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BKF Repair Tool by justppt


BKF Repair Tool is a useful program to restore Windows XP backup files. Just try out this tool at free of cost.

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                                Software Features
                                   Quick Scan
                                   Deep Scan
                                   Partial Scan
                                   Save Scan
                                   Load Scan
    Quick Scan Option

If you have heavily corrupted backup files or huge sized backup
database then may be it takes too long time to recover. But if you
are choosing Quick Scan option then it will provides you quick
result against badly damaged Windows backup files.
           Deep Scan Option

Deep scan is an option that scans badly corrupted Windows backup
files deeply and easily acquire all the corrupted files and folders.
Using this tool you can efficeintly recover music files, videos,
documents, software, PST files etc.
         Partial Scan Option
                                          Recover only
                                        selected items
                                         from Windows
                                          Backup files
                                        through Partial
                                          Scan Option
Using Partial Scan option you can divide large sized Windows
backup database into different particular section and apply to
recover only selected items. It helps you to save your precious time
and efforts to access your significant database.
          Save Scan Option
Save Scan options facilitates you to save scan
Windows backup files in Demo version but
restricts you to save them.

            Load Scan Option
Load Pre-scanned database into full version
through Load Scan option which appears in top
of the BKF Repair Tool
Free Preview of BKF Items
 Specialist to Resolve BKF
     Errors Messages
 "The backup file is unusable. You must
  erase it, or choose another file".
 "The fixed media is full. You cannot back
  up all of the specified data to this disk
  device. The backup operation will stop".
 “The backup files contains unrecognized
  data and cannot be used".
 "An inconsistency was encountered on
  the requested media".
  Using BKF Repair Tool
       “YOU CAN”
Restore BKF files after BFK corruption due to
missing or damaged catalog files.
Restore 32-bit Windows Backup files to 64-bit
Windows backup files.
Restore BFK files after corruption when you create
BKF files while BITS is on progress.
Restore BKF files after BKF corruption due to
hardware error or software malfunction.
Restore BKF files when NTBackup.exe utility unable
to read XP backup files.
Restore BFK files in all corruption situations of BKF
SysTools BKF Repair Tool
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