Honeymoon in Goa for a memorable beginning of Married Life

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					                        Honeymoon in Goa for a memorable beginning of Married Life

An exhilarating combination of sun, sand and sea make Goa a perfect destination for honeymooners from
across the globe. Goa beaches are warm, sensuous and inviting, which calls on millions of nature lovers and
water enthusiast tourists from several parts of the world. This tiny state of India is often quoted as the celestial
destination of India because of its beaches, night life, carnival, cuisine and diverse collection of flora and
fauna species.

The interwoven charm of natural wonders and cultural diversities make Goa a most favoured place for newly
wedded couples to spend their honeymoon. This beautiful strip of land offers plenty of sightseeing during the
honeymoon. Some of the popular tourist attractions which can be enjoyed during the honeymoon tour are:

Goa Beaches
Picturesque beaches of Goa are known for the perfect blend of sea, sun and sand. The 125 kilometre of Goa
coastline is dotted with a number of beautiful beaches where tourists come to enjoy the speckled serene and
scenic natural ambience. The mystical charisma of silvery sand, azure sea and palm fringed bays create a
romance in the air which engrosses honeymooners during their beach tour. Couples who wish to have quality
time together headed towards these beaches. Beaches of Goa are also renowned for its water sports activities,
which offer honeymooners to enjoy the fun and thrill of several water sports. The popular water sports
activities which can be enjoyed at Goa beaches are surfing, para-sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, jet-skiing
and more.

Goa Churches
Churches of Gao are another popular attraction among honeymooners where they come to seek heavenly
blessings for their conjugal life. These churches are renowned for their architectural magnificence, which
captivates tourist attention during their visit. Goa churches are living testimonials of Portuguese, who ruled
this state for centuries. Some of the most popular churches in Goa are
• Church of Mae de Deus
• Basilica of Bom Jesus
• Chapel of St. Catherine
• Church of St. Francis of Assisi
• Se Cathedral
• Church of Reis Magos

Goa Wildlife
Diverse collection of flora, fauna and avifauna species make Goa wildlife reserves a popular place to visit
during a honeymoon tour. The biodiversity of Goa wildlife sanctuaries enthrall and enchant tourists who
come here from across the globe. These wildlife reserves are known for their 275 species of birds, 48 varieties
of animals and 60 genera of reptiles. The exotic and diverse collection makes these sanctuaries an
indomitable part of Goa tourism. Safari is the best way to experience the wild glory of nature. The well-
known wildlife reserves of Goa are:

• Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife
• Catigao Wildlife Sanctuary
• Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
• Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Number of newly wedded couples preferred Goa Honeymoon Tour to give memorable and pleasurable beginning to their
married life. Goa is a popular destination of India tourism. It is famous across the globe for its beaches, night life, diverse
culture and colourful fairs.

Description: Goa is one of the popular honeymoon destinations of India. Number of newly weeded from several parts of the globe come here to embark on their married life. The blend of natural wonders and cultural diversities make this place a wonderful destination for honeymooners across the globe.