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Slide 1 - Quarry Brae Primary School


									Our Eco
                    The Eco Committee
•Mrs Smith begun the Eco committee in
November 2006.
•The number of children in the committee has
grown every year and we now have lots of
adults too.
•To be on the Eco committee, you need to apply
for a space and say why you should be allowed
to join.
•The Eco committee meet regularly.
Environmental Review and action plan
The Eco team carried out a review. After we had
  done our review, we knew what we wanted to
  work on.
We made an action plan to help us do these
We update our action plan regularly to show when
  we have started something new.
We have begun looking for new things to add to
  our action plan.
  In Quarry Brae we try hard not to drop litter
    and make a mess of the playground. So
    we have litter- pickers who wear special
    clothes and use pickers to pick up any
Litter Rota

The children love it when it is their turn to be litter pickers.
  Each class gets a turn at being litter pickers. They look
  after their playground and make sure that nothing is left

                              After primary 2 were litter pickers,
                                     Lewis said “the
                                     playground has never
                                     looked better”
        RECYCLING (1)
In every class there is a recycling
  box. The boxes are collected the
  paper is weighed and then put into
  the blue recycling bins….
         RECYLING (2)
We also recycle empty ink cartridges,
 mobile phones and more recently
 Christmas cards. We are taking the
 cards to Tesco and sent the phones
 and ink cartridges to Recycool who
 will give us money for doing this.
Posters have been designed and made by the
 Eco committee to remind people to turn off
 lights and computers when not in use. This
 action has saved lots of energy.

We also wrote to the cleaners to ask them to turn
 off lights when they left a room. They were very
 happy to help out.
           SAVING WATER
When we are finished washing our hands we
 always remember to turn the taps off. We try
 hard not to leave water running at any time.
 New taps in our school are deigned to turn off
Every class in our school had lessons on water aid last year.
  We really enjoyed finding out about what it is like in other
  parts of the world. We found out how important it is that we
  save water.

In 2007, we had a massive event to raise money for Food Aid.
   All the classes found out about the charity Food aid through
   lessons with Miss Henderson. We then organised a talent
   show. We raised lots of money to support Food Aid and
   had loads of fun too.
We have been to Beardmore park. When
 we were there we met some people from
 Playbusters and they gave us some
 equipment to plant bulbs and that was
 very messy and that was the day at
 Beardmore park…
      Plants around the school
We have lots of plants around our school now. Different
 groups of children have planted things in our school to
 make it look nicer. Primary 2 recently planted more flowers
 donated by Playbusters around the school. They loved
 doing it.
We got new Health Lessons in 2006. It is Miss Bremner’s job
 to make sure that our lessons are kept updated.

She has a health team who help her with keeping the school
  healthy. They helped to organise Health week with her last

We work with Rosalind Ramage at Eastbank Academy to
 promote healthy things in our area.

Last year she gave P5 children a special healthy diary to help
  them set targets.
                          Health Week
We had a special week of healthy things last year. Each class
 had to do something different each day. We did smoothie
 tasting, exercise classes, had a visit from the fire brigade
 and loads more.

The infant classes had a visit from the Teddy bear’s Hospital
  and the whole school saw a play called “Stephen’s
  Expanding Stomach”. We finished off with our annual
  Sports Day.
                ECO -DAY
On the 21st of January we had a Eco day we
 made a pledge and made a Eco hat. We had
 lots of activities to do.

We’ve made a slide show to show all the things
 we did.

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