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									                                                                                                                      AmErICAN CouNCIL oN ThE
                                                                                                                   TEAChING oF ForEIGN LANGuAGES

                 convention PReview
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                                                                                                                                de si
                                                                                                                              lu ou

ACTFL 2009 Co-SpoNSorS:
                                                                                                                            nc H
                                                                                                                         s i nd

American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) | American Association of Teachers of Italian (AATI)
                                                                                                                       al a

California Language Teachers Association (CLTA) | Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary
                                                                                                                     Ri on

Schools (CLASS) | Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA) | National Association of District Supervisors
                                                                                                                   te ati

of Foreign Languages (NADSFL) | National Council of Japanese Language Teachers (NCJLT) | National Council
                                                                                                                 ma stR

of State Supervisors for Languages (NCSSFL) | National Network for Early Language Learning (NNELL)
                                    The 2009 actFl convention and world languages expo is the largest gathering of
                                    language educators in the united States with the largest exhibition anywhere of teach-
                                  ing materials and technology for the language professional. It is the only major event
                                 where the many voices of language professionals from all levels, all assignments and all
                              languages can come together to learn and speak up for language education. ACTFL 2009
                          promises to deliver maximum educational value to help you grow professionally, re-energize
                     your mind, renew friendships or make new ones and return home with a multitude of good ideas.
           Join us for an outstanding educational program and exciting exhibition. Come participate in this diverse and
progressive educational program. Don’t miss this unforgettable educational experience!

in these critical times for language education, it’s about the power of many voices…
• Come hear keynoter Steve hildebrand, who orchestrated Barack obama’s successful grassroots campaign, speak on
  “organizing for Change: Foreign Languages and the obama Administration”.
• Find out how You can be a part of ACTFL’s renewed advocacy initiative!

now is the time to spread the word about this major professional development event for language educators at
all levels…speak up for language education…
•   Network with colleagues in educational and social settings
•   Advocate for your language programs
•   Expand your knowledge and skills by attending over 500 educational sessions
•   hear about the latest research and best practices
•   Discuss your needs with more than 250 exhibitors in the World Languages Expo

looking FoR Funding to attend tHe convention?
    • Contact your school district about Title II professional Development funds designated for core subjects identified
      in the No Child Left Behind Legislation. Since Foreign Language is listed as a core subject in No Child Left Behind
      (NCLB) legislation, any funding designated to NCLB professional development would include support for foreign
      language teachers.
    • present a proposal to your pTA/pTo identifying the professional development opportunities that will be gained by
      convention attendance.
    • request support from a local community-based organization such as the rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, or
      other groups that support educators.
    • Apply for a First Time Attendee Scholarship from ACTFL. The application can be downloaded from
    • use grant funds that designate a portion of the grant for convention attendance or professional development.
    • Check out scholarships offered by state and regional organizations.
    • Inquire about graduate student program funding opportunities if you are a graduate student.

    Remember that convention attendance falls into the tax category of unreimbursed professional expenses.
    check with your tax consultant about what portion you can deduct on your taxes.
keynote sPeakeR
                                       oPening geneRal session
                                       FrIDAY, NovEmBEr 20, 2009, 8:30 Am – 10:00 Am (DoorS opEN AT 8:00 Am)
                                       san diego convention center, Ballroom 6
                                       STEvE hILDEBrAND, KEYNoTE SpEAKEr, deputy campaign manager for Barack obama
                                       In the historic 2008 presidential cam-     can be applied to the task of enlisting grassroots demand
                                       paign, Steve hildebrand served as the      and support for stronger language programs across the
                                       deputy national campaign manager for       u.S. And he will suggest how language educators can best
                                       Barack obama. he was at the forefront      craft their policies and advocacy efforts to blend with the
                                       of all strategic decisions and helped to   broader policies of the obama administration.
                                       craft the groundbreaking grassroots
                                                                                  hildebrand’s extensive political career has included manag-
                                       campaign strategy from the very
                                                                                  ing races in South Dakota, Iowa, and minnesota. he oversaw
                                       beginning. From savvy marketing to the
                                                                                  the midwestern states for the Clinton-Gore re-election in
                                       use of the internet and small donors,
                                                                                  1996 and served as political director of the Democratic
hildebrand’s strategy helped raise an astonishing $750 million for the candi-
                                                                                  Senatorial Campaign Committee from 1997-1998. In 1999 and
date, shattering records and changing the political landscape forever.
                                                                                  2000, hildebrand ran the Iowa caucuses for vice president
mr. hildebrand’s address to this year’s opening General Session will focus on     Gore and the Women vote! program for EmILY’s List.
“organizing for Change: Foreign Languages and the obama Administration.” he
                                                                                  In 2005, hildebrand and paul Tewes founded hildebrand
will demonstrate how focused grassroots efforts and the application of tech-
                                                                                  Tewes Consulting, a full-service consulting firm with a
nology helped introduce a relatively unknown candidate to the broad popula-
                                                                                  specialty in communications, candidate research, and
tion of American voters … those most interested in the issues and policies
                                                                                  grassroots strategy.
which Barack obama represented. he will show how many of those strategies

                                                                                      ThurSDAY, NovEmBEr 19
        eXciting tHings                                                               Registration
                                                                                                                          8:00am – 6:00pm
                                                                                                                          9:00am – 4:30pm
     HaPPening in san diego!                                                          FrIDAY, NovEmBEr 20
                                                                                      Registration                        7:00am – 5:00pm
     X Two NEW full-day immersion workshops in Spanish and French
                                                                                      opening general session             8:30am – 10:00am
    X Seven Ap workshops sponsored by ACTFL and The College Board                     Plenary session                     11:00am – 12:00pm
                X SpECIAL Chinese workshops for teachers                              educational sessions                11:00am – 7:15pm
                                                                                      world languages expo                10:00am – 5:00pm
                         X morE Arabic sessions
                                                                                      exhibitor workshops                 10:00am – 5:00pm
        X over 500 Sessions featuring 20 languages of the world
                                                                                      SATurDAY, NovEmBEr 21
   X morE activities for classroom teachers to use on monday morning
                                                                                      Registration                        8:00am – 5:00pm
        X 250 Companies Exhibiting at the World Languages Expo                        Plenary session                     10:00am – 11:00am
       X Two outstanding plenary Sessions on Friday and Saturday                      educational sessions                8:00am – 7:45pm
                                                                                      awards luncheons                    11:15am – 12:45pm
               X Twenty poster presentations on Saturday
                                                                                      Poster session                      2:00pm – 3:00pm
       X ACTFL National Language Teacher of the Year announced                        world languages expo                8:00am – 5:00pm
                 X Excellence in the profession honored                               exhibitor workshops                 8:00am – 5:00pm
                  at ACTFL Awards Ceremony on Friday
                                                                                      SuNDAY, NovEmBEr 22
                                                                                      workshops                           8:00am – 11:00am
             ComE EXpErIENCE ALL oF ThIS…                                             educational sessions                8:00am – 11:00am
                AND morE IN SAN DIEGo!                                                world languages expo                8:00am – 12:00pm

oveR 500 cutting-edge sessions!
                                            You’ve heard a lot of                                        A key theme of this year’s Convention
      21st centuRy skills                   talk about preparing our               advocacy              will be how to “speak up” for the impor-
                                            students for living and                                      tance of language programs. National
working in the 21st Century! Where does language education figure in         leaders who have been working on language policy issues as well
that scenario? Important sessions that focus on languages and the            as those who have been busy building public support in their local
future of our students in the Digital Age are included in this year’s        communities will be sharing what is going on and how you can get
array of sessions.                                                           involved!

                                                                                                          Those looking for effective approaches
   ReseaRcH studies and action ReseaRcH                                        Best PRactices             to classroom practice will have numer-
                                                                                                          ous sessions from which to choose. No
A primary focus of this year’s Convention will be the research               matter what level or language you teach, come ready to get great
studies generated by the language field and what they tell us about          ideas from those who have their best practices to share. particular
effective classroom practice. Whether it is through poster sessions          emphasis is on engaging our students with the 21st Century technol-
or classroom action research, those with an interest in bridging the         ogy tools that are available—many at no cost to you!
theory-to-practice divide will have ample opportunity to explore
these issues!                                                                                                            Language classes have
                                                                               liteRatuRe and tHe aRts                   always incorporated lit-
                             one of the most important topics con-                                                       erature and the arts. This
    assessment               fronting our field, there will be numer-        year’s Convention is no different in looking at innovative ways to
                             ous sessions on best ways to track your         bring poetry and other literary works to your students. In addition,
students’ language development. From performance assessments to              the number of sessions that outline how to advance language study
the current revision of the ACTFL proficiency Guidelines for reading         through music, dance, theater and visual arts will astound you!
and Listening, Convention attendees will have access to the latest
developments in what’s going on in the language assessment field.
                                                                              HeRitage students/dual language PRogRams
                              Innovative approaches to study abroad
    study aBRoad              programs will be highlighted in a number       Drawing not only on expertise from around the country and around the
                              of sessions at this year’s Convention.         world but also from our host state of California, sessions that outline
Whether creating a study abroad blog, transforming students into             how to best meet the needs of our heritage learners will be front and
anthropologists, or developing an interdisciplinary approach, you            center at this year’s Convention. Community service learning, literacy
will find ways to update your own programs and make them not only            development, testing heritage speakers, and developing student port-
attractive to students but more focused on language development!             folios are just a sampling of important topics that will be addressed.

  ways to save on RegistRation
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  money.                                                                     required. read more in the registration Instructions.
  JoIN ACTFL. reduce your registration costs by becoming a                   SAvE AS A STuDENT or rETIrED ACTFL mEmBEr. Special
  member. To join ACTFL, go to                                low registration rates are offered to students and retired
  SEND A TEAm. If your school registers 10 or more and pays with             members with the appropriate documentation. read more in the
  one check, there is a 10% discount. All registration forms must be         registration Instructions.
  mailed together with the one check.                                        AvoID oNSITE rATES. register no later than october 14, 2009 to
  SAvE AS A NEW TEAChEr. If you are in your first two years of               save. onsite rates are significantly higher.

Read Below FoR aReas oF PaRticulaR Focus!
                                                 how do we build
  cRoss-cultuRal comPetencies                    intercultural com-             instRuctional and cuRRiculaR design
                                                 petence and how
                                                                            Interested in developing a standards-based instructional program?
do we measure it? Come hear what others are doing in the class-
                                                                            many of this year’s sessions will explain how to establish a program
room and beyond to ensure that students leave language programs
                                                                            whether its an Advanced placement program, elementary language
equipped with the ability to know “how, when, and why to say what
                                                                            program or innovative programs such as “open Education.” You don’t
to whom.”
                                                                            need to reinvent the wheel—come hear from those who have already
                                                                            done it!
                                                 Thinking that our
  diFFeRentiated instRuction                     classrooms are homo-
                                                                                                          Leadership can take on many forms
                                                 geneous in language
                                                                                 leadeRsHiP               from going for National Board
knowledge and performance has always been a misperception! Now
                                                                                                          Certification to developing the skills you
with the continuously changing demographics of the students in our
                                                                            need to be a department chair, lead teacher, or mentor. our national
programs, differentiating instruction is the norm. many sessions at
                                                                            leadership groups such as NCSSFL (state supervisors) and NADSFL
this year’s Convention will be taking a look at how best to meet the
                                                                            (district supervisors) have many sessions that will focus on how you
needs of all the students in your classroom!
                                                                            can develop the necessary skills to take on the leadership positions
                                                                            that are in your realm. Don’t miss these unique opportunities for
                             A special emphasis of several pre-con-
     immeRsion                                                              your personal professional development.
                             vention workshops as well as specific
                             sessions will give you the opportunity
                                                                                                           our profession’s national standards
to be immersed in the language! Tune up your language skills by
                                                                                 standaRds                 have stood the test of time and we are
participating in these sessions! In addition, there will be sessions
                                                                                                           now examining their impact since their
that focus on immersion methodology for students whether in an
                                                                            release in 1996. At the same time, language-specific standards are
elementary immersion program or in an immersion study abroad
                                                                            being developed in a number of less commonly taught languages. Find
context. Don’t miss these sessions given by those who have estab-
                                                                            out what’s going on for the specific language(s) that you teach! From
lished successful programs in these areas.
                                                                            standards that connect K-16 to those for National Board Certification,
                                                                            there is a standards session devoted to your particular interest.
                                               The ACTFL Convention
  inteRnational BencHmaRks                     always draws an
                                                                                                         You will not be disappointed with the
                                               international atten-
                                                                                tecHnology               array of technology sessions at this
dance and these experts bring information about what is happening
                                                                                                         year’s Convention. Whatever is out there
in language education in other countries. particular focus will be on
                                                                            to engage our digital natives from Web 2.0 connections to other
the European CEFr and how it compares to the u.S. ILr and ACTFL
                                                                            emerging technologies, you will be able to find a number of sessions
proficiency Scale.
                                                                            in each time slot devoted to integrating these technologies into your
                                                                            daily instruction.

                                                                                  and, HundReds moRe! cHeck tHe
                                                                                2009 convention and eXPo Page on
                                                                                  ouR weB site at www.actFl.oRg
                                                                                 FoR moRe PRogRam inFoRmation.

Full-day woRksHoPs 9:00 Am – 4:30 pm
tHuRsday, novemBeR 19, 2009
                                                                                                   aP® level ADvANCED pLACEmENT (Ap )
advance rate by october 14: $135 each                                                  W04                   GErmAN LANGuAGE WorKShop
                                                                                      In this College Board workshop, participants will engage in a professional
                                                                                      exchange of ideas surrounding the Ap German Language course. participants will
     ACTFL orAL proFICIENCY INTErvIEW (opI)                                           examine 2009 Free response Questions, scoring guidelines, and related samples.
 W01 FAmILIArIzATIoN WorKShop                                                         participants will discuss appropriate classroom materials, learn techniques and
This workshop is intended to familiarize participants with the ACTFL                  content-specific strategies that can be incorporated into the Ap classroom to
proficiency Guidelines-Speaking and with the Assessment Criteria, rating              help students prepare to be successful in their Ap course work, consider Ap
Scale, and Interview protocol of the ACTFL oral proficiency Interview (opI).          curriculum and syllabus development, and become acquainted with resources
participants will view and review demonstration video-taped interviews                to support Ap teachers. portions of this workshop will be conducted in German.
conducted in English, practice rating language samples, and discuss the               Special Focus: Instructional Strategies to Improve Student Writing
implications of the ACTFL proficiency Scale and the opI for establishing              presenter(s): TBD
program goals, and for planning curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
presenter(s): maria Teresa Garreton, Chicago State university
                                                                                                  aP® level ADvANCED pLACEmENT (Ap )
                                                                                       W05                  ChINESE LANGuAGE AND
     FAmILIArIzATIoN WorKShop
                                                                                                 CuLTurE WorKShop
                                                                                      In this College Board workshop, participants will engage in a professional
Intended as an introduction to the ACTFL proficiency Guidelines – Writing             exchange of ideas surrounding the Ap Chinese Language and Culture course.
(revised 2001), this workshop introduces participants to the major and                participants will examine 2009 Free response Questions, scoring guidelines,
minor level descriptors and the criteria for assigning a global writing profi-        and related samples. participants will discuss appropriate classroom materi-
ciency rating. participants explore a variety of writing tasks across levels of       als, learn techniques and content-specific strategies that can be incorpo-
proficiency, evaluate language samples based on the criteria as described in          rated into the Ap classroom to help students prepare to be successful in
the Guidelines, and design appropriate writing activities and writing assess-         their Ap course work, consider Ap curriculum and syllabus development,
ment prompts at the four major levels. participants discuss the implications          and become acquainted with resources to support Ap teachers. portions
of the ACTFL proficiency Scale for establishing program goals, and for plan-          of this workshop will be conducted in Chinese. Special Focus: Instructional
ning curriculum, instruction, and assessment.                                         Strategies to Improve Story Narration
presenter(s): Karen Breiner Sanders, Georgetown university (ret.)                     presenter(s): TBD

                                                                                                  aP® level ADvANCED pLACEmENT (Ap )
             aP® level ADvANCED pLACEmENT (Ap )
 W03                                                                                   W06                  JApANESE LANGuAGE AND
                       FrENCh LANGuAGE WorKShop
In this College Board workshop, participants will engage in a professional                       CuLTurE WorKShop
exchange of ideas surrounding the Ap French Language course. participants             In this College Board workshop, participants will engage in a professional
will examine 2009 Free response Questions, scoring guidelines, and related            exchange of ideas surrounding the Ap Japanese Language and Culture
samples. participants will discuss appropriate classroom materials, learn             course. participants will examine 2009 Free response Questions, scor-
techniques and content-specific strategies that can be incorporated into              ing guidelines, and related samples. participants will discuss appropriate
the Ap classroom to help students prepare to be successful in their Ap                classroom materials, learn techniques and content-specific strategies that
course work, consider Ap curriculum and syllabus development, and become              can be incorporated into the Ap classroom to help students prepare to be
acquainted with resources to support Ap teachers. portions of this workshop           successful in their Ap course work, consider Ap curriculum and syllabus
will be conducted in French. Special Focus: Writing Skills                            development, and become acquainted with resources to support Ap teach-
presenter(s): TBD                                                                     ers. portions of this workshop will be conducted in Japanese. Special Focus:
                                                                                      Instructional Strategies to Increase Interpersonal Communication
                                                                                      presenter(s): TBD

               Join actFl and save!
             rEDuCE Your rEGISTrATIoN CoSTS
            BY BEComING A mEmBEr oF ACTFL. To
                JoIN Go To WWW.ACTFL.orG.

Full-day woRksHoPs 9:00 Am – 4:30 pm
 W07 aP® level ADvANCED pLACEmENT (Ap )                                                                       Your STuDENTS
                                                                                                W11 ASSESSING DEvELopmENT For

               LATIN WorKShop                                                                       LANGuAGE
In this College Board workshop, participants will engage in a professional exchange of        This workshop will provide participants with an in-depth look at all facets of
ideas surrounding the Ap Latin course. participants will examine 2009 Free response           assessing student performance in a standards-based program. participants
Questions, scoring guidelines, and related samples. participants will discuss appropri-       will begin with identifying outcomes and then aligning these outcomes
ate classroom materials, learn techniques and content-specific strategies that can            with curriculum features and instructional practice. They will learn how to
be incorporated into the Ap classroom to help students prepare to be successful in            develop authentic assessment tasks that allow students to show what they
their Ap course work, consider Ap curriculum and syllabus development, and become             can do with the language. Step-by-step instructions for developing rubrics
acquainted with resources to support Ap teachers. Special Focus: how Grammar                  to accompany the tasks will be given as well as how to adapt these rubrics
Contributes to Literal Translation and reading Comprehension                                  based on evidence provided by student performances. Strategies for involv-
presenter(s): TBD                                                                             ing students in the performance assessment process will also be addressed.
                                                                                              participants will leave equipped to implement a performance-based program
                                                                                              in their school. handouts will be provided to workshop attendees.
 W08 aP® level ADvANCED pLACEmENT (Ap )

               SpANISh LITErATurE WorKShop                                                    presenter(s): paul Sandrock, Wisconsin Department of public Instruction
In this College Board workshop, participants will engage in a professional
exchange of ideas surrounding the Ap Spanish Literature course. participants                                sPanisH  BrINGING ThE vISIoN oF ToDAY’S
will examine 2009 Free response Questions, scoring guidelines, and related                     W12         immeRsion
                                                                                                                     SpAIN To Your STuDENTS
samples. participants will discuss appropriate classroom materials, learn tech-
niques and content-specific strategies that can be incorporated into the Ap                              (oFrECIENDo AL ALumNADo uNA vISIóN DE LA
classroom to help students prepare to be successful in their Ap course work,                             ESpAñA ACTuAL)
consider Ap curriculum and syllabus development, and become acquainted                        Este taller presenta una visión atípica de la España actual, comprometida en
with resources to support Ap teachers. portions of this workshop will be                      la consecución de un liderazgo mundial en energías alternativas y en el cui-
conducted in Spanish. Special Focus: Writing About Literature                                 dado de su hermoso y diverso patrimonio natural. Los asistentes tendrán la
                                                                                              oportunidad de aprender cómo acceder a recursos que motiven al alumnado
presenter(s): TBD
                                                                                              a comparar y contrastar los retos planteados a los problemas medioambien-
                                                                                              tales. presented in Spanish.
 W09 aP® level ADvANCED pLACEmENT (Ap )
                                                                                              presenter(s): Carmen de pablos, Embassy of Spain
               SpANISh LANGuAGE WorKShop
In this College Board workshop, participants will engage in a professional
exchange of ideas surrounding the Ap Spanish Language course. participants                                   FRencH INNovATIvE FrENCh rESourCES
will examine 2009 Free response Questions, scoring guidelines, and related                     W13         immeRsion
                                                                                                                    For ThE FuTurE: NouvEAuX
samples. participants will discuss appropriate classroom materials, learn tech-
niques and content-specific strategies that can be incorporated into the Ap
                                                                                                         DéFIS méThoDoLoGIQuES pour ENSEIGNEr LE
classroom to help students prepare to be successful in their Ap course work,                             FrANçAIS
consider Ap curriculum and syllabus development, and become acquainted                        Le monde change, le profil de vos étudiants évolue. Au cours de ces ateliers
with resources to support Ap teachers. portions of this workshop will be                      nous allons vous fournir les outils pour faire face à ces nouveaux défis.
conducted in Spanish. Special Focus: Teaching Listening Comprehension                         votre public n’est plus monolingue en anglais et nécessite un enseignement
                                                                                              plurilingue. Le programme French heritage et les stratégies d’apprentissage
presenter(s): TBD                                                                             en classe d’immersion vous fourniront des approches méthodologiques
                                                                                              adéquates. Le papier et le crayon ne sont plus les instruments privilégiés de
      proGrAm: mEETING ThE NEEDS oF
                                                                                              communication de vos élèves qui se connectent au monde différemment.
                                                                                              Nous vous initierons à l’usage du podcasting, du blog, des vidéos en stream-
This workshop is designed to provide current and prospective teachers of                      ing, des portails et des nouvelles ressources de Tv5. Enfin, pour vous aider à
Chinese at the K-12 level with an overview of standards-based instruction,                    persuader votre entourage que le français demeure la langue internationale
curriculum and assessment as well as classroom management strategies.                         de demain, nous vous fournirons un argumentaire convaincant sous forme
The presenters will also discuss strategies for building successful Chinese                   de powerpoint que vous pourrez utiliser à votre tour. presented in French.
programs as well as information about resources available for teacher certifi-                presenter(s): Catherine petillon, Embassy of France; Adam Steg, Embassy of
cation. participants will be introduced to the ACTFL modified oral proficiency                              France; David Lasserre, Tv5, Delegation du Quebec
Interview as well as the integration of the teaching of culture into instruction.
presenter(s): Weigang Feng, Beijing Language and Culture university; Dali
              Tan, Landon; Yuanchao meng, Newton public School; Lucy
              Lee, Livingston high School; Carol Shaoyuen Chen-Lin, Choate
              rosemary hall; Yu-Lan Lin, Boston public Schools

HalF-day woRksHoPs 9:00 Am – 12:00 pm
tHuRsday, novemBeR 19, 2009
advance rate by october 14: $75 each                                                  W17 ENGAGING LANGuAGE LEArNErS INSIDE
                                                                                          AND ouTSIDE ThE CLASSroom
                                                                                    Successful second language lessons must engage all learners in ways that
           GETTING Your STuDENTS From NovICE
 W   14
           To INTErmEDIATE To ADvANCED: WhAT
                                                                                    personalize and energize the curriculum and motivate students to apply
                                                                                    their learning to the real world. This session will present strategies and
           DoES IT TAKE?                                                            structures that promote active learning and connect students to the target
This workshop provides an overview of the ACTFL oral proficiency rating             culture. participants will be actively involved in classroom-proven activi-
Scale and description of the functions, contexts/contents area, discourse           ties and assessment strategies that keep students engaged and interested,
type and accuracy features appropriate to each level. participants discuss          moving and thinking. In addition to many successful lesson activities, there
the curricular implications of the proficiency scale and explore strategies         will be an introduction to Cultural participation and research projects which
and activities that enable students to cross proficiency level borders.             engage students in authentic, real world culture outside of the classroom.
presenter(s): Chantal Thompson, Brigham Young university                            presenter(s): Cynthia Ann Leathers and Diana munoz, redondo union high

 W15 DESIGN: pErFormANCE ASSESSmENT AND                                                             STrATEGIES
                                                                                      W18 GAmES ANDCLASSroom For ThE WorLD
how do I design from the Standards? What is transfer? participants will learn       Come prepared to participate, to play and to expand your repertoire! Ways
a model protocol that specifically aligns Backward Design with the National         to liven up textbook activities will be explored, language-intensive games
Standards (5Cs). Enduring understandings, Essential Questions, and perfor-          will be played, reading techniques and projects to maximize target language
mance assessment for transfer will inform thematic unit planning and guide          usage will be discussed. participants will also learn how to successfully
program design for teachers, administrators and teacher educators.                  conduct a no-English classroom.

presenter(s): Jennifer Eddy, Queens College                                         presenter(s): Esther Gordon, harriton high School

                                                                                      W19 poETrY IN ThE CLASSroom
     uSING oNLINE mAppING TooLS                                                     The presenters, both with long years of teaching experience, believe poetry
online mapping tools allow educators to create interactive maps connecting          has a place in every language classroom, from first year through graduate
3-D topography with the history, culture, economy and literature of specific        school. poems that have been successful in the classroom will be introduced
locales. The addition of annotated text, pictures, videos and tours engages         and discussed, and participants will receive tips on how to enliven poetry
language students and supports differentiated learning. participants are            discussions.
responsible for bringing their own laptops and securing Internet access.
                                                                                    presenter(s): Jo Sanders, rilke School; Karl F. otto, university of
presenter(s): Barbara Lindsey, university of Connecticut; Kevin Gaugler,                          pennsylvania (Emeritus)
              marist College

HalF-day woRksHoPs 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
tHuRsday, novemBeR 19, 2009
advance rate by october 14: $75 each                                                  W23 hoW To WrITE ThE ACTFL/NCATE
                                                                                          proGrAm rEporT
                                                                                     This workshop will prepare foreign language teacher education programs to
           GETTING Your STuDENTS From ADvANCED
 W  20
           To SupErIor: WhAT DoES IT TAKE?
                                                                                     write their ACTFL/NCATE program report as they seek national NCATE recogni-
                                                                                     tion. participants will examine the program standards, the program report
This workshop provides an overview of the ACTFL oral proficiency rating              template, and sample assessments. hands-on activities will focus on the types
Scale and description of the functions, contexts/contents area, discourse            of assessments and data that can demonstrate achievement of the standards.
type and accuracy features appropriate to each level. participants discuss           presenter(s): David mcAlpine, university of Arkansas; Judith Shrum, virginia
the curricular implications of the proficiency scale and explore strategies                        polytechnic Institute and State university
and activities that enable students to cross proficiency level borders.
presenter(s): Chantal Thompson, Brigham Young university
                                                                                      W24 EXpLorING WEB 2.0 TEChNoLoGIES
                                                                                          IN ThE WorLD LANGuAGE CLASSroom
 W21 DArE To DIFFErENTIATE: DIvING DEEpEr                                            Blogs, wikis, podcasts, voiceThread, YouTube and Facebook will be presented with
                                                                                     a rationale for their use in teaching languages. We will explore photoStory and
Go beyond the shallow waters of differentiation basics into deeper under-
                                                                                     moviemaker to create our own movie during the workshop! The purpose is to de-
standing. Through demonstrations and simulations, participants will explore
                                                                                     mystify these technolgies and explore their uses in the teaching of world languages.
planning for differentiation, differentiated assessment, and more complex
structures for applying differentiation in the classroom. This interactive           presenter(s): Lori Langer de ramirez, herricks high School
workshop is designed for participants who are already familiar with the
basic principles of differentiation.
presenter(s): Leslie Grahn and Deborah Espitia, howard County public
                                                                                                         BAND DEuTSChLANDS
                                                                                      W25 DIE popuLärSTEDEuTSChuNTErrIChT –
                                                                                          ToKIo hoTEL Im
              Schools                                                                Tokio hotel ist die populärste deutsche Band aller zeiten. rolling Stone
                                                                                     magazin nannte sie ,,the greatest German bubblegum-neo-glam-goth-emo
                                                                                     boy band. Ever.” In diesem Workshop werden didaktische vorschläge zum
     ThE poWEr oF Your voICE
                                                                                     Einsatz einiger Songs dieser jungen dynamischen Band vorgestellt. Die
                                                                                     Teilnehmer erhalten ein paket mit unterrichtsentwürfen/CD mit verschie-
Are you counting the days to defend your dissertation? Is the job interview
                                                                                     denen musikclips.
process stressing you out? Would you like some ideas to help you get ready
for your job interviews? presenters will facilitate an interactive, hands-on         presenter(s): mohamed Esa, mcDaniel College
session that promises to help attendees learn about how the interview
process works and how to prepare for it. Included in this workshop will be
opportunities to delve into critical pieces of the job interview process, con-
                                                                                          rESEArCh oF
                                                                                      W26 LEArNING ANDChINESE ForEIGN LANGuAGE
sider ways to communicate with prospective employers, and connect with
                                                                                     To meet the increasing need of our CLTA members who are interested
faculty in foreign language education programs. You will leave this workshop
                                                                                     in empirical research but do not have specific ideas where to start with,
ready to implement the lessons learned in your next job interview.
                                                                                     this workshop is designed to help participants, particularly junior faculty
presenter(s): marcela van olphen and victoria russell, university of South           members who will engage in meaningful and feasible research on Teaching/
              Florida; Carine m. Feyten, miami university; richard Donato,           Learning Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL). The workshop will first review
              university of pittsburgh; Jean W. LeLoup, ; rebecca Fox, George        research studies conducted in teaching or learning Chinese as a foreign
              mason university                                                       language in the united States. Drawing upon the findings of previous studies,
                                                                                     potential topics will be identified and discussed. Feasibility and requirements
                                                                                     of prospective projects will be analyzed. Considerations and concerns on
                                                                                     designing the study, collecting data, and carrying out the project will be
       all registrations must be postmarked
                                                                                     examined. participants are encouraged to share their current research top-
      or submitted online by 12 midnight est                                         ics, and discuss their approaches in conducting their studies. This is hands-
              of the date listed below.                                              on experience, a time and a place to exchange our thoughts and viewpoints
                                                                                     on research in learning and teaching Chinese as a foreign language. portions
    early Bird Registration              advance Registration                        presented in Chinese.
    Wednesday, July 15, 2009           Wednesday, october 14, 2009                   presenter(s): Chuanren Ke, university of Iowa
            (7/15/09)                          (10/14/09)

HalF-day woRksHoPs 8:00 Am – 11:00 Am
sunday, novemBeR 22, 2009
8:00Am – 11:00Am                                                                                   INTEGrATED pErFormANCE ASSESSmENTS
advance rate by october 14: $75 each
                                                                                       W29         For K-12 SETTINGS
                                                                                      participants will learn to analyze and design integrated performance assess-
                                                                                      ments using authentic materials that enable students to interpret oral and
 W27 21ST CENTurY TooLS To TEACh, LEArN,
                                                                                      written texts, speak and write in planned and unplanned contexts, identify
                                                                                      and compare cultural products, practices, and perspectives, make inter-
how do teachers engage students in 21st century learning using the                    disciplinary connections, and document their use of language for personal
many online tools? Through videoclips, “how to” explanation handouts                  enrichment. portions will be presented in French and Spanish.
and discussion, participants will examine such online tools as Wikispaces,
                                                                                      presenter(s): Anne G. Nerenz, Eastern michigan university; Emily L. Spinelli,
vokis, Toondoo, Wordle, Flickr tools, piclits, Twitter, Facebook and many
                                                                                                    AATSp; Jacqueline moase-Burke, oakland Schools
more. participants will also learn the steps for digital storytelling, making
powerpoint movies and creating online slideshows. Finally participants will

                                                                                       W30 DIGITAL STorYTELLING: uSING STorIES To
look at Bloom’s taxonomy and its role in cricital thinking strategies. You will
amaze your students with your new skills.                                                  promoTE LANGuAGE proFICIENCY
presenter(s): Toni Theisen, ACTFL 2009 National Language Teacher of the Year          participants will have hands-on practice with Web-based, free tools that pro-
                                                                                      vide opportunities for students to integrate voice, video and text in digital
                                                                                      performance tasks. The advantages and challenges of storytelling tools that
                                                                                      integrate multimedia, foster collaboration and allow the sharing of student
                                                                                      work with a larger audience will be discussed.
The author of ACTFL’s publication, The Keys to the Classroom, paula patrick,
will provide strategies to help new classroom teachers gain confidence and            presenter(s): Judi Franz, university of California; Lauren B. rosen, university
direction as they begin their teaching careers during this workshop. Topics                         of Wisconsin
will include: keeping instruction in the target language, communicating with
parents, classroom management, assessments, and dealing with challenging
moments. (A copy of The Keys to the Classroom will be provided.)                        W31 TAKING ADvANTAGE oF ANvILL (A NATIoNAL
                                                                                            vIrTuAL LANGuAGE LAB)
presenter(s): paula patrick, Fairfax County public Schools                            This workshop will be a hands-on exploration of ANvILL, a Web-based speech
                                                                                      toolkit for language teaching and training that is available for free through
                                                                                      our NFLrC. originally designed for LCTL programs, ANvILL makes lesson
                                                                                      authoring with multimedia dramatically easier—no matter what language or
       WWW.ACTFL.orG                                                                  writing system is being used.
       Your resource and connection! The ACTFL Website                                presenter(s): Jeff magoto, Bomi oh, Norman Kerr, Sachiko Kamioka and Greg
       is the place to visit for information about sessions,                                        hopper-moore, university of oregon
       events and exhibits at ACTFL 2009. You will also find

                                                                                       W32 ChINESE CALLIGrAphY (ShuFA) hANDS-oN
       general information about the Convention; updated
       program, registration, and housing information, etc.                                WorKShop
       It is also the place to go to join ACTFL, renew your                           mr. Bertrand mao will introduce the aesthetic principles of calligraphy, pro-
       membership, find a job, learn more about the ACTFL-                            vide specifics tool selections, demonstrate the artistic execution of different
       sponsored professional development workshops, shop                             calligraphic styles, and guide the participants on how to prepare for teach-
                                                                                      ing a calligraphy class to high school and college students. The workshop
       at the ACTFL Store, learn about Discover Languages,
                                                                                      also includes hands-on practice by participants.
       download white papers, professional research and
                                                                                      presenter(s): Bertrand mao, visArts at rockville; madeline m. Chu, Kalamazoo
       so much more! You can also find links to business
       partners, language association, resource centers and
       other language organizations at

2009 woRld languages eXPo
Explore the premier showcase of products and services available               WELComE CoFFEE BrEAK
for today’s foreign language educator. While visiting the World               As soon as the General Session is over on Friday morning, join your col-
Languages Expo, you will have the opportunity to learn about                  leagues for a cup of coffee and get your first look at the World Languages
cutting-edge products, browse the latest publications and network             Expo. Coffee Stations will be set up around the exhibit hall so you can grab
with industry leaders. With more than 250 companies, we guarantee             a cup of coffee and visit with exhibitors before the sessions begin.
that you will find the latest and greatest products and services avail-
able for you and your students.                                               DEDICATED EXhIBIT hALL hourS
                                                                              The World Languages Expo is open every day; however, we know how
                                                                              busy your schedule is during the Convention so ACTFL has scheduled
                                                                              time into each day for you to visit the exhibit hall without having to miss
                                                                              that all-important session. During the dedicated exhibit hall hours there
                                                                              will be no sessions scheduled so you have ample time to see the newest
                                                                              products and technology available to the foreign language educator.
                                                                              Dedicated times are: Friday – 10:00 am – 11:00 am, saturday - 9:00 am –
                                                                              10:00 am and 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm and sunday – 9:00 am – 10:00 am.

                                                                              EXhIBITor WorKShopS
                                                                              Come learn about the latest trends and products for your classroom.
                                                                              Whether it is a product or software demonstration, or a discussion
                                                                              with noted publishers, the Exhibitor Workshops give you the oppor-
                                                                              tunity to preview and learn firsthand from the people who designed,
                                                                              developed and produced the products and services themselves.
                                                                              These are very popular so don’t miss this experience!

sPecial events
satuRday, novemBeR 21, 2009                                                   aatg awaRds luncHeon
                                                                              SATurDAY, NovEmBEr 21, 11:15Am – 12:45pm
nnell swaP sHoP BReakFast                                                     At this luncheon, AATG honors outstanding individuals in the field of
SATurDAY, NovEmBEr 21, 7:30Am – 9:30Am                                        German language education. here’s an opportunity to congratulate
                                                                              your colleagues, and to meet and network with other AATG members.
This annual breakfast provides attendees an opportunity to network
                                                                              All AATG members are invited to attend. Admission is by ticket only.
with early language learning professionals. A plethora of activities
from colleagues in the profession will be shared. E-mail an activity to       emBassy oF sPain luncHeon
Nathan Lutz prior to November 10th at: . Include your           SATurDAY, NovEmBEr 21, 11:15Am – 12:45pm
name, grade, objectives, and permission to share your materials.              A not to be missed favorite for Spanish teachers! This luncheon
Admission is by ticket only.                                                  will highlight the culture of Spain and will be conducted in Spanish.
emBassy oF FRance luncHeon                                                    Information about full program scholarships, institutes, and services
                                                                              available to teachers of Spanish, to the business community, and to
SATurDAY, NovEmBEr 21, 11:15Am – 12:45pm
                                                                              the general public through the Embassy will be presented as well as
For the first time in the history of the ACTFL Convention, the                cultural entertainment. Admission is by ticket only.
Embassy of France is delighted to organize a luncheon for teachers
of French. This is the perfect opportunity to network with colleagues.        ncJlt awaRds luncHeon
Conducted in French, information about full program scholarships,             SATurDAY, NovEmBEr 21, 11:15Am – 12:45pm
resources and services available to teachers will be presented.               The NCJLT Awards Luncheon provides an opportunity for Japanese
The luncheon will highlight an unforgettable cultural performance.            educators to meet over lunch and network with colleagues. During
Admission is by ticket only.                                                  this event NCJLT will hold its annual Teacher Awards Ceremony and
                                                                              introduce affiliate representatives. All NCJLT members are invited to
                                                                              attend this event. Admission is by ticket only.

                                                                                                                                                           hoTEL mAp CAN BE FouND

Hotel ReseRvation FoRm                                                                                                                                     AT WWW.ACTFL.orG oN ThE
                                                                                                                                                            2009 CoNvENTIoN pAGE.
For best availability and immediate confirmation, make your reservation via Internet. requests           room rATES/TAXES
received via fax or mail may take longer to process. All hotel requests are processed on an              To take advantage of the special ACTFL rates, please book your reservation by october 14, 2009.
availability basis.                                                                                      After that date, ACTFL room blocks will be released and hotels may charge higher rates.

INTErNET rESErvATIoNS:                                                                     All rates are per room and are subject to 12.6% occupancy tax (subject to change).
                                                                                                         Special requests cannot be guaranteed; however, hotels will do their best to honor all requests.
phoNE/FAXED/mAILED rESErvATIoNS                                                                          hotels will assign specific room types upon check-in, based on availability.

     Phone: Domestic, 800-967-4590                mail reservations to:                                  GuArANTEE/CANCELLATIoN poLICIES
     International, 847-996-5875                  ACTFL housing/Experient                                All hotels require a valid credit card to guarantee the reservations at the time of booking.
                                                  568 Atrium Drive                                       Credit cards must be valid through November 2009. Any cancellations made within 72 hours
     Fax reservations to 847-996-540              vernon hills, IL 60061-1731
                                                                                                         of the arrival date or failure to checking in on your confirmed arrival date will result in 1 night
                                                                                                         room and tax charged to credit card provided.
ACTFL housing will send you an acknowledgement of your reservations. please review all
                                                                                                         ChANGES/CANCELLATIoNS/NEW rESErvATIoNS CuToFF
information for accuracy. E-mail acknowledgements will be sent within 72 hours of reservation
                                                                                                         Continue to use ACTFL housing for new reservations, changes, and cancellations through
being processed. Faxed and mailed acknowledgements will be sent 10-14 days. If you do not
                                                                                                         october 14, 2009. Note: request for new reservations will be on an availability basis
receive your acknowledgement within this time frame, please contact ACTFL housing by phone
800-967-4590 domestic, 847-996-5785 international, or e-mail: you               please Note: Your confirmed hotel may assess an early departure fee for departure date
will not receive a written confirmation from the hotel.                                                  changes at check-in.

Keep a copy of form for your records. Do NoT mAIL AFTEr FAXING. Acknowledgements are e-mailed, mailed or faxed only to the e-mail provided or name listed in field #8.
photocopy this form if you need more than one room.

1. SELECT From FIvE hoTELS: rooms are assigned first come/first served. If choices are not available, a room will be secured at a hotel based on your preference of rate or proximity, and availability.
       marriott marina     City view      $199 sgl    $199 dbl           embassy suites               $195 sgl     $215 dbl                    manchester grand Hyatt               $209 sgl    $209 dbl
       (headquarter hotel) Bay view       $219 sgl    $219 dbl           Hilton Bayfront              $199 sgl     $199 dbl                    omni san diego                       $199 sgl    $199 dbl

 1st choice                                                      2nd choice                                                           3rd choice
 if hotel choices are sold out, which is more important?              n room rATE n LoCATIoN

2. ArrIvAL DATE:                                                      (make air reservations before filling out arrival/departure dates on this form. requests for more than 2 days pre/post-
                                                                      convention may not be available through the housing department. Acknowledgment will advise you to call the hotel direct
3. DEpArTurE DATE:                                                    for additional nights (not always available at convention rates).

4: ChECK ApproprIATE BoX: n oNE BED n TWo BEDS                        Suites must be requested by contacting ACTFL housing by phone 800-967-4590 domestic, 847-996-5875 international.

5. ToTAL pEopLE IN room:                                              The housing department will request room type, hotel will confirm if available.

6. room GuArANTEE: All rooms must be guaranteed. All hotels require a credit card to guarantee your reservation. Credit cards must be valid through November 2009.
 card type:       n American Express         n visa           n master Card           n Discover

 CrEDIT CArD NumBEr                                                              EXp DATE                 NAmE oN CrEDIT CArD


1.                                                                                                        3.

2.                                                                                                        4.


     FIrST NAmE                                                             mI        LAST NAmE


     STrEET ADDrESS or p.o. BoX NumBEr

     CITY                                                                             STATE                    CouNTrY                                      zIp CoDE

     DAYTImE phoNE NumBEr                                                             FAX NumBEr
                                                                                      If International, indicate Country/City Code)

9. SpECIAL rEQuESTS: n SmoKING n NoN-SmoKING                                         n ChECK hErE For DISABILITY List other special needs:

                                                                                                             imPoRtant! pLEASE rEAD CompLETE rEGISTrATIoN

RegistRation FoRm
                                                                                                        INSTruCTIoNS BEForE FILLING ouT ThIS Form. INSTruCTIoNS CAN
                                                                                                          BE FouND AT WWW.ACTFL.orG oN ThE 2009 CoNvENTIoN pAGE.

  actFl 2009 annual convention and woRld languages eXPo | NovEmBEr 20-22, 2009 | SAN DIEGo, CA
RegisteR online: | By Fax: (866) 654-4054 or (514) 380-9369 | By mail: ACTFL c/o Laser registration, 1200 G Street, NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20005-6705
                                       Questions: Call (866) 573-7070 or (514) 228-3005 or E-mail:
                          *Do not send membership fees with registration. membership fees should be sent to ACTFL membership, p.o. Box 34949, Alexandria, vA 22334-0949

attendee inFoRmation                                                                             demogRaPHic inFoRmation (check all that apply)
This information will be encoded and printed on your badge (print in ink or type)                     This is my first ACTFL Convention
   Check this box if you are a member of ACTFL
                                                                                                 assignment:          Teacher                        Administrator                 method Instructor
   Check this box if you are a member of one of these Co-Sponsoring organizations
                                                                                                                      Student                        other
 (check oNE (1) box only):
                                                                                                 level:               Elementary                     middle/Jr. high               high School
         American Association of Teachers of German
                                                                                                                      Community College              undergraduate                 Graduate
         American Association of Teachers of Italian
                                                                                                                      Government/Adult Ed.
         Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools
         California Language Teachers Association                                                languages:           Arabic                         Chinese                       ESL
         Chinese Language Teachers Association                                                                        French                         German                        Italian
         National Council of Japanese Language Teachers                                                               Japanese                       Latin                         russian
                                                                                                                      Spanish                        other

Given Name (First)                          mI   Surname/Family Name (Last)
                                                                                                 RegistRation Fees
                                                                                                                                              early Bird             advance             onsite
Badge Name (if different from First Name)                                                                                                     (by 07/15/09)      (by 10/14/09)      (After 10/14/09)

                                                                                                    FuLL CoNvENTIoN rEGISTrATIoN
                                                                                                    member                                         $180              n $195                  $290
                                                                                                    Non-member                                     $255              n $275                  $375
                                                                                                    presenter – member                             $155              n $195                  $290
                                                                                                    presenter – Non-member                         $230              n $275                  $375
City                                             State               zip
                                                                                                    New Teacher – member
                                                                                                                                                   $145              n $150                  $235
                                                                                                    (proof of status required)
province                                         Country             postal Code                    New Teacher – Non-member
                                                                                                                                                   $220              n $225                  $310
                                                                                                    (proof of status required)
phone                                            Fax                                                Student – member
                                                                                                                                                    $60              n $60                   $70
                                                                                                    (proof of enrollment required)
                                                                                                    Student – Non-member
E-mail                                                                                                                                              $85              n $85                   $95
                                                                                                    (proof of enrollment required)

mailing inFoRmation                              I will pick-up my badge onsite                     retired
                                                                                                                                                   $110              n $115                  $130
                                                                                                    (retired membership required)
This information will be used to send your credentials and save you time standing
in line onsite.                                                                                     DAILY rEGISTrATIoN (cost per day)
                                                                                                    member                                         $145              n $150                  $235
Institution/Company                                                                                 Non-member                                     $220              n $225                  $310
                                                                                                    circle all that apply:           Friday               Saturday               Sunday
                                                                                                 Group DISCouNT: A 10% group discount on the full convention registration is only
                                                                                                 applicable when 10 or more individuals are registered from the same institution accompa-
City                                             State               zip
                                                                                                 nied by payment on one check, credit card or purchase order. Each individual registrant
                                                                                                 must complete a registration form and all forms must be submitted at the same time as
province                                         Country             postal Code
                                                                                                 a group with full payment by october 14, 2009. This discount cannot be applied to onsite
                                                                                                 registration, pre- and post-convention workshops, or ticketed events.
emeRgency contact inFoRmation
                                                                                                 *Do not send membership fees with registration. membership fees should be sent to

Name                                                                                                ACTFL membership, p.o. Box 34949, Alexandria, vA 22334-0949

                                                                                                     american with disabilities act compliance Check here for special assistance and
phone Number with Area Code/Country and City Code                                                attach an explanation of need (must be submitted by october 14, 2009). See registration
                                                                                                 policies for more information.
   If you do NoT wish your personal information be made available, please check here.                                                                                          Continued on reverse

 FuLL DAY WorKShopS                                                                                     hALF DAY WorKShopS
  thursday, november 19, 2009 | 9:00 am – 4:30 pm          By 10/14/09        After 10/14/09              thursday, november 19, 2009 | 9:00 am – 12:00 pm           By 10/14/09        After 10/14/09
 w01 ACTFL oral proficiency Interview (opI)                  n $135              n $160                 w14    Getting Your Students from Novice to
                                                                                                                                                                        n $75              n $100
      Familiarization Workshop                                                                                 Intermediate to Advanced: What Does It Take?
 w02 ACTFL Writing proficiency Guidelines                    n $135              n $160                 w15    unpacking the Standards with Backward
                                                                                                                                                                        n $75              n $100
      Familiarization Workshop                                                                                 Design: performance Assessment and Transfer
 w03 Advanced placement (Ap) French                          n $135              n $160                 w16    Creating Interdisciplinary Lessons using
                                                                                                                                                                        n $75              n $100
      Language Workshop                                                                                        online mapping Tools
 w04 Advanced placement (Ap) German                          n $135              n $160                 w17    Engaging Language Learners Inside and
                                                                                                                                                                        n $75              n $100
      Language Workshop                                                                                        outside the Classroom
 w05 Advanced placement (Ap) Chinese                         n $135              n $160                 w18    Games and Strategies for the World
                                                                                                                                                                        n $75              n $100
      Language and Culture Workshop                                                                            Language Classroom
 w06 Advanced placement (Ap) Japanese                        n $135              n $160                 w19    poetry in the Classroom                                  n $75              n $100
      Language and Culture Workshop
                                                                                                           thursday, november 19, 2009 | 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm           By 10/14/09        After 10/14/09
 w07 Advanced placement (Ap) Latin Workshop                  n $135              n $160
                                                                                                        w20    Getting Your Students from Advanced to
 w08   Advanced placement (Ap) Spanish
                                                             n $135              n $160                        Superior: What Does It Take?                             n $75              n $100
       Literature Workshop
 w09 Advanced placement (Ap) Spanish                                                                    w21    Dare to Differentiate: Diving Deeper                     n $75              n $100
                                                             n $135              n $160
       Language Workshop
                                                                                                        w22 The Job Interview: Speaking up …                            n $75              n $100
 w10 Delivering a Standards-based Chinese                    n $135              n $160                     The power of Your voice
       program: meeting the Needs of All Students                                                                                                                       n $75              n $100
                                                                                                        w23 how to Write the ACTFL/NCATE program report
 w11 Assessing Your Students for                             n $135              n $160
       Language Development                                                                             w24    Exploring Web 2.0 Technologies in the World
                                                                                                                                                                        n $75              n $100
                                                                                                               Language Classroom
 w12 Bringing the vision of Today’s Spain
       to Your Students (ofreciendo al alumnado              n $135              n $160                 w25     Die populärste Band Deutschlands –
                                                                                                                                                                        n $75              n $100
       una visión de la España actual)                                                                         Tokio hotel im Deutschunterricht

 w13 Innovative French resources for the                                                                w26    research of Chinese Foreign Language
                                                                                                                                                                        n $75              n $100
       Future: Nouveaux défis méthodologiques                n $135              n $160                        Learning and Teaching
       pour enseigner le français                                                                          sunday, november 22, 2009 | 8:00 am – 11:00 am            By 10/14/09        After 10/14/09
                   sPecial events                          By 10/14/09        After 10/14/09            w27    21st Century Tools to Teach, Learn, Collaborate          n $75              n $100
 aatg awards luncheon                                                                                          and Advocate for Languages
                                                             n $40               n $47
 Saturday, November 21, 11:15 am – 12:45 pm                                                             w28    The Keys to the Classroom: Supporting New                n $75              n $100
 embassy of France luncheon                                                                                    Teachers as They Get Started
                                                             n $46               n $53
 Saturday, November 21, 11:15 am – 12:45 pm                                                             w29    Integrated performance Assessments for K-12              n $75              n $100
 embassy of spain luncheon                                                                                     Settings
                                                             n $46               n $53
 Saturday, November 21, 11:15 am – 12:45 pm                                                             w30    Digital Storytelling: using Stories to promote           n $75              n $100
 ncJlt awards luncheon                                                                                         Language proficiency
                                                             n $40               n $47
 Saturday, November 21, 11:15 am – 12:45 pm                                                             w31    Taking Advantage of ANvILL (A National virtual           n $75              n $100
 nnell swap shop Breakfast                                                                                     Language Lab)
                                                             n $29               n $36
 Saturday, November 21, 7:30 am – 9:30 am                                                               w32    Chinese Calligraphy (Shufa) hands-on Workshop            n $75              n $100

  This form is NoT to be used for the 4-day opI Assessment Workshops. visit for registration instructions.

Payment enclosed                                                                                                                          suBmit RegistRation FoRm
                                          By registering for this convention, individuals are giving ACTFL permission to communicate      internet
 Total registration $                        periodically by e-mail and use any photographs taken. Complete registration fees and         mail          ACTFL c/o Laser registration
 Total Workshops $                                   policies can be found in the registration brochure or at                            1200 G. Street, NW, Suite 800
 total amount       $                      ACTFL reserves the right to charge the correct amount if different from the amount listed.                   Washington DC, 20005-6705

                                                                                                                                          Fax           (866) 654-4054 or (514) 380-9369
Payment inFoRmation (u.S. Dollars drawn on u.S. Bank)
All registrations must be accompanied by payment. Faxed forms must include credit card information.                                       conFiRmation oF RegistRation
BILLING ADDrESS:                                                                                                                          Confirmations will be sent via e-mail, fax or postal mail
                                                                                                                                          from the convention registrar, Laser registration, within
 INSTITuTIoN/CompANY                                                                                                                      2-3 business days of receipt of the registration. please
                                                                                                                                          keep a copy of this form for your records.

 CITY                                                                              STATE                   zIp CoDE    CouNTrY
                                                                                                                                          cancellation/ReFund Policy
                                                                                                                                          All requests for refund must be made in writing to Laser
n ChECK #:                                                        n purChASE orDEr #                                                      registration, no later than Wednesday, october 14, 2009.
 payable to ACTFL                                                  *po’s will only be accepted from an institution and must
                                                                                                                                          refund requests received after this date will be reviewed
                                                                   accompany the registration form. po’s must be paid in full before      by ACTFL on a case by case basis.
                                                                   the convention. See registration policies for complete instructions.   • All refund requests will be subject to a $35 processing fee
n CrEDIT CArD pAYmENT n visa n masterCard n AmEx                                                                                            and will be made in the same manner payment was made.
                                                                                                                                          • All refunds will be processed after the convention,
                                                                                                                                            please allow 8 weeks for processing. Workshops and
 CrEDIT CArD NumBEr                                                                                        EXpIrATIoN DATE
                                                                                                                                            ticketed events will not be refunded after the event has
                                                                                                                                          • All substitution requests must be in writing from the
 SIGNATurE                                                                                                                                  original registrant. Such requests are subject to a $35
                                                Form may be photocopied.                                                                    processing fee.
actFl oPi woRksHoPs
ImporTANT NoTICE: Attendees wishing to attend both the opI workshop and the ACTFL 2009 Annual Convention and World Languages
Expo will need to register for each event separately.
Register online at or download the registration form and send it to the address on the form (select professional develop-
ment/workshops/workshop registration/). do not use the convention Registration Form to register for the two oPi workshops below.

actFl oRal PRoFiciency inteRview                                                 actFl oPi ReFResHeR/noRming woRksHoP
assessment woRksHoP                                                              ThurSDAY, NovEmBEr 19, 2009
moNDAY, NovEmBEr 16 – ThurSDAY, NovEmBEr 19, 2009                                A one-day workshop for currently certified opI testers, opI tester
The ACTFL oral proficiency Interview (opI) Assessment Workshop is a              candidates and those who have previously participated in opI or
four-day professional development workshop designed to introduce                 mopI workshops; and also for those who have already participated in
language educators to the oral proficiency Interview, the ACTFL rating           the four-day opI Tester Training Workshop. participants will update
scale, and the techniques for conducting and rating oral proficiency             their knowledge of the developments in oral proficiency testing and
interviews. In daily plenary presentations, participants address general         review concepts and techniques related to opI testing and rating.
concepts and strategies for oral proficiency testing. This information is        pLACE: The San Diego marriot hotel.
then reinforced and practiced in language-specific break-out sessions
by observing model interviews, participating in hands-on rating activi-          DATE: Thursday, November 19, 2009
ties, and conducting and rating live practice interviews. These practice         TImE: 9:00 Am – 5:00 pm
interviews and ratings are discussed and critiqued in the language-
                                                                                 LANGuAGE SpECIFIC SECTIoNS: English (and mixed languages),
specific groups. Following the workshop, eligible participants may
                                                                                 and Spanish
pursue ACTFL opI rater and opI Tester Certification.
                                                                                 rEGISTrATIoN FEE: $150 (member rate only)
pLACE: The San Diego marriot hotel
DATES: November 16, 17, 18 and 19, 2009
TImE: 8:00 Am - 5:00 pm
(and mixed languages), French, German, and Spanish
rEGISTrATIoN FEE: $685 ACTFL members; $850 non-ACTFL members

houSING: To make your housing reservations for either of these workshops, go to and click on the 2009 Convention page
to book your room.
QuESTIoNS: Any questions about these two workshops may be sent via e-mail to or call (914) 963-8830 x219 or fax
to (914) 963-1275.

                                    maRk tHese imPoRtant
                                   dates on youR calendaR:
                                             July 15          EArLY BIrD rATES END
                                          octoBeR 14          DEADLINE For ADvANCE rEGISTrATIoN
                                          octoBeR 14          DEADLINE To mAKE houSING rESErvATIoNS

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Alexandria, vA 22314

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