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					2012 Bendigo Health Graduate Nurse Program
                 Register now
                    Go to the Bendigo Health website
                    Click on ‘Careers @ Bendigo Health’
                    ‘Click here to view current vacancies’
                    Bendigo Health’s employment website page is called ‘eRecruit’
                    Click on ‘Register Now!’
                    Insert your current details (please remember password)
                    Would you like to receive automatic updates? - Yes
Register Now!
                    Job Category 1- scroll down to Graduates (at or near end) and click
                    Job Category 2 – scroll down to Patient Care (Nursing) and click ‘RN Div 1’
                    Complete required fields and ‘submit’
                    You are now registered and will receive an e-mail update when the
                    graduate nurse position is online ( June 1, 2011) you can login at any time
                           What’s next?
                    Prepare your resume
                    Prepare your application cover letter
                    Order a copy of your academic transcript from your university. Photocopy
                    and get the copy certified. Scan certified copy into a computer.
                    Obtain original copy of third year clinical placement reports (and end of
                    second year if you have not yet had an acute placement this year).
                    Photocopy and get certified. Scan this into your computer and combine
                    these files into one document.
                    These files must be saved as Microsoft Word (.doc), Adobe Acrobat
                    (.pdf) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) 1997-2003. The filename must only
                    contain the letters A-Z or numbers 0-nine and be less than 200kb in file
                    On the June 1, 2011 the job advertisement will be available for viewing on
                    You can apply online any time before applications close at midnight on
                    July 28 2011 (see over page for checklist)
                    Upload files, complete required fields and submit
                    You will receive e-mail correspondence from Bendigo Health from this
                    point onwards so ensure e-mail details are correct
                    If you have any questions about the graduate nurse program, please
                    contact Claire Pertzel, nurse educator professional development programs
           or (03) 5454 6406
                    If you have any questions about the eRecruit process please call Bendigo
                    Health Human Resources on (03) 5454 8390

                Refer over page for application check list
      Application checklist - Bendigo Health Graduate Nurse Program (GNP) 2012                         when
I have assessed my eligibility for the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV)                  
I have registered with PMCV                                                                             
I have reviewed the PMCV website re Bendigo Health Graduate Nurse Program                               
I have selected Bendigo Health as one of my four graduate year program choices in                       
the candidate priority list
I have registered my personal details on Bendigo Health eRecruit via the website                (can do at any time)
I have reviewed the Bendigo Health Graduate Nurse position description (on eRecruit)                    
I have prepared my one page cover letter specific to Bendigo Health and saved it as a                   
1997-2003 word or PDF document
I have prepared my resume and included:                                                                 
       Contact phone number and e-mail address                                                          
       Academic history                                                                                 
       Previous employment                                                                              
       Undergraduate clinical placements and locations                                                  
        eg Third year two week acute placement at Bendigo Health in the Surgical Unit May 16 – 23,
        Names, roles and contact details for two professional referees
        Eg Catherine Middleton
           Clinical support nurse
           Bendigo Health Surgical Unit
           Ph: (W) 5555 5555 (M) 0400 000 000
I have saved my resume as a 1997- 2003 word or PDF document
I have ordered my academic transcript from the university                                               
I have photocopied my transcript (including the legend) taken the photocopy and                         
original to have it certified
I have scanned the certified photocopy and have it available on file                                    
I have saved the original academic transcript for presentation at interview if I am                     
I have obtained the original copies of my third year clinical reports                                   
I have photocopied my clinical reports and had them certified                                           
I have scanned my certified copy of third year clinical reports (add second year acute if               
no acute yet in third year) including midway and final comments pages only
I have reviewed the Bendigo Health graduate nurse program job advert on Bendigo                         
Health eRecruit (available from the June 1 – July 28, 2011)
I have clicked on ‘Apply Now’ and have accurately filled in personal details                            
in Application Step one of three
In Step two of three I have uploaded my:
       Resume (referee’s to be included in this document)                                               
       Cover letter (one page)                                                                          
       Academic transcript and clinical placement reports (as one file) into the space                  
       that asks for ‘References’
I have addressed all of the key selection criteria -once you start this process you must                
complete it. If you cancel out you will lose any typing you have already prepared
I have submitted my application and now await a response from Bendigo Health re                         

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