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					                                                     affected body part will help               exercise promotes movement of
MOTOR VEHICLE                                        decrease the pain and                      muscles and joints, and increases
                                                     inflammation.                              circulation to the healing tissue.
  ACCIDENTS                                        When icing, use a wet towel/cloth           Exercise will help with recovery
                                                     between the ice and your skin.             in the long-term.
                                                     Ice for 10-15 minutes every               Focus on maintaining good
                                                     hour.                                      posture and mobility. As you’re
                                                   When able, early movement of the            able, it is important to move
                                                     injured body part within a pain-           your neck to prevent stiffness.
                                                     free range will help prevent joint
                                                     stiffness.                                 Your health care provider will be
                                                   Your therapist will likely provide          able to provide you with a
                                                     you with some exercises when               diagnosis and will determine if
                                                     the injury has begun to heal.              you are to be treated inside the
                                                     Strengthening the injured tissue           protocol or outside the protocol.
                                                     helps prevent re-injury.
                                                   Pain /Anti-inflammatory               Inside the protocols
                                                     medication may help short-term           Includes treatment of any sprain,
So you’ve been in an accident? Here’s some           symptoms.                               strain, WAD I, or WAD II resulting
information that will help guide you through                                                 from the MVA that has been
your recovery…                                 Management of WAD I and WAD II:               assessed by a doctor, physical
                                                   The use of ice (as described             therapist, or chiropractor within 10
Within 10 days following a motor vehicle             above) will help decrease pain          days of the accident.
accident (MVA):                                      and inflammation in the early            Your personal auto insurer is the
    A physical assessment and an AB-2               stages of recovery.                     first payer until the 90th day.
       form must be completed by a primary         The use of heat (15-20 minutes)
       health care practitioner (medical             will help to loosen stiff muscles        Inside the protocols, pre-
       doctor, physical therapist, or                and joints and will help to              authorized treatments include:
       chiropractor). You (the patient) must         decrease pain while promoting
       complete an AB-1 form.                        circulation to healing tissues in         1st/2nd degree sprain/strain:
    Insurer must be notified of claim               the later stages of recovery. Do         combined maximum of 10
    Treatment may begin immediately if              not use heat in the first 2-5 days       treatment visits to physical
       necessary                                     following the injury as this may         therapist, chiropractor, massage
Management of sprains/strains:                       increase inflammation.                   therapist, or acupuncture within 90
    In the early stage (2-5 days following        It is important to stay active            days
       the injury), the use of rest, ice,            and continue your daily
       compression, and elevation of the             activities as able. Daily
   3rd degree sprain/strain: combined                       Definitions                         Definitions (continued)
   maximum of 21 treatment visits to
      physical therapist, chiropractor,       WAD injury: Whiplash associated             Sprain: any injury to one or more
     massage therapist, or acupuncture         disorder. May be classified according to    ligaments. Tendon may or may not be
     within 90 days                            the severity and the structures damaged.    injured

      WAD I: combined maximum of 10           WAD I: Painful, stiff, or tender neck,      Strain: any injury to a muscle or a
     treatment visits to physical therapist,   without any loss of range of motion or      tendon.
     chiropractor, massage therapist, or       any damage to neurological structures
     acupuncture within 90 days                (nerves). There is no diagnosis of          Sprains/strains may be classified as:
                                               fractures.                                  1st degree: minor tear involving few
      WAD II: combined maximum of 21                                                      fibres
     treatment visits to physical therapist,   WAD II: Painful, stiff, or tender neck,     2nd degree: partial tear involving
     chiropractor, massage therapist, or       accompanied by decreased neck range         approximately half of the fibres
     acupuncture within 90 days                of motion. There is no neurological         3rd degree: complete tear/rupture of the
                                               damage or diagnosis of fractures.           structure (tendon/ligament/muscle)
      Required supplies to assist in the
     recovery of the injury                    WAD III: Damage to neurological
                                               structures that may result in altered
NOTE: Authorization for payment under the      sensation, altered reflexes, and/or
   protocols expires 90 days after the         weakness in the neck or upper limbs.
   collision unless the insurer approves       The spine is not fractured or dislocated.
   use of the protocols beyond 90 days.
                                               WAD IV: A neck injury in which the
Outside the protocols                          spine is fractured or dislocated. This
      Refers to the treatment of:             may be accompanied by damage to
       1.     WAD III or WAD IV                neurological structures.
       2.     Any diagnosed fracture
      Assessment must be completed
     within 30 days of the accident.
   Auto insurer provides payment only
   after coverage from secondary health
   insurance (e.g. Blue Cross) has been
   depleted. If you do not have any
   secondary insurance, your auto
   insurance is the first payer

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