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                                     DECEMBER 2009/JANUARY 2010

SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT                                         began implementing PBIS in 2001-2002 (9 years), the
Tom Mulligan, Superintendent                                    elementary school in 2003-2004 (7 years) and the high
                                                                school in 2007-2008 (3 years). The Illinois PBIS Network
          The school year continues to progress and so do       provides designations as part of their recognition process
our students. It is extremely satisfying to see the amazing     to schools that are part of the PBIS Network. Over 25%
success stories that I get to see on a daily basis. As          of all Illinois Schools (1,100) are now implementing PBIS.
always, please take advantage of all the wonderful              The designations they provide are as follows:             Pre-
opportunities provided by the Riverton School District.         Emerging, Emerging, Implementing, Fully Implementing, and
The main focus on my articles this month will be the            Exemplar (for more details on PBIS and the designations,
district strategic plan.                                        view the article on the district website on PBIS).
          The Riverton school board recently approved the                 Last year, the Riverton Middle School was
district strategic objectives and discussed the district        designated as ―Fully Implementing‖, Riverton Elementary
balanced scorecard for the FY2010 school year. The              School was designated as ―Implementing,‖ and Riverton
district strategic planning process starts with a Strengths,    High School was considered ―Emerging‖.
Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis.                    The district strategic objective states that in five
In this analysis, the strategic planning team reviews a         years each building in the district will receive a designation
variety of district data on environmental trends, student       of ―exemplar‖ from the PBIS network. To achieve this
achievement results (both academic and behavior),               designation, each building must be providing a strong
demographic data, board initiatives, etc. The team then         framework for behavior but will also be seeing dramatic
uses this data to identify the district’s advantages and        results in terms of positive student behavior.
challenges. The list of strategic advantages and strategic
challenges can be seen in detail on the district website.       Strategic Objective #2: The district will see an increase
          Once the planning team determined the strategic       in the percent of students meeting and/or exceeding state
advantages and challenges, the team determined the              assessment standards in reading to a level of 84.5% by the
district’s strategic objectives. These objectives build upon    end of FY14.
the strategic advantages and directly address the                        The focus of this goal is to make improvements in
strategic challenges. This year, the district decided that it   student achievement in the area of reading. Currently,
would develop strategic objectives that were set for five       students are tested in reading at the state level in grades
years but with annual achievement targets (these targets        3-8 using the Illinois Standardized Achievement Test
can be seen on the balanced scorecard also found on the         (ISAT) and in grade 11 using the Prairie State Achievement
district website). The strategic objectives are written in      Exam (PSAE). The current level of achievement for the
such a way that the district has flexibility from year to       district is 75.11% meeting or exceeding on state
year to add components to each objective if the data            assessments. In addition to the state assessments, the
warrants a change. The following section provides a brief       district staff will be using a variety of measures to review
description of each objective.                                  student performance.

Strategic Objectives #1: District will be ―exemplar‖ as         Strategic Objective #3: The district will have engaged
defined by PBIS by FY14.                                        stakeholders to a level that allows the district to reach
        All three buildings in the district use a framework     achievement objectives.
for   student    behavior     called   Positive   Behavioral            The district defines stakeholders as students,
Interventions and Strategies (PBIS).      The middle school     parents and the community. For students, engagement can
                                                                                                          Newsletter 1
be defined as a commitment, both emotional and                   NEWS FROM THE NURSE – Heather Wade, RN
intellectual, to reaching their potential. For parents and
community, engagement can be defined as a commitment,            Cold and Flue Season: It is important to remember that
both emotional and intellectual, to accomplishing the            if your child is running a fever of 100 degrees or greater,
mission, and vision of the school district, which is of course   or vomiting, please keep them home 24 hours after the
student growth and achievement. This year, the district          vomiting has stopped or 24 hours from when their fever
has chosen to focus on the engagement of students.               stopped. This will help us keep everyone in the district
         The district will be using a nationally-normed          healthy. Thank you.
survey in the spring that determines student engagement in
the following areas: Cognitive/Intellectual/Academic             DID YOU KNOW?
Engagement, Social/Behavioral/Participatory Engagement,             -  If you have a child in Pre K, we need a physical with
and Emotional Engagement. The district will use those
                                                                         immunizations and a copy of their birth certificate
survey results to drive improvements. The district will also
                                                                         on file.
focus on implementing the relationship standards (these
can be found on the district website) with students and              -   If you have a Kindergarten student, we need a
strengthening students’ involvement in extra-curricular                  physical with immunizations, dental and vision on
programs in the district. Most importantly, the district will            file.
focus on and measure the level of student engagement in              -   If you have a 2nd grader, we need a dental on file.
the classroom, especially in reading classrooms.                     -   If you have a 6th grader, we need a physical and
                                                                         dental on file.
Strategic Objective #4: The district will have a skilled
                                                                     -   If you have a 9th grader, we need a physical with
and engaged workforce to a level that allows the district to
reach achievement objectives.                                            current Tetanus booster.
         This strategic objective focuses entirely on the            -   If your child plays sports, we need a physical
workforce of the district. There are two main parts to this              yearly on file for them.
objective. The first is again engagement; there has been a
great deal of research recently on the importance of having      Dental Service Provided at the School:           We have a
an engaged workforce. Workforce Engagement is defined            dentist that comes to see all children Pre-K - 8th grade with
as ―the extent of workforce commitment, both emotional           a medical card, and/or children with no dental insurance.
and intellectual, to accomplishing the work, mission, and        There are forms available in the office at both the
vision of the organization. Organizations with high levels of    Elementary School and Middle School.
workforce engagement are often characterized by high-
performing work environments in which people are                 Sports Physicals Provided at the School: We will again
motivated to do their utmost for the benefit of their            provide sports physicals at the school, but this year we are
students and stakeholders and for the success of the             shooting for the week after school gets out. Look for
organization‖    (Baldrige    Criteria   for    Performance      information with your registration packet. Please feel free
Excellence, 2009).                                               to contact me by e-mail if you have any questions -
         The second part of this objective calls for a skilled, or call me at 217.629.6001 or
workforce. In this area, the district will be focusing on        217.629.6002.
providing training and measuring staff proficiency in the
areas of student behavior and reading instruction since          Bill Geiger, Director of Building and Grounds
those are the two achievement strategic objectives.
                                                                 Asbestos Management Plan – Available for Inspection:
Building Level Plans:    Following the development of the                 All schools in the State of Illinois, both public and
strategic objectives, each school building has developed         private, are required to be inspected for asbestos-
building-level goals and action plans that align to the          containing materials and must have a written plan with a
district strategic objectives. Each building staff will then     timetable to address any hazards which may exist.
spend the year implementing those plans and measuring            Riverton CUSD #14 buildings have all been inspected for
results in an attempt to allow the district to reach its         asbestos-containing materials as mandated by the U.S.
strategic objectives. These plans will soon be posted on         Environmental Protection Agency.
each building website as well.                                            A plan of action for each and every building has
                                                                 been written. Riverton CUSD #14 intends to repair or
                                                                 remove all damaged asbestos-containing materials. Our
                                                                 present report indicates that no critical areas exist in our

                                                                                                      Newsletter 2
schools. Most of the areas cited, which could become a                   If you can answer “yes” to the following questions
hazard, are in areas not used by students and most of the      for the 2009-2010 school year, you may be eligible to
staff – for example, floor tile containing asbestos in the     receive reimbursement for providing such transportation:
kitchens at the elementary and middle schools.                 1. Will the pupil be under the age of 21 at the close of
         All maintenance personnel in the district have             the school year?
attended awareness training sessions. They will continue to    2. Is the pupil a full-time student in grades Kindergarten
monitor any asbestos-containing materials in the buildings.         through 12?
Six-month surveillance checks will be performed by Ideal       3. Does the pupil either live 1.5 miles or more from school
Environmental. A specific report for each building is               or less than 1.5 miles from school but must be
located in the school office. This report is available to           transported due to a serious safety hazard approved
anyone who wishes to inspect it. If you wish to do so,              by the Illinois Department of Transportation (see
contact Bill Geiger at 629-6002. If you decide you would            following paragraphs)?
like a copy of the written report, one can be provided to      4. Does the pupil attend a school within Illinois, which
you at a cost of $.25 per page.                                     meets Illinois compulsory attendance laws?
         You can feel confident that Riverton CUSD #14 is      5. Did the parent/guardian incur transportation expenses
meeting each and every state and federal requirement for            resulting from transporting the pupil to and from
dealing with asbestos-containing materials. The safety of           school?
our children and staff are of great importance to us, and                If you answered ―yes‖ to the above questions, live
Riverton CUSD #14 will continue to work to ensure our          in Illinois and wish to file a claim, you must go to the school
schools present no hazard to any of the individuals housed     where each of your children are enrolled by June 30, 2010,
in them.                                                       to complete a claim application. Claim forms should be
                                                               available from February 2010 through June 30, 2010.
                                                                         In addition, parent(s)/guardian(s) who have pupils
Chris Koerwitz, Transportation Director                        living less than 1.5 miles from the school attended must
                                                               verify that a safety hazard due to vehicular traffic exists
          School Closing Information: When snow and cold       by completing an Application for Determination of Serious
conditions combine, it may become necessary to close           Safety Hazards.        Parents can obtain a copy of the
school. The decision to close school will be made as soon as   Application for Determination of Serious Safety Hazards
possible. Check Channel 20 and the local radio stations        from the Office of the Regional Superintendent of Schools
(WNNS, WQLZ, WYVR, WTAX, and WMAY) for this                    for the county in which they reside, except parents
information between 6:00am and 8:00am.                         residing within the City of Chicago. Chicago residents can
          Our decision to close school is based on snowfall,   receive a copy of the Application for Determination of
ice, wind-chill factor and most importantly, the conditions    Serious Safety Hazards from the Illinois State Board of
of the bus routes. Our road commissioner, Alex Lyons,          Education, 100 North First Street, Springfield, IL 62777.
provides us with pertinent information on road conditions.     All applications for Determination of Serious Safety
          Occasionally during the winter, we dismiss school    Hazards must be received no later than February 1, 2008,
early because of drifting snow caused by windy conditions      at the office from which the application was requested.
or when the weather bureau has issued a storm warning.         Example:     ISBE (Chicago residents), ROE (Illinois
When these conditions are present, a decision is made by       residents, other than those residing in Chicago). The
12:00 noon. Early dismissal due to inclement weather most      Regional Superintendent of Schools is required to send the
likely will be at 1:00pm for middle school students and at     application to the Illinois Department of Transportation
1:30pm for elementary and high school students. This           within 15 days. The Illinois Department of Transportation
information will be relayed to you by the local radio          reviews and approves or denies the application and returns
stations between 12:00pm and 1:00pm on these days.             it to the Regional Superintendent of Schools within 30
There will not be an after-school bus when school closes       days.    Upon receipt of the reviewed application, the
early due to inclement weather. Please listen to your radio    Regional Superintendent of Schools will mail it to the
station for closing information and call only if absolutely    parent/guardian who requested the safety hazard be
necessary.                                                     verified.    If the safety hazard is approved, the
                                                               parent/guardian must go to the school the pupil attends
Notice to Parents/Guardians:          Parent(s) or legal
                                                               and complete the claim form.         Parents who received
guardian(s) who must provide transportation to and from
                                                               verification of a safety hazard during and after the 1998-
school because free transportation is not available for
                                                               99 school year, whose children attend the same school and
their children may be eligible to receive money from the
                                                               live at the same address, do not have to reapply for safety
state to help offset some of the cost, for example, bus
                                                               hazard verification.
fares, or mileage reimbursement for private automobiles at
                                                                         Once all claims are completed at the school, the
.325 cents per mile.
                                                               claim forms will be sent to the Illinois State Board of
                                                                                                    Newsletter 3
Education. If your claim is approved, you should receive a     3. We'll read, write and play with words more. It is
check directly from the state for the lesser of the cost of    important that your children find meaning and pleasure in
transporting your child/children or the average per pupil      words. Read riddles, write jokes, memorize poetry, tell
reimbursement paid to public schools for transporting          stories, make lists, compose letters, sing, and talk, talk,
regular education pupils.       If insufficient funds are      talk!
appropriated by the General Assembly, all claims will be
prorated. If you have any questions, please call or come to    4. We'll give books as gifts. Books increase in value for a
the school as soon as possible.                                child when they come as a gift from someone special, or on
                                                               a special occasion. Every occasion is the right one for a
                                                               book gift! A child's own book collection, even if small, is
                                                               very important.

                                                               5. We'll create library traditions. Making routine trips
                                                               to the library and seeding the love of books go hand in
Stacey Binegar, Principal
                                                               hand. Help your child keep ongoing lists of books he or she
Candles Are a Gift of Light                                    might want to check out, or growing topics of interest.
Candles are a gift of light,                                   Get a special library book bag for your child to fill, and
A tiny sun, a bit of star.                                     make regular library visits exciting.
No other dancer in the night
Dances with such sheer delight,                                6. We'll read more for pleasure and make sure our
Little souls serene and bright,                                children see us reading. When was the last time you
Each a glimpse of what we are                                  enjoyed a great book? Every time your children see you
Shining innocent and pure.                                     take time to read a book, you are modeling reading as a
                                                               lifestyle, and we promise it is contagious! Talk about the
RES is wishing you a happy holiday season! See you in 2010!
                                                               books you are reading, read interesting newspaper articles
                                                               aloud and make what everyone is reading part of regular
Kindergarten Registration and Kindergarten Screening:
                                                               family conversation.
Kindergarten registration for the 2010-2011 school year
will be held in the spring at St. James Catholic Church.       Multimedia Studio (Mr. Oesch):            Apple, iLife, and
We will send more information once the official date and       Microsoft Office applications will be the tools of choice
details have been determined. The church is located            for much of this nine weeks for all Riverton Elementary
behind the elementary school. To attend Kindergarten,          students. Fourth graders are finishing their audio/video
students must be 5 years old on or before September 1,         band promotions and are beginning their work on
2010.                                                          health/safety public service announcements.          As 3rd
                                                               graders finish their animated memoirs, they’ll begin
Literacy News (by Beth Held, Barb Theilen, Deb Henry,          choosing Excel, Word, and PowerPoint programs to record
Vickie Young, Aimee Sutton): It’s Resolution Time! We          data and complete research projects. Kindergarteners, 1st
at RES want to challenge you to make a New Year’s              graders, and 2nd graders will all receive introductions to
resolution to read! Studies have shown that spending 20        the basics on iLife and Office.
minutes each day reading with your children can help them               Gaggle email accounts for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders
become better readers and create lasting family memories.      are active. Please note that parents can request their
Start the New Year off right and follow these six Read-        child’s email address and password from Mr. Oesch by
Aloud Resolutions from Start traditions     sending a note to school with their child. Remember, there
and routines to make books part of your family routine.        is always something special about running to your inbox and
                                                               opening a message from mom or dad. Please continue to
Read-Aloud Resolutions:
                                                               send uplifting email messages to your child and be sure to
1. We'll make time for regular read-aloud. Of all the          encourage your child to reply. Always monitor your child’s
activities you take time for with your children, few will be   online use.
as satisfying and as good for them as reading aloud
regularly. The bonding, benefits and memories will last a      Music (by Mrs. Armintrout):
lifetime.                                                      ―Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday
                                                               life.‖ ---Berthold Auerbach
2. We'll create special reading places. Under a card                   We have been enjoying all styles of music this
table, with pillows in a closet, blankets twirled to make a    year. Kindergarten students have had the opportunity to
reading nest, even a favorite chair to snuggle in — there      use the microphone during a music room interview. They
are many ways to make special reading nooks for your           also sang their first solo.     First graders have been
children.                                                      exploring various styles of music by listening to the Happy

                                                                                                   Newsletter 4
Birthday song, performed on CD in fifty different styles.      quite an arts-filled quarter and students look forward to
We are rehearsing for our holiday performance, Christmas       sharing their creations when they bring them home to you.
in My Hometown, on December 9, and are eager to sing on
the ―big stage‖.     Students in 2nd grade will perform,       Physical Education (Mr. Landgrebe):         December and
Christmas Around the World, on December 10, also on the        January activities will include holiday-themed activities
stage at the Fine Arts Center Auditorium. All 3rd graders      such as Santa’s Sleigh, Wild Reindeer, and The Grinch’s
have been studying the Star-Spangled Banner. Through an        holiday tag games. These activities provide a great
informal audition in music class, a small talented group of    opportunity for aerobic exercise, team building, and safe
3rd graders will be performing the national anthem at          movement in space in a fun Holiday atmosphere. Third and
Riverton high school basketball games. Hear them on            4th graders will also be working on lead-up activities for
February 4 at a girls’ game and February 5 at a boys’ game.    skill development in the sports of basketball and volleyball,
Fourth graders have learned about American history             while the younger ones will work more with manipulative
through African-American spirituals. We are also learning      challenges using various pieces of equipment: balls, ballons,
the basic conducting patterns, and enjoying all styles of      beachballs, bean bags, hula hoops, etc.
music to practice those conducting skills. We will begin the
study of Amahl and the Night Visitors, an opera written        Pre-Kindergarten Activities (by Miss Isaak, Mrs. Brusky,
with English lyrics, in early December. The elementary         Mrs. Pickrell, Miss McMahon and Mrs. Trickey): We are
students invite you to come and hear us sing at any of our     kicking off December with a music night for our families
performances this year!                                        provided by the Music Factory. Throughout the month of
                                                               December, Pre-K will be studying holidays and the five
Integrated Arts News (by Mrs. Becker): Our school was          senses. It’s a very magical time for our students. We are
buzzing with creativity during 2nd quarter. Mr. Davies, our    hoping to get a visit from Santa for our Christmas parties
guest muralist, did a fabulous job working with the small      on December 18. In January, we are starting another unit
groups of 3rd and 4th grade students to complete the mural     in our curriculum, The World of Color. During this unit we
for our school. He created a design for the mural around       will have the opportunity to visit the post office and the
the theme ―Reading Takes Us Places‖, using images taken        local library. Be on the lookout for more information to
from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students’ drawings. The design    come about our Pre-K Winter Olympics in January.
was painted in entirely by 3rd and 4th grade students. The
mural was unveiled to the student body during a special        Kindergarten News (by Miss Ethell, Mrs. Distlehorst, Miss
assembly and is now on display in our hallway. Please come     Little, Mr. Fletcher, Ms. Zanger and Mrs. Russell):
by and take a look at this beautiful addition to our school.   Kindergarten is always a busy place! Kindergartners have
Along with taking part in the mural making process, 4th        been working hard to learn the alphabet letters and sounds
grade students learned about the artist, Pablo Picasso, and    through multi-sensory approaches (dancing, singing, writing,
created Halloween characters in his style of art. They also    using play-dough, puzzles, stories, cards, etc.) We are busy
completed a clay unit with our guest artist, Kathy Adams.      beginning to read and practicing the predicting and
Third grade students discovered various techniques for         summarizing strategies. We have started introducing the
showing depth in their drawings by creating landscapes with    word wall words (I, see, my, like), along with learning to
spooky and spacey themes. To complement a classroom            read the color words. It is essential that students practice
study of Mexico, 2nd grade students learned about the          these words to gain mastery. In math, students should be
holiday, Los Dias de los Muertos. They heard the story         working on counting from 0 to 50, counting backwards from
Maria Molina and the Days of the Dead and then created         13 to 0, recognizing numbers 0-20, identifying the penny
two examples of folk art seen during the celebration, papel    and nickel along with knowing the value of each coin, and
picado and skeleton puppets doing everyday activities.         creating AB and ABB patterns. During 2nd quarter in social
First graders had the opportunity to explore some art          studies, we learned about families and homes. Currently in
concepts through dance. After learning about the colors of     social studies, we are learning about town/communities
the spectrum, 1st graders participated in a movement study     along with learning about community helpers. Students will
demonstrating these spectral colors using props and their      also explore areas of land and water, and will be using
own created movement. Afterward, the students                  maps/globes. It is important that you are checking
incorporated the spectral colors in a colorful animal          backpacks each and every night. There is a lot of
painting. Kindergarteners developed basic art skills of        information being sent home daily/weekly regarding lunch
cutting, pasting, and drawing shapes to create scarecrows.     notices, district news, and Elementary Elements. It is
This was a big project for our Kindergarteners and they        important to clean out backpacks everyday so that you can
were so proud of their giant scarecrow people. They were       find the new and most current papers and notices. Be sure
also introduced to Mr. Paintbrush and correct painting         to help your child with their BEE binder and return the
techniques through several painting activities. We had         homework on Friday. Halloween was a great fun-filled day!
                                                               The students had a lot of fun dressing up in their costumes
                                                                                                   Newsletter 5
and walking in the parade. Thank you to all the parents         formation. Please help us by encouraging your child to
that made the Halloween party a big success. We couldn’t        write cursive letters AFTER they have been introduced in
do it without your help!                                        class!
                                                                        Remember to read with your child for 15 minutes
1st Grade News (by Miss Luken, Miss Smith, Miss                 each evening and to practice rocket math facts.
Dolbeare, Mrs. Patton, and Mrs. Mack): You will find us,
once again, as busy as ever! In reading, we are learning to     3rd Grade News (by Mrs. Bonner, Mrs. Timm, Mrs.
summarize a story while learning skills that will help us       Johnson, Miss Sloman, Mrs. Weber and Miss Cullen): As
learn to read…short vowels, contractions, possessives, verb     the New Year is approaching, let’s make 3rd grade
endings, rhyming words, and more. We have begun Rocket          resolutions to be respectful, responsible and safe! We will
Math to master our basic addition facts, while practicing       be busy preparing for the ISAT test during this next
telling time and counting on both a number line and a           quarter. Students will have the opportunity to earn ISAT
number grid in math class. We are really excited to know        Bucks to spend at the ISAT Store by working on reading
interesting things about rocks and soil in science! Many        extended response, math extended response and writing
students are reaching our goal of writing 4-5 sentences on      expository essays. In reading, we have covered predicting
a single topic in Writing!                                      and summarizing. Next, we will be moving on to connecting.
          The 1st graders are also trying to improve their      In math, we will begin multi-digit multiplication. Be sure to
daily behavior to earn rewards such as the upcoming             practice multiplication facts with your students. Also, be
PowerKid Party, Hawk Powercards, and daily rewards! We          prepared to use nontraditional methods for multiplication
are excitedly looking forward to upcoming events such as        during this unit. It is important to continue practicing
our trip to the UIS Theater to see ‖Rainbow Fish‖,              Rocket Math each night. Happy Holidays!
―thankful month recycling program‖, Thanksgiving feast,
Christmas performance, and Christmas party! Wow! What           4th Grade News (by Mrs. Darnell, Mrs. Mendenhall, Mrs.
a quarter!                                                      Kirby, Mr. Hindert, Mrs. Watson, and Mrs. Bostrom):
          Please support your child by checking SMILE           Fourth graders continue to work very hard in math as we
binders, doing homework, and dressing appropriately for         wrap up decimals and move into multi-digit multiplication.
cooler weather…EVERY DAY! Thanks!!                              We ask that students practice their multiplication facts
                                                                nightly to make this skill easier for students. In science,
2nd Grade News    (by Mrs. Jerszynski, Mrs. Mitchelson,         students have had the opportunity to make different kinds
Mrs. Worley, Mrs. Painter, and Mrs. Nehman): We have            of circuits and we are learning about energy and electricity.
come to a very busy time in 2nd grade! We are seeing the        In our language block, students have been engaged in
students becoming more independent and responsible for          reading and writing in various genres. We are beginning to
their learning, which is an important goal we hold for each     learn how to summarize fiction and become more
of them. Over the next couple of months, we will be             independent at predicting both fiction and nonfiction.
completing our ―Amazing Animals‖ theme in shared reading.
We will also continue to summarize material when we finish
reading. When they finish reading, have them tell the
important things that happened in a story. These are skills     MIDDLE SCHOOL
they will use as readers throughout their lives and we want     Fred Lamkey, Principal
to give them the best start we can!
         We will learn about natural and cultural features in   Riverton Middle School Honor Roll:        The following are
social studies. We will switch back to science as students      those students who earned a place on the Superior Honor
begin to explore what makes us sick. In January, we will        Rolll and Honor Roll for the 1st Quarter:
begin a science unit on dinosaurs… They definitely qualify
as amazing animals! This has been a favorite unit of 2nd        Superior Honor Roll:      8th Grade -       Heather Dyer,
graders!                                                        Jessica Dyer, Sean Goff, Dominic Moore, Hanna Paoni,
         In math, we will study 2-digit addition and            Danny Roscetti, Rachel Taapken, Jordan Tansky; 7th Grade:
geometry. Students will explore line segments, lines,           Taylor Babbs, Cody Campbell, Lauren Capranica, Katelyn
polygons, and 3-D shapes as we discuss the world around us.     Churchill, Shyrna Coffman, Mackenzie Davis, Ashley
Then we will resume our work with 2-digits as we learn to       Dorethy, Katherine Forness, Timothy Geiger, Kassandra
subtract using 2-digits.                                        Henry, Shelby Ireland, Alyssa Koger, Elaina Lamkey, Megan
         Of course, the most exciting event for a 2nd           McCormick, Maxwell McCray, Colton Peacock, Colin
grader comes after Christmas when we begin to learn             Peddycoart, Emily Pinney, Ariel Rhodes, Sarah Schaive,
cursive writing. We do not allow students to write letters      Blake Suhling, Karlee Thompson, Michael Wilson, Tommy
in cursive until they have been introduced in cursive. This     Wilson; 6th Grade: Evelynn Carver, Kelsey Drone, Jordan
helps to ensure students learn the correct letter               Fisher, Brandon Goldhammer, Grace Melton, Olivia Moore,

                                                                                                    Newsletter 6
Breanna Peyton, Ryan Roscetti, Jordyn Todd, Clayton           treat is being planned to honor our highest achieving
Trueblood; 5th Grade: Eden Ayoub, Brianna Ballog, Hannah      students.
Branham, Mikayle DeRosa, Breeanna Dodd, Drake Edgington,
Samantha Faith, Michael Fernstaedt, Renee Hollinshead,        Parent/Teacher Communications: I would like to remind
Scott Kasper, Victoria Kolanowski, Jacob Molash, Gottlieb     parents that each grade level conducts team meetings each
Moore, Kassie Power, Gabriella Prindle, Hunter Ritter,        day at the same time: 7th Grade – 8:44-9:26am; 6th Grade –
Dennis Settles, Brandon Smith, Lindsey Vollbracht, Katelyn    12:24-1:06pm; 5th Grade – 11:40am-12:22pm; and 8th Grade
Womack, Kayla Zumwalt.                                        – 1:52-2:35pm.
                                                                       When you have doubts or concerns about your
Honor Roll: 8th grade: Laken Bell, Shelby Brown, Melanie      student, please call and check in with their teachers. Early
Clark, Haley Coble, Carlie Cuffle, Jakob Ewing, Morgan        interventions may help prevent later problems.
Green, Kayla Gregory, Shelby Holladay, John Hollinshead,
Kayla Jeffers, Braxton Ladew, Kieara Lockhart, Brandon        Winter Break: Our Winter Break will begin on Friday,
Marcy, Kirsten Mosley, Matthew Nordyke, Joshua                December 18, 2009 at 1:30pm. School will resume on
Quackenbos, Jordan Reavis, Fischer Reed, Michael Sauer,       Monday, January 11, 2010.
Evan Shaw, Blake Shifflett, Bradley Szoke, Michael
Waters, Michelle Wilder, Dalton Williams, Taylor Wolford;     Absences: Attendance letters were sent home to parents
7th Grade: Megan Aubuchon, Jenna Bates, Brianna Bergner,      at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. This letter was to
Alex Bogusz, Jaycee Britz, Jordyn Britz, Kiersten Burge,      inform parents that their child was ahead of the pace that
Daniel Camp, Brayden Crowe, Caitlin Ferry, Jacob Fisher,      would use all ―parent excused absences‖ before the years’
Kaitlin Fitzgerald, Tommy Gebhardt, Luke Goff, Nic            end. Please be sure to have your students bring doctor
Hardesty, Brianna Higgins, Cheyanne Hunt, Duncan              excuses to the office after appointments so these excused
Johnston, Blake Jordan, Austin Landess, Madison               absences are not docked from your allotment.
McCormick, Joie McLaughlin, Page McAlexander, Brystal
Miller, Stephanie Mizeur, Michael Molash, Neko Motley,        Office Discipline Referrals: During the 1st quarter, we
Sean Nation, Eric Parker, Hannah Rexroad, Anna Robinson,      had a 40% reduction in office referrals when compared to
Jessica Rodriguez, Elizabeth Schenk, Emily Waldrop, Alexis    1st quarter of the 2008-09 school year. This reduction is
Yoggerst; 6th grade: Seth Bartlett, James Boster, Ethan       the result of extended efforts by students and staff. We
Bowman, Dillon Branham, Brett Caudle, Hailey Dickerson,       hope to continue this trend throughout the year!
Dominique Duff, Carey Elston, Mitchell Farley, Allison
Feagans, Joshua Gabriel, Josie Garfat, Alex Hafliger,         Report Cards: The report cards for the second nine-week
Raylea Hagan, Taylor Hauck, Adam Heintzman, Marcus            period will be issued on January 15 (the grading period ends
Hinkle, Lerin Hughes, Jennifer King, Vince Lanier, Sara       on Friday, December 18). Letter grades will be reported
Maddox, Ashlyn Mansfield, Megan McClure, Lexi McCoy,          on a computerized report card. Students having all A’s and
Devon Milleville, Hailey Morgan, Alex Myers, Sydney Nabb,     B’s will qualify for the honor roll. Any students with all A’s
Andrea Peyton, Kyle Robinson, Tiffany Schuck, Jonathon        will qualify for the Superior Honor Roll.
Shoup, Michael Shriver, Alyssa Stevenson, AdinaViele,
Kaitlynn Weaver, Megan Whitesall; 5th grade: Kathleen         PTO Meetings: The PTO Meetings for the 3rd quarter are
Barnum, Kenton Baskett, Blake Bertolo, Rebekah Brinton,       scheduled for 6:30pm on January 19 and February 23, 2010
Nicole Camp, Dakota Churchill, Alexandria Davis, Devon        in the Middle School Library. We hope to see you there!
Dennison, Angela Dorethy, Evan Etchison, Kaitlyn Fisher,
McKenzie Gilmore, Jack Hanson, Jared Hart, Christopher        6th Grade News: Sixth grade, like all of us, is working
Hill, Elijah Hill, Madison Leet, Kathleen Luedtke, Tyler      toward the new year by looking back, looking forward, and
Marsh, Seth McAlexander, Haylee Morales, Dominic              assessing the here and now.
Packingham, Ethan Peacock, Lukas Phillips, Kasandra              In social studies, we're moving forward through the
Rathbone, Jonathan Reed-Wood, Anthony Rhodes, Cassidy         Middle Ages and into the Renaissance on our journey to
Ruble, Benjamin Schenk, Noah Smaage, Brianna Taylor,          modern times.
Destiny Thompson, Sierra Utterback, Evan Vehovc, Kaitlin         Throughout all our curriculum we're making special note
Wake, Talyer White, Brittany Winningham.                      of people who have made, and are making, a difference.
                                                                 We're working with principles of matter and exploring
Superior Honor Roll Wienie Roast: On Wednesday,               astronomy.
November 4, all RMS Superior Honor Roll Students were             We're learning to note our observations, math, and
treated to a lunch time Wienie Roast. Students and            reading with extended responses and non-fiction
teachers enjoyed hot dogs, smores, chips, drinks, and         summarizing.
popcorn on a perfect fall afternoon. Each quarter a special       We're looking forward as life-long learners. Please
                                                              encourage our attempts at exploration and sharing what we
                                                                                                   Newsletter 7
know with our projects, writing, testing, and reports.           for information to come home. In math, the students will
Happy New Year!                                                  be looking at percents, decimals, ratios, and their
                                                                 relationships. In history, the students will be moving into
7th Grade News: Geography Awareness Week, November               the 20th century.
15-21, 2009: Geography is an important part of a 21st
century education, and we at RMS are working to raise            Middle School Band News: The middle school bands will
awareness so that all students have opportunities to know        host their Christmas program on December 6. All bands
and understand their planet. Extreme Geography is the            grades 5-12 will be performing. The middle school portion
theme for Geography Awareness Week this year. Two                of the program will perform first, starting at 2:00pm and
questions will be presented school-wide each day. Some of        will be held in the High School Auditorium. All bands have
the topics will include extreme temperature records, the         been working hard since school began. Come share in the
largest lake, the tallest waterfall and the longest mountain     season and support the arts!
range, just to name a few. Students will submit their                     On October 22, eight 7th and 8th grade band
answers to the daily questions, and one winner will be           students participated in the annual Sangamon County Honor
selected each day. Test your knowledge with this question:       Band Festival. The Festival was held at Chatham High
The highest temperature ever recorded in the United              School and consisted of the finest middle school band
States was reported ______________ (location) on July            students in the area. The students rehearsed for several
10, 1913, when the mercury reached _________                     hours during the day, and then complimented their hard
(temperature).                                                   work with an outstanding performance that night. The
                                                                 band was directed by Mr. Barry Houser, who is a professor
National Geographic Bee 2010:             The school level       of music at Eastern Illinois University. Those students
competition of the National Geography Bee 2010, will be          participating were: Katy Anderson, Dalton Williams, Kelly
held in December. Our school has participated in all 21 of       Wright, Blake Suhling, Mark Knepler, Evan Shaw, Fisher
the National Geography Bee competitions. Over the years,         Reed, and Colin Peddycoart. Congratulations to these
three of our students have qualified to compete at the           students for their musical achievements!
state level. That is very impressive as only 100 students
from schools throughout Illinois qualify for competition at      Music News:        On Saturday, November 7, seventeen
this level. Last year, Michael Shereda, represented RMS at       Riverton middle school students attended IMEA, which is a
the 2009 National Geographic Bee in Chicago, Illinois. Who       Music Festival held at Western Illinois University. Sixth
will be our next representative? The winner will be              grade choir students auditioned with Mrs. Pinter and then
announced in the next issue of the newsletter.                   nominated to participate. Seventh and 8th graders
                                                                 prepared music in class and then auditioned for a judge.
8th Grade News:        In reading this quarter, we will be        They were rated on a point system and if they scored a
continuing to work on reading strategies, with a focus on        high enough score, they were able to participate in IMEA.
predicting and summarizing. AR will still factor into the        At the festival, the students rehearsed all day with a guest
students' grades, but will only be 10% of their overall          director and then presented their talents in a concert.
grade. In writing, the students will be writing their first      This was truly a wonderful experience for the students!!
research paper on an event from history. They will need                   6th Grade Riverton Middle School Choir Attendees:
3x5 and 4x6 notecards if they have not already been              Kelsey Drone, K’lee Dennison, Lexi McCoy, Alex Hafliger,
purchased. The unit will include a trip to Lincoln Library, as   Zach Harness, Alex Myers, Haleigh Parks, Alexis Randazzo-
well as research that will be conducted at school.               Milner, Kyle Robinson, Nerissa Skaggs, Clayton Trueblood.
         In history, we will be covering The Great                      7th and 8th Grade Riverton Middle School Choir
Depression, WWII, & the beginnings of The Cold War. The          Attendees:   Taylor Babbs, Blake Jordan, Hanna Paoni,
Constitution will be covered 3rd quarter.                        Rachel Taapken, Bryce Trader, Megan Wade.
         Science students have been researching the
history of space exploration.         To prepare for the
Challenger Learning Center field trip, students will be
studying Mars and practicing working together as a team.         HIGH SCHOOL
         In math, the students will be working with pre-         Bill Lamkey, Principal
algebra concepts involving inequalities. They will also begin
a chapter working with percents, proportions, and rations.
                                                                 Madrigal Dinner Planned: On Saturday, December 12 and
In algebra, students will be graphing inequalities along with
                                                                 Sunday, December 13, the high school will be presenting
finding equations of lines and slope.
                                                                 the annual Madrigal Dinner. This event, in the style of a
         In Mrs. Schroeder's class, students will be
                                                                 17th Century Medieval Festival, will involve over 40 high
focusing on predicting and summarizing in reading. In
                                                                 school performers, including the highly select Madrigal
writing, the research project will be the main focus. Watch      Singers group. Join us for a holiday concert full of
                                                                                                     Newsletter 8
pageantry, fun, song, and a full catered meal. The dinners      PBIS News:        At the HS, discipline data has shown an
will take place in the Old Gymnasium at the high school,        improvement. In comparison to 1st quarter last year, this
beginning at 7:00pm on Saturday (doors open at 6:30pm)          year there has been a 7.4% reduction in recorded minor
and 4:00pm on Sunday (doors open at 3:30pm). In order to        problem behaviors. There has also been a 22.1% reduction
obtain tickets, you may either call Julie Klebe at              in recorded major behaviors. We are excited to see the
217.629.7733 or purchase tickets from 3:30-4:00pm in the        decrease in problem behaviors, as this allows for a more
Fine Arts Auditorium before the High School Holiday             productive educational environment. Our most frequent
Concert on December 6. Tickets may also be available at         problem behavior this year is tardies. Please encourage
the door, and cost $15. Join us to reign in the holiday         your student to get to school with enough time to be
season with an event that is truly magical!                     prepared for our 8:20am start.
                                                                          One of the new changes this year is our cell phone
Semester Exams:         Semester Exams are scheduled for        policy. Students are to have them turned off and locked in
Thursday, December 18, and Friday, December 19. Exam            their locker from 8:20am-3:00pm. If they are found with
periods are one hour and 20 minutes in length. All students     their cell phones, it will be confiscated and the following
must attend all classes including PE and study hall.            consequences will be given: 1st offense: after-school
There is no longer open campus during PE and study hall.        detention and parent must pick up device from school; 2nd
All classes, with the exception of PE, music, and band          offense: 1 day of in-school suspension; 3rd offense: 2 days
will have final exams. Teachers choosing to not give final      of in-school suspension, etc.      In-school days must be
exams (as incentives) should have written policy on file with   served prior to cell phone being picked up by the parent.
the building principal.                                         Also, to provide a safer learning environment, book bags,
         Lunch will be 60 minutes each day (from 11:10am-       purses, coats, and electronic devices are not allowed in
12:10pm. Afternoon classes will begin at 12:15pm. All           classrooms. Each student must lock those items in the
freshmen will remain on campus during lunch periods.            student’s assigned locker during the school day.
Upper classmen are also welcome to stay on campus, but                    PBIS recognized 3 students as Underclassmen
may leave for lunch hour. At 11:05am each day, freshmen         Students of the Quarter at the October Welcome Back
will report to their homeroom for attendance and then be        Assembly. The Freshman winner was Whitney Day; the
released for lunch. All other students may leave at the         Sophomore winner was Katie Jesberg; the Junior winner
11:05am bell each day. CACC students must be back to            was Mickey Ryan. Students are nominated by teachers if
board the bus at 12:10pm.                                       they fit one of the following criteria: a student who is
         Make-up exams are the responsibility of the            highly involved at RHS in school and extra-curricular
student. If finals cannot be made up before the end of the      activities; one who has outstanding behavior and
semester, students must make arrangements with their            performance in class; or one who has significantly improved
instructor to complete exams. Communicate with your             behaviorally or academically over previous years.
teacher!                                                        Congratulations to our three winners!
                                                                          Attendance is an important part of being a
Semester Exam Schedule: RHS semester exams will be              successful student. At the end of the school year, a
given December 17 and December 18:                              drawing will be held for a new computer. Students are
                                                                eligible for the drawing when they have perfect attendance
                    FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE                         for a quarter. For each quarter with perfect attendance,
Thursday, 12/17          Time          Friday, 12/18            they may pick up a ticket from the main office and enter
Period   1 Finals    8:20-9:40am     Period 2 Finals            the drawing. While we do not encourage sick students to
Period   3 Finals    9:45–11:05am    Period 4 Finals
                                                                come to school, do what you can to encourage your students
Lunch                11:10–12:10pm   Lunch
                                                                to be at school when they are healthy!
Period   5 Finals    12:15–1:35pm    Period 6 Finals
Period   7 Finals    1:40–3:00pm     2:15 Teacher Dismissal
                                     Make-up Exams              Look into Technical Education 2010: Our sophomores
                                                                attended Look into Technical Education 2010 on November
Exam periods are one hour and twenty minutes in length.         12, 2009. They were given the chance to see the different
All students must attend all classes during final exam days.    programs CACC (Capital Area Career Center) has to offer
Students with 6th hour P.E. or study hall may be excused on     and had the opportunity to ask questions and decide if
Tuesday at 11:10am, provided they have a note from their        there is a program that fits their interests. Mrs. Penk has
parent to their 6th hour teacher.                               more information regarding CACC and the programs
          The cafeteria will be open for lunches. Freshmen      available. Please call her at 629.6003 if you have any
are required to remain in the building during the lunch         questions.
period. Grades 10-12 have an open lunch and may leave the       Registration     for    the    2009-2010      School   Year:
building.   The CACC bus will leave at the regularly            Registration will begin soon for the high school. Your child
scheduled time each day.                                        will register individually during the school day. You will be
                                                                                                    Newsletter 9
able to view your child’s choices on Skyward. If you would      CALENDAR OF EVENTS
like to meet with a counselor to go over your child’s course
choices, please feel free to call and schedule an
                                                                DECEMBER 2009
appointment. Mrs. Penk (629.6003, Ext. 207) will meet
with Sophomores and Juniors. Mrs. Sturdy (629.6003, Ext.
                                                                2    HS Financial Aid Seminar @Riverton HS – 7:00pm
204) will meet with Freshmen and 8th graders.

Financial Aid Night:       Riverton High School and Tri-City    3    MS Boys’ Basketball v. Plains(H) – 6:15pm
High School will be hosting a financial aid seminar. This is         HS Girls’ Basketball @Illini Central - 6:00pm
scheduled for December 2, 2009 at 7:00pm. at Riverton
High School in the auditorium. This seminar is open to          4    HS Boys’ Basketball v. Meridian(H) – 6:15pm
parents and students of Riverton and Tri-City. The purpose
of the seminar will be to examine the types of financial aid    6    MS/HS Holiday Concert at RHS – 2:00pm
that are available to students to help them finance their
post-secondary education and the procedures involved in         7    MS Boys’ Basketball @Tri-City – 6:15pm
applying for financial aid. More information will be sent to         HS Girls’ Basketball v. Athens(H) – 6:15pm
the parents of all juniors and seniors closer to the date.
This seminar is also available to parents of freshmen and       8    HS Boys’ Basketball @Tri-City – 6:15pm
sophomores.     We encourage all interested parents to
attend.                                                         9    1st Grade Holiday Program – 6:30pm at RHS

High School Band News:        The High School Christmas         10 MS Boys’ Basketball v. Auburn(H) – 6:15pm
program will be held on December 6. This will be in                HS Girls’ Basketball @Girard – 6:15pm
conjunction with the vocal groups. The performances will           2nd Grade Holiday Program – 6:30pm at RHS
begin at 4:00pm and will take place in the High School
Auditorium.                                                     11   HS Boys’ Basketball v. Pulaski(H) – 6:15pm
         Two high school band students auditioned and were
accepted to participate in the IMEA District Festival at        12 HS Girls’ Basketball – Lady Hawk Shootout – TBA
Western Illinois University. Those students are Jessie             HS Madrigal Dinner – RHS Old Gymnasium – 7:00pm
Hong and Roy Lowery. Congratulations to these students               ACT @High School – 8:00am
for their musical achievements! The festival will be held on
November 7.                                                     13 HS Madrigal Tea – RHS Old Gymnasium – 4:00pm

General Humanities Class Thanks Frances Pizza, Family           14 MS Boys’ Basketball @Chatham – 5:30pm
Video, Arby’s and Walmart (by Brenda Brown & Geneva                HS Girls’ Basketball v. Rochester(H) – 6:15pm
Dayspring): The General Humanities class at Riverton High          Board Meeting @ Elementary School – 6:00pm
School has had an eventful semester so far. In this class
of freshmen through seniors, students study music, art,         15 HS Boys’ Basketball @Sangamon Valley – 6:15pm
and people skills. So far this year, students have studied
hip hop, music production, grid art, and bullying prevention.   17 MS Boys’ Basketball v. Pulaski(H) – 6:15pm
         Guest speaker Barry Mesecher, a Riverton High             HS Girls’ Basketball v. Williamsville(H) – 6:15pm
School graduate, taught the students the basics of the hip           HS Final Exams
hop movement, some skills in music production, and the
history of hip hop. Mr. Mesecher said about his experience      18 EARLY DISMISSAL
with the class, ―The class that I did was about music in its       End of 2nd Nine-Week Period
basic form: from the roots of hip-hop and rock, to                 ES Holiday Parties - 1:15pm
production and formats of a song. I enjoyed this class so            HS Final Exams
much, I hope to come back soon.‖                                     End of 1st Semester
         Every Friday, a drawing is held and students that
enter tickets (earned through hard work and good                19 HS Boys’ Basketball(Fr) v. Athens(H) – 10:00am
behavior) have the chance to win a $5 or $10 gift card.
This semester, Frances Pizza, Family Video, Arby’s and          21- NO SCHOOL – WINTER INTERSESSION
Walmart were major contributors, each donating more than        31
$25 to the students in this class.
         Toby Halberstadt was the biggest winner in the         22 HS Boys’ Basketball @Nokomis – 6:15pm
class, winning four separate drawings, including the quarter
drawing for the $25 gift card.
                                                                                                     Newsletter 10
26- HS Girls’ Basketball – Christmas Classic(H) – TBA             MS Volleyball v. Auburn(H) – 5:00pm
30                                                                HS Boys’ Basketball/Fr. –Sang Valley Tourn – TBA

26- HS Boys’ Basketball – Carlinville Christmas Tourn – TBA   19 MS Boys’ Basketball v. Latham(H) – 6:15pm
30                                                               HS Boys’ Basketball @Illini Central – 6:15pm
                                                                  PTO meeting at MS library – 6:30pm
28- HS Boys’ Basketball/Fr-Nokomis Christmas Tourn-TBA
29                                                            20 MS Boys’ Basketball/6th @Chatham – 5:30pm
                                                                 ES PEP Meeting at ES Library - 6:30pm

                                                              21 MS Volleyball @Rochester – 5:00pm
JANUARY 2010                                                     MS Boys’ Basketball v. Williamsville(H) – 6:15pm
                                                                 HS Boys’ Basketball/Fr v. Auburn(H) – 6:15pm
                                                              22 HS Boys’ Basketball v. Athens(H) – 6:15pm
4-8 Winter Academy Week
                                                              25 MS Volleyball @Tri-City – 6:15pm
5    HS Boys’ Basketball @Auburn – 6:15pm                        HS Girls’ Basketball @Pulaski – 6:15pm
     CACC classes resume                                         HS Boy’s Basketball/Fr v. Williamsville – 6:15pm

6    HS Boys’ Basketball/Fr v. Plains(H) – 6:15pm             26 MS Volleyball @Pulaski – 5:00pm
                                                                 HS Boys’ Basketball @Rochester – 6:15pm
7    HS Boys’ Basketball/Fr @Pulaski – 6:00pm
     HS Girls’ Basketball @Virden – 6:15pm                    27 EARLY DISMISSAL – SIP Day

8    HS Boys’ Basketball @Virden – 6:15pm                     28 MS Volleyball @New Berlin – 6:15pm
                                                                 MS Boys’ Basketball/6th v. Taylorville(H) – 6:15pm
9    MS Boys’ Basketball/6th v. Auburn(H) – 10:00am              HS Girls’ Basketball @Plains – 6:15pm
     HS Boys’ Basketball/Fr v. Virden(H) – 10:00am               HS Boys’ Basketball/Fr v. New Berlin(H) – 6:15pm
     HS Girls’ Basketball v. Pawnee(H) – 1:00pm
     HS Boys’ Basketball @Spfld Lutheran – 6:15pm             30 MS Boys’ Basketball – 6th Riverton Invite – TBA

11   School Resumes
     3rd Quarter Begins
     Board Meeting @ District Office – 6:00pm

11- HS Boys’ Basketball – Sang Co Tourn – TBA

12 MS Volleyball @Illini Central – 5:00pm
   MS Boys’ Basketball v. Lincoln(H) – 6:15pm
   HS Girls’ Basketball @Lutheran – 6:15pm

14 MS Boys’ Basketball/6th @Taylorville – 6:00pm
   HS Boys’ Basketball/Fr v. Rochester(H) – 6:15pm

15 Report cards issued

16 MS Volleyball/7th Rochester Invite – TBA
   MS Boys’ Basketball/6/7/8 v. Porta(H) – 8:30am
   HS Boys’ Basketball/Fr – Sang Valley Tourn – TBA

16- HS Girls’ Basketball – Sang Co Tourn(A) – TBA

18 NO SCHOOL – ML King’s Birthday
                                                                                                 Newsletter 11

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