, frame grabber.
• PICT- For Macintosh Image format. Suitable for
  presentation, video and screen view
• TGA (Targa)- first format support 24 bit of color)
• EPS (encapsulated PostScript); Image for PostScript
      Standard/format graphic.
• GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) – Standard
  image for online interchange, 8 bit image
  compression and small size
• WMF (Windows Metafile Format)- Use in
  Windows operating system. Usually use for
  image vector clipart.
• JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group)-
  Method uses to compress an image, suitable for
  photo picture. Not suitable for characters.
    Graphic Applications

Adobe PhotoShop    Adobe Illustrator
      Designing Vector Image
• Software can be used such as Adobe Illustrator,
  Macromedia Freehand and Autocad
• Draw line and curve
• Color filling
• Text manipulation
Adobe Illustrator 9.0
Drawing Object   Change Style
Object Grouping   Save Object
      Designing Bitmap Image
• Coloring type application cam be used such as
  Microsoft Paint and Adobe PhotoShop
• Image can be drawn, colored and modified.
• Allows user to pick brush, pen, eraser, color and
• As real artist tool.
Start Adobe PhotoShop   Adobe PhotoShop Interface
Image Editing with Adobe
Save Image

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